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Tire Gauges                                                               Aluminum Wide 5
Attractive stainless steel case with shock proof cover encloses a brass   Wheel Spacer ALL44127
over stainless movement to provide a very accurate, reliable tire         One-piece aluminum spacer moves wide
pressure gauge with 2" face. Available in three pressure readings,        5 wheel outboard by 1/4".
the Allstar Gauges include a quick air release and
15" flexible braided hose.
                                                                          Aluminum Wheel Adapter
                                                                          Adapter bolts to stock 5x4-1/2" or 5x 4-3/4"
                                                                          bolt circle hub and adapts to 5x5" bolt circle
Part No.     Description
                                                                          pattern wheel. Fitted with 5/8"-11 coarse
ALL44076......0-15 PSI Tire Gauge
ALL44077......0-30 PSI Tire Gauge                                         thread studs. 1" thick.
ALL44078......0-60 PSI Tire Gauge

                                                                          Spindle Nut Kits
Lug Nuts                                                                  Nut Kit includes nut, lock ring, retainer ring
Large diameter open end lug nuts will not pull through the wheel          and locking screws. Fits Wide 5, Allstar,
when tightened. Choose from steel or aluminum, SAE or metric              Howe and Port City 5x5 spindles.
threads. Nuts fit a 1" socket.
                                                                          Part No.     Description
                                                                          ALL44130......Steel Spindle Nut Kit
Part No.     Description                                                  ALL44131......Aluminum Spindle Nut Kit
ALL44096......5/8"-11 Double Chamfer Aluminum (Coarse Thread)             ALL44132......Replacement Locking Screw
ALL44098......5/8"-11 Double Chamfer Steel (Coarse Thread)
ALL44100......7/16"-20 Steel (Fine Thread)
ALL44101......12mm x 1.5mm Steel
ALL44102......1/2"-20 Steel (Fine Thread)                                 Brass Valve Stem ALL44134
ALL44104......5/8"-18 Steel (Fine Thread)                                 Brass bolt-in valve stem resists
ALL44106......5/8"-11 Steel (Coarse Thread)
                                                                          cutting during contact.

Titanium Lug Nuts ALL44099
Ideal for the weight-conscious racer. Titanium                            Snap-In Rubber Valve Stem ALL44136
lugnuts offer lightweight and exceptional                                 Economical rubber valve stem pulls through wheel for easy
strength. Also stronger and last longer                                   installation. Fits a 5/8" hole.
than aluminum lugnuts. Sold in sets of 5.

Lug Nut Tape ALL44095                                                     Flush Mount Valve Stem ALL44137
Eliminate messy glue and attach                                           Steel bolt-in valve stem mounts in stan-
your lug nuts with these soft                                             dard location and remains flush with
foam pads with adhesive on                                                the outside of the wheel. Retaining
both sides. Perfect for fast pit                                          nut attaches from the inside of
stops. 40 pieces per tube.                                                wheel. Complete with extension
                                                                          filler tube and dust cap. Four per
Glueless Lug Nuts                                                         package. Fit 1/2" hole.
Manufactured by R & R, open end lug nuts                                  Replacement
attach to the wheel with springs for                                      Filler Tube ALL44138
FASTER pit stops! Kits contain 5 glueless
lug nuts with springs attached and self-
tapping screws for mounting.
Part No.     Description
ALL44107......Complete Kit, 5/8"-18 Thread (Fine Thread)
ALL44108......Complete Kit, 5/8"-11 Thread (Coarse Thread)
ALL44109......Replacement Spring & Screw                                  Safety Locks
                                                                          Safety Locks (also called bead locks),
                                                                          securely fasten the tire bead to the rim.
                                                                          Run lower tire pressures safely.
                                                                          Grade 8 bolts and washers included.
                                                                          Part No.     Description
                                                                          ALL44140 ......Economy Version w/ Steel Outer
                                                                                         and Inner Rings for Use w/ 15" Wheels
                                                                          ALL44142 ......Polished Aluminum Outer Ring & Inner
                                                                                         Ring-Use w/ Alum. Wheels
                                                                          ALL44145 ......Replacement Steel Outer Ring (From ALL44140)
                                                                          ALL44146 ......Replacement Aluminum Outer Ring (From ALL44142)

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