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									                                        Keerthi Nalamolu
                                                                        Mobile: +91 8978301142


        ~2 years of industry experience which includes developing and testing web sites using
         Dot Net and MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server).
        Adequate knowledge on ASP .NET, ADO .NET, SQL and MOSS.
        Good communication skills and good experience in team roles.
        Looking ahead for great career in a fair working environment with opportunities to grow.

Career profile

Worked as Systems Engineer at Infosys Technologies Ltd, Mangalore since Jun ‘08 to Jun ’10.


        Bachelor of Technology (E.C.E) from J.N.T.University (May, 2008).
        Intermediate (P.U.C) from Board of Intermediate Education, Andhra Pradesh (March,
        Secondary School Certificate (S.S.C) from Board of Secondary Education, Andhra
         Pradesh (March, 2002).


Operating Systems                   : Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server
Languages                          : C#
Database                           : SQL
Configuration Management Tools       : Visual Source Safe (VSS), Team Explorer
Technology                         : Dot Net, MOSS


        Infosys PR101 Dot Net Foundation Certification
        Infosys Quality Foundation Certification

Work experience

Project #1 BPOMS (Beyond Petroleum Order Management System)

Role               :   Systems Engineer, Offshore Developer
Client             :   Beyond Petroleum (BP)
Duration           :   Apr ’09 to Feb ‘10
Peak Team Size     :   6
Technology         :   MOSS & Dot Net 3.5

The goal of this project is to restore existing WSS 2.0 site into MOSS 2007 and enhancing some
features. This is called Group OMS Library and this contains document libraries and data in it.
According to the given criteria documents need to be filtered and shown. Enhanced features
include search, advanced search and work flows.


       Creating site collections
       Adding pages and customizing using Share Point designer
       Restoring the WSS 2.0 site collection into MOSS 2007
       Designing and developing user controls for the pages
       Coordinating with onsite counterpart
       Creating document libraries and entering the data
       Testing the application(Black-box testing)

Project #2 Tools Group

Role               :   Systems Engineer
Client             :   Infosys Internal
Duration           :   Oct ‘08 to Mar ‘09
Peak Team Size     :   4
Technology         :   Dot Net 3.5


Tools Group tool bar is an Infosys internal usage tool bar and this project needs to extend its
functionality by adding new tabs SMS option and chat option.


       Analyzing the existing tool bar and its code
       Adding new tabs to the existing tool bar using Band Object Model
       Wring the code for the functionality of new tabs

Project #3 ICCP (Innovation Co-Creation Platform)

Role               : Systems Engineer
Client             : Infosys Internal
Duration           : Oct ‘08 to Mar ‘09
Peak Team Size     : 6
Technology         : MOSS & Dot Net 3.5

Innovation Co-Creation Platform is an Infosys internal portal which manages innovative ideas
submitted by Infoscions. It includes idea submission, short listing ideas, approving ideas and
finally publishing the approved idea.


       Creating the site collections
       Creating custom master page and applying to site collection
       Creating user controls and deploying them in the portal using Smart Part
       Generating reports and writing stored procedures for the same
       Testing the whole application (Black-box testing)

Project #4 Food Court and Transport Portals

Role               :   Systems Engineer
Client             :   Infosys Internal
Duration           :   Oct ‘08 to Mar ‘09
Peak Team Size     :   2
Technology         :   MOSS


This project includes two portals for Infosys internal use. One is Food Court Portal which contains
the data related to Food Court and the other is Transport Portal which contains the data related to
transportation. For enhanced look and feel new themes need to create by changing CSS.


       Creating site collections and adding pages
       Customizing existing forms and pages
       Creating new themes and applying to site collections

Personal details

Name                    : Keerthi Nalamolu
Father’s Name           : Venkateswarlu
Date of Birth          : Oct 29, 1987
Gender                  : Female
Languages Known         : English, Telugu & Hindi
Nationality             : Indian
Hobbies                  : Cooking, Listening to music, Interior decoration
Marital Status          : Single
Passport Number         : G4280015
Contact Number           : +91 8978301142(M)
                           +91 9972963131(M)
                           +91 861 2302720(H)

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