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   The Classic Range
           Jaguar XK 120 and 140 Replicas Chris Boyer - Simon Davis
Nostalgia Cars UK Ltd.
Recreating Your Automobile Heritage

                                   Company Profile
The company was originally formed by Chris Boyer, Simon Davis who share over 30 years of experience in
all aspects of the Motor Industry. Chris and Simon had previously concentrated on high quality coachwork,
winning a number of Concours awards, indeed high quality classic car restoration is still carried out at their
Taunton factory. More recently, an in depth study of the classic car replica industry brought about the
formation of Nostalgia Cars UK Ltd in 1998. Since then the company has gained a reputation for setting
new standards in product quality, customer confidence and satisfaction within the Small Volume Car

Factory Unit:       ‘Nostalgia Cars UK Ltd’ (3mins. Junction 25 - M5)
                     Units 10-11
                     Creech Mills Industrial Estate
                     Creech ST Michael
                     TA3 5PX

                        Tel: 01823 444991                 Int: +44 1823 444991
                        Fax: 01823 444997                 Int: +44 1823 444997

For All Enquires:

                         Tel: 01823 444991

                        D.V.L.A. Swansea Tel: 01792 458888

Registered Office:
                         Units 10 & 11, Creech Mills Industrial Estate, Creech St Michael,
                         Taunton, Somerset. TA3 5PX

Registered Company in England & Wales No. 3710309                  VAT Registered No. 741 8956 01

                                      In The Beginning
In 1939 Mr. William Lyon’s factory was converted to assist in the war effort and senior management took
their place alongside the general work force in carrying out fire watching duties. There is little doubt that in
the early stage of the conflict they were all kept extremely busy since Coventry was a prime target for the
Luftwaffe. In the latter stages of the war these mandatory duties became less demanding giving rise to the
odd game of cards or dominoes. Senior management, however, held brain-storming sessions planning the
cars to be built in the future when hostilities had ended. Many proposals were aired by Messrs, Lyons,
Haynes, Bailey and Hassan on the roofs of the Coventry factory, dreams were dreamt and sketches were
made, perhaps some on the back of an odd empty cigarette packet.

At the end of World War II Britain was faced with rebuilding a peacetime industrial based economy. A
slogan of ‘Export or Die’ was adopted by the government and this was the key to earning desperately
needed foreign currency. The message was simple, those firms which did not send a significant amount of
their production abroad would not receive the scarce raw materials to continue their operations. Nowhere
was the pressure greater than on our motor car industry and no currency more important than the mighty
dollar, the coinage of our car hungry allies in the USA.

At around the same time a new name appeared in the ranks of the British car industry when the SS Car
Company changed its name to Jaguar Cars Ltd. Mr. Lyons knew that SS was hardly a desirable brand name
for the future.

Gradually economies recovered, people in the West began to enjoy the return of peace and freedom,
Jaguar’s cars reflected the prevailing mood of optimism and best of all, as G.I,’s returned home from duty,
the American people were suddenly discovering European sports cars in a big way.

Several engine designs had been considered up on the roof tops of the Coventry factory in the dark days of
war and those that proceeded beyond the ‘cigarette packet stage’ were each designated ‘X’ (for
experimental). Initial early design studies (XA, XB etc.) did not get very far but ‘XF’ was built (a double
overhead camshaft, four cylinder unit of 1360cc). ‘XG’ was a development of the Standard Motor
Companies 1776cc unit but lacked sophistication and failed to provide sufficient power. The ‘XJ’ engine was
designed in four and six cylinder form with double overhead camshafts. The four cylinder 2 litre ‘XJ’ engine
did not progress far beyond the experimental stages although a unit was installed in an M.G. special in 1948
and powered the car to 176mph during testing in Belgium. The six cylinder 3182cc ‘XJ’ engine failed to
produce enough torque to impress Lyons but by increasing the stroke this problem was overcome and the
3442cc twin overhead camshaft ‘XK’ engine was born. This engine became probably one of Jaguar’s
greatest assets and in various forms stayed in production for 40 years.

The ‘XK’ six cylinder engine was first seen in public in October 1948 at the Earls Court Motor Show. Jaguar
displayed a stunning two-seater sports car which stole the show and was powered by the new 3.4ltr engine.
The car used a shortened version of a saloon car chassis with deep box section rails, considerable cross
bracing and independent front suspension. The show car was only meant for limited production and used
an alloy body over a wooden Ash frame. The engine produced an amazing 160 bhp and the car was named
the XK120 being an indication of the claimed top speed and making it the fastest production car of its day.
There were naturally doubters and in 1949 Jaguar took a production car to Belgium and in front of invited
press recorded a speed of 126 mph with the car in full road trim and using ‘pump’ petrol. Even higher
speeds were recorded without the windscreen and with a smooth chassis undertray.

               Thus one of the most beautiful Motor Cars of all time was born.
                                             Our Cars
The ‘Classic 120’ is a replica of the renowned Jaguar XK 120 OTS (open two seater) of the late Nineteen-
Forties and early Fifties. Every car is handcrafted to the highest standard by skilled & enthusiastic
technicians. As you would expect all major components are supplied by Jaguar, either new or fully
overhauled. Here at Nostalgia Cars we believe in building a life long relationship with each of our cars &
every owner. Each owner is encouraged to take an active part in arriving at the final specification of their
bespoke motorcar. Alternatively you may wish to choose only final trim & paint colours and leave the rest to

The Classic is also available in XK140 OTS standard format with a redesigned boot lid and closing panel
which gives adequate provision for the full width bumpers and overiders The Classic 140 incorporates a
bonnet chromium finisher, revised radiator grille and badge assembly.

These replica Jaguar XK120 &140 cars have seat belt anchorage points tested to 2 metric tons, surprising
chassis rigidity, 50/50 weight distribution, fully adjustable suspension and geometry, a superb power to
weight ratio and genuine current UK SVA certification.
Every factory assembled Classic 120 is built to order. In this way we can accommodate the
customers wishes and ensure that their car exactly matches their dreams.
Every phase of assembly is carefully documented, each stage is checked and inspected, when
the dream is complete we ask H.M. Vehicle Inspectorate to confirm that the car complies with
all current safety regulations.

The specification includes:
    •   The all new chassis and body, painted in a colour of your choice and trimmed in high quality
    •   Fully reconditioned and overhauled braking system.
    •   A new steering rack and lower column.
    •   New road springs and shock absorbers.
    •   A complete overhaul of all suspension parts.
    •   New tyres on steel wheels.
    •   All new chrome work and lights.
    •   A completely new wiring system of our own specification.
    •   A new radiator and hoses.
    •   Factory re-built engine, gearbox and differential assemblies.

Trim and paint finish is always completed to the highest possible standards.
Nothing is left to chance and each vehicle carries a full twelve month warranty

To take the Classic 120 or 140 ‘One Step’ further, the range of options and accessories is endless:
    •   Engine packages up to 300bhp.
    •   Five speed manual gearbox and/or power-lock diff.
    •   Walnut veneer instrument panel and side dash panels.
    •   State of the Art Sound Systems
    •   Space saving punctured tyre inflation system.
    •   Wire Wheels etc. etc. - You Choose.
The Design Specification
The chassis is jig manufactured from best quality mild steel in our own workshops using MIG and gas
welding techniques. Main members are 100mm x 50mm with a minimum wall thickness of 3mm. A full
width steel bulkhead forms an integral part of the overall structure which is supplied with all main brackets
fitted, thus ensuring positive and accurate positioning of all body parts. Each individual boxed member is
injected with wax corrosion inhibitor. Open ends of box sections are closed using ribbed polythene
removable caps. High Density satin black enamel is spray applied to provide a quality, durable exterior
finish to both the chassis and the bulkhead.

               Please Note: We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.

All body panels are hand laid using the continuous moulding method by expert laminators. The high quality
panels are produced from emulsion bound 5oz chop strand mat which is reinforced at mounting and load
points and further enhanced by the use of fire retardant resin in the bonnet assembly. Doors, boot lid and
bonnet are double skinned, the doors also incorporate steel reinforcement which provides hinge stiffness
and side impact protection. Relevant edges are finished to conform with current regulations. All panels are
supplied finished in a ‘primer’ grey gel, prior to final preparation and painting.

                        ‘Buy with Confidence from Nostalgia Cars UK Ltd’
                      Classic 120/140 General Specification:

Engine.            Any Jaguar XK or AJ6 six-cylinder twin cam power unit.
Transmission.      Four speed manual / overdrive. Five speed manual or Automatic
Steering.          Manual rack & pinion with impact folding ‘Z’ column and collapsible upper column.
Suspension.        Front independent, compliant, double wishbone with fully adjustable coil springs
                   over adjustable shock absorbers. Rear, independent single radius arms with fully
                   adjustable coil spring platforms over adjustable shock absorbers.
Brakes.            Jaguar XJ6 servo assisted dual circuit disc braking front and rear.
Chassis.           100mm x 50mm boxed steel ladder frame.
Body.              Unstressed glass resin fibre with steel side impact reinforcement.
Length:            173.0in
Width:              62.0in
Wheel Base:        102.0in
Track:              51.0in
Kerbside Weight:   1286kg
      Chassis by Nostalgia
        Engines by Jaguar
   Craftsmanship by Nostalgia
Independent Suspension by Jaguar
     Ingenuity by Nostalgia
 Powerful Disc Brakes by Jaguar
     XK Engine available in 3.4, 3.8 & 4.2 carbureted or 4.2 EFI

AJ6 Engine available in 3.6 & 4.0 EFI various tuning options available

      AJ 16 Engine available in 3.6, 4.0 EFI & 4.0 Supercharged
Standard Built Car Prices

Classic 120 OTS 3.6l EFI Automatic.                                £ 41,600.00 plus vat

Classic 120 OTS 3.6ltr EFI 5 Speed Manual.                         £ 43,680.00 plus vat

Classic 140 OTS 3.6ltr EFI Automatic.                              £ 46,280.00 plus vat

Classic 140 OTS 3.6ltr EFI 5 Speed Manual.                         £ 48,360.00 plus vat

All cars come with AJ6 3.6l EFI engine as standard fitment.

For full or partial home assembly packages please ask for additional price list.

XK and AJ 16 Engine Upgrades From

Jaguar XK 4.2L Engine                        £1700.00 plus vat

Jaguar AJ16 4.0ltr ‘XJR’ S/Charged 320bhp    P.O.A

Many more engine & gearbox option available.

Final engine and gearbox specification can be confirmed at time of order.

Delivery, Registration Fee, Road Tax, umber plates & Fuel at prevailing rates are at
additional cost.
Factory Fitted Options

Electronic Power Assisted Steering                    £   1,765.00

Air Conditioning
18,000 BTU Heater & Air Conditioning Unit £               1,785.00

Chrome Wheel Upgrade
Chrome Wire Wheels 15inch                             £    600.00
Chrome Wire Wheels 16 inch                            £   1250.00
Spare Wheel & Tyre (from)                             £    200.00

Map Reading Light.                                   £       47.00
Analogue Clock.                                      £       94.00
Cigar Lighter/Telephone Power Plug                   £       39.00
Centre Console                                       £      811.00

In car entertainment systems available, price dependant on specification.

Boot Rack in Stainless Steel                          £     235.00
Tonneau Cover                                         £     510.00
Front Fog Lamps (from)                                £     340.00
Bonnet Strap.                                         £      80.00
Undersealing.                                         £     135.00
Metallic Paint.                                       £     240.00

Thatcham Approved Alarm Systems                            Price on application
Key Lock Fuel Cut-out Immobilizer                     £      95.00
Battery Isolator Switch                               £      95.00

All above options are subject to VAT at prevailing rate.

All Prices Subject To Change.

Prices of all extras apply only when the items are included on a new car whilst in the production process
                      All prices and specifications are subject to alteration without prior notice
                     Where applicable, delivery, number plates and road fund license are extra.
What The Experts Say:

“Forget therapy. If you’ve got an inferiority complex, just buy yourself a Nostalgia Cars
Classic 120, get behind the wheel and you’ll feel the bee’s knees. Impressively solid and
dare we say, over engineered ensuring that you’ll have something to pass on to the kids.”
                                                                            Martin Foster

“The interior is a riot of lovely detailing. The 4.2ltr Jaguar straight six lump hardly breaks
into a sweat as this Classic settles around the national speed limit and once you get used
to the size of the beast, this is one very quick car indeed.”
                                                                                     Ian Stent

“The quality and finish of the Classic 120 is superb. The (steering) rack is infused with
bags of feel, especially at high speeds. Turn-in is immaculate without a hint of understeer
on fast corners, but power over-steer is only a jab of the throttle away on exit. The 120’s
so benign, so impeccably well mannered. Dynamically, this is a real gem.”
                                                                        Classic & Sports Car

“What was instantly apparent was the integrity of the whole car in terms of its rigidity and
body control. Indeed there is not a great deal to criticize on this car, Nostalgia is perhaps
typical of the current crop of top-flight (small volume) car manufacturers. When the finish
is this good, they can only do the industry good.”
                                                                                     Ian Stent

“Coachbuilt perfection, the Rolls-Royces of the specialist car world – the car is a pure
delight. Brake, change down and put her into a corner and though you get controlled
body roll, you get grip that urges you to get your shoulders behind the big four spoke
steering wheel. Cruising is gently exhilarating and thoroughly enjoyable as you watch the
scenery slide across the acres of bonnet and skip over the leaping cat that meets the
world head on. Don’t barrel up to turns, brake gently, come off the throttle going in and
squeeze it out with nary a bump or jolt to upset either occupants or the balance of the
car. It’s utterly superb – “
                                                                                Ian Hyne
                 Nostalgia Cars UK Ltd
                      Units 10-11
              Creech Mills Industrial Estate
                   Creech ST Michael
                       TA3 5PX
                    United Kingdom


       Registered in England & Wales. No. 3710309

               VAT Reg. No 741 8956 01


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