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									     Foreign exchange students at Pierre & Marie Curie
                    University (UPMC)

                                 Academic Year
                                   2011 / 2012

International Relations Office
Mobility Office
Tour Zamansky – 2 floor
4 place Jussieu


           Access to UPMC
           The components of UPMC
           Studying in France

             Administrative enrolment
             Academic enrolment
             French courses
             Academic calendar
             More information

             Visa
             Passport
             Residence permit (titre de séjour)
             Work permit

          SOCIAL COVER
           Health insurance
           Social security and supplementary health insurance
           Medical centres

           Addresses for short stays
           Addresses for long stays
           More information

             Gas, electricity, telephone
             Bank account
             Budget
             CROUS Cafeterias
             More information

                                                         copyright: Alain Jeanne-Michaud / Pierre Kitmacher

2 Direction des Relations Internationales
                                            - THE UNIVERSITY -

    Access to UPMC

   Line 7 and 10 - Jussieu station
   Bus :
   Line 67 - stop Jussieu
   Line 63 – stop Rue des Fossés St Bernard or Quai St Bernard
   Line 86 or 87 - stop Rue des Fossés St Bernard
   Line 89 - stop Jussieu or Cardinal Lemoine or Quai St Bernard
   Line C - station Gare d'Austerlitz or Cluny La Sorbonne
   Line B - station Cluny La Sorbonne
   (For more information:

   Map of the university
   This map indicates the campus access points and the building locations of the university.

3 Direction des Relations Internationales
    The components

   The university is composed of seven UFRS (units of teaching and research) in:
    chemistry
    engineering
    mathematics
    medicine
    physics
    Life sciences
    earth sciences, environment and biodiversity
   It encompasses the Ecole polytechnique universitaire - Polytech'Paris UPMC, l’Institut
   d’astrophysique de Paris, l’Institut Henri Poincaré and three marine stations in Roscoff,
   Banyuls and Villefranche-sur-Mer, that have Universe Sciences Observatory (OSU) status.

   It also includes the IFD (Institut de formation doctorale) an institute for doctorate training.

   Within the faculty of mathematics is the ISUP, the first school of statistics in France.

    Studying in France
   Since 2004/2005, within the European framework of higher education, UPMC has applied the
   new system « L M D » Licence (Bachelors), Master, Doctorate.
   The studies are composed of 3 levels
          - licence, bac +3, corresponds to 6 weeks or 180 credits
          - master, bac +5, corresponds to 4 weeks or 120 credits or more (300 total)
          - doctorate, bac +8.

   Each academic year is organized into two semesters; each representing 30 teaching credits
   and each composed of several teaching units.

4 Direction des Relations Internationales
   Studying science (simplified flowchart)


                            +7                                   Doctorate

                                             ECTS Credits
                            +5                                            M2
                            +4                                            M1
                                             ECTS Credits
                            +3                                            L3

                            +2                                Licence     L2

                           +1                                             L1

   Studying medicine (simplified flowchart)
   For lesson                                Medical                                    contents visit
   our website:                             Education
                         General                            Specialized
                         Medicine                           medicine
                          +6                 DCEM4

                          +5                 DCEM3

                          +4                 DCEM2

                          +3                 DCEM1

                          +2                 PCEM2
                          Test                                            Certificats
                                                                          de maîtrise
                          +1                 PCEM1


5 Direction des Relations Internationales
                                            - ENROLMENT AT UPMC -

   Enrollment at the university involves two essential steps:

    Administrative enrollment
   Upon arrival into Paris, you must go to the following address:

                                    Université Pierre et Marie Curie
                                Bureau d’accueil des étudiants étrangers
                                Accueil Scolarité (red point on the map)
                                            4 place Jussieu
                                         75252 Paris cedex 05

   Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9h00 to 17h30
   The welcome office will give you an appointment with the relevant person charged
   with your administrative enrollment

    Europe: ERASMUS medicine and biology
   Anne-Sophie DELTELL
    01 44 27 26 81
    01 44 27 26 80

    Europe: ERASMUS sciences
    South America, Asia
   Isabelle LEVISALLES
    01 44 27 26 99
    01 44 27 26 80

    North America
    Isabelle BRUSTON
    01 44 27 73 49
    01 44 27 26 80

   You must bring the following documents:
         - Your passport or ID card
         - A document confirming your participation in an exchange program (for example:
         your Erasmus student contract or application form…)
         - Photocopy of your university ID card valid for the current year
         - Photocopy of your latest diploma
         - Proof of social security cover: for European students a carte européenne
         d’assurance maladie (CEAM), for Quebecois students a SE 401-106 form and private
         insurance for non European or non Quebecois students staying less than 3 months
         (students staying longer than 3 months must pay French student cover upon arrival at
         - 2 ID photos
         - Liability insurance

   Medical students are also required to bring:
         - Liability insurance
         - Professional medical liability coverage
         -Vaccination certificates (BCG, polio, diphtheria, tetanus, hepatitis B) with

   A student ID card will give you free access to all UPMC student services (library, campus
   canteen, sports and cultural activities…)

6 Direction des Relations Internationales
    Academic enrollment
   As a foreign exchange student, you will not be enrolled on a full degree program but on
   specific units or certificates (medicine). You will have to enroll for the units listed in your
   application form with the relevant academic office. UPMC’s International Relations Office will
   give you the details when you arrive in Paris.

    French Courses
   The office for foreign students in the International Relations Office organizes French-
   language courses for foreign exchange students.

   You can only enroll by email:
         - Before the 6st of September 2011 for 1st semester courses. A placement test is
         compulsory on the 8th of September 2011.
         - Before the 2nd of January 2012 for an intensive course (20 hrs) from the 9th to the
         27th of January 2012. A placement test is compulsory on the 4th of January 2012
         - Before the 20th of January 2012 for 2nd semester courses. A placement test is
         compulsory on the 24th of January 2012

    University calendar 2011/2012

                     First semester                              Second semester

                 Start of teaching                               Start of teaching
             Monday 5th September 2011                       Monday 6th February 2012

                    End of teaching                               End of teaching
                  16th December 2011                               18th May 2012

              Revision and exams:                              Revision and exams:
      6th December 2011 – 26th January 2012               22nd May 2012 – 29th June 2012

   Non teaching periods
   Christmas: Friday 16th December 2010 (evening) – Tuesday 3rd January 2012 (morning)
   Spring: Friday 13th April 2012 (evening) – Monday 30th April 2012 (morning)

   French National holidays 2011-2012
   New Year’s Day: 1st January
   Lundi de Pâques: 9th April
   Fête du Travail: 1st May
   Fête de la Victoire 1945: 8th May
   Ascension: 17th May
   Pentecôte: 27th May
   Fête Nationale: 14th July
   Assomption: 15th August
   Toussaint: 1st November
   Armistice 1918: 11th November
   Christmas: 25th December

    More information
   The courses
   The courses at the fac (short for «faculty») usually start in September and end in May/June
   before the end of year exams.

7 Direction des Relations Internationales
   Each study year of the 1st and 2nd cycle (bachelors and master) is organized into two

   The subjects are grouped into UE (teaching units) that combine lectures and TD (tutorials) or
   TP (practicals).

   - The lectures are held in an amphitheater (or « amphi ») that can accommodate a hundred
   to a thousand students.
   - The TD and TP usually involve 30 students. They are held in classrooms or laboratories.

   Continuous or final exam
   There exist two methods of assessment.
   Continuous assessment:
   This system integrates the grades obtained during the year from the TP or TD (grades of
   dissertation, presentations …), also the grades obtained from exams taken at the end of the
   first semester (January) and from the final year exams (May/June).
   The final exam:
   The exams – oral or written- are held at the end of the year.

   French grading system
   The grade scale in France ranges from 0 to 20, where 0 is the lowest and 20 is the highest.
   The grade of 10/20 is usually the grade given for an average assignment or exam. A grade
   from 14/20 for an assignment or exam is considered as good.

8 Direction des Relations Internationales
                                 - ADMINISTRATIVE FORMALITIES -

    Campus France
   As a result of the association between UPMC and Campus France, this year, foreign, non
   European students (non-citizens of countries in the European Union*, the European
   Economic Area** and the Swiss Confederation) residing in one of the 31 countries with a
   Campus France Area must pass via this organization (www."name of the
   country" to apply at UPMC. You can find a list of countries connected to
   Campus France at

    Visa

   All non European students (non-citizens of countries in the European Union*, the European
   Economic Area** and the Swiss Confederation) must acquire a long stay student visa
   marked “etudiant” (student) for stays longer than 3 months in France.
   *(Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece,
   Hungry, Ireland, Italy, Lativa, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech
   Republic, Romania, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden), **(Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway).

   It is IMPERATIVE that the visa is obtained before your arrival into France.
   More information about obtaining a visa can be found at the following website:

   Students benefit from automatic renewal of their student visa, subject to producing the
   relevant documents requested by the authorities.
   Attention, do not leave for Paris with a simple tourist visa . You will be sent back to
   your country to obtain the student visa, because only a ‘student’ visa will allow you to obtain
   a titre de séjour étudiant (student residence permit) upon arrival into France.

    Passport and ID card

   All foreigners who arrive through French borders must hold a valid passport issued in their
   For nationals of the European Union, an ID card will be sufficient.
   The valid passport or ID card must cover at least the duration of your stay.
   To find out if you need an ID card or a passport, go to the following website:
   or inquire at your Embassy:

    Le titre de séjour (Residence permit)
   Europeans (EU, EEA, Swiss) are not required to hold a titre de séjour. For students
   originating from these countries, it is not necessary to make an appointment unless they wish
   to benefit from a renewal of their titre de séjour.
   However, if you are Bulgarian or Romanian national and you wish to pursue a professional
   activity in addition to your studies, you are required to hold a titre de séjour.

   If you are a student of another nationality, you must acquire a titre de séjour.

9 Direction des Relations Internationales
   How to obtain your first titre de séjour?

   Before leaving for France, the French Consulate in your country must stamp a visa in your
   passport. This visa allows you to study in France. It only allows you to stay for three
   months. If you need to stay in France longer, then it is necessary to obtain a long-term
   visa from the OFII, in the form of a titre de séjour. Once these steps have been
   accomplished at the OFII, the validation will be given in the form of stamp in your
   passport by this organization.

   Phase 1 – prepare your application for the titre de séjour: (Original and photocopies in

            - Valid passport with a long stay student visa (+ photocopies of relevant pages
            relating to civil status, expiry date of the passport and stamps of entry and visa)
            - Birth certificate translated in French by a French court authorized translator (original
            + photocopy)
            - A proof of address (EDF/GDF electricity bill, a rent statement no older than 3
            months, proof of accommodation ***).
            - Official certificate of funding for the duration of the stay (€ 450 per month minimum).
            - UPMC student card (original + photocopy)
            - 3 ID photos

   ***if you are housed by an individual, you must provide an accommodation certificate on a plain paper by your
   landlord, a photocopy of their ID card or their titre de séjour, a proof of address of the landlord (for example their
   last gas or electricity bill).
   If you are housed in an accommodation centre, you must provide a certificate from the Director of the
   Accommodation Centre and a bill for the last month.

   Phase 2 – Submit your application to the OFII

    If you live in Paris

   - From the 5th of September to the 10th of November 2011: with no prior appointment
   required, either at the OFII desk at Cité Internationale
   19 bd Jourdan
   75690 Paris cedex 14
   Tel: (0)1 44 16 64 00
   RER B / T3: Cité Universitaire
   Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9h00 to 16h30

   Or at the new ‘centre de réception des étudiants étrangers’
   92 Boulevard Ney - 75018 Paris
   Métro Porte de Clignancourt
   Opening hours: Monday to Thursday from 8h35 à 16h30 and Friday from 8h35 to 16h00

    - During the rest of the year:
   The application must be sent by registered mail to the OFII.
   48 rue de la Roquette
   75011 Paris

10 Direction des Relations Internationales
         If you do not live in Paris, it is imperative that you send your complete application to
   the antenne de l’Office Français de l’Immigration et de l’Intégration (OFII) in your area.

                 Prefecture                   Telephone                 Website Address

   Seine et Marne (Melun 77)       

   Yvelines (Versailles 78)        

   Essonne (Evry 91)               

   Hauts-de-Seine (Nanterre 92)    

   Seine-Saint-Denis (Bobigny 93)  

   Val de Marne (Créteil 94)       

   Val-d'Oise (Cergy-Pontoise 95)  

   Phase 3 – Medical visit

   On receipt of your application, the OFII will acknowledge your application and send you an
   appointment for a compulsory medical check. For students who submit their application
   during the academic year at Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris, the acknowledgment
   of their application and their appointment for the medical check will be given directly on site.
   More information on the website:

   You will also need to pay a registration fee of 55 Euros.

   After the payment of this fee and the medical visit, the OFII will stamp your visa confirming
   your titre de séjour for a year within the validity dates on your visa.

   More information:

   You wish to renew your titre de séjour
   Your long stay visa validates your titre de séjour for one year within the valid dates shown on
   the visa. If you wish to extend your stay beyond the first year, you must contact the
   prefecture of the police for the necessary steps within the last two months of your valid visa.

   If you live in Paris: you can make an appointment directly on the website of the Préfecture
   de Police Paris:

    If you do not live in Paris: you must contact the foreign office of the prefecture or the sub-
   prefecture where you live.

11 Direction des Relations Internationales
         Working during your studies

   Foreign nationals holding a titre de séjour temporaire marked "étudiant" can carry out paid
   professional activities in France, without a work permit.
   This activity must be exercised as incidental to studies, within 964 work hours annually.
   The possession of an "étudiant" card entitles you to all paid activities in France.

   For more information, go to:
   - at the city hall (la mairie) or the police station or the prefecture or sub prefecture,
   - at the Department of labor, employment and professional training (la Direction
   Départementale du Travail, d’emploi et de la Formation Professionnelle de Paris - DDTEFP).
   Department headquarters 109 r Montmartre 75084 PARIS CEDEX 02, Tel: 01 44 84 41 00

12 Direction des Relations Internationales
                                             - THE SOCIAL SECURITY -

    Health insurance
   Basic health insurance is compulsory for all students. Different agencies can provide
   insurance for those in different situations and age groups.
   European students
   European students who are nationals of the 27 states of the European Union*, of the
   European Economic Area** and the Swiss Confederation must bring with them the European
   Health Insurance Card (carte européenne d’assurance maladie - CEAM) which attests that
   they are covered by the social service in their country. The CEAM will allow them to claim for
   reimbursement of medical costs incurred in France.

    Support costs of medical care for Erasmus students
   Documents necessary for reimbursement:
       Photocopy recto -verso of the European card
       Photocopy recto -verso of the student card
       Photocopy recto -verso of the passport
       The address of residence in France and the date of arrival in France.
       Relevé d’Identité Bancaire or RIB (Bank account details) (Authorizes payment to a
         third party if the account is not in their name)
       Claim forms for reimbursement of medical expenses
   Student place of residence         Address to send reimbursement         To contact the international
                                                      file                  relations services of CPAM
   Paris                             CPAM Centre 461                       Tel: 01 53 46 51 27
                                     Relations internationales
                                     175 rue de Bercy
                                     75586 Paris cedex 12
   92 Hauts de Seine                 CPAM des Hauts de Seine               Tel: 0820-904-192
                                     Relations internationales             demander le service des
                                     113 rue des 3 Fontanot                relations internationales
                                     92026 Nanterre Cedex
   Essonne 91                        CPAM                                  Tel: 3646
                                     Adresse postale :CPAM - 91040         demander le service des
                                     EVRY CEDEX                            relations internationales
                                     S’y rendre :
                                     5 rue du Facteur Cheval
                                     91000 EVRY
   93 Seine Saint Denis              CPAM Centre 872                       Tel: 3646
                                     Relations Internationales             Fax: 01 48 30 68 09
                                     Boite postale 60300                   demander le service des
                                     93018 Bobigny Cedex                   relations internationales
                                     S’y rendre :
                                     195, avenue Paul Vaillant-Couturier
                                     93014 BOBIGNY CEDEX
   78 Yvelines                       CPAM Centre 893                       Tel: 01 30 84 34 56
                                     Relations Internationales             demander le service des
                                     58-60 rue de Montreuil                relations internationales
                                     78011 Versailles Cedex
   94 Val de Marne                   CPAM du Val de Marne                  Tel: 36 46
                                      Relations Internationales            demander le service des
                                     1 à 9 avenue Charles de Gaulle        relations internationales
                                     94031 Créteil Cedex
   95 Val d’Oise                     CPAM Centre 730                       Tel: 0 820 904 128
                                     Relations Internationales             demander le service des
                                     Immeuble SOGE 2000                    relations internationales
                                     Rue du Verger
                                     95012 Cergy

13 Direction des Relations Internationales
   Quebecois students
   You will need to bring your form SE 401 Q102 bis as proof that you have social security
   cover in Québec. This form will entitle you to reimbursement for medical expenses.

   Other foreign students
   Stay less than 3 months
   You are not required to subscribe to the French system. If you have social-security cover in
   your own country, your insurance should reimburse your expenses). But you can also
   subscribe to the French student cover (approx € 203) when you enroll at UPMC.
   Stay longer than 3 months
   You have to take out French student cover (approx € 203).

   Foreign students older than 28

   Foreign students older than 28 years, who cannot benefit from student social security, are
   required to take out personal insurance. They can benefit, under certain conditions of the
   "CMU" (Couverture Médicale Universelle).

   Foreign student salaries

   Foreign students, who work a minimum 60 hours per month, or 120 hours every 3 months,
   are automatically «assurés sociaux» (socially assured) and declared by their employer and
   their activities throughout the academic year.

    Social security and supplementary insurance (Les mutuelles)

   The Social Security does not totally reimburse the costs, except in the case of surgical
   operation, maternity or extended sickness. The rest – called ticket modérateur (proportion of
   medical expenses payable by the patient) – remains the responsibility of the insured.
   With the third party system, it is not necessary to pay upfront the fees that will be reimbursed
   and hence only pay the fees at the care of the patient. Two conditions must be met to
   benefit: the pharmacy or the health clinic needs to be subsidized and presenting
   the insurance card is compulsory.
   This cover does not include all care. The ticket modérateur can represent only 20 to 40% of
   Subscription to a Mutuelle or an insurance company allows additional reimbursements.

   There are two student mutuelle companies in France:
    La Mutuelle des étudiants (LMDE)
   - 410 rue Linné - 75005 Paris – Monday to Thursday from 9h30 to 18h00 and Friday from
   9h30 to 13h00 - Métro Jussieu
   - 46 rue des Fossés Saint-Jacques - 75005 Paris – Monday to Thursday from 9h30 to 18h00
   and Friday from 9h30 to 13h00 - RER B Luxembourg
   Tel: 0969 369 601

    La Société Mutualiste des Etudiants de la Région Parisienne (SMEREP)
   - 54 boulevard Saint Michel - 75005 PARIS
   Tel: 01 56 54 36 34
   Monday to Thursday from 9h00 to 18h00 and Friday from 9h00 to

   These two providers will present at Pierre & Marie Curie University at the beginning of the
   academic year.

14 Direction des Relations Internationales
        Further Information

   -   Website Campus France :
   -   Website Ameli :
   -   The C.L.EI.S.S (Centre de Liaison Européen et International de la Sécurité Sociale) : 01-

    Medical centres

    The service of preventative medicine and promotion of good health (medical and
   psychological) and also the student social service of UPMC can help you:
   - If you have worries about the state of your health, doubts about your life balance,
      questions about your relations, worries about your future or if you find yourself repeatedly
      in situations of failure. You can also obtain medical certificates
   - Difficult family situations, financial, material and others
   UPMC website:

    Le relais social international: Academic and psychological aid
   Organized by professionals, this agency enables you to meet with psychologists and a
   teacher who can listen to your personal and university problems. These people are there to
   help you to accomplish your projects and to welcome you for free, by appointment and if you
   wish, anonymously. Furthermore, it has an administrative facility to assist with obtaining a
   carte de séjour (residence permit) and financial aid for accommodation.

   Relais Social International
   Rez-de-chaussée de la Résidence André Honnorat
   Cité internationale universitaire de Paris
   19, boulevard Jourdan
   75690 PARIS cedex 14
   Tel: 01 44 16 64 00
   Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday from 9h00 to 13h00

    Emergency numbers

     Anti-Poison Centre: Hôpital Fernand Widal, 200, rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis 75010
   Paris - 01 40 05 48 48
      Severe burns: Hôpital Foch, 40 rue Worth 92150 Suresnes - 01 46 25 24 96
      Drugs info Service : 08 00 23 13 13 - Ecoute alcool : 0811 91 30 30 – Ecoute Cannbis :
   0811 91 20 20
      AIDS info Service: 08 00 84 08 00
      Pharmacy open day and night - 84 avenue des Champs-Élysées - 75008 Paris - 01 45 62
   02 41
      Emergency Doctor 01 47 07 77 77 ou 01 43 37 77 77
      Police Support - Pompiers de Paris 18
      SAMU (serious medical emergencies) : 15 or 01 45 67 50 50
      Emergency Dentist: 01 43 37 51 00 –on site: 87 Bd de Port Royal, 75013 Paris

    Liability Insurance (La responsabilité civile):

   All students must have liability insurance in their country or in France for:
   - third party injuries,
   - property damage,
   - repatriation cover

15 Direction des Relations Internationales
                                             - ACCOMMODATION -

   Accommodation in Paris is very difficult to find. Participants of mobility programs benefit from
   the services of the International Relations Office, who can arrange accommodation for you.
   They can reserve a room (for a year or for 2 weeks) with CROUS (undergraduate level) or at
   the Cité Internationale Universitire of Paris (CIUP) (masters or doctorate level), subject to
   availability. A written request must be sent with the application, this is due to the number of
   places being limited.
   Cost: approx 400€/month
   In most cases, foreign students welcomed by UPMC must find their own accommodation. It
   is an issue that should be dealt with as soon as possible.

   Below you can find addresses of different organizations that can offer accommodation in

    Short term accommodation:

   While looking for more permanent accommodation, you can contact the following
   organizations to be housed for a few days.

   Short Stays (accommodation for a few days)

   1/ International centres of accommodation

     Centre international de séjour de Paris           Centre international de séjour de Paris
     Centre Kellermann                                 Centre Maurice Ravel
     17 boulevard Kellermann                           6 avenue Maurice Ravel
     75013 Paris                                       75012 Paris
     Tel: 00 33 (0)1 44 16 37 38                       Tel: 00 33 (0)1 64 75 60 00
     Fax: 00 33 (0)1 44 16 37 39                       Fax: 00 33 (0)1 43 44 45 30       
    From 40.30€ breakfast included                     From 48,40€/pers breakfast included
                                                       (without drinks)-Maximum stay: 1 week

    Foyer international d'accueil à Paris              Maison internationale des jeunes
    (FIAP)                                             4, rue Titon
    30, rue Cabanis                                    75011 Paris
    75014 Paris                                        Tel: (0)1 43 71 99 21
    Tel: 00 33 (0)1 43 13 17 00                        Fax: (0)1 43 71 78 58
    Fax: 00 33 (0)1 45 81 63 91              
    Email:                           Rooms (2 to 8 beds): Bathroom upstairs. 3                            nights maximum
    From 57€/pers breakfast included
    Single room or dorm for 3 months

   2/ Youth hostels (

   To benefit, you must have a membership card costing 11€ for those under 26 and 16€ for
   those who are over 26 years old.

     Fédération Unie des auberges de jeunesse
     27, rue Pajol – 75018 Paris
     Tel: (0)1 44 89 87 27
     Fax: (0)1 44 89 87 10

16 Direction des Relations Internationales
    Auberge de jeunesse Clichy                             Auberge de jeunesse Jules Ferry
    107, rue Martre                                        8, Boulevard Jules Ferry
    92110 Clichy                                           75011 PARIS
    Tel: (0) 1 41 27 26 90                                 Tel: (0)1 43 57 55 60
    Fax: (0) 1 42 70 52 63                                 Fax: 0143148209
    Email:                           Email:
    22,70€/pers sheets and breakfast included              23€/pers sheets and breakfast included

    Auberge de jeunesse Le d’Artagnan                      Auberge de jeunesse Cité des Sciences
    80, rue Vitruve                                        24, rue des Sept Arpents
    75020 Paris                                            1, rue J.B. Clément
    Tel: (0)1 40 32 34 56                                  93310 Le Pré Saint Gervais
    Fax: (0)1 40 32 34 55                                  Tel: (0)1 48 43 24 11
    Email:                     Fax: (0)1 48 43 26 82
    23,50€/pers breakfast included                         Email:
                                                           22€/pers sheets and breakfast included

   3/ Centres of Stay

    Hostels for young workers
   Certain hostels for young workers accept students. It is one of the least expensive solutions
   for accommodation (on average € 282/month)
   It is essential to inquire in advance.

   List of hostels for young workers (FJT) is available on the website:
   URFJT Ile-de-France, 10-18, rue des Terres-au-Curé, 73013 Paris

    Other Centres of Stay

   Foyer les Francs-bourgeois
                                                            Foyer International la Vigie
   21, rue Saint-Antoine
                                                            7, rue Poulletier
   75004 PARIS
                                                            75004 PARIS
   Tel: (0)1 42 77 95 02
                                                            Tel: (0)1 46 33 33 98
   Fax: (0)1 42 77 95 02
                                                            Fax: (0)1 40 46 81 83
   Foyer UCJF                                               Palais de la Femme
   22, rue de Naples                                        94, rue de Charonne
   75008 PARIS                                              75011 PARIS
   Tel: (0)1 53 04 37 47                                    Tel: (0)1 46 59 30 00
   Fax: (0)1 42 94 81 24                                    Fax: (0)1 46 59 30 40
   Email:                                   Email:

   Foyer Ste-Geneviève                                      Présence au Monde
   65, rue du Cardinal Lemoine                              6, rue Berthollet
   75005 PARIS                                              75005 PARIS
   Tel: (0)1 43 54 77 12                                    Tel: (0)1 43 54 11 41
   Fax: (0)1 43 25 25 39

   Institut Serviam                                         Foyer International des Etudiantes
   20, rue Gay Lussac                                       93, bd Saint Michel
   75005 PARIS                                              75005 PARIS
   Tel: (0)1 42 34 95 90                                    Tel: (0)1 43 54 49 63
   Fax: (0)1 42 34 95 91                                    Fax: (0)1 43 54 23 45
   Email:                           Email:           

17 Direction des Relations Internationales
   Foyer Franco Libanais                                 Home Saint-Jacques / (Institut de l’Asie du Sud-
   15, rue d’Ulm                                         est)
   75005 PARIS                                           269, rue Saint Jacques
   Tel: (0)1 43 29 47 60                                 75005 PARIS
   Fax: (0)1 43 25 70 88                                 Tel: (0)1 46 33 16 48

   Fondation Pierre Lafue / Foyer d’étudiantes           Foyer de la Sainte Famille
   21, rue du Cherche Midi                               49, rue de Vaugirard
   75006 PARIS                                           75006 PARIS
   Tel: (0)1 45 48 93 48                                 Tel: (0)1 45 48 82 54
   Fax: 01 45 48 93 48
   Foyer 44 Cherche Midi                                 Association des étudiants protestants de Paris
   44, rue du Cherche Midi                               46, rue de Vaugirard
   75006 PARIS                                           75006 PARIS
   Tel: (0)1 45 48 49 63                                 Tel: (0)1 46 33 23 30
                                                         Fax: (0)1 46 34 27 09

   Foyer Dominicain                                      Foyer Tolbiac
   10, rue de Condé                                      234, rue de Tolbiac
   75006 PARIS                                           75013 PARIS
   Tel: (0)1 43 29 91 62                                 Tel: (0)1 44 16 22 22
   Fax: (0)1 43 25 05 41                                 Fax: (0)1 45 88 61 84

   Useful links:
   -         CIDJ:
   -         CROUS:

   4/ Others
       BVJ                                              Louvre
       Quartier Latin                                   20, rue J.J. Rousseau
       44, rue des Bernardins Rousseau                  75001 Paris
       75005 Paris                                      Tel: (0)1 53 00 90 90
       Tel: 01 53 00 90 90                              Fax: (0)1 53 00 90 91
       Fax: (0)1 53 00 90 91                            Email:
       Email:                                            35€/pers including breakfast (double room)
       From 45€/pers, small single room including
       MIJE:                                            UCRIF
       11 rue du Fauconnier                             27 rue Turbigo
       75004 Paris                                      75002 Paris
       Tel: 01 42 74 23 45                              Tel: (0)1 40 26 57 64
       Fax: 01 40 27 81 64                              Fax: (0)1 40 26 58 20
       Single or dorm, 1 week maximum.                  Email:
       Tariffs: 49€ approx per night + breakfast
       (online reservation:        UCRIF - Léo Lagrange
                                                        107 rue Martre
                                                        92110 Clichy
                                                        Tel : (0)1 41 27 26 90

18 Direction des Relations Internationales
   5/ Cheap hotels

                                                    Hôtel Le Village
   Young & Happy                                    20, rue d’Orsel
   80 rue Mouffetard                                75018 Paris
   75005 Paris                                      Tel: (0)1 42 64 22 02
   Tel: (0)1 47 07 47 07                            Fax: (0)1 42 64 22 04
   Fax: (0)1 47 07 22 24                            Email :            

   Hôtel Aloha                                      Hôtel Idéal
   1, rue Borromée                                  49, rue des trois bornes
   75015 Paris                                      75011 Paris
   Tél: (0)1 42 73 03 03                            Tel: (0)1 40 21 48 18
   Fax: (0)1 42 73 14 14                            Fax: (0) 40 21 48 19
   Email: friends

   Useful link:

    Long term stay (for 1 academic year or 1 semester)

   1/ University residence

   La Cité Internationale                       CROUS de Paris
   19 bd Jourdan                                Cellule accueil International – 1 étage
   75690 Paris cedex 14                         39, avenue Georges Bernanos
   Tel: (0)1 44 16 64 00                        75005 Paris       Tel: (0)1 40 51 55 55
                                                Fax: (0)1 40 51 55 56

    Crous de Paris
   (These rooms are reserved according to social criteria and primarily for French students.)

    Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris (CIUP)
   The registration with a National House:
   When a nationality is represented by a house, the candidate must contact this house. For all
   administrative information, your contact person will be the secretary of this house
   (application, schedules...).

   - Registration with admissions service:
   Candidates not represented by a national house must contact the admissions service:

   Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris
   Service des Admissions
   19, Boulevard Jourdan
   75 690 Paris Cedex 14
   Tel: 00 33 (0)1 44 16 64 48 or 40
   Fax: 00 33 (0)1 44 16 64 03

19 Direction des Relations Internationales
   2/ Student residences
   Student services and welcome office             Private residence (Estudines, Lauréades,
   (Office d’Accueil et de Services étudiants      Adèle, etc.)
   - OSE)                                          Furnished accommodation in private residences with
   11 rue Serpente                                 services « para-hôteliers ». Compare prices before you
   75006 Paris (métro Saint-Michel ou Cluny la     decide.
   Sorbonne)                                       List of websites below.
   Tel: 0 820 20 23 30 to reserve a room online in various residences in Paris and Ile de France.
   Special rates for students of UPMC: contact for more information.

   3/ Apartment renting or sharing websites (live with a family) (live with aged people)

   4/ Private accommodation

    Le CROUS de Paris
   39 avenue Georges Bernanos
   75005 Paris
   RER B Port Royal
   Tel: 00 33 (0)1 40 51 55 55

   - Free access to a board of classifieds in the entrance hall of CROUS
   Reserve a minimum budget of 380€/month for a room and approximately 455€/month minimum for a
   - The service "logement en ville" of CROUS acts as an intermediary between landlords and
   students, for room rentals, of studios or of 2 roomed apartments. This service is free and
   accessible on presentation of your student card of the Academy of Paris (carte d’étudiant de

20 Direction des Relations Internationales
        l’Académie de Paris). It is open throughout the year from 13h to 16h30 Monday to

    The American Church has a board of classifieds (accommodation or work) found at the
   exit of the church.
   65, Quai d’Orsay
   75007 Paris
   Tel: (0)1 40 62 05 00
   Fax: (0)1 40 62 05 11

    Estate agents
   Find estate agents addresses in the directory:, written "agences immobilières" in the section "Quoi".

    Accommodation of the City Hall of Paris (Mairie de Paris)
   Find the addresses for accommodation of the City Hall of Paris in the directory:, written "logement de la mairie de paris" in the section "Quoi" and
   "Paris" in the section "Où".

    Emergency accommodation

    Miscellaneous
   - Accommodation for international exchange students:

   Union Parisienne des Etudiants Locataires     L’accueil familial des jeunes étrangères
   21, rue du Val de Grâce                       23 rue du Cherche Midi
   75005 Paris                                   75006 Paris
   Tel: (0)1 40 46 86 73                         Tel: (0)1 42 22 50 34
   An annual fee will be required

   Essential questions to consider before renting:

   - how many rooms? (is it a studio, a F1 or a F2?)
   - does the apartment have furniture or is it empty?
   - how much is the rent?
   - are the bills included or extra?
   - it is necessary to pay a guarantee or agency fees?
   Studio = accommodation comprising of a single room, used as a bedroom, living room,
   kitchen, bathroom/WC.
   F1 = Accommodation comprising of a principle room, with separate kitchen and
   F2 = Accommodation comprising of two rooms + kitchen + bathroom/WC + bedroom.
   CC = Bills included in rent (building maintenance, electricity and gas).
   Equipé = Accommodation with an equipped kitchen (at the least, refrigerator, heating plates,
   Meublé = Accommodation with minimal furnishings (bed, table, chairs)
   Duplex = Accommodation over two floors, with an internal staircase.

    More information

   Terms of a lease

   In the Paris region, landlords ask for a guarantee of at least 2 month’s rent and a guarantor
21 Direction des Relations Internationales
       who can ensure payment on your behalf. Sometimes the landlord can demand a
   guarantor who lives in the region of Ile de France. For more information see the website

   Methods of payment in France

   Ask your bank about methods of payment abroad.
   In France, payment by French cheque and/or carte bleue (debit/credit card) is the most
   common (for example to pay rent).
   For more information:

   Students must have housing insurance. Two French student insurance organizations, LMDE
   and SMEREP, offer insurance for approximately 50 €/year.

   Financial aid for accommodation
   A Personalized Aid for Accommodation (Une Aide Personnalisée au Logement - APL) can be
   awarded by the Caisse d’Allocations Familiales de Paris (CAF) for students. APL is
   calculated as a function of resources, the family situation and the rent.

   The form for the student accommodation aid is available on the website:

   For your online application to be taken into account, you must
          - be a student
          - be renting accommodation and be the lease holder (if you share accommodation,
          then each person with their name on the contract must apply for the aid)
          - not have, you or your partner, a dependent child

   Attention: Non European students must hold a titre de séjour (residence permit) valid for at
   least 3 months.

   Dispute with a landlord
   In case of dispute, you can contact:
    I.N.C Institut National de la C.N.L. Confédération Nationale du Logement (National Confederation of
   62, bd Richard Lenoir - 75011 Paris
   Tel: 01 47 00 96 20
     Association des Comités de Défense des Locataires (Association for the defense of tenants):
   11, rue de Bellefond - 75009 Paris
   Tel: 01 48 74 94 84
    Institut National de la Consommation (National Institute of the Consumer):
   80, rue Lecourbe - 75015 Paris
   Tel: 01 45 66 20 20 - 3615 INC
    A.D.I.L Association D'Information sur le Logement (point juridique) (Association for Information on
   lodgement – legal issues):
   46 bis, boulevard Edgar Quinet - 75014 Paris
   Tel: 01 42 79 50 50 (sur rendez-vous) -
    C.I.D.J. (Centre d'Information et de Documentation Jeunesse) (information centre for the youth)
   101, Quai Branly 75740 Paris cedex 15
   Tel: (0)1 44 49 12 00 -
    Contact a social assistant at the university

22 Direction des Relations Internationales
                                   - PRACTICAL I N F O R M A T IO N S -

    Gas, electricity and telephone
    Open a gas account:
    Open an electricity account:
    Land line or mobile phone and/or internet: There are several telephone operators in
   France. For information you can consult the following websites (this list does not constitute a
   recommendation or a commitment on our part):
   - Orange:
   - Free:
   - Bouygues Télécom:
   - SFR:
   - Télé 2:
   - Cegetel:

    Bank account

   For students outside of the European Union, a titre de séjour (residence permit) is
   compulsory to obtain a bank account. Bring some money or withdraw directly from your
   home bank account using an international card.

    Budget

   The main expenses are lodgings, food and transport.

   Some example prices in Paris
         - A baguette: 0.90€
         - A croissant: 1.10€
         - A coffee: 2€
         - A sandwich: approx 6€
         - An complete menu at a restaurant: between 15€ and 20€ minimum
         - A post stamp: 0.60€
         - A cinema ticket: 10€ (student price: 6 to 8€)
         - A CD: 18€

   An approximate monthly budget for a single student:
         - Rent (including bills)          500€
         - Food (R.U.)                     190€
         - Transport                        50€
         - Culture/hobbies                  80€
         - Breakfast                        70€
         - Drinks                           55€
                                            945 €

23 Direction des Relations Internationales
    Crous

   CROUS (centres régionaux des œuvres universitaires et scolaires) manages the university
   restaurants (resto U). There are 14 university restaurants and 23 C.R.O.U.S. cafeterias in
   Paris which offer a range of menus.
   The student card of UPMC allows access to all restos U in the region.
   Certain restaurants are open in the evenings, weekends and during the holidays.

   Cost of a meal at resto U: 3 Euros.
   Payments are made with a rechargeable Crous Card (electronic card system). Recharging
   will be possible throughout the day at automatic terminals at the entrance of the restaurants
   using bank cards or cash.

   For more information see the website:

    More information
   Additional information:
   - Download the guide from l'étudiant de Paris

24 Direction des Relations Internationales

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