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					                               The Guild WSG Newsletter
                                                                                           Western Swing Guild

                                                                                              Western Swing / Traditional
                                            August 2011                                         Country /Gospel Music

   Dedicated To The Preservation & Promotion of Western Swing / Traditional Country Music

                   In this Issue                                                                           Hatch Music Festival
Page 1: President’s Report, Jimmy Tomlinson-Hatch                                                      The Hatch Chile Festival, (Hatch, NM –
         Music Festival, Howard Higgins-Editors Note.                                                  chile capital of the US) and Western
                                                                                                       Swing Guild’s first official function is com-
Page 2: Executive Consultants
                                                                                                       ing up Sept. 3rd and 4th, 2011. All WSG
Page 3: Chuck Cusimano, “Keeping It Real,” CD Review-                                                  members are invited to attend. All Mem-
         Rebecca Linda Smith                                                                           bers can email me at tomlinson-
Page 4: Northwest Western Swing Society HOF Awards                                            and I will send you a
Page 5: Rhonda Craig-Western Swing Dancer’s Network,                       Jimmy Tomlinson             free pass. All WSG members get in free.
         Graham Lees-News From the United Kingdom
                                                                           The festival always brings in from 10,000-20,000 people each year.
Page 6: Mike Gross’-Swingin’ West Top Ten, Billy Bowles
                                                                           The Delk Band will be playing on Saturday, Sept. 3rd from 12:30 pm to
         Top Ten, Totsie Slover Top Ten, A-10 Cartoon                      4 pm with other entertainers in between. Sept. 4th, the Yarbrough Family
Page 7: Western Swing Society of CA, HOF Awards                            band will be performing from 2-closing with live auction in between.
         Show, Bill McCallie’s Top Songs, Lincoln                          The Hatch Chili Festival is located in Hatch, New Mexico off of I-
         County Cowboy Symposium                                           25 between Las Cruces and T or C, NM. In Hatch, the festival is
Page 8: Joe Baker Top Ten, Graham Lees Top Ten,                            located at the Airport. For more info, go to www.hatchchilifest.
         Denise Pederson Article, A-10 Cartoon                             com You must have your tickets at the gate. Please send me your
Page 9: River Road Boys, 40 Years of Western Swing                         address so I can get you a free pass in the mail as soon as possible.
Page 10: River Road Boys (Cont.)                                           Both of these bands play the kind of music we all love and you'll love
Page 11: River Road Boys (Cont.), Silver Strings Ball-                     them too. ~ Jimmy Tomlinson, WSG Treasurer
         room Western Swing Days
Page 12: Joe Paul Nichols’ Obituary

                                                                                                                     Editor’s Note:
                                                                                                         The Board of Advisors would like to take
                                                                                                         this opportunity to apologize to the
                                   President’s Report                                                    membership for lack of information on
                            As publisher of the Backforty Bunk-                                          what is going on within the organization.
                            house Newsletter, I have made the de-                                        We have a hundred things going on at
                            cision to retire the publication. I think it                                 any one time especially since we are a
                            is very important to have a newsletter                                       new fledgling organization with so many
                            that represents “The Western Swing                 Howard Higgins            things to initially take care of to operate
                            Guild.” Therefore the publication will be
                                                                            smoothly and efficiently. These things cannot be accomplished over-
                            titled “THE GUILD.” We will be charting
                                                                            night. We hope our new “The Guild” newsletter will help alleviate part
                            western swing, traditional country and
       Joe Baker                                                            of this problem.
                            country gospel music.
                                                                            The general structure of the Western Swing Guild’s hierarchy is a
All disc jockeys who play these genres of music are encouraged to           board of directors which is the decision making body of the WSG
email your top ten playlists to be included in each months issue of         (called “Board of Advisors” by the requirements of a “Non-Profit LLC”
The Guild. We will be compiling and charting your music that is             in which we are registered in the state of New Mexico as such). Di-
played on your radio shows.                                                 rectly below the board are “Consultants” that have no voting privi-
On the Backforty Roundup compilation CD for vol. #49, August, 2011          leges but are special advisors and consultants to the board who may
will contain a PSA with Jody Nix about the Western Swing Guild that         give input on all major decisions voted on. These “Consultants” we
DJs can air on their radio shows. Howard Higgins will be the editor         have given the name “Executive Consultants” because they will
of The Guild, so send your articles, play lists and other news con-         serve “two positions.” The first is their advisory duties to the board
cerning Western Swing / Traditional Country / Gospel Music to him at        and second they have been specifically chosen from various areas of We also need a headshot photo of you to go              the US and overseas to report to the board and membership what is
with your articles and playlists if you are just coming on board.           happening in the genres of Western Swing / Traditional Country / Gos-
-Joe Baker, President-Western Swing Guild / Publisher “The Guild.”          pel in their area of the world. At present we have an Executive Con-
                                                                            sultant from the “East Coast,” one from the “West Coast,” one from the
                                                                            United Kingdom and one from Alberta, Canada plus we have an ex-
                                                                            cellent (Continued on Next Page…)
and experienced Gospel Music Executive Consultant. Our original
intentions from the beginning were to make the Western Swing Guild                                   EC Dr. Frank Smith
an International Organization, we are on our way. We don’t choose
the Executive Consultant lightly, we choose them on their passion,
                                                                                                             El Paso, TX
dedication, and knowledge of our genres of music. We plan to add                                  Professional Music Business and Ministry:
more in the future that will hopefully represent our initial intention of                         Co-owner of Renewed Records and RLS
becoming an international society.                                                                Renewed Publishing in El Paso, Texas with
Our present Executive Consultants are spread out in sparse areas but                              spouse, Rebecca Linda Smith, who is a
we hope to narrow these areas so that we may get a better represen-                               Nashville recording artist and Inspirational
tation of how our music fairs in smaller areas of the world. In the next
                                                                                Dr. Frank Smith   Country / Gospel singer and songwriter.
page of the newsletter I will introduce you to our Executive Consult-
ants briefly. Their bios are on the website in which you can check
them out at your leisure. First, is our new Executive Consultant from
Alberta, Canada, Denise Pederson, her bio is not posted on the web-
site yet so I will include it in its entirety here.                                                       EC Sue Gallup
                                                                                                        La Plata, Maryland
                                EC Denise Pederson
                                                                                                   Being from Oklahoma, grew up on West-
                              I was born and raised here in beautiful,                             ern Swing music. I have memories of
                              yet rather chilly Alberta, Canada. All my                            being sent upstairs to bed when my par-
                              Great -Grandparents immigrated to this                               ents would roll back the rugs in the fam-
                              area from South Dakota around the                                    ily room and invite friends and family out
                              same time in the very early 1900’s. My
                                                                                  Sue Gallup       for a Saturday night dance.
                              mom’s father loved to play fiddle his en-
                              tire life. In the late 1920’s he would be
                              fiddling at all the barn dances, and other
house gatherings, with my Grandma chording along on the piano. My
dad’s parents also held constant summer Barn dances in this era too,                                   EC A-10 Etcheverry
right up until the barn was filled full of hay for the long cold winter                                          T or C, NM
months. The love for music has always been in my heart, and I would
spend many of my childhood days with my Grandpa, when they had                                     Nothing is safe from his pen; everything
retired to town. How blessed I am to have these memories!!                                         from real drawing paper to mine produc-
I remember many years ago, telling a hometown Country Music artist                                 tion reports, oil field water ticket booths,
friend, that my favorite song was Faded Love by Bob Wills and the                                  telephone directories, bar napkins and
Texas Playboys. Little did I know this many years later, I would have                              bathroom walls. A-10 is WSG’s resident
the privilege to not only enjoy hearing and experiencing more of this                 A-10         artist and consultant.
amazing music, but to also have the opportunity to have a small part in
keeping it being heard!!! I also have a passion and great love for the
stories surrounding the music and artists history too!! I believe it is
very important the world knows about it and has the opportunity to
hear of the many wonderful artists that are carrying on the tradition. In
                                                                                                        EC Graham Lees
the past years, I have been blessed by hearing and meeting great ,                                      Yorkshire, England
very talented Western Swing , Traditional Country, Country Gospel
artists and their music through their venues, great internet radio shows                           Graham is from the United Kingdom, he
and through satellite radio.                                                                       really needs no introduction, he has been
                                                                                                   a contributor to the Backforty Bunkhouse
I have had the great privilege in assisting the dear and sincere pro-                              Newsletter since it was established years
gram directors for the XM-Sirius channel, Enlighten 34, with their live                            ago. He has an extensive knowledge in all
broadcasting from the National Quartet Convention held in Louisville,            Graham Lees       aspects of Country Music, plus he’s a DJ.
Kentucky. This annual experience has been amazing for this small
town Alberta girl! I also got to see firsthand and be part of, how quickly
the mighty hand of Satellite can change who and what is being heard.
I have learned through this experience that persistence can bring
some good, although different results through such unexpected
changes. I wholeheartedly believe all this music needs to have places
                                                                                               Joe Baker’s
to be heard, I have and will continue to do my best to get the word out
in as many quality ways that I can!!
                                                                               Backforty Bunkhouse Productions
                                                                              Volume 49 Roundup CD Compilation
                                   EC Cathi Parson                           Still has a few positions open. This Sampler CD
                                  Southern California                          is sent to over 180 DJs throughout the US &
                               Did promotional work for the Timewarp         Canada with downloads available for overseas
                               Tophands, Billy Mata, publisher CSWM           DJs. Only $150 per song. Limited Time Avail-
                               Newsletter & Entertainment Director for
                               the CSWM Hall of Fame and former DJ            able — Secure a position for your song today.
                               at KPIR 1420 AM in Granbury, TX.                          Overseas artists welcome.
      Cathi Parson
                                   “Keeping It Real”                       again. Plus, it's a great way for a Country Musician to contribute to
                                                                           “Keeping It Real.”
                                 Senior Citizen Dances
                                                                           Chuck can be reached at            visit his web-
                            I consider myself very fortunate to play       site, Sign the guestbook.
                            some Senior Citizen Dances in the Fort
                            Worth Area. Places like the Springtown
                            Senior Citizen Center, The Half-Century
                            on Craig Street and the Lions Club                                                 Rebecca Linda Smith
                            Dances in Pantego. The misinformed
  Chuck Cusimano            person, upon hearing "Senior Citizen,”
                                                                                                                  “True Love”
likes to conger up the thought of a Nursing Home. Nothing could be                                       Editor’s Note: Rebecca Linda Smith is
farther from the truth. A lot of the "Young Folks" cannot keep pace                                      the wife of Dr. Frank Smith, WSG’s Ex-
with the Seniors that dance five or six nights a week. Although there                                    ecutive Consultant for Gospel Music.
are a lot of retired folks there enjoying the dance music (provided by                                   She has several CDs out of both Tradi-
a live band, mostly, but not restricted to, Country Dance music.) Any-                                   tional Country & Gospel. This review
one can attend the dances if they can come up with the small cover                                       appeared last month in CountryChart.
charge (Usually $5.00 per person).                                                                       com magazine.

I have noticed families coming to these dances for a long time. By         Approaching the new album "True Love" by Rebecca Linda Smith is
that I mean Grandma and Grandpa with son and daughter in law/              like stepping back in time to the days when the women of country mu-
daughter and son in law and the grand kids too! They will teach the        sic boldly and expressively mixed country and gospel to form a blessed
youngsters how to dance a two-step, and get them involved with the         union of musical bliss that is sorely lacking in most of the music of to-
line dance and a specialty, the "Chair Dance". By now, you'd have to       day. The album begins with the title track "True Love" which show-
live under a rock to have never heard of a line dance (I remember          cases Smith's hearty country vocals. The opening lyrics build to a rous-
Odessa TX in 1973 and the first time I saw the forerunner to line          ing melodic and memorable chorus that fires on all cylinders. However,
dancing. It was called the "Four Corners"). The Chair Dance evolved        the album's best track by a mile is the masterpiece duet with country
from an old time "dance-a-thon" called the "Waterfall" where the           music star Marty Raybon titled "Not Knowing Anymore" which is remi-
women would line up and the men would form a line and when reach-          niscent of power ballads from the worlds of country music (Dolly Par-
ing the head of the line, would dance with the woman at the front of       ton/Kenny Rogers) and contemporary Christian music (Sandi Patty/
her line. The couple would then dance to the back of the building and      Larnelle Harris). The combined voices of Smith and Raybon are musi-
separate, and each would then walk back to get in their respective         cal perfection.
lines again. Someone thought of placing a chair to signify the head        Smith, whose maiden name is Garcia, joined the military to become a
of the line. Then someone placed a chair at the back of the room and       linguist but eventually became a Heavy Vehicle Mechanical Mainte-
the men and women separated, and went to the line, now forming, at         nance Officer. Rebecca Linda (Garcia) Smith grew up in a military
the back of the building. Then this couple danced to the front of the      household as well, and this experience shaped her world view and is
hall, and the process keeps repeating. The band plays continuous           evident in her passionate vocal performance of songs like "Walk Of
music (usually switching singers and songs) for fifteen or twenty min-     Faith" and the terrific "Love You More Now." She pays tribute to her
utes. This is a favorite for the women because they get to dance           Lone Star heritage with "Texas State Of Mind" and offers an inspired
even if they don't have a dance partner for the night. Actually, that is   gospel performance on the reverent cut "Come As You Are." The pace
the reason the line dance is so popular at the Senior Centers also.        picks up with "Body Language" which is Tex-Mex musical gold. The
Over the seven years I have been playing for these dances, I've be-        same is true of "Old El Paso." The song "Easy Loving You" showcases
come great friends with some of the finest folks you'd ever hope to        a more nuanced and softer side of Smith. The reflective song would be
meet. I also lost several good friends to over this time period. It's      an easy fit on both country and easy listening radio formats.
heartbreaking to go to their funerals, but in almost every case the        The country rock side of Smith is put forth on "Because Of Your Love."
dancing prolonged their life and made it pleasant to meet and greet        The tracks "Change Your Mind" and "Always, Always" hearken back to
so many friends at the dances. One old friend, that comes to mind,         the country music of years gone by. "Jesus Rock Of Love" is uptempo
was having the time of his life dancing, shaking hands, drinking cof-      gospel perfection. However, the best is saved for last with the patriotic
fee and visiting with everyone one night and the next morning he got       gospel anthem "America, America."
up, went to his favorite chair, and passed quietly away.
                                                                           Rebecca Linda Smith's new album from Renewed Records is an
The dancers come from miles away or from across town with one              amazing musical tribute to God and country that deserves a prominent
goal, to dance and enjoy “REAL COUNTRY MUSIC." They all know               place in the music collection of any fan of country or gospel music. In-
the musicians; they can name the bands that play there, who the mu-        deed, Rebecca Linda Smith's "True Love" is a recording that will be
sicians are and what the schedule is. They keep up with who's been         cherished and truly loved by music fans of all ages.
sick or who bought a new car, or who went where for the holidays. It
is a network of friends. They come in all shapes and sizes, and from
all backgrounds imaginable. The rich, or "well off" and the "barely
getting by” go from table to table, chair to chair to shake hands with
their friends. And let a new person show up, and they will be greeted
                                                                           Texas Senate Concurrent Resolution NO. 35 Has
with warm smiles and introductions. Soon, the newcomer can tell            Designated Western Swing as the Official State
you things about the individuals in the crowd.                             Music of Texas & Approved by Texas Governor
I have a lot of friends who live in other places, that tell me that they   Rick Perry on June 17, 2011. Help Preserve this
can't find anyplace to play Real Country Music anymore and I tell
them to find some other musicians that are willing to start a move-        State (and National) Treasure of Music by Joining
ment to start playing for the Senior Citizens. They nearly all love        the “Western Swing Guild” today. Go To www.
Real Country and would welcome the opportunity to start dancing  , fill out an application
again. It's Great exercise, and good clean fun. The places where I
play are non-smoking and non-drinking and the music is not loud. It's      and send it in Today.

                                                                                       Western Swing Guild
perfect for a retired person to get off the couch and start moving
        HALL OF FAME, 2011
FRIDAY - August 12th
10:00 AM   JAM
12:15 PM   WELCOME – LeRoy King, MC
           FLAG PRESENTATION - Ed & Lou
12:30 PM   Detour Band
1:45 PM
3:00 PM
           Patty McConnell & The Travelin' Four
           Bill Enyeart & Dry Creek
                                                         Presents The
4:15 PM
5:30 PM
           Keith Holter & Longhorn
           Western Wranglers
                                                       21st ANNUAL
6:45 PM    Bob Cobb & Friends

8:00 PM    Lloyd Hooper & Cascade Ramblers
9:15 PM    Gerry Adamus & Canadian All-Stars

                                                  WESTERN SWING
10:30 PM   JAM

SATURDAY - August 13th
10:00 AM   JAM
                                                  MUSIC FESTIVAL
12:15 PM   WELCOME - Lloyd Hooper, MC

                                                  At the Auburn, WA
12:30 PM   Sharyn Lee & The Sundowners
1:30 PM    Western Wranglers
2:30 PM    Butch Gibson & Pardners
3:30 PM    Patty McConnell & The Travelin' Four

                                                      Eagles Club
4:30 PM    Renegade Train
5:30 PM    Bill Enyeart & Dry Creek
6:30 PM    Gerry Adamus & Canadian All-Stars
7:30 PM    Mike Faast & The Jangles
8:30 PM    Keith Holter & Longhorn
9:30 PM    Bob Cobb & Friends                        THURSDAY - August 11th
10:30 PM   JAM
                                                   5:30 p.m. Join us in greeting
SUNDAY - August 14th                               our Out-Of-Town Guests at a
          WELCOME - Ray Shawley, MC               No-Host Social Gathering with
   FLAG PRESENTATION - Lou & Ed Bischoff
       OPENING SONG - Cindy Deleon                      dinner from 5:30-7:30.
               RayShawley                         7:00 p.m. Music Jamboree
11:30 AM
1:00 PM
            Ballroom Closed 11:30 AM 12:00 PM
            Lloyd Hooper & Cascade Ramblers
                                                  featuring our Out-Of-Town
3:00 PM
4:00 PM
           Inductee Band
           Bob Cobb & Friends
5:00 PM    Bill Enyeart & Dry Creek
6:00 PM
7:00 PM
8:00 PM
           Gerry Adamus & Canadian All-Stars
           Butch Gibson & Pardners
           Patty McConnell & The Travelin' Four
                                                   Everyone Welcome
9:00 PM    JAM
                              Western Swing Dancer’s                                                       From the United Kingdom
                                 Network (WSDN)                                                         My first trip to Texas was June 2001
                                                                                                        when my wife Marlene and I spent three
                        We are home! We have spent 2 weeks help-
                                                                                                        weeks on honeymoon travelling around
                        ing our son pack then move to Hattiesburg,
                                                                                                        the Lone Star State. We started at The
                        Mississippi from Enid OK…almost 800 miles. I
                                                                                                        Legends of Western Swing Festival,
                        suspect I will know this road very well in the
                                                                                                        Wichita Falls where Mrs Gloria Miers
                        months to come. We drove it all in 13 hours
                                                                                                        who organises the three day event made
                        and I am still wiped out. The humidity there            Graham Lees
  Rhonda Craig                                                                                          us very welcome.
nearly did us in! Driving off and leaving part of me there was almost       In 2005 I was invited to the Academy of Western Artists convention
more than I could bear…but God is gracious and gives us strength            and the Will Rogers Award show where I met Jim Anderson from
when we need it. I apologize for not being able to get the news to eve-     Amarillo. Jim heads the western trio Palo Duro named after the sec-
ryone about Buddy Thornton’s Mother’s funeral; the passing of Joye          ond biggest canyon in America and subsequently we become very
Thompson’s sister Virgie O’Daniel or the progress of some of our            good friends.
other prayer needs. I will try in the next few days to get caught up
however I will be gone again for a wedding so… here I go again!             In June (2011) Marlene and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary
                                                                            and decided to do so at the Legends of Western Swing Festival where
I trust everyone who ordered WSDN shirts received them in the mail. I       we had started our honeymoon. Landing at Dallas, the following day
did get them out just before we left. I know I have many checks in the      we drove to Amarillo for a weeks stay with Jim and his lovely wife
unopened mail downstairs but I promise I will get to that soon as well.     Ann. Over the weekend of 9th-12th June the Route 66 International
                                                                            Festival took place on 6th Avenue (locally known as 6th Street) cele-
A word about friends on this Western Swing network: There are three         brating 85 years of the Mother Road. 6th Street was closed to traffic
couples that we met a few years back at the Snyder Festival who             on Saturday giving fans the freedom to wander around and admire the
came all the way from Mississippi. We became friends through the            many exhibits of classic cars, pickups and motor cycles that lined both
various events and through these email correspondences. These               sides of the street.
three couples live only about 20 miles from our son who is now in           Wednesday morning was a short Texas drive (225 miles) down to
Mississippi. Rachael & Currie Davis, Lloyd and Vivian Speed, and            Wichita Falls for the Legends of Western Swing Festival and meet-up
Jackie and Kelton Bullock showed up at our son’s new home on                with more friends and a pre-festival dinner. With a very warm wel-
Thursday with the best food I have ever had! They brought cake,             come from Miss Gloria we had three days of wonderful western
Chicken tortilla soup and all the fixins, all kinds of sandwiches, chips,   swing at the Multi-Purpose Events Center. On the Thursday it was
all the paper goods, plastic ware, ice and tea! Lord knows all of us        both my birthday and 10th wedding anniversary and some of the best
were hot, tired, hungry and feeling very alone being far far away from      western swing bands in the country. Three bands performing each
home. We couldn’t even find the box of glasses to get a drink of water!     day for both afternoon and evening shows saw John England & The
Then these brave friends invited us to join them for dinner the next        Western Swingers from Nashville opening the festival, followed by
night for the best catfish in Mississippi at Murphy’s. We showed up         Grammy Award winning Bobby Flores & Yellow Rose Band. The
looking like the last roses of summer as we came dragging into that         final band for Thursday was Austin’s Red Voelkaert Band that in-
restaurant… but they didn’t care and didn’t act embarrassed. This is        cluded steel player Cindy Cashdoller and piano pounder Floyd
the kind of folks we have as friends in this western swing family. God      Domino. A young 8 year old called Jackson who was there with his
bless them …they are angels! I will never again see a family moving         grandparents from Louisiana attached himself to our group showing of
that I don’t go home and get food and drinks for that weary displaced       his new cowboy boots, hat twirling and buck-dancing skills.
family. I never knew how much that would mean until this experience.
Thanks for your patience, your prayers for our family in this transition,   Friday and the music continued with Jimmy Burson & Texas in the
and for all the continued prayers for all those who still need us on the    Swing, the great Dennis Ivey Band who I hadn’t seen before, plus
prayer line. Thanks to all for your love.                                   Ted Scanlon & Desperados from New Mexico. With two large dance
                                                                            floors the swing fans were well accommodated to two-step around the
The following are the listings for some events in August and Septem-        floor from 12-30pm until 11-00pm. Saturday opened with Tony Harri-
ber. I know there may be others but I only pass along information on        son & Hot Texas out of Austin. Tony hails from London and told me
the ones I receive.                                                         that he and his wife moved to the USA in the 1960’s. Wichita Falls’
August:                                                                     very own Eddie McAlvain & The Mavericks was next on stage. Brit-
11th Cains Ballroom Tulsa Playboys                                          ain’s own Swing Commanders had the privilege to close both the
18-19-20 Fiddlers in Wagoner OK @ Western Hills Resort                      afternoon and evening shows. This was the second time the Swing
                                                                            Commanders had played The Legends Festival and once again they
September:                                                                  took the place by storm, thrilling the crowd with some great western
8-9-10 Bowie TX @ Silver Strings Ballroom                                   swing and showmanship along with their D.J. friend, GI-Jive (Ian
15-16-17 Madill OK @ Pacesetters Ballroom                                   Hartley) and his wife Sheilagh demonstrating their terrific 40’s dance
22-23-24 Amarillo TX (WSMSS) @ Fifth Seasons Hotel                          routines. This was my fourth time at the Legends of Swing Festival
If you know of any other events and you would like me send out the          and I look forward to the next time I can make it to Wichita Falls!!!
information please let me know.

                                  Visit The “Western Swing Music                                                  Mike Gross’ Swingin’ West
                                  Society of The Southwest’s” Web                                                         Website
                            "Swingin' West"- Mike Gross
                              KSEY-FM, Seymour, TX                                                A-10 Etcheverry
                                   August, 2011                                               A-10’s Cartoon Company
                        Songs                                                                         Box 3713
                        1. It’s a Good Day- Leon Rausch &                                        T or C, NM 87901
                              Asleep at the Wheel                                          Custom Cowboy Artwork
                        2. Texas Swing/Sun Bonnet Sue/
                           Sweet Jenny Lee- Ricky Boen &
                                                                                              Christmas Cards
                            Texas Mud
3. A Heartbeat Ago– Joe Settlemire (Vocal- Kim Townsend)
4. Go Man, Go- Don Burnham
5. High Country- Billy Mata & Texas Tradition
6. West of Santa Rosa- Texas Trailhands
7. Angel Judy- Jody Nix
8. September Rain- Paul Moore
9. Sweet Maddie Cates- RJ Vandygriff
10. Texas To A “T”- The Ball Family
1. It’s a Good Day- Leon Rausch & Asleep at the Wheel
2. The Western Swing Authority-The Western Swing Authority
3. 3 Trails West- 3 Trails West
4. This is Tommy Duncan- Volume Two- Billy Mata & Texas
5. Swing Big- Tony Harrison & Hot Texas
6. I Dreamed Count Basie Was a Cowboy- Don Burnham
7. Have You Ever Even Heard of Milton Brown?- Great Re
   cession Orchestra
8. It’s A Swing Thing- Tony Smith
9. Twin Fiddles Turn Me On- Jody Nix
10. Back in the Saddle Again- Buck Pizzarelli & West Texas

                              Totsie Slover
                             AM 1230 – KOTS
                         Deming, NM    Top 10 CDs
                       Email is
                      1 Tommy Duncan Vol. II – Billy Mata
                      2 Oklahoma 1955 – Les Gilliam
                      3. t’s A Good Day – Alseep At The Wheel/
                         Leon Rausch
                      4 Cookin’ With Carolyn – Carolyn Martin                                  Swinging Country With Billy B
                                                                                                 Saturday 9:05 AM - 10:AM
 5 Twin Fiddles Turn Me On – Jody Nix
 6 Swing Me A Song – Chuck Cusimano                                                             KJDL 1420 AM Lubbock TX
 7 Swingtime In The Rockies – Open Range                                                         Listen on the web at
 8 Western Bliss – Stephanie Davis                                                   
 9 Lucky Seven – The Desperados
 10 In My Spare Time Vol. 5 – Brady Bowen                                                     1 It's A Good Day - Asleep At the
                                                                                                 Wheel - Leon Rausch
                                                                                              2 Twin Fiddles Turn Me On -Jody Nix
                                                                 3 Stay ALL Night - Billy Mata (This is Tommy Duncan Vol 1)
                           Brady Bowen & Friends                 4 Lie To Him - Amber Digby
                                                                 5 I Bought The Shoes - Landon Dodd
                           Newest CD Release                     6 Number One Loser - Johnny Johnson
                          “A Tribute To Billy Dozier”
                                                                 7 Mind Breakin Blues - Johnny Bush
                                                                 8 If I Sang The Rose Of San Antone - Larry Goddard
                           Available Now on www.                 9 If The Fiddles Playing - Mark Powell with Curtis Potter
                 or www.
                                                                 10 I turned her on to Country - Will Banister

     Brady Bowen
                         The Western Swing Society
                   30th Annual Hall of Fame Music Festival
                         September 29 & 30 - October 1 & 2, 2011
                        Four Days of Dancing Fun
                          GREAT WESTERN SWING BANDS
                           FROM ALL OVER THE COUNTRY
                            FOR LISTENING AND DANCING
                Special Western Swing Room Rates at
                  The Hotel Sierra-Rancho Cordova located at:
                  11260 Point East Drive, Rancho Cordova, CA
             Call 916-638-4141 or go to:
        Hall of Fame Inductions on Sunday, October 2, 2011
                  For information call 916-974-1236

                                       Bill McCallie's
                                        Cowboy Jubilee
                                        WSMC 90.5 FM
                                      Sundays at 6 pm EST
                                 •.    Buddy Emmons and Ray          22nd Annual Lincoln County Cowboy Symposium.
                                      "Just Swinging," "One Min      Thursday Night, October 6th, The Texas Playboys featuring
                                       ute with You"                   Leon Rausch & Tommy Allsup and Mel Tillis & The Statesiders
                                                                     Friday Night, October 7th — Ray Reed stage, Billy Mata & The
•   The Quebe Sister's Band—"You don't care what happens               Texas Tradition, Jake Hooker & The Outsiders and Jody Nix &
    to me," "There's a rainbow over the range," "Air mail Special"     The Texas Cowboys.
•   Bobby Flores—"Too many rivers," "My life's been a pleas-         Saturday Night, October 8th — Ray Reed Stage, Jody Nix &
    ure," "How long is forever this time"                               The Texas Cowboys and Dave Alexander & His Big Texas
•   Carolyn Martin—"When you're Smilin"                                  Swing Band.
•   Jody Nix—"Play me something I can swing to"                      4 Continous Stages featuring Jimmy Burson, Brady Bowen, Gil
                                                                     Prather, The Saddle Cats, Byron Berline, Justin Trevino, Darrell &
Gospel Songs                                                         Mona McCall, The Sidekicks and many many more.
• Red Steagal—"Church at the Wagon"                                  Joe Baker Master of Ceremonies — Billy's Sports Bar Stage.
• Johnny Cash—"Are all the children in"                              Larry Scott Master of Ceremonies — Ray Reed Sage.
• Don Edwards—"The Masters Call," "Wayfarin’ Stranger"               Pete Laumbach MC — Larry McWhorter Stage
• The Whites—"Daddy's hands"
                                                                     Sunday morning free country gospel music. Tickets 575-378-
• Doug Flowers—"Born Again"
                                                                     4431 or online at Email:
• In Cahoots—"God Must Be A Cowboy At Heart"
                          Yorkshire, England                                                         Alberta, Canada
                                The Country Connection
                              Every Thursday on HWD Radio
                                                                                                     Denise Pederson
                                    Twang Town USA
                                  Internet Country Radio                                          The quest for the “Great Canadian West-
                                    The Western Hour                                              ern Swing Band” and the artists that
                          All Western Swing and Cowboy Music                                      have and still bring this wonderful music
    Graham Lees                        Twang-Grass                                                and its influence to the audiences of Ca-
                         Twang-Grass the all bluegrass radio show                                 nadians has begun!!! This search has

Top Ten WS/TC CDs                                                   stemmed as a result of a very simple, but important question. One that
1 Tony Harrison and Hot Texas - Swingin’ Big                        I did sense earlier, I just had been looking at it in a different way. I can
2 Marshall Ford Swing Band - It’s About Time                        now see how the two ways can and will continue to blend. The ques-
                                                                    tion that links all this together is, “Where would a person go on a Fri-
3 Byron Hill - Radio Songs
                                                                    day or Saturday night in Alberta to hear and dance to this awesome
4 Cornell Hurd Band - A Bad Year For Love                           style of music”? This can be answered very quickly. There isn’t any!!!
5 Brady Bowen & Friends - A Tribute to Billy Dozier                 There is a better chance of snow in August, than to have that opportu-
6 Eddie McAlvain - Whatever You Want Me To Be                       nity!!
7 Brady Bowen - In My Spare Time Vol 6
                                                                    To me that is very tragic!!
8 Desperados - Lucky Seven
9 Various Artists - Coal Miner’s Daughter                           My desires to share the great music and history from South of the Bor-
10 Jody Nix - Twin Fiddles Turn Me On                               der, with the rest of Alberta has been one of the planting of the seeds.
                                                                    One way, has been by the introducing of the Artist Bio and CDs to the
Top Ten WS/TC Songs                                                 decision makers of the different venues up here. The result is having
1 Webb Pierce - There Stands The Glass                              the artist added to the Base Lists for future events. The same scarcity
2 Time Jumpers - South Of The Border                                of venues plagues Traditional Country music also! We are in the mid-
3 Billy Mata & The Texas Tradition - I Found A Dream                dle of rodeo season right now, and that used to be a sure place to be
4 Brady Bowen & Friends - Out In The Cold Again                     able to head on out to hear and dance to some great Traditional
                                                                    Country and yes even some of the classic standards of Bob Wills.
5 Bill Snow Jr - Stuff That Works                                   Well the key words are, “Used To Be!!”
6 Johnny Gimble - I Needed You
7 John England & The Western Swingers - Thanks A Lot                The so called, “New Country” has taken the stages over. Conse-
                                                                    quently leaving the ones who love the music, we are in search of, to
8 Eddie McAlvain - Whatever You Want Me to Be
                                                                    be completely tossed aside!!! I am determined more so than ever, to
9 Carolyn Martin - Nothing Better To Do                             search and find the special nuggets hidden here in Alberta and the
10 Stephanie Davis - Soon                                           rest of Canada. In hopes these nuggets will show off the wonderful
                                                                    influence and contribution, past, present and future of the great West-
                                                                    ern Swing and Traditional Country music, North of the Border!!

                             Backforty Bunkhouse Show               I invite you folks to come along with me, on this wonderful adventure,
                                                                    as I start gathering the precious gems that will be added to the vast
                                KWMW 105-KRUI AM                    treasure chest of this amazing and very important music that is so
                                    Ruidoso, NM                     very dear to our hearts!!
                                6—10 AM Saturdays
                           1. Brady Bowen & Friends, Tribute to
                               Bill Dozier
                           2. Rebecca Linda Smith, True Love
       Joe Baker           3. Jody Nix, Twin Fiddles Turn Me On

4. Jimmy Burson, Back In The Swing
5. Joe Settlemires, Northfield Swing
6. Asleep At The Wheel/Leon Rausch, It’s A Good Day
7. Johnny Gimble, Celebrating With Friends
8. Chuck Cusimano, Swing Me A Song
9. Gena Roberts, Shuffle Back To Me
10. Terry Brown, Born A Hundred Years Too Late
1. Brady Bowen & Friends, I’m Glad For Your Sake/B Dozier-Vocals
2. Rebecca Linda Smith, Come As You Are
3. Jody Nix, Angel Judy
4. Jimmy Burson, Pennies From Heaven
5. Joe Settlemires, A Heartbeat Ago (Kim Townsend, Vocals)
6. Asleep At The Wheel/Leon Rausch, It’s A Good Day
7. Johnny Gimble, If I Had You (Emily Gimble, Vocals)
8. Chuck Cusimano, Swing Me A Song
9. Gena Roberts, Nothing Left To Loose
10. Terry Brown, Born A Hundred Years To Late
    Over 40 Years of Western Swing / Traditional Country
                                                  The River Road Boys
                                                                                                           Tommy Howser
                                                                                                 Born in San Antonio, Texas, Tommy started playing
                                                                                                 drums in a 50's/60's Rock-n-Roll band called J. J.
                                                                                                 and The Del-Tones in San Antonio. After a stint of
                                                                                                 several years as a San Antonio policeman, he
                                                                                                 moved to Houston In 1968 and played country

The River Road Boys, (L-R) Shelly Lee Alley, Jr., Tommy Howser,              music in various bands, such as Jim Kinner's Country Rhythm Mas-
Jim Johnson, Harlan Kubos, Dusty Stewart & Bill Dessens, based               ters and Frankie Vee and the Village Boys. He is one of the co-
in Houston, Texas are best known as one of America’s premier West-           founders of The River Road Boys. Tommy works with Playboys II on
ern Swing dance bands. Over the years this fine band has played a            occasion, and has played drums behind other artists such as George
whole range of music venues: dance halls, clubs, concerts, rodeos,           Strait, Merle Haggard, Hank Thompson, Charlie Walker, Johnny Rod-
weddings, county fairs, western swing festivals, the Astrodome, and          riguez, Floyd Tillman, Clif Bruner, and others. The guys in the band
Caribbean cruises. Organized in 1971 by founding members Clyde               appreciate Tommy so much because he plays all styles so tastefully,
Brewer and Tommy Howser, this band carries on the traditional west-          whether it is swing, light rock, latin beat, jazz, pop music, waltz, polka
ern swing music genre inspired by other great legends such as Bob            or marches. Tommy has been inducted into the Western Swing Soci-
Wills and his Texas Playboys, Spade Cooley, Clif Bruner, Milton              ety Hall of Fame in Sacramento, California, the Northwest Western
Brown, Moon Mullican, Shelly Lee Alley, and many others. This band’s         Swing Music Society Hall of Fame in Seattle, Washington, and the
versatility becomes evident when they play tunes from the big band           Texas Western Swing Hall of Fame. He plays drums and sings back-
era to classic country to western swing. They are known for their pro-       up vocals with the band, and lives in Tomball, Texas with his wife,
fessionalism, musicianship, and first-class appearance, always dress-        Vivian E-Mail:
ing in matching uniforms. Their fans love their smooth style and always
rave, claiming they are the best dance band around. You can easily
two-step, polka, waltz, and swing dance to their music, and they al-
                                                                                                              Bill Dessens
ways fill the dance floor beginning with the very first tune that the band                        Bill started playing mandolin at age 4 in Rock-
kicks off. Clyde Brewer, one of the founders of The River Road Boys,                              dale, Texas, and by age 5, had a radio show with
passed away in January, 2011.                                                                     his 10 year old brother, Frank. By about age 9,
                                                                                                  he was also playing fiddle, guitar, tenor banjo,
Some of the highlights of their career include:
                                                                                                  bass and steel guitar. He has been recording,
•   Academy of Western Artists (AWA) Will Rogers Award for Western                                doing radio and TV shows, and has been in one
    Swing Band of the year 2005
                                                                             movie since then, and played and recorded with Austin's Dolores and
•   Academy of Western Artists (AWA) Will Rogers Award for Western
                                                                             the Bluebonnet Boys during college days. Between semesters, he had
    Swing Song of the year 2004 for "We're Proud Dubya's From Texas"
                                                                             a studio in Austin, and taught guitar and steel guitar. He has always
•   First country music album ever broadcast behind the Iron Curtain         played Western Swing music, and has worked with or played in
•   Fan-voted Texas Proud Magazine's "Hillbilly Heart" Award for West-       backup bands with many varied people, from Bing Crosby and Phil
    ern Swing Band of the Year for two consecutive years                     Harris to the Bob Hope Telethon, Hank Williams, Sr., Freddy Fender,
•   Southern Governor's Conference in Austin, Texas                          Hank Thompson, Johnny Gimble, Clif Bruner, George Morgan, Jim
•   Texas Prison Rodeo for 10 consecutive years                              Gough, Pappy Selph and others. He also played with the Houston
•   Award-winning PBS-sponsored TV show featuring a Norwegian                Livestock Show and Rodeo Band for 14 years. He has been inducted
    Band, broadcast in Houston and Norway                                    into the Western Swing Society Hall of Fame in Sacramento, Califor-
•   International Economic Summit for the Seven Industrialized Nations       nia, the Northwest Western Swing Music Society Hall of Fame in Se-
    for President George H. W. Bush and other visiting dignitaries           attle, Washington, the Western Swing Music Society of the Southwest
                                                                             Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and the Texas Western
The band has recorded over 20 CD’s and LP albums through the                 Swing Hall of Fame. Bill sings and plays fiddle and lead guitar with
years. Those that are available for purchase are listed on their website.    The River Road Boys, and lives in Houston, Texas with his wife,
The website also lists a current playing schedule, plus, it features a       Norma. E-Mail:
brief bio on each of the band members. The entire River Road Boys
band was inducted into the Texas Western Swing Hall of Fame in San
Marcos, Texas in 1998. Additionally, every individual member of the                                         Jim Johnson
band, all outstanding musicians in their own right, has been inducted
                                                                                                 Jim was born near Chattanooga, Tennessee, and
into various Western Swing Halls of Fame around the country. They
                                                                                                 grew up singing with different church and gospel
are endeared by all their fans and are most respected and admired by
                                                                                                 groups, once singing with the Oak Ridge Boys.
their peers. They have the distinct honor of being one of the most
                                                                                                 He attended Lee College in Cleveland, Tennes-
prominent organized bands around today and proudly represent this
                                                                                                 see, and was ordained as a minister and
wonderful music, keeping it alive for future generations to appreciate
                                                                                                 preached in Michigan. After realizing that his goal
as part of Texas culture and history. The River Road Boys' music is
played on radio stations both nationally and internationally. They have      was to sing, he re-located to Houston in the mid-70's. He began sing-
gained international recognition due to their album sales, the advent of     ing with various groups, and then saw the River Road Boys at a street
the Internet, and the establishment of their own website www.                dance in Alvin, Texas and quickly decided that this was the band he                                                           wanted to be singing with. He was invited to join the band as lead
                                                                             vocalist in 1982. . In 2001 Jim retired and moved back to Tennessee,
but couldn't get this music out of his mind. He moved back to Houston        with the band, and is a Hall of Fame member in both the Northwest
in 2006 and re-joined the band. His genuine pleasure in singing is al-       Western Swing Music Society in Seattle, Washington, and The Western
ways very evident at all the band's performances, and he is recognized       Swing Society in Sacramento, California. Shelly is also a full-time min-
as truly one of the very best and versatile singers in the country. Jim      ister of the Gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ, and lives in Houston with
has been inducted into the Western Swing Society Hall of Fame in             his wife, Susan.
California and the Northwest Western Swing Music Society Hall of                              E-Mail:
Fame in Seattle, Washington, and lives in Tomball, Texas with his wife,
Barbara. E-Mail:
                                                                                                               Clyde Brewer, Jr.
                               Dusty Stewart                                                                      1930—2011
                     Dusty grew up in Houston, teaching himself to play                                        Editor’s Note: Living in far West
                     the steel guitar. He played with various bands                                            Texas and the River Road Boys
                     around the Houston area and was soon sought                                               based all the way across Texas in
                     after by many big time artists. He worked with Ben                                        Houston, I never had the pleasure
                     Christian, Jerry Jericho and Harry Choates , Hank                                         of meeting Clyde, however, I had
                                                                                                               heard of him and the band many,
Thompson and the Brazos Valley Boys. From there he enlisted in the                                             many times while I was growing up
USAF, serving two years. He then went to work with Hoyle Nix and the                                           and playing music in west Texas.
Texas Cowboys in Big Spring, Texas for several years. In 1976 he                                               Clyde, along with drummer Tommy
moved back to Houston, and was invited to join The River Road Boys                                             Howser were the founding mem-
as their first regular steel guitarist. After 14 years, Dusty retired to a                                     bers of the River Road Boys, and
slower life by leaving The River Road Boys to begin playing various                                            this article would not be complete
local oprys in South Texas. He has now re-joined The River Road Boys                                           without a tribute to the bandleader,
as their regular steel guitarist. Dusty, who is very well known by West-
ern Swing artists and fans around the country, has been inducted into        the man, and the driving force behind “The River Road Boys.”
the Sacramento, California Western Swing Society Hall of Fame and
the Northwest Western Swing Music Society Hall of Fame in Seattle,           By Tommy Howser… Clyde Brewer, Jr., legendary Texas western
Washington, and lives in Dickinson, Texas with his wife, Ginny. E-           swing music pioneer and the leader of Houston’s The River Road Boys,
Mail:                                               was born on January 19, 1930 to Velma and Clyde Brewer in the cen-
                                                                             tral Texas oil town of Luling. He passed away on January 8, 2011. He is
                                                                             survived by his loving wife, Sedonia, and half-brother, Shelly Lee Alley,
                              Harlan Kudos                                   Jr., the son of Texas music pioneer, Shelly Lee Alley. and a loving fam-
                   The River Road Boys are happy to have Harlan              ily. His professionalism, musicianship, and leadership ability came with
                   rejoin the band as a regular member after a short         a sharp wit and great sense of humor. He was knowledgeable of all the
                   stint with the Bobby Flores band. Harlan, who plays       greats who came before him, and had the ability to recall many humor-
                   bass and sings with the band, started out at age 18       ous stories about the lives of the musicians he had played with over his
                   forming a band with his brothers. He became well          career, as well as when, where, and who was on any particular re-
                   known as a premier bass player playing polkas             cording session or playing job. He was multi-talented, a good player of
                                                                             many musical instruments, the fiddle, mandolin, piano, guitar, bass and
and other Czeck music. He then began playing western swing music,            drums. Clyde was simply a “musician’s musician.”
and has shared the stage on many occasions with Johnny Gimble,               After his relocation to Beaumont, Texas. Clyde taught himself how to
Buddy Emmons, Jimmy Day, Johnny Bush, Ray Price, The Time Warp               play the fiddle and was working with a band called “Patsy and the
Tophands, Jim Gough, the Bobby Flores band, and many others.                 Buckaroos” while he was still in school. At this time, a soon-to-be
Harlan has been inducted into The Western Swing Society Hall of              Texas music pioneer, Shelly Lee Alley, joined Patsy and the Buckaroos
Fame in Sacramento, California and the Northwest Western Swing Mu-           band. Shelly was an astute songwriter and fiddle player, who lived his
sic Society Hall of Fame in Seattle, Washington. He is in much demand        life solely around music. He soon started his own band, the Alley Cats,
as a bass player when not playing with The River Road Boys, and lives        and they worked around southeast Texas. Shelly became Clyde’s first
in Spring, Texas. E-Mail:                           mentor and Clyde was soon playing fiddle and mandolin well enough to
                                                                             become a member of the Alley Cats and work in his band while going to
                                                                             grade school.
                       Shelly Lee Alley, Jr.                                 The legendary Moon Mullican also influenced Clyde very much in his
                                                                             early years. He was in Moon’s band at 17 and was often asked to sub
                   Shelly is the son of Western Swing pioneer Shelly         on piano in Moon’s place when Moon was “under the weather.” Clyde
                   Lee Alley and is also half-brother to one of The          could pound out the “Moon”- style on piano, as if Moon was sitting there
                   River Road Boys' founders, Clyde Brewer. Being            himself. One of Clyde’s accomplishments was playing a bit part, along
                   born into a musical family, Shelly began playing mu-      with his friend, renowned musician, Paul Buskirk, in the 1961 movie,
                   sic at an early age, first the mandolin and then the      “Tomboy and the Champ,” starring Ben Johnson and directed by Fran-
The guitar would prove to be his favorite. At age 16, with brother           cis D. Lyon. Clyde claims God granted him two careers in his life that
Clyde's help, he began playing guitar with Red Novak and The Sun-            enabled him to support his family. First, as a musician and secondly, he
downers. After a 4 year stint in the Air Force, Shelly began playing gui-    worked for 30 years for the City of Houston Public Works (Water De-
tar with Clyde in the Village Boys band, led by Frankie Vee. For the         partment). He would rise in rank, becoming a district supervisor. He
next several years, music became very much part-time as he pursued           was loved and respected by his peers, retiring from the City of Houston
his career as an air traffic controller. He had played with The River        in 1985. He was always willing to help someone out, especially musi-
Road Boys on many occasions before becoming a permanent member               cians.
of the band. He sings and plays rhythm and lead guitar (Cont. above )        There are many very amusing stories about Clyde, his music career
                                                                             and his association with other fellow musicians, which space does not
                                                                             allow. He has shared the bandstand with many legends and stars
    including Bob Wills, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Floyd Tillman, Clif    books, liner notes on CD boxed sets, magazine articles, newspaper
    Bruner, Moon Mullican, Hank Thompson, Mel Tillis, Hank Williams,          articles, and the like. He insisted, “I am not a star, never want to be a
    Sr., Homer and Jethro…the list is endless. Clyde was the leader of        star. I just want to play music with some good players…and I have!”
    The River Road Boys for 40 years. He is an inductee into several          His life’s passion was playing music. (This article was edited for
    Western Swing Halls of Fame, including the Western Swing Society          length—to read the complete article please go to www.
    Hall of Fame in Sacramento, California, the Pioneers of Western 
    Swing Society Hall of Fame in Seattle, Washington, the Golden Spike
    Hall of Fame in Utah, the Southwestern Western Swing Hall of Fame
    in Oklahoma and the Texas Western Swing Hall of Fame in San Mar-

                                                                                     The Guild ~ Newsletter
    cos, Texas. He is also an inductee, with Clif Bruner, into the Interna-
    tional Country Music Hall of Fame, a conglomeration of foreign dee-
    jays and music artists, which held proceedings in Beaumont, Texas.
    He was recently named “Man of the Year” for 2010 in “Western Swing
    Monthly.” He was a ”walking library” about Texas music and Texas
    musicians, and was constantly being sought after by many writers
    and historians, such as college students writing theses about Texas
    music and its history. His name is also written in history books about
    Texas Music and western swing, which are located in libraries at the
    University of Texas, Baylor University, and other colleges. He has                Stay Up to Date in Western Swing /
    contributed countless hours, photographs, memorabilia and stories to              Traditional Country / Gospel News
    other musicians, historians and media who needed his expertise for

                     Silver Strings Ballroom ~ Bowie, Texas
      Third Western Swing At Silver Strings
                    Thursday, Friday, & Saturday ~ September 8, 9, 10, 2011
                              Dance Every Day From 1—4 PM
                            Dance Every Evening From 7—10 PM
                                      Thursday September 8th Band
                                               Ron Gose & The Silver Strings
                                          Friday September 9th Band
                                             Jody Nix & The Texas Cowboys
                                     Saturday September 10th Band
                            Larry Lange & The Lone Star Troubadours
                                           Admission $8 Each Dance
                             Full Concession Stand ~ Door Prizes ~ 50/50 Cash Pots
                 Honors Ceremony by WSDN On Saturday From 1:45 to 2:15 Honoring:
~   Paula Jungman—Promoter of the Texas Senate Concurrent Resolution NO. 35 Designating
       Western Swing as the Official State Music of Texas & Approved by Governor Rick Perry on
       June 17, 2011.
~   Invited Guests—Co-Sponsors of the Resolution, Texas Senator Jeff Wentworth,
      Congressman Doug Miller, and Texas Governor Rick Perry.

                                 Joye Thompson                   ~ Silver Strings Event Coordinator
   Always Remembered
                                                                   His music career of 50 years was a passionate journey down
                                                                   the road of country music. He had his band "The Five Pen-
                                                                   nies" for 35 years and retired the band in 2008 after being di-
                                                                   agnosed with ALS and it started affecting his voice. Over his
Joe Paul Nichols, 1941-2011                                        50 year music career he recorded over 300 songs, cut 26 al-
                                                                   bums / CD's and worked with some great artists in Country
                                                                   Music, like George Jones, Ernest Tubb, Charley Pride, Johnny
                                                                   Cash, Jennie Seely, Leona Williams, Merle Haggard, Willie
                                                                   Nelson, Pretty Miss Norma Jean, Ferlin Husky, Sheb Wooley,
                                                                   Little Jimmy Dickens, Hank Thompson, Moe Bandy, Sonny
                                                                   James – the list is endless. He had three songs reach the top
                                                                   of the National Charts, " JESUS IS THE SAME IN CALIFOR-
                                                                   NIA" in the Country Gospel Charts in 1999, in the Western
                                                                   Swing Charts in 2006 "ELEVEN EIGHTEEN NADINE LANE.”
                                                                   and July 2010, the song "TAKE MY HAND PRECIOUS
                                                                   LORD,” also hit the number one spot in the Country Gospel
                                                                   Charts. Over the years he has received many awards. As a
                                                                   young boy who started singing on the back of his daddy's
                                                                   truck on the square in Jacksboro, he never dreamed that his
                                                                   music would be played on radio stations around the world. He
                                                                   has hosted the Ernest Tubb Mid-Night Jamboree, a live radio
                                                                   show on W.S.M. out of Nashville, TN, played many fund rais-
                                                                   ers, one for Lady Bird Johnson in Austin, one for Congress-
                                                                   man Bob Price of Pampa, TX. where Ronald Reagan was the
                                                                   speaker, and a Bar-B-Que dinner for Governor Kenting of
                                                                   Oklahoma. He also played for the D.A.V. for 12 years at their
                                                                   conventions and was music director of his home church, Cun-
                                                                   diff Baptist for 48 years.
                                                                       "JOE PAUL NICHOLS is a fourth generation TEXAN, from
                                                                   Jacksboro. Coming from Texas frontier stock, to me, made
                                                                   Joe Paul, someone very special. The character of those
                                                                   hearty pioneers was impeccable. Their word was good; they
                                                                   were honest, hard workers, and people of high moral values.
                                                                   This is Joe Paul Nichols. Joe Paul amplified all the above,
Born September 13, 1941, in Cundiff, Texas, twelve miles east      whether visiting with his friends, and fans, performing on
of Jacksboro. He was the middle child born to O. W. "Jack" and     stage, or recording. Joe Paul was Real Country Music." Larry
Myrtle Riggs Nichols, a fourth generation Texan.                   Scott / Radio DJ & Friend.
He attended Jacksboro schools from his first grade through         He worked for TX DOT, as a state inspector for 34 years and
high school. He played varsity basketball for three years, was a   took early retirement 1993. He and Terry Beene started
member of F.F.A. for four years and a officer for one year plus    "NICHOLS & BEENE BUS TOURS” in 1994. He was Jack
a member of the student council his senior year. His senior        County Commissioner and served 10 years, was on the Board
year he was voted Mr. F.T.A., F.H.A. Prince Charming and           of Jack County Farm Bureau for 23 years.
Most Courteous Boy of J.H.S. He also won second place out of       He gave a lot of credit to his wife, Carolyn Martin, whom he
fourteen contestants at the F.F.A. State Convention in the tal-    met in high school, and were married 47 years. He had two
ent contest in San Antonio, TX.                                    children, Joe Paul Nichols, Jr. and Jennifer Jeanette Gasca,
His interest in country music started at a young age—he grew       six granddaughters and one grandson. He always said he was
up listening to the Grand Ole Opry, Louisiana Hayride, and the     very lucky to have a loving and supportive family to help him
Big D Jamboree. His father taught him to play the guitar when      through the difficult times he faced, and was fortunate to see
he was nine years old and by the time he was in high school,       his son and daughter grow into successful individuals, watch
he was playing country and western music in the Jacksboro          them marry, and give him seven wonderful grandchildren. Al-
area every weekend. In 1957, when he was 16 years old, his         though music was important to him, the highlight of his life was
dad took him to Fort Worth to audition for the "Cowtown Hoe-       his family. He believed having a life focused on God, family
down,” a weekly country and western show held at the Majestic      and friends were most important.
Theater. The audition got him a job performing every other         He considered himself to be a blessed man having gained so
week on the "Cowtown Hoedown.” He played there for three           many friends and fans over the past years and each one had
years, and also performed weekly on the Big D Jamboree in          a special place in his heart. He was always “thankful for the
Dallas, TX, for seven years. In 1970, he formed his band, "The     fans who listen to Traditional Country Music, Western Swing
Five Pennies.” The Five Pennies were known for their tradi-        and Country Gospel Music, and to the DJ's who played it.”
tional country music and western swing, plus country gospel        Joe Paul Nichols was a gentle man with simple beginnings
music. Joe Paul & The Five Pennies brought Country Music to        and will surely be missed by everyone.
school auditoriums, civic centers, clubs, rodeos, fairs and con-
ventions from small towns to the large cities.

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