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                             BEAVER • MILFORD • MINERSVILLE • ADAMSVILLE • GREENVILLE • MANDERFIELD • NORTH CREEK • COVE FORT                                                    • ELK MEADOWS

                                                                                                                  Tuesday, February 22, 2011 • Issue # 148

              2011 BHS STERLING SCHOLARS

              Kimberly Frandsen                  Briana Elwell                   Morgan Bradshaw                         Kalin Hofheins                                    Kelby Bradshaw
                      Art                            Music                              Dance                          Computer Technology                                      English
            Dan and Teresa Frandsen           Stacy & Tracy Elwell               Sid & Janet Bradshaw                 Kent & Karrie Hofheins                            Bret & Denise Bradshaw

               Zachary Flinders                 Rebecca Kanell                   Jordan Langford                            Shilo White                                        Rustin Orton
                    General                      Social Science                        Science                           Foreign Language                                        TradeTech
            Steve & Melanie Flinders          Leo & Melissa Kanell             Scott & Kristy Langford                  Larry & Ranee White                                 Troy & Jackie Orton

                 Jacob Smith                    Autumn Smith                        Bailee Black                          Angela Yardley                                     Kailey Young
                     Math                      Speech & Drama                         Business                         Agricultural Science                                Consumer Science
              Clint & Diane Smith             Mike & Janice Smith               Bret & Dawn G Black                   Gilbert & Denise Yardley                           Thayne & Geniel Young

                                                               M&J Automotive                                                       Yardley Construction LLC
              Congratulations!                                 Quality Automotive Service And Repair
                                                                                                                                     You Got Mud?
                                                                                  All Make And Model Cars,
                                                                                  Trucks And RV Repair
                                                               •10% Senior Discount 360 North Main Street, Beaver

                  BEAVER WEATHER
                                                                                                   Mon-Fri 8 A.M. - 5 P.M.
                                                                                        After Hours Appointments Available
                                                                                                   Bus (435) 438-5877                                                                Got
                                                                                                   Cell (435) 559-2183
            Feb 22                  Sunny
                                                                                                                                  *Driveway Rock
                                                    10 %                                      mandjautomotive@yahoo.com
                                                                                                       Mike & Joy Harley

            Wed                     Partly
                                                               •FREE Multipoint inspection with every oil change.
                                                                  Oil Changes on most cars and trucks: $29.99 + Tax.
                                                                                                                                    *Road Base         Spreading
                                    Cloudy                                                                                           *Big Rock
            Feb 23                                  20 %          Includes topping off all fluids.
                                                               •Transmission Power Flush Starting at $99.00 + Tax.                     *Sand   Free Available
                                    Few                                                                                                 *Fill Delivery
                                                               •State inspection station: $10.00 Tuesday's!
            Thurs                   Snow        40°/25°            State inspections all other days: $15.00
            Feb 24                  Showers         30 %
                                                                •Let us winterize your vehicle, test your coolant                                 235 South 200 West, Beaver Utah
                                                                  and your battery, check your hoses and belts and
                                                                  get you all set before winter sets in.                            Rowland Yardley                             Danny Yardley
                                    Snow                                                                                            (435) 421-1452 (435) 421-1453
            Fri                                 38°/25°        Give us a call or stop in. We look forward to meeting you.
            Feb 25                                  40 %
                                                                                                                                                                                     Phone: 435-438-5950
                                                                   Each measure is passed without                                                                                          PO BOX 956
            Sat.                    Snow                                                                                                                                                Beaver, Utah 84713
                                               36°/21°         great trouble or violent public opposi-                                                                             email: bcjnews@infowest.com
                                                                                                                             BOX HOLDER

            Feb 26                  Shower                                                                                                                                         www.BeaverCountyJournal.com
                                                    60 %       tion because the average man does                                          THE BEAVER COUNTY JOURNAL is                       OFFICE HOURS:
                                                               not see at the time , how it can possi-                                    owned and operated by The Beaver                     - 5PM
                                                                                                                                                                                MONDAY THRU FRIDAY 10AM
            Sun.                    Snow                                                                                                  County Journal LLC and is distrib-
            Feb 27                             40°/24°         bly affect his own existence - the only                                    uted weekly to all Box holders of
                                                                                                                                                                                SUBMISSIONS POLICY
                                                                                                                                                                                DEADLINE:In  order for your ads or
                                    Shower                     thing he is really interested in. Then,                                    Beaver County. Its purpose is to      articles to be published in the next
                                                    60 %                                                                                  inform residents about local issues   Tuesday edition, you will need to
                                                                                                                                          and events. Articles submitted from
                                                               one day, he awakens suddenly to real-                                      independent writers are not neces-
                                                                                                                                                                                have your information to us by
                                                                                                                                                                                Friday be-
            Mon.                                               ize all his rights and liberties are gone.                                 sarily the opinion of The Beaver      fore 5 pm        PRE-SORT
C   M       Feb 28                  Snow       42°/23°                                         -Ayn Rand
                                                                                                                                          County Journal. We sincerely hope
                                                                                                                                          you enjoy the paper and encourage
                                                                                                                                                                                the week
                                                                                                                                                                                prior to
                                                                                                                                                                                              STANDARD PAID            C   M
                                    Shower          40 %                                                                                  input on ideas and/or suggestions     the pub-
                                                                                                                                                                                               BEAVER, UTAH
                                                                                                                                          for the paper. Thank you                             PERMIT No. 10
Y   K                                                                                                                                                                           date.                                  Y   K
Page 2                                                                                                                                                            Feb. 22, 2011

                                                                                                                                              BEAVER SENIOR MENU
Help Us Celebrate Our Opening In Cedar!                                                         MINERSVILLE MENU
                                                                                              Call 386-8410 by noon for meal.                 Call 438-5313 by noon for meal.
     755 South Main Street Cedar City (across from Cal Ranch)

                                                                                              WED-FEB 23 Pork Chops, Red Skin              WED-FEB 23 Onion Smothered Steak,
                                                                                              Pot, Carrots, Grapes, Apple                  Mac & cheese, Green Beans, Tom/Ranch
                                                                                              THURS-FEB 24 Roast Beef, Mash Pot            Dressing, Peaches
                                                                                              w/Gravy, Mix Veg, Gr Salad, Banana,          FRI-FEB 25 Pork Chops, Mash Pot w/
                                                                                              Strawberry Shortcake                         Gravy, Broccoli, Cherry Pin/Cott Chese
                                                                                              MON-FEB 28 Talapia, Rice, Peas, Pas-         Sald, Apple Pie Alamode
           Any 14" single topping with coupon                                                 ta Salad                                     MON-FEB 28 Cheese Burger w/Bun,
                                                                                                                                           Wedge Pot,Baked Beans, Coleslaw,

                                                            Limit 6 per coupon                WED-MAR 2 Hamb w/Bun, Slice
      O l                                                 Coupon expires 3-31-11              Pot, Corn,Cottag Chees Sald, Kiwi            Peaches
   nd    ia                                                 good in Beaver and                                                             WED-MAR 2 Baked Fish, Scallop Pot,
Gra Spec
                                                                                              THURS-MAR 3 Turkey Breast, Mash
                                                            Cedar City locations              Pot/Gravy, Mixed Veg, Gr Grapes, Gr          Spinach, Lettuce Salad, Mandarin Org
53 N Main Hours 11 am to 8:30 pm Open Mon - Sat                 438-0404                      Salad, St Patrick Rice Krisp Treat
                                                                                                   BINGO March 17, 2:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                                              Menu Subject to Change due to availability
                                                                                                                                                 BINGO March 25 , 2:30 PM

                                                              Sleepy Puppy Photo Service
                                                                     Specializing in:                                        In A Nutshell
                                                                   Pets, Kids, Portraits.                                   By Mayor Mark J Yardley              February 11, 2011
                                                                           And                                                 Congratulations to our BHS Cheerleaders for taking
                                                              Engagement Photos!                                            State for the 4th consecutive year. Wow! Having been
                                                                                                                            involved in cheerleading with our daughter Kylie, I can
                                                                    435-310-0116                                            honestly say cheerleading is the toughest and most time-
                                                                                                                            consuming sport there is. My hat is truly off to everyone
                                                                                                                              Behind the scenes: a special thank you to Eyvon Martin
Betterment Club NEWS                                         Beaver City Pool Spring Schedule
                                                                   Starts February 8th
                                                                                                                            for watching over the golf cart stalls at the golf course
                                                                                                                            for the past several years.
                                                            Lap Swim- Mon. thru Fri. 6 am - 8 am                              If you know of something or someone who should be

Woman of the Year                                           Adult Exercise & Therapy (Lap Swim)-
                                                                   Mon thru Fri. 8 am - 10 am
                                                                                                                            recognized, please let me know at mark@nasalbrush.
                                                                                                                            com or Post Office Box 1476.
                                                                                                                              Our water project is moving along very well. It should
                                                                   Tues. & Thurs. - 4 pm - 6 pm
  Come and celebrate with us as we                          Aerobics- Mon thru Fri. - 8 am                                  be completed by January, 2012. Thanks for your pa-
   honor an amazing lady. This will                         Toddler Play Group (5 & under)                                  tience and support.
  be held on Tuesday, March 1st, 2011                              Mon. Wed. and Fri. -10 am - 11 am                          Beaver’s Birthday party was a huge success. I would
                                                            OPEN SWIM-                                                      like to express a special thank you to Connie Fails and
at 7:00 p.m. at The Main Street The-                                                                                        all those who helped with this celebration.
                                                                     Mon., Wed., Fri, - 4 pm - 8 pm
ater. Please mark your calendar and                                                                                           Happy Valentine’s Day! (Don’t forget your sweetheart;
                                                                     Sat. -1 pm - 6 pm
 plan to attend. This is a secret, but                                     Monday Nights - $1.50 each                       it’s never too late.)
  you won’t want to miss as we cele-                                        General Admission - $2.50                                                                 -Mayor Yardley
brate the life of this special lady. The                            Private and group lessons, Private Rental,
 committee and the family are work-
 ing hard to make this a special night
                                                                                and passes available
                                                                              Any questions 438-5066                              tHe lAuGhiNg pOiNt!!
and having you there will help her feel                                                                                               Paraprosdokian sentences--
 extra special. Please plan to attend                               BHS Drama Presents                                                 (A paraprosdokian is a figure of speech in which
                                                                                                                                 the latter part of a sentence or phrase is surprising or
                                                                                                                                 unexpected in a way that causes the reader or listener
                      Beaver City Rec.                                                                                           to reframe or reinterpret the first part).
       Certified Babysitting Class                                                                                          Ø I want to die peacefully steal from many is research.
   Taught by Rachel Kerksiek-Certified EMT                                                                                  in my sleep, like my grand- Ø A bus station is where a
      Become Babysitter and CPR Certified                                                                                   father. Not screaming and bus stops. A train station is
 Date: March 4 6:00pm-9:00pm & March 5 8:00am                                                                              yelling like the passengers where a train stops. On my
                      -12:00pm                                                                                             in his car.                      desk, I have a work station.
               This is a two part class                                                                                     Ø Going to church doesn't         Ø How is it one careless
       Place: Beaver Med Shed, 1090 N Main                                                  the school’s musical. The      make you a Christian any match can start a forest fire,
              Ages: 9-15 boys and girls                                                     play they decided to do        more than standing in a ga- but it takes a whole box to
      Cost: $35 includes materials, first aid kit                                            is “Lil’Abner.” It will be     rage makes you a car.            start a campfire?
                   and backpack                                                             playing on March 3rd,           Ø The last thing I want to        Ø Some people are like
                 Limit 10 Students                                                          5th, and 7th. at 7:00 p.m.     do is hurt you. But it's still Slinkies ... not really good
        Register at City Office by March 2.                                                  in the BHS auditorium.         on the list.                     for anything, but you can't
                                                                                            Admissions for the play         Ø Light travels faster than help smiling when you see
        Beaver City Rec.& BHS Boys Basketball               by Adam Kia                     will be $4.00 for Adults       sound. This is why some one tumble down the stairs.
    3 on 3 Basketball Tournament                             Publicity Manager              and $3.00 for Sr. Citizens,    people appear bright until         Ø Dolphins are so smart
               Fundraiser                                     This year Beaver High’s
                                                            very own Mrs. Amanda
                                                                                            students, and children. The
                                                                                            cast has been working very
                                                                                                                           you hear them speak.             that within a few weeks
                                                                                                                            Ø If I agreed with you, of captivity, they can train
                    Show your Skills
                                                            Riley and Mrs. Debra            hard, and they are all super   we'd both be wrong.              people to stand on the very
         March 19 at BHS Gyms                               Marshall are directors of       excited to perform for you!     Ø We never really grow edge of the pool and throw
             Divisions: Boys and Girls
                                                                                                                           up, we only learn how to them fish.
     ages: 8-9, 10-11, 12-13, 14-15, 16-17, 18+
                                                                                                                           act in public.
              $20/Team 4 players max
                                                                                        To Play:                            Ø War does not determine
        Register at City Office by March 16                   Complete the grid so that every row, every column and every   who is right - only who is
                                                                          3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9
                                                                                                                             Ø Knowledge is knowing
     Beaver City TRIVIA                                                                                                    a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom
        The last Trivia question was:                                                                                      is not putting it in a fruit
      “Who is the Beaver City Sexton?”                                                                                     salad.
     Amber Willden answered it correctly.                                                                                   Ø The early bird might get
                                                                                                                           the worm, but the second
               “Shawn Limb”
                                                                                                                           mouse gets the cheese.
               The next question is:                                                                                        Ø Evening news is where           Wendy Yardley
   “Who is Beaver City’s Electrical                                                                                        they begin with 'Good eve-
                                                                                                                           ning', and then proceed to
         Superintendent?”                                                                                                  tell you why it isn't.             Realtor-Property Manager
                                                                                                                            Ø To steal ideas from one             Office 435-438-1606
  Please bring your answer into the City Office in                                                                                                               395 So Main, Beaver, UT
         writing to win the $25.00 credit.                                                                                 person is plagiarism. To

                                                                                               Birth Announcement
           IN BEAVER!
                                                                                                                           Nate Benson is happy to announce the
        KEZB 90.7 FM                                                                                                           arrival of his twin brothers!
              Christian Radio                                                                                                Zackary Dalton Benson and Brandon Rion Ben-
 “Beaver Utah’s Christian Beacon of the Gospel”                                                                            son were born December 23, 2010 at Utah Val-
                                                                                                                           ley Medical Center. Zack was born at 8:57 p.m.
 Featuring Community Calendar for Beaver Events                                                                            and weighed in at 4 lbs 9 oz. one minute later
       At 8:00 AM, 12:00 Noon and 5:00 PM                                                                                  Brandon was born and weighed in at 4 lbs 15
       To air an event on Community Calendar or                                                                            oz. Proud parents are Esther and Joe Benson.
   to request a program schedule call 435-438-2342                                                                         Grandparents include Gaytha and Joe Benson of
                                                                                                                           Beaver, UT and John and Karen Yardley of Cen-
  Listen to “Unshackled” at 10:00 PM, the award-winning
radio drama from Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago, that                                                                    terfield, UT and the late Sofia Yardley.
grips the heart with compelling and relevant stories of                                                                      The family would like to thank Dr. Wade Oak-
transformed lives.                                                                                                         den and the staff at Beaver Medical Clinic and
                                                                                                                           Beaver Valley Hospital, the Beaver Ambulance
         KEZB is a Ministry of First Baptist Church                                                                        crew and staff at Utah Valley Medical Center
            Located at 220 East Center Street                                                                              Newborn Intensive Care Unit for their care and
               also listen online at www.fbcbeaver.org                                                                     expertise; as well as our Seventh Ward Family
                                                                                                                           and Friends for their many months of service
                      Service Times:
   Sunday School 9:45 AM     Sunday Worship 11:00 AM
  Sunday Evening 6:00 PM Wednesday Evening 7:00 PM                                                                         and TLC.
 Feb. 22, 2011                                                                                                                                                               Page 3

 TONY & DAVES                                                           Doe
                                                                     Winds s Your
                                                                      Replac d Need
                      EXPERT                                                 ing?

               Windshield Replacement
                  and Chip Repair
  Body & Fender Work • Complete Exhaust Systems
           • State Vehicle Inspections •
15 North Main • Beaver, Ut 84713 •                                      438 5409
                                                                  (435) 438-5409

                         Ask A Specialist:                                                                           64th Wedding Anniversary
                                                                                                                                                                  LaVoy and Desma May-
  Do You Have Tips for Making                                                                                                                                 cock celebrate their 64th
  Cleaning Products at Home?                                                                                                                                  wedding anniversary. They
                                                                                                                                                              were married February 12,
   February 18, 2011 – An-        stances such as scale from       remove yellowing, clean                                                                    1947 in Manderfield Utah.
swer by: Carolyn Wash-            hard water. They are natural     tarnish, remove lipstick, get
burn, Utah State Univer-          cleaning products as well as     rid of mold and can work as                                                                They are the parents of four
sity Extension family and         disinfectants and deodoriz-      a drain cleaner.                                                                           children: (one deceased at
consumer sciences agent,          ers. Acids dissolve gummy           • Liquid dish soaps and                                                                 childbirth), Steve & (Su-
Washington County                 buildup, eat away tarnish        detergents are necessary for                                                               san), Beaver UT, Larry
  If you are looking for new      and remove dirt from wood        cutting grease, but they are
ideas to stretch the home         surfaces. Vinegar can be         not the same thing. Soap
                                                                                                                                                              & (Carolyn), Beaver UT.
budget, consider making           used as a softener in laun-      is made from fats and lye.                                                                 Craig & (Gloria), Rock
home cleaning products.           dry cleaning. Lemon juice        Detergents are synthetic                                                                   Springs, WY. Their family
Homemade cleaning prod-           can be mixed with vinegar        materials. Unlike soap, de-                                                                has grown to 16 Grandchil-
ucts are less toxic, safe, ef-    and baking soda to make a        tergents are designed spe-
                                                                                                                                                              dren, 49 Great Granchil-
fective and cost less than        cleaning paste.                  cifically so they don’t react
cleaning products from the          • Borax is a natural cleaner   with hard water minerals                                                                   dren, and 2 Great-Great
store.                            and bleach. It can boost oth-    and cause soap scum. If you                                                                Grandchildren.
   Basic supplies for mak-        er cleaning products, but be     have hard water, buy a bio-                                                                   Congratulations on your
ing your own cleaning             cautious when using it since     degradable detergent with-                                                                 many happy years together!
products include baking           it can cause skin, eye and       out perfumes. If you have
soda, vinegar, lemon juice,       respiratory irritation. Don't    soft water, you can use liq-
borax, cornstarch and salt.       use borax around food, keep      uid soap.                            LaVoy and Desma Maycock celebrate 64 Years of marriage
Consider these uses.              it out of the reach of chil-      • Additional cleaning prod-
   • Baking soda neutral-         dren and pets and be sure        ucts are ammonia and dena-        2 tablespoons vinegar, 1      3 tablespoons dish de-     your home.
izes acid-based odors in          to rinse it out of clothes and   tured alcohol. Be careful       teaspoon borax, hot water    tergent and 1 tablespoon         Embracing a greener life-
water and adsorbs odors           off surfaces.                    not to mix ammonia with a       one-half cup ammonia,        “Jet Dry” in one-half pail    style isn't just about help-
from the air. Sprinkled on           • Cornstarch can be used      bleach product as it can pro-   one-fourth cup vinegar,      of water for outdoor win-     ing preserve equatorial rain
a damp sponge or cloth,           to clean windows, polish         duce a harmful gas. These       one-fourth cup baking        dows                          forests, it can also mean
baking soda can be used           furniture and clean carpets.     toxic products need to be       soda, 1 gallon water             These formulas are of-    improving your health, pad-
as a gentle, non-abrasive         As a window cleaner, use         stored carefully and used           Choose from these five    fered to help minimize the    ding your bank account, us-
cleanser for kitchen coun-        it with water, vinegar and       in well-ventilated areas. Be    formulas     for   window    use of toxic substances in    ing less toxic products and,
ter tops, sinks, bathtubs,        ammonia. To use on stains        sure to keep all homemade       cleaning:                    your home and reduce the      ultimately, improving your
ovens and fiberglass. For          and to polish, use a mixture     formulas labeled and out of      one-half cup vinegar and    cost of purchasing manu-      overall quality of life.
laundry, add up to a cup per      of water and cornstarch.         the reach of children.          1 gallon water (2 table-     factured cleaning products.       Additional home clean-
load to eliminate perspira-       Sprinkle on carpets to re-           Choose from these four      spoons to 1 quart)           Results may vary and can-     ing recipes and informa-
tion odors and neutralize         move stains and odors.           general household, all-            one-half cup ammonia      not be guaranteed to be 100   tion can be obtained at
the smell of chemicals. It           • Salt as a cleaner is one    cleaning formulas:              and 1 gallon water           percent safe and effective.   http://extension.usu.edu/
is also a useful air fresh-       way to be a little "greener"        1 tablespoon ammonia,           1 tablespoon ammonia,     Before applying any clean-    washington/files/uploads/
ener and carpet deodorizer.       at home. It is inexpensive,      1 tablespoon detergent, 2       1 tablespoon vinegar, 1      ing formulation, test in      Financial%20Management/
    • White vinegar and           does not harm the environ-       cups water                      quart water                  small, hidden areas if pos-   Homemade%20Non%20
lemon juice are acidic and        ment and is readily avail-          1 cup vinegar, 1 gallon        3 tablespoons denatured    sible. Always use caution     Toxic%20Household%20
neutralize alkaline sub-          able. Salt mixtures can          water                           alcohol, 1 quart water       with any new product in       Cleaners.pdf.

                         Missionary                                                                  Minersville Eighth Grade

                ELDER JORDAN WHITE
  Elder Jordan Dale White has been called to serve a mis-
sion for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in
the Missouri, St. Louis Mission. He will be speaking in
the Beaver 7th Ward Sacrament Meeting on February 27, Minersville 8th Grade CTE class has made and tied this students learn how to sew clothes and make quilts with the
2011 at 11:00 a.m. Jordan is the son of Joe and Marianne quilt and will donate it to the Humanitarian Aid to be given help of parents/grandparents who come as volunteers. We
White.                                                      to a needy individual or family. Each year in CTE, the appreciate the volunteers help, time and talents.

                                                                      Beaver Family & Cosmetic Dental                            Majestic Financial Services Inc.
                                                                                                         David S                                    Gary Brown
                                                                                                                                     Income Tax Preparation
                     Licensed & Insured
 13 Ye
       ars E   Jonathan White • (435)-310-0458                                                           Howard
     Get all your projects done quickly and professionally!                                                                       Accounting, Experienced, Fast Refunds
     NEW CONSTRUCTION • BOBCAT/DUMP HIRE                                                                 DDS PC                              Serving all of Beaver County,
               And all your construction needs!!
                                                                                                      435-438-2931                                  330 South Main

           Call 435-310-0458, or 435-438-6050                          "The Smile Savers"                smilesavers.us                              438-3205

                           -Raising beautiful, friendly,
                                                                        TAX TIME IS HERE!
                                                                     *Starting Prices: $40 Individuals $65 Married
                             affordable alpacas in a full range
                             of colors                                        *Additional charges may apply.
                           -Continued support                                        FREE E-FILING!
                           -Visit our store full of yarn, Teddy         Refund in your bank account in 7-10 days!
                            Bears, sweaters, & alpaca products
          -Call for a free ranch tour and directions                       Contact: Ruth Carter, CPA
            438-2834 Barney & LaJean Rieff                                     (435) 386-2136
  Page 4                                                                                                                                                                                Feb. 22, 2011

            Beaver High School                                                         BHS Cheerleaders
 Prep of the Week                                                                      Win 4th State Title

                        CoBurn Bradshaw
       This week’s Prep of the Week is non other than
  CoBurn Travis Bradshaw. CoBurn was born Octo-
  ber, 11, 1994, in Beaver, Utah, to Travis Bradshaw
  and Jeri Orr. Coburn does not enjoy reading and
  watches Rio Bravo instead. His favorite meal is Hot
  N’ Spicy with cheese and a lot of mild sauce. CoBurn
  enjoys Saddle Bronc, because it’s pretty awesome!
  His favorite part of being at school is going to P.E.
  When asked to describe himself in five words, he
  chose “rodeo and cheeseburgers.” CoBurn has mixed
  feelings of being chosen as Prep of the Week, but he
  thinks it’s pretty sweet.                                            by Shantelle Erickson                                                   hearts and won their fourth consecutive State title.
                                 by Shantelle Erickson                   On January 15, 2011, our famous BHS cheerleaders                        Beaver High would like to thank Shana Fails and Bobbi
                                                                       traveled north determined to defend their state title. With             Brodhead for all their hard work! An assembly was held in
                                                                       many hardships leading up to their competition, the cheer-              their honor on Tuesday February 8, 2011.
                                                                       leaders vowed not to give up! The cheerleaders gave their                 WELL DONE, CHEERLEADERS!

        Public Notice                                                  by Earl Taylor, Jr.      THOUGHTS ON FREEDOM
                DOCUMENT 00 11 13                                      National Center for
                                                                       Constitutional Studies   The Urgent Need for More George Washingtons
                                                                         As we move into a New Year        conflict, the more glo-                   face criticism and derision   ed upon the executive depart-
  Separate sealed BIDS for the construction of the Bea-                there seems to be some simi-        rious the triumph....                    from similar foes. Said he:   ment), to comply strictly with
ver City – Culinary Water System Improvements – Phase                  larities between our situation      Heaven knows how to                           "Let it never be said    all our engagements, foreign
IV, which includes approximately 17.000 l.f. HDPE pipe,                today and that of the transition    put a proper price upon                  that in a day of action you   and domestic, but to keep the
                                                                       from 1776 into 1777.                its goods; and it would                  turned your backs on the      United States free from po-
6,000 l.f. C900 8” PVC pipe, 3,400 l.f. 12” PVC pipe, 24                    Near the end of the year       be strange indeed if                     foe. Let the enemy no lon-    litical connections with every
gate valves, 1,210 l.f. service line, horizontal directional           1776, the thirteen colonies had     so celestial an article                  ger triumph. They brand       other country; to see that they
drill highway crossings, gravel and asphalt road repair,               begun to form a very loose          as FREEDOM should not be            you with ignominious epithets.     may be independent of all and
bypass PRV Station and related work will be received by                confederation. The war against      highly rated."                      Will you patiently endure that     under the influence of none
Beaver City at the office of Beaver City, 60 West Center,               the tyrannical King George III         Washington knew that free-       reproach? Will you suffer the        "I have always given it as my
                                                                       was not going very well. The        dom-loving Americans needed         wounds given to your country       decided opinion that no nation
Beaver, Utah 84713, until 2:00 p.m., March 15, 2011 , and                                                                                      to go unrevenged? Will you         had a right to intermeddle in
                                                                       disastrous defeat at New York       a victory, even a small victory,
then at said office publicly opened and read aloud.                     had forced Washington and           to prove that, in spite of all      resign your parents, wives,        the internal concerns of an-
 The BIDDING DOCUMENTS may be examined at Jones                        his army to retreat into a po-      the defeats, it is still possible   children, and friends to be the    other;. and that if this coun-
& DeMille Engineering and the following locations:                     sition that the British generals    to win against overwhelming         wretched vassals of a proud,       try could, consistently with
  1. McGraw Hill-AGC, 1743 Alexander St. SLC, and 323                  had all but declared victory.       odds.                               insulting foe? And your own        its engagements, maintain a
E 1200 S Orem, UT                                                      It looked rather hopeless to            A Much-Needed Victory           necks to the halter?...Nothing,    strict neutrality and thereby
                                                                       many people that real freedom                  at Trenton               then, remains but nobly to con-    preserve peace, it was bound
    2. AGC-McGraw Hill, 1680 E 230 N, Ste B-1, St.                     would ever be possible.                 As small as it was, Wash-       tend for all that is dear to us.   to do so by motives of policy.
George, UT 84790                                                             "I Will Not.Despair"          ington's victory over the Brit-     Every motive that can touch              Washington felt that
 Copies of the BIDDING DOCUMENTS may be obtained                          In addition to the tragic loss   ish-hired Hessian troops at         the human breast calls us to         morality and religion were
at the office of Jones & DeMille Engineering, 1535 South                of New York which forced            Trenton had a much greater          the most vigorous exertions.               inseparable and
100 West, Richfield, UT 84701 Phone # 435-896-8266,                     the American army to retreat        meaning. It showed that, in-        Our dearest rights, our dear-         indispensable supports to
                                                                       down the full length of New         deed, the forces of freedom         est friends, and our own lives,              our Republic.
upon payment of $75.00 for each set or an electronic copy                                                                                      honor, glory, and even shame         Our first president dispels the
                                                                       Jersey, there was the fall of       can win, and little by little,
for $35.00, no part of which will be refunded.                         Fort Washington and Fort            begin to chip away at the pow-      urge us to fight. And my fellow     modern myth that one can be a
   A mandatory pre-bid conference/site inspection will be              Lee, the fearsome advances          erful forces of soul-destroying     soldiers, when an opportunity      moral person without religion.
held at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, March 8, 2011, beginning                of the British, the plotting of     tyranny. Of the Trenton battle      presents, be firm, be brave.        Religion is necessary to give
at the office of Beaver City, 60 West Center, Beaver, Utah.             Washington's Generals Lee           Parry and Allison wrote:            Show yourselves men, and the       morality a standard. And be
  This project is partially federally funded and is subject to         and Reed against him and the            "It was a glorious and al-      victory is yours."                 careful, he said, when some-
                                                                       overwhelming reality that the       most unbelievable victory for         Washington had an intense        one with advanced education-
the most current General Wage Decision of the prevailing               enlistments were up for more        the beleaguered American               desire to teach the science     al degrees claims that religion
Davis-Bacon Wages and applicable Federal Labor Laws.                   than two thousand of his fif-        commander and his troops.             of government to our youth       is not necessary for morality
All Bidders are required to make the six good faith efforts            ty-four hundred troops. Still       Nearly 1,000 Hessians were            and to not dilute America 's     or freedom. He would label
to assure compliance with the Utilization of Disadvan-                 Washington wrote, "I will not.      taken captive; another 115           greatness in their minds with     such modern philosophies as
taged Business Enterprises (DBE) Requirements and are                  despair."                           were killed or wounded. Four         teachings from foreign lands      deceptive and false:
                                                                           Amidst all this discourage-     Americans had been wounded,           Multiculturalism in education       "Of all the dispositions and
required to comply with Equal Employment Opportunity                                                                                           and the thought that America is    habits which lead to political
                                                                       ment, one of the men pres-          but not a single one was lost
(EEO) regulations. The Wage Decision, Federal Labor                    ent during the New Jersey           in battle-although in the fierce     just one of many good systems      prosperity, religion and moral-
Laws, DBE requirements, and EEO regulations are includ-                retreat, a fiery young patriot                                           from which one may choose          ity are indispensable supports.
                                                                                                           night before, two had tragi-                                           In vain would that man claim
ed in the Contract Documents.                                          named Thomas Paine, sat by          cally frozen to death.              to live under, had no place in     the tribute of patriotism, who
         February 18, 2011 Mark Yardley, Mayor                         the campfire for light and us-         "'The enemy have fled before       Washington's philosophy:           should labor to subvert these
                                                                       ing a drumhead for support,         us in the greatest panic that           "A primary object...should     great pillars of human happi-
                                                                       penned the familiar passage         ever was known,' one of the         be the education of our youth      ness, these firmest props of the
                                                                       that Washington later used to       patriot soldiers wrote after the    in the science of government.      duties of men and citizens....
                                                                       try to energize his troops:         victory. 'Never were men in         In a republic, what species of     Let it simply be asked, where
                                                                          "These are the times that try    higher spirits than our whole       knowledge can be equally im-       is the security for property,
                                                                       men's souls. The summer sol-        army is.'"                          portant? and what duty more        for reputation, for life, if the
                              Jill Neilsen - Branch                    dier and the sunshine patriot          Could it be compared to the      pressing on its legislature than   sense of religious obligation
                                                                                                                                                                                  desert the oaths which are the
                                     Broker                            will, in this crisis, shrink from   small but significant victories      to patronize a plan for commu-
                                                                                                                                                                                  instruments of investigation in
                              Office: (435) 438-1606                    the service of their country;       in our day seen at the Novem-       nicating it to those who are to    courts of justice? And let us
                             Toll Free: (888) 673-1606                 but he that stands it now de-       ber 2, 2010 elections?              be the future guardians of the     with caution indulge the sup-
                               Cell: (435) 310-0209                    serves the love and thanks of        Washington Not Deterred by         liberties of the country?"         position that morality can be
                           www.BeaverUtahRealEstate.com                man and woman. Tyranny, like            "Ignominious Epithets"             "It has always been a source    maintained without religion.
                                                                       hell, is not easily conquered;         Washington 's stirring chal-     of serious regret with me to       Whatever may be conceded to
            395 South Main St. Beaver, UT 84713                        yet we have this consolation        lenge in his day is ever so ap-     see the youth of these United      the influence of refined educa-
                                                                       with us, that the harder the        plicable in our own day as we       States sent to foreign countries   tion ... reason and experience
                                                                                                                                               for the purpose of education,      both forbid us to expect that
                                                                                                                                               often before their minds were      national morality can prevail
                                                                                                                                               formed or they had imbibed         in exclusion of religious prin-
                                                                                                                                               any adequate ideas of the            Upon hearing of the death of
                                                                                                                                               happiness of their own, con-       Washington , Thomas Jeffer-
                                                                                                                                               tracting, too frequently, not      son quoted the scripture, "ver-
                                                                                                                                               only habits of dissipation and     ily, a great man hath fallen this
                                                                                                                                               extravagance, but principles       day in Israel ." But Jefferson
                                                                                                                                               unfriendly to republican gov-      was not without hope that the
   Fabulous spacious new home with wonderful floor plan &                                                                                       ernment and to the true and        Creator would provide oth-
 upgrades throughout on 1 acre of property! 5 bedrooms, 2.5                                                                                    genuine liberties of mankind,      ers to come to maintain what
                                                                                                                                               which thereafter are rarely        his friend George Washington
 baths, theater room, gas fireplace, extra built in storage ga-                                                                                                                    was so instrumental in start-
 lore, and large master suite are all part of this fabulous listing!                                                                           overcome."
                                                                           Want awesome country living with amazing views?                         Washington felt America
                                                                                                                                                                                  ing. Said he: "And indeed, it
 3 car garage, covered patio, covered porch, animal rights, vi-          This well built home on acreage has a garage, work-                                                      would have been inconsistent
 nyl fencing, unobstructed views, and much more! Must see to                                                                                     must remain the great neu-       in creation to have formed
                                                                         shop, large master bedroom plus much more. Only                            tral nation of the earth
 appreciate this beauty! 183 East 1800 North                             4 miles from Minersville Reservoir. 1608 W Main,                                                         man for the social state, and
                                                                                                                                                  "I hope the United States of    not to have provided virtue
   Awesome 4 level fam-                                                  Greenville.                                                           America will be able to keep       and wisdom enough to man-
 ily home! 4 bedrooms, 2.5                                                                                                                     disengaged from the laby-          age the concerns of the soci-
 baths, formal living room,
 family room, built in                                                                                      Gary Brown                         rinth of European politics and
                                                                                                                                               wars....It should be the policy
                                                                                                                                                                                    Should we not this New Year
 double ovens, wood floor,                                                                                     Branch Broker                    of united America to admin-        resolve to make an intensive
 unfinished basement, and                                                                                                                                                          effort to teach, identify and
 extra built in storage ga-
                                                                                                              330 South Main                   ister to [other nations'] wants
                                                                                                               Beaver, Utah                    without being engaged in their     support those who have the
 lore! 1 car garage with
                                                                                                                                               quarrels.                          same values and character as
 storage room, covered deck, patio, sprinkling system, mature trees,                                             438-7777
 garden spot, and great location on corner lot ! 378 West 100 South                                                                               "My ardent desire is, and my    our great Founding Father,
                                                                                                                                               aim has been (as far as depend-    George Washington?
 Feb. 22, 2011                                                                                                                                                            Page 5

                                                                                               MINERSVILLE:            Reva    torical sites.
                                                                                               Hollingshead         Albrecht   Reva enjoyed
                                                                                               passed away peacefully          writing poetry
                                                                                               surrounded by her fam-          and history.
                                                                                               ily and returned home to        She      helped
                                                                                               her sweetheart on Febru-        write the Min-
                                                                                               ary 14, 2011. Reva was          ersville his-
                                                                                               born November 20, 1918          tory book and
                                                                                               in Minerville, Utah to Ste-     compiled her
                                                                                               phen Barton and Alta Lydia      own      family
                                                                                               Marshall       Hollingshead.    history book.
                                                                                               Reva married David Milton       She was also
                                                                                               Albrecht on December 26,        instrumental
                                                                                               1939 in the St George LDS       in compiling
                                                                                               Temple. They have seven         the     George
                                                                                               children: Lellon, Douglas,      and Rachael
                                                                                               Richard, Calvin, Ranae, Jill    Thrower Mar-
                                                                                               and Russell. She had 30         shall History
                                                                                               grandchildren and 72 great      Book.       She
                                                                                               grandchildren, which she        enjoyed mak-
                                                                                               enjoyed and loved. They         ing quilts, and
                                                                                               were the light of her life.     special gifts
                                                                                                 Reva taught school for 23     for her family. REVA HOLLINGSHEAD ALBRECHT
                                                                                               years in Beaver and Min-            Great times
                                                                                               ersville. She loved teach-      were enjoyed out west, Douglas, Richard (Pen-
                                                                                               ing and was known as "A         gathering cattle, picking ney), Calvin (Bonnie), Rus-
                                                                                               Favorite Teacher" to many.      pinenuts and getting wood. sell (Wendy) all of Miners-
                                                                                               She served as a 4-H leader      She enjoyed all sports and ville, Daughters, Ranae
                                                                                               for many years. She was a       camping in the mountains (Rex) Williams of Meadow
IN THE BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT                                                                      member of The Church of
                                                                                               Jesus Christ of Latter-day
                                                                                                                               with her husband and fam- and Jill (Tom) Stephenson
                                                                                                                               ily. Holidays and birthdays of Delta.
                                                                                               Saints. Her service includ-     were special occasions at      She has 30 grandchildren
   New Business – Sassy Bags & Bling‘N Beads                                                   ed callings in the Relief       her house with her family. and 72 great grandchildren.
                                                                                               Society, MIA and Primary.       Everyone was always wel- Funeral services were held
                                                                                               Reva and her husband,           come at Moms house and on Saturday, February 19,
                                                                                               Milton, served a full time      no one left hungry.          2011 at 12:00PM at the
                                                                                               mission in the Arizona Hol-         Her family would like Minersville 1st Ward Cha-
                                                                                               brook Mission and were          to thank her for her many, pel. Family and friends
                                                                                               also ordinance workers in       many selfless acts of love paid their respects on Fri-
                                                                                               the St George Temple from       and kindness given to them day, February 18, 2911
                                                                                               1986 to 1999. She had           and to others.               from 6:00PM to 8:00PM
                                                                                               a strong testimony. She              She was preceded in at the Church in Miners-
                                                                                               shared the gospel through       death by her husband Da- ville and on Saturday from
                                                                                               her example and many acts       vid Milton Albrecht, Son 10:00AM to 11:30AM all
                                                                                               of kind service to others.      Lellon Milton and two at the Church.
                                                                                                 Reva and Milton enjoyed       great grandchildren Ivy         Interment in the Miners-
                                                                                               traveling all over the United   and Conner Beaumont. 6       ville Cemetery under the
                                                                                               States and into Mexico and      brothers, Stoyell, George, direction of Southern Utah
                                                                                               Canada. They attended the       Rulon, Clyde, Thurlow and Mortuary. Online condo-
                                                                                               Hill Cumorah Pageant and        Marshall and 1 sister Vivia. lences can be sent to www.
                                                                                               visited all the church his-     She is survived by sons: southernuthamortuary.com

         Jamie White, Carson Kressley, Carolyn Maycock and Laurie Henselen
 by Paula Richmond
  Beaver Main Street has
taken the leap to trendy
                                of course local shoppers
                                have shown great support.
                                All three women love to
                                                               three and a half children;
                                                               Cooper who is 9, Camree
                                                               who is 7, and Dax who is
                                                                                                                      Thank You
                                                                                                   The family of S.K. (Shorty) Nowers would like to thank everyone
and fashionable with the        have visitors come in to       3. Jamie loves anything to        for the love and support at the passing of our Husband and Father.
addition of Sassy Bags &        talk and kill some time.       do with design and creativ-       We appreciate the beautiful flowers, the many cards, and the food
Bling‘N Beads boutique.         Specials are run for every     ity. She has dappled with
                                                                                                 brought to our home. Thanks to the Relief Society for the nice lun-
Located at 25 North Main        holiday and good food is       many hobbies including
Street you can’t miss the       on hand for those occa-        photography, interior de-         cheon that was prepared and served. Thanks to all that helped in
large, decked out window        sions.                         sign (which she still does        any way at Dads funeral and thank you to Southern Utah Mortuary
with the latest fashion and        Carson Kressley visited     on the side), and someday         for you compassion.
bling on display. Inside        the boutique for the up-       she would like to design her                          Sincerely,     Roger & Jill Nowers & family
there is an abundance of        coming show, Carson Na-        own line of clothing. Any-               Bonnie Nowers               Mike & Elaine Nowers & Family
items to choose from in a       tion, on the OWN channel       one who has experienced             Doug & Lynn Nowers & family Carol N. Brian & Family
relaxed atmosphere. Doors       which will air in April or     her creative genius knows
opened on October 9th,          May. Keep an eye on the        she does a great job with
2010 with a hugely suc-         show times to see Jamie,       anything she puts her mind
cessful grand opening.          Carolyn, and Laurie in ac-     to.
   It all started with two at   tion. They had a great time      Laurie Henselen was born
home businesses of about        showing off their store and    in the bay area. She met her                                Tuesday, February 15, 2011
five years that were ready       getting to know Carson.        husband, Jay, at BYU and        Receipts: 987; Last Week: 1,071. Last Year: 1,440. Feeder Steers: mixed but mostly
to expand. Sassy Bags               Carolyn Eyre Maycock       has lived in Washington,        1.00-2.00 lower, except 500 lb wts 2.00 higher and 600-650 lbs 5.00-7.00 higher. Feeder
owned by Jamie White and        was born and raised in         Alaska, North Dakota, and       Heifers: mixed but mostly 1.00-2.00 lower, except 450-500 lbs 5.00-7.00 higher; 500-
her mother Carolyn May-         Minersville. She married       then Utah. They lived in        550 lbs 1.00 higher; 400-650 lbs 3.00-4.00 higher; 700-750 lbs steady. Holstein Steers:
cock and Bling‘n Beads          Larry Maycock and has          Cedar City for twenty years     1.00-2.00 higher. Slaughter Cows: 2.00-3.00 higher. Slaugher Bulls: 2.00-3.00 higher.
owned by Laurie Henselen        been blessed with five chil-    and raised their three chil-    Feeder Steers: Medium vand Large Frame 2: 200-250 lbs scarce; 250-300 lbs 150.00-
were united to create this      dren, fifteen grandchildren,    dren there. Six grandchil-      166.00; 300-350 lbs 146.00-159.50, pkg 168.00; 350-400 lbs 143.00-158.00; 400-
trendy boutique. Their mis-     and one great grandchild.      dren now fill her life with      450 lbs 147.50-155.00; 450-500 lbs 136.50-149.00; 500-550 130.00-145.50; 550-600
sion is to make everyone        There is a sense of genu-      joy. Five years ago they
                                                                                               lbs 132.00-148.00; 600-650 lbs 132.00-146.00; 650-700 lbs 113.50-123.50; 700-750
beautiful! They carry the       ine kindness about her. She    moved to Beaver where
latest and greatest trends      loves to be around people      Jay is the anesthesiologist     lbs 109.50-122.50; 750-800 lbs 113.00-121.00; 800-850 lbs 104.00-115.50; 850-900
of today for women and          and visit with them. One       for Beaver Valley Hospital.     lbs 102.00-110.00; 900-950 lbs scarce; 950-1000 lbs 95.00-104.00.
children. New inventory         love she doesn’t share with    She loves living in Beaver      Holsteins Steers: Large Frame 3: Bull Calves: scarce; 200-300 lbs 90.00-96.00; 300-
is added every Friday and       many people is to clean and    with Jay and her bichon dog     500 lbs 85.00-92.00; 500-700 lbs 84.00-88.00; 700-900 lbs 79.00-98.00; 900-1000
there is bound to be some       her home is a testament        Benz. “We’re dying in Bea-      lbs scarce.
                                                               ver” she says. Laurie loves
unique item that you cannot     to that fact. Carolyn also     to make jewelry, stitching,     Feeder Heifers: Medium and Large Frame 1-2: 200-250 lbs scarce; 250-300 lbs
get anywhere else. Product      loves to sew in her spare      and knitting. She says she’s    135.00-141.00; 300-350 lbs 138.00-148.00; 350-400 lbs 132.00-143.00; 400-450 lbs
items include handbags,         time, but most important       done with hunting and fish-      127.00-142.00; 450-500 lbs 126.00-141.00; 500-550 lbs 119.50-132.50; 550-600
purses, jewelry, hair acces-    she loves being a grandma      ing, she did enough of that     lbs 121.00-129.50; 600-650 lbs 113.00-125.50; 650-700 lbs 106.00-117.50; 700-750
sories, hats, clothing for      and housewife. She has re-     in Alaska where she lived       lbs 104.50-115.75; 750-800 lbs 103.00-112.50; 800-850 lb 99.50-107.50; 850-900 lbs
women and children, curl-       ally loved taking on this      in Nome (site for the finish     scarce; 900-950 lbs 98.00-103.50; 950-1000 lbs 93.75-104.00; Heiferettes: 54.00-96.75.
ers, baby gifts and more.       new opportunity and shar-      of the Iditarod race) for five
                                                               years.                          Stock Cows: Few Older Bred Cows 610.00-990.00/hd.
They are now a dealer for       ing it with her daughter and
Down East. Word is spread-      friend.                            Sassy Bags & Bling’N        Slaughter Cows: Boning 80-85% Lean: 66.75-77.25; Breaking 75-80% Lean: 67.75-
ing about the boutique and          Jamie Maycock White        Beads really appreciate         77.00; Commercial: scarce; Cutter 85-90% Lean: 56.00-65.50.
people have come to shop        was also born and raised in    everyone for coming in          Slaugher Bulls: Yield Grade 1000-1500 lbs 77.75-80.25; 1500-2405 lbs 84.50-
                                                               and supporting them. They       92.25; Yield Grade 2 1000-1500 lbs scarce; 1500-2465 lbs 74.25-75.25. Feeder Bulls:
from Arizona, Salt Lake         Minersville. She married       hope to continue bringing
City, Vegas, Panguitch, and     Jonathan White and has         fashion to Beaver.              800-1180 lbs 51.00-88.00.

  FREE OIL CHANGE WITH A PURCHASE OF 4 TIRES                                                                       FUNERAL HOME
                                                                                                 SWINDLEHURST 100 North
                                                                                                          360 West
             * Free Mount & Balance for life of tire.
             * Free Flat Repair for life of tire. (Only appllies to Inside Patches)                                                 P.O. Box 718
             * Free (4) Wheel Rotation, recommended every 5 to 6,000 miles                                                       Beaver, Utah 84713
             Offer only applies to gasoline engines or a discount on diesel engines.                                               435-438-5565
                    Bring in this ad for Special Offer!                                                        Very Important Information from Swindlehurst
                      One of Southern Utah's Largest Inventories.                                              Funeral Home.
                              Over 1500 Tires in Stock!
                      Come inside for Frequent Flyer Discount on Fuel                                          Pre-arrangements made with other mortuaries will transfer
                      Try Quality Shell gasoline with V-Power                                                to Swindlehurst Funeral Home. It only takes one signature
                                                                  Beaver I-15 Tire                           and we take care of the paper work. The benefit to switching
                                                                  1532 South Main                            the pre-arrangement is invaluable. In most cases the family
                            Proud supporter of BHS Sports         (435) 438-2970                             will receive a refund of money because our prices are lower.
 Page 6                                                                                                                                                                                     Feb. 22, 2011

      CALL 438-5950 TO PLACE LOCAL ADS. 20 Words or less.
  PERSONAL $5/WK. BUSINESS $7.50/WK. , .50 cents / word over 20
                                                                                     Don't Feed The Deer
                                                                                  Utah's mule deer herds seem to be doing well as winter winds down.
       FOR RENT                             HELP WANTED                            As they do every winter,
                                                                                biologists with the Division
      ERA Brokers                         Beaver LawnScapeLLC
                                                                                of Wildlife Resources have
      Consolidated                       has 1 opening on our lawn              been monitoring the deer
  Property Management                    care team doing mowing &               closely. In addition to de-
  395 So Main, Beaver UT                 grounds maintenance. Must
        FOR RENT:                                                               termining the condition of
                                         have valid drivers license.
 1. Apartments-All Sizes                 Knowlege, equipment &                  the deer as they entered the
 2. Studios starting at $300             prior training helpful. Call           winter, the biologists have
 3. Industrial Building                  Bob or RaNae @ 435-438-                been watching for four ad-
 4. Commercial Buildings                 3456 for interview
                                                                                ditional things:
 5. Housing
       Call Wendy at                     JOB OPPORTUNITY FOR                      The amount of food avail-
 435-438-1606 or 421-1672                  RETIREES & OTHERS                    able to the deer
                                           The hire we are seeking to             How deep the snow is
         For Rent                       help with Beaver County’s
 3 BR, 2.5 BA Townhouse in              Business Expansion and Re-                How cold the temperature
Cedar City. No smoking/pets.            tention (BEAR) effort will              is
$700/mo. 435-421-9096.                  need to have some unique                   The amount of body fat
                                        qualities to be effective. BEAR
         For Rent                       is designed to reach out to all         they find on deer that have
  Home for rent Beaver, large           businesses in our geographic            been killed along roads
four bed, two bath. $750/               area – to know what they do,                If three or more of the
month. 714-330-4042                     what their needs are and just                                                                                                                     Photo by Devin Elliott
                                        how we (SUU’s Business Re-
                                                                                five factors reach a critical
    For Rent in Milford                                                         point, biologists will con-
 Spacious 2 BR, 1 Bath, W/D             source Center) can best help
                                        them succeed. The program               sider feeding deer specially                        Don't feed deer in the winter. Feeding the animals can actually do
hookups, air units, includes
some utilities, yard, no smok-          will ultimately increase the            designed pellets. The pel-                        more harm than good. Photo by Devin Elliott on North Creek Road.
ing or pets. $500/month. Call           number of jobs in the area and
                                        will benefit all levels of in-           lets are formulated to fit the           deer didn't need to be fed.         Aoude gives several rea- the deer alone and not fed
(801) 380-3341.
                                        come earners, but particularly          complex digestive system                While feeding deer can help sons why feeding deer is a them.
                                        those impoverished or with-             mule deer have.                         the animals when winter bad idea:                                Feeding deer near a road
       FOR SALE                         out work. The hire will work
                                        closely with the Southern Utah               Anis Aoude, big game               conditions are severe, feed-        Deer have complex and increases the chance that
           For Sale                     University Business Resource            coordinator for the DWR,                ing can also put deer in cir- delicate digestive systems. deer will be killed by cars.
 2.5 acres of prime acreage w/          Center based out of Cedar
amazing views. Located at                                                       says biologists came close              cumstances that aren't good If you feed the wrong foods          In addition to eating what
                                        City to facilitate the needed re-       to feeding deer in Rich                 for the deer or the plants the to them, the deer can actu- you're feeding them—
the entrance to Bone Holler.            sources the businesses within
Close to ATV trails and Bea-            Beaver County need.                     County this winter.                     deer rely on.                    ally die with stomachs that which may or may not be
ver Canyon. Priced perfectly               To be effective in making                "In December," he says,               Aoude says biologists will are full of food.                 good for them to eat—deer
@$49,000! Call Gary Brown               business visitations, which are
Coldwell Banker Advantage                                                       "the snow was piling up.                continue to monitor the win- Feeding deer congregates will also eat other vegeta-
                                        central to the purpose and ef-
438-7777.                               fectiveness of BEAR, our hire           Then the cold temperatures              ter conditions and the deer them in a smaller area. And tion in and near the feeding
          For Sale                      needs to:                               froze the top of the snow.              herds. If the deer need to be that can lead to all kinds of area. This can lead to deer
  Wood Cutting is here! $120/           *Have some background in                That made it difficult for               fed, the biologists will make problems for the deer:           over-browsing the area.
Cord. Send orders to PO Box             business, including but not
                                        limited to family business,             the deer to paw through the             sure the feeding is done in         Congregating deer in a That over-browsing can
184, Milford, UT 84751 Shoe-
string                                  work experience in any variety          snow to find their food."                the right way, at the right small area increases the damage the plants in the
                                        of businesses, etc.                        Then, in January, the con-           time and with food that is chance that the deer will area for years to come.
                                        *Feel comfortable dealing
        SERVICES                        with and interviewing people.
                                                                                ditions improved. "It didn't            best for the deer.               pass diseases to each other.    Even after winter is over,
                                        The hire will be the face of the        snow as much," Aoude                         Don't feed the deer             When deer congregate deer will often stay close
                                        BEAR program, and therefore             says, "and the temperatures                 Aoude strongly advises to feed, it's "every deer to the area where you fed
   K-9 Dog Grooming                     need to possess effective inter-
  Grooming with Tender                                                          warmed up and started to                you not to feed deer on your for itself." The larger deer them.
                                        personal skills.
       Loving Care!                      *Be organized and computer             melt the snow. We didn't                own. "You may not real- push the smaller deer—the                 More information about
 Over 10 years experience.              savvy. After each business is           need to feed the deer after             ize it," he says, "but feed- fawns—aside. Fawns of- why deer shouldn't be fed is
Rhea Ashworth / Owner                   visited, the information gath-                                                  ing deer actually harms the ten end up receiving less available at wildlife.utah.
Operator. Call for appoint-                                                     all."
                                        ered will need to be put into
ment : 310-1405                         the BEAR software. As we                    Aoude and other biolo-              deer a lot more than it helps food than they would have gov/dwr/deer-winter-feed-
                                        attempt to visit all businesses,        gists were relieved that the            them."                           received if you had left ing.html.
          Gel Nails                     organizing and documenting
        Shawna Eyre                     the status of that effort will be
      Licensed Nail Tech                important.
                                         *Work 35 – 40 hours per work
 Sets: $35.00, Fills: $25.00,
                                        on the project and have no                         The
 Manacure: $12.00, Pedicure:
 $25.00 February Special:               other source of income (other                BEAVER COUNTY
 Get pink or red tips free!             than the programs provided
 New clients: Get full set w/           stipend)                                         JOURNAL
                                         *Be responsible and respon-
 color for $30.00. Call for
                                        sive to supervision.                           members of the
 appointment: 386-2420
                                           The application process will               INDEPENDENT
                                        be opened until the position is
    BEAT THE MUD!!!                     filled.                                          FREE PRESS
                                           Interested applicants should
  Driveway Gravel delivery
                                        contact Scott Albrecht with                    ASSOCIATION
 and spreading available
 call 421-1982 Tim                      Beaver County (435)438-6490

     Beaver County Correctional Facility booking report for Feb. 14-20, 2011. This report does not infer any
     guilt or innocence, only the name and charges of those booked during that time period.

Samuel Blake Gilleland of Milford, Utah. Ross William Jardine of Alpine, Utah. War-                                           Dr. Heath was fantastic and professional in every
Domestic violence in presence of a child rant                                                                                 way. His bedside manner can only be described as
Richard Neal Davis of Milford, Utah. 2 Sherry Gay Baldwin of Beaver, Utah. Fail                                               wonderful. As a medical professional I have seen
counts of rape, 4 counts of object rape, 2 to obtain insurance, Driving under the influ-
counts of forcible sexual abuse, 2 counts ence of drugs or alcohol                                                            many doctors and few have Dr. Heath's mix of skill
of Burglary of a dwelling                                                                                                      and personal attention. I recommend him to all
               No Arrest Report: due to the President's Day Holiday                                                                      women without hesitation.
                                                                                                                                             -Mary McCarthy, MD
                                        met with Salazar about the              assured this project will be not
    WASHINGTON, D. C. –                 new Wild Lands designation              only environmentally friendly
Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) is            to express disappointment and           – but the jobs created will have
pleased to announce that the            asked how the new designa-              above market wages; will cre-
Bureau of Land Management               tion would affect this project.         ate significant tax revenue for
(BLM) has approved the en-                  "I am grateful that Secre-          the local community and state;
vironmental assessment for              tary Salazar took my concerns           and Utah and the BLM will
Emerald Peak Minerals to                very seriously and reassessed           realize significant royalties for
develop fertilizer products in          this project,” stated Hatch.            the extraction of these miner-
Millard County. This Utah               “When Emerald Peak Miner-               als,” Hatch added.
company had applied and was             als have full operation, this             The potash will be extracted
near approval for this project          could mean up to 300 jobs for           from the Sevier Dry Lake, us-
when a new Wild Lands des-              Millard County – a significant           ing solar energy. The potash
ignation was announced by               boost for the local economy.            will be used to produce an en-
Secretary of the Interior Ken              “I appreciate that the BLM           vironmentally sound fertilizer
Salazar right before Christ-            looked at this project and de-          product. This land is located
mas, to the dismay of Senator           termined that the area in ques-         approximately 30 miles south-
Hatch.                                  tion does not have wilderness           west of Delta, Utah.
  Just a few weeks ago, Hatch           characteristics. I have been

                                        WATER REPORT
                               Reference period for average conditions is 1961 through 1990
  Snow Water Equivalent represent inches of water in the snow pack. YTD Precipitation represent total inches of water
  received since October 1, 2010. -M = Missing data. * = Analysis may not provide a valid measure of conditions.
                               Data based on the first reading of the day for Monday Feb. 21, 2011
                                                         Snow Water Equivalent Year-to-Date Precipitation
  Sevier and Beaver                           Elev
                                                        Current Average Pct of Current Average Pct of
  River Basin                                 (ft)      (in)    (in)      Avg (in)      (in)     Avg
   Kimberly Mine                            9129         14.0       12.1       116         21.5      14.5       148

   Big Flat                                 10349        21.9       13.9      158         25.3      14.2       178

   Merchant Valley                          8703         14.0       10.5       133         20.2      11.8       171
 Basin-wide percent of average                                                 147                             175
                                                                                      Milford                                                                 CITY

     Page 7                                                                                                                                                   NEWS                                    February 22, 2011

                                                                      Milford’s Weekly Scoop:

           Wrestling Champion                                                                                                                                                                                  by ShaRee Wright

   Travis Hatch-Four Time Region Wrestling Champion and Three
by Roger Hatch    Time State Wrestling Champion
   Travis Hatch finished his         reer, Travis has emerged as    losses. He was selected to                         to camps and working out
senior year at the Utah State       a four-time region cham-       wrestle at the 2009-2010 1A                        with Rusty Pearson dur-
Wrestling Tournament with           pion, third in the state his   through 5A All Star Dual                           ing the summer. Travis,
a three match total domina-         freshman year, and a three     Tournament, which features                         thank you for a great ride.
tion of his opponents, be-          time back to back state        the top amateur wrestlers in                       I've had the best seat in the
coming a state champion             champion in his weight         the state.                                         house watching you every
in his weight class for the         class. He has been voted          It has been a great plea-                       time you stepped out onto
third consecutive year. Tra-        outstanding wrestler at the    sure coaching Travis and                           the mat. You will be greatly
vis won his first match by           Dixie Desert Storm Tour-       watching him become one                            missed.
15 points and his second            nament, two times at the       of the top 1A wrestlers in                           The wrestling team would
match by 10 points. His             Milford Invitational tour-     the state in his weight class.                     like to thank all the people
final match, which placed            nament, the Enterprise         He suffered a back injury in                       who helped with the con-
him as a state winner in his        Dual Tournament, and the       football this year but didn't                      cessions, fund raisers, and
weight class, was won by a          1A State Tournament in         let that stop him from reach-                      all those who supported us
                                                                                                                      throughout the year. M.H.S.
score of 18-2.                      2010. Travis has a four-year   ing his goals. He worked                                                                             Travis has his hands up with three fingers on one hand and
                                                                                                                      Wrestling thanks you for                         four on the other sympolizing his three time state champ and
   During his wrestling ca-         record of 147 wins and 20      hard all year long by going                        your efforts.                                                       four time region champ.

                                                                                                                                                The Tigers Lair

                                                                             Three M.H.S. Wrestlers Earn Medals
 YOUR LOCAL COMFORT COMPANY                                                                                at the State Wrestling Tournament

            • Service & Repair
            on all makes & models
            • New Installation
          • New Construction
                • Remodel
           • Air Duct Cleaning
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   Our Senior Citizen Center is a great place
 to come and enjoy the entertainment and
 friendship with one another.
    It is open on Mondays, Tuesdays, and
 Thursdays from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  These are the following activities:
                     Bingo                                         by Roger Hatch                                    losses. The next round Ty-                       round, Taylon and Rusty          his opponents which put
                                                                                                                     ler and Gabe wrestled tough                      wrestled each other, which       him into the championship
                                                                     Three out of Six Milford                        matches but were unsuc-                          is hard when you have to         match. Jared started out
             Exercise equipment                                    wrestlers placed at the State                     cessful and did not make it                      wrestle your teammate to         fast by lifting up his oppo-
                 Wii System                                        Wrestling      Tournament.                        into the medal round.                            go to the medal round. Both      nent and putting him on his
           Cards every Thursday                                    Tyler Tolman and Gabe                                 Both Rusty Wright and                        boys wrestled their hearts       back, but lost control and
                    Puzzles                                        Thompson seeded in fourth                         Taylon Payne wrestled in                         out, and in the end, Rusty       earned no points for his ef-
                      T.V.                                         place, having to wrestle the                      the 103-pound weight class.                      won by two points. Rusty         forts. His opponent moved
   Meals are available at a minimal donation.                      number one seed from the                          Taylon won his first match,                       went on to place fourth in       fast and put an end to Jar-
 Please call to make reservations for meals at                     north region, which was                           but lost his second. Rusty                       the state in the medal round.    ed's match by a pin. Jared
                   387-2379                                        a uphill battle for the two                       lost his first match and won                         Jared Ihde won his first       placed second in the state.
     Your presence will be most welcome.                           boys in their first round                          his second. In the third                         two matches by pinning           Photos by ShaRee Wright
             Milford City now owns our Center

Call 387-2379 by noon for meal. Bread and Milk comes with each
meal. Menu subject to change due to availability.
TUESDAY--FEBRUARY 22 Beef Stroganof w/Noo-
dles, Italian Blend, Applesauce, Green Salad
THURSDAY--FEBRUARY 24 Chicken Fried Steak,
Mash Pot/Gravy, Carrots, Veg Sald, Fresh Fruit Pie
MONDAY--FEBRUARY 28 Hot Dogs w/Chili, Chips,
Onion, Cheese, Pears, 3 Bean Salad
TUESDAY--MARCH 1 Hamburger w/Trimmings,
Baked Beans, Peas, Peaches, Macaroni Salad
                 BINGO March 8, 2:30 pm

  Tuesday                         Mostly
  Feb 22                          Sunny             41°/22°
                                                        10 %

  Wed                             Partly
                                  Cloudy            40°/26°        1A 125 lb 3X State Champ Travis Hatch                                1A 152 lb. Reserve Champion Jacob Idhe                 1A 103 lb. 4th Place Rusty Wright
  Feb 23                                                20 %
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  Thursday                         Partly           39°/25°                              PERSONAL SERVICE.
  Feb 24                           Cloudy/                                                         No extra charge.
                                                        20 %
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                                                                                               age that’s right for you. Contact me today.
                                                                                 Stapley Insurance Agcy Inc | Brent Stapley, Agent
                                  Snow              37°/23°                                    Beaver, UT 84713
  Feb 25                                                                                       Bus: 435-438-5451
                                  Showers               30 %

                                                                                LIKE A GOOD NEIGHBOR                                                                                                   435-438-1000
  Saturday                         Snow                                                                                                                                                                 435-691-2575
                                                    38°/24°                      STATE FARM IS THERE.                                                                                                  or
  Feb 26                           Shower                                                                                                                                                         1 North Main Beaver, Ut.
                                                        60 %                                                                                                                                     Serving all of BEAVER COUNTY

  Sunday                           Snow
  Feb 27                           Shower
                                                        60 %
                                                                                                                                                                          LINDA NOYES

  Monday                           Partly           42°/24°
  Feb 28                           Cloudy               10 %
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                                                                                  Company • Bloomington, IL PO40101 05/05 | statefarm.com
C   M                                                                                                                                                                                                                       C   M

Y   K    February 22, 2011                                                                                                                                                                                 Page 8           Y   K

         Approved Minutes of Milford City Council
                Regular Meeting: January 18, 2011 and Special Mtg January 24, 2011
          Mayor’s Welcome and Roll           keep their dogs confined to their        Cullen Carter, and Karrie Davis;
      Call- Mayor Bryan Sherwood             own yards, license their dogs an-       Makayla Bealer - Zoning Admin-
      called the regular meeting to or-      nually, and keep them current on        istrator, Nedra Kennedy – City
      der at 7:00 pm                         their shots should not have to pay      Manager , Les Whitney – Fire
         Present: Mayor Bryan Sher-          more; Animal Control needs to           District #2, Craig Davis – Build-
      wood, Council Members Cullen           be picking up the strays and unli-      ing Inspection, and Leo Kanell –
      Carter, Karri Davis, Nolan Davis,      censed dogs to aid in litter control    City Attorney.
      and Troy Netto, City Manager           and the fines should be increased.         Visitors: Audrey Conard – Gen-
      Nedra Kennedy, City Treasurer          Scott Albrecht was originally           eral Interest, Michelle Barton –
      Makayla Bealer, City Recorder          planning to attend the meeting but      Milford Hospital, Craig Davidson
      Monica Seifers, Lead Man Ben           had a scheduling conflict for this       – Milford Hospital, Scott Hen-
      Stewart                                month; he will be asked to attend a     dricksen – GSBS Architects, Ron
         Absent: Council Member Rus-         future meeting for further discus-      Larsen – InSite Engineering.
      sell Smith                             sion.                                        Review and Discussion of
        Visitors: Ken Hinton – Presen-          Ordinance 2-2001 “Sale of Syn-       Conceptual Site Plan for Milford
      tation of Audit; Sherri and Mi-        thetic Cannabinoids Prohibited”          Healthcare Service District Am-
      chael Yardley – Library/General           MOTION: COUNCIL MEM-                           bulance Garage.
      Interest; Audrey Conard – General      BER KARRIE DAVIS MOVED                     Mr. Hendricksen proposed the
      Interest; Shane Yardley – School       TO DECLINE IN PASSING OR-               location of the ambulance garage
      Assignment; Joan deGraffenried         DINANCE 2-2001 “SALE OF                 at the new Milford Hospital. The
      – School Assignment; Bill and          SYNTHETIC CANNABINOIDS                  extension and alignment of 900
      Sarah Wray – General Interest          PROHIBITED”. MOTION SEC-                North Street was addressed. The
          RECOGNITION AND RE-                ONDED BY COUNCIL                        site plan was developed to line up
                   SPONSE                         MEMBER NOLAN DAVIS.                the section lines, as they were not
         Ken Hinton - Audit Presenta-        ROLL CALL VOTES AS FOL-                 previously lined up. The proposed
      tion Mr. Hinton presented the          LOWS: COUNCIL MEMBER                    ambulance garage would contain
      Audit for Fiscal Year 2009-2010.       CULLEN CARTER – YES, NO-                three bays with overhead doors,
        Mr. Hinton expressed his grati-      LAN DAVIS – YES, KARRIE                 as well as classrooms. Additional
      tude to City Manager Nedra Ken-        DAVIS – YES, TROY NETTO –               staff parking would be located
      nedy and the staff for their assis-    YES.                                    behind the garage; all of which
      tance. He presented his proposal          Reports and Comments                 would need access via 900 North
      for auditing services for Fiscal         •Attorney Kanell discussed the        Street. Mr. Larsen addressed the
      Year 2010-2011. Council Mem-           possible annexation of the wind         alignment of the road to the north.
      ber Nolan Davis thanked Mr. Hin-       farm property. Mr. Kanell pre-          They would like to line it up with
      ton for his exceptional services.      sented a map showing property           the existing property line, but
         MOTION: COUNCIL MEM-                ownership. Milford Wind Cor-            it would require the road on the
      BER        CULLEN         CARTER       ridor only owns a small portion         west side be extended to the north.
      MOVED TO RETAIN HINTON                 of the land, the rest is leased. He     UDOT would also require that it
      BURDICK'S SERVICES FOR                 looked at property tax collection;      be established as a city road. The
      THE FISCAL YEAR 2010-2011.             the wind mills could be a source        property affected is owned by Ad-
      MOTION SECONDED BY                     of revenue if                           vanced Development. At this time,
      COUNCIL MEMBER NOLAN                   they were in the city tax rate rather   the property owner to the north
      DAVIS AND CARRIED UNAN-                than the unincorporated county          (on east side of highway) would
      IMOUSLY.                               tax rate. Mr. Kanell asked the          not have to develop the road; the
              CONSENT ISSUES                 Council if the city could provide       hospital would finish their side
         MOTION: COUNCIL MEM-                services to the area if it were an-     of the road (the south side of 900
      BER NOLAN DAVIS MOVED                  nexed. (Joan deGraffenried and          North Street). Mayor Sherwood
      TO APPROVE CONSENT IS-                 Shane Yardley left the meeting at       asked if UDOT was requiring a
      SUES INCLUDING THE BILLS               8:34 pm) Garbage, fire, and hospi-       turning lane on the highway. Mr.
      AND PAYROLL, MINUTES OF                tal services are being provided by      Hendricksen explained that at this
      OCTOBER 19, 2010 REGULAR               service districts. The City’s policy    time UDOT had not discussed the
      MEETING, AND FINANCIAL                 plan would have to be reviewed          turning lane, but at this point they
      REPORT DECEMBER 2010.                  and revised to include the area pro-    were asking that Milford City ac-
      MOTION SECONDED BY                     posed for annexation. Mr. Kanell        knowledge that 900 North Street
      COUNCIL MEMBER KARRIE                  explained that if the wind mills        is in the Master Plan and will be
      DAVIS AND CARRIED UNAN-                filed protest against the annexa-        developed. Zoning Administrator
      IMOUSLY.                               tion, it might require the county       Makayla Bealer cited that UDOT
               NEW BUSINESS                  to setup a boundary commission.         would require a turning lane. Mr.
        City Appointments                    There are a lot of issues that would    Hendricksen stated that it had not
         MOTION: COUNCIL MEM-                need to be analyzed to see if it        been discussed at this point. Coun-
      BER TROY NETTO MOVED                   would be feasible. Mike Yardley         cil Member Cullen Carter felt that
      TO APPROVE THE MILFORD                 addressed the Council with con-         the road needed to be moved to
      CITY APPOINTMENTS 2011                 cerns relating to property he has       the section line and property own-
      AS      PRESENTED;          RE-AP-     that the taxes would devastate          ers on both side of the road would
      POINTMENT OF MALINA                    his operations if it were annexed.      have to give thirty three feet for
      STEWART AND DORIS ANZA-                Mr. Kanell asked if it was under        the development of the road.
      LONE TO THE PLANNING                   green belt, which Mr. Yardley re-       The Master Plan will need to be
      AND       ZONING        COMMIS-        plied it was; Mr. Kanell stated it      reviewed to see where the road
      SION; RE-APPOINTMENT OF                should not be an issue. Mr. Yard-       placement is located in the plan.
      MARY POTTER AND TEDDY                  ley stated he also leases property      City Manager Nedra Kennedy
      BRIDGE AND APPOINTMENT                 from Circle Four Farms for graz-        addressed the north entrance; the
      OF EMILY SHERWOOD TO                   ing. Mr. Kanell explained that dif-     original plan indicated that the
      THE LIBRARY BOARD. MO-                 ferent scenarios could be looked        north entrance would be closed off
      TION SECONDED BY COUN-                 at to keep the tax revenue neutral      when 900 North was developed.
      CIL MEMBER KARRIE DAVIS                for property owners. Mayor Sher-        UDOT preferred that the north en-
      AND CARRIED UNANIMOUS-                 wood stated that he was bothered        trance close; it is common practice

                                                                                                                                                               The Tigers Lair
      LY.                                    that none of the people hired for       to have the entrance to the parking
         Sale of Surplus Property City       the wind mill maintenance lived         lots through the side street and not
      Manager Nedra Kennedy re-              in Milford, adding that many that       off of the highway. Mr. Hendrick-

                                                                                                                            Milford Defeats Number 1 ranked Valley
      ported that the Milford Volunteer      work at Blundell Geothermal live        sen stated they would present it to
      Fire Department was interested         outside of the area as well.            UDOT and see where they stood.
      in the book shelves. A list of of-      •Council Member Cullen Carter          Council Member Nolan Davis ex-
      fice equipment from the Milford         reported there are a few potholes       plained that the City adopted ev-      By Margaret W. Miller           from a whirlwind first quar-      loes. Dylan Jones was high
      Library and Milford City Office         that need to be repaired when the       erything based on the agreement           Tuesday, February 15 the     ter, but Milford kept pour-      point man with 25 points,
      was presented for declaration of       crew can get to it.                     that nothing would be built on the     Tigers faced the Valley Buf-    ing on the heat to end the       which included 5 three-
      surplus.                                 •Council Member Karrie Davis          north side; the City was specifi-
         MOTION: COUNCIL MEM-                addressed the Travel Council do-        cally told that there would not be     faloes in an exciting league    quarter at 35 Tigers and 26      point shots. Tyson McDer-
      BER        CULLEN         CARTER       nation for the Library landscap-        an ambulance garage built to the       basketball game. The ex-        Valley. The Buffaloes tried      mott added 15 to the score
      MOVED TO DECLARE THE                   ing. City Manager Nedra Kennedy         north. Mayor Bryan Sherwood            citement began before the       a comeback in the third          along with Tyler Denny
      EQUIPMENT AS SURPLUS AS                will follow up with Brent Stapley.      stated that the City mistakenly
      PROPOSED, DONATING ANY                   •Council Member Nolan Davis           allowed the hospital to run the        game when Dylan Jones           quarter, but the Tigers were     who scored 10. Braxton
      ITEMS REQUESTED BY LO-                 reported on the Library; he met         sewer in a zigzag rather than in       was honored for reaching        reluctant to release the lead.   Davis made 7 points for
      CAL SERVICE GROUPS, AND                with Fire Chief Les Whitney, State      accordance with the development        his 1,000 point mark for        When the buzzer sounded,         the Tigers, along with Chad
      ADVERTISING THE REMAIN-                Fire Marshall, and Beaver County        standards, and they have had sev-
                                             Building Inspector Craig Davis,         eral problems with the sewer be-
                                                                                                                            his career when he made         Milford was still ahead with     Netto who scored 8 points.
      SALE. MOTION SECONDED                  and it was recommended to keep          cause of it. Mayor Sherwood feels      a rebound basket in the         46 points to the Buffaloes'      Milford completed 65 per-
      BY NOLAN DAVIS AND CAR-                the East Door as an emergency           this is a prime example of why the     second quarter of the Es-       35. Valley tried a comeback      cent of their free-throws
      RIED UNANIMOUSLY.                      exit only. He has contacted the         City should be diligent in requir-     calante game last Tuesday.      run in the fourth quarter and    with Valley completing
           Reduced Rates and Vacant          locksmith to see if the thumb key       ing that development standards be
      Account Rates Council Member           could be located higher. It is just a   held strictly.                         The award was given as a        almost caught up, but the        72.7 of theirs. When all the
      Nolan Davis explained that the         suggestion, not requirement, but if        Mr. Hendricksen presented the       tribute to Dylan for his hard   Tigers held firm and made 7       shouting had died, Tiger
      Council needs to review the rate       the door is used a panic bar must       ambulance garage complex ex-           work and effort throughout      out of 8 free throws in the      fans realized that their fa-
      policies proposing that a com-         be installed. The cost has not been     plaining that it would include ad-
      mittee be formed to review the         obtained for the panic bar. He add-     ministrative areas to be used for      his basketball career. He       final two minutes to clinch       vorite basketball team had
      rates and present to the Council       ed that the chain would have to be      training and other functions. There    scored 56 points as fresh-      the win. The closing score       just defeated the number 1
      for their consideration. Council       removed and signs located that it       are three drive-through bays. The      man, 309 as a sophomore,        was 67 Tigers and 60 Buffa-      team in the region!
      Members Nolan Davis and Karrie         is not to be used as an entrance. It    training rooms will offer audio-
                                             is the Council’s decision; Council      video presentation, as well as
                                                                                                                            331 as a junior and has
      Davis, and Mayor Sherwood will
      meet with staff.                       Member Davis will obtain costs          a refreshment serving area and         scored 321 so far this year.
         Construction of a Fish Pond         and report back. Some members           ample storage. The exterior of the     Dylan has made 158 three-
      Mayor Bryan Sherwood revis-            suggested they would also like to       building will be compatible with       pointers over the span of
      ited the concept brought forth by      see the sidewalk extended from          the architectural elements of the
      Council Member Netto the previ-        the original entrance to the new        hospital building. Fire Chief Les      his career. The announcer
      ous meeting. Mayor Sherwood            entrance.                               Whitney suggested taking snow          then continued, "Dylan is
      feels the City needs to come up          •Council Member Nolan Davis           removal and runoff into consider-      currently averaging nearly
      with a way to entice people to         reported there is a county exercise     ation. Attorney Kanell will discuss
      locate here asking the Council         tour scheduled for February 17th.       the road issues with Advanced De-      19 points per game and has
      to consider the construction of a      The Mayor and Council Members           velopment.                             made 49 threes this season.
      Fish Pond. He added that the City      are invited to attend from 12:30 -        Discuss Salary Scale                 He is shooting over 40 per-
      should put some focus on clean-        1:30 pm in Beaver.                         MOTION: COUNCIL MEM-
                                               •Council Member Nolan Davis           BER KARRIE DAVIS MOVED
                                                                                                                            cent from the three-point
      ing up various parts of town and
      Main Street. Council Members           and Fire Chief Les Whitney are          TO ADJOURN INTO EXECU-                 line and nearly 80 percent
      Troy Netto and Nolan Davis have        working to develop a helipad at         TIVE SESSION TO DISCUSS                from the foul line. He is
      tried to contact the aquatics center   the hospital for Life Flight. They      PERSONNEL AT 11:50 A.M.                the third leading scorer in
      and the Division of Wildlife, in an    are addressing funding, etc. They       MOTION         SECONDED          BY
      attempt to get information on mu-      are only asking for a commitment        COUNCIL MEMBER CUL-                    Region 20 and leads the
      nicipal operation of such a pond.      from Milford City to use the crew       LEN CARTER AND CARRIED                 region at 2.82 three-point
      City Manager Nedra Kennedy             as needed. Council Member No-           UNANIMOUSLY.                           baskets per game."
      will schedule a meeting with the       lan Davis will coordinate with             MOTION: COUNCIL MEM-
      parks improvement committee.           City Manager Nedra Kennedy and          BER NOLAN DAVIS MOVED                     The game between Mil-
             Ordinances and Resolu-          the crew.                               TO ADJOURN THE EXECU-                  ford and number 1 ranked
      tions Ordinance 1-2011 "Beaver           ADJOURNMENT As there was              TIVE SESSION AND CON-                  Valley got off to an exciting
      County Animal Control" Council         no further business, the meeting        VENE THE REGULAR MEET-
                                             adjourned at 9:04 pm                    ING AT 1:07 PM. MOTION
                                                                                                                            start in the first few seconds
      discussed the Fees and Breeders
      Fees, further clarification from                     ********                   SECONDED BY COUNCIL                    when Chad Netto sunk a 3
      the County is needed. Monica                  SPECIAL MEETING                  MEMBER KARRIE DAVIS AND                point shot and Dylan Jones,
      Seifers stated that although she        MONDAY JANUARY 24, 2011                CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.                   Tyler Denny, and Tyson
      supported the idea of a lifetime                    11:00 AM                            ADJOURNMENT
      license for dogs that have been          The purpose of the Special Meet-        As there was no further business     McDermott joined in on
      fixed, she felt the increase in fees    ing was to review and discuss           the meeting adjourned at 1:09 pm       the scoring spree to put the
      for dogs that have not been fixed       Conceptual Site Plan for Milford                                               Tigers ahead at the end of
      was too much. Penalizing the re-       Healthcare Service District Am-
      sponsible dog owners is not the        bulance Garage and Review and                                                  the first quarter by a score
      answer. The dogs that roam the         Discuss Salary Scale.                                                          of 21 Tigers and 11 Valley.
C   M                                            Present: Mayor Bryan Sher-                                                                                                                                                 C   M
      street and have several litters are                                                                                      Second quarter found the
      generally not licensed nor fixed.       wood, Council Members Nolan                                                                                          Dylan Jones is honored for hitting 1,000 baskets
Y   K The responsible dog owners who         Davis, Troy Netto, Russell Smith,
                                                                                                                            Buffaloes trying to recover                          during his career.                         Y   K

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