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                       National Climatic Data Center

          (Source for daily/monthly/annual data on
        temperature, and precipitation, for U.S. cities,
           including the Ruston La Tech Station.)

Note: Most of this information can be obtained for free from the Louisiana
Tech campus because we are an educational institution. The federal
government supplied this information to the library as part of the depository
program until 1997. The data is now online.

Step 1. Click on web site,

Step 2. Click on the data and products hyperlink (left side of the web site).

Step 3. Select data from a list of “Most Popular Products”; choose
        Climatological Data (CD). This data includes the Tech Station.

Step 4. Select a state from the “Climatological Data Publications”, choose
         Louisiana, and click on Next.

Step 5. Select a date, and click on Next, click on the data contained in a
        PDF file. Data for Louisiana in this table begins January, 1888 for
        select cities in Louisiana. Data for the Ruston La Tech station
        begins in 1946.

For assistance with the web site contact:
Donna L. Vavrek
Prescott Memorial Library