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					Email Marketing Services

Permission-based email marketing is a powerful advertising medium for our clients. With over seven years of developing and managing email campaigns for a diverse range of clients, RQ has the expertise and technology in place to ensure we achieve your email marketing goals. Our Email marketing services can:
• • • •

Generate brand awareness and exposure Generate new leads Reinforce customer loyalty and satisfaction Reinforce brand position

Our customized email marketing solutions range from providing basic account set-up to developing and managing email marketing campaigns.

Our email marketing software platform is:
• • • •

Easy to use, regardless of technical expertise — clients sending frequent email campaigns can easily manage campaigns directly Scalable – small to medium size organizations can adjust email campaigns as their business and marketing needs inevitably grow Perfect for clients looking for more advanced online marketing solutions, due to enterprise features and integration capabilities CAN-SPAM and email laws compliant

If you’re looking for our expertise to help you develop or enhance your email marketing efforts, our email consultative services include:

• • • • •

Develop email program and goals Email creative and content consulting Testing and distribution services Email campaign reporting Integrated online marketing tracking and reporting: RQ automatically integrates your email campaigns into Google Analytics to track the campaign’s success across other online marketing mediums. We also provide integration services into other CRM and web analytic tools.

Whether your business needs advanced email marketing consulting services or just a basic account set-up for your organization to use internally, RQ can find an ideal solution for your immediate and long-term business needs.

Internet Marketing Strategy

Ensuring your brand is well positioned on the web is key to any successful internet marketing strategy. RQ MEDIA has experienced marketing strategists to help you achieve your online goals. We will work with you to determine the best online strategy for your company and your brand and ensure it ties in seamlessly with your offline efforts.

Our online marketing strategy services include:
• • • • •

Comprehensive online marketing strategy and plans Site concept development Target market research Promotional concepts Promotional campaign management

Search Engine Optimization

Everybody wants their site on the first page of search engine results. Having a first-page search engine ranking can increase highly targeted traffic to your site. A recent eyetracking study supports this fact with the “Golden Triangle” – a visual representation of where web visitor’s eyes scan the results page. The study showed that 90% of searchers in Google click on one of the top 3 search results 100% of the time. [Enquiro Search Study] Our search engine optimization specialists can help your company reach top rankings and drive qualified traffic to your site. With many years of experience working in the search engine space researching and tracking the latest search engine trends, we can provide your site with the most up-to-date tactics to increase your chances of ranking in the top spots. RQ MEDIA is a pioneer and recognized leader in the search engine optimization and search engine marketing field, for home based business Professionals. We have extensive experience and proven results in this extremely technical and ever-changing field to help your site achieve its fullest potential on the web.

Our search engine optimization services include:
• • • • • • • • •

Keyword research and search description design Title and meta data optimization Content recommendations Consulting and implementation HTML code optimization and consultation Directory submissions Linking strategies Ongoing maintenance Monthly web analytics reporting and recommendations

Paid Search Marketing

Our hundreds of clients agree: Paid Search Marketing Services such as Cost Per Click (CPC) and Pay Per Click (PPC) are an easy, fast, and cost-effective way to increase targeted, qualified traffic to your site. We will help you design, manage and refine a CPC campaign and customize it to fit both your industry and your budget.

The benefits of paid search marketing:
• • • • • • • • • •

Immediate results – unlike organic rankings (which can take a few weeks to months to gain rankings), CPC generates traffic as soon as your campaign starts Pay only when your ad is clicked on - regardless of how many times it is displayed Total control over amount you are willing to pay per click You choose the destination page from your ad – resulting in more relevant search results Helps build brand awareness Geo-targeting lets you specify specific regions you want your ad shown Hands-on ad creation with total control over ad copy Instantly make changes and adjustments to copy or budget Measurable – find out if your campaign is working or not through conversion tracking and analytics. Get the maximum return on your advertising investment.

How we work with you:
To understand your goals, a discovery process will be completed with the client to determine the details of your paid search marketing project, such as:
• • • • •

Overall project goals Traffic goals Suggested key phrases Geographic targets Demographic targets

• • • •

Key product offerings Competitors Implementation guidelines Analytics software

Your successful paid search marketing campaign will be developed and executed by our qualified Internet marketing team. Throughout the course of your campaign, we will:
• • • • • • •

Continuously manage and adjust your ads to make sure your objectives are being met and that you are getting the maximum value from your investment Measure and monitor the effectiveness of your ads and optimize them for increased click-throughs and conversions. Use paid search marketing techniques such as dynamic title insertions and relevant landing pages to increase the click-through rate and conversion rate. Measure effectiveness of your key phrases and make adjustments where applicable. Implement and recommend new services to keep your campaign as up-to-date as possible Review analytics reports and pin-point areas within the site which are underperforming, and make appropriate changes and recommendations Provide monthly or weekly traffic and summary reports.

Call 860-713-1216 Cost per Click Programs
Google AdWords RQ MEDIA is proud to have met Google’s testing and requirements to gain recognition as a Qualified Google AdWords Professional. This certification demonstrates that RQ and its staff members have the knowledge and experience to manage Google AdWords accounts of any size and complexity. MSN adCenter RQ MEDIA was one of only a few marketing companies in North America chosen by MSN to be part of the adCenter beta testing. The RQ team visited Seattle in 2006 and took a seminar on this new program; RQ also took a tour of the MSN adCenter facilities. Yahoo Search Marketing RQ MEDIA is pleased to be a Yahoo Ambassador. RQ MEDIA also benefits from having dedicated account reps at Yahoo.

CPC Conversion Tracking

With keyword conversion tracking, we can track the visitor path of a certain word or phrase using analytics. For example, if you are a sports equipment company bidding on the phrase “snowboarding gear”, we can link how much revenue that keyphrase generated on your website through conversion tracking — effectively measuring and quantifying the success of your online marketing efforts. The benefits of CPC conversion tracking:
• • •

Instant results: when a lead converts on your site it shows up your campaign. Use the data provided to improve your ROI. Evaluate keywords based on performance of each conversion. Which keyword provided the best results? By tracking conversions you can calculate your overall return on investment (ROI) from your advertising campaign.

Why Choose RQ MEDIA Inc.?
RQ MEDIA Inc. has established strategic relationships with the various pay-per-click search engines to ensure that each paid search marketing campaign is set up and running as efficiently as possible. RQ also has access to dedicated account managers at each of the major engines. These established relationships have allowed us to continually remain up-to-date with new changes and improvements happening within the industry as well as gain early access to the latest ad campaign management tools all major search engines offer. Due to our relationships with the major search engines, we are often the first to learn about and use a new feature. Most companies (large or small) find it more cost effective to outsource their paid search marketing campaigns than take up valuable company time deciphering the various pay-per-click engines and spending large amounts of employee hours managing the campaigns. Outsourcing is less expensive and provides better results, since expert campaign managers with years of experience are controlling your accounts.

I have been working with RQ for a number of years now. Their service has been excellent and they are on top of our SEO issues as well as monitoring our CPC ads. My Account Manager has been attentive to our concerns and questions and has replied to our emails in a timely manner. Thank you! Nancy Moudahi

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