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					                          Pan-European Correlation of the Triassic
                              8th International Field Workshop

                           Triassic of Southeast France
                                (Provence: Var and Alpes-Maritimes)
                                     September 4-8 2011
                                       Second circular
           This field-trip offers to participants the opportunity to study, through a variety of landscapes
(from coastal cliffs of the Toulon area up to mountains about 2,000 m as the Dôme de Barrot), various
modes of Permian-Triassic unconformable boundary, and a Triassic series that presents both
“Germanic” characters by its lithofacies, and “Sephardic” (Tethyan) characters by its palaeontological

Field-trip schedule
Sept. 4 evening : Arrival of the participants at Toulon-La Valette; overnight in Toulon-La Valette.
Sept. 5 : Buntsandstein outcrops along the coast, from basal conglomerate yielding ventifacts up to
muddy playa-lake deposits with terminal lobes, through fluvial sandstones hosting various palaeosols.
Muschelkalk typical outcrops: ichnofacies, macrofauna, Ladinian volcanites, tectonic problems.
Overnight in Toulon-La Valette.

Sept. 6        : Facies evolution towards the north-east, on the outskirts of the Maures and Tanneron
Variscan massifs. Permian-Triassic unconformity: Gonfaron and Vidauban. Les Arcs Fm. (Permian or
Triassic ?). Middle Triassic carbonates: Montauroux and Callas. Overnight in Le Muy, within the Bas-
Argens Permian basin.
Sept. 7 : Scattered outcrops in the hinterland of Cannes - Nice: Buntsandstein (basal conglomerate
and point bar deposits with Anisian palynoflora), Muschelkalk (limestones and dolomites), Keuper (site
of the former coal mine of Vescagne in a putative equivalent of the Schilfsandstein). In the afternoon,
presentation of the Triassic cover of the Permian Dôme de Barrot in front of Rhaetian limestones and
shales. In the evening: concluding discussion and projects. Overnight in Guillaumes-Valberg.
Sept 8         : Outcrops along the Gorges de Daluis (canyon of the Var River): Les Robert bridge
(Permian-Triassic unconformity), Tireboeuf ravine (Anisian fluvial sandstones with macro- and
palynoflora), Berthéou ravine (incised valley fill beneath the “basal” conglomerate), Durandy bridge
(?Ladinian carbonates). End of the field trip and dispersion in the afternoon, downstream of the

Each access require only basic walking skills, however for Vescagne and Tireboeuf it is 5 km long
(there and back) for 300 m and 180 m difference in level respecively.

Travel information
The small airport of “Toulon-Hyères” permits only flights to London, Liverpool, Rotterdam, Bruxelles
and Paris. Better served airports in SE France are “Marseille-Provence” and “Nice-Côte d’Azur.
Toulon is easily reached by train, from both cities.
By motorway, Marseille-Toulon = 65 km (90 km from Marseille-Provence airport), and Nice-Toulon =
150 km.
The first nights in Toulon (September 4/5 and 5/6) must be arranged by yourself.
East of Toulon, in La Valette-du-Var, three hotels are located very close one of the other :
The advised one is “Hôtel Balladins - La Valette” (single or double room 62 €):       (in French and English)

Of higher standing is “Val’Hôtel” : (in English, German, Spanish, Italian)
More economical is “Hôtel F1 Toulon est-La Valette” (single, double or triple 42 €) : (in French and English)

The accomodation for September 6/7 (Le Muy) and 7/8 (Valberg) nights is organized by me, and its
price is included in the registration fee.

End of the field trip
The field trip will end on the last outcrop in the Var River valley (Daluis Gorges), in the afternoon of
Thursday 8, to allow the car drivers to choose to join Nice, Toulon or Marseille, or to move directly
towards north.

Registration fee
The registration fee (110 euros) corresponds to the accommodation in the hotels of Le Muy
(September 6) and Valberg (September 7) including: overnights in double room, dinners and
Those of you that required (and got) a single room will have to pay, on the spot with the hotel, a
supplement of 24 €in Le Muy and 29 € in Valberg.

So that your registration is effective, it is necessary that your payment arrives before June19, by
international bank transfer, on the following bank account.
Payment must be remitted in Euros, free from all bankcharges.

IBAN : FR96 2004 1010 1001 0865 2C03 158
Bank Name: La Banque Postale
Bank adress: Centre financier de Nancy / F-54900 NANCY cedex 9
Account Name: Mr ou Mme Durand Marc
Posting text:   Your name (important to recognize sender)

Registration form
Please return the attached Final Registration Form, to confirm your pre-registration, before June 19
to Marc DURAND <>. That form is a .doc file, and can thus be filled directly.

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