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									                                  Stephen R. Cain, Ph.D.
  •   Ph.D., Molecular Physics and Applied Quantum Mechanics, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
  •   M.S., Theoretical Chemistry, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
  •   B.S., Chemistry, Houghton College, Houghton, NY

  •   Chemistry: molecular orbital theory, statistical thermodynamics, physical chemistry, basic analytical
      and organic chemistry
  •   Mathematics: multivariate calculus, vector field theory, differential equations, linear algebra,
      distribution theory, probability and statistics
  •   Physics: classical and quantum mechanics, laser theory and application, electricity and magnetism,
      basic electronics
  •   Microelectronic Packaging Reliability: failure mechanisms in printed circuits, acceleration theory,
      field risk modeling

  •   Performed molecular orbital calculations in order to establish a fundamental understanding of the
      reaction dynamics of thermal decomposition of fluorochlorocarbons
  •   Used phase diagrams and diffusion kinetics to create a working model for transient liquid phase
      bonding, a novel circuit interconnection technique
  •   Applied solid state physics, optics, coupled differential equations, and numerical integration
      methods to create the software for calculating the dynamic behavior of multimode junction lasers
  •   Created a comprehensive theory of excimer laser ablation of polymers from chemical kinetics,
      absorption and lasing dynamics, and thermal diffusion to investigate the effects of the process
      variables fluence, pulse duration, and repetition rate
  •   Used band calculations to develop a fundamental understanding of adhesion at metal/metal and
      metal/polymer interfaces

  •   IEEC Staff Member, Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY 2009 to present
              Provided general support for IEEC members in the areas of physical and theoretical
              chemistry, microelectronics packaging and reliability, and structural analyses. Coordinated
              work of graduate students and post doctoral research assistants in support of the IEEC
  •   Qualification and Reliability Engineer, IBM, Endicott, NY 2003 to 2009
              Devised and executed qualifications of microelectronic devices, performed field risk and
              quality assessments, interfaced with IBM customers, performed statistical analyses in
              support of the qualifications, specified circuit connections for evaluation of test hardware.
  •   Chief Statistician for the IBM Endicott Site, IBM, Endicott, NY 1996 to 2003
              Performed statistical data analyses (parametric, nonparametric and regression), constructed
              empirical reliability models, provided field risk assessments, consulted on statistical
              problems related to product qualifications and product reliability.
  •   Adjunct Professor in the Watson School of Engineering, SUNY at Binghamton, Vestal, NY 2000 to
      2002 (concurrent with IBM position as the Endicott Site Statistician)
              Instructed and evaluated undergraduate and graduate students in statistics and data analysis,
              probability theory, statistical analyses, designed experiments, and process control
  •   Quality Engineer, IBM, Endicott, NY 1993 to 1996
              Ensured process and product conformance to specification, developed and executed
              process/product qualifications, addressed field fails and defect escapes, developed and
              reviewed process specifications, reviewed procedures used in the analytical chemistry
  •   Research and Development Engineer, IBM, Endicott, NY 1984 to 1993
              Provided general mathematical and theoretical support for manufacturing and development
              organizations, investigated interfacial chemical phenomenon as related to adhesion,
              evaluated manufacturing methods related to dry etching (laser ablation and plasma etching),
              investigated data transmission via IR junction laser/fiber optics.
  •   Research Chemist, Ozalid Corporation, Johnson City, NY 1982 to 1984
              Developed coatings formulations for reprographic materials such as drafting films and
              photosensitive paper

  •   2006 IBM Microelectronics Division Award for mathematical acceleration model of solder joint
  •   2002 IBM Team award for qualification of server system
  •   1998 IBM Microelectronics Division Award for statistical work on SRAMs
  •   1987 to 1992 A series of 5 Author’s Recognition Awards
  •   1987 Award for Outstanding Conference Paper
  •   1984 to 2009 Numerous informal IBM awards, and promotion through 4 engineering ranks

  •   W.E. Bernier, D.B. Stone, A. Jain, S.R. Cain, M. Belazzouz, P. Slota, G.O. Dearing, C.R. Lecoz,
      P.J. Hart, "Improvement of organic package thermal cycle performance measurement," IMAPS 39th
      International Symp. on Microelecton., San Diego, Oct. 8-12, 2006.
  •   S.R. Cain, "Distinguishing between lognormal and Weibull distributions," IEEE Trans. Reliability,
      51 (1), 32-38, 2002.
  •   S.R. Cain, J.R. Wilcox, and R. Venkatraman, "A diffusional model for transient liquid phase
      bonding," Acta Mater., 45 (2), 701-707, 1997.
  •   F.C. Burns and S.R. Cain, "The effect of pulse repetition rate on laser ablation of polyimide and
      polymethylmethacrylate based resins," J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys., 97 (29), 1349-1355, 1996.
  •   S.R. Cain and C.G. Woychik, "Bonding at Cu-Al interfaces: relevance to microcircuit packaging," J.
      Phys. Chem. Solids, 53 (2), 253-260, 1992.
  •   S.R. Cain, D.C. Gale, and J.G. Gaudiello, "Correlation between band structure and electrochemical
      properties for the electrically conductive mu-oxo(tetra-tert-butylphthalocyaninato)silicon polymer,"
      J. Phys. Chem., 95(23), 9584-9589, 1991.
  •   S.R. Cain, "Unimolecular thermal decomposition of freon: electronic structure and reaction
      dynamics," Doctoral Dissertation, 1982.

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