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TIRE EXPO 2011 by liuqingyan

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									                                               Exhibit Preview Catalogue (Volume One)

                    CHINA INTERNATIONAL
                    TIRE EXPO 2011

    Date: Sep 7-9, 2011
    Venue: Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center

                   Total exhibition area: 22000 sqm.
Special Sponsor 特约赞助商
                            Total number of exhibitors: 320

                                Tel: 86 (10) 85898181
                                                                              please visit to obtain the latest exhibitor list

                                                                                                  Part of Exhibitor List (Updated by Mar 11, 2011)

                   Exhibitor Name                             Booth No.                       Exhibitor Name                            Booth No.
ANHUi HUiLiAN MAcHiNERY iNDUSTRY co.,LTD.                          2020   QiNGDAo ARESToNE TYRE co.,LTD.                                    5510
AUFiNE GRoUP co., LiMiTED                                          0300   QiNGDAo EVERGREAT iNDUSTRiES co.,LTD.                             3106
AUSTYRE AUSTRALiA                                                  3412   QiNGDAo FREE TRADE ZoNE HoNG TYRE iNDUSTRY & coMMERcE co., LTD.   2125
BEST cHoicE iNTERNATioNAL TRADE co., LTD.                          0314   QiNGDAo GUANGMiNG TYRE co.,LTD.                                   0003
BLUE ocEAN ENTERPRiSES DEVELoPMENT LTD                             2131   QiNGDAo GUoxUAN iMPoRTS&ExPoRTS co.,LTD.                          2932
BRiGHT TEcHNoLoGY co.,LTD.                                         1110   QiNGDAo HENGDA TYRE co.,LTD.                                      1300
BoB JANE GLoBAL TYRE coRPoRATioN PTY LTD                           0718   QiNGDAo HUATiAN HAND TRUcK co.,LTD                                3204
BRiWAY TiRE co.,LTD.                                               1510   QiNGDAo KETER TYRE co.,LiMiTED                                    5310
cANGZHoU FLYiNG DRAGoN AUTo PARTS co.,LTD.                         5206   QiNGDAo LAKE-SEA iNTERNATioNAL TRADE co.,LTD.                     3304
cARLiSLE TiRE & WHEEL                                              0526   QiNGDAo NAMA iNDUSTRiAL co., LTD.                                 1318
cHANGZHoU YANGS MoULD co.,LTD.                                     2229   QiNGDAo oDYKiNG TYRE co.,LTD.                                     0110
cHiNA TYRES DiSTRiBUTioN LTD.                                      3010   QiNGDAo PEGASUS RUBBER co.,LTD.                                   2400
cHiPiNG xiNFA ALUMiNoUS PRoDUcTioN co., LTD.                       2823   QiNGDAo PoPLAR TiRE co.,LTD.                                      2834
cooPER cHENGSHAN (SHANDoNG) TiRE co.,LTD.                          0800   QiNGDAo QiZHoU RUBBER co. LTD.                                    1100
cRoWNTYRE iNDUSTRiAL co., LTD.                                     0510   QiNGDAo RHiNo iNT`L co., LTD.                                     0310
DAcHENG AUTo PARTS                                                 3202   QiNGDAo SAGiRUN iNTERNATioNAL TRADiNG coRP. LTD.                  3012
DoNGHAi coUNTY LANTiAN AUTo WHEEL FAcToRY                          3200   QiNGDAo VicToR TiRE iMP.&,LTD.                            3331
DoNGYiNG FANG xiNG RUBBER co., LTD.                                3325   QiNGDAo WANGYU RUBBER co., LTD.                                   0918
EASTUP TYRES                                                       3112   QiNGDAo WHEELiNG RUBBER co.,LTD.                                  2830
ENERGREEN TiRE                                                     0518   QiNGDAo YoNGTAi RUBBER MANUFAcToRY                                2832
ENJoY TYRE co.,LTD.                                                1512   RoAD ScENERY HoLDiNG (U.K.) LTD                                   3226
EVERBEST TiRE co., LTD.                                            3105   RUiAN ZHENGTAi RUBBER co., LTD.                                   3114
ExTRA TYRE coMPANY LiMiTED                                         3129   SD iNTERNATioNAL                                                  0012
FLAME RUBBER & TiRE co.,LTD .                                      3402   SEYEN HEAVY iNDUSTRiES (SHANGHAi) co., LTD.                       2625
FoRLoNG (GRoUP) iNTERNATioNAL TRADiNG coMPANY LiMiTED              2908   SHAN DoNG HEADWAY RUBBER co.,LTD.                                 0126
FREEMAN RAciNG WHEELS iNc                                          2406   SHANDoNG BAYi TYRE MANUFAcTURE co.,LTD.                           2806
FUJiAN SHENLiKA ALUMiNUM iNDUSTRY DEVELoPMENT co.,LTD.             3100   SHANDoNG BETTER WHEEL co., LTD.                                   2111
FUJiAN ZHENGSHUN AUToMoBiLE WHEEL co.,LTD.                         3128   SHANDoNG DERUiBAo TiRE co.,LTD.                                   2115
FULLRUN TYRE coRP.,LTD.                                            0306   SHANDoNG DoNGYiNG ZHENGYU WHEEL co., LTD.                         3420
FUTEx ALLoY (cHANGSHU) co., LTD.                                   2328   SHANDoNG FENGLUN TYRE co.,LTD.                                    2506
FUYANG FUcHUN TYRE co.,LTD.                                        2928   SHANDoNG HoMERUN TiRES co., LTD.                                  0725
GENco iNDUSTRiAL GRoUP co., LTD.                                   2030   SHANDoNG HoNGSHENG RUBBER co.,LTD.                                1423
GooD FRiEND, LTD.                                         0114   SHANDoNG LUHE GRoUP co., LTD.                                     2502
GooDTiRE (ZHANGJiAGANG) RUBBER iNDUSTRiAL co.,LTD.                 1323   SHANDoNG o’GREEN GRoUP co.,LTD                                    0001
GRANDSToNE TYRE coRPoRATioN LiMiTED                                1326   SHANDoNG SHENGTAi WHEEL co., LTD.                                 3231
GREAT iNT`L HoLDiNGS LiMiTED                                       3428   SHANDoNG WANLiToNG TYRE co., LTD.                                 3123
GUANGDoNG GREAToo MoLDS iNc.                                       1320   SHANDoNG WANToNG MoULD co.,LTD.                                   2105
GUANGZHoU BoLEx TYRE LiD.                                          5050   SHANDoNG YoNGSHENG RUBBER GRoUP co., LTD.                         1316
HANGZHoU APPLE BRAND MAcHiNERY co. LTD.                            3029   SHANDoNG YoNGTAi cHEMicAL GRoUP co.,LTD                           0814
HANGZHoU HAMAToN TYRE VALVES co.,LTD.                              2428   SHANDoNG ZHENTAi TYRE co., LTD.                                   3208
HANGZHoU SHUNYUAN TiRE MANUFAcTURE co.,LTD.                        2300   SHANGDoNG TRANSToNE TYRE co.,LTD.                                 2613
HiFENG JUxiNG TiRE co., LTD.                                       1108   SHANGHAi DoUBLE DYNASTY MFG co., LTD.                             1522
HiMiLE MEcHANicAL SciENcE AND TEcHNoLoGY co., LTD SHANDoNG cHiNA   0118   SHANGHAi JiHoo iMPoRT&ExPoRT co.,LTD.                             2808
HoNGRUN TYRE co,. LTD                                              3426   SHENGTAi GRoUP co.,LTD                                            0906
HoNGYU GRoUP co.,LTD.                                              2425   SHiJiAZHUANG HUAxiNG WHEEL WEiGHTS FAcToRY                        3416
HUAYANG iNTERNATioNAL GRoUP co.,LTD.                               3405   SiNoTYRE iNTERNATioNAL GRoUP co., LTD.                            2129
HUBEi ANGYUN ALLoY WHEEL co.,LTD.                                  3431   SKYWiN AUTo MAcHiNERY MANUFAcTURE co.,LTD.                        0926
HUNG TA iNSTRUMENT co.,LTD.                                        5205   STAMFoRD TYRES iNTERNATioNAL PTE. LTD.                            2101
HYDLi iNTERNATioNAL TRADiNG co.,LiMiTED                            3333   STAR TYRE GRoUP SHANGHAi co.,LTD.                                 1115
iNNoVA RUBBER (PiNGHU) co., LTD.                                   5312   SUMEc GRoUP                                                       2128
JAPAN ToYoMoTo TiRE coRP. LTD.                                     2630   SUNToP TiRE (WUxi) co.,LTD.                                       3310
JiANGLoNG RUBBER PRoDUcTS co., LTD.                                3014   TANDA TRADiNG(SHENZHEN) co.,LTD.                                  5702
JiANGSU GENERAL SciENcE TEcHNoLoGY co., LTD.                       0514   TEcHKiNG TiRES LiMiTED                                            0500
JiANGSU KAiTE AUToMoBiLE PARTS co.,LTD.                            2628   TiREMART (QiNGDAo) iNc.                                           0123
JiANGYiN cHUANGxiN TYRE VALVE co.,LTD.                             5204   ToUcHDoWN iNTERNATioNAL (H.K.) co., LTD.                          2133
JiANGYiN PREMiER AUToPARTS iNDUSTRY co.,LTD.                       3008   WEiFANG ciTY JiHANG RUBBER co., LTD.                              2633
JiNYU TiRE GRoUP                                                   0810   WEiFANG GoLDSHiELD TiRE co.,LTD                                   0318
JJWHEEL MANUFAcTURiNG co., LTD.                                    3108   WEiFANG LUToNG RUBBER co., LTD.                                   3023
KAKA TYRE co., LiMiTED                                             2427   WEiFANG PioNEER iNDUSTRY co.,LTD.                                 3327
KARo TYRES co.,LiMiTED                                             0008   WEiFANG SHUNFUcHANG RUBBER co.,LTD.                               2113
KiNFoREST TYRE co., LTD.                                           2430   WEiFANG YUELoNG RUBBER co.LTD.                                    1118
KiNGHWA ToPTRUE WHEEL co., LTD.                                    3027   WEiHAi PiNG`AN TYRE co.,LTD.                                      1420
KoRYo TYRES iNDUSTRiAL (cHiNA) LTD.                                0523   WEiHAi RUNToNG RUBBER co.,LTD.                                    3302
KYoTo JAPAN TiRE(SUiSSE)S.A                                        2334   WEiHAi TiUMSUN RUBBER TiRE co., LTD.                              3025
LANDMAx iNTERNATioNAL co., LTD.                                    1314   WUHU HUANGYAN WHEELS co., LTD.                                    3314
LiANYUNGANG ALLEN iRoN STEEL co., LTD.                             3210   xiAMEN SUNRiSE WHEEL GRoUP co., LTD.                              3408
LUHAi RUBBER METAL (KUN SHAN) co.,LTD.                             3422   xiNGYUAN GRoUP                                                    0806
M & T SoURciNG LiMiTED                                             3329   xUZHoU xUGoNG TYRES co., LTD.                                     2423
MAi (SHANDoNG) RADiAL TYRE co., LTD.                               2730   YANcHENG SENGUANG RUBBER PRoDUcT co., LTD.                        3005
MAMMoN (HK) iNT`L TRADiNG co., LTD.                                2413   YiNGKoU ToNGGUANG AUToMoTiVE MAiNTENANcE EQUiPMENT co., LTD.      1506
MASTER PAciFic/TWG                                                 2814   YSM WHEELS                                                        1106
MAxiMPLE iNT.LTD.                                                  2515   ZHAoQiNG JUNHoNG TiRE co LTD.                                     0100
MEiPiN (xiAMEN) RUBBER iNDUSTRiAL co.,LTD.                         3006   ZHEJiANG BAoKANG WHEEL MANUFAcTURE co.,LTD                        1500
MNL iNTERNATioNAL LTD.                                             3235   ZHEJiANG BUYANG AUTo WHEEL co., LTD.                              2623
NANHAi ANcHi ALUMiNiUM WHEEL co.,LTD.                              2800   ZHEJiANG FEiHU ALUMiNiUM WHEEL co., LTD.                          2825
NiNGBo ABLE RUBBER & AUTo PARTS co.,LTD.                           1508   ZHEJiANG FENGcHi MEcHANicAL co., LTD.                             0120
NiNGBo cHEN HAo ELEcTRoNicS co.,LTD.                               5118   ZHEJiANG HoNGxiN TEcHNoLoGY co., LTD.                             2827
NiNGBo F.T.Z.AUDREE iNDUSTRiES&TRADiNG co.LTD.                     3227   ZHEJiANG HoNGYUAN WHEEL co.,LTD.                                  2211
NiNGBo FoRTUNE AUTo PARTS co.,LTD                                  0924   ZHEJiANG JiNGU coMPANY LiMiTED                                    1114
NiNGBo oUYA DAocHENG AUToPARTS iNDUSTRY co., LTD.                  1518   ZHEJiANG JiNQUAN MAcHiNERY co., LTD                               2802
NiNGBo YiNZHoU JiNGANG AUTo AccESSoRiES FAcToRY                    2902   ZHEJiANG JUNNiNG WHEEL co.,LTD.                                   3323
NiNGBo YiNZHoU JiNUo AUTo AccESSoRiES co.,LTD.                     2900   ZHEJiANG SHENGZHENG AUToPRT LTD.                                  2930
NiNGBo YoNGQi ALUMiNiUM-WHEEL MANUFAcTURE co., LTD.                2500   ZHEJiANG xTRASEAL TiRE SUPPLY co.LTD.                             2231
NiNGBo ZHoNGDA VALVE WicK co., LTD.                                2906   ZHEJiANG YoNGLE ALUMiNiUM WHEEL MANUFAcTURE co., LTD.             2816
NoBLE MANUFAcTURE co., LTD.                                        0921   ZHEJiANG ZENT AUTo WHEEL co., LTD.                                2415
oRNATE RUBBER coRPoRATioN LiMiTED                                  3410   ZHENGxiNG VEHicLE WHEEL co., LTD. oF SHAoGUAN                     2828
PDW iNTERNATioNAL.                                                 2123   ZHENGZHoU oDDo RUBBER iNDUSTRY co.,LTD.                           3000
PENTAGoN ENTERPRiSE co.,LTD.                                       3233   ZHUcHENG HAoYUAN RUBBER co; LTD.                                  3415
QiNGDAo AoNUo TYRE co.,LTD.                                        1210   ZUMBo WHEELS                                                      3306
Partial Exhibits                                                                                                      Please pre-register at:

                                                                                                                                                               Tire / Tube

                a Booth No.: 0300                                                                 a Booth No.: 3010
                奥丰集团有限公司                                                                          中国轮胎销售有限公司
                AUFiNE GRoUP co.,LiMiTED                                                          cHiNA TYRES DiSTRiBUTioN LTD.
Aufine Group co., Limited is located in Qingdao china, which is                   cHiNA TYRES DiSTRiBUTioN LTD. is. professional company
developing superior quality and latest pattern radial truck tires-               dedicated in supplying various tyres. Professionalism, Efficiency
"AUFiNE brand" to satisfy the driver's expectation. Aufine is contributing to     and creditability are our features. We offer not only premium
bring safety, comfort and enjoyment to every driver in the world.                tyres, but also extraordinary service to our customers.

                  a Booth No.: 3412                                                                   a Booth No.: 0800
                  AUSTYRE AUSTRALiA                                                                   固铂成山(山东)轮胎有限公司
AUSTYRE Australia has successfully combined the engineering                                           cooPER cHENGSHAN (SHANDoNG) TiRE co.LTD.
excellence of the manufacturer, the wants and needs of our                       cooper chengshan (Shandong) Tire company Ltd. is. joint
customers into our private Brand, AUSTYRE. AUSTYRE has                           venture company between the world's 8th largest tire company,
currently produced. range of 49 sizes which all successfully passed America      cooper Tire and Rubber company (U.S.), and the 3rd largest
DoT, iSo9001:2000, ccc standard certification and other related standards.        chinese tire company, Shandong chengshan Group. Mainly
                                                                                 produce high-performance car tires, passenger car and truck
              a Booth No.: 0314                                                  tires, the annual output of 1, 000 million.
              BEST cHoicE iNTERNATioNAL TRADE co., LTD.                                              a Booth No.: 0510
Best choice international Trade co., Ltd. is one of professional                                     青岛科昂国际贸易有限公司
tire manufacturers and exporters in china. Main productions                                          cRoWNTYRE iNDUSTRiAL co.,LTD.
include UHP, PcR, SUV, TBR, TBB, oTR, Agricultural and                           crowntyre industrial co., Ltd. is. dynamic and fast-growing
industrial tires. our tires are certificated by EcE, DoT, ccc,                    c o m p a n y l o c a t e d i n Q i n g d a o c i t y, w h o i s t h e l e a d i n g
NoM and iNMETRo. We supply Triangle, GoodRide, West                              professional supplier of PcR/UHP/Winter/LT tire, TBR tire and
Lake, Linglong, Armour, Advance, Wanli, Sunny, Sunew, Yellow                     oTR tire of china.
Sea, Double Star, Double Happiness and so on.                                    Besides above-mentioned products, we supply also other category including
                                                                                 Nylon, industrial, Agriculture and Steel Wheel
          a Booth No.: 0718
          BoB JANE GLoBAL TYRE coRPoRATioN PTY LTD                                         a Booth No.: 3325
Bob Jane Global Tyre corporation markets a wide range of Tyres, Wheels,                    东营市方兴橡胶有限责任公司
Batteries and Automotive products under exclusive arrangements or company                  DoNGYiNG FANGxiNG RUBBER co.,LTD.
brands on a worldwide basis. Bob Jane Global Tyre expansion includes the         Dongying Fangxing Rubber co., LTD is. professional
establishment of Bob Jane Global Tyre outlets throughout china and Asian         factory which produces TBR and oTR tire. our products are sold in over 60
markets.                                                                         countries in the world, which are welcomed by internal and oversea clients.

                 a Booth No.: 2131                                               a Booth No.: 3112
                 蓝洋企业发展有限公司                                                      青岛晔舜进出口有限公司
                 BLUE ocEAN ENTERPRiSES DEVELoPMENT LTD                          EASTUP iNDUSTRiAL co., LTD
Blue ocean Enterprises Development LTD is an exporter of                         o U R c o M PA N Y i S. L E A D i N G c o M PA N Y i N T Y R E S B U S i N E S S,
chinese famous brand of tires such as WiNDPoWER, BcT,                            iNcLUDE PASSENGER cAR TYRES, TRUcK TYRES, oTR TYRES AND
TAcoMA, Turnpike, Tredtech, Treadura and so on. BoE Group                        AGRicULTURAL TYRES, WE GiVEN NoT oNLY GooD QUALiTY TYRES,
has been established in Huston, USA and opened its branch                        BUT ALSo BEST SERVicE AND BEST cREDiT.
office in Beijing, china since 2003. our products have shaped.
complete series, including AG. iND Tires, oTR Tires, PcR. LTR Tires, TBR                          a Booth No.: 1512
Tires, TRR Tires, ST Tires, irrigation Tires, Wheels. Rims and Tubes.                             英乔轮胎有限公司
                                                                                                  ENJoY TYRE co., LTD.
                    a Booth No.: 1510                                            "challenge to perfection, quality, service. value" is our company goal. You
                    青岛佳福轮胎有限公司                                                   can only find the leading chinese brands in ENJoY TYRE, such as Goodride,
                    BRiWAY TiRE co.,LTD.                                         Westlake, Linglong, Austone, Sunny. Rotalla, Annaite, etc. Welcome to join
• BRiWAY TiRE co., Ltd. handles and manufactures tires                           "Enjoy Family". "Enjoy tyre, enjoy our business" is our final satisfaction.
over 10 years with the producing capacity of 5, 000, 000.For
BRiWAY, as our top-class brand, it includes TBR, PcR, 4x4 tire,                             a Booth No.: 3105
ST-series, Radial oTR tire. all kinds of Bias tire.                                         青岛德正元国际贸易有限公司
• We are looking for oversea agent, with best service including stable supply,              EVERBEST TiRE co.,LTD
reliable wrranty, competitive price!                                             EVERBEST TiRE co., LTD is. leading tire manufacturer, mainly
                                                                                 export PcR, LTR, TBR, TBB, oTR, agricultural tyre .We have
                a Booth No.: 0526                                                established long time relationship with customers in Southeast
                卡莱轮胎与轮辋                                                          Asia, Middle East, Latin America, Europe, Africa....... Tyre have past iSo9001,
                cARLiSLE TiRE & WHEEL                                            DoT, Gcc, ccc, EcE, iNMETRo certificates.Please visit our booth 3105.
carlisle makes special tires for special purposes. From all-
terrain vehicles to farm equipment, highway trailers to golf cars,                                    a Booth No.: 0518
riding mowers to forklifts, our tires and wheels are backed by                                        长荣轮胎
American technology and quality control and offer superior performance.                               EVERGREEN TiRE

                                                                                                                                                                 ciTExPo 2011   1
    Please pre-register at:                                                                                                   Partial Exhibits

    Tire / Tube

    Founded in 1995, our company is comprised of two plants                                             a Booth No.: 0114
    producing all-steel radial truck. bus tire with an annual                                           好友轮胎有限公司
    capacity of 2.5 million unit. semi-steel radial PcR and LTR                                         GooD FRiEND TYRE co.,LTD.
    tire with an annual capacity of 10.5 million unit respectively.                  o u r c o m p a n y h a s b e e n c e r t i f i e d b y c h i n e s e c c c、
    With advanced manufacturing equipments, best materials.                          iSo9001:2000 quality control system authentication, American
    newest technology adopted, the company produces.                                 DoT, and European EcE. "GooD FRiEND", "TA FU", and
    completed range of tires.                                                        "SAFE FoREVER" brand tires have been exported to U.S.A.,
                                                                                     Europe, South-East Asia and Africa.. clients.
                  a Booth No.: 3129
                  意创国际贸易有限公司                                                                   a Booth No.: 1323
                  ExTRA TYRE coMPANY LiMiTED                                                   安固(张家港)橡胶工业有限公司
    Extra tyre company is. professional tyre export, agent and                                 G o o D T i R E(Z H A N G J i A G A N G)
    service company in china.With. term of professionals with                                  RUBBER iNDUSTRiAL co.,LTD.
    tyre backgrounds, we are able to provide the clients with top quality products   Professional manufacturer of BUTYL iNNER TUBE
    and service and to gain strategic long-term partnerships.                        covers full size of Passenger car Tubes, Light Truck
                                                                                     Tubes, Truck and Bus Tubes, industrial. Agriculture Tubes, oTR Tubes, ATV
             a Booth No.: 3402                                                       tubes. Motorcycle Tubes, Bicycle tubes, Scooter Tubes, Rim Flaps, Retread
             青岛富锐橡胶轮胎有限公司                                                            Tires, Retread Parts, Motorcycle Tire and Bicycle Tire.
             FLAME RUBBER & TiRE co.,LTD .
    We specialize in manufacturing and exporting various tyres,                                           a Booth No.: 1326
    including TBR, PcR, TBB, Agricultural, oTR, industrial,                                               青岛鸿世通轮胎有限公司
    Motorcycle, Bicycle tyres and tubes. Also Rims and other                                              GRANDSToNE TYRE coRPoRATioN
    spare parts.                                                                                          LiMiTED
    certificate covers iSo16949, DoT, EcE, Soncap, ccc, etc…                          our company specializes in manufacturing and exporting
    We warmly welcome customer from domestic and abroad markets to contact           various radial and bias tyres, including heavy-duty truck, light
    with us.                                                                         truck, agricultural, oTR, industrial, motorcycle, bicycle tyres,
                                                                                     inner tubes, wheels and batteries etc.
              a Booth No.: 2908
              富轮(集团)国际贸易有限公司                                                                           a Booth No.: 5050
              F o R L o N G (G R o U P) i N T E R N AT i o N A L                                       广州市宝力轮胎有限公司
              TRADiNG coMPANY LiMiTED                                                                  GUANGZHoU BoLEx TYRE LTD
    Forlong (Group) international Trading company Limited                            Guangzhou bolex tyre ltd is. joint venture company producing
    belongs to Zhejiang Forlong Group that was established in                        radial tyres professionally.we have the sizes from 12 inch to
    1997. We are specialized in manufacturing and supplying                          20 inch. Good quanlity. Best service are the principle of our
    our "Bull" nylon light/heavy truck tyres, pneumatic forklift tyres, "Richstar"   company.
    brand agricultural tires, high-speed/agricultural steel wheels/rims and series
    of agriculture/forklift/truck butyl inner tubes.                                             a Booth No.: 2300
               a Booth No.: 0306                                                                 HANGZHoU SHUNYUAN TiRE MANUFAcTURE co.,LTD.
               福临轮胎有限公司                                                              our company mainly produce all size of good-quality butyl
               FULLRUN TYRE coRP.,LTD.                                               inner tube, flap and tire, the total output is 50million, We
    SPEciALiZED iN ExPoRTiNG TYRES, FULLRUN TYRE coRP.,                              have already exported to Middle-east, south-america, Brazil,
    LTD. RESEARcHES AND DEVELoPS HiGH-TEcH, GooD                                     Dubai, east-asia.and so on.The quality is good, the price
    QUALiTY, AND LATEST PATTERN TYRES. oUR coMPANY                                   is better.the service is best.Sincerely hope establish. good
    PoSSESSES ENTiRETY ADVANTAGE iN cHiNESE TYRE                                     relationship with you.
    DoLLARS 240 MiLLioN.                                                                            a Booth No.: 1108
                 a Booth No.: 2928                                                                  HiFENG JUxiNG TiRE co., LTD.
                 富阳市富春轮胎有限公司                                                         Shifeng Juxing Tire co., Ltd is one of the largest tire
                 FUYANG FUcHUN TYRE co.,LTD                                          manufacturers in china, located in Gaotang county, Shandong
    Through several years' development, Fuchun Tyre has                              Province. We can supply following tyres:
    become one big and medium size automobile inner tube                             Light truck bias tire
    production base in china .mainly Produce hundreds of inner tube tyres.           Truck bias tire
                                                                                     Agricultural bias tire
                         a Booth No.: 2030                                           industrial bias tire
                         劲科国际股份有限公司                                                  Bias and Radial oTR tire.
                         GENco iNDUSTRiAL GRoUP co., LTD                             We'd like to do good business with friends all over the world and will become
    GENco iNDUSTRiAL GRoUP, is one of the biggest and                                your reliable partner.
    professional tyre manufacturers in china, who produce mainly.
    items of tyres and tubes under the main and leading brand                                          a Booth No.: 3426
    GENco, including Radial Truck Tyre -the leading item, car                                          鸿润轮胎有限公司
    Tyre, Bias (Nylon) Truck Tyre, oTR Tyre, Agricultural Tyre, Forklift Tyre.                         HoNGRUN TYRE co,. LTD

2      ciTExPo 2011
Partial Exhibits                                                                                              Please pre-register at:

                                                                                                                                                Tire / Tube

We do the tyre business many years, have got DoT EcE iSo certificates,           Jiangsu General Science Technology co., Ltd located at Wuxi
and the sales network has cover America, Euro and Africa, high quality, good    city, jiangsu province, belongs to Hongdou Group, is specialized
price, we hope we can set up the WiN WiN business with you.                     in producing tires. All steel radial and bias tyres with high
                                                                                performance and good quality requirements, have passed the
                a Booth No.: 2425                                               iSo9001-2000, iSo/TS16949 quality system certification, china
                宏宇集团有限公司                                                        compulsory certification, DoT and EcE-Mark.our brand name is
                HoNGYU GRoUP co., LTD                                           "QiMA", "cTM", "TBB" "AUPA" "Swift horse".
Hongyu Group is located in economic development zone
of Tengzhou city, with total investment of 100 million USD                      a Booth No.: 0810
dollars. our main products are Giant Radial. Bias oTR tyres,                    金宇轮胎集团
Medium Radial. Bias oTR tyres and All Steel Radial Truck                        JiNYU TiRE GRoUP
tyres. our famous brands of "Sage camel". "UF" enjoy. great                     Adopting high quality raw materials, scientific design, precise manufacturing,
reputation in domestic and overseas markets.                                    modern management and considerate services, we make excellent tires
                                                                                that comply with various quality standards of the world. Brands "JiNYU"、
                 a Booth No.: 3405                                              "GoLDENRAoD" are enjoying. world-fame reputation.
                 HUAYANG iNTERNATioNAL GRoUP co., LiMiTED                                       a Booth No.: 2427
Huayang Group can supply different series of tires, such                                        卡卡轮胎有限公司
as PcR, TBR, TBB, LTR, oTR, UHP, 4x4, Agricultural tire,                                        KAKA TYRE co., LiMiTED
industrial tire and so on.                                                      KAKA TYRE located in Dongying, Shandong, pursuits
we are always trying our best to meet impotrers with better                     the win-win cooperation with the high quality and
price, soonest delivery and flexible payment term.                               service.
                                                                                Products range: oTR, TBR, PcR
             a Booth No.: 3333                                                  oWN brand: ToURicH
             大连海都易通贸易有限公司                                                       Agent brands: BoTo, HiLo, HEADWAY and RAPiD
             HYDU iNTERNATioNAL TRADiNG co.,LiMiTED
HYDU specializes in high-quality tires, and mainly exports                                      a Booth No.: 0008
into North America, Australia, Southeast Asia and Middle                                        凯诺轮胎有限公司
East. our products cover light truck tires, duty truck tires,                                   KARo TYRES co., LiMiTED
passenger car tires, off road tires and so on.                                  Karo Tyres co., Limited specializes in TBR, PcR, oTR,
                                                                                and Agricultural tyres. We also provide other auto parts like
                      a Booth No.: 5312                                         tubes, flaps and wheels. We would like to develop with your
                      伊诺华橡胶(平湖)有限公司                                             esteemed company hand in hand!
                      iNNoVA RUBBER(PiNGHU)
                      co.,LTD                                                                    a Booth No.: 2430
innova has been offering various tires in different fields                                        广州橡森轮胎有限公司
with its inventions. innova offers                                                               KiNFoREST TYRE co., LTD.
a full range of tires ranging from bicycles, baby strollers, scooters,          Benefiting from silica compound technology and fashionable
motorcycles, wheelchairs, industrial and agricultural utilities, lawn. garden   tread pattern design, Kinforest's passenger car tyre and UHP
equipment, golf carts, trailers, fork lifts, and light trucks.                  tyre successfully got EcE, DoT, Gcc, EcE S-Mark certificate
                                                                                as well as Product Liability insurance. The factory owns 2,
                    a Booth No.: 2630                                           500 experienced workers and the annual production capacity
                    JAPAN ToYoMoTo TiRE coRP. LTD.                              reaches 3, 000, 000 tyres. "LET'S Go FURTHER" is Kinforest's slogan and
Japan Toyomoto Tire corp. Ltd. offers its Tyotomoto brand,                      now we are looking for oversea agents.
duly registered in Japan and china, of tires to china and
international markets with high quality and service. The tires                                     a Booth No.: 0523
are made To Your Motion.                                                                           青岛景祥橡胶有限公司
                                                                                                   KoRYo TYRES iNDUSTRiAL
               a Booth No.: 3014                                                                   (cHiNA) LTD.
               江隆橡胶有限公司                                                         TYRES iNcLUDiNG RADiAL TYRES, BiAS TYRES,
               JiANGLoNG RUBBER PRoDUcTS co.,LTD.                               T R U c K T Y R E S, A.G.R.T Y R E S o T R T Y R E S,
our factory was firstly established in 1985, which include                      MoToRcYcLE TYRES AND BUTYL TUBES
branches such as tube factory, flap factory, reclaimed rubber
factory etc. our products mainly applied form. complete set                     a Booth No.: 2334
to domestic tyre factory and export. And we have found. good                    日本京都轮胎(瑞士)有限公司
sales in Europe and the Middle East market.Most important,                      KYoTo JAPAN TiRE (SWiTZERLAND) S.A
our products have passed iSo9001:2000 international
Quality System Attestation                                                                a Booth No.: 1314
                     a Booth No.: 0514                                                    LANDMAx iNTERNATioNAL co., LTD.
                     江苏通用科技股份有限公司                                               in these years, LANDMAx is focusing on new products for tire and wheel
                     JiANGSU GENERAL SciENcE TEcHNoLoGY                         formulations in the field of industrial, agricultural. We are sure that this will not
                     co.,LTD.                                                   only provide. solution to ever increasing freight costs, but also offer customers

                                                                                                                                                  ciTExPo 2011         3
    Please pre-register at:                                                                                              Partial Exhibits

    Tire / Tube

    opportunities for further sales development.                                      completed series in TBR, PcR and oTR, etc.

              a Booth No.: 3329                                                                          a Booth No.: 3233
              茂世通国际贸易有限公司                                                                                青岛派达格进出口有限公司
              M & T SoURciNG LiMiTED                                                                     PENTAGoN ENTERPRiSE co.,LTD.
    M. T Sourcing Limited, chinese tire and wheel supplier.                           Pentagon is. total foreign (European) capital investment
                                                                                      company registered in Free Trade Zone of Qingdao, china.
                        a Booth No.: 2730                                             Shareholders have more than 30 years experience in tire
                        迈驰(山东)轮胎有限公司                                                  business. The company was established with the aim to supply high quality
                        MAi ( SHANDoNG ) RADiAL TYRE co., LTD                         service in tires and wheels of any kind for any use.
    Produced by MAi (Shandong) Radial Tyre co., Ltd,
    subsidiary of the italian MAi Group.                                                         a Booth No.: 1210
    MAi (Shandong) Radial Tyre company is headquartered                                          青岛奥诺轮胎有限公司
    in Shandong Province china. is. technically advanced                                         QiNGDAo AoNUo TYRE co.,LTD
    radial tyre manufacturing plant with. highly skilled                              We produce oTR, TRUcK, and AGRicULTURAL TiRES, with
    workforce.                                                                        the DoT, EcE, iSo9000, ccc
                                                                                      and TS16949 certificate, our main markets are Europe, America,
                     a Booth No.: 2413                                                Australia, canada, Africa, Mid-east and so on.
                     MAMMoN(HK)iNT'L TRADiNG co.,LTD                                                  a Booth No.: 5510
    Having entered the tyre business. for. years, MAMMoN(HK)iNT'L                                     青岛普瑞恩轮胎有限公司
    TRADiNG co., Ltd has become one of the international leading                                      QiNGDAo ARESToNE TYRE co., LiMiTED.
    trading companies that provides various famous domestic brands                    QiNGDAo ARESToNE TYRE co., LiMiTED is. professional
    of tyres, tubes, wheels, valves and other auto spare parts in good                tyre manufacturer located in Qingdao china. We design,
    quality to most of the counties in the world.                                     manufacture, and export. wide range of tyres including PcR,
                                                                                      UHP, TBR, oTR, AGR., iNDUSTRiAL, TBB tyres etc.
                        a Booth No.: 2515
                        青岛德致胜贸易有限公司                                                                  a Booth No.: 3106
                        MAxiMPLE iNTERNATioNAL LiMiTED                                               青岛沃润实业有限公司
    Maximple international Ltd., incorporated and headquartered                                      QiNGDAo EVERGREAT iNDUSTRiES co.,LTD
    in Qingdao china, is. professional solution provider in tyres                     is one of the biggest tyre producer and exporter in Qingdao
    industry, produces TBR. oTR tyres that are marketed and                           china. The main products butyl tube, natural rubber inner
    distributed globally under the Maximple, Hilo and Qiangwei                        tube, flps, giant oTR, oTR, heavy duty, light tryck and
    brand.                                                                            agricultural tyres. The prodouction of our company is praised
    Maximple has vast experience and expertise in tyre research. development,         by the customer from home and oversea. "Honesty and
    production, marketing and tyre management.                                        Mutual Benefit"is our basis of doing business. We are grateful
                                                                                      for buliding the business relationship with anyone who is
                     a Booth No.: 3227                                                intrested in our products.
                     NiNGBo F.T.Z. AUDREE iNDUSTRiES &                                                     a Booth No.: 2125
                     TRADiNG co., LTD.                                                                     青岛保税区宏轮工贸有限公司
    company name: Dowsen international co., Ltd.                                                           QiNGDAo FREE TRADE ZoNE
    -Business Range: Autoparts and Auto Accessories;                                                       HoNGTYRE iNDUSTRiAL &
    Machinery; casting.                                                                                    coMMERciAL co., LTD
    -Manufacture plant: Ningbo F.T.Z. Audree industries. Trading co., Ltd.            Qingdao Hongtyre Group is one of the largest tyre trading
    -Products Variety: Radial tires(oTR, TBR, PcR, AG, forklift, Solid, farm&forest   house in china. our RoADSHiNE brand tyre has won great reputation with its
    hign Floatation. Etc..), oTR and Mining rim, wheel, oTR tire and rim              top quality, competitive price, fast shipment and good after service. We want
    assembly.                                                                         to establish long term cooperation with all customers home and abroad.

                     a Booth No.: 0921                                                             a Booth No.: 0003
                     青岛高尚国际贸易有限公司                                                                  青岛光明轮胎有限公司
                     NoBLE MANUFAcTURE co., LTD                                                    QiNGDAo GUANGMiNG TYRE co., LTD
    As. professional tire manufacturer, we can supply all kinds of                    Qingdao Guangming Tyre was founded in 1998 with main
    tyres with full warrantied. Tyres include oTR tyres, TBR tires,                   products "Riverland" &"Supersonic" tyre. Having passed iSo
    car tires, Agricultural tires and industrial tires etc.                           9001:2000, DoT, Gcc, ccc, EcE and iNMETRo, our products
                                                                                      are prevailing in almost 30 countries and areas. The annual turn
                    a Booth No.: 3410                                                 out is 1.2 million set of radial tyre and 0.8 million set of bias tyre.
                    o R N AT E R U B B E R c o R P o R AT i o N                                     a Booth No.: 2932
                    LiMiTED                                                                         青岛国轩进出口有限公司
    ornate Rubber corporation Limited is. professional                                              QiNGDAo GUoxUAN iMPoRTS&ExPoRTS
    enterprise which specialized in tyre manufacture and export.                                    co.,LTD.
    our main brand is LANDKiNG, which have developed                                  Qingdao Guoxuan imports&Exports was established in 1995, as

4      ciTExPo 2011
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                                                                                                                                                     Tire / Tube

one of the largest tire manufacturers in china. We mainly produce "BoSTAR"            reliable suppliers and Partners in china.
brand products, including radial truck tires, oTR tires, passenger car tires,
bias tires, industrial tires, and special tires, in. types with more than 700 sizes               a Booth No.: 2400
in all.                                                                                           青岛飞马橡胶有限公司
                                                                                                  QiNGDAo PEGASUS RUBBER co.,LTD.
          a Booth No.: 1300                                                           Qingdao Pegasus Rubber co., Ltd. is mainly specializing in
          青岛恒达轮胎有限公司                                                                  producing various types of tires. currently, we can produce
          QiNGDAo HENGDA TYRE co.,LTD.                                                more than 300 different sizes of tires in. series, such as the
Qingdao Hengda Tyres co., Ltd is build up in 1994, with First-                        truck tires, oTR tires, passenger car tires, and ag ricultural tires. our annual
Rate production equipment and advanced production process                             production capacity reaches 2, 600, 000 sets.
flow, which produce. series of tyres, including oTR, Heavy
truck tyres, light truck tyres, agricultural tyres and Forklift, in                                      a Booth No.: 2834
total over 60sizes.                                                                                      青岛奥普勒国际贸易有限公司
                                                                                                         QiNGDAo PoPLAR TiRE co.,LTD
        a Booth No.: 3204                                                             1.EcE, DoT, S-MARK, REAcH available
        青岛华天车辆有限公司                                                                    2.PcR equipments are all from world top class makers like
        QiNGDAo HUATiAN HAND TRUcK co.,LTD                                            German, Japan
company has developed into one of the largest wheel                                   3.Rubber material is imported form Thailand, Malaysia
barrow and tool cart manufacturing bases in the world and.                            4.The steel cord is from Japan
complex producing and exporting wheel barrows, tool carts,                            5.R&D team used to do technology support in Japan Michelin.
metal, plastic and rubber products, logistic instruments and garden tools over
years of efforts since its establishment.                                                        a Booth No.: 1100
              a Booth No.: 5310                                                                  QiNGDAo QiZHoU RUBBER co.,LTD
              青岛凯特轮胎有限公司                                                              As the professional tire producer, We make oTR tires
              QiNGDAo KETER TYRE co.,LiMiTED                                          (Radial. Bias), Agriculture tire, industrial tire, Truck and bus
              our primary tyre products includes                                      tires, and are also reputable for our sand tires. We supply
Autoguard(BcT) Brand PcR, UHP, LTR, Double                                            you the most cost effective tires.
Happiness Brand TBR, Hilo Brand oTR.Besides, we
can also supply AGR and Bias tyres at competitive                                                     a Booth No.: 0310
prices.Professionalism, efficiency and creditability                                                  青岛瑞诺轮胎有限公司
make us more and more stronger.                                                                       QiNGDAo RHiNo iNT'L co., LTD.
                                                                                      Qingdao Rhino int'l co., Ltd is. professional tyre
                 a Booth No.: 3304                                                    manufacturer and exporter. Mianly deal in truck
                 青岛湖海国际贸易有限公司                                                         tyre, oTR tyre, Agricultural TYre, industrial Tyre,
                 QiNGDAo LAKE-SEA iNTERNATioNAL                                       car Tyre and relative wheels under. RHiNo
                 TRADE co., LTD.                                                      KiNG" and. RHiNo" Brand. Products have
We are one of the biggest tyre exporters in china.                                    got DoT, EcE, ccc, iSo, Gcc, SoNcAP, SMARK, iNMETRo certificate.
Lake-Sea have own brand: ciRcLiNG which invest. design                                Welcome to contacting us with any inquiry.
new pattern on UHP, Summer/Winter PcR tyre.
We also got the agent of many famous chinese brand tyre.                                            a Booth No.: 3331
                a Booth No.: 1318                                                                   QiNGDAo VicToR TiRE iMP. & ExP. co.,LTD.
                QiNGDAo NAMA iNDUSTRiAL co., LTD.                                                   o u r c o m p a n y i s. f a s t g r o w i n g
QiNGDAo NAMA iNDUSTRiAL co., LTD. is one of the biggest                               enterprise located in Qingdao, china. our
marketing and distribution tires. wheels company in china. We                         products include . full line of high-quality tires
are committed to quality tires only.                                                  manufactured in the best factories in china.
Production range cover:                                                               We provide quality products, and it is our sincere
• off -the- road tires                                                                hope that we can enter into. long-lasting business
• Truck/light truck tires                                                             relationship with you.
• car/passenger tires
• Agricultural/industrial tires                                                                              a Booth No.: 0918
• Tube                                                                                                       青岛旺裕橡胶制品有限公司
• Wheels                                                                                                     Q i N G D A o WA N G Y U R U B B E R
               a Booth No.: 0110                                                      We set up at 1996 and main produce ToP TRUST, ALL
               青岛奥得金轮胎有限公司                                                            WiN, SUNNiNESS brand high quality oTR tyre, Truck tyre,
               QiNGDAo oDYKiNG TYRE co.,LTD                                           AGR tyre and industrial tyre.
Qingdao odyking Tyre co.,Ltd offers:All Steel Radial
Truck Tyres,Passenger car Tyres and oTR Tyres.                                                a Booth No.: 2830
"Reliance,Practice and innovation" "Wherever your                                             青岛汇铭橡胶有限公司
work,we work" is our odyking's Spirit.                                                        QiNGDAo WHEELiNG RUBBER co.,LTD.
\Welcome to Qingdao odyking and trust that we can become one of your best             With more than 20 years in the global tire market,

                                                                                                                                                         ciTExPo 2011    5
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    Tire / Tube

    Qingdao Wheeling Rubber co., Ltd. always provides various tires to meet       a Booth No.: 2115
    different customers' requirements.                                            山东德瑞宝轮胎有限公司
    our main products:                                                            SHANDoNG DERiBAo TiRE co.,LTD,
    Truck. bus radial tires                                                       Shandong Deribao Tire co., ltd, At present we can realize an annual
    Passenger car radial tires                                                    production of. million sets and supply more than 100 kinds of tires to the
    Radial off-the-road tires                                                     clients.
    Bias off-the-road tires
    Agricultural tires                                                                      a Booth No.: 2506
    Truck. bus bias tires                                                                   山东风轮轮胎有限公司
    industrial tires                                                                        SHANDoNG FENGLUN TYRE co., LTD
    Trailer tires                                                                 Shandong Fenglun Tyre co., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing
    ATV tires                                                                     radial oTR tyres, TBR tyres, PcR tyres and agricultural tyres.
                                                                                  FENGLUN brand tyres are exported to 30 countries and
                  a Booth No.: 2832                                               districts with good reputation. The company was certificated by iSo9001,
                  青岛永泰橡胶厂                                                         ccc and Gcc, etc. JoiN FENGLUN, YoU WiLL HAVE BoTH BEST TYRES
                  QiNGDAo YoNGTAi RUBBER MANUFAcToRY                              AND FULL SERVicE.LET'S To BE WiNNER ToGHETHER.
    Qingdao Yongtai Rubber Manufactory established in 1992,
    mainly specialises in producing and selling all kinds of                                    a Booth No.: 0126
    tyres, inner tubes, flaps and wheel rims, which is. modern                                   山东恒宇橡胶有限公司
    enterprise integrated with producing and trading.                                           SHANDoNG HENGYU RUBBER co.,LTD
                                                                                  our factory mainly in the line of TBR, TBB, oTR and agricultural
                        a Booth No.: 3226                                         tyre. our products have been got the certificate of EcE, DoT,
                        陆森控股(英国)有限公司                                              Gcc, soncap and export to many countries of the world.
                        RoAD ScENERY HoLDiNG (U.K.) LTD
    Road Scenery Holding U.K. Ltd, as the specialist of                                                a Booth No.: 0725
    pneumatic tyre producer and distributor, is mainly trading                                         山东佳轮轮胎有限公司
    in: oTR Radial Tyre; All-Steeling and Semi-Steeling                                                SHANDoNG HoMERUN TiRES co., LTD.
    Radial Tyre; Giant Tyre (Radial and Nylon); industrial and                    Specializing in the production of various all-steel radial truck
    Agricultural Tyre; High Quality Butyl Tube; TBB and LTB                       tyres and semi-steel radial car tyres. can cater to today's world
    Tyre.                                                                         tire radial change, flat, tubeless melt, the trend of environmental
                                                                                  friendly products are exported to Europe, America, Middle East,
                  a Booth No.: 3114                                               Latin America and so on, more than 80 countries and regions.
                  RUiAN ZHENGTAi RUBBER co.,LTD                                               a Booth No.: 1423
    our main products are automobile inner tube, butyl                                        山东宏盛橡胶有限公司
    inner tube, We have passed iS09001:2000 quality                                           SHANDoNG HoNGSHENG RUBBER
    management certification.products export for more than                                     co.,LTD
    10 countrys, and all good use.                                                our factory is an emerging engaged in tyre
                                                                                  production, have ccc, SASoB, Gcc, DoT AND EcE
                a Booth No.: 3012                                                 cERTiFicATioN.
                SAGiRUN iNTERNATioNAL                                                           a Booth No.: 2502
    Sagirun specializes in supplying. exporting all                                             山东泸河集团有限公司
    kinds of radial. bias tires. The product ranges                                             SHANDoNG LUHE GRoUP co.,LTD.
    including: PcR LTR TBR ATV GoLFcAR iD oRR AG Lawnmower Motorcycle             Shandong Luhe Group co., Ltd is. state company which
    GoKART Grass-cutter wheelbarrow inner-tube.                                   could produce tyres and inner tubes of motorcycles, electric
                                                                                  bicycles, light trucks and heavy duty trucks, agricultural-used
                        a Booth No.: 0012                                         vehicles and industry vehicles. it is nearly the biggest bias tyre
                        上海耐石轮胎国际贸易有限公司                                            manufacture in china.
                        SD iNTERNATioNAL
    SD international has become. major player in tyre market.                                     a Booth No.: 2613
                 a Booth No.: 2806                                                                SHANDoNG TRANSToNE TYRE co.,LTD
                 山东八一轮胎制造有限公司                                                     Established in 2000, Shandong Transtone Tyre co.,
                 SHANDoNG BAYi TYRE MANUFAcTURE co.,LTD                           Ltd is. professional tyre company in china. There are
    Shandong Bayi Tyre Manufacture co., Ltd is.                                   an administration office located in Hebei province and.
    state-owned enterprise, which is one of the                                   business office for exporting tyres in Qingdao.
    biggest tyre factory in china. We have passed
    several certification such as iSo, ccc, TS16949,                                          a Booth No.: 3123
    DoT, SoNcAP etc. our brand SAFE-HoLDER,                                                  山东万力通轮胎有限公司
    S P o RT R A K h a v e b e e n e x p o r t e d t o m a n y                               SHANDoNG WANLiToNG TYRE co., LTD
    countries such as Middle East, Africa, Russian, etc. And have received high   company engages in the production and sale of tires which
    reputation from our customers because of high quality and faith.              mainly used in big and middle agriculture and oTR trucks,

6      ciTExPo 2011
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                                                                                                                                                Tire / Tube

with the registered brand "Tai li wan tong" "Tian li wan tong" "Yun de" and     better choice of business partner for you!
"Yun li"                                                                        Make your right step today, drop us. note for our prompt action!! Together we'll
                                                                                go. longer way!
             a Booth No.: 1316
             山东永盛橡胶集团有限公司                                                                          a Booth No.: 3310
             SHANDoNG YoNGSHENG RUBBER                                                             三浦橡胶(无锡)有限公司
             GRoUP co., LTD.                                                                       SUNToP TiRE (WUxi) co., LTD
We established in 1986, mainly in producing tyres, our                          Suntop tire (Wuxi) co., Ltd. and Wuxi Star globe tire
customers in all over the world.                                                co., Ltd. are the specialized production company which
                                                                                studying, production, selling, the tube and the mat. The
                    a Booth No.: 0814                                           yearly output of tire is five million and one million for mat.
                    SHANDoNG YoNGTAi cHEMicAL GRoUP co.,LTD                                    a Booth No.: 0500
Shandong Yongtai chemical Group co., Ltd is. well known                                        青岛泰凯英轮胎有限公司
tire manufacturer based on advanced technologies in the                                        TEcHKiNG TiRES LiMiTED
production of Durun brand radial tires. The Durun brand                         Techking is. professional tire solution provider. Utilizing its
includes PcR, TBR, UHP, Snow tire, more than 300 sizes,                         engineering resources, Techking develops different tire
and all the products have get the E-Mark, E-Sound, DoT, iSo-                    categories such as radial oTR, bias oTR, truck tires and
TS16949, ccc certifications.                                                     passenger car tires for the worldwide market. Techking
                                                                                also invests many resources on tire management and tire services, aiming to
             a Booth No.: 3208                                                  provide long term and sustainable solutions for its customers.
             SHANDoNG ZHENTAi TYRE co.,LTD.                                                    a Booth No.: 0123
it produced more than 300 sizes tyres for Agricultural tyre,                                   青岛塔尔玛国际贸易有限公司
Forklift tyre, Skid steer tyre, and Paddy field tyre.                                           TiREMART(QiNGDAo)iNc.
                                                                                our company is specialized in exporting all kind of chinese
                    a Booth No.: 0906                                           tyres. our tyres have got certificates of EcE, Gcc, ccc,
                    盛泰集团有限公司                                                    iNMETRo and DoT. We have set up iSo9001 international
                    SHENGTAi GRoUP co.,LTD                                      quality system since beginning. "Quality first, Two win
Shengtai Group corporation (hereinafter                                         cooperations" is our constantly persuing goal. We wish we
referred to as Shengtai Group), located in xishui                               would be your next best cooperator.
industrial Park of Guangrao county, Shandong,
i s. p r i v a t e e n t e r p r i s e g r o u p i n t e g r a t i n g                     a Booth No.: 2633
manufacture of vehicle tyres, wheels, inner                                                潍坊市吉航橡胶有限公司
tubes and bead wires, plastic processing, international trading business, and              WEiFANG ciTY JiHANG RUBBER co., LTD.
research and development.                                                       Specialized in manufacturing various of agriculture tyre、
                                                                                industrial tyre, presently "JiHANG" Brand contains more
              a Booth No.: 2129                                                 than 200 specifications and more than 1, 000 varieties.
              SiNoTYRE iNTERNATioNAL GRoUP co.,                                           a Booth No.: 0318
              LTD.                                                                        潍坊市金盾轮胎有限公司
Sinotyre-Group is the professional tyres exporter whose                                   WEiFANG GoLDSHiELD TiRE co.,LTD
tyres have being sold well in more than 50 countries and                        The goldshield tyre group the main products includes:all
regions. Tyres category: PcR, TBR, LTR, LTB, oTR,                               steel radial tyres, our productions are exported middle-
Agricultural tyres, industrial tyres, solid tyres and ATV                       east area, south-east area, africa and south-america and so
tyres, etc. certificates: Gcc, DoT, EcE and ccc, etc.                            on.our productions have passed cccT, DoT, EcE and Gcc
                   a Booth No.: 2101
                   添福胶胎有限公司                                                     a Booth No.: 3023
                   STAMFoRD TYRES iNTERNATioNAL PTE. LTD.                       潍坊市路通橡胶有限公司
Established in the 1930s, Stamford Tyres today is. global                       WEiFANG LUToNG RUBBER co.,LTD
distributor of tyres, wheels and tyre related products through                  We export truck tyres, agriculture tyres and other tyres..We
its extensive overseas network. over the years, Stamford                        are glad to do business with customers all over the world.
Tyres has strengthened its development capabilities and
introduced innovative products to grow its proprietary brands                              a Booth No.: 3327
in international markets. Sumo Firenza, Sumo Tire and SSW.                                 潍坊先锋工业有限公司
                                                                                           WEiFANG PioNEER iNDUSTRY co.,LTD
           a Booth No.: 1115                                                    our company is. professional manufacturer of tyres. We can supply otr
           上海星轮国际贸易有限公司                                                         tyres, agricultural tyres, implement tyres, forklift
           STAR TYRE GRoUP SHANGHAi co., LTD.                                   tyres, light truck tyres and heavy duty tyres etc.
if you need. regular supplier of tyre, optimum price/                           "Excellent in quality and reasonable in price"
quality ratio, please give us. call or email, which means.                      is our tenet. We hope to establish long-term
better choice of tyre product for your customer and.                            business relationships with all customers.

                                                                                                                                                 ciTExPo 2011      7
    Please pre-register at:                                                                                         Partial Exhibits

    Tire / Tube

                  a Booth No.: 2113                                                 quality, and hope to cooperate with domestic and abroad friends in future.
                  WEiFANG SHUNFUcHANG RUBBER &                                                       a Booth No.: 0100
                  PLASTic co.,LTD.                                                                   肇庆骏鸿实业有限公司
    Producing and exporting all radial tyres, agricultural tyres,                                    ZHAoQiNG JUNHoNG iNDUSTRY
    stee tube wheel, tubeless wheel, larged-sized tractorand                                         co.,LTD
    harvester machines wheel rims.                                                  With its continual and consistent development and its
                                                                                    manufacturing capability, SoNNY tyres are in an excellent
                    a Booth No.: 1118                                               position to market its tyre products to the world. currently the
                    潍坊市跃龙橡胶有限公司                                                     company manufacture PcR, SUV, 4x4 and LTR tyres.
                    WEiFANG YUELoNG RUBBER co.LTD.
    The main products of weifang yuelong rubber co., ltd is is.                                  a Booth No.: 3000
    modern enterprise with tyre production and international trade                                      郑州澳德橡胶工业有限公司
                                                                                                        ZHENGZHoU oDDo RUBBER
                  a Booth No.: 1420                                                                     iNDUSTRY co.,LTD.
                  威海平安轮胎有限公司                                                        o d d o r u b b e r –f o u n d e d i n A u g u s t o f 2008, t h e
                  WEiHAi PiNGAN TYRE co., LTD                                       professtional butyl tube manufacturing enterprise was.
    The leading products of Ping An includes tyres of                               joint venture company with. total planning investment of 400 million RMB, it's.
    trucks and construction machinery, which includes                               key investment project in the national Hi-Tech industrial development zone of
    tyres of huge engineering machines, industrial vehicles,                        Zhengzhou city.
    agricultural and forestry vehicles.
                                                                                              a Booth No.: 3415
              a Booth No.: 3302                                                               诸城市浩远橡胶有限公司
              威海市润通橡胶有限公司                                                                     ZHUcHENG HAoYUAN RUBBER co.,LTD.
              WEiHAi RUNToNG RUBBER co.,LTD                                         Established in 1973 and located in Zhucheng city of
    Weihai runtong Rubber co., Ltd is. professional                                 Shandong Province in china, it is. professional enterprise
    automobile inner tube and flap producer.annual output                            specialized in producing motorcycle tires, light truck tires,
    is more than 10 million inner tube and. million flap.                           "RAJAL"and"HAoYUAN" brand tire with satisfied quality and
    The product have the character of durability, anti-agingand proof.class. and    make the company enjoy the high reputation all over the world. We sincerely
    class. inner tube have passed the product ertification of beijing Zhonghua       appreciate your concern and support on our company.
    combination Quality certification co., LTD.

                    a Booth No.: 3025
                    威海腾森橡胶轮胎有限公司                                                                                 Wheel / Rim
                    WEiHAi TiUMSUN RUBBER TiRE
    The corporation was established in is. top tire                                          a Booth No.: 2800
    manufacture with an annual production of 12 million pieces                                       佛山市南海安驰铝合金车轮有限公司
    top inner tubes and. million for motorcycle tires.                                               ANcHi ALUMiNiUM WHEEL co. LTD.
                                                                                    As a oEM and after- wheel manufacturer, we devote
               a Booth No.: 0806                                                    ourselves in producing the right wheels at competitive
               兴源集团                                                                 cost and ship to you on time. We have the capacity to serve your needs from
               xiNGYUAN GRoUP                                                       8 inch carting wheels to 26 inch luxury chrome styles, from oE grade to
    xingyuan Tire Group co., Ltd and Shandong xingda Tyre co.,                      diversified after-market models.
    Ltd. are core corporation of xingyuan Group. There are "HiLo"
    "HUALU", "ANNAiTE" annual production is 5, 800, 000sets.                                    a Booth No.: 2020
                a Booth No.: 2423                                                               ANHUi HUiLiAN MAcHiNERY iNDUSTRY co.,LTD
                徐州徐工轮胎有限公司                                                                      Anhui HUiLiAN Machinery industry co., Ltd. is
                xUZHoU xUGoNG TYRES co.,LTD.                                        a modernization hi-tech enterprise specialized in producing
    xuzhou xugong Tyres co. Ltd (formerly Jiangsu Tyres Plant)                      high-quality aluminum alloy wheels for automobile.
    was established in 1951, which has been designated by
    the former Ministry of chemical industry as the major tyres                                    a Booth No.: 2823
    manufacturer in china. The products has become one of the                                      茌平信发铝制品有限公司
    leading poroducts in domestic market as well as in the United States, Western                  cHiPiNG xiNFA ALUMiNUM PRoDUcTioN co.,LTD
    Europe, Australia, and South Africa etc.                                                       chiping xiNFA aluminum production co.,Ltd.
                                                                                    is a specialized corporation that dedicated to design 、
                       a Booth No.: 3005                                            manufacture and sell the aluminum alloy wheel. capacity
                       盐城森光橡胶制品有限公司                                                 reaches 2 million .
                       YA N c H E N G S E N G U A N G R U B B E R
                       PRoDUcTS co.,LTD.                                                      a Booth No.: 3202
    Yancheng Senguang Rubber co., Ltd is one manufacturer                                     达成汽配
    specializing in forklift tires, the products is well-known for high                       DAcHENG AUTo PARTS

8      ciTExPo 2011
Partial Exhibits                                                                                           Please pre-register at:

                                                                                                                                       Wheel / Rim

Dacheng Auto co., Ltd locates in Guangzhou, Guangdong                          our factory specializes in making alloy wheels with the
provice, which is a professional auto trade enterprise. We                     history of a decade years , we will devote our superior
manage all kinds of 14-26 inch aluminium alloys recreate                       service to our clients .
to vehicle hubs, available to Honda, Toyota, Hyundai,
Volkswagen, Porsche, BMW,Benz and Audi even other                                        a Booth No.: 2628
recreational vehicles. The development strategy of the                                   江苏凯特汽车部件有限公司
company is :focus on talents; step on auto domains                                       JiANGSU KAiTE AUToMoBiLE PARTS co.,
construction and development.                                                            LTD.
                                                                               Kaite is a manufacturer, which produce all kinds of Alloy
               a Booth No.: 3200                                               Wheels, the size from 13" to 30".
               DoNGHAi coUNTY LANTiAN AUTo                                               a Booth No.: 3108
               WHEEL FAcToRY                                                             嘉善久久车轮制造有限公司
our company specializes in manufacturing steel wheel,                                    JJWHEEL MANUFAcTURiNG co.,LTD
truck wheel and engineering wheel. our products have                           We are JJwheel Factory which specialize in making
excellent quality and have passed the iSo/TS16949-2002                         various kinds of steel wheels for trucks , forklifts,
certificates. We have been exporting to more than 40 countries and areas.       engineering cars and trailers.
Looking forward to your kind enquiry.
                                                                                          a Booth No.: 3027
            a Booth No.: 2406                                                             黄石鑫华轮毂有限公司
            FREEMAN RAciNG WHEELS iNc                                                     KiNGHWA ToPTRUE WHEEL co.,LTD
FREEMAN RAciNG WHEELS iNc. has more than 7 years                               We are committed to manufacture aluminum alloy wheels
of experience in importing and exporting alloy wheels. We                      with full range of size and novel designs. The monthly
are considered as one of the leading company of wheel                          production volume reaches 50,000 PcS. We have been
designer and manufacturer in china. our products have                          authorized the certification of TS16949. our prominent
passed the certificate as iSo9001-2000,QS9000 iSo/TS16949, ViA and             advantages are excellent quality and prompt delivery.
TUV,and enjoyed great popularity among our customers.
                                                                                            a Booth No.: 3210
              a Booth No.: 3100                                                             连云港市艾伦钢铁有限公司
              福建申利卡铝业发展有限公司                                                                 LiANYUNGANG ALLEN iRoN STEEL co.,LTD.
              FUJiAN SHENLiKA ALUMiNUM                                         We are manufacturer which specilized in producing all kinds
              iNDUSTRY DEVELoPMENT co.,LTD                                     of steel wheel which equipped with heavy truck .light truck
Shenlika specializes in researching, developing                                .forklift and so on .Size from 8inch to 24 inch.
and producing aluminium wheels. We have the most
advanced manufacturing equipments and specialist                                             a Booth No.: 2814
persons, producing high quality alloy wheels.                                                玛斯特太平洋有限公司
                                                                                             MASTER PAciFic/TWG
              a Booth No.: 3128                                                Established in 1968, TWG is a manufacturer and distributor
              福建省正舜汽车车轮有限公司                                                    with over 40 years experience specializing in aftermarket
              FUJiAN ZHENGSHUN AUToMoBiLE WHEEL co.,LTD                        automotive wheels and accessories.We are headquartered
F u j i a n Z h e n g s h u n A u t o m o b i l e W h e e l c o.,L t d i s a   in LA, with a network of 20 distribution facilities located in
interprises producing automobile wheels, and products                          major cities throughout the US and canada. And our shanghai office-Master
range has included the series of tube and tubeless wheels                      Pacific handles our production facilities in china, and provides service to all
with the width from 5.5 to 11.75 inch and the diameter from                    the international customers (Excluding North America).
16 to 22.5 inch which could meet the needs of the global
clients.                                                                                   a Booth No.: 3235
                                                                                           MNL iNTERNATioNAL LTD
             a Booth No.: 2328                                                 MNL iNTERNATioNAL LTD is proud to bring you, LioNHART, the latest
             富达铝业(常熟)有限公司                                                      brand in high fashion wheel design and auto styling. LioNHART focus its
             FUTEx ALLoY(cHANGSHU)co.,LTD                                      attention in customizing premium Japanese and other luxury passenger cars,
There are about 200 styles we could provide, with rim                          sports cars, and SUVs.
diameter from 12 inch to 24inch and the rim width from
4inch to 11 inch, which are for passenger car, SUV and 4WD.                                  a Booth No.: 0725
                  a Booth No.: 3428                                                          NiNGBo SUPERiM SHENGLoNG
                  青岛杰克锐特贸易有限公司                                                               TEcHNoLoGiES co.,LTD
                  GREAT iNT'L HoLDiNGS LiMiTED                                 our company is one of the subsidiaries of shenglong
Main products :wheels for truck、construction、agriculture                       group as a profeesional aluminum wheel manufacturer.
and trailer; brake disc and brake drum.
                                                                               a Booth No.: 2900
           a Booth No.: 3431                                                   宁波鄞州吉诺五金汽车配件厂
           湖北省阳新昂运铝轮有限公司                                                       NiNGBo YiNZHoU JiNUo AUTo AccESSoRiES co.,LTD.
           HUBEi ANGYUN ALLoY WHEEL co.,LTD                                    Professional manufacturer to make wheel bolt, wheel nut,

                                                                                                                                             ciTExPo 2011       9
     Please pre-register at:                                                                                           Partial Exhibits

     Wheel / Rim

     wheel lock, wheel spacer.                                                        Shandong Shengtai Wheel is located in Dongying city Shandong Province.
                                                                                      We are one of the largest manufacturer specializing in buses, trailers,
                   a Booth No.: 2500                                                  agriculture, engineering machinery and other wheels.
                   NiNGBo YoNGQi ALUMNiUM-WHEEL                                                     a Booth No.: 2808
                   MANUFAcTURE co., LTD                                                             上海劲和进出口有限公司
     our company is specialized in automotive aluminium alloy                                       SHANGHAi JiHoo iiMPoRT & ExPoRT
     wheels & related accessories with a range from 12"-28".                                        co.,LTD
                                                                                      shanghai jihoo co.,Ltd established in 2002 with our
                   a Booth No.: 2123                                                  headquarters based in shanghai.We specialize in the
                   浙江曙光实业有限公司                                                         development of custom rims for various types of cars for
                   PDW iNTERNATioNAL                                                  use over different terrains.
     As a leading manufacturer and global distributor of alloy wheels
     with offices expanding into each country. PDW has a bold                                               a Booth No.: 2128
     vision to be a leading alloy wheels brand as exemplified in his                                         苏美达集团
     success in every market it is in.                                                                      SUMEc GRoUP
                                                                                      SUMEc Group, specializing in the production and sale of
                              a Booth No.: 2625                                       first class car alloy wheels. Factory has been approved by
                              上海精元重工机械有限公司                                            iSo/TS16949:2002. We have a strong technical force and
                              SEYEN HEAVY iNDUSTRiES (SHANGHAi) co., LTD.             experienced technical team to design and manufacture
     W i t h c e r t i f i c a t e s o f T S16949, i S o14001, i S o9001,             of various sizes 13-28 inch alloy wheel, the annual production capacity is
     QS9000, VDA 6.1 and ViA approval as well, Seyen has                              1,000,000 wheels.
     been the oEM supplier to General Motors Worldwide,
     Nissan, Honda, and Suzuki Japan and built the sales                                         a Booth No.: 2133
     network covering the USA, Europe, the Middle East                                           ToUcHDoWN iNTERNATioNAL (H.K.) co., LTD.
     and most Asian countries since 1998. We are working                              Touchdown team group come from Taiwan, Korea,
     continuously for technological innovation and superior                           Australia and china, because the different backgrounds
     quality in design, development and manufacturing processes.                      that lead Touchdown to the further step of more diversity
                                                                                      and inclusiveness. Please contact with us and feel the
                     a Booth No.: 2111                                                charm of Touchdown, we guarantee to bring you the
                     山东贝特尔车轮有限公司                                                      different experience from the past.
                     SHANDoNG BETTER WHEEL co., LTD.
     a pice of work must be done through many easy jobs, and                                        a Booth No.: 3314
     the big work must be done through doing little things."                                        芜湖黄燕实业有限公司
     With increasingly accumulation and improvement, serving                                        WUHU HUANGYAN iNDUSTRiAL coRP.
     with good faith, casting brand with details, the Better                          Wuhu Huangyan Wheels co., Ltd. is located in Wuhu
     Wheel Enterprise is the first to set the model, and will provide users with the   city,We are a manufacturer specialized in producing
     world's finest wheels.                                                            luxury alloy wheels which are available for all kinds of cars.

               a Booth No.: 3420                                                                 a Booth No.: 3408
               山东东营正宇车轮有限公司                                                                      厦门日上车轮集团股份有限公司
               SHANDoNG DoNGYiNG ZHENGYU WHEEL co.,LTD                                           xiAMEN SUNRiSE WHEEL GRoUP co., LTD
     Established in 2001,Main products are tubeless wheels                            S U N R i S E W H E E L G R o U P W i T H A D VA N c E D
     and tube wheels of heavy truck &light truck.Yearly output                        iMPoRTED EQUiPMENTS, ExQUiSiTE MoULDS
     is more than 2000,000 PcS.SHANDoNG TYREWHEEL                                     AND PRoFESSioNAL TEcHNoLoDY. PASS THE
     iMPoRT&ExPoRT TRADiNG co.,LTD is a subbranch                                     i S o T S16949:2002 S Y S T E M. W H E E L S G E T T H E
     of DoNGYiNG ZHENGYU WHEEL co.,LTD.A project of                                   cERTiFicATE oF DoT, TUV, SMiTHERS, AiRi APPRoVAL..
     5,000,000 sets aluminum alloy wheels has set up.
                                                                                                           a Booth No.: 1106
                   a Booth No.: 0001                                                                       上海俊慕铝业有限公司
                   山东奥戈瑞集团有限公司                                                                             YSM WHEELS
                   SHANDoNG o'GREEN GRoUP co.,LTD                                     YSM Wheels Manufacture co., Ltd, a member of the YSM
     No.of holes:10                                                                   Group. We have number of members in alloy wheels
     Hole diameter:26                                                                 and tires business with total turnover over 25 million
     P.c.D:335                                                                        USD per annual. We own 4 brands, and work with major
     cENTER BoRE DiAM:281                                                             wheels brands in Europe and North America. We have 5
     oFFSET:169                                                                       distribution centers all over the world. We own a factory in Zhejiang, china.
     DiSc THicK:14                                                                    At the mean time, we have in house design team, which designing original
     REc.TYPE:11R22.5                                                                 aftermarket alloy wheels.

                  a Booth No.: 3231                                                                  a Booth No.: 2623
                  山东盛泰车轮有限公司                                                                         浙江步阳汽轮股份有限公司
                  SHANDoNG SHENTAi WHEEL co.,LTD                                                     ZEHJiANG BUYANG AUTo WHEEL co.,LTD

10      ciTExPo 2011
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                                                                                                                           Wheel / Rim

Zhe jiang Byang Auto wheel co.,ltd covers an area of                are exceed SAE recommended practices for durability testing under heavy
10.000 square meters with USD12 million in fixed assets              load.
and more than 1200 employees And currently, it is 
equipped with 2 wheel production lines. The annual                                   a Booth No.: 2802
capacity is around one million aluminum wheels .                                     浙江金圈机械有限公司
                                                                                     ZHEJiANG JiNQUAN
                 a Booth No.: 1500                                                   MAcHiNERY co., LTD
                 浙江保康轮毂制造有限公司                                       Zhejiang jinquan is a modern enterprise
                 ZHEJiANG BAoKANG WHEEL MANUFAcTURE co.,LTD         specialized in production of aluminum alloy
Zhejiang Baokang wheel Manufactureco.,professionally                wheels for automobiles and motors.. The annual
manufactures all kinds of a Aluminum alloy wheel,All                productivity of the compangy is 1 million pieces
products of our company have pass the iSc9000and                    of aluminum alloy wheels The production
iSo/TS16949Qualitymanagement system certificate                     specififcation range from 10-24 inches.
,their performanacesareconforming to Germany TUV and
American SFi international standards,Also we have our                         a Booth No.: 3323
own right to import and export.                                               浙江骏宁轮毂有限公司_
                                                                              ZHEJiANG JUNNiNG WHEEL HUB co.,LTD
            a Booth No.: 2825                                       a professional auto wheel manufacturer, capable of
            浙江飞虎铝轮有限公司                                              integrating all the processes.
            co.,LTD                                                             a Booth No.: 2930
Z H E J i A N G F E i H U A L U M i N i U M c o.LT D, i S A                     浙江盛正部件有限公司
MANUFAcTURER SPEciALiZED iN PRoDUciNG                                           ZHEJiANG SHENGZHENG AUToPART.LTD
ALLoY WHEEL,cAN PRoDUcT WHEEL SiZE FoRM                             SZ autopart is the chinese one of the
12iNcH To 26iNcH.                                                   largest manufacturer
                                                                    specialized in producing steel wheel ,
               a Booth No.: 0120                                    especially passenger car wheel and trailer wheel .
               浙江风驰机械有限公司                                           our products mainly exported
               ZHEJiANG FENGcHi MEcHANicAL co.,                     to the north american market ,
               LTD                                                  european countries ,middle east ,
our company is specialized in manufacturing small diameter          south africa etc.
steel wheel for tubeless tire in china. Main of the wheels
specification are 12", 10", 8", 6" and 4". The wheels are                       a Booth No.: 2816
apply to Golf car, ATV, Garden tractor and trailer, Motorcycle                  浙江永乐铝轮制造有限公司
and scooter .                                                                   ZHEJiANG YoNGLE ALUMiNiUM WHEEL
                                                                                MANUFAcTURE co., LTD
                    a Booth No.: 2827                               Yongle has over 5 years experience of alloy wheel
                    浙江宏鑫科技有限公司                                      designing, manufacturing and exporting. We have got JWL,
                    ZHEJiANG HoNGxiN TEcHNoLoGY co., LTD.           ViA, TUV certification approval.
Z h e j i a n g H o n g x i n Te c h n o l o g y c o., L t d. i s
a p r o f e s s i o n a—l f o r g e d--a l u m i n u m w h e e l    a Booth No.: 2415
manufacturer. in present china, we are the                          浙江郑泰汽轮股份有限公司
producing forged aluminum wheels for all kinds                      ZHEJiANG ZENT AUTo WHEEL co.,LTD
of motel vehicles, such as bus, truck, car and                      our company is special dedicated in production and
motorcycle, ranging from 15 to 26 inches. on                        development of alloy wheels. The wheel export all over the
April 19th, 2007, our 22.5*8.25 truck wheel                         world with the high quality.
passed the test by SMiTHERS--SciENTiFic
SERVicES in USA.                                                                   a Booth No.: 2828
               a Booth No.: 2211                                                   ZHENGxiNG VEHicLE WHEEL
               浙江宏源车轮有限公司                                                          co.,LTD oF SHAoGUAN
               ZHEJiANG HoNGYUAN WHEEL                              it is specialising in manufacturing vehicle wheel,
               co.,LTD.                                             bogie axle mechnical suspension and other trailer
Zhejiang hongyuan wheel specialized in producing 3pc                accessories,export to Europe,U.S.A,south Asia
and 5pc tubeless type off-the-road wheel.                           for more than 30 countries and regions

             a Booth No.: 1114                                              a Booth No.: 3306
             浙江金固股份有限公司                                                     尊博轮毂
             ZHEJiANG JiNGU coMPANY LiMiTED                                 ZUMBo WHEELS
Tubeless steel wheel 22.5x8.25 hub piloted, center hole             Zumbo wheel is a famous manufacturer who is specialized
220mm, bolt patten 10x285.75, offset 168mm, JiNGU                   in mold development,product design,production to
wheels are manufactured in the world class factories                marketing and also customize different kinds of quality
with precise engineering and coating applications. They             wheels according to clients' requirement.

                                                                                                                                 ciTExPo 2011   11
     Please pre-register at:                                                                                             Partial Exhibits

     Tire Repair Product and Machinery

                         a Booth No.: 1110                                     your S-1000 stand by in your car again.
                         BRiGHT TEcHNoLoGY co.,LTD.                                                  a Booth No.: 1506
     Bright of china specialized in the production of                                                营口通广汽车保修设备有限公司
     t i r e c h a n g e r a n d w h e e l b a l a n c e r f o r 24y e a r s                         YiNGKoU ToNGGUANG AUToMoTiVE MAiNTENANcE
     w i t h t h e c h i n e s e t o p b r a n d o f F i r e E a g l e.                              EQUiPMENT co.,LTD.
     choose Bright, win the future.                                            Yingkou Tongguang Automotive Maintenance Equipment
                                                                               co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in
                  a Booth No.: 3029                                            seveloping and producing automotive maintenance and
                  杭州苹果机械有限公司                                                   diagnostic equipment, We lay stresson market as our
                  HANGZHoU APPLE BRAND MAcHiNERY                               development orientation new products development as
                  co., LTD.                                                    our responsility and try our best to offer high quality.
     Specializing in the production automotive sheet
     metal repair equipment,tyre expander, tyre spreader,
     vulcanizing machine(tyre repair machine), tyre
     instant-inflation sealer, pry bar, balance pliers, tire                                 Tire Manufacturing Machinery & Raw Materials
     inflation gun, tyre tools, etc.

                                                                                            a Booth No.: 2229
                  a Booth No.: 5205
                  弘台达检测仪器(上海)有限公司                                                           常州市羊氏模具有限公司

                  HUNG TA iNSTRUMENT co., LTD                                               cHANGZHoU YANGS MoULD co., LTD.

     Hung Ta, a pioneer in manufacturing quality control                       Professional tyre mould manufacturer, Major Products:

     instruments, devotes his every effort heading for the                     Segmented Mould ,Two-piece Mold, Bladder Mold,
     best target. The range of testing equipments which                        Building Drum etc.
     are suitable for quality control of products includes
     rubber,plastic,automobile parts and so on.                                          a Booth No.: 1320
                  a Booth No.: 3006                                                      GUANGDoNG GREAToo MoLDS iNc.
                  美品(厦门)橡胶制品有限公司                                               Greatoo Molds professionally specialized in
                  MEiPiN(xiAMEN)RUBBER iNDUSTRiAL                              r e s e a r c h i n g、d e v e l o p i n g、d e s i g n i n g a n d
                  co.,LTD                                                      manufacturing tire molds, the biggest in china. Main
     MEiPiN is invested by YiNG PAio ENTERPRiSE                                products including TBR and PcR segmented mold, two-piece mold, oTR
     co., LTD.(Taiwan),we have specialized in producing                        mold, building drum, bladder mold and hydraulic curing press. Praised by
     cold Patch,Rubber Solution/cement ,Tire Seal Strip                        domestic and overseas customers for its high quality product and excellent
     &Tools,Tire Sealant & Tire/Tube Repair Kits and we have                   services.
     iSo 9001:2008 certificate of registration ,oEM & oDM
     are welcomed.
                                                                                               a Booth No.: 0118
                        a Booth No.: 1522
                                                                                               HiMiLE MEcHANicAL SciENcE AND TEcHNoLoGY co.,
                                                                                               LTD SHANDoNG cHiNA
                        SHANGHAi DoUBLE DYNASTY MFG co., LTD
                                                                               Himile is a hi-tech enterprise of state level, professionally
     Shanghai Double Dynasty MFG co., LTD is a
                                                                               serving tire industry. it is the manufacturer and supplier
     professional supplier of air tools which has more
                                                                               of high-quality tire molds, giant tire curing presses,
     than ten year's experience of produce and devise.
                                                                               inflation valves, building drums, etc. The capacity of tire
     "Taiwanese technology, management and quality,
                                                                               molds is 5,000 sets per year.
     but mainland chinese price" is our feature and
     market strategy.
                                                                                            a Booth No.: 2105
                          a Booth No.: 5702
                          天达贸易(深圳)有限公司                                                      SHANDoNG WANToNG MoULD co., LTD

                          TAN DA TR AD iN G(SHEN ZHEN)                         Wantong Mould co., ltd is specialized in research、
                          co.,LTD.                                             design、and manufacture of mould of radial – ply tire
     EASY Go S-1000 professional tire repair kit set is                        of motor vehicle.
     one of the fastest & easier system in the market.                         The company has the annual production capacity of
     You can buy a new replacement kit RA-100 to keep                          1000 steel moulds and 800 casting and forging aluminum alloy moulds.

12       ciTExPo 2011
Partial Exhibits                                                                                          Please pre-register at:

                                                                                                                                     Tire Accessories

             Retread & Retreading Machinery                           Jiangyin Premier Autoparts industry co., Ltd. is a
                                                                      professional manufacturer of tire valves and valve
                                                                      cores. At present, the company produces 600 million

                       a Booth No.: 0926                              valve cores and 200 million tire valves annually. it

                       营口天为汽保设备制造有限公司                                 has been iSo9001 certified since 1997 and iSo/TS

                       SKYWiN AUTo MAcHiNERY MANUFAcTURE co.,LTD      16949:2002 certified since 2006.

Skywin Automobile Repair and
Maintenance Manufacturing co., Ltd. is                                              a Booth No.: 3422

a manufacturinglimited company with its                                             六晖橡胶金属工业(昆山)有限公司

dominating products of tire minor equipment                                         LUHAi RUBBER METAL iND. (KUNSHAN)

and the combination of design, exploitation,                                        co.,LTD.

production and sales. The company mainly produces Vulcanizer , tire   LuHai rubber metal ind. (Kunshan) co., Ltd. is a leading

Expander and lifter.                                                  manufacturer of tire valves in the world. We specialize
                                                                      in developing and manufacturing all kinds of valves,and
                                                                      provide high quality products and services to our
                         Tire Accessories
                                                                                  a Booth No.: 1508
             a Booth No.: 5206                                                    NiNGBo ABLE RUBBER & AUTo PARTS co.,LTD
             沧州飞龙汽车配件有限责任公司                                           We a r e o n e o f p r o f e s s i o n a l m a n u f a c t u r e r a n d
             cANGZHoU FLYiNG DRAGoN AUTo                              specialized in producing various wheel weights,
             PARTS co.,LTD.                                           tire valves, and tire repair tools to oversea. Under the
one of the leading professional manufacturer in wheel                 iSo9001:2000 system, our production lines is to meet
weights line, have more than 100 sets stamping                        with the worldwide orders.
machine, specialized zinc plating working shop, and
electrostatic coating machine, this year brought in the                              a Booth No.: 5118
most advanced automatic assembly production line.                                    宁波辰昊电子有限公司
Welcome to contact us!                                                               NiNGBo cHEN HAo ELEcTRoNicS
          a Booth No.: 2428                                           Ningbo chenhao Electronics co., LTD which is
          杭州万通气门嘴有限公司                                                 located in Ningbo city. The main product s are the
          HANGZHoU HAMAToN TYRE VALVES                                air compressors , the tire repair tools , the pencil
          co.,LTD.                                                    gauges.we have got the iSo9001 and iSo/TS16949
Hangzhou Hamaton Tyre Valves co.,Ltd. Mainly                          certificate.
manufacture air control,measuring products and
service tool and accessories. it has been more than                                a Booth No.: 0924
forty years to produce the above items, our products                               宁波市福易春汽车附件有限公司
are distributed over the world.                                                    NiNGBo FoRTUNE AUTo PARTS co.,LTD
                                                                      We specialize in the research and production of tire
          a Booth No.: 5204                                           accessories for more than 10 years. our products include
          江阴市创新气门嘴有限公司                                                wheel weight, tire valves, valve caps, valve cores, tire
          JiANGYiN cHUANGxiN TYRE VALVE co., LTD                      repair tool, patches, tire gauges and other accessories.
JiangYin chuangxin Tyre Valve co.,
located in Jiangyin where is only 1.5 hour driving                                        a Booth No.: 1518
to Shanghai.After 30 years developing,                                                    宁波欧雅道成汽配实业有限公司
comp a n y h a s b e e n on e o f the first cla ss                                        N i N G B o o U YA-D A o c H E N G
enterprises specialized in tyre valve,valve                                               AUToPARTS iNDUSTRY co., LTD.
core.                                                                 We are leading manufacturer of tire and wheel
                                                                      accessories, our products are including wheel balance
          a Booth No.: 3008                                           weights, wheel nuts and bolts, tire valves, tire repair
          江阴博尔汽配工业有限公司                                                tools and other accessories. We are iSo9001:2000
          JiANGYiN PREMiER AUToPARTS iNDUSTRY co., LTD.               and TS16949:2002 certified enterprise. We have covered the product liability

                                                                                                                                                 ciTExPo 2011   13
Please pre-register at:                                                                     Partial Exhibits

Tire Accessories                                                                    China International Tire Expo 2011

                                                              Visitor Online pre-registration
insurance for our products in the global area.
                                                              Please pre-register before August 10, 2011 at:

          a Booth No.: 2902
                                                                      Venue       Shanghai Everbright convention & Exhibition center
          NiNGBo YiNZHoU JiNGANG AUTo                                 Date        Sep. 7-9, 2011

          AccESSoRiES FAcToRY                                                     Sep. 7-8, 9:30 - 17:00    Sep. 9, 9:30 - 15:00
our factory mainly produce series of tire valves,tire valve           Time
                                                                                  (No entry half hour prior to closing time)
caps and sleeves, tire valve tools,tire repair tools,air
                                                               Visitor Permission Exclusive for professionals and buyers in the industry
chuck clips etc.

           a Booth No.: 2906
           N i N G B o Z H o N G D A VA LV E W i c K
Speciallised in producing valve core, tire valve, wheel
weights, valve accessories, tire repair tools, seals,
patches, etc autoparts.exporting to USA, EU. Sounth
American, middle east etc countries with top quality.

             a Booth No.: 3416
             WEiGHTS FAcToRY
Shijiazhuang Huaxing Wheel Weights Factory is a
                                                              Transportation to the venue
professional manufacturer of wheel weights,it has 16-year-
                                                              Shanghai Everbright convention & Exhibition center
history,the products have been provided to many car
                                                              Add: 66 cao Bao Road, xuhui District, Shanghai 200233, china.
factories and exported to many European and American
                                                              Taxi: The Hong Qiao international Airport - 19 km, 22 minutes by taxi
countries,and enjoy a good reputation all the time.
                                                                    The Pu Dong international Airport - 51 km, 65 minutes by taxi
                                                              Metro: Take line 1 & off at cao Bao Rd station, exit at entrance 1 &
              a Booth No.: 2231                                      walk 300m westward
              浙江埃克斯轮胎配件有限公司                                   Bus: Take line 43, 89, 92, 120, 122, 131, 531, 732, 764, 809, 942, 946
              co., LTD
                                                              Other services
                                                              Letter of Invitation: if you would like to apply for business visa in
Under the technology instruction of 31 incorporation,
                                                              the embassies or consulates of china with the invitation letter from
which has an experience of 30 years in tire repair
                                                              the ciTExPo show management. Please apply before August 15,
materials, we produce the brand of "xtraseal" products
                                                              2011. The rate for each letter is US$ 40 per person.
which includes patch, string, cement, etc. We provide
you with the high quality products, competitive price         Interpreter: chinese-English: US$ 120 per person per day (Non-
and good service.
                                                              English foreign language interpreters are subject to availability and
                                                              change in price quotation. Please contact us in advance).

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