Getting the Most out of RMS by cuiliqing


Getting the Most
          out of RMS
 BH Support: 9am to 5pm est.
 AH Support: 7am to 10pm est.

                   RMS Support
• Service Requests can be logged through Customer Support at

• Phone support is available for each state;

        Western Australia       (08) 9467 4975
        Queensland              (07) 5630 6675
        New South Wales         (02) 8022 8311
        South Australia         (08) 8121 9385
        Northern Territory      (08) 8121 9385
        Victoria/ Tasmania      (03) 8256 9622
     ‘Speed Tips & Tricks’

RMS Support – Service Requests
• To log a Service Request go to
• Choose the Customer Login ‘Enter’ Button.
• Enter your client id and password then choose ‘Enter’.
• Choose the Customer Service button (Top Left of screen)
• Choose the ‘New Service Request’ button (Top Left)
• Enter the relevant details (any field with a * is mandatory)
• Choose the priority of your Service Request
• Tick the attachments option if you wish to attach a screen shot
• Select ‘Submit’.
     ‘Speed Tips & Tricks’

   RMS Support – Enhancement
• To log an Enhancement Request go to
• Choose the Customer Login ‘Enter’ Button.
• Enter your client id and password then choose ‘Enter’.
• Choose the Customer Service button (Top Left of screen)
• Choose the ‘New Enhancement Request’ button (Top Right)
• Enter the relevant details
• Select ‘Submit’.
     ‘Speed Tips & Tricks’

          Speed Enhancements
• RAM (memory) SQL will use up to 2GB – too little RAM will make
   RMS run slow.
• Port 1433 – if this port is closed by your firewall on either the server
   or workstation RMS will run slow.
• CPU – Anything less than a 2Ghz Pentium 4 or 1.6Ghz Intel Core 2
   Duo will run version 8.10+ slowly.
For more information please see the RMS hardware specifications
   which can be found on the RMS web page > Customer Login >
  ‘Peace of Mind for your Data’

           RMS iBackup Module
                                                     iBackup is an
                                                    automated RMS
                                                    backup program.

                                                   Up to 4 hard-drive
                                                    back-ups will be
                                                    taken per day at
                                                   times set by you!

                                                   Once a day a back-
                                                        up will be
                                                    transferred to the
7 Days worth of back-ups will be kept on the RMS
     Server, retrievable by you at any time!
                                                      RMS servers!
   ‘Let RMS help you work
     Smarter not Harder!’

         Version 8.10 Features

This Presentation is designed to show our clients how to get the most
   out of RMS with new features available in version 8.10 & 8.11.

Further information on any of the features mentioned can be found in
   the RMS F1 Help file, available to all users.

Our goal at RMS is to ensure we help you work smarter not harder.
      ‘Customize Screens
   To suit your Requirements’

              Field Maintenance
Field Maintenance allows you to control what fields are shown on the
   reservation & client screens/ columns.

It also allows you to move fields to different locations within the same
    screen/ column.

Additional Reservation & Client labels also appear in this screen for

From the main menu go to the Setup drop down arrow > Field
Only see the fields you
need for your business!

         Field Maintenance
                             Remove the
                             tick from the
                               fields you
                             wish to Hide.

                              Highlight the
                             field you wish
                             to move then
                                 use the
                                arrows to
                               relocate the
     ‘Control your Arrivals,
   Departures from 1 screen’

                   In/ Out Screen
The below functions can be performed directly from the In/Out screen;

• Perform Check-ins and Check-outs
• Replace the Arrivals, Departures, Overdue Arrivals, Overdue
  Departures & Current Client reports.
• Merge, Print, Queue & Email Form letters
• Edited Reservations individually.
• Quick view of reservation account balances, refundable items &
• Manipulate and set columns to suit your requirements.
In/ Out Screen
                 Access the
                   In/ Out
                 screen from
                 the top tool
                 bar of RMS
    Automatic Late Fees
      Set and Forget!

                      Late Fees
The Late Fee feature of RMS allows you to set reoccurring
  automatic late fees.

• Frequency and Amount of fees are set by you.

• Applies fees to each overdue long term account

• Can be applied manually or automatically on startup of
Late Fees
         Late Fees are entered
         under the Setup Drop
        Down arrow > Late Fees.

            Here you set the
        Frequency and Amount to

         Set to apply on startup by
          Setup Menu > General
        Information > Options Tab.

           Manually apply from
        Utilities Drop Down Menu.
     Let RMS calculate
   And record Free Nights!

                     Free Nights
This feature records the use of free nights and maintains a
  running total of nights used against the entitlement.

Free Nights can be recorded when a client is set to Long-
  Term YES. This then activates the Free Nights feature
  under the history tab of the client record.

Set the number of free nights available for this guest and the
  duration of time they will be granted for – RMS will do the

Specific stays can be excluded from the free night count.
Free Nights
                To ensure that
               Free Nights are
               correctly ensure
               that you choose
                the client from
                the drop down
              menu of surname
                 when adding
              their reservation.

Electricity readings have been enhanced to allow the ability
  to read All Meters.

This feature allows you to keep the electricity consumption
  accurate as to not charge new reservations for electricity
  used prior to their stay.

                To read all
              meters simply
                select this
              option prior to
               clicking OK.
       Multiple Tariffs
      One Reservation!

                    Hold Feature
The Hold feature gives you the ability to charge a different
  charge type for a period of time within a reservations stay.

An Example of this is where a guest is staying for 14 days
  however they will be leaving the property for 2 days in the
  middle of there stay and wish to keep the same area.

Simply go to the hold tab, add the dates from and to that the
  guest will be away and choose the new charge type for
  this period. RMS will charge the new rate for this
Hold Feature

             Turn this feature on
           through Setup Menu >
           General Information >
                Options Tab.

           The Hold tab can be
            renamed through
              Setup Menu >
           General Information >
    Let each of your clients know
They are the most important you have.

  Requirements can be used in the following ways;

  • Notify Housekeeping of a specific requirements
  • Charge the reservation account on check-in
  • Hold specific requirements against clients to be used
    each time they stay.
  • Set whether to monitor the requirement
  • Can be daily or for a set duration.
Choose to appear on
Housekeepers Report.
 Choose whether to
   apply a charge.

                       Set reoccurring Requirements
                           through Setup Menu >
   Its easy to keep in touch!

       Quick Correspondence
Quick reference correspondence buttons can now be
  applied to Reservation/ Client accounts.

Using the letters you currently have in your system – select
  2 which are commonly used (e.g. Deposit Paid) and make
  it a quick reference button.

Once you have applied the deposit receipt to the account
  print the deposit paid letter from the same screen!!
Quick Correspondence
             Set Quick Correspondence
               through Setup Menu >
                    Accounts >
    Queued Correspondence
Queue your correspondence letters allowing you to print or
email in one batch at the end of the day!

Simply choose Queue to Print or Queue to Email your
correspondence will be sent to a holding bay allowing you
to choose when to send out the emails or print out your

Queued Correspondence can be found under the Utilities
Drop Down Menu > Queued Correspondence.
            Guest Messages
Message received for a guest yet to check-in? No Problem.

Under Correspondence tab choose Message.

Messages can be alerted on Check-in, Check-out,
Reservation or Confirmation.

Notification of message is also shown on the In/ Out
Guest Messages

          After selecting Message;

         Enter the message into the
                field provided.

         Choose when to notify the
         guest from the drop down
        Peace of Mind

               Security Profiles
Enhanced security has been included into RMS some of
  these new features are;

•   Processing Refunds
•   Reverse Receipts
•   Allow Cancelling
•   Modify Banking Tab (client)
•   Over-ride of Discount

And much, much more!
Security Profiles
           Ensure that your staff only
         access those areas of RMS you
                  want them to.

         Setup Security Profiles through
         the Setup Drop Down Menu >
               Security Profiles.

           Once complete attach the
           appropriate profile to the
              appropriate User.
  Loyalty Programs
Keep them coming back

                         Set discounts in your system
                          from Setup Drop Down >

                           Choose % or $ discount.

                          % can be assigned a limit.

                        Choose to include the package
                           component of the tariff.

                              Assign to clients.
Over-riding Discounts

             Over-ride Discounts on the fly
             from the reservation screen.

              Controlled area by Security

               Allowing you to provide a
               greater or lesser discount
             than that supplied by your set
   All the information you
      Need on 1 screen

                 Audit Trail Tab
Best utilized in conjunction with passwords required within
your RMS system.

This feature allows you to see all changes made to a
reservation and which user made that change.

Records change of dates, charge type, people, area,
category, discounts, charges on account, voids and much,
much more……
Audit Trail Tab
                    From the
                   choose the
                  audit trail tab
                    as a quick
                  reference to
                  the changes
                  made to the
     Professional letters
         Every Time

            Text Editor 2 + PDF
The new Text Editor 2 is used for the creation of your
  correspondence letters, the benefits of Text 2 include;

• Faster merging than RMS-Word
• Supersedes Text Editor with more functionality on
• Allows for PDF attachment on emailing

To turn on Text 2 go to Setup Menu > General Information
   > System > Word Processing.
Text Editor 2 + PDF

                  To use the PDF
                  function simply
                    choose the
                    Show Body
                    button after
                   having setup
                  your letter and
                   enter the text
                 you wish to be in
                 the body of your
    Ensure procedure is
    Followed every time

             Mandatory Fields
More Mandatory field options are now available in RMS
  including both the client and reservation columns.

To utilize these go to Setup Menu > General Information.
   Mandatory field options can be found on the following

• Options
• User Definable
• Reservation
        Clean it Quick!

                    Clean Screen
The new Clean Screen in RMS allows you to see all rooms
  and status at a quick glance.

Clean all dirty rooms in one go!

•   Change font size
•   Choose the specific status you wish to view
•   Select All or Specific categories to view
•   Colour Legend for easy identity of rooms status
Clean Screen

               Access this
               new screen
               by clicking
                  on the
               button from
                 the Top
                Tool Bar.
No More Chasing
   The Rent!

     Client Direct Debits
                      This feature allows
                      you to debit money
                       from your clients
                      accounts to pay for
                     their outstanding rent

                     From the client screen
                      > banking tab simply
                       add the client bank
                     details, activate direct
                     debit and choose the
                        type of debit you
Client Direct Debits
              Processes the debits from
             the Utilities menu, choosing
                  the accounts to be

             A bank aba file and report
                 will be produced.
   Professional No Fuss
Registration Cards in Minutes!

      Bulk Registration Cards
Process all of your next day arrival registration cards in one

Simply create a new Form Letter named Registration Card
  and your ready to utilize this feature

Bulk registration cards can be processed from;
• In/ Out Screen
• Utilities Menu > Bulk Registration Cards
      Bulk Registration Cards
From the Utility Menu > Bulk Registration Cards, select the arrival date,
             apply options as you wish and choose Build!!
    Everything you need on
           1 screen.

           Group Reservations
Enhanced flexibility for Group Bookings;

• Add more areas easily using the area tab
• Place a name to each area using the client tab
• Bulk cancel the entire group or multiple areas
• Apply the same Booking Source/ Travel Agent to all
  siblings from the master reservation.
• Print area lists from the master reservation
• Quickly see Totals of Categories and Pax from the
  master reservation.
   Handle your tariff
 Creation automatically!

                     Auto Tariff
Turn this feature on through Setup Menu > General Information >
                           Options Tab.

                                                  This feature sets
                                                       RMS to
                                                automatically create
                                                reservation tariffs x
                                                days prior to arrival
                                                  on startup of the
                                                 software each day.
    One of the most Powerful
        Marketing tools!

                    Report Writer
Flexible, Fast, Powerful simply a tool you cant go without.

The report writer allows you to search your RMS database
  for reservations & clients using specific guidelines set by

•   Bulk Mail Outs
•   Bulk Emails
•   SMS – Coming Soon!!
•   Export search results to Excel, Word or Text file
Report Writer

                  Save your
                used searches
                as Templates.

                  Save your
                 used Export
 Reports, Reports, Reports…

RMS includes extensive reporting for your everyday use,
   accounting reports, marketing & management reports
In-house guest balances report.
Marketing report
Staff Productivity report
Company Revenue report

See the RMS F1 help file for a full breakdown on every
  report in the RMS system, reasons for its use and some
  handy hints to get the most out of the report.
   Exposure to the world!
      Set and Forget!

Real Time, Online Reservations.

Allows guests to book their own reservation straight into
   your RMS system from a link on your web page.

Our online system also works with a range of distributors
  including Siteminder, Wotif, Last minute, Travel click and
  many, many more.

RMSOnline gives you extreme exposure for little work!!
        Version 8.11 Features

8.11 is currently available to all RMS clients, if you wish to
   upgrade to this version please contact customer support.

Following is an overview of the new and exciting features
  that will be available in version 8.11.

This version is a tribute to how dedicated we are at RMS to
  include new features into our system to make your daily
  procedures a breeze!
   Tasks, Bedding, Linen.

The new housekeeping module includes the following

• Reoccurring tasks – Include/Exclude features for HK
  holidays, Weekends, Arrival & Departure.
• Task costing
• Bedding Configuration – Set against Categories and/or
• Linen Requirements – Match to Bed Configuration.
• Housekeepers – For task allocation
• Housekeeper Holidays
                 Tab from

               Change tasks
                quickly and
                 easily, add
               further linen,
                change bed
Gearing up for Legislation!

        Credit Card Removal

                              Setup the auto
                               deletion of
                               credit card

                              Found under
                              Setup Menu >
                              Information >
   1 step multi line transfer!

              Multi Line Transfer
The new transfer feature allows you to transfer multiple transactions from
                  one account to another in one step.
     SMS from RMS!!!

               SMS Messages
SMS messages to your guests directly from RMS. Similar
  to form letters, you will be able to merge details into an
  SMS message.

This feature will be available from;

• Reservation & Client Correspondence tab.
• In/ Out Screen
• Report Writer
  Tour Sales the easy way!

                      Tour Desk
Setup Tour Operators and sellable Tours in your RMS
  system able to be sold via the client and reservations

Once the guest has paid specific vouchers will be produced
  for the client & property and a credit will be placed onto
  Tour Operators account for you to pay out at the end of
  the month.

Tour Desk tabs can be found on both the reservation and
  client tabs.
Tour Desk

            Add multiple
            ticket types
              and tours
Managing your Charge-backs.

           POS Charge-backs
                                New POS
                              option on the
                                screen on
                              whether you
                                 wish this
                               client to be
                                  able to
                                from your
                              bar or shop.
     Corporate Stays!

               Merge Charges
This feature allows you to group multiple transactions from an account
           under a common description on the Tax Invoice.
  Accurate Forecasting and

               Rev PAR & POR
Rev PAR – Av. Tariff as per Available Rooms
(total tariff of booked rooms / total rooms in category)

Rev POR – Av. Tariff as per Occupied Rooms
(total tariff of booked rooms / total occupied rooms)

These new calculations will be available on the following
• Availability Chart
• Occupancy Report
• Night Audit Report
        Thank You!


Further information on all of the features you have seen
  here today can be found under the RMS F1 Help files.

Our support desk is also happy to provide further
  information on any of the features.

                        Thank you

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