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					                                       FAIR HAVEN PTA GENERAL MEETING
                                            Thursday, October 16, 2008
                                                     7:30 PM
                                          Knollwood School – Media Room
                                                          Meeting Called to Order
                                                            Pledge of Allegiance
                               Approval of September General Meeting Minutes (available at meeting)
                                                             Treasurer’s Report
                                                             President’s Report
                                                          Executive Board Reports
                                                                BOE Reports
                                                               Faculty Reports
                                                                Old Business
                                                                New Business
                                                     Adjournment of Business Meeting
                                                        Fair Haven PTA General Meeting Minutes
                                                               Friday, September 19, 2008
                                                               Sickles School – Art Room
                                                                        11:45 AM

For the names of those in attendance, please see the sign-in book kept with the minutes.
The meeting was called to order by President, Carrie Marxen, at 11:47 AM.
SPECIAL GUEST – School Counselor Pam Greenhall
Pam Greenhall gave a great talk entitled “How to Raise a Successful Achiever”. She offers many programs for helping our children during lunch time at
school. Please contact Pam Greenhall at Knollwood if you are interested.
RECORDING SECRETARY’S REPORT: The June minutes were accepted as distributed
TREASURER’S REPORT: (Tina Joyce) August Treasurer’s Report:
Opening Balance: $ 38,744.97 Cash Receipts: $ 0.00                   Cash Disbursed: $ 175.17 Ending Balance: $ 38,569.80
A motion was made to accept the 2008-2009 PTA Budget. It was voted on and passed.
     Thank you Pam Greenhall for coming to speak today.
     Thank you to Bennett Coleman and Vicky Bogardus and their team of volunteers for a great Back to School luncheon.
     Class Parents have met and have begun their duties. We also had a great turn-out for our Ladies Night Out. Thank you to those who came.
     The PTA has acquired a shed. It is located behind Knollwood. We received a donation of paint supplies-rollers, roller brushes and pans- Thank You.
    Thank you to Harvey at FH Hardware for giving us a deal on the paint. Thank you to the boy scouts for volunteering their time to do the painting. It will
    be done next weekend.
     Sign-up for the E-mail blast. The school is doing their own sign-up for BOE information and flyers. Two completely different lists.
     The PTA will continue to offer options for their meetings. Day meetings are at 11:45 at Sickles. If you have small children at home-please feel free to
    bring them. Evening meetings at 7:30pm at Knollwood in the Media Room.
     We are trying to better organize our solicitation efforts. If you frequent a business in FH, and it’s easy to approach them and ask for a donation,
    contact Tori McAndrews. More information in October newsletter.
     Fall has come to mean fundraising. Our calendar is heavy with lots of great choices for our parents. Please check the October newsletter for a
    summary of our fundraisers. Don’t forget-Harvest Fest on October 4th! I would like to thank the businesses and families who purchased scarecrows-they
    are going up this weekend.
Almost 100 scarecrows will go up this weekend. Thank you to Jeff Haenggi for making/donating the additional T’s we needed.
Art Appreciation Gr. 1 – 3: Sign up sheets will be put out on Open House night to hopefully get a few more volunteers. We have a coordinator for each
class, so after the Open House they will begin to schedule the volunteers and hopefully get the program up and running in Oct and Nov.
Directory: The PTA Directory is on schedule. Verification sheets are in the class parent packets. This year we received the class roster information on
time from the school and Linda completed merging ahead of schedule. We completed the PTA Description, PTA Officers and Committees listing, School
Administration, Timetable, and Directory Information Changes sections. The next steps are to complete the Teacher Assignments section and
AKAs. Janice (Designer) will prepare an electronic version of the layout this week since this is new for her. We will prepare roster and student directory
lists the week of Sept 15. Our proof reading sessions are scheduled for Friday, September 26, 9AM - 11AM and 12:15PM-2:15PM. We expect the
directory to be available mid-October. After we publish the directory we will work out a process for 2009-2010 to include cell phone numbers. Many
parents want to list an additional number in the directory
Parent’s E-mail Directory: All updates have been received and a September version will be emailed to everyone this weekend
Back to School Staff Luncheon: We feed over 180 faculty and staff and came in under budget due to everyone's generosity and supplies handed down to
us from last year.
TCSP: In early October will send a reminder to the principals about the committee, and to let them know what our budget is for the year.
Solicitation Chair: Carrie Marxen is attending the Fair Haven Business Association meeting to see if we coordinate our list of FH businesses with theirs.
Class Parent Coordinators: Knollwood: A huge thank you to all the class parents that I had to beg and bribe to take on the big responsibility.
Sickles: 45 Class Parents are in place for Grades Pre-K through 3rd grade. By Sept. 4th, all teachers were notified via email the names of their Class
Parents along with their telephone numbers and email addresses. The Class Parent Orientation meeting was held on Sept. 9th and was attended by all
Sickles Class Parents. Families of all Sickles Students shall be receiving phone calls by their Class Parents to verify information for the FH PTA Directory.
Family Fun Activities: The Calendar of Events:
Bingo- Friday, October 17th- 6:30 Knollwood All-Purpose Room               Bowling- Sunday, January 25th- Memory Lanes
Bingo- Friday, March 13th- Knollwood All-Purpose Room                      Keansburg Water Park- June 2009
Community Action and Awareness aka Health and Safety: The neighbor Watch meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 18. It will be at the Youth
Center and mayor Halfacre will be our guest speaker. He will be talking about the importance of e-mail chains as well as the importance of being informed
within your town. He will touch on setting up a neighborhood Watch program(probably via e-mail) and different ways that we can keep ourselves and our
kids safe and how to be a better,informed citizen.
Holiday Gift Giving: Sickles: children will still be donating gifts to the Monmouth County Foster Parents Assoc. this year. Children at Sickles from grades
pre-k-3 will also make holiday decorations for the Jersey Shore Pediatric Aids Unit as in past years. Procedure remains the same so far with students at
Sickles picking out a gift tag (with parent permission) and dropping their unwrapped present in designated boxes throughout the hallways. Details on this
project will go home via printed sheets, PTA weekly blast and PTA newsletter.
Recess Equipment: Met with Mr. Famulary and he is putting together the list of items he would like, and Rachel Bronstein is doing the same for Sickles.
Cultural Enrichment: The Assembly Planning Committee has been busy putting together a great schedule for the upcoming year. We're finalizing plans to
have a Flamenco group perform at our schools during the last week of September. Additionally, we have confirmed plans to have Thula Sizwe: The
Group Zulu come to Sickles and Knollwood Schools in late November. This group will enliven the students with a glimpse of African traditions. We look
forward to a whole year of enriching assemblies, ranging from song and dance to science, history to live animals.
Gift Wrap: All the Gift Wrap packets were delivered to the classrooms and the sale is officially started. Orders are due back to the classrooms by Friday,
Sept 26 and class parents should have them by Monday, Sept 29th.
Friends of Different Learners: FDL will be kicking off the school year with their first meeting on Tuesday, October 21st at 7:30pm in the Knollwood Media
Room. Two Speech Pathologists will speak on the topic of "Language and Processing Disorders". All are welcome to attend. If you would like to join the
information e-mail list-please contact
Fifth Grade Social Dance and Etiquette: Carolyn O’Connor is working on a date
PTA Membership: Mary Pat has been picking up the membership/directory order forms every day from both schools, and has begun processing them and
entering them into the database.
New Parent Communication: The kindergarten picnic went well with perfect weather for making new friends. Welcome packets, including a school
calendar, an updated community contacts sheet, school directory & welcome letter, were delivered to all known new families in the school district. Class
parents are reminded to alert their class ambassador when a new student is introduced into their child's classroom during the school year. Special thanks
to Niccole Lucich and Carrie Marxen for extra help (and apple juice) at the kindergarten picnic!
Parent Book Group: 1st meeting this Tuesday 9/30/08 9:25AM @ Sickles Library. Join us in September as we read A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's
Purpose by well known spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle.
Harvest Fest: The committee is working really hard to pull this year’s HF together. The date is Oct. 4th 12:30-4:30 on the grounds of Knollwood School.
We have pony rides, a DJ, the KICK dancers, a traveling juggler, tons of games and fall fun for kids of all ages. The pumpkin decorating contest is back
as is the apple pie bake off. The FH fire department is generously allowing us to use 25 tables and the county owned smoke house that will teach kids
how to “stop, drop and roll” along with other important fire safety tips. We need LOTS of volunteers so please if you are attending this PTA meeting-
please talk it up among your friends and neighbors. Thanks for your help!
Luncheon: Planning for the 25th Anniversary PTA Luncheon is underway. The event will take place on Sat., Feb 28th, 2009 at the Sheraton Eatontown.
Our theme will revolve around the silver anniversary and the beach. We are busy filling key committee positions and are pleased to announce that many
volunteers from last year will continue in their positions. We have received permission from Jamie Turner to hold an informational meeting for potential
volunteers during the third week of October at Sickles School before pick-up. Exact date TBD.
Family Portrait: New Photographer chosen after receiving bids – Visual Xpressions. Price will be $30 this year versus $25 in the past. For this you
receive a free 8x10 plus ½ hour sitting and viewing of proofs on-line. Holiday cards will be available this year. Package prices will be available prior to
committing to fundraiser. Sitting dates will be end of October first week in November. “Coming Soon” info flyer done and is to be dropped next week.
Next Flyer with prices will drop 1st week of Oct. Sign up flyer shortly after. Info submitted for Newsletter. Will submit info for next Blast.
Spiritwear: Samples to be at Open House. Flyer going home.
Clothing Drive : Will begin in October.
FACULTY REPORT: (RoseAnn LaBrocca)
Thank You to the PTA for the Back To School Luncheon. Thank You from Kristen Wall for fulfilling the grant that enable the digital camera.
Thank You card given to the PTA from Rose Raibick for the digital camera.
NEW BUSINESS: A motion was made to accept the changes in the Fair Haven PTA By-Laws. It was voted on and passed.
Janet Clapp gave a brief overview for a possible change in the Holiday Gift Giving charity to Lunch Break for the 4 -6th grades. This will be further
discussed and decided on at the next Exec. Board meeting.
Wrapping Paper Sales, Harvest Fest, Clothing Drive, Spiritwear, Coupon Books
Meeting adjourned by President Carrie Marxen at 12:35PM.

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