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									Corporate Social
Responsibility Report
2005 – 2006

                                   Ethical Trading

                                   Commitment to our People

     Our        Corporate              Our           Objectives for
   Business      Social            Performance        2006 / 2007

                                   Community Investment

                                   Our Environment

Chief Executive Officer‟s Statement
Introduction from Paul Stobart, Chief Executive Officer, Sage UK and Ireland region.

Welcome to Sage (UK) Limited‟s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report for our
trading period 2005-06.

As ever, through our actions and behaviour, we remain determined to make a
difference for the communities and environment in which we live and work. In this
report we outline the progress we have made against the objectives we set ourselves
last year, and describe where we intend to focus our efforts in the coming year, in
particular with regard to Climate Change.

CSR is not just about what we give to our local communities in terms of our time and
money. Just as important is the way in which we behave and the impact that our
behaviour has on our people, customers, suppliers and the environment. For that
reason, our CSR Administrator continues to be a key part of our efforts to maximise
our CSR impact.

Our commitment to treating our people, customers and suppliers fairly remains
important to us. We continue to seek to attain the highest standards possible when
supporting our customers, while also acting with regard to our responsibilities to our
shareholders. We are also committed to supporting the local communities within
which we live and work.

We continue to embed our Guiding Principles of Simplicity, Trust, Integrity, Agility
and Innovation within the business as cultural values to be upheld by our people, and
will ensure that these Guiding Principles will be reflected in all our CSR activities.
We intend to place particular focus this year on how we can minimise any negative
impact our business may have on the environment.

We hope this report will give you a thorough overview of our CSR activities in 2005-
06, and that it will demonstrate to you the commitment we have at Sage (UK) Limited
to our Corporate and Social Responsibility.

Our Business
We deliver business management software to small and medium sized enterprises.

      Sage (UK) Limited is part of the Sage Group plc
      We were formed in 1981
      We employ over 1,750 people in the UK
      Over 700,000 UK customers use our products
      Over 225,000 of our customers have an annual support contract with us
      Our software is produced in the UK, predominantly for the British market
      We serve UK customers in UK contact centres

Our Vision and Guiding Principles
We continue to strive towards achieving our company vision, which is:

       ‘To be the business management software company that everyone

There are eight key elements to our Vision:

      Sage will provide business management software that brings real and lasting
       benefits to our customers. We will leave no stone unturned in our search for
       ways of improving those benefits. Our customers, business partners,
       accountants' community and our people will unhesitatingly recommend Sage

      We will gain and continually maintain a profound understanding of our
       customers' needs. We will use that understanding, our insight and our
       technological skills to provide business solutions that are excellent, affordable
       and perfectly suited to the way business is done in the UK today

      Critical to our offer will be the provision of outstanding customer service, and
       our customer service ethic will be as good as we know how to make it. We
       will strive to ensure that our customer's experience of Sage is positive,
       rewarding and fulfilling

      By excellence in both software and in customer service, we will seek
       tremendous customer loyalty. We aim to keep our customers forever

      Sage will remain highly profitable and continue to generate returns for our
       shareholders by constantly seeking to improve our efficiency and by
       expanding into those parts of the business management software market that
       can generate growth

      We will support our local communities through the voluntary contributions of
       our people and the funding by Sage of specific community projects

      We will reward our people fairly and consistently and help them to succeed in
       every way that we can. We will create an environment where creativity and
       innovation can flourish. Successful people at Sage will be passionate,
       involved, energetic, completely honest and utterly focused on the customer

      Everyone at Sage will feel part of a winning team

In order to achieve our Vision, we have adopted and implemented five key Guiding
Principles that influence and govern the way in which we work day-to-day as well as
in our decision-making:

      Simplicity
      Innovation
      Agility
      Trust
      Integrity

Contacting Us
We hope you will find our report interesting. If you would like to get in touch, you can
contact us by:

      Email:

      Post:           CSR Administrator
                       Sage (UK) Limited
                       North Park
                       Newcastle upon Tyne
                       NE13 9AA

      Telephone:      +44 (0) 191 294 3000

                     Corporate Social
                     Report 2005 / 2006

About this report
This is our second Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report published on our
Internet site This report is available shortly after our Annual
Business Report and relates to work covering the period 1st October 2005 to 31st
September 2006.

Our report covers:

Our Business: An introduction from our Chief Executive Officer, Paul Stobart, an
overview of our business and information about our Company Vision, Guiding
Principles and our responsibilities.

Our Performance: A summary of our performance against our CSR objectives for
2005 / 2006.

Corporate Social Responsibility: This section provides our CSR performance for
2005 / 2006 in the following areas: ethical trading, commitment to our people,
community investment and our environment.

Key Objectives: Our key aspirations and objectives for 2006 / 2007.

                  Report 2005 / 2006

Corporate Social Responsibility performance
against objectives: A summary
Below you‟ll find our CSR objectives for 2005 / 2006 and our achievement against


Objective                                    Performance 2005 / 2006
To provide our customers with the            Our focus this year was to improve
option of requesting electronic              customer experience and accessibility,
statements and invoices rather than          which has delayed the implementation
paper based in the post.                     of this objective. This objective will be
                                             re-launched during 2007 with a view to
                                             delivery in 2008.


Objective                                    Performance 2005 / 2006
To introduce involvement in local            We have successfully introduced
communities through volunteer                community-volunteering project work
support.                                     into our business. We have completed
                                             four projects at our head office in
                                             Newcastle and one at our office in
                                             Winnersh, Reading. We will continue
                                             to expand this and include our
                                             Manchester office during 2007.

Objective                                    Performance 2005 / 2006
To provide funds to Community                We have provided funds to Community
Foundations to benefit local                 Foundations in all of our UK office
community projects and charities in          locations. These funds have benefited
the work they do.                            many charities and projects in our
                                             immediate communities.


Objective                                Performance 2005 / 2006
To reduce the amount of paper used       We have successfully removed over
inside our product range boxes.          50% of the paper used within our
                                         product range boxes where new
                                         versions have been released during
                                         the review period. All remaining
                                         products are on track to achieve the
                                         same reduction at their next release.
                                         All product ranges will be complete by
                                         August 2007. In addition we have
                                         reduced the actual size of our
                                         packaging by over 50% in various
                                         software ranges.

                   Report 2005 / 2006

Ethical Trading
At Sage we believe that good business and good ethics go hand in hand. The way
that we behave towards each other, both inside and outside of our company are
based on our business principles. Every employee is an ambassador and has a
positive role to play in setting a good example, treating others as they would wish to
be treated, contributing to society and treating everyone with fairness, dignity and

                        Interaction                                  Business &
  Suppliers and                                 Customer
                          with our                                   Community
   Customers                                   Satisfaction
                        Marketplace                                   Awards

Suppliers and Customers

We continue to seek, uphold and promote the standing of our procurement area
within Sage and will always act professionally and ethically by:

      Supporting smaller local companies to enhance and develop our local
       community and economy.

      Maintaining the highest possible standards of integrity in all business
       relationships with both suppliers and customers whilst achieving best value.

      Working in partnership with suppliers and customers to optimise the use of
       resources, establishing joint partnerships and sharing best practice.

      Providing outstanding customer service at all times.

Interaction with our Marketplace

As a market leader in business management software to small and medium sized
businesses, we are very aware that we have extensive influence within this sector,
which contributes substantially to the UK economy. Our customers alone are
estimated to contribute over £2.25 billion. As a result we support a number of
business awards and recognition schemes aimed at encouraging best practice and
rewarding innovation and entrepreneurship.

It is our Vision to be the business management software company that everyone
recommends and to achieve this it is vital that everyone at Sage takes responsibility
for behaving in an ethical business manner instilling pride, passion and high
performance into their day-to-day role.

Customer Satisfaction

We are constantly striving to improve the service and experiences that we deliver to
our customers. We remain wholly committed to customer satisfaction and have a
range of measures to ensure that we keep listening to our customers and acting on
their feedback. We have a dedicated department that actively seeks to talk to
customers about what can be done to make things even better and easier when they
do business with us. The Customer Experience department talks to thousands of
customers each year, receives over 10,000 customer satisfaction surveys and has
direct links with every department in order to pass on verbatim customer comments.
This ensures that customer feedback is part of the business decision-making process
in all areas and everything that we do.

      Over the last year, our Technical Support and Customer Care Advisors
       answered over 1.7 million calls.

      Over 90% of customer complaints were resolved in 1.7 days, which is a third
       of our quoted service level time.

      We responded to over 95% of emails, faxes and letters within a 48-hour

      Through investment in technology we have improved our systems to enhance
       the way in which we support our customers. Some of the changes include:
           - The introduction of speech recognition into our telephony system
              allowing us to provide more tailored menu choices and more effective
              call routing.
           - The introduction of a new knowledgebase for our customers. “Ask
              Sage” is at the cutting edge of knowledge management. It provides a
              24-hour service that will update our customers about changes that
              affect them.

Through our software and service delivery, we are able to gain tremendous customer
loyalty. This has been recognised during the review period by the winning of the
following awards:

      European Call Centre Award for Call Centre of the Year

      European Call Centre Award for Best Manager

      Contact Centre World Award for Community Sprit

Business and Community Awards

As part of our efforts to support businesses and young people in the North East we
participated in three award schemes.

BITC North East Cares Team Leader of the Year Award 2006
Business In The Community (BITC) held their annual awards ceremony in June.
BITC Awards for Excellence are prestigious UK awards, which recognise companies
for their positive impact in the marketplace, the workplace, the environment and the

Duncan Phin, from our Small Business Division, won the North East Cares Team
Leader of the Year award, following the excellent work and organisation he showed
during our volunteer project at Mayfield Glade School in Cramlington,
Northumberland. The award recognises an individual volunteer who has risen to the
challenge as a team leader; someone who has supported, inspired and led their
teams to achieve change and benefit for everyone involved.

Young Enterprise North East Company of the Year awards
The Young Enterprise North East (YENE) Company of the Year awards reward the
efforts of the North East's Young Entrepreneurs and recognises the wealth of
innovation, initiative and entrepreneurship in the region's young people. The scheme
enable young people to gain personal business experience whilst still in education by
having the unique opportunity to establish and run real profit-making companies. This
in turn develops their skills for enterprise, personal success and employability. The
judging panel was chaired by our Head of Marketing along with representatives from
BT and YENE.

North East Business Awards 2006 – Technology Award
These awards are designed to reward the efforts of the North East's business
community and the Technology Award in particular is designed to encourage the use
of innovation and technology in business. The judging panel, made up of 3 people
from Sage, looked for companies that could demonstrate the development or
exploitation of novel technology leading to a product or service. The winner was the
Centre for Process Innovation from Tees Valley.

                    Social Responsibility
                    Report 2005 / 2006

Commitment to our People
Our continued success is made possible by the achievements of our people. The
decentralised model we operate nurtures entrepreurialship, innovation and team
spirit. Operating locally, it is through our people that we understand the needs of our
customers and develop software and services appropriate for our local markets. We
are committed to the continued development and growth of our people with
investment in their training and development.

     Our                 Reward &                 Equal               Workforce
  Commitment            Recognition            Opportunities           Profile

                        Health & Well          Educational
                           Being               Sponsorship

Our Commitment

Sage is dedicated to delivering excellent business performance through our people.
We are committed to policies which are practical, meaningful and positive, and which
support our Vision. Our priorities are:

      Providing a safe workplace with equality of opportunity and diversity through
       policies for our people

      Encouraging our people to reach their potential through training, career
       development and promotion from within

      Communicating openly and transparently within the bounds of commercial
       confidentiality whilst actively listening to our people and acting on their
       feedback as appropriate

      Recognising and rewarding our people based on merit and the value they
       bring to our customers and our business

      Encouraging shared ownership at all levels

      Providing policies for our people that incorporate best practice while aiming to
       deliver policies that act as a guide to ensure that we continuously strive
       towards achieving our Vision.

Reward and Recognition

Our objective, as an employer, is to reward our people fairly and consistently, and to
ensure that there is as much transparency as possible in our pay and benefits

Our aim is to pay our people a base salary at or around the market median and to
reward exceptional performance with additional remuneration, be that through
commission, bonus scheme or another form of incentive. We also offer our people
appropriate benefit packages for their roles and allow individual flexibility on the
deployment of that package.

Above all we strive for fairness and consistency in the way we reward our people,
wherever they work and whatever they do for our company.

Equal Opportunities

Our aim is to manage our people openly, honestly and fairly, whilst developing a
bond of trust. To help us to develop the right environment and ensure that we
objectively employ the right people for the right jobs, we make it clear that our line
managers are aware of their responsibilities with regard to equal opportunities. We
actively work to treat people fairly and by being better prepared we prevent and
manage disputes relating to the equality of opportunity. We are committed to:

      Ensuring each individual receives the same treatment in every aspect of
       recruitment, reward, training and development and both Internal and external
       applicants are considered on their individual ability.

      Providing training and development based on an objective assessment of an
       individual‟s needs and abilities regardless of such factors as above

      Operating procedures for effectively resolving any complaints relating to
       alleged discrimination

      Ensuring that those responsible for making employment decisions understand
       the legal, moral and business reasons for providing equal opportunities at

      Continually monitoring our procedures to identify any potential barriers to
       equal opportunities

Workforce Profile

By the end of our trading year 2005 / 2006, we were employing 1,781 people across
the UK. The breakdown across our three main office locations is:

   Headcount – 181, of which, 11% are at management level
   36% of our people are female, of those 16% hold roles at management level

    Headcount – 1,311 of which, 9% are at management level
    44% of our people are female, of those 34% hold roles at management level

    Headcount – 205 of which, 16% are at management level
    31% of our people are female, of those 18% hold roles at management level

Other *
    Headcount – 84 of which, 57% are at management level
    37% of our people are female, of those 9% hold roles at management level

UK Executive
    Headcount - 11
    37% of our Executive Team are female

                     * Location is field based or work from home

Health and Well Being

The health, safety and well being of our people is of paramount importance. We are
committed to providing a working environment that protects our people, our
customers and any on-site visitors. Our commitments are:

      The provision and maintenance of equipment and systems of work that are
       safe and without risks to health

      Arrangements for ensuring safety and removal of risks to health in connection
       with the use, handling, storage and transport of articles and substances

      The provision of such information, instruction, training and supervision as is
       necessary to ensure the health and safety at work of our people

      The provision and maintenance of a working environment for our people that
       is safe and without risks to health (including access to and from)

During 2005 / 2006 there were 48 accidents reported on Sage premises, involving
Sage employees. 4 of these were reportable under RIDDOR.

Our people work-life balance policies include:

      Enhanced maternity benefit with the option to take up to a year off

      Paternity and Parental leave

      Adoptive leave to the same level as maternity leave

      A part-time working policy that supports part-time working hours whenever
       practically possible. Our policy ensures that our part-time workers are able to
       develop their career in parallel with their full-time colleagues

      Early retirement scheme

      Emergency and compassionate leave

      25 days holiday in addition to bank holidays

Educational Sponsorship

Our aim is to continually enhance the business and personal skills of our people. To
do this we are committed to:

      Funding and development, which enhances current performance and
       facilitates career progression

      External training and education that supports business objectives
      Line managers make informed decisions supported by a fair and consistent
       selection process together with a defined business case.

      Sustaining professional training and development enabling the Company‟s

Within the UK Business we supported 63 people through educational sponsorship
giving a total for the review period of £58,483.

                    Report 2005 / 2006

Community Investment
Our success and development is built on the communities in which we operate. In
the last year we played an increasingly active part by working with a number of
charities, organisations and our communities.

  North East                                         Supporting           Our
                    Annual          PC & Other
  Enterprise                                          our Local        People’s
                  Charity Day       Recycling
    Bond                                             Economies        Contribution

                  Business in                          Young
                                    Personal                          Community
 Sport Relief         the                             Enterprise
                                   Sponsorship                        Foundation
                  Community                           North East

North East Enterprise Bond (NEEB)

This is the second year of our £250,000 five-year investment with NEEB. The income
is used by NEEB to contribute towards community projects that help to regenerate
social, economic and intellectual capital.

It is the spirit of entrepreneurship that led to the creation of Sage 25 years ago and
as a successful business in our region, we want to encourage this in others. The
NEEB allows us to do this by funding the purchase and running of a number of
„Launch Pads‟ which are dynamic, state of the art mobile vehicles that will tour the
region taking the concept of enterprise to the streets in a completely new and
inspiring way.

Annual Charity Day

Every year, we hold an annual charity day to raise funds for a national charity. In
previous years we have supported the BBC Children In Need campaign however,
after receiving feedback from our people, we have implemented an annual selection
process. This way, our people select the charity supported each year.

In 2006 our people chose to support NSPCC, specifically their Full Stop campaign.
As a result of our fundraising we raised £24,443.65.

PC & Other Recycling

As we update or replace computer hardware, we continue to recycle our old PC‟s.
We work closely with a disposal company who clean the data from each machine
and sell them on at discounted prices. During the review period we disposed of 367
PC‟s for which 100% of the profit was donated to NSPCC.

In addition to this we have set-up other recycling options in support of the Royal
National Institute for the Blind. We currently run recycling schemes for mobile
phones, inkjet cartridges and stamps with all the money raised being donated directly
to Royal National Institute for the Blind.

Supporting our Local Economies

Every year since we began trading, Sage has created new jobs at our headquarters
in Newcastle upon Tyne and our success has played a part in the changing fortunes
of Tyneside during the last few decades. Like the city where Sage was born, we are
fresh thinking, dynamic, friendly and professional.

Over recent years, rapid expansion and acquisition has led to new offices and Sage
training centres being opened throughout the UK and we have brought jobs to
Manchester and Winnersh, as well as to Newcastle.

Our People’s Contribution

In order to support the specific charities that our people are passionate about, we run
a monthly dress down day in each of our UK office locations. This allows an
employee to nominate a charity of their choice. During 2005 / 2006, our people raised
a total of £11377 for:

   Royal National Lifeboat Institution - £185
   Shopmobility - £202
   Alzheimer‟s Society - £190
   Bury Cancer Support Group - £233
   Willow Wood Hospice - £140
   Age Concern Manchester - £207

   Tyneside‟s Children‟s Christmas Party - £1100
   Newcastle Cat and Dog Shelter - £1264
   St John‟s Ambulance – Northumberland Division - £1250
   Sick Children‟s Trust - £1519
   SCOPE - £1215
   Marie Curie - £1048
   NEPAC - £980
   Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture - £903

    Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre - £351
    Parkinson‟s Disease Society - £282
    Cancer Research UK - £308

Sport Relief

For the first time, we opened our contact centre in aid of BBC Sport Relief. The event
was a huge success with over 100 Sage volunteers giving up their Saturday night to
help out. Our volunteers were part of the virtual call centre taking donations over the
telephone from 6.00pm to 12.00am. Taking 2,800 calls and over £68,000 in
donations, we made a huge contribution to the overall success of the appeal.

Business in the Community (BITC)

In August 2005, we joined Business In The Community (BITC), to develop closer
links with our community through employee volunteering.

The community experience and understanding provided by BITC, along with the
involvement of our people, will ensure we provide further support to the communities
within which we work. Since joining, we have been involved in community projects

   Percy Hedley Community Foundation
   Mayfield Glade Community Centre
   Chillingham Road Primary School
   Valley Road Primary School

    Reading Girls School

We will continue to work with BITC to make a difference and will expand our
community volunteering to our Manchester office during 2007.

Personal Sponsorship

We recognise that personal involvement in organised charitable events outside of our
business is good for both Sage and everyone involved. These events not only raise
much-needed funds for the charities but they also help to develop our people.

In recognition of this, we aim to support individuals or groups in the following ways:

      Nearly all of these events require the participant to pay an „entry fee‟. We will
       offer an equivalent sum to the “entry fee”, to a maximum of £500 per
       sponsored event.
      We will provide a „free‟ holiday for each two full days taken to a maximum of
       two days.

So far we have supported two such events, which have seen our people take part in
the Kinabalu Team Challenge in Borneo, raising £3000 for the Trinity Hospice and
The Four Peaks Challenge, raising £7000 for the Wooden Spoon charity.

Young Enterprise North East

In conjunction with Young Enterprise North East, we took part in providing a Summer
School for 50 students from schools around Durham / Tees Valley. The course was
attended by children aged 14 – 15 with the aim to provide ideas on setting up their
own business when they returned to school in the following academic year.

We provided workshops and information on the following business areas:
   Marketing / Sales
   Product Management
   Customer Service
   Sage Start Up product

Community Foundations

Community Foundations across the UK help to build stronger communities by
encouraging local giving. Charitable organisations often apply to the Foundation for
funds to help with their projects; these are then short listed in accordance with our
funding guidelines. Finally our employee forum selects the projects to donate to.

This year, in addition to supporting our head office local community, we extended our
contribution to benefit the local communities of all our UK offices.

Funding Guidelines
When reviewing the applications, we look to support projects which:

      Benefit the community local to each of Sage‟s UK offices in Manchester,
       Newcastle and Winnersh, including adjacent counties
      Provide long term benefits rather than a „quick fix‟
      Help disadvantaged children and families
      Aid local employment and involve issues that relate to our business

On occasion, we provide support to a worthy cause which does not meet the criteria,
but that touches us in some way.

During 2005/2006, Sage donated over £65,000.         The charities and community
projects that benefited include:

   Kurdish Association Centre
   Sale Credit Union
   UK Disabled Fishing Match Council
   Open College Network – Sign Language Centre
   Fasaware UK – North West Support Group

   Newcastle Toy & Leisure Libraries
   Hindu Community
   Catholic Handicapped Fellowship Trust
   Children‟s Foundation
   Fostering under Newcastle
   Percy Hedley Foundation
   Toby Henderson Trust
   Phoenix Detached Youth Project
   Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities
   Friends of Jarrow Autistic Centre
   Berwick Family Centre
   Choysez Project
   The Edward Lloyd Trust
   Mayfield Community Centre


   Homeless Person Kitchen
   Maidenhead & District Scouts
   Furniture Training
   Lower Earley Family Contact Centre
   Bracknell Forest Voluntary Action
   Independent Work Experience Project
   Berkshire Women‟s Aid

                     Report 2005 / 2006

Our Environment
Through carrying out our activities as a supplier of business management software
and services, we have regard for all environmental issues that affect us. As a
minimum, we promise to comply with all relevant environmental legislation and we
strive to continually improve our performance to minimise environmental effects. We
achieve this by integrating environmental considerations into our everyday decisions
from our purchasing policies through to electronic communications where possible.

                                                 Greenhouse            Saving Energy
   Head Office            Recycling
                                                   Gases               Consumption

Head Office

In 2004, we relocated our Global Headquarters to North Park, Newcastle upon Tyne.
The building has a central atrium area that acts as an environmental buffer to
adjacent office accommodation. This works in the same way as a conservatory on a
house, by reducing heat loss from workspaces to the outside in winter, and heat gain
in summer. During warm weather, the atrium is naturally heated by the sun and is
cooled by the low and high-level vents.

The building also maximises natural daylight to reduce the amount of artificial lighting
used. The glass limits glare and heat gain which, given the number of computers and
the open plan nature of the office, allows us to reduce the amount of air conditioning
required for the building.

North Park has passive chilled beams in the ceiling through which cold water is
pumped, which chills the rising hot air as it hits it. It uses a perforated metal ceiling to
allow the air to pass through and to drop back down when cooled.

The waste hot water from the beams is used to supply the atrium under floor heating.
This system is exceptionally environmentally friendly as heat waste is reduced and
because it is passive, runs to optimum efficiency. It also reduces the prevalence of
sick building syndrome.

A computer controlled building management system is used to control the
mechanical and electrical services. Consequently, the building's energy use can be
fine-tuned to minimise fuel consumption. For example, lights use zoned, passive
sensors so that they only switch on when someone is in the space.

Wherever possible we have used materials that are recyclable or from renewable
sources. This includes things that are less visible for example insulation materials
that have zero CFC / HFC omissions in manufacture. Our global headquarters are
designed to reduce the amount of energy used, and hence our carbon footprint.

The building is also airtight. There is little in the way of leaking heated air wasted into
the environment. Sage North Park was the first building of its size to have a full air
test carried out in the North East.


Last year we recycled over 12 tonnes of waste, and held special 'FAB!' days (File it,
Archive it, Bin it!) to encourage the recycling of paper and plastic. Since our move to
North Park we have special recycling facilities on every office floor to enable and
encourage our people to recycle paper, plastic and aluminium.

Our Manchester and Winnersh offices recycle approximately a tonne of waste per
month, including paper, glass, tin, cardboard and plastic. Our used printer cartridges
are removed by our supplier of the printers for recycling across all sites.

At all locations we have designated areas for our people to place recyclable
materials, with clear signage for each type.

Minimising Emission of Greenhouse Gases

Sage recognises that direct energy use from business and transport provides a major
proportion of greenhouse gas emission and we will endeavour to reduce our impact
     Encouraging the use of public transport to attend meetings outside offices
       (usually rail travel)
     Encouraging our people based in Newcastle to use a free bus service to get
       to and from work
     Installing cycle racks, shelters and lockers, and actively encouraging our
       people to cycle to work wherever possible
     Encouraging our people to adopt car sharing in their travel to and from work
       and in travel to meetings
     We have also invested in Video Conferencing facilities at our three UK sites
       to help reduce travel between sites.

Saving Energy Consumption

As part of our ongoing commitment to the environment, we internally promote our
“Switch off your machine - and be more green!” drive. By switching off PCs and
monitors overnight, we have saved the equivalent power needed to run 10 homes a

                    Report 2005 / 2006

Key Objectives for 2006 / 2007
Ethical Trading

Objective                                    Detail and Programme
Provide our people with the option to        Review Fairtrade options available,
purchase Fairtrade goods from our            pilot the introduction of goods, review
vending machines.                            success and roll out across the UK

Our People

Objective                                    Detail and Programme
Design and deliver a talent cycle            Embed successful succession
process supported by the appropriate         planning across the UK business, build
tools and programmes. (2006 – 2008)          regional talent pools and refresh our
                                             training and development tools.

Our Community

Objective                                    Detail and Programme
Implement a robust process and               Work with appropriate business
mechanism that provides our people           streams to determine suitable
with the ability to subscribe to             programmes for our people. Propose
voluntary programmes within local            and implement system and update
education.                                   requirements to support subscription
                                             process. Roll out across the UK
                                             business. Review success of

Our Environment

Objective                                    Detail and Programme
Measure and publish our carbon               Work with appropriate business
footprint along with measures to be          streams to collate and publish our
taken in order to reduce our impact.         footprint. Review best practice and
                                             agree reduction measures. Publish

Objective                                    Detail and Programme
Carry out a minimum of one                   Source environmental community
community volunteer project focusing         volunteer project(s), carrying out a
on improving our environment.                minimum of one, more if possible.


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