Installing RAM

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					Installing RAM

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Introduction: Many computers contain extra slots that allow you to add more memory to
your system. Installing additional RAM chips is one of the easiest and most effective
upgrades you can make to your PC.

Learn how to identify when your PC could use some extra memory, how to find the right
memory for your computer, and how to install the RAM you need.


   1. The following indicates you may need more RAM to improve the performance of
      your computer:
         a. the computer is slow performing certain tasks
         b. you are running out of space to store files
         c. you are running out of space to store programs
         d. the computer monitor is not working properly

   2. When installing RAM on your computer, it is important to know:
        a. if all types of RAM will work in your computer.
        b. if your computer manual lists the types of RAM that are compatible with
            your computer.
        c. if you can use volatile or nonvolatile RAM in your computer.
        d. if you can add as much RAM as desired to your computer.

   3. When you identify your computer system to, they will tell you the:
        a. type of motherboard, memory capacity, and number of empty slots.
        b. maximum memory, standard memory, and number of slots and banks.
        c. number of empty slots, banks, and maximum memory capacity.
        d. manufacturer to contact for additional RAM.

   4. RAM chips can be added to your computer:
        a. in an expansion bay.
        b. in any numerically labeled slot on the motherboard.
        c. in any alphabetically labeled slot on the motherboard.
        d. in alphabetical or numerical sequence in the labeled slots on the

   5. A bank is:
         a. a pair of slots.
         b. external memory cards.
         c. a group of slots.
         d. RAM storage.

6. If your computer has banks, the bank must ________ for RAM to work properly
        a. be completely filled
        b. have a least one chip installed
        c. use bank compatible chips
        d. all of the above

7. When you push down on the RAM chips, be sure:
     a. the computer is turned on.
     b. the end clips snap into place to hold the RAM securely.
     c. you leave an empty slot between chips.
     d. the small plastic clips on the side remain in the open position.

8. What prevents you from installing a RAM chip in the wrong direction?
     a. notches in the chip
     b. the end clips
     c. a red light LED indicator
     d. nothing

9. To test the RAM chip after installation is complete, you should:
       a. remove the end clips.
       b. turn off the PC.
       c. reboot the computer.
       d. no testing is needed.

10. What should you do first if your computer doesn’t work right after you’ve installed
    your new RAM?
       a. Bring it to a computer repair shop.
       b. Call for technical assistance.
       c. Buy a new RAM chip.
       d. Try removing the RAM and reinserting it.


Look it up!

Task: Find out what kind of memory is available.

Assignment: Look up the memory specifications and find out what RAM chips are
available for the following computers:

Dell Dimension B110 series
Maximum memory:

Standard memory


Types of memory available:

HP Pavilion s7320n
Maximum memory:

Standard memory:


Types of memory available:

      Consult for all of your memory needs or visit any local computer
      retail store that sells parts (they’ll probably look up your system on
      You can also visit the manufacturer’s website such as or and other online computer retailers such as .

More about RAM

Task: Use an online learning resource to discover more about RAM and how it works.

Assignment: Visit to learn more about RAM.
Answer the following questions that have been taken from the unit on How RAM Works.

      RAM stands for:

      Which is true?
          o Both RAM and SAM are used in computer systems
          o Only RAM is used in computer systems
          o Only SAM is used in computer systems

      A memory chip is a(n) ___________________ made of millions of transistors
       and _______________

      For dynamic memory to work, either the CPU or the memory controller has to
       come along and ____________________ all of the capacitors holding a 1 before
       they ____________________________.

      Because it has more parts, a ______________________ takes up a lot more
       space on a chip than a dynamic memory cell. Therefore, you get less memory
       per chip, making it a lot more expensive

      The type of board and connector used for RAM in desktop computers has
       evolved over the past few years. The first types were proprietary, meaning that
       different computer manufacturers developed memory boards that would only
       work with their specific systems. Then came ________________, which stands
       for ____________________________________.

      As processors grew in speed and bandwidth capability, the industry adopted a
       new standard in ________________________. With a whopping 168-pin
       connector and a size of 5.4 x 1 inch, they range in capacity from 8 MB to 128 MB
       per module and can be installed singly instead of in pairs.

      Memory chips with built-in error-checking typically use a method known as
       _________________to check for errors. Do most modern memory chips use this
       type of error checking? _________________________

Do the unit on How RAM Works.

Discover the differences between different kinds of RAM

Task: Learn the terminology that describes different kinds of memory features and the
current common technologies used.

Assignment: Describe the differences between each of the options below and tell which
is better and why.

      Low CAS Latency (CL) or high CAS Latency (CL)

      SDRAM or DDR

      SDRAM or EDO

      PC100 or PC133

Look up terms at
Learn more about types of memory at

What is in the news about computer memory?

Task: Check the most recent news releases and reviews to see what we can expect to
happen with computer memory in the near future.

Assignment: Research any kind of computer memory (or RAM). Find articles or reviews
from the last year that describe research or new products on the market related to RAM
chips. Describe your findings in one well-formed paragraph. Be sure to define any
unfamiliar terms that you use in your report and cite your sources.

      Your local newspaper may have a technology section, or you can find many
      computer-related magazines in the local library as well as the online sources of
      information at , , the technology
      section at CNN , Science Daily Magazine: Your
      Source For The Latest Research News or even the PC
      enthusiast’s resource:

The following sample report and definitions should cover any current news about
different kinds of RAM chips.


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