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					AHS I        Digestive System Worksheet 2

          “Structure of the Digestive System Part 2”

  Circle the correct answer to complete each sentence about the stomach.

  1. The stomach takes 2-4 ______________ (minutes, hours, days) to empty.
  2. The average of the range of 2-4 is ________________ (2.5, 3.0)
  3. The _________________ (cardiac, pyloric) sphincter is located between the
      esophagus and stomach.
  4. (Rugae, Retina) __________________ is the part of the stomach lining that is the
      folds or wrinkles evident when the stomach is empty.
  5. The stomach has a muscular coat that push food along by using a wave-like
      motion called ______________________(prepuce, peristalsis)
  6. Pepsin is an enzyme found in the stomach that breaks down _____________
      (carbohydrates, protein).
  7. Hydrochloric acid is found in the stomach. It helps the body absorb iron from
      foods and destroys unwanted _____________( bacteria, bowman’s capsule’s).
  8. There are around 35 million gastric _____________ (gonads, glands) in the
      stomach that produce gastric juice.
  9. The sight or smell of food is _______________ (enough, not enough) to make
      your glands in your stomach secrete more gastric juice.
  10. The gastric mucosa does not dissolve itself because it maintains a ____________
      (mucous, serous) lining that acts as a protective barrier.
  11. A semisolid mixture of food and gastric juices is called _____________ (Chyme,
  12. The ______________ (stomach, small intestine) churns and mixes food and
      gastric juice to form the mixture called chyme.

  Small Intestine Questions

  13. How long is the whole small intestine?
        a. 32 inches
        b. 23 feet
        c. 110 miles

  14. What part of the digestive process occurs in the small intestine?
        a. absorption
        b. filtration
        c. excretion

   15. Name the 3 portions of the small intestine in the order they are found:


   16. Food is absorbed in the small intestine by a structure called the
          a. vas deferens
          b. villi
          c. vomer

   17. Water and nutrients is absorbed by the small intestine. If it is not needed it is
         a. Sent for disposal
         b. Rejected through emesis
         c. Put into storage

Liver Questions

   18. The liver is the
          a. largest organ in the body
          b. least important organ in the body
          c. organ responsible for the regulation of the sleep cycle

   19. Use anatomical terms to describe where the liver is located in the abdominal
       cavity. _______________________________________________________

   20. The liver is connected to the gallbladder and the small intestines by
          a. dendrites
          b. ducts
          c. ductus deferens

Gallbladder Questions

   21. The gallbladder is a small green hollow organ located in the
          a. RLQ of the abdomen
          b. LUQ of the abdomen
          c. RUQ of the abdomen

   22. The gallbladder is connected to the
         a. liver and small intestines by ducts
         b. esophagus and stomach by ducts
         c. small intestines and large intestines by ducts

Pancreas Questions

True or False

 23. _____ The pancreas is a feather-shaped digestive organ that secretes enzymes to
           breakdown food.
 24. _____ The pancreas is located behind the liver.
 25. _____ The pancreas secretes a total of six different digestive enzymes.
 26. _____ The pancreas is an exocrine and endocrine gland.
 27. _____ The pancreatic juices travel through the pancreatic duct and empty into
            the duodenum.

Large Intestine Questions

   28. The large intestines are also known as the _____________ (colon, Cowper’s
   29. A bacterium called _______________ (staphylococci, E, Coli) is found in the
       large intestine and works on undigested substances.
   30. The __________ (appendix, anus) is a blind sac attached to the cecum portion of
       the large intestines.
   31. The ________________ (appendix, anus) has no known function.
   32. The ________________ (appendix, anus) is the external opening of the large


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