Surbiton Town Centre Improvements Works Starting 18 July 2011

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					                                                                          July 2011

Surbiton Town Centre Improvements                                        Works
Starting 18 July 2011

Surbiton Town Centre is being improved!
The works will start on 18 July and will last 10
weeks. They will involve the reconstruction of
Victoria Road between the Station and St.
Andrews Road, some pavement widening
and bus stop lengthening to provide more space for pedestrians and better
servicing to shops to keep traffic flowing.

Access to shops, other businesses, car parks and public transport (including
Surbiton Station) will be maintained at all times. Victoria Road will remain open but
in one direction only. Only two bus stops on Victoria Road (nearest the Station) will
be affected by these works – all others will operate as normal.

Kingston Council apologises in advance for any inconvenience caused by these
works – our contractor will do everything they can to keep this to a minimum.

Please support local shops and other businesses by continuing to visit Surbiton
Town centre during this time. If you have any concerns or would
like further information, please contact us:
Telephone - 020 8547 5002, Email -
Text - 07797 806 5800,
Web -

This map shows how pedestrian and vehicle traffic will be managed during the
                            Surbiton Neighbourhood Community Plan – Get Involved!
Customer Access Point
      Numbers               The Neighbourhood Community Plan contains issues and aspirations
                            gathered from local people over a period of some nine months. These
The 8 Customer              include
Access Point numbers
are set out below:                                   •   Planning
                                                     •   Traffic, Transportation and Parking
For all general                                      •   Services/Facilities for Young People
                                                     •   Community Space and Information
enquiries:                                           •   Shopping Centres (especially Victoria Road)
Information Line                                         and community identity
020 8547 5000
                            A Community Steering Group has been set up to
To speak to a service       take the Plan forward and a Community Panel has
specialist:                 been formed to enable participation online or in
                            person as the Plan develops. The Panel also
Benefits 020 8547 5001      provides opportunities for people who live and
Environment 020 8547 5002   work in Surbiton to receive information and
                            comment on other issues that affect the
Housing 020 8547 5003
Children, Schools and
Families 020 8547 5004      To view the Neighbourhood Community Plan, its background and
Adult Care 020 8547 5005    updates on how it is developing, please see:
Culture, Leisure and
Libraries 020 8547 5006     If you would like to get involved, please email
                   or phone 020 8547 5369.
Income, Council Tax and
Payments 020 8547 5007

Police Safer
Neighbourhood Teams         Neighbourhood Committee Meetings

Alexandra 020 8721 2516     All meetings start at 7:30pm at Dysart School, Ewell Road, Surbiton.

Berrylands 020 8721 2002     Neighbourhood Committee with           Wednesday 13 July
St Marks 020 8721 2044       Planning
                             Neighbourhood Committee with           Wednesday 7 September
Surbiton Hill                Planning
      020 8721 2518          Neighbourhood Committee                Wednesday 19 October
Kingston Welcomes Olympic Cyclists!

Surrey Classic Road Race: Sunday 14 August 2011

As you will be aware, next year the Olympics are coming to London and
the cycle road race will be coming though Kingston.

This is a massive event that provides the organisers of London 2012 with
the opportunity to showcase London and Surrey as a destination of choice
to a huge global audience and provide free and un-ticketed access to an
Olympic event.

As an appetiser this year, the Surrey Cycle Classic road race will use the
proposed Olympic route on Sunday 14th August 2011, bringing many of
the world’s best athletes and their supporters to the streets of Kingston.

Traffic Management
The route for the two events in August 2011 and in July 2012 will bring the
cyclists into the Royal Borough across Kingston Bridge. This year the
cyclists will arrive at approximately 11.45 a.m., going through Kingston
Town Centre onto London Road heading up towards Kingston Hill. They
will turn left into Queen’s Road and leave the Borough through Richmond
Park. On the day of the race this route will be closed for a minimum of 8

From early morning vehicles will not be allowed to drive or park on
the race route. Pedestrians will only be able to cross this route at the
marshalled points.

The sheer scale of these two events – with a return route from Whitehall to
Box Hill - means that a large number of roads will be shut to traffic for a
whole day. The impact on many local residents and businesses will be
significant and consequently the London Organising Committee for the
Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG), together with Transport for
London and Local Authorities are undertaking a huge amount of work to
manage traffic movements and provide alternative travel plans to reduce
disruption and inconvenience.

Consequently, everyone is advised to familiarise themselves with the route
in advance to plan any journeys that they may need to make on that day.
The day offers a unique opportunity to get a free taster of the Olympic
fever that is set to grip London in 2012. Everyone is welcome to come
along to the route to enjoy a party atmosphere and the free spectacle of
world class cycling on the streets of Kingston and surrounding areas.

Let’s show the world just how great the Royal borough is. For more details
please see
Go Kingston 2012 Volunteer Programme
– Get Involved!!!

Are you looking for an opportunity to get
involved in sport, leisure and culture events
around the Royal Borough of Kingston?
Becoming a volunteer with the Go Kingston 2012 Team will
give you the opportunity to get involved in Local Cultural
Olympiad events.

The Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held in London
between 27 July 2012 (opening ceremony) and 12 August
2012, with the Paralympic Games taking place between 29
August 2012 (opening ceremony) and 9 September 2012.

But you don’t have to wait until then to enjoy the unique
atmosphere of the Olympics. Kingston’s Cultural Olympiad will
provide you with a unique opportunity to be involved with
events taking place in Kingston. Kingston with its partners are
putting together a diary of events which will be taking place all
over the borough in 2012.

Go Kingston 2012 is committed to ensuring each volunteer
enjoys a positive experience and there is no time commitment
- you simply volunteer for the events that appeal to you.
For further information, contact Sandie Barker (Kingston’s

Surbiton Hospital Site Redevelopment – Update from the
Project Team
The redevelopment of the Surbiton Hospital site to provide a new health
facility and a two-form entry primary school is underway. Once open in early
2013 the health facility will house four local GP practices and provide the full
range of existing GP and community health services, plus longer opening
hours and a wider range of care options for local people, including urgent
care. A two-form entry primary school will also be provided on the site from
September 2012, to meet the need for additional school places in the area.

To help to develop a welcoming local environment - with internal and external
spaces that are loved by the people who use them - a new community
involvement project is planned, starting in Autumn 2011. This will bring
together local people to contribute to aspects of the development such as art,
heritage and the environment; future community use of the site; and travel,
transport and parking. Activities will include helping to create visual features
to reflect the site’s heritage and contributions of previous generations; whilst
also developing a future legacy that celebrates the input and dedication of
today's citizens and health and education professionals.

While the site is being developed, maximum consideration will be given to
people living, working and accessing services near the site. Work on site will
be carried out using modern practices to minimise disruption and taking care
to recycle materials wherever possible. More information about how work is
progressing and how local people can get involved in the community project
will follow in future news bulletins.
Local people influencing local decisions in
Kingston’s health & social care services.

The LINk is a network for people who monitor, evaluate and influence health
and social care services in Kingston so that local residents can have the best
care and support possible. It provides a channel for people to express their
views and to become involved in looking at their local services. Their work

   •   Entering, viewing and seeking information on places where health and
       social care services are provided
   •   making recommendations for improving services
   •   referring issues to official bodies responsible for improving health and
       social care
   •   representing the LINk and its membership on statutory and voluntary

Kingston's LINk has recently recruited for its new Steering Group to lead the
LINk into the new future of health and care services and becoming Kingston's
HealthWatch. For more information please telephone: 020 8974 6629 or

This year’s Environmental Grant (2011-2012) has now been
The Environmental Grants are for projects that meet the Council's priorities to
tackle climate change, recycling and waste minimisation. Community and
voluntary organisations can apply. For more information and guidelines, see

The deadline for application submission is 15 July 2011.

   CCTV Control Centre Team Award 'Recognising
   Excellence' 2011!
   The Council's CCTV team were chosen above 350 other local
   authorities for an award by the National CCTV Users Group
   'recognising excellence'. The partnership with Kingston Police and the
   quality of operators who achieve such high standards are cited as the main
   reasons for the award.
                             Stay Safe Indoors with Free Home Fire Safety Visits
                             London Fire Brigade wants you to be safe and is carrying out free home fire
                             safety visits for residents in the Royal Borough of Kingston and the other
                             London boroughs.

                             London Fire Brigade personnel will arrange to visit you in your home and
                             along with providing and fitting smoke alarms free of charge, they will
                             discuss any home fire safety issues or questions you may have and go
                             through planning an escape route for you and your family in the event of a

                             If you would like a free home fire safety visit or would like to arrange
                             one on behalf of a member of your family or friend (please check with
                             them first), please contact the London Fire Brigade free on 08000 28
                             44 28, see or email smokealarms@london-

                             Don’t miss the opportunity to express your views on the
                             following consultations

                             Kingston’s Housing Strategy – closing date 29 July 2011
  The Surrey Comet
 website for Surbiton is     The draft Housing Strategy covers the period 2011 to 2015. We want to hear
    there to provide         the views of residents, community groups, businesses and public agencies so
 neighbourhood news          that we can take these on board before formally adopting the Strategy in
and useful information.      September 2011.

You can also share your      Some important reasons for taking part in the consultation on the housing
    own news, views,         priorities for the Borough over the next few years:
   pictures and give a
                                 • Whether you’re a home-owner, a tenant or a landlord housing is
   boost to your sports
                                      central to your quality of life
 teams, events, charities
 and community groups,           • You may recognise the need for more homes but also be concerned
reaching out directly to a            that the attractiveness of Kingston is protected and enhanced.
     local audience.             • You may be concerned about where your children will live.
                                 • If you’re a home-owner, you may be concerned about improving the
   In fact it can cover               energy efficiency of your home
anything and everything          • If you’re an employer, you will have an interest in where your
  that is happening in                employees can live
        Surbiton.                • If you’re a council tenant, you are probably keen to see the condition
                                      of your home being improved
 If you would like to find
out more please contact          • If you’re a private landlord or tenant you will want to see good quality
    Louise Robertson,                 homes that people can afford.
Senior Reporter, Surrey          • If you’re a student, you will be keen to see a supply of good quality
   Comet and Kingston                 affordable accommodation.
       Guardian on        The consultation will close on 29 July 2011. To see the full Strategy and or give      express your views, please see
  Louise a call on 020 8
        744 4248.
                             A booklet providing an easy to read summary of the Strategy is also
Why not log on today?        available from the website. For a hard copy of all the documents,       please phone 020 8547 5003 or email
The Council’s Licensing Policy under the Licensing Act 2003 –
Closing date 31st August 2011

The draft Licensing Policy reflects the Council’s changing decision-
making structure, the Government’s Localism Agenda and the need to
respond to trends in night time crime and disorder. For the first time,
the draft Policy introduces the concept of Neighbourhood Specific
Policies, intended to ensure that relevant and necessary measures are
taken into consideration by applicants seeking to set up or extend
licensed businesses within a particular Neighbourhood, and to assist
Licensing Sub-Committees when determining applications. This
approach recognises that more stringent controls may be necessary
and appropriate in one area, but may not be so important in another.

All comments made during the consultation period (which ends on 31
August 2011), will be considered by the Council’s Licensing Committee
on 13 October 2011. Once approved, the new Licensing Policy will
come into effect on 1 January 2012.

To view the draft Licensing Policy, please see
Hard copies are available in local libraries, at the Guildhall Complex or
by using the contact details below.

Comments can be made by email to -
(please include “policy review” in the subject), or by writing to Licensing
Team, Environmental Health & Trading Standards, Guildhall 2,
KT1 1EU.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the draft policy, please
email or leave a message with our
Contact Centre on 020 8547 5002.

Draft Policy on the Licensing of Establishments
A new category of sex establishment, namely Sex Entertainment
Venues has been added to the list of licensable establishments and has
a wide definition covering a range of entertainments. To see the draft
policy and comment please log onto
policy review.
                                    Have you thought about having a street party?
                                    So what’s stopping you?
                                    There are no reams of forms, high costs or red tape getting in the way of
                                    residents organising small scale local events. If you and your neighbours
                                    want to hold a street party all you have to do is complete one simple form.
                                    The Council provides guidance and we can also put you in touch with
                                    members of the community who have already done it successfully.
  Did you know the Surbiton
     Neighbourhood has a
        Facebook page?
   Find out what is happening
   in your Neighbourhood, or
      raise an issue / start a
  discussion about something
          that matters to           We have high hopes for a record number of
         you.....Search for
                                    Street Parties being held in Surbiton for the
  ‘Surbiton Neighbourhood’
                                    Queen’s Diamond Jubilee which will combine
   and make friends with us!
                                    with the Big Lunch on Sunday 3 June next year.
                                    The Big Lunch is a chance for neighbours from
                                    different generations and backgrounds to meet
                                    up and share stories, skills and interests. It is
                                    one day in the summer to have fun with your
                                    neighbours and build new friendships that you
                                    can enjoy for the rest of the year. They call this
                                    phenomenon ‘human warming’.

                                    A special four day Jubilee Bank Holiday has been announced to mark the
                                    occasion so there will be plenty of time for you to enjoy lunching in your
                                    community over the long weekend – Saturday 2 to Tuesday 5 June 2012.
                                    For more information please see or

                                    You can also call the Council on 020 8547 5002 (general enquiries) or
                                    Christina Gardner 020 8547 5369 if you would like advice from someone
                                    who has already had a street party or small local event.

If you have any news items you
   would like to be publicised
          through this
     e-Bulletin, please email
Here are just some of the Spring events................

                                         The Seething Community Sports Day at Victoria
                                         Recreation Ground - 7 May
                                         A great day was had by all when hundreds came along to picnic and
                                         take part in ‘The Egg and Spoon’, ‘The Kings Soup’, ‘The Three Legged’,
                                         ‘The Sack’ , the ‘Ganderson Cheesey’ hoops rolling and a huge
                                         community tug of war to round it off. Whether you took part or cheered
                                         on as a spectator, there was plenty to entertain everyone who came
                                         along. The cafe in the Pavilion is run by people with learning disabilities,
                                         who had their best day ever serving refreshments to the happy crowd.
                                         Described as an “old fashioned school sports day, given the
                                         Seething/Surbiton twist”, this was a great day for all the family with many
                                         charities getting involved and benefitting too!

                                         If you want to help organise the 2012 event or would like more
                                         information please email: or look up the
                                         group on Facebook.

           Fircroft Garden Party - 7 May

           Last year’s Mayor, Councillor Chrissie Hitchcock hosted a Garden Party in the gardens at Fircroft,
           where service users, friends and visitors enjoyed an afternoon in the lovely gardens and were
           treated to excellent food and entertainment which included light opera. The event was in aid of the
           Mayor’s Charity which raised over £24,000 for Fircroft Trust and Cairn House.

           The Fircroft Trust provides support for people with learning disabilities as well as to those
           with mental health problems. To find out more about the Trust and how you can help this
           local charity, please see
   Alpha Road Fun Day – 21 May
   The Alpha Road Estate Fun Day was definitely the place to be
   on Saturday 21 May, with residents and visitors enjoying a
   variety of stalls and entertainment. Each year, the organisers
   like to put on special events and this was no exception – the
   Confucius Institute members put on a magnificent dancing
   display and Christ Church schoolchildren sang their hearts out
   to an appreciative and happy crowd. Football, music, Police &
   Fire Brigade, the Council’s Youth Bus and a multitude of other
   different agencies contributed to the day. A special thanks to
   the young people and other residents of the estate who worked
   so hard to make the day such a happy occasion for everyone.

The Ellerton Road / Bond Road Street Party- 5 June
A small group of residents who wanted to get to know their
neighbours and have some fun organised a street party in 2010. This
event was a huge success, so the Ellerton Road Bond Road
Residents Association (EBRRA) did it all again on 5 June this year,
attracting over 150 residents from Ellerton, Bond and Dennan Roads.

The neighbours had the freedom of the closed streets to enjoy lunch
and entertainment, including a jazz band, best cake and guess the
cake weight competitions (cakes later heartily consumed by all) a well
supported raffle, and children’s entertainment, including a fancy dress
competition. Many people brought extra food for the ‘sharing table’,
ranging from sausage rolls and sandwiches to Chinese, Asian and
Middle Eastern food.

            When it rained, residents just raised their umbrellas and
            carried on enjoying the company, food, music and
            community spirit.

             EBRRA is pleased to hear from any resident who would
             like to get involved with the residents association - in a
             big or small way - by joining the committee, being a
             representative for their 'local home area' or a helper as
            and when required for events.

           EBRRA can be contacted at
           or see
       National Bookstart Week - National Bookstart Day
       Families of children under five gathered at Surbiton Library in June
       for National Bookstart Day.

       This year’s theme was ‘All Aboard’ and families received a free book
       and rhyme sheet and enjoyed experiencing the wonder and benefits
       of sharing and learning fun rhymes and stories.

       Bookstart is the national programme that encourages all parents and
       carers to enjoy books with children from as early an age as possible.
       Sharing rhymes with your child from birth is an amazing experience.
       The actions hone fine motor movements, encourage listening and
       speaking skills, foster a love of books through a fun activity and most
       importantly is an enjoyable bonding experience between parent and child.

       The first five years are the best time for learning to talk and most of a child's
       language comes from the adults around them. Enjoying books and sharing
       Rhymetimes with babies and toddlers is a wonderful way to increase language
       skills and helps children to understand their world. Research has shown that
       babies and toddlers who love books and attend Rhymetimes begin reading
       sooner and are on average six months ahead on starting school.

       The most lasting and wonderful gift though is the bonding experience of sharing and enjoying
       books and rhymes together. If you would like to come to Rhymetime we would love to see you
       there. All our libraries run Rhymetimes. Surbiton Library Rhymetime is every Tuesday during
       term-time 10.15 – 10.45, Tolworth Library runs a Rhyme and Storytime session every
       Wednesday 10.30 – 11am throughout the year.

       While you’re in the library, do ask about becoming a library member, joining the Bookstart
       Bookcrawl and Bookstart Packs, which contain the gift of free books for under fives.

       For more information on Bookstart or Rhymetimes in your area please contact Mike
       Treacy at, look online at or ask at your nearest Library. We look forward to
       welcoming you soon.

Future Events Organised by the Community and the Council

                     Summer Activities for Children and Young People aged 0- 20 yrs

                     A brochure of what to do over the summer holidays produced by Kingston Families
                     Information Service (FIS) will be available in mid-June. Activities include sports, arts and
                     crafts, dance, theatre groups and much more, many of which are free or low cost. The
                     FIS can also provide details of holiday childcare providers including childminders and
                     holiday play schemes. Visit
                     to view or download your copy of the summer brochure, contact the FIS on 020 8547
                     6582 or email .

                     Summer programmes will be on offer at venues throughout the Borough, including
                     Kingston Museum, Tolworth Recreation Centre, Malden Centre, Kingfisher Leisure
                     Centre and Chessington Sports Centre, as well as the Thumbs Up It’s Thursday
                     programme to be held in various locations across Kingston Town Centre. All
                     programme details are in the brochure.
                    Farmers’ Market, Maple Road
                    16 July, 20 August and 17 September
                    The Farmers’ Market takes place on the third Saturday of each month, from 9am – 1pm.
                    There are 26 stalls selling fresh produce, with new farmers and suppliers joining the
                    regular stallholders, and local restaurants, cafes and bars will give you a really warm
                    welcome too, serving hot and cold drinks, breakfast and lunch.

                    Also look out for the special community events on market days - such as the Dog Show
                    which took place in the nearby St Andrew’s Square in June!

                    For more details please see, contact Sarah Taylor
                    on 020 8390 5673 or email

    Surbiton Festival
    – Saturday 24 September 2011
    The Surbiton Festival with its street market and fantastic
    entertainment is coming soon on Saturday 24 September!
    The Festival follows a week of community activity including
    the Surbiton RNLI Rally.

    For more details, see

The following are brought to you by the organisers of Ski Sunday, the
Seething Festival and Sports Day and the legend of Lefi Ganderson, The Giant
Mousetrap, Buckaroo, Hungry Hippos ................

    Seething Wells .... Surbiton’s Hidden Heritage
    Anyone who has walked or driven along Portsmouth Road in Surbiton
    and passed the old water works and reservoirs will have probably
    done so without realising the importance of these sites in the story
    of public health in Great Britain and the defeat of Cholera in this
    country and abroad.

    These are no ordinary waterworks - these are the waterworks that
    allowed Dr John Snow to prove that Cholera was ‘water borne’ and put an end to the outbreaks of the
    disease that haunted towns and cities.

    Supported by the National Lottery and the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Community Brain is undertaking
    further research to explore this history. If you want to discover more, learn new skills and enjoy being
    part of this new project see for more details.

                     Ski Sunday (Suburban Skiing) – Sunday 16 October
                     If you are an adventurous holiday maker or just love clean air, come and enjoy Suburban
                     Skiing in Central Parade on St Mark’s Hill Surbiton from 10am on 16 October. How is it
                     done? Come along and see for yourself – everyone is given a warm welcome!

                     To find out more, including how you can take part, see

                    Have Fun in your Free Time
                    Looking for something to do in your free time? Then why not join one of the many
                    voluntary organisations in your area and have some fun! Please see the attached for just
                    some of the opportunities in Surbiton. If you would like to promote your organisation or
                    group please email
Have Fun in Your Free-Time

                  Crunch the Pounds for Summer!
                  33% off all Public Gym Memberships at Kingston University

                  There are no joining fees and aerobics and exercise classes are
                  included in the offer. Memberships are available for 4 or 12 months
                  and Gold or Silver is available, with Gold membership giving all day
                  access and Silver giving you entry to the Centre before 3pm.

                  For more information including an online tour and details of
                  classes, see

                             Surbiton & District Caledonian Society - Scottish Dancing

                             Surbiton and District Caledonian Society organise and promote Scottish
                             Country Dancing on Thursday evenings from September to June, 8:00pm
                             to 10:30pm, at St Matthew’s School, Langley Road, Surbiton KT6 6LW.

                             We dance 12 Jigs, Reels and Strathspeys with a tea-break half-way
                             through. Membership costs £5 per year (or part of a year). Apart from the
                             Burns Supper, members pay £3 for an evening and non-members £4 for an
     Everyone brings a Canadian Supper for the Special Events and the Society provides wine and fruit

     Our club is very friendly and informal and newcomers are made especially welcome. Not only is
     Scottish Country dancing good fun but it is a great way to get fit!

     Contact David Horwill on 01932 784866 or email
     For more information, see

                The cornerHOUSE community arts centre, 116 Douglas Road
                Are you interested in drama, dance, music, singing, poetry or the visual arts? Do you like
                to paint or take photographs? Do you prefer to focus lights, operate a sound desk, make
                costumes, build sets or simply help out? Or maybe you just want to sit back, relax, and let
                others entertain you!

                The cornerHOUSE is a busy, friendly, arts centre which has something for everyone to be
                involved in - whatever your age. It is run entirely by volunteers, who provide support in any
                way, whether it be with public events (stewarding, box office, bar etc.), maintaining the
                premises (painting, gardening, plumbing etc.) operating the auditorium and side studio
                (lighting, sound, stage management ) and even treading the boards.

                For further information, visit, email
       or phone 020 8296 9012.
League of Friends of Surbiton & Tolworth Hospitals
The League of Friends raises money to provide additional items for patient care as well as help with
NHS services in the community, supporting both patients and staff in elderly care and mental health
wards and providing assistance to the Occupational, Physiotherapy, Speech & Language and Out-
patients Departments in the two hospitals.

If you would like to support your local hospitals, find out how to become a member, know more
about how to become involved in ongoing projects, or see how you can help, please email

                                           Kingston Choral Society
                                            One of the area’s most established choirs, KCS usually
                                            performs three concerts a year with a professional
orchestra and soloists. New members are welcome. Rehearsals take place Thursday evenings from
8pm to 10pm during term time in Hollyfield School, and performances are in Kingston or Central

For more information see website:, email or phone 020 8949 4961. Rehearsals for the new season
start on 8 September 2011.

      Hinchley Manor Operatic Society (HMOS)
      The HMOS performs two musical shows a year in local theatres and is seeking performers and
      help backstage with lighting, make up, sound and other support. Rehearsals take place at
      Surbiton Methodist Church, Ewell Road. Why not come to their show from 20 – 24 September.

      For more details see web site or email

 Kingston Gujarati School
 This language school has been running since 1987 and currently has over 65 children in the school
 which teaches the Gujarati language and culture to students whose origins are in Gujarat, India. The
 School is also open to students for whom Gujarati is a second language and everyone interested in
 learning the Gujarati language.

 For more information and how to join, please contact Mr. Raj Pandya on 07956 252 294 or

Surbiton and District Historical Society
Without societies such as these, how would people find out about our wonderful history? This is an
opportunity to attend lectures with exceptionally good speakers, attend outings and enjoy social
events. An annual newsletter is also sent out.

Annual membership is £15 and visitors pay £2. The society meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month
at 7:45pm in the Library Annex, Ewell Road.

For more information, please call 020 8399 4473 or email
                   Surbiton Croquet Club, Alexandra Recreation Ground
                   New Members are very welcome to this Club which has excellent facilities and a club
                   house in the Park.

                   Full details of the club including public events can be found at
          or please phone 020 8390 8685.

HotShots Linedancing Classes
If you have never been linedancing before, you should try this fun way of keeping
g fit and making friends! The group have monthly socials and club linedancing
weekends away in addition to the weekly classes which cater for a wide range
of abilities from beginners through to intermediates.

Classes in the Surbiton area are held at:

• The Sunray Community Centre, Knollmead (next to Knollmead Primary School) on Mondays.
• The Surbiton British Legion, Hollyfield Rd on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Thursdays of every month.

For details of these and other classes in the area, visit, call
Janice on 020 8949 3612 or email

                      Come and learn the magic of DANCE
                      Lucinda Walsh School of Dance runs a full range of dance classes from age
                      three upwards;

                      3.30 - 4.00pm Baby Ballet (3-4 years) 4.00 - 4.30pm Prep Ballet (4- 6 years) 4.30
                      - 5.00pm Prep Ballet: Exam class (4-6 years) 5.00 - 5.40pm Freestyle Juniors (6-
                      11years) 5.50 - 6.20pm Freestyle Seniors (12+)

 4.00 - 4.30pm Freestyle Mini Movers (3-5 years) 4.30 - 5.00pm Cheerleading Juniors (6- 11years) 5.00 -
 5.30pm Gymnastics Juniors (5-9 years) 5.30 – 6.10pm Cheerleading Seniors (12+) 6.10 – 6.50pm
 Musical Theatre Squad (Mixed)

 For more information and a booking form please contact Lucinda Walsh on 07766 446 353, email or see

   Body Control Pilates Courses
   Courses are now being held at Grand Avenue School, Berrylands, and Surbiton Assembly Rooms
   on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

   For more information, please see , email ,
   or phone Sharon on 07939453951.
Why not try something different?
Aikido differs from most other Martial Arts in that it does not teach attack
and is defensive in nature. Aikido is suitable for men and women of all
ages as it does not rely on physical strength for its effectiveness. If
attacked, the Aikido practitioner would not try to stop a punch by
blocking it but would instead step aside and, by diverting the attacker’s
energy, lead them to the ground. Through regular training, students
learn to harness their inner strength to overcome others who may be
physically stronger.

The Kingston Aikido Club trains on Mondays between 8pm and 9:30pm at Piper Hall, Piper Road,
KT1 3EX and Wednesdays from 8:15pm - 9.45 pm at The Fitness Centre, Kingston University, off
Grove Crescent, KT1 2EE.

For more information see, call 07852 916799 or email

  Surbiton Arts Group
  The Group meets twice a month (alternate Mondays from 8-10pm) at Surbiton Library annex with a
  programme of lectures and demonstrations on a wide range of subjects. They also organise two
  annual art exhibitions open to the public. Membership is for people of all abilities and ages.

  For further information please contact Mrs Margaret Bannister on 020 8399 2999 or Mr GL
  Eccleshall on 020 8399 1700.

  Surbiton Library
  Regular events at the Library

  Rhyme Times: Tuesdays 10:15am to 11:15am
  Baby and Toddler Rhyme and Storytime

  Story Times: Tuesdays 2:15pm – 2:45pm
  Storytime for under fives

  Rhyme Times and Story Times get very busy and have limited spaces so please get there early.
  Adult Reading Group: Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of every month from 7pm to 8pm.

  Tolworth Library
  Free Rhyme and Story Time sessions
  Wednesday 10:30am to 11:15am
  Rhyme and Storytime for under fives with simple crafts. Continues all year round.

  For information on workshops and other activities please log on to the Council’s website: and search Tolworth or Surbiton Libraries

      If you would like to promote any organisation or club that is open to the
          community on these pages, please contact Christina Gardner on
           020 8547 5369 or email

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