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									Healey Speed boat......”see it at Como”

                   MMM                MMMM... I want one
                                                                                                                    Oct 2010 – Issue #10

 	   				 •	Roger Swales 100M and background to the “M”
          •	Healey	Day....	The	Big	Day...Got	to	be	there
 		 	     •	Bridge	Too	Far..	Coming	up	this	Month
 		 	     •	Side	Exhaust
                                The offical newsletter of the Austin-Healey Owners Club of Victoria incorporated.
  This Club is affiliated to the Confederation of Australian Motor Sports (CAMS), a member of the Marque
              Sports Car Association (MSCA) and the Association of Motoring Clubs (AOMC).
    We are dedicated to the maintenance, preservation and enjoyment of the Austin Healey motor car.

                                                      OFFICE BEARERS
President                Bill Ingham        0438 195 748 or 9899 9033
Vice President           Mike Snelgrove     0418 320 524 or 9379 2836
Secretary                Andrew Goad        0412 929 341 or 9816 9460
Treasurer                Ken Tame           0418 561 908 or 9817 2092
Membership               Bill Metcalf       0447 010 145 or 9876 2167
Clubrooms & CMC          Chris Coughlin     0418 312 428 or 9822 7712
                                                   GENERAL COMMITTEE
Social                   Selwyn Hall        0412 546 208 or 9842 8510
Librarian                Barb Meredith      0417 384 712 or 9499 4610
Website                  Gordon Lindner     0418 540 920 or 9707 1294
Competition-MSCA         Rod Vogt           0408 395 240 or 5962 1915
Regalia                  Vacant                                      
AOMC-VicRoads            Ken Styles         0431 481 082 or 9809 4382
CAMS                     Tony Barrett       0427 051 297 or 9725 5587
Registrar                Iain McPherson                     9850 3267
Clubrooms                Chris Coughlin     0418 312 428 or 9822 7712
Magazine Editor          Harvey Pearce      0419 108 532 or 9836 7596

                                        VICTORIA INC ABN 21 230 686 083
  The statements of opinion or fact appearing within are those of the individual contributor(s) and do not necessarily
                                     reflect the views of the Club or its members
                              Registered by Australia Post. Publication No. VBH 1552
CORRESPONDENCE: P.O. Box 97 Mulgrave, Victoria. 3170.        INTERNET-ADDRESS
GENERAL MEETINGS are held on the first Thursday of the month at the Clubrooms, 19-23 Rosalie Street,
Springvale. Meetings commence at 8.00pm.
CONTRIBUTIONS: Items of interest, articles, technical information, correspondence, constructive criticism,
photographs etc., are constantly being sought. Any material for inclusion to the magazine should be sent directly to
the Editor, by 13th of the month.

             The Next Meeting will be held in the Clubhouse, Rosalie Ave Springvale
                        On Thursday 7th October commencing at 8pm

                                           THIS MONTH’S COVER
                                        Roger Swale’s 100m “Le Mans”
Roger writes - “I had always imagined myself with a Healey 100, ever since I saw one for sale in the UK in the early
60's, standing on a forecourt, waiting to be driven away! But when I eventually joined the Healey fraternity, (when I
started to work in the USA), I immediately went for the comfort of the BJ8 style. However after a couple of years of
longing for a 100, I eventually found this one on the East Coast. The car was imported directly to the states in May
1956, and from the early history I'm told it was raced on the east coast, but nothing exists of this in documentation.
The car then lay in a garage from the early 70's until the late 90's, when the restoration began. From the onset the
view was to be as original as possible in all aspects, but with an eye for safety and reliability. We upped the
compression to 9:1, replaced the front brakes with discs, to make the car stop when it should and put in a Malory
ignition to make it go! (I still have both the original drums and distributor). The cold box et al is all original. We have
used a few Denis Welch parts on the build, and the interior was imported from Connolly Leather in the UK. When we
left the USA for Australia, it was a no brainier not to bring the car along with us. It was too much fun to let someone
else have it while we still enjoyed the whole thrill of driving the car and meeting other Healey friends”.

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    Editor’s Notes                                                                                         Page        2
    ROF’s                                                                                                  Page        2
    Selwyn’s Social Exhaust Notes                                                                          Page        3
    President’s Report                                                                                     Page        4
    Membership                                                                                             Page        5
    Secretary’s Report                                                                                     Page        7
    Cover Feature Story - The “LeMans” 100M                                                                Page        8
    Competition Report                                                                                     Page       10
    Side Exhaust                                                                                           Page       18
    Paynesville                                                                                            Page       20
    Iain McPherson - Racing Healeys                                                                        Page       25
    Peninsula Run                                                                                          Page       28

                                              FROM THE EDITOR
It was a struggle last month to get enough material in on         Last time we attempted this one the weather was so hot
time to put together the usual 24 pages so we ended up            we curtailed it.
with only 20. The advantage was that it reduced printing          It will be a longer than usual run taking us over some
and mailing costs but those savings are sure to be used           great Healey roads that usually attract very little traffic
up this month due to the extra space required for the             especially during the week and a great lunch will be at a
material pertaining to the AGM in December.                       venue within an hour of the city.
In the centre of this month’s edition you will find a “pull       The wet, cold winter and other circumstances have kept
out” section that includes information on what is                 my car in the garage except for its shift from Mont Albert
expected of our office bearers together with a                    to Camberwell and I certainly intend to rack up a few
nomination form for committee and a proxy form for                miles over the next 6 months. It’s great to have so much
those who can’t be present at the AGM in December.                on but what a pity that so many events clash. We just
Just pull them out and the rest of the magazine will              have to choose the ones that suit us best I guess.
remain intact. The forms will also be available for
download from the website.                                        On the social side of things we hope to see an increase
                                                                  in attendance at Albert Park on the 1st Sunday of each
October is a huge month for Healey events with runs               month, a big turnout on Cup Day at Peter and Lyn
and displays culminating in our annual “Healey Day” at            Edwards place and a full house at the Christmas dinner
Como Park North. November is pretty full on too so get            dance in December.
your car out, service and detail it and get on the road as
often as possible. Putting our cars out there for the             Just a reminder that the ROF’s run south this month has
public to admire is also a great way to create a market           been cancelled because all the usual suspects are
for those wishing to buy and sell.                                heading down to The Otway’s with Ralph & co.
With the permission of the usual convener I plan to               Happy Healeying
organise the North ROF’s run in November.                         Harvey Pearce

                                 NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
 The Annual General Meeting of The Austin Healey Owners Club (Vic) will be held in the Clubrooms, 19-23
Rosalie Street, Springvale on Thursday 2nd December immediately following the December General Meeting
                                        Andrew C. Goad, Secretary

                                     ROF run out West - September 2010
A BIG thank you to John & Denise Anderson for undertaking the ROF run in the absence of the usual organizers, so
much hard work goes into setting these runs up.
A fantastic 2 hour run with some unusual points of interest, great back roads & fast roads - at one stage I noticed the
Speedo was up to 126kms , when challenged John said his Speedo was stuck on 70mph & he had no idea what
actual speed he was travelling at ... so good were the roads. I won’t divulge the details of the run in case it may be
used in the future. It was brilliant and lunch for 7 at a hidden favourite of the out West people .was, to say the least,
most impressive
Thank you again John & Denise (Denise loves traveling with the top down).
“The anonymous one”

           Don’t argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level and beat you with experience

                        SELWYN’S SOCIAL EXHAUST NOTES for October 2010
October               Barb Merideth
November              Rex & Bobbie Genoni.
December              We all bring a plate.
Sunday 3rd            Picnic in the Park - Swan Picnic Area. Albert Park. The weather is on the improve so this is a
                      great way to start the month. Any time from 11-11.30 onwards. BYO EVERYTHING
Thursday 7th          General Meeting 8pm
Sunday 10th           “A Bridge Too Far” with Tony Bennetto - a great run with lunch at a country pub.
Thursday 14th         ROF’s run South with Mike Forrester - CANCELLED (everyone is going to The Otway’s)
Thursday & Friday 14/15 Fletcher/Kelly enterprises Otway Run SOLD OUT
Saturday 23rd & Sunday24th Healeys @ 6 hour race .Winton
                    We need several volunteers to help the Team run in this event
Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th. Motor Classica. Royal Exhibition Buildings plus Picnic with the Classics both days at
                     Piazza Italia, Argyle Square. Lygon St Carlton. FREE EVENT. BYO PICNIC LUNCH.
Wednesday 27th       Peninsula run to Caesars 343 Nepean H’Way Frankston. Phone 9770111
Sunday 31st          Victorian Healey Day at Como Park. - The major showcase of our marque for the year
                     We will be joined on the day by our fellow enthusiasts from the Bolwell Car Club & the
                     Austin Healey Sprite Drivers Club
                     We will be utilizing our in house BBQ & providing a free sausage sizzle lunch for all club
                     members and a coffee machine will be on hand for those who wish to purchase a caffeine fix
Tuesday 2nd             Melbourne Cup day at Peter & Lyn Edwards 33 Craig Road Donvale.
                        This is a BYO everything day. (Food, Hot & Cold drinks Chairs, Cutlery, Picnic Rug etc.
Thursday 4th            General Meeting 8pm
Sunday 7th              Picnic in the Park
Thursday 11th           ROF’s Run North
Sunday 14th             “Mystery run” to South Gippsland & a picnic This is a BYO everything day. On site are
                        BBQ’s & covered seating.
                        Meeting Point Service Road. Tooradin 10.30 Departure. Contact. Maureen Cant.
Sunday 21 st         Healeys in action at Phillip Island
Wednesday 24th       Peninsula run to Heronswood. 105 Latrobe Pde. Dromana            Phone 598447318
Saturday/Sunday 27/28 Healeys in the High Country. As at mid August there are only 3 rooms left for this event.
                     So e mail enter Healeys in high country on subject line.
                     Leave your (& partner) name. How many nights you want booked. When your booking is
                     confirmed pay $100.0 deposit when requested.
Saturday 27th.       Day run to YEA Agricultural show.
                     We have been asked to have up to a dozen Healeys turn up & be a static display for a couple
of                   hours. The show grounds are only 500 metres from the main street so you will have a variety
of                   shops to visit as well as the attractions at the show grounds.
                     Prez Bill is going to lead the charge on the day. Detailed Information soon.
Thursday 2nd            General Meeting 8pm followed by the AGM
Saturday 4th,           Xmas Dinner Dance. The Pavilion Corner Whitehorse & Middleborough Roads. Box Hill
                        7PM to 12 midnight. SEE FULL PAGE FLYER
Sunday 5th              Healeys in action at Sandown
Sunday 5th              Our regular BBQ at Albert Park.
Wednesday 29th          Peninsula run to South Beach. 464 The Esplanade. Mt Martha.  Phone 59744443
JANUARY 2011 (yes next year)
Natter night has turned into a Natter day. DATE TO BE ADVISED
Thanks to Bill & Jeane Metcalf we are going to have a “natter” drive and return to a “natter” BBQ lunch at the Metcalf
Meet 09.45 for a 10.00 start @ Bill & Jeane Metcalf’s 129 Bryson’s Road. Warrenwood. Quick chat & then we head of
on an interesting drive to somewhere and return to a “natter”BBQ lunch at the Metcalf ranch. For those who like such
things Bill will have his “shed” open for inspection. Many thanks to Bill & Jeane for making their place available.
PLEASE - if you are organizing an event, making any changes to an event or the usual contact person let me
know by e mail
          Selwyn is not continuing in his role as Social Secretary. We need a new one. Can YOU help?

                                                            3                                                            3
                                        President’s Report October 2010
According to current Club procedure, December is the               He said he would. After I locked up I got home about
time when all Committee positions are declared vacant              1.30am but had a great night.
and all financial members have the opportunity to take up          No speaker this month, but we will entertain you
a Committee position. In this month’s Newsletter you will          somehow.
find nomination forms to fill in and forward to the Club           A Steering Committee to examine the formation of a
Secretary if you wish to nominate for one of those                 National Austin Healey Association has formed and will
positions in 2011. Last month was “Your Club Needs                 now select a Chairperson and Secretary. I will inform you
You Month” the front page of 100’s & 1000’s indicated              when this has taken place.
that clearly and we further informed you some of our               See you at Rosalie Street.
office bearers would not be renominating next year. In             Bill - 9899 9033
case there is any doubt or if we didn’t make it clear
enough, I can tell you the positions of President,
Secretary and Treasurer will become vacant - Bill
Ingham, Andrew Goad and Ken Tame will not seek to fill
those positions in 2011. Every member has a vested
interest in the effective running of the Club so you need to
consider if it’s time you took the important step toward an
executive position. Give me a call if you want to talk
about it.
The latest information I have to hand is that the positions
of Social Secretary and Web Manager will also become
vacant and will not be filled by Selwyn Hall and Gordon
Lindner in 2011. If you feel you can find the time to take
on one of these positions please consider it now.
This information is promulgated early enough in the year
for you to make a decision by November when
nominations close.
So, there are lots of opportunities for you to step forward
for the Club.
October gets busy with “A Bridge too Far” organised by
Tony Bennetto. This will be an interesting day with a pub
lunch - more info elsewhere in this Newsletter. The
Fletcher/Kelly Otway Run is set for a good weekend and
we wish the 6 Hour Relay Team all the best. If you are
able to go up to Winton to help, that would be
appreciated. Motorclassica is on the same weekend. If
you can’t get to Winton and would like to be part of a club
display at the Lygon St Piazza let me know.
The big day, Sunday October 31st, “Victorian Healey
Day” is the one day of the year you have got to be at.
We want you all out there in your car at Como Oval. We
will be putting on a sausage sizzle, light salad and rolls
for you at lunchtime similar to last year, except our Club
BBQ will be on site so wear your name tag when you line
up at the BBQ. You can see more information elsewhere
in 100’s & 1000’s.
I want to thank the workers at last month’s meeting at the
Clubrooms. Fay Raisbeck has provided supper again for
us doing the job 3 times now in the absence of other
volunteers and was assisted by Anne Kruger - thanks
ladies. Our guest speaker was organised by Bill Metcalf
and Bruce Dixon. Thank you guys for a sensational
guest speaker in John Raeburn with many Aussie
motorsport greats there on the night. Planning for the
night differed somewhat from my earlier understanding
when it became clear there was no way the 2.5 hour talk
was going to be reduced to 45 minutes so I put John on
after the Meeting and just let it all happen. This turned
out to be the best thing to do because he provided
arguably the best night’s talk I have heard. It was so
good in fact that I felt we needed it again and we did not
do justice to the group of men there, Murray Carter, Rod
Murphy etc. The complete list is in the Secretary’s
Report. I asked John if he would come back again for a
special night at the Clubrooms, not a Club Meeting night.

                                                               4                                                               4
                    VICTORIAN HEALEY DAY
        Sunday 31st October 2010 at Como Park North Oval
                 Alexandra Avenue, South Yarra
                      from 9am to 4.30pm
We want to every mobile Healey there on the day and the cars that are not mobile, can be
trailered or pushed, but be there for a great Healey show.
Whilst overseas on the Sweden Healey Meeting, I was lucky enough to get a ride in a Healey
Boat. To give you all the chance to see one, I have arranged with Life Member John Gray to bring
his original boat to Como Park so we can all have the opportunity to see, in the flesh, an original
example of the Healey Boat on display together with club car displays by our friends from the
Sprite and the Bolwell Clubs.
Our preferred service providers, that is, those who advertise in our Newsletter, will again be invited
to provide a display of their services and products. Our newest service provider LSV Insurance
will be mounting a special display on the day.
The Club BBQ will be there so wear you name tag (otherwise a gold coin will ensure you don’t go
hungry) and you will be able to receive a sumptuous sample from the sausage sizzle for lunch
courtesy of the Club.
For all those members wishing to enter their car in the concourse judging, please do so no later
than 9am on the day. Outstanding excuses for lateness will be considered. If you need
information on any aspect of the Concourse Judging System call Head Judge Bill on 9899 9033.
Categories are for all models of Austin Healey and Healey cars. Judging will be for originality and
standard of restoration. There will be a category for Special Interest Cars.
We will also be having a Show and Shine for the members who consider their car to be shiny, but
have some tasteful modifications. Should you need advice on that John Raisbeck is in charge.
We will also have a President’s choice again for the Sprites and Bolwell's.
This is a great day and an important one, so we ask for your support in your Healey.
Any Q’s Bill Ingham - 9899 9033

                                               MEMBERSHIP REPORT
Hi this your Membership officer reporting that we have eight new members for the month of September
Please make welcome to our club
Rob & Rosalind Alexander ... from Williamstown
Keith, Louie & Kate Campbell ... from Malvern
Ken & Jan Watts ... from St Helena
Douglas Rochlin & James Rochlin ...from Camberwell
Before my year of office closes, I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge my Membership
predecessors.Greg Howe & Brian Aitken for the effort they had untaken to enable a troglodyte such as myself to be
able to fulfill the Membership Office ... it is not the easiest of jobs, in fact it is constant, but it is most rewarding being
able to know the people who join our WONDERFUL Club & communicate with them.
I do intend to continue for 1 more year, unless of course someone else wishes to take over this position. (I wouldn’t be
upset if someone did)
Thank you also Keith & Enid Nankervis & Gordon Lindner. for making life at my end a little easier
Bill Metcalf

                                    Did you like last month’s cover?
                                    Your car (and you too,if you like), can be
                                    immortalised by Wildey,in pencil, oils or
                                    watercolours. Call Shelley on 0409 290 469 to discuss
                                    your personal requirements

                                                              5                                                                   5
6   6
                                       Secretary’s Report – September 2010
The General Meeting on 2 September began at 8.25pm.
President - Bill Ingham welcomed all in attendance                   Social Secretary - Selwyn Hall noted that only 30 had
including our speaker, renowned racing driver John                   registered for the “Three Clubs Night”. To improve the
Raeburn, and our guests that included several other                  representation from our Club, Members were asked see
Australian Motor Racing Greats of the same era. At Bill’s            Selwyn after the Meeting to register.
invitation, Bruce Dixon then introduced each of them. They
included Jim Philips, Alwyn Huf, Rod Murphy, Ray Gibb,               Gordon Lindner expanded on some of the details of the
Ron Griffiths, Frank Lester, Murray Carter, Frank Esposito,          2011 RACV Fly the Flag 10th Anniversary Tour and noted
Douglas Rechlin, and Brian Carty (all the way from Broome).          that our Run to Paynesville will include a visit to the Maffra
                                                                     Shed on Friday 10th September.
The President then went on to welcome Stephen Brooks,
who has rejoined the Club after several years away.                  In Editor - Harvey Pearce’s absence the President spoke
                                                                     about the current Magazine Cover, noting he and Michael
There were more than 54 Members with 3 Healeys, plus 18              had incorporated Alex Wilde’s magnificent “Healey Club Call
Visitors, present. It is disappointing to note that, at almost       to Action Poster” plus a snippet of the Aboriginal Art to be on
every Meeting, there are a substantial number of Members             show at the Three Clubs Night.
who do not put their names on the circulated attendance
sheet. Members should be aware that attendance                       CMC/Clubrooms Representative - Chris Coughlin
contributes one point towards their Club Championship                reported that a new stove had been purchased and will be
score, and a further point if they record bringing their             installed in the kitchen.
Healey.                                                              Rod Vogt highlighted the two MSCA Rounds remaining and
Apologies were received from Greg and Phyl Howe, Wendy               noted that helpers are still being sought for Phillip Island on
Ingham, Selwyn Hall, Harvey Pearce, Barb Meredith, Rex               21st November and Sandown on 5th December. We have
and Deanna Hall, John and Mary Birdsey, Phil Aitken, Paul            two Healey Teams entered for the Winton 6 Hour Relay on
and Julianne McPherson, Warren Gartner and Yvonne                    23/24th October and there is Historic Sandown on 6/7th
Thomson.                                                             November also still to come. Rod reported that the MSCA
                                                                     event last Sunday was a great day with our people all
Acceptance of the previous Meeting Minutes was moved                 looking very professional and most bettering their best times
by Bill Metcalf, seconded by Bill Vaughan, and carried by the        on the day. Brian Aitken did brilliantly on his first run in the
Meeting.                                                             Sprite and Colin Wallace bettering his 2min, down to 1min
Incoming Correspondence included “Flyers” from the                   58sec. (Refer to Rod’s Report elsewhere in the Magazine for
Warratina Lavender Farm, Shannon’s for their 16th August             more details.)
Melbourne Classic Auction, the Cora Lynn Country Car                 AOMC and Vic Roads Representative - Ken Styles
Show on 3rd October, the All Ford Display Day and Cruise to          reported that at last weeks Monday Meeting they were
Nagambie on 17th October, the Victorian Goldfields                   optimistic the new Club Plates Scheme should be in place
Railway’s annual Picnic at Muckleford on 23rd October, the           early next year.
Historic Commercial Vehicle Annual Display at Sandown on
28th November, the RACV Great Australian Melbourne to                When addressing Cars &/or Parts to Buy &/or Sell, it was
Mornington Rally on 16th January 2011, plus the RACV Fly             noted that Ralph Fletcher is still looking for a buyer for the
the Flag 10th Anniversary Tour from 26th March to 1st April          BN2.
2011.                                                                Under General Business, the President exhibited the
Magazines and News Letters were received from the                    steering wheel off the famous works car, as highlighted by
Austin Healey Owners Clubs of NZ, NSW, SA, WA, Qld,                  Side Exhaust in the August magazine, and thanked John
plus the Austin Healey Sprite Drivers Club, the Riverina             Gray for kindly loaning it to the Club for display.
Sports Car Association, the Southern Peninsula Classic &             A thank-you was also conveyed to Dave Dawson for the
Historic Car Club, along with the AOMC August Newsletter             large vinyl print of the Alex Wilde poster, which has been
Incoming Letters and Emails included a letter from CAMS              framed for display.
accompanying their Annual Report, Insurance Programme                Members were asked to bring their contributions to he next
Handbook, and Corporate Plan, plus a Member change of                Meeting, as Mick Smith will be doing the Christmas Hamper
address advice.                                                      again this year, and Jill Forrester noted that selling of
Correspondence Out included an Email to AHCWA                        Hamper raffle tickets will start at the November Meeting.
requesting advice upon the status of the 2009 Year Book, a           Bill Ingham gave a brief outline of the 22nd to 24th October
“thank-you” letter to Alex Wilde for the “Healey Club Call to        Motorclassica and noted that further details are yet to be
Action Poster”, plus a letter of appreciation to the AOMC            provided. It was also noted that the ROFS Run West is
following their “Winter Seminar” on 31st July.                       looking for better support, with more participants.
Treasurer - Ken Tame reported the General Operating                  The Formal Meeting Closed at 8.50pm, and was followed by
Account Closing Balance at $13,179.49, as at 26th July,              an extensive and captivating presentation by John Raeburn.
while the Special Purpose Account balance remains at
                                                                     The Next Meeting is on 7th October 2010.
$2,842.57 and the Term Deposit at $40,000.00. Full details
of the Financial Report are included in the formal Meeting           (Formal Minutes of AHOC General Meetings are
Minutes accessible to Members via the Club Website.                  available to Members on the Club Website.)
Membership Secretary - Bill Metcalf reported that we are             Andrew C. Goad
currently at 582, with 276 Healey Owning Members. Please
advise <> if you change                   SECRETARY
your email or other Membership related details.

                                                                 7                                                                      7
                                 COVER FEATURE STORY
           The People, Events and History behind the 100M "LeMans "By Bill Meade
                              Founder 100M "LeMans" registry
When Donald Healey and his talented team designed               Austin-Healey 100M is, the Worldwide 100M “Le Mans”
and built the first 100, Donald knew he had to get his          Registry contacted over seventeen Healey clubs in
cars into competition and capture the public's                  different countries and throughout the U.S. to ask their
imagination in order to be a sales success in the show          help in identifying and registering their member’s
room. It was this commitment that prompted Donald to            100M’s.
ask Roger Menadue to fabricate modifications for the            Almost without exception, every club contacted around
100 to be made into a race worthy sports car. These             the world was more than willing to support the job of
modified “LeMans” cars were the very first race prepared        finding every factory built 100M and “Le Mans”
100’s and were the prototypes for the “LeMans” kit and          converted car. The clubs saw the enormous benefits of
the 100M model.                                                 working together as friends to build worldwide
The Austin Healey 100M "LeMans" "factory-built" sports          information about the Austin-Healey 100M.             That
cars were produced between September 5, 1955 and                willingness to work together has paid off with more
July 16, 1956.                                                  knowledge about the 100M than ever before.
According to factory records discovered in July of 1985         To date, Healey Clubs from Australia, Switzerland,
by John Wheatley, advisor to the 100M Registry, only            Japan, Canada, Austria, Germany and Quebec, and
640 of these 100M cars were made. This figure is                Manitoba, in Canada have pledged to be Charter
based on the factory build cards, which called for a            Supporting Clubs. Additionally, the Austin-Healey Club
louvered bonnet. This factory produced series was               of America, Austin-Healey Club USA, Austin-Healey
designated the M model by Donald Healey and Gerry               Sports and Touring Club, Tidewater Assoc. of Classic
Coker, the car’s body designer.                                 Healeys, Oklahoma Austin-Healey Owners Club,
An additional several hundred "LeMans" Conversion Kits          Bluegrass Austin-Healey Club, Bonneville Austin-Healey
were sold during the 1950’s to Austin-Healey dealers or         Club, Austin-Healey Club of San Diego, North Texas
car owners for conversion of standard 100 Austin Healey         Austin-Healey Club, and Midwest Region Austin-Healey
sports cars to "LeMans specifications. Cars converted           Club have also agreed to be Charter Supporting Clubs
later with LeMans equipment are referred to as                  and encourage their 100M owners to register.
"LeMans" modified cars. They are not properly called            Even though other Austin-Healey general registries had
100M cars as this was the name for just the limited             been in effect for a number of years, there had never
production run of 640 cars.                                     been a concerted and widely promoted effort to focus on
Many people have been fascinated with the rare; race            information about the 100M exclusively. In an effort to
car inspired 100M "LeMans" model built by Donald                let other general registries know that the 100M Registry
Healey. At the same time, some people have also been            did not wish to compete or replace their registries, we
discouraged in pursuing the acquisition of one when             promised to share our listing of owners with their groups
they learned it was difficult to identify the genuine           if they would share their listings with us. This type of
factory-built cars from standard 100's that have been           cooperation certainly benefits building knowledge and
equipped with "LeMans” conversion parts.                        appreciation for the Austin-Healey cars worldwide.
As stated earlier, the "LeMans” modifications first             According to many automotive experts, the 100M is the
originated with the four BN-1 "special test cars" that          best handling and performing road-going Austin-Healey
were prepared by Donald Healey and Roger Menadue                ever built. Its top speed was increased from about 107
for racing in the 1953 Mille Miglia and the 24 hour             to almost 120 miles per hour, and its 0-60 mph. time
LeMans of France. These were the very first Austin-             improved from 10.5 to about 9 seconds.                 This
Healey 100 race cars prepared for international road            performance still compares favourable with popular
racing, appearing even before the 100S model. They              small sports cars being produced today, 50 years later!
were the prototype of the 100M and one car, NOJ 392,            Even though the Austin-Healey 100M was a remarkable
still remains restored as a “LeMans” car today.                 performance car, the quality that has endeared it to
The "LeMans" Conversion Kit, based on those "special            thousands of enthusiasts over the decades -- and
test car" modifications was first made available in 1954,       assured its place in history - is the Gerry Coker designed
before the start of the BN-2 production run. Because of         body. The low-slung, curvaceous body stunned the
this time frame, the first cars converted with the              press and public in 1953, and it’s rounded, flowing
"LeMans" kit were BN-1's (as were the four test cars            shape is being copied more today than ever.
described above). However, all of the factory-built             When the 100M model was released, Gerry Coker was
100M's were based on BN-2 models.                               called on to design an aggressive- looking louvered
The 100M's were a limited production, high-performance          bonnet and "LeMans" hold-down strap, along with a
car. and although most of these special limited                 chrome and red "M" insignia for the front grille. (Author's
production cars were sold into the United States in the         note: The World-Wide 100M "LeMans" Registry has the
1950’s, a steady number were sold to countries around           unique distinction of having available to its members a
the World.                                                      stunning, vintage-look grille badge featuring the historic
Since that time, there has been growing interest in the         large "M" which was designed by Gerry Coker and bears
100M in many wide spread locations Australia, Japan,            his signature.)
Switzerland and Canada just to mention a few countries
where the 100M is sought after and much admired by
British car enthusiasts.
Encouraged by the knowledge of just how popular the
                                                            8                                                                 8
            The 100m “LeMans” Grille Badge                        Interest in conversions has been fuelled by the
                                                                  increased interest in the original 640 factory-built 100M
Today, the 640 factory-built 100M "LeMans" cars are
sought after because of their rarity, confirmable chassis

                                                                  To help insure that cars are not duplicated, owners
                                                                  should keep their cars currently registered. If someone
                                                                  attempts to register a duplicate numbered car, the 100M
                                                                  Registry will alert the present owner if their registration is
                                                                  current and paid. The original car registered, remains
                                                                  the only one registered, unless it is clearly shown that it
                                                                  is not the original factory built car).
                                                                  With the publishing of the 100M "LeMans" Identification
                                                                  Guidelines booklet, the World-Wide 100M "LeMans"
                                                                  Registry has helped solve this dilemma and made it
                                                                  possible to define and identify the genuine factory-built
                                                                  cars. This publication was developed over a two-year
                                                                  period and has been reviewed by sixteen worldwide
                                                                  experts on the 100M
                                                                  Because of this ability to better identify factory 100M
identification numbers and the mystique of owning this            cars today, we have seen interest in the 100M expand
original,      limited    production,     high-performance        drastically in recent years. This is great news for the
automobile.                                                       Austin-Healey Marque because it means more excellent
Before the founding of the 100M Registry, it was                  quality restorations and more cars preserved for
generally believed that perhaps 50% of the factory- built         posterity.
cars might still exist. However, now that the Registry            All of the people involved in the 1950’s designing and
has, for over ten years, contacted all clubs, world wide to       building the Austin-Healey 100M worked as a visionary
identify 100M owners, it appears that perhaps no more             team to make this car a reality. Donald with his dream
than 175-185 (170 registered as of Aug. 2010) of these            of a high performance race inspired car, Roger Menadue
special cars exist today. This means that the factory-            with his knowledge for extracting additional power and
built cars rank with some of the rarest and most sought-          handling, Gerry Coker with his outstanding design skills,
after classic sports cars known, and this fact will               Geoff Healey with his desire to see the Healey compete
inevitably strengthen the 100M's value and appeal as a            at its best and Bic Healey promoting ownership
collector’s car.                                                  worldwide. Each brought an important ingredient to the
The cars, however, present a special challenge to the             100M, without each one, the story could not be told
would-be buyer or restorer seeking an original factory            today.
produced car because of the several hundred kits that             If you are fortunate enough to be the present owner of a
were sold to modify cars at that time (late 1950's).              factory-built 100M, or are able to locate an unrestored
Additionally, many parts have been reproduced over the            car, don't let it get away from you! These cars have truly
years, making it possible to upgrade a 100 to "LeMans"            "come of age" with the recognition that this fast and rare
specifications even today.                                        original Austin-Healey is one of the most enjoyable,
The Registry has several categories of cars to                    classic, “pure sports cars” to own and drive.
distinguish between the factory produced cars and
          (a) The early 100's retrofitted with the "LeMans"
          kit, either by Donald Healey, an Austin Healey
          dealer, or owners;
          (b) The 640 factory-built "LeMans" cars which
          were named 100M; and (c) Cars that have been
          converted to "LeMans" specifications in more
          recent years.
Only the factory registered chassis identification
numbers distinguish the actual factory built originals
from others.
Of course, it should be remembered that such converted
cars were the plan of Donald Healey, who fully expected            The cover car is old English white over spruce green.
owners and dealers alike to convert cars and benefit               Only 5 100M's were made with this colour combination
from the improved performance, appearance and value
made possible with the "LeMans" Modification Kit. This              This article is an edited and combined version of two articles
                                                                   that appeared in the October 2005 50 anniversary edition of
process is still popular today with owners of 100's.
                                                                                            “Healey Torque”
                                                                      (The registry can be viewed at

                                                              9                                                                      9
                                 COMPETITION REPORT OCTOBER 2010
COMING EVENTS                      Events marked with * count towards the Competition
                                   Championship. Sprint and Regularity events require
                                   a basic CAMS level 2S licence only. (contact Rod Vogt)
Round 7           Sunday 21st November *PHILLIP ISLAND               Sprint and Regularity
Round 8           Sunday 5th December *SANDOWN                       Sprint and Regularity
                                            (With MSCA presentation and BBQ)
ENTRY FORMS for these events will be sent to all on the Team Healey email list. If you want to get involved ring Rod
Vogt on 5962 1915 or 0408 395 240 or email Spectators are encouraged.
Entry is free and you are welcome in our pit garage. Competition starts at approximately 9.15am
2.        OTHER EVENTS
Oct 16/17th       *#Historic “No Frills” meeting, Lakeside Park Qld (
Oct 23/24th       *Winton 6 Hour Relay ( 2 teams entered)
Nov 6/7th         *#Historic Sandown (                  Gr S & regularity
Nov 26-28th       *#Historic Eastern Creek ( Tasman Cup Revival Meeting
# round of Group S Racing Association 2010 Championship
We have two teams entered for the Winton 6 Hour Relay event on October 23/24th. Peter and Anne Stanley will
manage the number one team of regulars – AHOC members Geoff Leake (100/4) and Colin Wallace (Sprite, and also
a member of the Sprite Club) with Peter Jackson running for our team for the first time, (in his Marque Sports Healey
3000 which has not seen track time since the Group Sa Healey was finished) and AHSDC members Jeff Smith and
Geoff Lawrence in their Sprites. John Goodall has convinced Graham Palich to manage the second Team of
newcomers, being AHOC members John Goodall (100/6), Bill Vaughan (Sprite) and Rod Vogt (Sprite) plus ex-Healey
owner Tony Rogers in his Porsche 911 and Peter Osborne from Sydney who ran his 100/4 for many years at Historic
regularity events with John, Tony, Trevor Smith and David Kelly. He will drive his Alfa 105.
We would love some helpers in the pits on the SUNDAY– mainly stopwatch timing on the “wall”. With the event
running for 6 hours at least two pairs for each team would be ideal, that is eight volunteers. Contact Rod Vogt if you
can help. Supporters are very welcome of course. It is a very interesting day with 45 cars on the track at all times for
the unbroken six hours, and there is a great variety in the type of cars running.
The SANDOWN HISTORIC RACES on November 6/7th are always a highlight of the competition year. Big Healeys
and Sprites will be racing in Group S Production Sports Cars and running in the Regularity event. Sandown is close
by and the grandstand gives cover from the weather if needed. You will see a “new” Healey that has just been
purchased by a Club member – the reserve factory 1963 Sebring Healey FAC 57! It is
being prepared for the Regularity event after many years unseen in storage in Qld. Who bought it? Come along and
find out.
Marque Sports Car Association               Phillip Island           August 29th
A great day and well supported by the following members with their points earned toward the Competition
Championship and four fastest laps for the day (the basis for the score) shown below:
Russell Baker (3000)               921 points        2.00.97, 2.01.48, 2.01.75, 2.01.76
Cary Helenius (100/6)             920 pts            2.35.34, 2.35.38, 2.35.38, 2.36.14
Colin Wallace (Sprite)            892 pts            1.56.78, 1.57.15, 1.57.32, 1.57.86
Tim Westover (3000)                872 pts           2.20.70, 2.21.65, 2.21.65, 2.21.98
Bill Vaughan (Sprite)             834 pts            2.19.97, 2.20.06, 2.21.05, 2.21.63
Rod Vogt (Sprite)                  821 pts           2.02.46, 2.02.57, 2.03.27, 2.04.25
Rob Raverty (3000)                804 pts            2.34.34, 2.34.62, 2.35.44, 2.36.30
Brian Aitken (Sprite)              695 pts           2.27.58, 2.28.29, 2.30.22, 2.30.63
Colin, Bill and Rod had already done at least four events and were only able to improve their “best 4 events”
aggregate score if the points earned above were higher than the lowest score in their total at that stage. Colin
dropped 820 and added his 892 points earned. Bill and Rod were unable to improve their total, their low scores being
885 and 838 respectively. The other five improved their totals, not having yet done four events. Remember, the
highest possible score is 1000 points for an event and 4000 in total. Phew!
Colin and I were waiting for the 7 am gate opening and scrambled to save space for Team Healey to park together in
the pits. Luckily our boys are very good about arriving early and we soon had a very impressive line up of our cars
PLUS Graeme Spooner in his Clubman and three members of the Sprite Club – Peter Clarke, Jeff Smith and Mike
Summers. Graeme is restoring a 3000 and will use that car on the track when it is finished. Peter Kaiser was
parked a little further down with his Mini, as was our good friend Michael Ban in the Sunbeam Alpine.
Selwyn Hall drove down in his 3000 to work as CAMS steward for the day, and Brian Froelich and Mike Snelgrove
joined Annette Aitken and Sue Raverty as our cheer squad. Thank you all! It is certainly an important part of our day
to park together, give each other support and socialize between runs. The Healey group always attracts attention.

                                                          10                                                               1
The day dawned cold and showers threatened, as you                  lap time - it reminds me of the old joke: “How do you eat
would expect in August. Rain overnight had left the                 an elephant? Answer: One bite at a time!”
bitumen wet and the grass infield boggy. The first run              REGULARITY : Tim Westover, Bill Vaughan, Rob
for the Sprint groups was only 2 flying laps and was un-            Raverty, Cary Helenius, Brian Aitken
timed and served as a warm up to assess the                         Personal best times were set by most of these guys too.
conditions. Russell, Colin and I joined the other 3 Sprites         In theory that is not the aim of Regularity but they have
and a host of modern Lotus Elise/Exige sporties in                  become so comfortable in the motor sport environment
Group 3 and it certainly was slippery at that time of day.          that they flock to the time sheets as they are published
So slippery that I spun the Sprite on the first lap and was         like bees to nectar. Tim Westover arrived sporting new
embarrassed to sit facing the wrong way while my                    racing “mini-lite” style wheels and a set of sticky tyres
“friends” went past. At least I stayed off the grass. We            and by the end of the day had improved by 7 seconds
came in and compared notes about how tricky the                     over his previous best! He was clearly braking later and
conditions were only to realize Tim, Cary, Brian and Rob            cornering harder as the day progressed and the car
were listening intently and not enjoying what they were             sounded fantastic down the straight. Rob Raverty’s
hearing. Bill Vaughan, with his greater experience, was             3000 is unmodified and won the “Best Show Car” at the
unfazed. Brian Aitken showed nerves of steel to drive               Victorian Healey Day in 2009. Talk about multi use. Rob
away for his very first look at the Phillip Island circuit.         claims to take Regularity seriously but in improving his
These challenges are what it is all about.                          previous best lap time by a full 4 seconds he was much
The weather became fine, a light breeze quickly dried               faster than his nominated lap time but did not seem
the track surface and by the end of the day I think we              concerned. Rob and Cary run together on the track and
enjoyed one of the best Team Healey MSCA days I can                 Rob is determined to keep Cary Helenius behind him at
remember. We were a club level group of enthusiastic                all costs. Cary was two seconds off his best but only
Healey owners of mixed experience and with a variety of             one second behind Rob. Cary does a great job in a
cars, beautifully presented and well driven. And we all             standard car (the 100/6 does have a later 3 litre) and
had a trouble free day, EVEN Rob Raverty!                           running drum brakes all round. You do not have to have
SPRINT: Russell Baker, Colin Wallace, Rod Vogt                      a highly modified car to join in and have some fun. Bill
 Russell has many years of racing experience (was that              Vaughan was also two seconds off his best in the Sprite
pre or post war Russ?) and he always brings a higher                but was still faster than all the Big Healeys. We watched
level of competition to the day. He modestly lifted the             as Tim used the power of the 3000 and Bill used the
bonnet of the 3000 to show the fuel injected full race              cornering prowess of the Sprite to run together all day.
engine that he has developed over the last eighteen                 And last of all I save a special mention for Brian Aitken
months. It is good to have him back, and Colin and I                in the Bug-eye Sprite. Brian has overcome a few
had to lift our game. Russell finished the day smiling              mechanical problems and now has the Sprite firing.
broadly with a fastest lap of 2.00.97, improving his best           This was his FIRST time at the daunting Phillip Island
by nearly nine seconds. With a limited slip diff still to be        circuit and he showed that he is a natural – no outward
fitted, the magic two minute mark will fall next time. I            sign of doubt or nerves and a strong desire to improve.
surprised myself by improving my best time in the Sprite            He had a day long tussle with a Cortina and improved so
by over two seconds to 2.02.46 (even with a dose of the             much that he passed the Cortina in one of the most
flu) while chasing Russell hard in our second run, trying           difficult corners in the last session and just drove away.
to keep in touch and enjoying the sight of the Big Healey           Brian’s first lap was 2 min 45 secs and his last lap for the
being driven hard. The Sprite really does punch above               day was his quickest – eighteen seconds faster at 2min
its weight sometimes, but I did need 7600 rpm down the              27 seconds! We may have created a monster.
main straight to keep within striking distance! But the             Along with Ken Tame, Hugh Purse, Leon O’Brien, Mark
BIG improver was Colin Wallace who was determined to                Bird and Bill Petschack, these guys embody the spirit of
break two minutes after achieving oh-so-close fastest               using your Healey for fun on the track. It is easy to wax
laps of 2.00.59, 2.00.28 and 2.00.19 at three previous              lyrical when Peter Jackson, Brian Duffy, Steve Pike,
visits to Phillip Island. Success at last as Colin did a            Geoff Leake or Damian Moloney race their highly
1.58 in session one, a 1.57 in session two and in                   modified Healeys. I reflected late in the day at how far
session three he managed an incredible 1.56.78! By                  the rest of us have come in a short time. Bill Vaughan of
way of comparison, Peter Jackson has a best of 1.58.12              course has competed for much longer and at open
in his only visit in his “old number one” Marque Sports             Historic meetings in Regularity as well. Russell has
3000 and a fastest of 1.58.15 in the new group Sa                   experience from earlier years and enjoys the fun at Club
historic 3000. Colin’s Sprite is built with no restrictions,        level now and has no urge to race again – but still drives
with fuel injection and turbo charger. Peter has built              as fast as he can. Colin and I have chosen to compete
both Healeys to meet the restrictive rules of the Healey            more seriously but only started in 2008 and 2007
Racing series of 10 to 15 years ago for the first car and           respectively.      I remember the others starting as
the even more restrictive Historic Rules for the new Sa             newcomers between 2008 and 2010 in response to our
car, plus his time for the Sa car was set in full racing            call to put Healeys back on the track at whatever level
conditions, battling traffic and Shelby GT350’s etc. It is          you felt comfortable with, and I congratulate and thank
like comparing apples with oranges, but give Colin credit           them for their response. Team Healey is a supportive
for a mighty achievement in a car he built himself. It              group we have learned how to enter, prepare, arrive on
goes without saying that the rivalry is great fun and we            time, do the paper work and get scrutineered – all the
gave the Lotuses (is that Loti?) plenty of grief in the             necessary processes to get to the first run of the day just
process. So Russell and I now aim for a sub two minute              like Jackson and co.

                                                               11                                                                  1
It is the SAME process and EFFORT whether it be                     visions of sporting vehicles, but unlike most mortals he
MSCA or racing at a Historic meeting, as is the                     was able to bring his visions to reality
anticipation tinged with a little anxiety and the resulting         Not only did he conceptualize, he produced. Then he
adrenaline rush and exhilaration.                                   created desire in the rest of us for his product. He
SO DO YOU WANT TO HAVE A GO? If you have                            excited our imagination with world records on the salt
followed motor sport you CAN have fun in the Healey,                flats, driving hour after hour across the shimmering salt
on the track, under controlled conditions – probably                at speeds higher than most could dream of attaining for
safer than on the road.           Speak to the members              an instant. He competed successfully in every major
mentioned above. Contact me and I can send you                      endurance event in the world. His cars were always
comprehensive details on what you must do and how a                 leaders in every world-class rally through the deserts,
typical MSCA day runs. None of us are getting any                   rain forests, mountains and dust bowls. There was no
younger. “When was the last time you did something                  challenge he would not accept, and win.
for the first time?”                                                He created some of the finest sports cars ever built, and
Inspiration to keep our Healey Racing Heritage alive                at a price all of us could afford. His influence on the
may come from Carroll Shelby who penned the following               automotive sporting world was heavier than many
tribute to Donald Healey as the Forward to the 1988                 realize today, but history will prove him to be a giant in
book “Donald Healey. My World of Cars” by Peter                     his field.
Garnier:                                                            I’m proud to say that Donald Healey was one of my
“The world is blessed by those few who leave their mark             dearest friends. We raced the salt flats together, I tore
emblazoned upon our memories. They are people who                   up one of his cars during the Mexican Road Race and
live life fully, have a dream that becomes uppermost in             busted myself up pretty good at the same time. I guess
their thinking – a goal for life which most of us would call        we were kindred spirits, loved cars, going fast, having a
a mission.                                                          good time and living life fully. After all, what more can we
Donald Healey blessed this world. He left his mark                  ask out of life.”
indelibly inscribed. He truly loved life and savoured               An inspiring tribute from the outspoken Texan, racing
every moment. His love for cars was a passion so                    driver and creator of the iconic “Cobra”. It makes you
strong that few will ever encounter it. He had that innate          proud to be part of our Team Healey group.
feeling for what the public wants and needs. He had
                               No of         Points         Av              next
                               Events        best 4         pts             pts to
1         Peter Jackson             5        3721           930             890
2         Colin Wallace             7        3647           912             892
3         Rod Vogt                  7        3618           905             838
4         Bill Vaughan              6        3602           901             885
5         Brian Duffy               6        3280           820             753
6         Geoff Leake               3        2783           928
7         Tim Westover              3        2732           911
8         Russell Baker             3        2667           889
9         Damian Moloney            3        2567           856
10        Cary Helenius             3        2519           840
11        Brian Aitken              3        2478           826
12        Steve Pike                2        1781           891
13        Rob Raverty               3        1768           589 ***
14        Mark Bird                 2        1624           812
15        Ken Tame                  1        894            894
16        Leon O’Brien              1        841            841
17        John Goodall              1        789            789
18        Hugh Purse                1        706            706
*** Rob scored only 40 points after breaking down after 4 laps at P.I. MSCA
Note: The 2010 Championship will conclude on November 30th to enable presentations to be made at the AGM at
the Clubrooms on Thursday, December 2nd. The final MSCA event at Sandown on December 5th will become the first
event for the 2011 Championship.
Have some fun with the maths. With two MSCA events, two Historic meetings and the Winton Six Hour still to run, the
result is still in doubt. IF Peter Jackson does not improve his score then dropping his low score of 892 and scoring
967 at one more event would put Colin Wallace in front. Geoff Leake needs 939 points from a fourth event. Rod Vogt
is 103 behind – score 942 and drop the low score of 838 which is in the “best 4 total” and move to position one. Bill
Vaughan is 119 behind and by dropping his low score of 885 Bill needs 1004points – so with a maximum of 1000 for
any round he will need to improve over at least two more events. The task gets harder for the rest, but we have not
given up Peter!
I read this article that said: “The typical symptoms of stress are eating and drinking too much, impulse buying and
driving too fast”. Are they kidding? That’s my idea of a perfect day! CHEERS ROD VOGT

                                                               12                                                                  1
Xmas Dinner Dance
          Saturday December 4                                         th

                    “The Pavillion”
Corner Whitehorse and Middleborough Roads Box Hill
               7PM until Midnight.
       Dance to the music of The Dave Hetherington Trio
                 Complimentary welcome drink
                 3 course meal plus Tea/coffee
                          $40.00 per head.
  Full bar service all night Drinks can be purchased by the Bottle or Glass
             Ample parking - Disabled access - Smokers balcony
    Bookings can be made at our October & November Club meetings
              No email? .Last resort ring Selwyn 0412 546 208
                      Tables of eight
    Last date for bookings and payments Thur Nov 4th.
Motel Accommodation. Best Western The Tudor 1101 Whitehorse Rd. Box Hill 9898 9581
                            Mention Austin Healey Club.
                   Ten rooms reserved until Thursday November 4th

                                        13                                           1
         Major Responsibilities Associated with Committee Positions.
   Should be capable of giving good leadership and project a strong image of the club.
   Should be a good communicator.
   Must be capable of conducting and controlling the General and Committee meetings.
   Should be conversant with Club policies and Model Rules.
   Should be aware of Club historical Values and the need to maintain relatively constancy.
   Should endeavour to attend each General and Committee meeting and
   Should be actively involved in social events and
   Should be supportive of competitive endeavours of Club members.
   Present a monthly update to members through the pages of “Hundreds and Thousands”.

    Should provide assistance to the President and be capable of conducting the general and
     Committee Meetings if necessary.
    Should be conversant with Club policies and decisions and see they are adhered to or done
     as the case may be.
    Coordinate Special Efforts.
    This role is seen as preparation for Presidential succession.

   Must be capable of taking Minutes of Committee and general Meetings and keeping the
    Minute Book in an easy to read and organised condition.
   Should present a copy of Committee Meeting Minutes to each Committee Member as soon
    as practicable after Committee Meeting.
   Clear the Post Office Box at least once a week and promptly attend to the processing of
    correspondence received.
   Attend to all correspondence “out” as required in an expeditious and efficient manner.
   Attend to special requests made by the President or Committee.
   Provide a monthly column for the Club magazine.

   Must be able to keep the financial records and prepare a proper balance sheet.
   Must be able to provide the President and the Club’s financial position at any time.
   Control the Club cheque book.
   Liaise with the Membership Secretary, Social Secretary, Competition Secretary and the
    Regalia Officer on financial matters.

   Should be able to organise and promote social events in a positive and enthusiastic manner.
   Present a monthly column for the Club magazine.
   Keep up to date records of functions and attendees.
   Liaise with Treasurer on financial matters.
   The Social Secretary may co-opt assistance from “full” members in the form of a sub-
    committee, as may be necessary.

   Keep membership records up to date.
   Process subscription renewals with assistance from the Treasurer.
   Process monthly membership capitation returns to Confederation of Australian Motor Sports
    (CAMS) with assistance from the Treasurer.
   Organise distribution of the Club magazine.
   Provide new members with Club identification badges.

                                               14                                                 1
   Must have the ability to organise and promote Club sporting events.
   Should represent or liaise with the Club as delegate to Marque Sports Car Association.
   Provide the Editor with an accumulated point’s score and results of sporting events
    conducted by the Club or MSCA for inclusion in the Club magazine.
   Present a monthly column for the Club magazine which may include competition results.
   Be responsible for financial records in conjunction with Competition - Liaise with Treasurer.

   Coordinate production of the Club magazine “Hundreds and Thousands” monthly to a high

   Purchase and promote the sale of Club accessories.
   Control monies associated with the purchase and sale of Club regalia – Liaise with

    Is in charge of overseeing, issuing and renewal of Club Registration (CH Plates).
    Ensures vehicles applying for CH Registration are in roadworthy condition.
   Represents the Club at MSCA or AOMC or CAMS meetings which are relevant to the Club
    and report to Committee.

    Control the use of the Club library

   Regularly update the Club’s website including uploading of files
   Enable the redirection of emails to various committee members where required
   Be responsible for the dissemination of information to members via email when requested by
    other members of the committee.

   The positions of President, Secretary, Treasurer, Social Secretary and Webmaster will
                                become vacant at the AGM.
   Any member who feels that they could fill any of these roles is welcome to nominate and we
                especially invite newer and younger members to nominate.

                         THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE OF YOUR CLUB

Nomination and proxy forms appear on the next two pages and are also available for download
from the Club’s website



                                                15                                                  1
                    AUSTIN HEALEY OWNERS CLUB of VIC. (INC)
                          P.O. BOX 97, MULGRAVE, 3170.
                     COMMITTEE NOMINATION FORM 2010 - 2011

NOMINATIONS CLOSE: 5.30 pm Wednesday 10th November 2010, and should be received by the
Secretary by that date.


I, ……………………………………………               being a financial member of the AHOC of Vic
(Print full name)                  hereby nominate

………………………………………………. for the position of …………………………………
(Print full name)

Signed…………………………….………...           Membership No. ………………. Date …………


I, ……………………………………………               being a financial member of the AHOC of Vic
(Print full name)                  hereby nominate

Signed ……………………………………              Membership No. ………………. Date …………
(Signature of seconder)


I,….……………………………………….               being a financial member of the AHOC of VIC
(Print full name)                  hereby accept the above nomination.

Signed.………………………………….              Membership No. ……………… Date …………
(Signature of nominee)

                                               16                                        1
                                  FORM OF APPOINTMENT OF PROXY


I, …………………………………………………………………………………..

of ……………………………………………………………………………………

being a member of the Austin Healey Owners Club of Victoria Incorporated

Appoint ………………………………………………………………………………
                     (name of proxy holder)

of ……………………………………………………………………………………….
                  (address of proxy holder)

being a member of the Club, as my proxy to vote for me on my behalf at the annual/special* general meeting
of the Club to be held on ……………………………………………..
                                        (date of meeting)

and at any adjournment of that meeting.

My proxy is authorised to vote in favour of/against* the following resolution (insert details of resolution).



* Delete if not applicable

                                                        17                                                      1
                                               TARGA BRITANNIA
The Poms put on a Targa event especially for us and no               The second day involved a mixture of rally stages,
one went - how crap is that?                                         traditional British hill climbs and a race at Mallory Park.
The 2010 running of Tour Britannia from September 7th                Most of the well known circuits have been used since the
to 9th was when, as a result of approaches from “Side                first event in 2005 including Silverstone.
Exhaust”, the organisers arranged a 'Targa Class'. But               The organisation team is nothing short of motorsport
when the GFC arrived and confidence slumped, everyone                royalty - Fred Gallagher won WRC events reading the
decided this was not the time for a big spending bonanza             notes for Toivonen, Waldegård, Vatanen and Kankkunen
and pulled the pin. But true to their word, the team in the          then became Clerk of the Course for the RAC Rally
UK went ahead and put on the show. But there were only               before many years involvement with the Dakar. Alec
two lonely modern cars running in 'our' Class. Yeah, we              Poole won the BTCC for Mini Cooper and had a long
kind of let them down. Sorry, people.                                career in endurance sports-cars before running the
What a missed opportunity. The Supplementary Regs for                Nissan works team. And Graham White is Director of the
Tour Britannia say: "Additionally there will be an invitation        Historic Sports Car Club, now by far the most important
class for pre 1981 cars running to the Australian Targa              club for historic competition in the UK.
regulations and / or for modern GT cars. These cars will             AHOC has a link to the HSCC. This Club was created in
run at the end of the field and will not be eligible for             1966 by a small group of enthusiasts, inspired by Betty
overall or class awards, other than that for Class T."               Haig (one of the UK's most successful female racers in
Of course the main competition is run to FIA Appendix K              the pre- and post- war) and Guy Griffiths, who were
which is some way from either Group S or Targa specs                 frustrated by the lack of races for older sports cars. They
which is why they don't want the Aussies coming over                 wanted to stop them from being inappropriately modified
and cleaning up, although in practice this would not                 (such as we talked about in connection with ex Morley
happen. Appendix K allows much faster Healeys - alloy                brothers XJB 876) far beyond their original specification
heads, alloy bodies and all the go faster kit from Denis             for events such as Prodsports or exported to the USA to
Welch. The only area where Group S has an edge is                    fossilise in collections. Their first race was organised at
wider wheels and modern semi slick tyres and LMS                     Castle Combe and was won by Neil Corner’s Jaguar D-
Targa cars have MUCH bigger wheels and HUGE brakes
and are driven more like modern cars, to grip and go.
This compares with their 4½" rims with period style tyres
which are designed to drift just like we all used to back
then. Anyway their idea is that a whole bunch of Aussie
Targa cars can come over to the UK and compete
amongst themselves on the Tour Britannia course.

                                                                             On the grid - HSCC (Could this be “Side Exhaust”?)
                                                                     (A youthful Side Exhaust was in that race and all the first
Describing itself as a 'Race Tour', Tour Britannia is a              years' HSCC races, as one of several Healey
mixture of Targa style closed road stages on private                 Silverstone's and remembers vividly being lapped going
estates and around stately homes (no normal road                     through the fast Old Paddock sweeper by the Corner D-
closures are allowed in the UK) with transport sections              Type in a spectacular drift showering all manner of junk in
between full on races at several circuits. Each year there           its wake).
are new stages and fresh race and stage venues linked
                                                                     So it really is a surprise that the entry for such a well
by quiet roads with the bulk of the 2010 event taking
                                                                     conceived event in its fifth year with a brilliant course and
place in Cheshire and North Wales. It started at Oulton
                                                                     impeccably organised was only 21 cars in the
Park with a 20 minute race then via several short road
                                                                     Competition section and 17 cars in Regularity; plus of
stages (including part of the former Aintree circuit) to
                                                                     course the couple of Targa cars.
more races at the new circuit at Anglesey.

                                                                18                                                                   1
Scanning the results and perusing the photos, we see a                   And we should be encouraged by the success of the sole
cross section of cars, from the aristocratic pre war Talbot              Healey in the 2010 Tour Britannia Competition. Mike
team car and WO Bentley 3/8 mixed in with Porsche                        Thorne and John Todd finished a creditable 3rd in Class
911's from the 70's (which win everything) and our kind of               and 6th overall in a tidy and unmolested looking 100M,
cars - Healeys, MG's, Jags, classic tintops and the                      squeaking in only 10 seconds ahead of a BMW 2002.
inevitable specials and eccentrics. There are almost more                More significantly, there were 5 Porsches behind -
classes than entrants so most people come away happy.                    including an RSR.
But not the Elan 26R which retired after an 'impact with a
tree'. Not the best car for that sort of thing...
This paucity of demand contrasts with the brand new
Targa High Country, which has a full house of 229 cars
plus a waiting list and our main historic races are fully
subscribed. Why is this brilliant UK event so poorly
Well, cost could be one reason. The entry fee is an eye
watering $6,800 which buys two crew members, sporting
fees, road books, event plates and competition numbers,
dinners throughout the event with wine, lunch each day
and prize-giving ceremony plus service crew. Targa High
Country costs $1550 (Early Bird) which buys no food and
wine but everything else including your licence. It makes
the trip over to the UK for two days of sport into a very big
budget item.                                                             But as you can see from the photos, the safety equipment
The GFC is still having more negative impact there than                  on this car would never be allowed to run in Australia
here and the small businesses which often support the                    where open sports cars are increasingly frowned upon for
keen racing enthusiast are still short of spare cash. And                tarmac rallying.       A full cage is now a minimum
the Europeans seem to have lost the habit of competing                   requirement while this car seems to have minimal
in both rallies and races and of course don't have any                   protection. There is a single rollover hoop for the driver
tarmac rallies – they don’t have the Richards, the Quinns,               and no rollover for the navigator and the wind screens are
the Weeks, the Broadbents, and the Battens.                              just two little Brooklands when the 100/M reclining screen
On the other hand, competing in Europe at the big                        has been removed.
historic events is pretty hard to achieve for Australians
running Group S or tarmac rally cars because of the cost
of conforming to Appendix K and obtaining the necessary
log books - although licences are not so hard. Because
Group S is so similar to limited modified (LMS) Targa
specs - race cars really only need a second seat,
Terratrip, intercom, registration and insurance, although
disc brakes on the back would help - the Tour Britannia
format does open up a path to run at the famous British

                                                                         Maybe it's years of brainwashing but we now look at this
                                                                         car and think - no way should that be allowed and
                                                                         common sense tells us that FIA seat and FIA harness are
                                                                         worse than useless if the navigators head is the first thing
                                                                         which contacts the ground in a rolling car.
                                                                         With our Club's mix of race and rally competitors, Targa
                                                                         Britannia remains an interesting option for those
                                                                         interested in overseas competition and who might want to
                                                                         link the World Austin Healey Meeting in August 2012 on
                                                                         to Tour Britannia in September. The non competitive,
                                                                         non race equipped Regularity section might also be a
                                                                         If anyone's interested, please tell our President Bill
*****************************************************************        ***********************************************************
 You don’t need a parachute to skydive. You only need a                    A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is
               parachute to skydive twice                                 where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station

                                                                    19                                                                  1
                                           PAYNESVILLE WEEKEND
With great expectation the morning of Friday, 10th                Club so off we went for a ‘light’ lunch, which turned out to
September broke with heavy rain in Melbourne as we                be soup and a roast! Thus began our feeding frenzy.
headed off to ‘The Stump’ at Darnum, east of Warragul to          The afternoon was free for everyone, and many drove
meet             our            fellow           Healey           back through beautiful Metung once again on great
                                                                  Healey roads. Some checked out the Clock Museum and

then we headed to The Maffra Shed to inspect all the
various vehicles on display from Packard’s to a Cord              Healey Sprite Museum in Eagle Point on their way back
driven by Amelia Earhart                                          to Paynesville – in time again for a stroll around
                                                                  Paynesville or ‘happy hour’.
                                                                  Dinner on Saturday night was at Fisherman’s Wharf
                                                                  Restaurant, a delightful place overlooking the lake and
                                                                  with the coloured lights of the ferry reflecting on the water
                                                                  as night fell. The restaurant was closed to the public so
                                                                  our crew had the place to ourselves. We had a lively time
                                                                  and were indulged with a four course, gastronomic meal,
                                                                  plated up beautifully and equal to four hats.
                                                                  On Sunday morning the sun was bright and shining as a
                                                                  few said their goodbyes and drove off to an early start
                                                                  back home. The remainder ventured along more scenic
                                                                  rural roads to Traralgon, via the Loy Yang Open cut mine
                                                                  where we stopped at a viewing lookout, then for a final
                                                                  meal together.
                                                                  Our thanks must again go to Gordon and Elaine Lindner
On the road again and more back roads were tested as              for their great organization, especially with the culinary
we drove to Paynesville via numerous rural hamlets                choices and particularly the routes we travelled – all up
which probably have not seen a Healey for fifty years.            500 miles. They put in a lot of time to make our weekend
We arrived at Mariners Cove Resort in time to indulge in          memorable. Thanks also to Bill Metcalf who instigated
a drink or two before dinner and keenly waited for a ‘bus’        the weekend and of course to all who attended making
to transfer us to the Social Club in Bairnsdale and were          the occasion so enjoyable.
all surprised when three stretch limos arrived to ferry us
to dinner!!!! What a hoot!

                                                                  Vicki & Mike Snelgrove

Saturday morning was sunny as we strolled over the road
to an all–you-can-eat breakfast at the Ferry Café – great
hosts for our two breakfasts there.
The drive to Lakes Entrance via Bruthen and along the
Mitchell River was completed by about 10.30 am and the
boys were heading for coffee when the ladies were
distracted by clothing shops. Quite a few ladies had an
unscheduled raid on one particular shop but fortunately
for the boys it was time for lunch at the Lakes Bowling
                                                             20                                                                   2
21   2
                                      AOMC Information
                                Child Restraints in Historic and Classic Vehicles
                                  Monday 11th October 2010 7.30 pm
                Chevrolet Club Clubrooms, 1/3 Edgecombe Court Moorabbin

Legislation was introduced by Vic Roads in late 2009 that makes it unlawful to carry children in older vehicles without
properly installed child restraints.

       Hear Barry Hendry, Manager Vehicle Standards, Vic Roads speaking on the safety implications of restraining
        children in vintage and historic vehicles.

       Hear Bill Makoutzis, a VASS engineer talk about the new legislation from the point of view of an Automotive

       Hear Daniel Sangster of Veh Quip Australia discuss the options available for owners of vintage and historic
        vehicles to modify these vehicles to comply with Road rule 267(1)(A)

Check out at least one example of our type of vehicle that has been modified with child restraints fitted.
All members of the movement with an interest in this topic are invited to attend.
 Please advise Graeme by no later than Thursday 7th October if you are coming along so we can provide you
                                      with a seat and a cuppa and a biscuit.
                                                  Tel. 9555 0133 or
                                      email to:

                                                           22                                                             2
                                       INVITATION TO COMPETITORS
  The Combined Management Committee (CMC) invites members of the Jaguar & Austin Healey clubs of Victoria &
 NSW COMPETING in Historic Sandown to a SPIT ROAST in the Clubrooms 23 Rosalie St Springvale [about 1 mile
               from Sandown] on Saturday 6th November at the conclusion of the day’s events.
                                      The Bar will be open from 5.30
       RSVP:to Gary Everitt 0439 441888, Damien Moloney 0416 295773 or Don McKay 0412 557972
                           Just to emphasise - This is for COMPETITORS ONLY

                               CARS WANTED - DISPLAY OPPORTUNITY
St Mark’s Anglican church in Emerald is holding a classic car show in conjunction with their annual fete on Saturday
4th December, and would love to have the Healey Marque represented.
They would like one car from each Healey era ie a 100/4, a 100/6, a 3000 Mk1 or 2 and a BJ8.
The cars would be required between 9.00am and 1 to 2pm.
Parking would be in a shaded, off road parking area with no passing road traffic.
This is the first time their iconic annual event, always well supported by the Emerald community, has had a classic car
show added to its itinerary & they are hoping it succeeds with the possibility of such a display becoming ongoing.
This event is on the morning of our annual dinner dance but it is for a good cause.
If you can assist please contact Club member Graham. Slater email

                                                    FOR SALE
                                                                C/Over Reconditioned clutch bell housing fitted with
                                                                modified First Motion Shaft seal &
                                                                re-bushed clutch fork. Suits BN4, BN6, BN7,BT7 ( all
                                                                side shift Healey’s )

To suit MG midget. Frames fully sandblasted and
repainted. Slides reconditioned. Newly upholstered in                              Price $180.00
black. As pictured.                                                          Bruce Dixon on 9511-6097
    THE PAIR FOR $1500 PHONE 0408 343 335

                                                           23                                                             2
                         Easter Weekend

       Friday 22nd April to Monday 25th April 2011
Registration forms are available for download from the AHOC Vic website and will be printed in the November edition of 100’s and

                                   24                                       2
                              AUSTIN-HEALEYS THAT RACED IN AUSTRALIA
 One of the characters of Australian motor sport was Haig            Healey 100, which was modified, and one of the fastest
 Hurst. Haig lived at Kalorama in the Dandenong’s and                in competition in Victoria.
 had a love of exotic vintage sports cars. He started his            All the wheels were chromed and a perspex wind
 motoring career before World War 2 with an Amilcar,                 deflector was made up to replace the windscreen. Haig
 followed by a 30/98 Vauxhall, Bugatti, Delage, Bentley,             never ran the car with bumper bars and the hood was
 Mercedes SSK38/250, Delahaye, etc. During WW2 he                    permanently down. The Healey raced reliably 38 times in
 served in the RAAF as bomber pilot.                                 hillclimbs and races.
 For the 1953 Australian Grand Prix Haig entered an                  Because of the high cost of racing Haig has,
 Allard K2 with a 4.4 litre Ford engine. This was the first          unfortunately, been forced to stop competition work, and
 car he used in competition, but the car failed to finish on         the Healey has been sold.”
 that occasion. In early 1956 he raced his Delahaye
 Coupe at Fisherman’s bend.                                          This Austin-Healey, BN1 219433, was raced with the
                                                                     registration plates GGJ 221. This is well documented,
 A magazine of the period, “Cars Today” January 1956,                but when I sought information on the car from the then
 published by The Argus, printed an article – “Bitten by             Motor Registration Branch, back in the days when
 the racing bug, Haig drove a very attractive red Austin-            Privacy was not an issue, there was no record of this
                                                                     vehicle. Who knows what the real story was?
 Race Appearances and Results
 I have not been able to find a record of the 38 races referred to, but here is a sample-
 19 February 1955          Fisherman’s Bend                          2nd
 26/27 March               Albert Park:       Moomba TT             2nd
              (By far the fastest Austin Healey, but suffered a blocked air bleed in the fuel tank)
 29 March 1955             Altona :           Consolation Cup       5th
 9 April 1955              Mt Tarrangower :            1.50.6       1st
 8 May 1955                Templestowe :                             68.86 sec
 3 July 1955               Templestowe :                             67.90 sec
 17 July 1955              Mt Druitt           Scratch Race          4th
                                               Handicap Race         5th
 28 August 1955            Templestowe:                              64.61 sec
 1-2 October 1955           Fishermans Bend : RACV Trophy            5th
                                                Argus Trophy         2nd
Following the Albert Park Meeting in March the following             The car was advertised in the November 1955 edition of
comments were made in Australian Motor Sports-                       Australian Motor Sports magazine-
“What a terrific thrill and a joy to behold, the dice between
Whiteford, Hurst and Molina, in the Sports Car 100 miler.
Concensus of opinion definitely proved the race to be the
most popular on the programme. Obviously sports car
racing is in for a boom time. Organising clubs please take
“Haig Hurst (“The Kalorama Kounsellor”) really had his
Austin-Healey crackin’, with the 100S camshaft and bits.
Coupled with his exceptional driving, he certainly earned
the equal fastest lap honour, “In the second lap Whiteford
and Molina continued to dice in the lead, Hurst pushed his           “As I have decided to give up racing, it is with reluctance
Austin- Healey ahead of the Allard and Harry Firth passed            that my car is offered for sale.
Page’s XK 120. Around the fourteenth lap things started to           One of the fastest sports cars in the country, this well
happen. Molina went past to lead from Whiteford, with                known Austin-Healey is complete with full Le Mans kit,
Hurst still third. Firth, who had who had passed Phillips            two tonneau covers, wrap around Perspex screen, plated
(100S) into fourth clouted the bank and was pulled in by             wheels, two spares, four Pirelli, two Dunlop racing tyres,
the Stewards. Molina’s triumph was short lived as he                 two bar tread hill climbing tyres, five Dunlop Road Speed
retired after a lengthy pit stop. So Whiteford lead again to         tyres. There are many other extras including a brand
be passed by Hurst who lead for three laps, only to be               new bored out motor, as yet unused, with Le Mans
repassed. Phipps regained third spot from Brotherton in              camshaft. Both motors have been balanced by Charlie
the Austin Distrbutors Austin -Healey. Brotherton                    Dean and the performances of the “normal” engine have
eventually overtook Phillips to finish third.”                       been; 2nd to Stan Jones’ Lancia in standard trim, 2nd
At the Templestowe Meeting in July the battle for fastest            Moomba TT, 1st Wangaratta Sports Car Race,
time honours was between Haig and Harry Firth in his MG-             Templestowe (64.51 sec), class record at Mt
Holden, with Harry just winning on his last run by 1.14              Tarrangower, and many other placings.”

                                                                25                                                                 2
The asking price was 1550 pound – more than the price of the car when it was new. The Austin-Healey was sold along
with many of his other cars. His intention was to concentrate on the restoration of veteran cars, but on the 23 October
1955 he raced an MG TF at Mt Druitt.
Haig is possibly best remembered for his drive of the Austin Distributors 100/S at the 1956 Albert Park Meeting where
he lost control and crashed through the perimeter fence, crossed busy Queens Road and came to rest in the front
garden of the home of Mrs. Damman where a garden party was in progress. The story has it that he joined them for a
cup of tea then got a lift back to the pits with Stan Jones.
The new Owner of the Austin-Healey was Kevin Stuart who continued to race it. At the time Kevin lived next door to a
young boy who he got to wash the car. This young boy was none other than one of our long time Members Lynton
Williams who went on to own a BN1 and then a BJ8 which he still has.
Kevin moved to Sydney with the Austin-Healey in early 1956 and it was reregistered AYO 516.
Race Appearances and Results
6 November 1955    Mt Druitt
13 November 1955 Templestowe :                          64.77 sec
25 February 1956   Hepburn Springs :                    38.30 Sec
11/18 March 1956   Albert Park :                        2.1.28
May 1956           Templestowe : Sports cars            62.05 Sec
                                 Racing Cars            61.96 Sec
27 May 1956        Eastern Beach :                      17.3 sec (100/S 17.2 sec)
4 June 1956        Port Wakefield :                     3rd in B Grade Scratch Race
June 1956          Rob Roy :                            31.97 sec
11 November 1956 Mt Druitt :                            6.04.5 1st
Subsequently the mechanicals were removed and put in an Austin A70. The A70 mechanicals went into the Austin-
Healey and the car was placed in a Used Car Yard on consignment. The car was damaged on a test run and became
the subject of a court case. Nothing more is known about the car, but maybe someone in the New South Wales Club
has some more information, and someone is still driving a very fast A70.

Iain McPherson

Dolphins are so smart that within a few weeks of captivity, they can train people to stand on the very edge of
the pool and throw them fish

                                                          26                                                              2
                                        FOR SALE
Mk 4 Austin Healey Sprite British Racing Green and Yellow
This is a well-known car now refurbished and is in full Road/Rally trim. It is fitted with the 1275 motor taken out to over
1300cc with DCOE 45 Webber carb and new manifold and has Cooper S rods etc. Beautiful motor, runs and sounds
wonderful and has had minimal use. In its present form the car has not been in competition in any way.
Fitted with a fully reconditioned gearbox, travelled only 5 kilometres. Brand new rotors, pads and wheel bearings on
front, brand new brake drums linings and wheel bearings on rear. Linings not yet bedded in after only 5 kilometres
travelled. New radiator hose and battery is also fitted. Suspension is set up with negative camber and is slightly lowered
and fitted with nylothane bushes. It has a heavy duty sway bar front, stiffer front and rear shocker valves and a rose
jointed panhard rod at rear. Superlite steel inserted wheels and Advans in good condition.
So it is ready for whatever you would like to do with it, road rally or you could change the Group 2 logbook over for a
Group S if you would prefer, or just go and have fun with it.
Buy it for your wife, daughter, son or better still buy it for yourself you will love it as much as me.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, I have just had it re-trimmed by Tim Ward with tailor made carpet and the later head rest
seats fully rebuilt and looking fantastic.
Currently on club plates, but you could change that if you wanted. You could not build the same car for anywhere near
that money.
It just doesn’t get any better and you will have nothing to spend.
Give me a call if you want a closer look and make an offer around $22,500.00
Call Bill on (03) 9899 9033 or 0438 1957 48.

                                                               27                                                             2
                        Peninsula luncheon, Sage at Parkhill, 25th August 2010
It was a grey and miserable day as many drove towards the Sage at Parkhill, in Berwick. Surely it couldn’t get any
worse! How wrong we were – alighting from cars was a task in itself only to be faced with the entrance to the restaurant
where we were then thrown inside, the wind was so strong.
However, the blistery wet weather in no way deterred the many Healey friends who were more than happy to be inside
where the warmth was most welcoming.
A wine or two helped to erase the outside extremities plus the extensive menu soon had appetites surging. Regardless
of the preference for a favourite dish, the popular Senior Meals was very much at the top of the choices. The menu
overall was very reasonably priced.
                                             Sage at Parkhill has received many awards and was a finalist in the 2008
                                             Restaurant and Catering Awards for Excellence. We were in good hands
                                             by the owner/chef, Roland a personal friend of Gordon and Elaine.
                                            All too soon it was time to face whatever was happening outside. We
                                            couldn’t believe it when, leaving the restaurant, again we were at the
                                            elements of the weather to be forcibly pushed out.
                                            Words and photos by Anne Kruger

When NASA began the launch of astronauts into space, they found out that the pens wouldn't work at zero gravity (ink
won't flow down to the writing surface).
To solve this problem, it took them one decade and US$12 million.
They developed a pen that worked at zero gravity, upside down, underwater, in practically any surface including crystal
and in a temperature range from below freezing to over 300 degrees C.
And what did the Russians do...??

They used a pencil!!!

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