; News of Professor Samuel P. Orth's Sudden Death in Nice Shocks
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News of Professor Samuel P. Orth's Sudden Death in Nice Shocks

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									Vol. XXIV, No. 22                                        [PKICE TWELVE CENTS]                                               MARCH 2, 1922

                                            News of Professor Samuel P. Orth's
                                               Sudden Death in Nice Shocks
                                                   University Community
                                            Second Annual Convention of Asso-
                                                ciate Alumni To Be Held in
                                                     Chicago April 21-23
                                            Varsity Teams Win on Track and
                                                   Mat—Basketball Team
                                                        Breaks Even
                                            Petition Nominating "Brick" Met-
                                               calf for Alumni Trustee Bears
                                                   Two Thousand Names

Published weekly during the college year and monthly in July and August at 123 West State Street, Ithaca, New York. Subscription $4.00 per year.
             Entered as second class matter May 2, 1900, under the act of March 3, 1879, at the postoffice at Ithaca, New York.
                                                      CORNELL ALUMNI                               NEWS

        Ithaca                                            HEMPHILL, NOYES ^ Co.                            Trustee                    Executor
                                                                     Investment Secureίtes

    Trust Company                                             37 Wall Street, New York
                                                          Boston         Philadelphia           Syracuse             Chartered 1822
                                                          Scranton        Albany               Baltimore
           Assets Over
       Three Million Dollars                              Jansen Noyes ΊO
                                                                         Charles E. Gardner
    President      Charles E. Treman                      Stanton Griffis ΊO
    Vice-Pres.... Emmons L. Williams
    Vice-Pres      Franklin C. Cornell
    Vice-Pres. and Sec., W. H. Storms
                                                          Clifford Hemphill
                                                                           Harold C. Strong
                                                                                                            Farmers' Loan
    Treasurer            Sherman Peer                        Member New York Stock Exchange
                                                                                                              and Trust
          ALUMNI                                         Cascadilla School
  PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY                               GRADUATES GO TO CORNELL                                 Nos. 16-22 William Street
                                                                                                                Branch: 475 Fifth Ave.
                                                               College Preparatory School                           at 41st Street
WASHINGTON, D. C.                                      A High-Grade Boarding School for Boys                          New York
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Patents and Trade Marks exclusively                          lege and University Entrance                  LONDON                       PARIS
        310-313 Victor Building                                      Examinations
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                                                          Private Instruction in Any Subject
BOSTON, MASS.                                                    Throughout the Year                                 Foreign Exchange
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   Patent Causes, Opinions, Titles                      Our 1921-22 Catalog will appeal to that
 Practice in State and Federal Courts                                                                      Administrator              Guardian
                                                              schoolboy you are trying to
         68 Devonshire Street                                     interest in Cornell
                                                                     A postal will bring it.
                                                                                                            Member Federal Reserve Bank and New
                                                              The Cascadilla Schools                                 York Clearing House
                                                                   Ithaca, N. Y.
       Ithaca Trust Building
    Attorney and Notary Public
            Real Estate
    Sold, Rented, and Managed

     A.B. '02, LL.B., Harvard '05
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                                                                For the Office, Factory or Home
                                                                     The Bool Company are cabinet specialists. Herbert
                                                                     J. Bool and G. H. Saunders have devoted many
      KELLEY & BECKER                                                years to building up an exclusive trade in high class
        Counselors at Law                                            cabinet work. Their factory at Forest Home is well
        366 Madison Ave.
   CHARLES E. KELLEY, A.B. '04                                       equipped with carefully selected machinery, and their
NEAL Dow BECKER, LL.B. '05, A.B. '06                                 workman are all skilled mechanics.
                                                                The Bool Company has just been awarded the
  MARTIN H. OFFINGER '99 E.E.                                     contract for the inside equipment for the new
       Treasurer and Manager
  Van Wagoner-Linn Construction Co.                                     $1,500,000 Chemistry laboratory
        Electrical Contractors
        143 East 27th Street                                         Cornell Alumni needing special cabinets, racks, cases
     Phone Madison Square 7320                                       or furniture made to order for their offices, shops,
                                                                     churches, or homes should get estimates from us.
TULSA, OKLAHOMA                                                          HIGH GRADE WORK AT REASONABLE PRICES
   Attorney and Counsellor at Law                               Factory, Forest Home                         Office, 130 E. State St.
         903-908 Kennedy Bldg.
 Practice in State and Federal Courts
                                                                     H. J. BOOL COMPANY
FORT WORTH, TEXAS                                                                     PETER A. CAMPBELL, President
              506-9 Wheat Building
                                   General Practice                                              ITHACA, N. Y.
      Attorneys for Santa Fe Lines
                      Empire Gas & Fuel Co.
C. K. Lee/Cornell 1889-90            P. T. Lomax
Texas 1399              F. J. Wren, Texas 1913-14
VOL. XXIV, No. 22                                   ITHACA, N. Y., MARCH 2,1922                                        PRICE 12 CENTS

C      ORNELL is tenth in the list of
        American universities from the
        point of view of the number of full-
time students; and eleventh if all resident
                                                   the Committee on Student Affairs, on the
                                                   ground that the committee deemed it in-
                                                   advisable at this time. Fifty men now
                                                   under the instruction of Coach John J.
                                                                                                  finished Business of Democracy" by Dr.
                                                                                                  Fred Eastman before the Current Events
                                                                                                  Forum in Barnes Hall.
                                                                                                     AN EXHIBITION of the work of the Fa-
students, including the summer session             Fallon '20 have decided to form a boxing       culty of the College of Architecture is
students, be considered. The first nine            club, by means of which they hope              being held in the exhibition room, on the
are California, Columbia, Michigan, Il-           eventually to gain official recognition of     third floor of White Hall, from February
linois, Minnesota, Ohio State, Pennsyl-           boxing as a varsity sport.                     27 to March 4 inclusive. It is open from
vania, Wisconsin, and Harvard. The next              THE WIDOW has entered the college           nine to five o'clock daily.
ten after Cornell are Boston, Chicago,            wits' contest, conducted by Judge, in
Nebraska, Iowa, University of Washing-                                                               THE STUDENT FRIENDSHIP FUND cam-
                                                  which two years ago it won the silver          paign was launched February 27, by W. H.
ton, Texas, Northwestern, Syracuse, Mis-          trophy awarded as first prize. Both copy
souri, and Iowa State College. Cornell's                                                         Tinker, executive secretary of the national
                                                  and drawings will count in the point score     committee, who came here from New York
engineering school is fourth in size. Her         on the basis of which the prize is awarded.
agricultural college is at the top of the list.                                                  for consultation with the Student Council.
Her architectural college is second in size          THE LACROSSE SEASON was noisily antic-      The purpose of the fund, which is being
only to that of Pennsylvania. Her Veter-          ipated at a smoker held February 23.           raised under the general direction of John -
inary College is surpassed in size only by        Coach Nick Bawlf, with his usual red-hot       R. Mott '88, is to alleviate the sufferings
that of Ohio State. Her Summer Session            enthusiasm, forecast a successful season       of university professors and students in
is eighth in the list. The total enrollment       in spite of the difficulty of the schedule,    the afflicted countries of Central Europe.
showed an increase of 137 over that of            which includes the usual Southern trip and     The Student Council has appointed a
1920.                                             a not improbable game with Oxford Uni-         general committee of one hundred thirty
                                                  versity. In his speech to the men, Coach       undergraduates, to conduct a whirlwind
  A NEW TRACK ORGANIZATION was SUg-               Dobie praised lacrosse as an excellent         forty-eight-hour campaign, under the
gested by a committee of four prominent           spring training for football men, and ex-      chairmanship of Emmet J. Murphy '22,
athletes, at the twenty-third annual track        pressed his delight that so many of his        of St. Paul.
get-together held on February 20 in the           charges had registered for lacrosse prac-          CORNELL DEBATERS lost to the repre-
Assembly Hall of the Domestic Economy             tice.                                          sentatives of the University of Virginia by
Building. The general idea involves an                                                           a two to one decision, at a contest held on
                                                     "JIM" HALSEY, an Ithaca character
organization similar to the Cross Country                                                        February 25 on the neutral platform of the
                                                  well known to alumni as an athletic
Club, the purposes of which shall be the                                                         University of Pennsylvania. The resolu-
                                                  "fan," and for many years an express car-
promotion of clean spirit among the mem-                                                         tion debated was "That a cabinet system
                                                  rier, died suddenly on February 25 of
bers of the track team, the provision of                                                         similar to that of England should be in-
                                                  heart disease at the home of his sister,
prizes for intramural track contests, and                                                        troduced into the United States, constitu-
                                                  Mrs. Charles E. Courtney.
the increase of the interest of track                                                            tionality being waived." Cornell's repre-
alumni in the sport at Cornell.                      "THE COLLEGIATE FIVE," which is put-
                                                                                                 sentatives were Abraham E. Gold '23, of
                                                  ting Ithaca on the basketball map in games
   RELIGIOUS DISCUSSION has been given                                                           Plattsburgh, and James A. Smyth '23, of
                                                  with surrounding cities, is composed of
a new impetus at the University, through                                                         Corona, with Milton Rosenkranz '24, of
                                                  old Cornell players not now eligible for the
the inauguration by the C. U. C. A. of two                                                       West Hoboken as alternate.
                                                  varsity team, including Edward H. Cor-
discussion courses of ten weeks' duration         nish '22 and Joseph H. Porter '22 of this          AN EXTENSION SERVICE has been organ-
each. In addition to these courses, regis-        year's team, Joaquin Molinet '21, captain      ized by the C. U. C. A., to meet the de-
tration in which is overcrowded, arrange-         of last year's team, Paul W. Eckley '17,       mand of neighboring rural communities
ments are being made to have a dozen              coach of the freshman team, and Mortimer       for speakers. Arrangements have been
smaller groups meet in dormitories and            E. Moriarity '21.                              made to furnish free of charge, to any com-
fraternity houses, under the leadership of                                                       munity within a reasonable distance of
members of the C. U. C. A. and the                   MRS. LIVINGSTON FARRAND and Profes-         Ithaca, entertainment and speakers on
Faculty.                                          sor Arthur W. Browne, Ph.D. '03, were          subjects germane to the work of the Asso-
                                                  recently elected trustees of the Ithaca City   ciation.
  A SMOKING ROOM for the convenience of           Hospital, to fill the vacancies made by the
Sibley students has been installed in the         resignations of Mayor Louis P. Smith and          THE MYSTERY WOMAN of Ithaca, Miss
basement of Sibley Dome, where the Sib-           Robert H. Treman '78. Miss Vi A. Gra-          Belle Cowdrey, died on February 26 at the
ley Cafeteria used to be. Besides furnish-        ham ' 17, instructor in biological chemistry   estimated age of eighty-three. For forty
ing the only place in Sibley where men            in the Medical College, volunteered her        years Miss Cowdry had lived alone in the
may smoke, it will be used as a meeting-          services to the City Hospital to assist in     large gloomy house at the foot of State
hall for engineering societies.                   the installation of equipment for the mi-      Street Hill opposite the entrance to the
  SHORT HORNS to the number of three              croscopic examination of tissues and for       old car-barns, and so rarely went outside
hundred twenty-nine attended the twenty-          blood tests.                                   her spacious, weed-tangled grounds that
ninth winter course in the College of Agri-                                                      it was hard to believe that anyone lived
                                                    THE SAGE CHAPEL Preacher for March           there. Her dislike for human society in-
culture, which ended February 18.                 5 will be the Rev. Dr. J. Ross Stevenson,
Twenty-one of this number were American                                                          cluded workmen or caretakers, so that the
                                                  Presbyterian, President of Princeton           property, once one of the most beautiful
Indians.                                          Theological Seminary.                          estates in Ithaca, deteriorated into a
  A PETITION carrying four hundred signa-           LECTURES for the week include "Rafael        gloomy dilapidated house set in a wilder-
tures, asking permission to institute a           Can sin o Assens" by H. C. Berkowitz be-       ness of old trees and unkempt shrubbery,
varsity boxing team, has been refused by          fore the Menorah Society, and "The Un-         with an atmosphere of uncanny mystery.
254                                              CORNELL ALUMNI NEWS

Convention Days Announced                         greater number of candidates and a                  Professor Orth Dies
                                                  greater vote?
Second Annual Gathering to Be in Chicago             5. In our definition of the words          University Community Shocked by An-
    April 21, 22, and 23—Some of                  "alumnus" and "alumna" do we make a              nouncement of Sudden Death at
        Subjects for Discussion                   mistake in considering as full-fledged Cor-         Nice, Following Long Illness
                                                  nellians all who have ever attended the
   The second annual convention of the            University, even though that attendance          The University community was shocked
Associate Alurnni will be held in Chicago,        may have been no longer than a day or a       on Sunday by a cable from Mrs. Orth at
on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April             week or a month? Should we admit only         Nice saying that Professor Samuel P.
2i, 22, and 23. The place was determined          those who have been at the University         Orth had just died. No details were
at the convention held in Cleveland last          long enough to have an academic record,       given. President Farrand cabled the fol-
May, when the invitation of Chicago for           i.e., a term at least?                        lowing reply: "Please accept deepest sym-
1922 was accepted. The dates have just               The Cornell Alumni Association of          pathy of entire University in your great
been established by the officers of the As-       Chicago has already started preparations      sorrow."
sociate Alumni and the Cornell Alumni             for the entertainment of the visiting            Professor and Mrs. Orth were on their
Association of Chicago.                           alumni. Announcements of these features       way to Egypt, where he hoped to recover
   Official announcements have been mail-         will be made later.                           more fully from the effects of his accident
ed this week by Edwin E. Sheridan Ίi,                The committee in charge comprises:         of last spring. They sailed on the White
president of the Associate Alumni, calling         Samuel L. Bingham '05, Thomas N.             Star liner Lapland on February 4 and had
upon each alumni club and association to          Bishop 7 i2, William H. French '73, Frank     planned an itinerary that would take them
consider and suggest questions for discus-         S. Porter Όo, Glenn W. Sutton Ί8, Waldo      through Italy, Switzerland, and France
sion at the convention, and to select             F. Tobey '95, Joseph E. Ward '99, Charles     on their return.
delegates who will officially represent the       C. λVhinery '99, Erskine Wilder '05, Ben-        Professor Orth had not been in good
clubs and associations in the business meet-      nett B. Young '20, Edwin E. Sheridan Ίi,      health for some years. What is believed
ings. There will be this material change          and Newton C. Farr '09, ex-officio.           to have been the original cause of the con-
in the convention as it was conducted at                                                        dition that led to his death, however, was
 Cleveland last spring, that clubs will be                NEW JERSEY BANQUET                    an automobile accident which occurred on
represented by voting delegates, in addi-           The Cornell Club of Northern New            April 3, 1921, when Professor and Mrs.
tion to the individual representation by          Jersey will hold its annual banquet on        Orth both sustained fractures of the skull
 all alumni who attend in person. It is           Thursday, March 16, at the Robert Treat       and other injuries, Miss Grace A. Seely
pointed out that delegates should be sent         Hotel, in Newark. President Farrand           '04 was severely injured, and Miss Camp-
to Chicago either instructed as a result of       will be the guest of honor.                   bell, a niece of Mrs. Orth's, sustained
 action taken by the clubs and associa-                                                         minor bruises and cuts.
 tions in advance of the convention, or                     CORNELL CALENDAR                       After a long stay at the City Hospital,
 should be sent with free voice to vote after       March 8. Basketball, Syracuse at Syra-       Mrs. Orth and Miss Seely completely
participating in the discussions.                 cuse.                                         recovered, but Professor Orth had serious
    In his letter Sheridan states that several       March 11. Basketball, Princeton at          complications which made his initial recov-
 questions have already been proposed for         Princeton.                                    ery unusually slow, and when pleurisy set
 discussion and action, among them the               Track, Indoor Intercollegiates at New      in, his condition became serious. It was
 following:                                       York, 22d Regiment armory, 8 p. m.            later found that he had sustained a
                                                     March 11-12. Quadrangular polo meet        fractured jaw, and the setting of this with
   1. In what manner should Cornell con-
                                                  with Yale, Princeton, and West Point, at      the resultant infection and loss of strength
ventions be perpetuated, for what pur-
                                                  West Point.                                   added to the strain to which he had been
pose, how, when, and where?
                                                     March 15. Basketball, Columbia at          subjected. Professor and Mrs. Orth left
   2. In addition to the reunions in June         Ithaca, Drill Hall, 8 p. m.                   Ithaca on September 15 for Atlantic City,
shall we inaugurate a big general home-              March 16. Dinner of Cornell Club of        where it was hoped that he would soon be
coming jubilee week-end reunion to be             Northern New Jersey, at Newark, with          in condition to travel to Europe, where he
held in Ithaca at the time of a major foot-       President Farrand as the guest of honor.      planned to spend his sabbatic leave, hav-
ball game every fall—to be free from busi-           March 18. Basketball, Yale at Ithaca.      ing abandoned his original plans of study-
ness discussions or organized meetings—              Wrestling, Springfield at Ithaca.          ing in the Orient. For six weeks in At-
solely for the pleasure of the party and             March 24. Annual dinner of Cornell         lantic City he gained steadily in strength
called irrespectively of classes, primarily       Club of Syracuse with President Farrand       and weight, when his old trouble recurred
for reunions of clubs and fraternities, edi-      as the guest of honor.                        and made an operation necessary to find
torial boards, athletic teams, etc.1                 March 25. Track, Indoor Meet with          the cause of a serious infection which had
   3. Should there be effected a reorgan-         Michigan, at Ithaca, Drill Hall, 8 p. m.      set in. The operation was apparently suc-
ization of Cornell alumni organizations              Wrestling, intercollegiates at Beth-       cessful, and for two weeks Professor Orth
whereby all are responsible to a single           lehem.                                        gained rapidly, until, near the end of
body? (At the convention in Cleveland                April 1. Debate, Princeton at Ithaca.      November, he had another relapse, and
last May it was voted that each of the              April 5. Spring recess begins.              hope for his recovery was practically
four organizations, the Associate Alumni,            April 6, 7, 8. Baseball, southern trip.    abandoned. He successfully rallied, how-
the Cornell Association of Class Secre-           Virginia at Charlottesville; Navy at An-      ever, and word was received from Mrs.
taries, the Cornellian Council, and the           napolis.                                      Orth shortly before Christmas that within
Federation of Cornell Women's Clubs, ap-             April 8. Banquet of Cornell Club of        two weeks she expected her husband to be
point two representatives to meet as a            Western Pennsylvania, at Pittsburgh, with     in better physical condition than he h ad-
committee together with a'representative          President Farrand as the guest of honor.      been in for two years. They returned to
from each alumni club that may choose to             April 10, 11. Baseball trip. George-       Atlantic City for several weeks' additional
make such appointment, to consider this           town at Washington, Johns Hopkins at          rest, and to New York on February 4,
question and report at the next conven-           Baltimore.                                    sailing four days later. George S. Tarbell
tion).                                               April 12. Spring recess ends.              '91, of Ithaca, who saw Professor Orth on
   4. How shall interest in alumni trustee           May 27. Spring Day at Ithaca.              the day of sailing, said that he appeared to
elections be stimulated, both to attract a           June 16-18* Class reunions in Ithaca,      be in excellent condition and wag in good
                                               CORNELL ALUMNI NEWS                                                                   255

 spirits. This was the last report on his          William Metcalf, Jr., '01                    charge of a reform movement called the
 condition until the receipt of the cable-                                                      Pittsburgh Vice-Graft Investigation which
 gram telling of his death.                     Some Facts About First Nominee for              resulted in the successful prosecution of
    Professor Orth was born at Capac,              Alumni Trustee of University                 several city officials.
 Michigan, on August i, 1873, and was the                                                          From 1906 to 1909 he was a member of
 son of the Rev. John and Katharine                William Metcalf, Jr., Όi, whose nomi-       the Bo'ard of Trustees of Carnegie Insti-
 Troeller Orth. He graduated B.S. from          nation for election as Alumni Trustee was      tute, Pittsburgh, serving on the Com-
jpberlin in 1896, and afterward studied         announced in the ALUMNI NEWS of De-            mittee on Buildings and Grounds. Dur-
 law and political science at the University    cember i, 1921, was born at Pittsburgh,        ing this period Carnegie Institute, con-
 of Michigan and Columbia, where he held        Pa., in 1870. He graduated from Shat-          sisting of the Museums, the Music Hall,
 a fellowship and from which he received        tuck Military School, Fariboult, Minn.,        the Library, with nine branch buildings
 the degree of Ph.D. in 1903. From 1897         in 1889, entered Cornell with the class of     throughout the city, and the School of
 to 1902 he was professor of political and       1894, ran on his freshman track team, but     Technology, was greatly expanded and the
 social science in Buchtel College. For the     left in 1891 to enter business.                larger units of what is now the Carnegie
 next nine years he practiced law,in Cleve-                                                    Institute of Technology were planned and
 land; from 1904 to 1910 he lectured on                                                        constructed.
 international law, economics, and polit-                                                         In 1918 Metcalf sold the entire Brae-
 ical science at Western Reserve, the Case                                                     burn Steel Company, and, at the age of
 School, and Oberlin. He was president                                                        forty-eight, entered the Army for service
 of the Cleveland Board of Education in                                                       in the war. He was commissioned captain
 1904-5 and was assistant U. S. attorney in                                                   in the Chemical Warfare Service, sent to
 1905-8.                                                                                       France, trained at Choignes, and had
    In 1912 he came to Cornell as professor                                                   charge of organizing the gas training area
 of political science. He won the confidence                                                   at Chinon.
and respect of his students, and was re-                                                          He has been a director of the United
garded as an efficient teacher, for whom his                                                  Engineering & Foundry Company, Pitts-
pupils worked hard. He had peculiar gifts                                                     burgh, since 1904, is a director of the
as an orator, and was in constant demand                                                      Wyckoff Drawn Steel Company and the
for patriotic and civic addresses. In the                                                     Lava Crucible Company, both of Pitts-
war he was active in campaigning, and was                                                     burgh; a member of the American Insti-
considered one of the most effective speak-                                                   tute of Mining and Metallurgical Engi-
ers in the State. He was one of the four                                                      neers, and the Allegheny County Bar As-
professors who were chosen to give the                                                        sociation. He belongs to the Chamber of
 S. A. T. C. course in War Aims. He also                                                      Commerce of Pittsburgh, the Civic Club
took an active part in the Semi-Centen-                                                       of Allegheny County, the Duquesne Club,
nial Campaign.                                                                                the University Club of Pittsburgh, of
    He was the author of "The Centraliza-                                                     which he has been vice-president, the Oak-
tion of Administration in Ohio" (1903),                                                       mont Country Club, and the Montour
"Five American Politicians" (1903), α A                                                       Heights Country Club.
                                                  He reentered the University in 1898,            Metcalf is married and has three chil-
History of Cleveland" (1909), "Socialism       graduated in Law with the class of 1901,
and Democracy in Europe" (1913), "Read-                                                       dren, one son and two daughters, and re-
                                               and is a member of Quill and Dagger and        sides in Pittsburgh.
ings on the Relation of Government to In-      Chi Psi. He has been on the Athletic
dustry" (1915), "The Imperial Impulse"                                                            In placing his name before Cornell
                                               Council for about fifteen years, was a         alumni for election to the University
(1916), "The Boss and the Machine"             director of the Associate Alumni when the
(1918), "The Armies of Labor" (1919),                                                         Board of Trustees Metcalf's friends sub-
                                               Cornellian Council was formed, has served
"Our Foreigners: a Chronicle of Ameri-                                                        mit that he is of the necessary calibre,
                                               on the Cornellian Council since about the
cans in the Making" (1920); (the last three                                                   being exceptionally well qualified to dis-
                                               time of its formation, and is at present a
reviewed in the ALUMNI NEWS for August                                                        charge the duties of the office by reason of
                                               member of the Cornellian Council Execu-
last), and many articles in professional and                                                  his outstanding belief and interest in Cor-
                                               tive Committee, attending practically all
literary periodicals.                                                                         nell, his broad experience in both industry
                                               meetings. Metcalf has served as presi-
   He married Miss Jane Davis, of Youngs-                                                     and the law, and the fact that he possesses
                                               dent, and on the board of governors, of the
town, Ohio, on August 17, 1899. He was                                                        the requisite leisure.
                                               Cornell University Association of Western
a member of the American Political                                                                More than two thousand alumni have
                                               Pennsylvania, and is a member of the Cor-
Science Association.                                                                         personally placed their signatures on the
                                               nell Club of New York. Several years ago,
                                                                                             petition nominating Metcalf; among them,
                                               as a memorial to A. H. R. Fraser, late
                                                                                             the following:
          BAER IN ST. LOUIS                    Law librarian, he established the Fraser
                                                                                                 Albany, Randall J. LeBoeuf '92, J. C.
   Carl J. Baer, in charge of the Produc-      La\v Scholarships in the College of Law.      Finch '02, Thomas F. Fennell '95, Fred-
tion Bureau of the St. Louis Chamber of           During the period from 1891 to 1898        erick D. Colson '97; Auburn, N. Y.,
Commerce, was the speaker at the Cornell       Metcalf helped build, and became foundry      George B. Turner '73, J. Carrington
luncheon in that city on Thursday, Feb-        superintendent of, the Frank Kneeland         Avery '83; Boston, George S. Tompkins
                                                                                             '96, Horace Van Everen '91; Buffalo, E.
ruary 21.                                      Machine Company, Pittsburgh, and while        B. McKenna Όo, Parton Swift '98, C. R.
                                               thus engaged contributed, through tech-       Wyckoff '96; Chicago, Martin J. Insull
        748th ORGAN RECITAL                    nical journals, to the literature on im-      '93, Newton C. Farr '09, Erskine Wilder
                                               proved foundry design and practice.           '05, L. D. Emmert Ί i ; Cincinnati, Clyde
    Sage Chapel, Thursday, March 2
                                                                                             P. Johnson '93, Tell S. Berna '12; Cleve-
PROFESSOR JAMES T. QUARLES, Organist              He was admitted to the bar of the State    land, Bessie DeWitt Beahan '78, H. W.
Variations de Concert       Joseph Bonnet      of Pennsylvania in 1902 and practiced         Strong '94, Bascom Little Όi, J. P. Har-
Adagio, from the Suite dans le Style           law in Pittsburgh until 1909, when he be-     ris Όi, W. H. Forbes Ό6, John C. Barker
                                               came president of the Braeburn Steel          '12, Edward R. Alexander Όi; Detroit,
  Ancien                       Georg Enesco
                                                                                             Heatley Green Όi, George B. Walbridge
Chorale No. 2, in B minor. . . Cesar Franck    Company, Pittsburgh.                          Όo, R. D. Starbuck Όo; Elmira, Hon.
LΌrgano Primitivo           Pietro A. Yon         In 1906 he was elected a select council-   George McCann '86, Jeryis Langdon '97,
Sheherazade            Rimsky- Korsakoff       man of the city of Pittsburgh and took        Lewis Henry '09; Ithaca, R. M. Ogden
256                                             CORNELL ALUMNI N E W S

Όi, Romeyn Berry '64; Milwaukee, L.                                                                   LeRoy T. Brown of Dartmouth estab-
L. Tatum '97, E. T. Foote Ό6; New York,                                                            lished a new world's record for the indoor
J. H. Edwards '88, J. G. White '85,                          ATHLETICS
Clarence J. Shearn '90, Edwin B. Kattό                                                             high jump when he leaped 6 ft. 4 3-4
'93, Ethel Stebbins Mitchell '95, Charles                                                          inches.
H. Blair '97, Eads Johnson '99, Walter C.                     Track Men Win
                                                     The track team made its debut at Bos-            The victory gave track a fine start and
Teagle '99, John T. McGovern Όo, Henry                                                            promises much for the future. The next
P. DuBois Ό6; Owego, N. Y., F. S. Tru-            ton last Saturday in a meet with Harvard
man '93; Philadelphia, Roger Lewis '95,           and Dartmouth, and won a handsome                meet is the dual contest with Penn State
C. B. Kugler, Jr., '03; Pittsburgh, Charles       victory. The score was, Cornell 48 1-2,          in the Drill Hall on March 4. On March
M. Thorp '84, J. Verner Scaife '89, A. W.                                                          i i Cornell will enter the indoor intercol-
Wyckoff '96, C. J. Ramsburg '99, Ross M.          Harvard 38 1-2, and Dartmouth 29. A
                                                  large delegation of New England alumni           legiates in New York, and on March 25
Riegel '04, Walter S. Wing '07, Karl W.
Gass '12, Margaret Van Deusen Carpenter           saw the team "come through."                     will meet Michigan at Ithaca. The sum-
'09; Rochester, Frank E. Gannett '98;                The Cornell team captured five first          mary:
St. Louis, Perry P. Taylor '89, Kelton E.                                                             4O-yard dash: won by C. H. Wausker,
White Όi, George L. Erwin, Jr., '17;              places, six seconds, and three and one-half     Harvard; second, F. I. Righter, Cornell;
Syracuse, John Wilkinson '89, H. J.               thirds. The relay team finished second to       third, E. D. Niles, Cornell. Time, 5
Hagerman '94; Toledo, W. J. Sherman               Harvard, and the freshman relay team            seconds.
'77, Stanley J. Hiett '14; Washington,            third.                                              One-mile run: won by J. W. Burke,
D. C., J. W. Beacham, Jr., '97, Daniel A.                                                         Harvard; second, E. B. Kirby, Cornell;
Reed '98, Sao-Ke Alfred Sze Όi, Kenneth              Characteristic strength in the distance
                                                                                                  third, D. B. Strickler, Cornell. Time, 4
L. Roberts Ό8; Waterbury, Conn., E. S.            runs, and the double victory of David W.        minutes 27 1-5 seconds.
Sanderson '94, Irvin W. Day Ό6; Balti-            Kimball '24, in the hurdles and broad               300 yard run: won by R. P. Hallett,
more, A. P. Knapp '93; Belmont, Mass.,            jump, were the biggest factors in Cornell's     Dartmouth; second, P. Jenkins, Harvard;
Clarence B. Piper '05; Chattanooga,                                                               third, J. Merrill, Harvard. Time, 36 1-5
Tenn., W. L. Catlin Όo; Newark, N. J.,            triumph. Jack Moakley's men captured
                                                  the first two places in the two-mile run,       seconds.
S. B. Hunt '04; New Orleans, R. S. Soule                                                              όoo-yard run: won by H. O. Chapman,
'95; Niagara Falls, N. Y., Paul A. Schoel-        Robert E. Brown, the intercollegiate two-       Cornell; second, J. W. Quinn, Harvard;
kopf Ό6; Indianapolis, John P. Frenzel,           mile champion winning over N. P. Brown,         third, C. C. Foster, Dartmouth. Time, i
 Jr., '03; Qυincy, Mass., J. J. Munns '14;                                                        minute 20 4-5 seconds.
St. Paul, James C. Otis Or, Seneca Falls,         also of Cornell, in 9:53 1-5, sixteen seconds
                                                  better than the record for this meet. C.            ι,ooo-yard run: won by C. C. Carter,
N. Y., Norman J. Gould '99; Towanda,                                                              Cornell; second, J. A. McCarthy, Har-
Pa., Edwin P. Young '94; Trenton, N. J.,          C. Carter won the ι,ooo-yard run, andH.         vard; third, R. W. Letteney, Dartmouth.
I. Russell Riker '15; Tulsa, Okla., A. G.         O. Chapman the όoo-yard run. In the             Time, 2 minutes 23 seconds.
Heggem '97; Scranton, Pa., Hugh Jen-              mile Burke of Harvard, a seasoned run-              Two-mile run: won by R. E. Brown,
nings '04; Seattle, Wash., A. S. Downev                                                           Cornell; second, N. P. Brown, Cornell;
'96; Wilmington, Del., Alfred D. Warner,          ner, beat out Kirby and Strickler of Cor-
                                                                                                  third, S. G. Young, Dartmouth. Time, 9
Jr., Όo.                                          nell after a lively battle.                     minutes 53 1-5 seconds.
                                                     The Browns, who set the pace in the              45-yard high hurdles: won by D. W.
       YONKERS IS ON THE MAP                     two-mile run, shook off their opponents          Kimball, Cornell; second R. D. Whitney,
    The Cornell University Club of Yonkers        three laps from the finish, and with one        Harvard; third, A. B. Treman, Cornell.
 is up and doing. Its last meeting, on Feb-                                                       Time, 61-5 seconds.
                                                 lap to go R. E. drew ahead and won hand-             Broad jump: won by D. W. Kimball,
 ruary 4 at the Amackassin Club, brought          ily by four seconds. In the looo-yard run       Cornell; distance, 21 feet 6 3-4 inches,
 out more than thirty Cornellians, despite        Carter set the pace all the way. In the         second, R. N. Harris, Dartmouth; dis-
 a heavy snow storm. The club includes            όoo-yard run Chapman ran in fourth place        tance, 2i feet 3 ι-2 inches. Third, P. Jen-
 the neighboring towns of Hastings-on-                                                            kins, Harvard; distance, 20 feet 9 3-4
                                                 until the last turn, when he spurted and         seconds.
 Hudson and Dobbs Ferry in its member-            went out to win. Both Carter and Chap-              Pole vault: won by K. P. Libbey, Dart-
 ship territory in addition to the city of        man repeated the victories they had won         mouth; height, 12 feet 3 5-8 inches.
 Yonkers.                                        in the same events last winter.                  Second, tie between E. D. Gouinlock, Cor-
    When notices of meetings are sent to                                                          nell, and H. R. Davis, Harvard, height, 12
                                                     Righter and Niles of Cornell finished        feet. (Gouinlock won the toss.)
 members a list of coming Cornell events         second and third in the 4O-yard dash, the            35-pound weight throw: won by G. F.
 is appended, with instructions to the recip-     distance being too short for Lovejoy to         Brown, Harvard; distance, 46 feet 8 3-4
ient to tear it off and put it where he can                                                       inches. Second, H. R. Wagar, Cornell;
                                                 show up to advantage. The Cornell
see it. In addition, the club gets out post-                                                      distance, 42 feet 4 1-2 inches. Third, S.
                                                 sprinters were shut out of the 3OO-yard          B. Andrews, Harvard; distance, 42 feet
cards to its members before the games and        race. In the relay, race Dartmouth and            ι-2 inches.
other Cornell events scheduled near Yonk-        Cornell fought it out—Cornell was third              lό-pound shot-put: won by J. S. Lee,
ers, and on occasion a block of seats is         until the last relay, when Carl John, the        Dartmouth; distance, 42 feet 7 1-2 inches.
reserved for the group.                                                                           Second, L. J. Turnbull, Dartmouth; dis-
                                                  anchor man, overhauled the Dartmouth            tance, 39 feet 10 1-2 inches. Third, J. J.
    The big event of the year is to take         runner and cut down to but a few yards           Brown, Harvard; distance, 39 feet i 1-2
place on May 12, when the club will "rush"       the lead Harvard had obtained early in the       inches.
the prep-school boys, with speakers from         race.                                                High Jump: won by Leroy T. Brown,
Ithaca, movies, and a general good time.             KimbalΓs victory in the 45-yard high         Dartmouth; height, 6 feet 4 3-4 inches.
Even this early, preparations are being                                                           Second, »W. H. Lathrop, Cornell; height,
                                                 hurdles over the experienced Whitney of          5 feet .ii 1-2 inches. Third, tie between
made to entertain fifty young guests that        Harvard was something of a surprise. It          H. J. Stone, Cornell, and M. Morse, Har-
night.                                           was known that the Cornellian was a              vard; height, 5 feet 10 1-2 inches.
    Frederick R. Slater '94 is president of      dangerous man in the low hurdles, but                Relay race: won by Harvard (Chute,
the club; Fraser Brown '99 is vice-presi-                                                         Jenkins, Merrill, Burke): second, Cornell
                                                 that he would do so well over the high           (Chapman, Crozier, John, Righter); third,
dent; and Coleman H. Sherwood '20 is             sticks was a revelation. He also furnished       Dartmouth. Time, 3 minutes 12 seconds.
secretary-treasurer. The secretary's ad-         a surprise in the broad jump, which he               Freshman 4O-yard dash: won by Wan-
dress is 408 Bellevue Avenue, Yonkers,           won with a leap of 21 ft. 6 3-4 inches.          saker, Dartmouth; second, Blodgett,
and his telephone number is Yonkers                                                               Dartmouth; third, Coykendall, Cornell,
                                                     In the other field events Gouinlock by       Time, 5 seconds.
6799.                                            winning the toss that broke a tie, scored            Freshman relay race: won by Dart-
    DR. ELMA C. GRIGGS, well known to a          second in the pole vault at 12 feet, Lath-       mouth; second, Harvard; third,'Cornell.
generation of alumni, died suddenly in           rop won second in the high jump with 5           Time, 3 minutes 13 4-5 seconds.
New York on February 25, while en route          ft. ii ι-2 inches, Wager second in the 35-               We Defeat Pittsburgh
to take a much needed vacation at Atlantic       pound weight and Stone tied with Morse             The Cornell five had no trouble in de-
City. She was attended by her daughter           of Harvard at 5 ft. 10 1-2 inches in the         feating Pittsburgh in the Drill Hall last
Elma, wife of Norman C. Chambers '05.            high jump.                                       Thursday, running up 38 points to 14 for
                                                CORNELL ALUMNI NEWS                                                                    257

the visitors. The game was ragged and            five bouts Pennsylvania had won three and        COLLEGE DAY IN WHITE PLAINS
 loosely played. Cornell at times uncov-         Cornell two.                                     R. B. Daggett '94, and Thomas Howe
 ered a pretty passing game, but in the first       Of the four bouts won by Cornell, three    '96 represented Cornell at an All-College
half, particularly, missed many open shots       were on falls and one by decision. Pennsyl-   Day held by the White Plains Y. M. C. A.
 at the basket. Pitt was outclassed, how-        vania secured one bout by a fall and two      on February 28. All the schoolboys of the
 ever. The score at half-time was 20 to 4.       by decisions. The summary:                    city were invited to visit the Y. M. C. A.
 Luther with five goals from the field and          ιi5-class: won by Allen, of Pennsyl-       and obtain any information they might
 a perfect foul score of six was high man.       vania, over Ackerly, of Cornell, on deci-
                                                 sion, time advantage 6 minutes, 2 seconds.    desire which would help them prepare
 Capron and Barkelew stood next with four        Time of bout, 9 minutes.                      themselves for college, or discover what
 goals each. Jordan starred for Pitts-              125-class: won by Roberts, of Cornell,     college might fit their individual needs.
burgh. The summary:                              over Chasens with fall, crotch and arm         Such things as entrance requirements,
   Cornell (38)           Pittsburgh (13)        hold. Time, 5 minutes, 58 seconds.
Luther            R.F        Jordan (Capt.)         135-class: won by Davis, of Pennsyl-       available courses, and general activities
Barkelew          L.F              Levinson      vania, over Wigsten with fall, half Nelson    were inquired about, and there was great
Rippe             C                Clawson       and crotch hold. Time, 7 minutes, 4           interest in the chances a boy had of help-
Crabtree          L.G               « . Byers    seconds.                                      ing himself financially when he got to col-
Capron            R.G                 Young         145-class: won by Ayau, of Cornell,
                                                 over Speer on decision with time advant-      lege.
   Substitutions: Cornell, Stone for Barke-
lew, Barkelew for Stone, Downs for Cap-          age of 6 minutes, 11 seconds. Time of            All the colleges were invited to send
ron, Raymond for Crabtree, Stone for             bout, 9 minutes.                              representatives, to answer the questions
Barkelew. Myers for Luther, Capron for              158-class: won by Rabinowitz, of Penn-     peculiar to them.
Downs. Pittsburgh, Rose for Jordan,              sylvania, over Strack on decision. Time
 Jordan for Clawson, Shaner for Byers,           advantage of i minute, 46 seconds. Time
Carr for Levinson.                               of bout, 9 minutes.                               HONOR SYSTEM HAS TEETH
   Field goals: Cornell, Luther, 5; Barke-          175-class: won by Hanson, of Cornell,
lew, 4; Capron, 4; Rippe, 2; Crabtree, i.        over Hadden on fall with arm lock. Time          The most flagrant violation of the honor
Pittsburgh, Jordan, 4; Rose, 2.                  2 minutes, 30 seconds.                        system code yet brought to the attention
   Foul goals: Cornell, Luther, 6 out of 6.         Heavyweight: won by Wright, of Cor-        of the Central Honor Committee, was pas-
Pittsburgh, Levinson, i out of 3.                nell, over Steinberg on fall with half Nel-
   Referee: A. H. Sharpe, Yale.                  son. Time, 4 minutes, 25 seconds.             sed upon in the second series of cases tried
                                                    Pennsylvania, one fall, two decisions;     as an aftermath of the recent midyear ex-
          Dartmouth Wins                         Cornell, three falls, one decision. Referee   aminations.
   The basketball team was beaten by             R. K. Knapp.
                                                                                                  It involved a student in the College of
Dartmouth in a league game at Hanover
                                                                                               Agriculture, who confessed to have entered
Saturday by a score of 27 to 22, the second
time this year the Green five has defeated               SPORT STUFF                           burglariously the office of the instructor
                                                                                               in charge of the course, on the night before
Cornell. Although the Red and White
                                                    The track team was hit a little harder     the examination in question, and to have
led io to 9 at the end of the first half,
                                                 than usual in the matter of busts and pro-    made a list of the questions which he
Dartmouth rallied in the second period
                                                 bations. Nevertheless it won handsomely       found in the instructor's desk. The dis-
and largely through spectacular baskets by
                                                 in its opening meet with Harvard and          covery of his footprints outside the office
Millar, and accurate foul shooting by Cul-
                                                 Dartmouth on Saturday night. There is         window helped to establish the case
len won a hard earned victory.
                                                 nothing like cussing the Faculty to develop   against the man. His penalty was expul-
   The - first half was a defensive battle,
                                                 the arm muscles and improve the wind.         sion from the University, without the
featured by close guarding on both sides.
                                                    The ice has gone out of Courtney Inlet     privilege of reentering.
In the second both teams developed a fast
attack, the Green having the edge. Mil-          for half a mile below the boat house. It         Two other cases, less flagrant, were tried
lar, with four baskets, led in scoring from      will probably freeze up again but the crews   at the same session of the Committee. The
the floor, but Cullen, with one goal and         are being measured for ear muffs and cough    penalty for each of these was suspension
eleven foul goals out of thirteen attempts       remedies to be ready for the summons          for a term, and cancelation of credits for
was high scorer for the evening. Luther          when it comes.                                the courses involved.
led in scoring for Cornell, caging two              The intercollegiate regatta will be held
baskets and making eight foul goals out of       again at Poughkeepsie, on Monday, June               A VAUDEVILLE LUNCHEON
twelve attempts. Crabtree showed the             26. There will be an observation train,          The largest crowd that has attended a
way in field goals, dropping the ball into       but six hundred seats are about all Cornell   Cornell Luncheon in Cleveland for a long
the net three times. The team plays              can count on. We haven't decided how          time turned out Thursday noon, February
Pennsylvania at Philadelphia Saturday.           they will be distributed. The only thing      23, for the annual Jazz and Vaudeville
The line-up and summary:                         that occurs to me is to throw them out        Luncheon, at the Hotel Statler. About
   Cornell (22)          Dartmouth (27)          for the alumni to scramble for and then go    one hundred thirty-five men were in at-
Luther              R.F              Cullen      down in the Danby hills and hide. How         tendance and every one was able to testify
Barkelew            L.F              Moore       I hate the man who invented observation       when it was over that Bub North '07 is
Rippe               C            Shaneman
Crabtree            L.G               Millar     trains!                                       still full of pep. Bub was in charge of this
Capron             R.G            Goldstein         Last Thursday was held the third an-       particular luncheon and arranged a fine
   Goals: Cornell, Crabtree 3, Luther 2,         nual University Convocation in honor of       program, which included several cabaret
Barkelew i, Capron i; Dartmouth, Mil-            the honor students. The Convocation is        numbers and considerable music by the
lar 4, Cullen i, Shaneman i, Goldstein i,
Moore i.                                         a kind of intellectual Junior Smoker where    Stromberg and Vokoun Orchestra, which
   Foul goals: Cornell, Luther, 8 out of 11      you may not smoke. The orator of the          had just returned to Cleveland after play-
Dartmouth, Cullen, n out of 12.                  day devoted most of his forty minutes to      ing at the Junior Prom in Ithaca.
   Wrestlers Beat Pennsylvania                   the extra curricular student activities          William (Bill) H. Forbes Ό6, chairman
   The wrestling team defeated Pennsyl-          and mentioned scholarship in closing. At      of the banquet committee, said that the
vania in a hard fought match in the Drill        the Junior Smoker next month—if history       advance sale of tickets for the banquet at
Hall Saturday night by a score of 18 to 11,      repeats itself—the varsity coaches will       the University Club on March i indicated
the contest remaining in doubt until the          get up and plead with the undergraduates     that the attendance would be well over
last bout, the heavyweight, in which             to burn the midnight oil and hit their ex-    two hundred. He promised a real live
Wright threw Steinberg. This match, and          aminations for 95. Ain't human nature         evening and stated that there would be
Hanson's victory in the 175-pound class,          grand?                                       plenty of "Ithaca Stuff" with the Hoy,
put Cornell across a winner, for in the first                                        R.B.      Berry, Coffin trio on hand.
258                                                    CORNELL ALUMNI NEWS

                                                        affairs through agencies responsible to one
                                                        administrative group instead of to at least                 OBITUARY
                                                        four. We have already said much of this
                                                        and expect to return to it again. It is
 Published for the Associate Alumni of                  almost obvious, however, that a conven-                  G. Harold Powell '95
Cornell University by the Cornell Alumni                tion that effects this change alone will           George Harold Powell, general manager
News Publishing Company, Incorporated.                  save every year as much time as it asks         of the California Fruit Growers' Exchange,
    Published weekly during the college year and
monthly during the summer; forty issues annually.       for the discussion, by the simplifying and      and one of the best known men in the
Issue No. i is published the last Thursday of           strengthening of alumni organization.           West, died in Pasadena, Calif., on Feb-
September. Weekly publication (numbered con-
secutively) continues through Commencement                 This convention call, although sent to       ruary 18, a few minutes after being
Week. Issue No. 40 is published in August and is
followed by an index of the entire volume, which        alumni clubs, is a call to individual alumni    stricken with heart disease at a dinner-
will be mailed on request.                              as well. The individual, under Associate        dance in the Hotel Maryland.
    Subscription price $4-00 a year, payable in ad-     Alumni practice, has a voice and a vote in
vance. Foreign postage 40 cents a year extra. Single                                                       Powell was born in Ghent, N. Y., on
copies twelve cents each.                               conventions. It is expected that individ-       February 8, 1872, the son of George T. and
    Should a subscriber desire to discontinue his       uals will be reached through the ALUMNI         Marcia R. (Chase) Powell. He came to
subscription notice to that effect should be sent in
before its expiration. Otherwise it is assumed that     NEWS and through clubs, and thus a prom-        Cornell in 1891, and received the degrees
a continuance of the subscription is desired.           ise of welcome will be extended to them.        of B.S. in Agriculture and M.S. in Agri-
    Checks, drafts and orders should be made pay-          No mention of convention features was
able to Cornell Alumni News.                                                                            culture in 1895 and 1896, respectively. He
    Correspondence should be addressed—
                                                        made in the first announcement. The             was a member of Kappa Sigma and was
                Cornell Alumni News, Ithaca, N. Y.      Chicago alumni have eight weeks in which        secretary of the class of 1895. HG a^so
Editor-in-Chief                  R. W. SAILOR '07       to prepare. Their facilities for entertain-     served on a number of committees, includ-
Business Manager                 E. P. TUΊTLE Ί8        ment are great, and their willingness to
Managing Editor              H. A. STEVENSON '19
                                                                                                        ing the Junior Ball Committee, the Senior
Circulation Manager            GEO. WM. HORTON
                                                        entertain in good style leaves the field open   Class Day Committee, the Cotillion Com-
              Associate Editors
                                                        for the present to those charged with the       mittee, and the Agricultural Banquet
CLARK S. NORTHUP '93            BRISTOW ADAMS           preparation of the convention's business.       Committee, and in his junior year was
ROMEYN BERRY '04                H. G. STUTZ '07                                                         president of the Agricultural Association.
              E. P. TUTTLE Ί8                           CORNELLIANS GO TO KANSAS CITY                      From 1896 to 1901 he was horticulturist
    News Committee of the Associate Alumni:                Dean Dexter S. Kimball of the College        in the agricultural experiment station of
            W. W. Macon '98, Chairman                   of Engineering, as President of the Amer-       Delaware College, leaving to become first
N. H. Noyes Ό6                        J. P. Dods Ό8     ican Society of Mechanical Engineers, will      assistant pomologist with the Bureau of
    Officers of the Cornell Alumni News Publishing      be in Kansas City on March 6 and 7, when        Plant Industry of the United States De-
Company, Incorporated: John L. Senior, President;
R. W. Sailor, Treasurer; Woodford Patterson, Sec-       the A.S.M.E. Council will be meeting to-        partment of Agriculture. Then he served
retary. Office, 123 West State Street, Ithaca, N. Y.
                                                        gether with the associated engineering          for five years as pomologist in charge of
 Printed by the Cornell Publications Printing Co.       societies. Other Cornellians on the Coun-       fruit transportation and investigation, and
                                                        cil who will also attend are: Walter S.         in 1910 he became assistant chief of the
 Entered as Second Class Matter at Ithaca, N. Y.        Finlay '04, of Ne\v York; Henry M. Nor-         Bureau. In 1911 he resigned as acting-
                                                        ris '93, of Cincinnati; and Edwin E.            chief of the Bureau of Plant Industry to
    ITHACA, N. Y., MARCH 2, 1922                        Fisher '91, of Massachusetts.                   become secretary and manager of the
                                                           A Cornell luncheon will be held on           Citrus Protective League of California, an
                                                        March 6 by the Cornell club of Kansas           organization representing most of the pro-
     THE CHICAGO CONVENTION                             Citv.                                           ducers in the West. The following year
   The call for a convention in Chicago in                                                              he was made general manager of the
April, announced by the Associate Alumni                  COUNTRY-WIDE '02 COMMITTEE                    California Fruit Growers' Exchange, a cor-
elsewhere in this issυ^, includes for discus-              With a committee of twenty-eight,            poration marketing fruit for seven thou-
sion some Cornell questions that in them-               selected to cover the country, the Class of      sand orange and lemon growers represent-
selves justify the call.                                '02 is set up to make its twentieth reunion      ing sixty-two per cent of the citrus indus-
   It should be remembered that Cornell                 next June 16 to 18 a record breaker. The        try in California, his task having been to
alumni affairs are in a state of transition.            class has the double advantage of celebrat-      reorganize and readjust the citrus fruit
Starting with the haphazard efforts of                  ing its twentieth at the same time that the      raising there. His motto was "Put Science
amateur alumni officers during the first                newly adopted group plan of reunions             into Business," and it is said that his
fifty years, Cornell has undertaken to at-              brings back '03, '04, and '05, with '07 back     changes and improvements in methods of
tend to its alumni business in a business-              for its fifteenth. It would be surprising if     handling and marketing saved the fruit
like manner by the institution of the                   '02 did not show the way to many of the          growers of the State $250,000 a year.
Alumni Representative. The reunions,                    other classes.                                   While working as a Government expert he
under their new schedule, are themselves                   The committee:                                had studied the problems and devised
a problem that will be solved more                         Maurice R*. Wliίnery, chairman, New           methods to improve conditions. Oranges
smoothly after a threshing-out by a con-                York; Ralph S. Kent, ex-officίo, Buffalo;
                                                        R. Harold Shreve, Arthur F. Brinckerhoff,        were rotting in transit and in storage, and
vention. What to do about future con-                   Douglas K. Brown, Charles S. Yawger,             he showed growers how to pick them with-
ventions; how often to visit Ithaca in a                Richardson Webster, Theodore E. Rhodes,          out bruising them. He studied the trans-
body and when; whom to include in the                   Sidney G. Koon, Guernsey Price, J.               portation problems and worked them out;
alumni body: these are questions that can               Andre Smith, Charles A. Taussig, New             organized the growers into cooperative
be made well worth the time of a conven-                   Ralph Ware, Carleton M. Vail, Joseph          handling and selling agencies; and devised
tion given to Cornell matters. The days                 B. Weaver, Chicago; M. Anthony Bel-              a plan to have all their railroad losses and
are not far gone when a discussion of                   taire, Detroit; Frank H. Teagle, Cleve-          damage claims handled by one man.
Trustee elections would have added to the               land; Alden H. Little, St. Louis; Charles
                                                        D. Young, J. Rea Patterson, Benjamin                In 1917, at the invitation of Herbert
whole affair a touch of Spanish that would              O. Frick, Philadelphia; Joseph P.' Kit-          Hoover, National Food Administrator,
increase the value of ringside seats.                   tredge, Charles G. Schluederberg, Western        he went to Washington to take charge of
   Perhaps the most profitable of the pro-              Pennsylvania; Herbert M. Wood, Canada;           the distribution of all perishable goods in
posed discussions will be that of unifica-              Harold L. Leupp, Pacific Coast; John M.
                                                        Francis, Troy, N. Y. Stewart Burchard,           the United States, having been loaned to
tion of responsibility for the conduct of               New England; Mrs. R. Harold Shreve,              the Government by the Citrus Exchange
alumni affairs, the conducting of all alumni            for the women.                                   for the period of the war. As a result of
                                               CORNELL ALUMNI NEWS                                                                     259

his untiring efforts toward Belgium while       the rank of major. On his return he re-        "Why Study?" will appear in our columns
he held this office, King Albert conferred      sumed his position with the Florida East       next week.
upon him the Cross of Chevalier of the          Coast Railway as special maintenance en-          The list of honor students contains
Order of the Crown.                             gineer.                                        about 335 names. The college honor
   In addition to his pioneer work for the         He had lately been in charge of a camp      groups are distributed as follows: Arts
citrus fruit industry of California, Powell     at Cud joe established for the purpose of      and Sciences -'22, 24; '23, 23; '24, 22;
was the author of bulletins dealing with        hauling materials to b3 used for viaduct       Law '22, 10; '23, 5; Agriculture '22, 12;
this subject, issued by the Department of       construction work, and had been in the         '23, 16; '24, 18; Veterinary '22, 2; '23,
Agriculture, and of "Cooperation in Agri-       habit of using a private motor car in this     2; '24, 2; Architecture, 5; Engineering
culture," published in 1913. He was third       work. On this particular day his car was       '21, 7 (men who would have graduated in
vice-president of the Third International       out of order; so he got the crew of an-        1921 if they had not distributed their work
Congress of Refrigerating Industries in         other motor car to use their car to push       over two years in order to take instructor-
Chicago in 1913, and was a delegate to the      his car. The car in which he and several       ships); '22,22; '23,23; '24,29; Medical
first congress in Paris. He was a member        other men were riding suddenly jumped          College '22, 10; '23, n; '24, 10. This is
of many learned societies.                      the track, and he was caught underneath.       followed by a list of 38 University Schol-
   Mr. Powell was married in 1896 to Miss       He was taken on a work train to Key            ars, 66 prize winners of 1920-21, the four-
Gertrude Eliza Clark '95, who survives          West, where he died a few hours later.         teen editors and managers of The Cornell
                                                   In France he distinguished himself by       Law Quarterly, and the senior members of
him with three sons; H. Clark Powell, a
senior in the University of California,         the construction of the docks at St. Na-       the honorary societies, of whom Phi Beta
                                                zaire, at the mouth of the Loire River, a      Kappa has' 22, Tau Beta Pi 28 (besides
Berkeley; George H. Powell, Jr., a stu-
                                          τ     feat which had been declared impossible by     one junior member, D. Edward Brainard),
dent in Stanford University; and Law -
                                                the French engineers. When the work was        Eta Kappa Nu 18, Phi Kappa Phi 48,
rence C. Powell. He leaves also his parents,
                                                completed, American ships could enter the      Sedowa 8, and Omicron Nu one. The
now residents of South Pasadena, Calif.
                                                harbor, unload and reload for the return       alphabetical list of honor students fills
     Mrs. Nelson C. Dunlap '05                  trip in two days, whereas it had required      nearly nine pages.
  Mrs. Nelson Campbell Dunlap died of           weeks to accomplish this.
pneumonia on February 21 at her home in            He was an Elk, a thirty-second degree
                                                Mason, a Shriner, and a member of the                BUFFALO HEARS FARRAND
Ellis, near Ithaca.
  Mrs. Dunlap was formerly Miss Elnora           Scottish Rite order, and Masonic services        Something over two hundred men of the
May Palmer, and was a daughter of Mr.           were held on February 19. Members of           western part of the State attended the an-
and Mrs. Charles H. Palmer of Ithaca.           the Miami Post of the American Legion,         nual banquet in Buffalo on Saturday even-
She was born on June 30, 1878, and pre-         and of the Lindley H. DeGarmo Post,            ing, February 18, when President Farrand
pared for college at the Ithaca High            Cocoanut Grove, Fla., named in memory          was the guest of honor of the Cornell
School, entering Cornell in 1901, and re-       of his cousin, Lindley H. DeGarmo '12,         Alumni Association of Western New York.
ceiving the degree of A.B. in 1905. She         and the Miami Lodge of Elks, attended in       It was the first visit of the President to
was a member of Phi Beta Kappa.                 a body.                                        Buffalo since his inauguration, and the
  On June 28, 1905 she married Nelson              Besides his parents, he leaves a brother,   response of the men in the evening was no
Campbell Dunlap '05, and they made their        Walter C. DeGarmo, B.Arch. Όo.                 more cordial than that of the alumnae who
home in Kearney, Nebr., for a number of                                                        entertained him at luncheon at the Twen-
years. For the past three or four years                 OLD BANQUETS HEAVY                     tieth Century Club. The luncheon was
they had lived in Ellis.                           The Cornell University Association of       under the auspices of the Cornell Women's
  Mrs. Dunlap is survived by her hus-           Chicago recently received the menu cards       Club of Buffalo.
band, a son, Palmer, a daughter, May, a         for the first three annual banquets held by       All of the entertainment at the Hotel
brother, Raymond T. Palmer '07, of the          the Northwestern Association of Cornell         Statler was provided by Ithacans. Speak-
Town of Dryden, and a sister, Mrs. R.           University, the forerunner of the present      ing with President .^Farrand were Dean
E. Hungerford (Maude R. Palmer '05),            club. They had been carefully preserved        Dexter S. Kimball^f the College of Engi-
of the Town of Dryden.                          by Louis Falkenau '73, who died last           neering and Romeyn Berry '04. In addi-
                                                August, and were forwarded to the Club         tion, three undergraduates were imported
        R. Max DeGarmo '08                      by a member of his family.                     to give the Campus flavor of a lighter vein.
   Robert Max DeGarmo died in a hospital           The first banquet was held in 1878 at       A. L. Satterthwaite '22 manipulated play-
in Key West, Fla., on February 14 of in-        the Palmer House, Chicago. Judging             ing cards to the accompaniment of an in-
juries received that afternoon when a           from the menu, they liked to eat in those      teresting chatter; Linton Stone '23 per-
motor inspection car on which he was rid-       days. Eleven courses was the average,          formed gracefully a soft shoe dance, and
ing jumped the track at a point near Big        from oysters through soup, braised capon,      C. A. Norris, Jr., Sp., entertained with a
Coppit, nine miles north of Key West.           red-head ducks, patty of liver, all the way    running fire of monologue. Senator Par-
   DeGarmo was born on February 2,1885,         to bon-bons.                                   ton Swift '98, retiring president, was
and was a son of Dr. Charles DeGarmo,              These menus were sent by the Chicago        master of ceremonies.
formerly professor of the science and art       Club to the Alumni Representative.                President Farrand brought to the alumni
of education at Cornell, and Mrs. De-           Copies will be furnished to any club which     of Buffalo not only a vision of the future
Garmo, of Cocoanut Grove, Fla.; he at-          prefers to spend an extra hour or two eat-     of this country as he sees it, but an account
tended the 1902 Summer Session, and             ing, omitting the necessity of after-dinner    of social conditions on the Campus and
entered the College of Civil Engineering        speaking.                                      the steps which have been taken, princip-
in 1904, receiving the degree of C.E. in                                                       ally by the students themselves, to eradi-
1909.                                            THE SCHOLARSHIP CONVOCATION                   cate the war's aftermath.
   He became associated with the Florida           The annual University Convocation for          During the evening officers for the com-
East Coast Railway immediately after his        the recognition of scholarship was held in     ing year were elected as follows: president,
graduation, as a member of the engineering      Bailey Hall on February 23. President          Ralph McCarthy '96; vice-presidents, Van
staff of the company's extension work, in       Farrand presided on the platform and Pro-      Loan Whitehead Ό8 and William E. Har-
charge of concrete arch construction. He        fessor Quarles at the organ. The speaker       ries Ό8; secretary and treasurer, Carl H.
went to France with the I7th Engineers          of the day was Dean James Parker Hall          Bowen '17; directors, Daniel F. Potter Ί6,
(Railway), and remained overseas with           '94, of the Law School of the University of    William A. Moore '09, and W. Morgan
this regiment for twenty months, rising to      Chicago. An account of his address, on         Kendall '20.
 260                                            CORNELL ALUMNI NEWS

                               List of Cornellians Whose Addresses Are Lost

         Preparations for the Alumni Directory which is to be issued this spring—the first such publication since the Ten-Year Book
 of 1903—are delayed by the missing addresses of something more than two thousand former students. While some are apparently
 irrevocably "lost," others have addresses which were recently adequate but from which mail is now returned undelivered.
         Although not optimistic to the extent of expecting to defer publication until the last lone Cornellian has been found, the
 directory committee believes that a goodly proportion of the list can readily be traced, even though searching of club and class
 lists, directories, and other sources of information has thus far proved fruitless.
         During the next few weeks the ALUMNI NEWS will print the names of the lost legion. Any clues which are sent to the Alum-
 ni Representative in Ithaca,at 31 Morrill Hall, will be a distinct contribution to the completeness of the directory.

    Note: In the following list, one date is     Stevens, Edward Almerson LLB 09 Beaverton         Tropp, Sonia Deborah 17-19 Agr A N Y C
 given if a degree was granted; two dates,          Ore                                            Trumbull, Thomas Hooker 75-77 O
                                                 Stevens, Julian J 91-92 Law                       Tsang, Yin Sun 07-08 M Canton China
 of entering and leaving, if a degree was not    Stevenson, John Chiles PhB 77 N Y C
 granted. The letters represent the follow-      Steward, George Hiram 69-70 O                     Tsuji, Ottokichi 89-89 Arch S Africa
                                                 Stewart, Elliott 07-09 M Bklyn N Y                Tupper, Leonidas Harvey 76-80 O Decatur 111
 ing courses: A, Arts; C, Civil Engineer-        Stewart, Jacob Henry 79-80 S St Paul Minn         Turner, Benjamin Bernard 01-01 Sp England
 ing; Chem, Chemistry; For, Forestry;            Stickney, Laura Miles 98-02 A Rathbone N Y        Turner, Lawrence Alexander 70-70 O
 G, Graduate; H-PS, History and Politi-          Stine, Charles Rock CE 96 Baltimore Md            Tunison, Richard Guy 02-03 Med Newark N J
                                                 Stockley, Fred Albert 99-01 Sp Law Montour        Twombly, Sidney Smith 86-87 G San Luis
 cal Science; L, Letters; M, Mechanical            Falls N Y                                         Obispo Calif
 Engineering; Med, Medical; Med Prep,            Stone, Silas Stanley 86-87 C Potsdam N Y          Tyson, Jesse Roy 07-07 Sp M Phoenixville Pa
 Medical Preparatory; N, Natural His-            Storrs, Francis 86-87 Arch Topeka Kan             Ulrich, Russell 84-86 O Seattle Wash
                                                 Stover, John Howard 05-06 Med                     Vail, Mrs Walter (Marshall, Jessica Beatrice) 96-
 tory; O, Optional; P, P h i l o s o p h y ;     Straus, Felix Milton 17-18 Law Peoria, 111          97 AM Mayaguez P R
 Pharm, Pharmacy; Pharm Chem, Pharm-             Straus, Joseph Henry Jr BArch 04 Baltimore Md     Vallejos, Emiliam Elixeche 10- Agr Paraguay
 aceutical Chemist; S, Science; S-L, Sci-        Strayer, Calvin John 07 M Denver Colo             Van Anden, Frank 94-96 M S O Bklyn
                                                 Strehan, George Ernest 05 M N Y C                 Van Benschoten, James 87-89 LLB New Kingston
 ence and Letters; Sp, Special; V, Vet-          Strickler, Robert Mann 76-76 O Morgantown           N Y
 erinary.                                          WVa                                             Van Gaasbeek, Louis Berier 69-69 A Kingston
 Smith, Jesse Woodhull ME(EE) 92 Wheeling        Strong, Frank Edward 10-12 Sp Agr Williams-
  W Va                                             burg Va                                        Van Meter, Charles Farragut 83-84 M
 Smith, John Campbell 80-88 O                    Strong, Howard Phelps 89-93 Sp Agr Owego         Van Pelt, Evert 73-75 C
 Smith, John Hays BS 96 Pittsburgh Pa                                                             Van Stone, Frederick Jonas 75-75 M
Smith, John Henry 72-72 S Seattle Wash          Stubblefield, Garfield 03-04 C Herminaton, Ore    Vega, Eugene Arsenio 83-84 Chem Phys San-
Smith, Karl Wright 11-13 M Seneca Falls N Y     Stubenrauch, Walter Herman 16-20 A Med              tander Spain
Smith, Larratt Worthington 08-09 M Omaha        Sturtevant, Julian Flad 14-17 C Rochester N Y     Vinton, Josephine C 04-05 Sp Med Paramaibo
  Neb                                           Sucoff, Moses 14-15 Agr Bklyn N Y                   Dutch Guiana S A
Smith, LeGrande 13-16 M A Mountour Falls        Suffrin, Harry Joseph 08-09 C Chicago 111         Voege, Adolph Law 99 ME(EE) Bklyn
  NY                                            Sullivan, Edward Dunbar 10-11 Sp Law Buffalo      Voegβ, Marion Elizabeth 10-12 A Troy N Y
Smith, LeRoy Burns AB 01 San Luis Obispo        Sullivan, John Franics 88 Phar Hoboken N J        Vogel, Arthur Michael 13-13 Agr N Y C
  Calif                                         Summer, Wilhelm Carl ME 06 Pomaria S C            Volkoff, Mrs Marie 13-14 Sp Agr Russia
Smith, Maurice Isadore MD 13 Omaha Neb          Sutfin, Charles Ide 15-16 Agr Ithaca              Volkoff, Theodore 13-14 Agr Russia
Smith, Morace Francis 78-78 A McLean N Y        Sykes, Charles P 68-68 O                          Von Gregory, Erich Rudolph 12- Sp Agr Balti-
Smith, Roy all Dimock 00-02 M Kingston N Y      Symes, Wilbur Henry ME 09 Ryegate Vt                more Md
Smith, Walter 68-70 Agr                         Symington, George Campbell 94~95 Sp               Wager, Egbert Greeley 71-71 P Verdoy N Y
Smith, Walter Graves 92-93 P S Phila            Sze, Chen-yuen Frank 09-11 A Shanghai China       Wagner, George Francis 93 ME(EE) Villa Park
Smith, Walter Townsend 92-92 Arch               Takemura, Matsugu LLB 90 Tokyo Japan                Colo
Smith, Will Clarence 00-02 Law Birmingham Ala   Tallcott, Frederick Coolidge 70-71 Chem           Wait, Arthur Aristides 03-04 Law Greenville 111
Snow, Beatrice 14-14 Agr Ithaca                 Talcott, John Chamberlain ME 09 Buffalo           Waite, Richard Alfred 93~94 Arch Buffalo
Snow, Carl Loveland 08-10 Agr Salt Lake City    Tallmadge, Leslie France 09-09 Sp Agr Bklyn       Walden, William Hatch 92-93 G
  Utah                                                                                            Waldron, Hendrick Albertson 95-96 M Ithaca
Snyder, Otto vonSchrader 06-08 M Wellealey       Tatham, Robert LaFayette 08-09 Sp Agr South      Walker, Frank Henry 10-11 Sp Agr Cold Brook
  Hills Mass                                       America
Sobel, Jesse 11-14 A Bklyn N Y                   Tauszik, Adolph 15-1? Agr N Y C                  Walker, Harold Wehle 13 B Ch Washington D C
Sobel, Joseph William 10-10 C Somerset Ohio      Taylor, George 68-69 S Goldsmith Ind             Walker, Rennie Alfred 06-07 C Loma Linda
Sobieralski, Alfred 04-08 C Bklyn N Y            Taylor, William Montgomery 78-78 Agr               Calif
Soch, Charles Augustus 97-98 G Berkeley Calif    Tejada, Miguel Lerdo de 74~75 C                  Waltman, Ernest Henry 01 LLB
Sonn, Sidney Harold 05-07 Law N Y C              Terry, Parker Sherley 02-04 A Law Louisville     Walton, William Heckman 83-85 M
Sosa, Horacio Dionisio 15-1? Agr Panama            Ky                                             Wang, In Tso 14 BS Amherst Mass
South worth, Edward Philip 14-15 Vet Bklyn       Tevis, May McClure 91-93 Sp Louisville Ky        Wang, SuChen 14-15 A Nanking China
Sparr, Homer Stanley 07-08 C Oakfield N Y        Textor, Edward Earle 05-06 Sp Arch               Wang, Yu 10-12 A Agr China
Spaulding, Benjamin Seth 93~94 Law Minnea-       Thayer, Frank Garfield 03-06 Sp Agr Holyoke      Wangler, Herman Ernest 15-17 Vet Liverpool
  polis Minn                                       Mass                                             NY
Spaulding, Myra Louise 87-87 A Conklin N Y      Thomas, George Hale 87-89 Arch Akron Ohio         Wanmaker, Mrs Walter (Turnbull, Mary Claire)
Speer, John Duane AB 02 Ardmore Pa              Thomas, Herbert Franklin oo A Lyons N Y             09-11 A Sp Agr Buffalo
Sperry, Beardsley Northrop BS 92 N Y C          Thomas, Melvern Francis MME 09 Clay Texas         Ward, Lawrence Colin 02-03 M Newark N J
Speyer, Agnes Winifred 09-11 Sp Ag Buffalo      Thomas, Frank Slater BS(S-L) 80                   Wardell, Harry Chapin 94-95 Sp Agr Geneva NY
Spingarn, Herman AB 07 Bklyn N Y                Thomas, Frederick Walker 01-02 M C Law            Warner Charles Emory 88-90 Portland Ore
Springsteen, Nelson John 16-17 Arch N Y C       Thompson, Lillia Elizabeth 77-78 G Fresno Calif   Warner Milan Park 71-71 O
Squires, Harold Chauncey 97-98 A Thomasville    Thompson, Owen Stanley 03-04 Vet N Y C            Warner Ralph Cossitt 83-84 H PS Portville N Y
                                                Thomson, Emily Christine 11-12 Sp Agr Ithaca      Warner Richard James 09-10 A Chicago
Stahlschmidt, Sidney Adolph 11-12 A Bklyn NY    Thomson, John Fuller 87 BL                        Warren Andrew Wight 82-83 C
Staneff, Jeko oo-oi Sp Agr Bulgaria             Thornton, Harvey John 12-13 C Teaneck N J         Warren John Lawrence Hinckley 86-87 C St
Stanley, Benjamin Barney 95-96 Sp Menlo Park    Thurber, Donald MacDonald 04 Law Detroit            Louis
   Calif                                           Mich                                           Warrender, Josephine Isabelle 01-02 A Newark
Stanley, Roy Morgan ME(EE) 97 Chicago           Ticknor, William Harrison 03-04 M Augusta Me        N J
Stanton, Charles Weems 03-04 M Mobile Ala       Tiers, Clarence Foresman 96-97 M Pittsburgh Pa    Washburn, Edgar Symonds 13-14 M Bklyn
Stanyon, Grace Margaret oo-oi Sp Agr Ithaca     Tiffany, Stanton Gere 14-15 M Savannah Ga         Waterman, Abby Louisa 94-96 Sp San Francisco
Starr, Everett Garrett 98-99 M Portland Ore     Tiffany, Stephen Ralph LLB 06 Bklyn               Waterman, Henry Jr (Wasserman, Henry Jr) 15
Starr, George Edwin 94-96 Law N Y C             Tileston, Arthur 04-05 M St Cloud Minn             AB Washington D C
Staten, Adolphus Burleson 04-05 Sp M El Paso    Tinsley, Robert Roy 10-ιιA Chicago 111            Waters, "Ernest Joseph Hill 03-05 M Sydney
   Tex                                          Tipson, George Samson 15-16 Agr                    Australia
Staudt, John Samuel 08-08 Sp C Lafayette Ind    Tipton, Edward Donovan 09-10 A N Y C              Watkins, Warner Merriwether 06 ME       Milton
Stearns, Florence Tabor 02-03 A                 Titus, Silas Joseph 02-03 M Syracuse N Y            NC
Stearns, Marah 75~75 O                          Todd, Lester Adrian 08-09 C Cleveland Ohio        Watrous, Louise Electa 04 AB Bklyn
Steckel, Leopold 02-02 Sp Agr Chicago           Todd, Ray Ambrose 11-12 Sp Agr                    Watson, Robert Sedgwick 07-10 M New Brigh-
Stedman, Louis Agassiz 80-90 Sp                 Todd, William VanNess 04-05 Sp Agr                 ton N Y
Steele, Samuel Weirner 84-84 S-L Greensburg     Toel, Everard George Jr 96-97 Sp N Y C            Watson, William Martin 96-97 Sp Law N Y C
  Pa                                            Tompkins, Sidney 97-01 M Troy N Y                 Watts, Marie Louise 90-92 Sp Newark N J
Stein, Abraham Irving 14-15 Agr Bklyn           Tonero, Louis Vincent 99-00 Med Newark N J        Waugh, Mrs. Norman Frederick (Marriott, Bessie)
Stein, Louis 13-17 Agr N Y C                    Topp, Augustus lo-n Arch N Y C                     07-09 A N Y C
Steinberg, Aaron n-ii Agr Washington D C        Topp, Roger 03-04 M Stanford University Calif     Weaver, Lucretia 73-73 O
Steinhardt, Mortimore AB 13 N Y C               Torbert, John McCollough 07-08 Sp Agr Syra-       Webb, Frank Lee 74-74 O
Stella, John 03-03 Med                            cuse N Y                                        Webb, Hubert Greaves 01-03 M Glen Ridge N J
Stengren, John Stengren Jr 07-09 C Bklyn        Touhey, Edward C 09 Vet Beaverdam N Y             Webb, John Lamar 05-06 M Springfield O
Stephens, George Washington 847-86 M            Towers, Charles Albert 96-97 Sp Toledo Ohio       Webb, Louise Beatrice 98 AM Dallas Tex
Stephenson, Edith Corrine 09-11 G Lebo Kan      Towne, Paul Sidney 10-12 Sp Agr Flushing N Y      Webb, Mary Elizabeth 07-09 Med A Portland
Stephenson, Harris Perry 08-09 Arch Wilming-    Townsend, Edith Elizabeth AB 02 East North-        Ore
  ton Del                                         field Mass                                      Webb, Wirt Dickson 83-84 C
Steps, Robert Alexander ME n Washington         Townsend, Edward Huntington 01 A Cedar Falls      Weber, Carl William 15-15 Agr N Y C
                                                  la                                              Webster, Earnest Herbert 00-03 M Duluth Minn
Sterardon, William Anderson 87-87 Law           Townsend, Herbert Hill 96-97 O                    Webster, George Pilsbury 07 A ME Lestershire
Sterling, Warner Strong 99-00 C Newburgh N Y    Towsley, William Henry 69-70 S                     NY
Stern, Leo 10-11 Sp Med N Y C                   Tracy. Molly Josephine 17-19 A Tenafly N J        Webster, Guy 89-90 Sp M Chicago
Stevens, Benjamin 02-04 Med N Y C               Trick, Willis Samuel 81-82 M Rochester N Y        Webster, William Augustus Jr 14-15 Sp M Balti-
Stevens, Clinton Lovell 68-70 S                 Tripp, Frank Silsby 75~7S M                        more Md
                                                  CORNELL ALUMNI NEWS                                                                    261
Weddigen, Howard Earl 09-10 C Auburn N Y           Young, William Henry 69-71 C Athens Ga           Engineer Reserve Corps he was recently
Weedon, Wilfred Arthur 07 ME Australia             Yundt, Harry Schultze 05-06 M Lancaster Pa
Weeks, Samuel Merwin 09-09 Sp Agr Bklyn            Zeese, Robert Alexander 99-00 M Holland Mich     assigned to command of the 314th Engi-
                                                   Zίerler, Joseph Nathan 11-12 Med Bklyn
Wegener, Francis Adolph 08-09 M N Y C              Zimmerman, Max 13-14 Agr Bklyn                  neer Regiment, Sgth Division, United
Wegman, Dominicus Charles 03-04 Med Jersey         Zinman, Maurice Nathaniel 16-17 Law Phila
 City N J                                          Zinner, Azary 11-12 Sp Agr Russia                States Army, organized reserves.
Weilbacher, William Carl 11-12 A Buffalo           Zipser, Benjamin William 02 MD
Weiler, Ferdinand Albert 90-94 L                                                                       '02 ME—Walter 0. Beyer has been
Weinberger, Abraham Bernard 14 ME N Y C                                                             since 1914 the -Pittsburgh representative
Weintraub, Victor 03-04 C Bklyn
Weislowitz, Max 01-02 Med                                 ALUMNI NOTES                              of the Falk Corporation of Milwaukee,
Weishampel, Richard Fuller 00-02 bp Arch Al-
                                                                                                   with offices in the Park Building, Pitts-
Welch, Albert Edward 13 ME Passaic N J                                                             burgh. He lives at 1330 Inverness Street,
Wells, Bernal Arwid 09-10 A Denver
Wells, Edgar Charles 95-98 M Duluth Minn              '90 ME—For the past year Lewis P.             Pittsburgh, Pa.
Welton, Louis Morris 69-70 P                        Clephane has been on the inactive list of
Werner, Louis Henry 10-11 Sp Med Bklyn                                                                 '02 MSAgr—Miss Julia Ellen Rogers,
West, Albert Elmer 05-08 C Washington D C          the Navy, as a lieutenant commander,            writer and lecturer, is a member of the
West, Frank 04 ME Schenectady N Y
West, Louis Coulton 03-03 M Evanston 111           having previously been on active duty for       Board of Education of Long Beach, Calif.
Weston, William Henry 85 BS(EE) Phila Pa           nearly four years, and has resumed his
Wheeler, Ernest Tallman 01-02 Sp Agr Billeπca                                                       She lives at 1000 East Ocean Boulevard.
 Mass                                              painting. His first exhibition of his work
Whitcomb, Don Salmon 05 AB Bklyn                                                                       '03 ME—Mr. and Mrs. George Theo-
White, Arthur Edward 13 BS Bklyn                   since the war, which included seventy-six
White, Bertha Othniel 96-00 A Pittsburgh                                                           dore Smith announce the marriage of their
White, Henry 76-76 A N Y C
                                                   paintings, was given at his studio, 1115 I
                                                                                                   daughter, Natalie Young, to Louis Fred-
White, Lee McBride 09-11 G Chicago                  Street, Northwest, Washington, D. C.,
White, LeRoy Cooley 97-Q8 Sp Delanson N Y                                                          erick Bruce '03 on January 21 in New
White, Paul J 06 PhD MS Ag Huntington Beach        from February 15 to 28.
                                                                                                   York. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce are at home
Whitman, Judd Newton 08-09 Law Devils Lake            '91 PhB—Mrs. Caroline Slater (Carrie         at 914 Graydon Avenue, Norfolk, Va.
  ND                                               I. Adsitt '91) is chaperone of the Delta
Whitney, Bertha Augusta oo AB G Gouvernuer                                                             '04 ME—Rudolph E. Prussing is located
  NY                                               Gamma Sorority, 603 East Seneca Street,
Whitney, Mark Ladd 93-94 M Red Creek N Y                                                           in Detroit, Mich., as district manager of
Wiechardt, August Julius 91 MME Gainesville        Ithaca. Both of her daughters are in the
  Fla                                                                                              the Whiting Corporation, manufacturers
                                                   University; the younger, Katherine, is
Wieder, Moses Leon 76-7? O                                                                         of cranes and foundry equipment, whose
Wiele, Ernest Victor 15-16 Agr Jersey City N J     this year president of Sage College.
Wiese, Charles Oleen 88-89 Sp                                                                      plant is located in Harvey, 111., a suburb
Wilcox, Asa Stearns 79~8ι O Minneapolis               '91-2 G—Samuel B. Harding, for more          of Chicago. Ralph H. Bourne '04 (M.E.
Wilder, Frank Curtis 92-94 M Law
Wiley, Maxwell Harvey 03-05 Law Bklyn              than twenty years a member of the faculty       '05), and Norman S. Lawrence, M.E. '04,
Willey, Wilford Bennett 07 AB Ithaca               of Indiana University, is this year profes-
Wilkins, Chester Arthur 10-11 Sp Agr Mmnea-                                                        have been with this company since 1908.
                                                   sor of history at the University of Minne-      Prussing's address is 3000 Grand River
Wilkins, Stanley Dean 07-07 Sp Agr Minneapolis
Wilkinson, Emilio Valenzuela 01-02 Arch Ober-      sota. His address is 1108 Seventh Street,       Avenue, Detroit.
 linO                                              Southeast, Minneapolis, Minn. For the
Williams, Eleanor (Ella) Cornelia 76-7? Lit NYC                                                        '05 AB—Arthur D. Camp is chemical
Williams, Fannie Abbie 03-04 A Ithaca              last two or three years he has been con-
Williams, Harry Stanford Roswell 09-10 Law                                                         engineer and superintendent of the Wil-
  London Eng                                       nected with a publishing house in Chicago.
Williams, Isaac 79~8o Agr                                                                          liamsport Building Products Company,
Williams, John Gordon 14-16 C Beacon N Y              '94 PhD—A prize of five hundred dol-         manufacturers of a new type of magnesite
Williams, Leon Albert 10-11 M Law Waterbury        lars offered by the Edison Company for          floor tile and insulation slabs. His mail
Williams, Owen Emmett 04-05 V Panama N Y           the best piece of investigation on the          address is Box 503, Williamsport, Pa.
Williams, Reginald Hamilton 01-02 Med N Y C
Williams, Robert Warren 08-09 M Orange N J         psychological effects of music has been
Williams, Roger Kendrick 07-09 Arch Cortland                                                          Ό6, '07 ME—The marriage of Mrs.
                                                   awarded by a committee of the American
  NY                                                                                               Florence Barber Monypeny, daughter of
Williamson, Philip Hearn 06-07 M Manila P I        Psychological Association to Margaret
Willis, Rodney Riley 96-00 P Law Friendship                                                        Mr. and Mrs. James Barber of Engle-
  NY                                               Floy Washburn. Miss Washburn was for
Wilson, Charles Forsyth 77 PhB                                                                     wood, N. J., and Henry P. DuBois Ό6, of
Wilson, Elmina 92-93 Sp Harper Iowa
                                                   two years warden of Sage College and
                                                                                                   New York, took place in Pinehurst, N. C.,
Wilson, Frank Harvey 98-01 C Appleton N Y          lecturer in psychology at Cornell, and is
Wilson, James Meredith 83 PhB Washington                                                           on February 25. DuBois is the son of the
Wilson, James Parker 02-03 Law Green Grove Pa      now head of the department of psychology
Wilson, John Henry 06-09 G M Ithaca                                                                late Hon. James T. DuBois, former
Wilson, Nathaniel Estes 89-90 G Orono Me
                                                   at Vassar College.
                                                                                                   Minister to Colombia, and Mrs. DuBois of
Wilson, William Leonard 72-72 Agr Endee New           '94, '96 ME—Clarence A. McDonald,
  Mexico                                                                                           Hallstead, Pa.
Wiltse, Herbert Alphonso oo ME Anaconda Mont       for twenty-four years a teacher in the
Winkelman, John Gustavus 73~74 O Bklyn                                                                 '09 AB—Alfred H. Thatcher is secretary
Wisnipolsky, Harry George 14-15 C N Y C            Hawaiian Islands, resigned last June as
Withington, George Judd 72-73 C Pittsfield Mass                                                    and assistant treasurer of the Standard-
Woehler, Erich Julius 08-09 Vet West Falls N Y
                                                   principal of the Lahamaluna School for
                                                                                                   Coosa-Thatcher Company, manufacturers
Wohl, Nathan Edgar 91-92 M                         Boys, with which he had been connected
Wolcott, Mrs James T (Ross, Marie Stuart) 91-                                                      of fine combed mercerized yarns, Lookout
  91 Sp Rochester                                  for eighteen years, and went to California,
Wolfe, Isidor Erlich 04-08 Law Bklyn                                                               Mountain, Tenn.
Wolle, Richard Hartley 09-11 M Johnstown Pa        on account of his son's health. Before be-
Wolnski, Alfred Julius 06-09 C Poughkeepsie        coming principal of the Lahamaluna                  Ίo ME—G. Ervin Kent is with the
 'N Y                                                                                              Buck Bearing Company, Toledo, Ohio.
Wong, Ko-ung 08-08 A Canton China                  School, he was for six years a teacher in the
Wong, Wing Fooe 09-10 C Canton China               Kamehameha Boys' School. At present             His residence is The Miltimore.
Wood, Edward Corey 06-08 M Seneca Falls N Y
Wood, Ernest John 10-12 M Galesburg 111            he is resting, and his address is 1269 Lex-        Ίo; Ίi ME—Ralph W. Wiggins Ίi,
Wood, Frederick William 07 DVM Manila P I
Wood, Henry McGraw 93~94 Law Cincinnati            ington Avenue, Altadena, Calif.                 who had been with the Du Pont Company
Wooddell, John Frederick 95 Sp LLB Buffalo                                                         since his graduation, and James G. Coch-
Wooden, Irving Jacob 70-71 A Springwater N Y          Όo AB—Floyd P. Johnson is training
Woods, Willie (Miss) 02-03 Sp A Tipton Iowa        officer with the United States Veterans'        rane Ίo, have purchased two fruit farms
Woodward, Charles Swartout 72-72 S
Woodward, Mabel Hadley 99-00 Med Rochester         Bureau, Rehabilitation Division, District       in the grape belt. Their address in Rip-
Wormelle, Ralph 88-89 C Law Washington D C                                                         ley, N. Y.
Wray, Laura Eleanor 17-18 Agr Shelter Island       No. 3, Philadelphia, Pa. He lives at 400
  NY                                               West Twentieth Street, Wilmington, Del.             ' 11 ME—Dwight F. Morss has changed
Wright, Frank Atwater 04-05 Law Bartow Fla
Wright, Harrison Early 01-01 Law                      Όi MME—Perley F. Walker is dean of           his residence address to Academy Road,
Wright, John Newton 88-91 C O Washington D C
Wyckoff, Edwin Morton 75-77 O Pittsford N Y        the School of Engineering of the Univer-        Madison, N. J. His business address is 195
Wylie, Clarence Raymond 05 ME Cincinnati                                                           Broadway, New York.
Yang, King Ping 10 AB Shanghai China               sity of Kansas, and he lives at 1314 Louis-
Yang, Philip Lewis 07-09 C Soo Chow China          iana Street, Lawrence, Kansas. He was              Ίi MD—Charles F. Scudder is asso-
Yard, Willis Stuart 04-05 C Denver
Yates, Harry Deshields 93 ME Washington D C        elected last December to the American           ciate professor of pathology in the Medical
Yerkes, Charles Greenless 07-08 M Oak Park 111
Young, Charles Marsh 86-88 O R D I Kirkwood        Engineering Council, as delegate of the         College of Virginia, Richmond, Va.
  NY                                               American Society of Mechanical Engi-               '13 AM, '14 PhD—Mrs. Nann Barr
Young, Robert Abernathy 08-12 Arch Mont-
  gomery Ala                                       neers, and is a member of the executive         Mavity (Nann Clark Barr '13), who
Young. Warren Burr 09-10 Sp A South Glens
  Falls N Y                                        board of the council. As colonel in the         studied here in the Sage School of Philo-
262                                          CORNELL ALUMNI NEWS

sophy, is now assistant literary editor on    technical service manager of that com-       of the Fore River Plant of the Bethlehem
The San Francisco Chronicle. She has con-     pany, and has entered into business with     Shipbuilding Corporation at Quincy,
tributed to The Philosophical Review, The      David W. Jayne (B.S. in Chem., Univer-      Mass., to become assistant general man-
Bookman, The Dial, The Century, The           sity of Pennsylvania '13) under the firm     ager of the Casparis Stone Company, with
North American Review, and other maga-        name of Jayne and Sidebottom, Inc., as       offices in the Clinton Building, Columbus,
zines. Mrs. Mavity's verse is represented     manufacturers' agents selling and buying
                       α                                                                   Ohio.
in three anthologies: The Anthology of        lines in the general chemical field. The
Magazine Verse for 1917," "The Masque         offices are at 17 Battery Place, New York.      '14 BChem, '17 PhD—Howard I. Cole,
of Poets," and "Contemporary Verse             Sidebottom is secretary of the Chemists'    who is located in Manila, P. I., as chemist
Anthology."                                   Club and the Paint, Oil, and Varnish         with the Bureau of Science, has just com-
   '13 ME—Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Bowen          Club, of New York, and has recently re-      pleted a 500-kilometer trip through the
of Buffalo, N. Y., announce the birth of      signed as secretary of the New York Sec-     wild, mountainous country of Northern
their son, Mathews May Bowen, on Jan-         tion of the American Chemical Society.       Luzon. He writes: "The rice terraces of
uary 31. Bowen says the boy is already           '13 AB—Robert F. Corby has left the       the Ifugaos are wonderful, beyond des-
showing track and cheer-leader proclivi-      E. Ingraham Company, watch makers, to        cription. Although in the tropics, the
ties, judging from arm and leg movements.     accept a position with the Berger Brothers   trail is so high that we often had frost and
Their address is 172 Linwood Avenue,          Company, opening up their Philadelphia       even ice at night. There are no roads
Buffalo.                                      territory. His temporary address is Hotel    through this country but the trails are
                                              Normandie, West Philadelphia, Pa.            good and the mountain scenery is magnifi-
   '13 BChem—Herbert G. Sidebottom
has just severed his connection with the         '14 ME—John James Munns resigned
Barrett Company, after nine years as          on February i as assistant superintendent       '14 ME—George M. Williamson is
                                                                                           traveling for Trost and Trost, one of the
                                                                                           largest firms of architects and engineers
                               A HOTEL HOME                                                in the Southwest. He is in fair health
                                                                                           now, and likes the country. He may be

               CΓhe Kichmonό
                                                                                           addressed in care of the company, Ami jo
                                                                                           Building, Albuquerque, N. Mex.
                                                                                             '15 ME—Robert S. Saalfield has left
                                                                                           the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company,
                βetween5?&6*Mves,at 70West46*Jl                                            and will go into business for himself.
             In the most interesting section of New York;
                                                                                             '15, Ί6 LLB—Braton R. Gardner is
              ur rates, which compare favorably with those of wefl con-                    register and recorder of Susquehanna
              ducted hotels in smaller cities &- towns, will appeal to                     County, Pa., and is managing editor of
            I families or persons traveling βlone * Guests will receive
                »      the personal βttentiorv o/~   *   »                                 The Independent-Republican, Mont-rose,
      VS.      &B.5eαroσn        ^-^c>           Kαy Bαrnett                               Pa.
                                                                                             Ί6 ME—Robert A. Anderson is chief
      %^          *ϊϊΛ             c^
                                                                                           engineer for the McClellan Refrigerating

             ί AT ATA ΓΛTA \ ATA . A A i A i A A. A ATA i A A i A i A \ A . A A A ? A . A A i A i A ι A i A. A \ /

            RAMESES   ,           C I G A R . E T T E S_ ^^
              *Λt the Pre-Wor Price O/l
                  WAR sent the price up for a while                                               ^f^J*
                  but the price is now back to 20c
                        Five long years of war held up five years' supply
                        of Rameses Tobacco in its native climate where
                        it aged and mellowed as no Turkish tobacco
                        was ever allowed to age and mellow before.
                        The result is a greater Rameses—the cigarette                             FORMAT ROUND CIGARETTE
                        made of the world's finest Turkish Tobacco.
                           If your dealer cannot supply you write us direct.
                                 STEPHANO BROS.             Philadelphia
                                             CORNELL ALUMNI NEWS                                                                 263

Company of Chicago. His address is 631        tion, Miss Florence K. Sherwood was in-         '•19 BS—Miss Carrie M. Luce is private
Addison Street, Chicago.                      structor in biology in the Olean, N. Y.,     dietitian in Dr. J. R. Wΐlliams's Metabolic
   Ί6 CE—James J. Wall, Jr., has opened       High School; she has since been supervisor   Ward of the Highland Hospital, Rochester,
offices for the Holt Manufacturing Com-       of nature study in the State Normal          N. Y., where all diseases of metabolism are
pany in Buffalo, N. Y., and may be ad-        School in New Paltz, N. Y. Her home is       treated.
dressed in care of Finley-Wheeler, Inc.,      in Etna, N. Y.                                   '20 AB—On January I, Walter D. Arch-
262 Pearl Street, Buffalo.                       '17—Otto A. Schlobohm '17 and Miss        ibald took charge of one of the depart-
   Ί6 BChem—William D. Van Arnam is           Veronica Taafe of Yonkers, N. Y., were       ments of the old established firm of Arch-
chemical engineer for the Celite Products     married on October 12 in Yonkers; they        ibald and Lewis Company, importers of
Company, acting as Buffalo representa-        are now living at 1465 Columbia Road,        spices, seeds, and coffees. He lives at 538
tive of the company. He lives at 415          Washington, D. C., where they will be        West I42d Street, New York.
Lafayette Avenue, Buffalo, N. Y.              pleased to receive their friends. Schlo-         '20 BS, '21 MF--At the Fourth South-
                                              bohm, who received the degree of LL.B.       ern Forestry Congress held in Jackson,
   Ί6 ME—John A. McKeage is efficiency        at Georgetown University in 1917, is en-
expert for the Beach Manufacturing Com-                                                    Miss., from February 6 to 8, Cornell was
                                              gaged in the general practice of law, giv-   officially represented by Charles W. Ten
pany and the Heath Machine Company,           ing particular attention to United States    Eick '20, forest engineer for the Jackson
located in Montrose, Pa.                      Departmental practice, and his offices       Lumber Company of Lockhart, Ala., who
   Ί6 BChem—Frank Kovacs, for several         are at 723 Albee Building, Washington,       gave one of the talks. He reports it to be
years in development work with the Good-      D. C.                                        the best forestry meeting ever held in the
year Tire and Rubber Company, of Akron,          Ί8, '20 ME—Frederic L. Ruoff is a         South. Several other Cornellians were
is now associated with Mr. F. A. Seiber-      designing engineer with the Beach Manu-      present, among them Willard R. Hine,
ling, and will have charge of the chemical    facturing Company and the Heath Ma-          B.S. '20, and Randolph M. Brown, B.S.
and compounding work for the Seiberling       chine Company, Montrose, Pa.                 '20.
Rubber Company, Barberton, Ohio. He
                                                 Ί8, '21 WA—Announcement has been             '20 ME—Ben W. Beyer, Jr., is with the
lives at the University Club, Akron.
                                              made of the engagement of Miss Catherine     Union Special Machine Company, 400
  '17 BChem—Rexford W. Jewett re-             Sheets of Pittsburgh, Pa., and Rayburn       North Franklin Street, Chicago, 111.
cently left the Graduate School at Cornell    W. Hemphill Ί8.                                 '20 CE; '22—Announcement has been
to accept a position as chemist with the         Ί8, '20 AB—Lieut. Lee S. Hultzen is in    made of the engagement of Miss Nelda B.
Procter and Gamble Company, Ivory-            the Walter Reed Hospital, Washington,        Bashore '22, of New York, to Bernard J.
dale, Ohio. He lives at 4648 Winton           D. C.                                        Harrison '20, of Brooklyn, N. Y. Harrison
Road, Cincinnati, Ohio.                                                                    is with the Van Dorn Iron Works Com-
                                                 Ί8 AB—Miss Sophie H. Harvith is as-
  '17 LLB—Mario Lazo is with Bodell           sistant librarian in the New York State      pany, 318 Broadway, New York.
and Company, 115 Broadway, New York.          Library, Albany, N. Y. She lives at 418         '20 AB; '20 AB—Miss I. Kathryn
  '17 BS—For a year after her gradua-         Hudson Avenue, Albany.                       Blowers '20 and Carl H. Tibbitts '20 were

          Let Fatima smokers
            tell you

                                              FATIMA     CIGARETTES
264                                      CORNELL ALUMNI NEWS

                                                                                    married on July 6, 1921, in Westfield,
                                            " ITHACA"                               N. Y. They are now teaching in Middle-

  Rothschild                                ENGRAVING G*
                                                                                    sex, N. Y.
                                                                                       '20 ME—Michael B. Weinberg is with

                                                                                    The Frick Company, Waynesboro, Pa.
                                            'M*Excellent En$r#vin£-Servk&              ?
                                                                                         2i BS—Leonard K. Elmhirst, of Barns-
                                            Lίbrany Building, 123 N. Tιo£a Street   ley, England, has gone to India, and is
                                                                                    now teaching agriculture in the Inter-
                                                                                    national University, founded by Rabin-
                                                                                    dranath Tagore, near Calcutta.
                                                                                       '21 AB—Charles D. Mackey is editor of
                                             E. H. WANZER                           The Independent Republican, Montrose,
                                                The Grocer
           Complete                                                                    '21 CE—Ralph Gray has left the New
        Assortment gf                       Successor to WANZER & HOWELL            York State Highway Department, and is
                                                                                    now with the North Jersey District Water
       Cornell Banners,                                       *                     Supply Commission, on the construction
                                                                                    of the Wanague dam and reservoir. His
          Pennants,                                 Quality—Service                 address is Haskell, N. J.
        Pillow Covers,                                                                 '21 BS; '21 BChem—Announcement
                                                                                    has been made of the engagement of Miss
           Wall and                                                                 Helen DePue '21, of El Paso, Texas, to
        Table Skins at                                                              John Alan Schade '21, of Holyoke, Mass.
                                                                                    Miss DePue is now manager of the Okar
                                           R. A. Heggie & Bro. Co.
       Attractive Prices                                                            Tea Room, in connection with the Owego
                                                                                    Hotel, Owego, N. Y. Schade is a chemist

                                                 Fraternity                         with the Wilbur White Chemical Corn-
                                                                                    pan y of Owego.

                                                 Jewelers                                NEW MAILING ADDRESSES
                                                                                      '86—William C. Green, 310 Provident
                                                                                    Bank Building, Cincinnati, Ohio.
  Rothschild Bros.                         Ithaca                     New York        Ίo—Andrew Park Kelly, Allston Apart-
                                                                                    ments, Charles and Thirty-second Streets,
                                                                                    Baltimore, Md.
                                                                                      Ίi—Lawrence Bowen, 6259 Sheridan
                                                                                    Road, Chicago, 111.—Andrew F. Niven, 8
            THE SENATE                     SHELDON COURT                            Arlington Avenue, East Orange, N. J.
      Solves the Problem for Alumni        A fireproof, modern, private dormi-         12—G. Stewart Giles, Room 1203 U.
            A Good Restaurant              tory for men students at Cornell.        P. R. R. Headquarters Building, Omaha,
        MARTIN T. GIBBONS                        Catalogue sent on request.         Nebr.—William E. Munk, 1902 North
                 Proprietor                A. R. Congdon, Mgr., Ithaca, N. Y.       Pennsylvania Street, Indianapolis, Ind.
                                                                                      '14—Robert H. Currie, 1811 Willow
                                                                                    Avenue, Niagara Falls, N. Y.
                                                                                      Ί6—Cornell N. Pfohl, Jr., 24 Melvin

  GOLDENBERG & SON                                 THE                              Avenue, Bradford, Pa.
                                                                                      '17—Miss Ernestine M. Dressier, 70
          Merchant Tailors                 MERCERSBURG ACADEMY                      Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, N. Y.—
                                                                                    Robert S. M. Fraser, Williamstown, N. J.
                                           Prepares for all colleges and univer-
      111 N. Aurora St., Ithaca            sities. Aims at thorough scholar-        —Robert E. McKenzie, 1532 Vassar
                                           ship, broad attainments, and Chris-      Court, Northwest, Canton, Ohio.
                                           tian manliness. Address                    Ί8—Miss Florence Boochever, 40 South
                                                                                    Main Avenue, Albany, N. Y.
                                           WIUIAM MANN IRVINE, Ph.D., President
                                                                                      '19—Miss E. Elizabeth Allis, 639 Elm
  "Songs of Cornell"                                   MERCERSBURUG, PA.            Street, New Haven, Conn.—Fernand H.
          "Glee Club Songs"                                                         Pincoffs, 327 South LaSalle Street,
  All the latest "stunts"                                                           Chicago, 111.—Robert W. Thomas, 188
                    and things musical                                              Lexington Avenue, Rochester, N. Y.—
                                           NOTICE TO EMPLOYERS                      Guy H. Wells, 1239 Riverview Street,
         Lent's Music Store                  The Cornell Society of Engi-
                                           neers maintains a Registration           Dayton, Ohio.
                                           Bureau. Complete records of 2,000          '20—Arthur Frucht, 10713 Jamaica
                                           Cornell men are on file. Employers       Avenue, Richmond Hill, Long Island.—
                                           may consult these records without        Miss S. Alice McNulty, 708 East Buffalo
                                           charge. If preferred, we will re-
      KOHM and BRUNNE                      commend a man to fill your needs.        Street, Ithaca, N. Y.—Coleman H. Sher-
        Tailors for CornelHans             165 BROADWAY NEW YORK CITY               wood, 408 Bellevue Avenue, Yonkers,
              Everywhere                   REGISTRATION BUREAU                      N. Y.
                                               Room 2602—-Mr. Harding                 '21—Harry Levin, 528 Hunterdon
      222 E. State St., Ithaca                    Phone Cortland 4800               Street, Newark, N. J.—George P. Sim-
                                                                                    men, 28 Astor Street, Newark, N. J.
                                       CORNELL ALUMNI NEWS

                                                         OUR BOSS will tell
                                                     Y   you that you are on the
                                                         wrong track if you are
          The Leading                                    paying more than 30%
   / * Mineral Water
                                                         of your income for liv-
   JtfhiteRock Ginger Ale                                ing accommodations. It
   Executive Offices I8*f!   -I00 Broadway.NY.City
                                                         is by just such practical
                                                         economy that he be-
                                                         came boss—he saved as
                                                         he went along. Allerton
                                                         House success men are
                                                         doing the same thing—
                             Drawing Inks                living well and saving.
                             Eternal Writing Ink
                             Engrossing Inks             They have every com-
                             Taurine Muscilage
                             Drawing Board Paste         fort of home, plus the
                             Liquid Paste
                             Office Paste                advantages of club sur-
                             Vegetable Glue, etc.


   ΓpMANCIPATE yourself from the use
       of corrosive and ill-smelling inks and
   adhesives and adopt the Higgins inks
                                                     ALLERTON HOUSES
   and adhesives. They will be a revela-              143 East 39th Street
   tion to you, they are so sweet, clean,
   and well put up and withal so efficient.            45 East 55th Street
               At dealers generally.                  302 West 22d Street
   271 Ninth Street, Brooklyn, New York              NEW YORK CITY
             Branches: Chicago, London

Had You Ever Tried to Trade
       at the Co-op.
     ANY are finding it not only pleasant but profitable.
M     We regret that we do not have the space to carry
everything you need, but there are many things in our line
of college goods which you use. At least write us and
find out about this yourself.

   A Simple Scale for Weighing Eggs
      ΠTO work satisfactorily the scale must not be a
           spring scale, but rather a balance scale. This
      new scale we have for weighing eggs is a balance
      scale having a cup-shaped top instead of a flat
      top. The price is $1.50, postage paid.

            Cornell Co-op. Society
                   Merrill Hall, Ithaca, N. Y.

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