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             Audi Q5
             Requested (14/09/10)
                                    QUOTE Ref: 7690Q1

                                                      New Audi Q5 3.0 TDi
                                                     (236bhp) SE S Tronic
                                                      4WD Station Wagon
                                                       5dr 2967cc Diesel
                                                        Manual Metallic
                                                       This quote includes the following
                                                              extras: Solid Paint

      3 years rental
    3 + 35
                          ...means 3 upfront, then
                                                       £704.06/ mth
                            35 monthly payments         Including 17.5% VAT

  EXTRA CHARGES?                        Document fee: £Nil            Delivery fee: £Nil

                          FREE TAX DISC
                          ... for full length
                           of the contract

  This means you pay 3 payments upfront of £704.06 (that's £2,112.18) followed by 35
  payments of £704.06. You lease the car for a total of 36 months.

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Quote Continued...
New Audi Q5 3.0 TDi (236bhp) SE S Tronic 4WD Station Wagon
5dr 2967cc Diesel Manual Metallic
Includes extras: Solid Paint

                               This is a low- cost quote on a personal Contract
                               Hire rental from Ling on a New Audi Q5 . I try to
                               give you every help to understand how it works. If
                               you have question, you just use my LINGO
                               customer system, OK? It is faster than email and
                               can be made secure.

To confirm standard equipment on this Audi Q5, you should check exactly on car
maker website. I do not have computer chip in head to remember every small thing. Car
specification can change all the time, in general you get the latest new car specification
for this model unless I tell you otherwise. But if there are significant extras included in
your quote then I show them here...

This is Personal Contract Hire. What does this mean?
You don't own the car, you just rent it for 3 years then you just hand back. You can apply
to buy it at the end, but this is at the discretion of the finance company. Usually you just
rent it and then give it back - and you are free to get another car, or walk away. Your
choice. Renting this car is like renting a daily rental car for a longer contract. Personal
Contract Hire is a beautiful easy product, see? I get my own cars using this method.

         Road Tax. This Audi Q5 includes FREE ROAD TAX for the whole term. The
         only way you can have a bill for road tax, is if it increases in the Chancellor's
         budget - and then you simply pay the difference of any increase.

This contract includes 15,000 miles per annum (45,000 in total).

If you exceed the total mileage then at the end of the rental you pay an additional
"excess mileage" charge for these extra miles. It's usually between 4p and 10p per mile.
This figure can be confirmed on request.

Reg Plate. Your car will be on the latest reg plate (at
time of delivery) unless I tell you otherwise.
Sometimes, near plate- change dates, cars have to
be registered on the "old" plate. In these rare cases,
there is no difference to the actual car, it is just numbers on the plastic reg plate. Private
Plates. Most cars can have private plates put on BEFORE delivery. In these cases I will
need the retention certificate with the "nominee" made out to whichever finance
company I use. You can usually change to a private plate AFTER delivery, too - but in
this case the finance company may apply a small fee.
need the retention certificate with the "nominee" made out to whichever finance
company I use. You can usually change to a private plate AFTER delivery, too - but in
this case the finance company may apply a small fee.
                          Money Money Money. My offer on this Audi Q5 is on a 3+35
                          profile (3 years). Do you know what that means? I explain, (all
                          these figures include 17.5% VAT): This means that you pay 3
                          payments of £704.06 as an initial payment (initial payment =
                          £2,112.18), followed by 35 payments as of £704.06 monthly
                          rentals (by Direct Debit), over the term.

                         There is no finance document fee charged. I do my best to
                         avoid these charges for you.
                         There is no delivery fee charged. The car is delivered to
       "reasonable" mainland UK addresses for free.
             Servicing This car deal does not include servicing. You have to get the car serviced at the
             manufacturer scheduled intervals and mileage. Most contracts allow this to be done by a non-
             franchised garage, but some finance companies (mainly VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat and BMWs
and some Mercedes contracts) insist on using the franchised dealer. It is hard to know exactly until we all
see the finance agreements. Whatever, if you use the car normally, the servicing requirements will be
minimal and only heavy users will ever need to replace brake pads, for example.

Warranty: Your car comes with the full manufacturer's warranty. This warranty is
for at least 3 years, so any faults or problems should be fixed for free by a franchised
Audi dealer. You can use any Audi dealer in Europe for this.

Supplying dealer. You can't specify the supplying dealer, I have to do that. I am flexible, but sometimes I
am tied to certain dealers do to finance company or subsidy requirements on a batch of cars.

Going abroad. You can take the car abroad to any normal destination
(usually excluding dodgy places like Albania, etc), but you should apply for
a VE103 form from the finance company before you go, which proves to
the damn foreign police that you have permission to use the car. It
represents the V5 logbook, for legal provability.

Insurance. Anyone who is legally entitled to drive, and who you give permission to, can drive this car. You
need to insure the car fully comprehensively, and make sure any other driver is covered, too. This is exactly
as you would insure any normal new car. I have some very good contacts at insurance companies and I get
some big discounts for my customers due to the volume of leads... but I don't offer insurance myself. My
insurance information request form is here: http:// feature/ insurance.php

Delivery. I get the car delivered to you at a reasonable address in the UK mainland FOR
FREE. Usually, this is your home or work address. If you live somewhere like Northern
Ireland or the Isle of Wight, a boat will be involved. With boats, cars are delivered to the
docks and you collect them there, then pay the ferry costs yourself. Parts of Scotland
can also be hard to deliver to. It is all common sense, really.

Speed. This 3. litre Audi Q5 can do 139mph flat out.
WAH! I don't suggest you take advantage of this
every day, especially around town!
                                                                     139 mph
 Lead time. The lead time for this car to the supplying dealer is 30 weeks. There
 seems to be no faster stock. This means that you will not see the car before
 12/04/2011. These dates are not cast in stone, either... factory build dates change
 and can go backwards, as well as forwards. The stock situation is fluid and I cannot
 order a car until I have finance acceptance and a signed order. After the car lands at
 the dealer, it will be delivered asap.

MOT. This car may become due for an MOT (at your expense) before it is returned.

           Running costs: This diesel Audi Q5 does 37 mpg in the EU combined driving
           cycle. You have to be a good driver to achieve that. Currently the UK average
           diesel cost is £1.15 a litre. This means that if you are driving your full allotted
           annual mileage and driving gently, you will be paying around £41 a week for
           fuel at today's prices. I hope this info helps, but of course in the real world your
           mileage, and fuel costs will vary, especially if you drive like a bat out of hell.

         Emissions. It's becoming more and more important to know what
emissions your car generates. In theory, your Audi Q5 will churn out 199
grammes of CO2, per km. That is not too bad, eh? The emissions "band" of the
car is band J (with A being very green and M being a smog- monster).

Returning the car. At the end of the contract, the car will be inspected and returned to the finance company.
Damage will be chargeable, as will excess mileage. But this is all reasonable. My detailed WEAR and TEAR
guide is available here: http:// returnadvice.pdf

To your head and your heart: I have
tried to show you as much information as
possible, so that you can make an
informed decision about this Audi Q5 .
Many Contract Hire companies
deliberately give you scanty information so
you have to ring them. Once they've got
you on the phone they can ask for your
order. But I am 100% UK internet
business. So please give me a chance to
look after your business. I try to treat you
like adult, not idiot. After your new car's
delivered, it's exactly the same if it's from
Lex PLC, or from me! Thanks.

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