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									    New Annapolitans News
                               October 2009
           New Annapolitans • P. O. Box 5251 • Annapolis, MD 21403-0701 •

                     Program: Myrna Siegal from the League of Women Voters
               Optional Lunch at Sam’s Waterfront Cafe, 2020 Chesapeake Harbour E.
         Meeting time: New Members are invited to meet at 9:15 a.m. with the Vice President of Membership
                       Social time for all begins at 9:30 a.m. The meeting begins at 10:00 a.m.
                Location: Unitarian Universalist Church of Annapolis, 333 Dubois Road, Annapolis

PRESIDENT’ S MESSAGE: Jean Phillips (410-757-7774)

In October I think of orange, the color of pumpkins, the color in the many changing and falling leaves, and the color of
the sunset. I think of crisp fall days filled with bright sunlight.

Almost everywhere the fall season is beautiful. I’ve experienced it in Minnesota during a glorious fall visit with my son
and daughter-in-law, in Arizona when my daughter lived there, in Washington State where she lives now, in Chicago, my
home of many years, and in New York City. How beautiful Central Park is in October! I’ve experienced the glory of
these colors while looking down at the park from the roof-top garden at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. And, of course,
I won’t neglect to mention the fabulous fall scene right here in our own Annapolis and surrounds.

As I write, our yard service is trimming my trees and cutting down my Black-eyed Susans, Iris and Echinacea in
preparation for winter. It’s hard to see this summer season go, but the warmth of the fall colors reminds me of the
friendships I’ve made right here at New Annapolitans. I’m looking forward to going to my interest groups, hearing the
wonderful programs that will be presented these next months at our first Wednesday general meetings, and I am very
much looking forward to our 25th Birthday Celebration at our February Luncheon.

I wish you a glorious season of colors!                 Jean Phillips

                                 Needed - Memories Sweet Memories

Preparations for the celebration of the 25th birthday of the New Annapolitans are in full swing. We would be very grateful
if members would email Ann Ziegler any special memories they have of their time in the organization. All memories are
welcome whether you joined this year or twenty-five years ago.

Please submit your memories to Ann Ziegler no later than November 1. If you prefer, the information can be mailed to


NEWCOMERS: Sue Pommers, 1st Vice President                   cards will be accepted. Wine or cocktails must also be
(410-956-5837)                                               paid separately in cash.
We welcome new members each month and want to
make sure that each person becomes as involved as she        MEMBERSHIP: Denise Hilton, 3rd Vice President
would like. For their first year, new members are invited    (410-268-5450)
to attend a monthly coffee at 10 a.m. or tea at 1 p.m. at
the home of a member who is a Big Sister. Each new           We currently have 513 members. There was a good
member will receive an invitation from her assigned Big      turnout of new members at the September general
Sister. If you do not get a call please contact Sue          meeting. Welcome to all of our new members! As a
Pommers for location and directions to the coffee/tea.       member of New Annapolitans, you will have the
                                                             opportunity to meet many new and interesting people
                                                             with diverse backgrounds from all around the world.
                                                             You are encouraged to attend our monthly general
                                                             meetings, join some interest groups, and participate in
        NEWCOMERS, 3rd Thursday                              their activities. Interest groups are a wonderful way to
       October 15 Coffee at 10:00 a.m.                       meet and develop relationships with fellow members.
        Please contact Sue Pommers (410-956-5837)
                                                             The 2009-2010 Membership and By-Laws Directory is
                                                             expected to be completed and in the mail to members
All Newcomers are welcome to attend teas/coffees for         by October 1. Please look for it in your mail. Thanks to
               a year after joining.                         everyone who submitted their information in a timely
                                                             manner which facilitated the preparation and publication
                                                             of the directory. In the newsletter each month, you will
                                                             find a list of new members and a list of directory
PROGRAMS:          Kathryn Gorski, 2nd Vice President        corrections. Please keep these lists and add the
(410-263-2949)                                               information to your directory so it will always be up-to-
The New Annapolitans meet on the first Wednesday             date.     If during your membership with New
monthly except February, July and August at the              Annapolitans your contact information changes, please
Unitarian Church. Special events are held in February        let the VP-Membership know so that she can change the
and June.                                                    membership records and your new information can be
                                                             disseminated to our members via the newsletter.

 The October 7 program is timely and useful to every         At present, 259 of our members are receiving the
citizen. The topic is voting. All residents of the City of   Newsletter via email. If you are not doing so, we
Annapolis will soon have an opportunity to vote for a        encourage you to consider switching – at least give it a
new mayor. Myrna Siegal from The League of Women             try!
Voters will provide information on the voting process
and voting issues. She will be available to answer your
questions and concerns. And city residents remember to       If you have any questions concerning membership,
vote on November 3!                                          please do not hesitate to contact me.

The luncheon following the meeting will be held at           INTEREST GROUPS: Mal Becker, 4th Vice
Sam's Waterfront Cafe, 2020 Chesapeake Harbour E., in        President (410-897-0237)
the Chesapeake Harbour Complex. Take Edgewood off            Thank you, thank you, to all of my New Annapolitans
Bay Ridge Ave. to Chesapeake Harbour and ask the gate        friends. Your calls, cards, emails and support have really
attendant for directions to Sam's. Members wishing to        helped me get through this very difficult period with my
join the group are asked to register in the lobby of the     husband Bernie who had open heart surgery. It is with
church prior to the meeting. You will make your lunch        regret that I tell you my beloved Bernie passed on.
selection from the entrees listed at the desk. Lunch must
be paid for in cash at the restaurant. No checks or credit   I am extending another thank you to Sally Ehrle who
                                                             covered for me at the first general meeting in September.

I understand she did an outstanding job and everything      NEWSLETTER EDITOR:
went well without a hitch---thank you again, Sally. Also    Sally Ehrle (410-224-2861)
thanks to my fellow board members for pitching in and
helping in any way they could.                              The next newsletter deadline is October 10 for the
                                                            November issue. You can send information in an email or
I understand the first meeting was spectacular and I hope   as an attachment. Please use Microsoft Word for attached
that many of you were able to speak to the various          materials. Only events sponsored by New Annapolitans
                                                            may be included in the newsletter. If you have other events
interest chairs and had an opportunity to sign up for the
                                                            you want to share with your group please use your email list.
many activities. We have over 25 interest groups, so
there must be something that will interest all of you.      Please contact Sally if you have any questions.
Please give them a try and you will be pleasantly
surprised. If you have any questions or suggestions for a
new interest group, please get in touch with me.                           BOARD COMMITTEES

SECRETARY (Sunshine, Sympathy &
Support): Judy Schwartz (410-266-5439)                      HISTORIAN:
                                                            Pam Miller (410-757-6780)                                    This is going to be another great year for New
A sympathy card was sent to Suzan Kiepper on the            Annapolitans, and I'm delighted to be able to record it as
passing of her husband Alan and to Mal Becker on the        your Historian. The Interest Groups are really revving
passing of her husband Bernard (Bernie). Get well cards     up and will be doing fun, interesting and picturesque
were sent to Dagmar Kohring and to Honey Starr for          things all year long. So, please take those pictures and
recovery and recuperation. A thinking of you card went      send them to me with all the pertinent information:
out to Deanna Daly for continued recuperation.              names, dates and location. Ladies, think how quickly
                                                            June will be here and all the "stuff" we'll be doing from
                                                            now to then--so don't wait, take pictures, pick up things
We are a caring organization and want to support our
                                                            like small menus, score cards, post cards, something that
members during difficult times. Please let me know of
                                                            illustrates your group's day and send/give it to me. I
others who might need our support.
                                                            don't know yet just what I'll do in the end, but I want to
                                                            have lots to work with! And we definitely want to see
TREASURER:                                                  your group in the final product! If you want me to come
Meg Rhian (410-268-5499)                                    take pictures of a special time, call me. See you around.
         All checks for a Club function should be
          made payable to New Annapolitans.                 HOUSE/HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE:
         To receive payment (not exceeding                 Merritt Ringer, Dianne McConnnell, Joan Coble,
          proceeds) Interest Group Chairs should            Gabrielle Strandquist, Pat Atherton
          submit a yellow Request for Payment               The committee is grateful for those members who signed
          form together with appropriate receipts.          up to bring goodies to the October 7 meeting. A few
         Deposits given to the Treasurer should            more treats are needed, so if you missed the sign-up
          be accompanied by a pink deposit form.            sheet and would like to share your culinary prowess,
         All transactions should be mailed to              please call or email Gabrielle Strandquist (410-757-
                                                            6632 )
          Meg Rhian, 311 Tucker Street,
          Annapolis MD 21401.
         Please contact the Treasurer if you have          The House Committee extends thanks to the members
          questions or need forms.                          who donated the delicious treats for our first meeting of
                                                            the season on September 2. They are: Meg Basinski,
                                                            Sally Ehrle, Kathryn Gorski, Eleanor Huggins, Carol
                                                            Lee, Sue Pommers, Merritt Ringer, Barb Smith, and
                                                            Edie Sutton.

                  INTEREST GROUPS
                                                                Tuesday, October 6, 7 p.m., Mitchell Gallery of
        YOU MUST BE A PAID MEMBER TO                            Art, Francis Scott Key Building, St. John's
PARTICIPATE IN INTEREST GROUP ACTIVITIES.                       College. Tour the Hechinger Collection of paintings,
Guidelines:                                                     prints and sculptures made from tools. Call Ginny
 All Interest Groups are voluntary and self-sustaining.        Reinhart at 410-573-9577
 Participation in an Interest Group is open to any
   member at any time.                                          Thursday, October 8, 5 p.m. Happy Hour at Yellowfin
 When participating in an Interest Group held in a             Restaurant. Contact Carol Sanger.
   member’s home, please give the hostess a minimum of
   three days for reservations and/or cancellations.
 No reservations may be taken until an event is                Tuesday, October 13, 6:30 p.m. Have dinner out at
   announced in the newsletter.                                 Carpaccio's, Park Place. Contact Carol Sanger.
 No refunds will be given for cancellations unless there
   are replacements from a waiting list. If there is no
                                                                Sunday, October 18, Eastern Market. 10 a.m. Famous
   waiting list and no other replacements from the
                                                                food market, flea market, and art fair in Washington,
   membership, no refund will be given.
                                                                DC. Meet at Marshall's parking lot. Carpool (drivers
 Checks for any event should be made out to New
                                                                needed) to New Carrollton Metro. Lunch at a restaurant
                                                                near the Market. Notify Sharon Furrow at 410-267-

           Interest Groups please note                          Thursday, October 22, 5 p.m. Happy Hour at
        MARSHALL’S PARKING POLICY                               McCormick & Schmick's, Annapolis Mall. Contact
Some Interest Groups use Marshall’s Department Store            Carol Sanger.
parking area when they carpool for day trips. Marshall’s
asks that you notify their management company three days
in advance. Call Beatson Companies at 410-224-3700 and          Saturday, October 24, 7:30 p.m. Candlelight Ghost
let the person who answers know your plans. This policy         Tales & Tour. Reservations required by October 2. Cost
applies only to New Annapolitans groups. We need to             is $20. Contact Nancy Catron.
follow this policy in order to maintain this parking option.
Overnight parking is not permitted. You leave your car at
                                                                Tuesday, October 27, 6:30 p.m. Enjoy dinner out
your own risk.
                                                                at Real Seafood, Annapolis Towne Center. Contact
                                                                Carol Sanger.
Deanna Daly (410-263-6303)
                                                                ART APPRECIATION:
Carol Sanger (410-571-0955)
                                                                Mary Ann Elliott (410-280-2424)
We enjoy a variety of evening and weekend activities,
including theater, concerts, restaurants, museums,              Did you meet Claude Monet on September 21? If so,
movies and gatherings in homes. Occasionally, we have           you are bound to be back for the rest of Dr. Mat
a weekday activity. Get on our email list to learn about        Herban’s stimulating presentations on perhaps the
activities that come up at short notice by contacting           greatest French Impressionist. If not, come join in this
Deanna Daly. New members are welcome to join in any             month. Mat’s every lecture is fresh and his slides of
of our activities. Full details of activities will be sent by   revered paintings will make your heart sing. The place
email.                                                          is in the meeting room at the Annapolis Public Library
                                                                on West Street. The dates are Monday mornings at 9
                                                                a.m. on October 26, November 23, and December 14.
Friday, October 2, 8 p.m. Colonial Players "Curious             Everyone is welcome, including spouses.
Savage." Call box office at 410-268-7373 to purchase
tickets at $20 each/$15 for seniors. Contact Sharon
Furrow at 410-267-6022 by September 25 if you plan to           Watch this space in November for our winter series
have dinner with the group at Galway Bay before the             dates. It’ll prompt you to buy a 2010 calendar so you
show.                                                           can block time early for art appreciation.

                   BOOK CLUBS                              BRIDGE– INTERMEDIATE: (1st Tuesday, Noon
                                                           to – 4 p.m.)
                                                           India Bell Davin (1-410-798-7437)Judy Harrison (410-
AFTERNOON TEA BOOK CLUB:                                   849-2117)
(4th Wednesday, 2p.m.)                                     The daytime intermediate bridge held September 1, had
Terry Attridge (410-990-0687)t Lynne Wilson (410-          five tables and three winners: 1st Place - Bette Rafferty,
224-5866)                                                  2nd Place - Rona Greenberg, and 3rd Place - Madeline
The Afternoon Tea book club will meet on Wednesday,        Irwin.
October 28 at 2:00 p.m. at the home of Sandy Adler.
The book selection will be chosen at the September 23      The next meeting of the bridge group will be Tuesday,
meeting. If you plan to attend, please RSVP to Sandy at    October 6. We meet at noon for lunch, (12:30 p.m. no
410-626-1151.                                              lunch) at the Club at Greenbury Point. For reservations
                                                           either email Judy Harrison or call Indie Davin by
                                                           September 30. We would also like to take your food
BIBLIOPHILES: (2ndThursday at 1 p.m.)
                                                           order with reservation. Please refer to prior email for
Karen Kelly (410-268-7288)                                 the menu selections.
The club meets Thursday, October 8, to discuss My
Years in France, a memoir by Julia Child. We will also
                                                           CANASTA CLUB – MODERN AMERICAN:
have a book exchange. For information on the meeting,
                                                           (Every Monday 12:30 – 4 p.m.)
including the hostess and discussion leader, please
contact Karen Kelly at the above email address or phone    Joyce Berkebile (410-266-3119)
number.                                                    We play Modern American Canasta every Monday
                                                           afternoon, 12:30-4:00 p.m. in members’ homes. This
                                                           game is different from the Classic Canasta most players
THE BOOKIES: (2ndThursday, 2-4p.m.)                        are familiar with. The game is for intermediate and
Betty Creighton (410-571-9388) Martha Smith (410-          advanced players of Modern American Canasta only.
The October meeting will be held on October 8 at 2
                                                           CAREER FORUM: (Every Monday 9:30 – 11 a.m.)
p.m. at the home of Sandy Adler, 7100 Clinton Court,
                                                           Jane Ruemke (410-571-5794)
Chesapeake Harbour in Annapolis. Please call 410-626-
1151 or e-mail if you plan to      Alta Campbell (443-995-7970)
attend. We will review the book Alice: Alice Roosevelt     We are a networking/support group for anyone looking
Longworth by Stacey Corderey.          The book for        for a job, new career, or new focus in their existing
November is My Life in France by Julia Child.              career. Our purpose is to help each other create a
                                                           satisfying work life by sharing information, inspiration,
                                                           and support. Meeting format is to have everyone
WEDNESDAY MORNING BOOK CLUB:                               describe his/her past week's accomplishments, request
(2nd Wednesday, 10 a.m.)                                   specific help, share information on leads, job fairs, etc.,
Kit Hanley (443-758-5726)                                  and state an individual goal for the following week.
Janette Jha (443-848-8559)                                 Bring resumes if you want to share them. If you have
                                                           information to share with the group and are not able to
Carol Van Epps (410-990-1158)
                                                           attend, please email it to Alta or Jane, and we will
On Wednesday, October 14 we will meet at Carol Van
                                                           forward it to group members. If you are interested in
Epps’ home, 14 Silverwood Circle #12 in Annapolis to
                                                           joining the group, please contact Jane or Alta (at the
discuss The Nine by Jeffrey Toobin. Please call Carol at
                                                           numbers listed above) for information and meeting
410-990-1158 for directions and to let her know you will
be there. Please bring a book for a book exchange. New
members are always welcome.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH: (3rd Tues. at 2 p.m.)                   Instructor: Tatiana Beckham
Mary Ellen Dial (410-757-7469)                              Registration Deadline: October 30
Susan Swayze (410-267-1617)                                 Note: The Beginner’s Bridge and The Art of Ethnic
                                                            Cooking workshops are almost full so before sending
This month’s meeting will be held on Tuesday, October       your check, you may wish to email or call Mary Ellen to
20 at the home of Jane Ferguson (410-544-3436)              check on space availability. If full you may wish to be We will gather at 1:45p.m.with the       wait listed.
meeting beginning at 2:00 p.m. Please let Jane know in
advance if you plan to attend.                              Remember that you are not confirmed in a workshop
                                                            until we receive your donation check. Please send your
We will have note cards for sale at the October 7 general   donation checks, made out to New Annapolitans, to
meeting so look for them in the lobby area.                 Mary Ellen Dial. Please note your workshop choice on
                                                            your check.      You will receive confirmation of
Here are the workshops for the rest of this fall that are   registration.
part of our continued fundraising efforts. They are open
to all New Annapolitans and, space permitting, their
partners and spouses. Our upcoming offerings are:                       EVERYTHING COUPLES

                    Beginner’s Bridge                       EVERYTHING COUPLES BRIDGE:
October 5, 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. (total of 5 sessions, Oct. 5,
                                                            (4th Friday 7:30 p.m.)
                 19, 22, and 29, Nov. 12)
Designed for absolute bridge beginners who are looking      Joan Pinsky (410-349-4887 or 301-279-7889)
to learn the basics to play. Handouts and book              We had our last night of summer bridge at the home of
recommendations will be provided. An intermediate           Jerry and Rona Greenberg on August 28. As usual, a
level or brush up workshop for more experienced             good time was had by all! The winners especially
players will be offered in the spring.                      enjoyed getting good cards, as well as displaying their
                                                            bridge acumen. Fred Paster, Mary Ellen Dial, and Cliff
Maximum Participants: 20          Donation: $50             Kaufman        came     in     1st,   2nd,     and 3rd
Location: Various local libraries                           respectively. Congratulations!
Instructor: Mary Ellen Dial
Registration Deadline: September 28                         Our next evening of bridge is planned for October 23 at
                                                            the home of Ron and Joan Pinsky. Please join us if you
         Woman Cannot Live on Crab Alone                    would enjoy a fun evening of bridge, friendship, and
           October 23, 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.               food. Members who sign up will be notified by email of
Come learn healthy ways to prepare 3 different fish         game location, directions, and players. Please call or
recipes. After the demonstration, enjoy the fish along      email Joan for more information or to sign up
with a salad – bring wine to sip with lunch.
                                                            EVERYTHING COUPLES DINING AROUND:
Maximum Participants: 20           Donation: $20            Beverly Cully (410-626-7402)
Location: 910 Scupper Ct., Annapolis
Instructor: Norma Farrell                                   Kathy Carpenter (410-897-0073)
Registration Deadline: October 15                           Meet Wednesday October 28, 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
                                                            for Lite fare and Social at Armadillo's, City Dock.
               The Art of Ethnic Cooking                    Ghost Tour follows from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
                 November 6, 6:00 p.m.
Caribbean cooking will be the highlight of this fun         This month is a little different from our norm. We will
evening and you will learn about the different types of     have selected substantial appetizers for lite fare and cash
food and the culture. Each participant will be asked to     bar with “Happy Hour” prices for the 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.
bring a side dish and beverage (Caribbean recipes for       hour at Armadillo's, City Dock area. Cost is $10.00 per
both will be provided ahead of time). Spouses and           person with checks payable to New Annapolitans.
significant others may be included.
                                                            At 7:30 p.m. we will be met by a "wench" for a Haunted
Maximum Participants: 20           Donation: $20            Ghost Tour walk of Annapolis including a tour of the
Location: 709 Childs Point Rd., Annapolis                   William Paca House.

This activity will cost $20.00 per person, checks made     GARDEN GROUP: (4th Tuesday, 11:00 a.m.)
payable to Watermark which are non-refundable.             Barbara Smith (410-573-0178)
Submit checks for both to Kathy Carpenter, Deadline is
                                                            Martha Smith (410-990-1613)
October 20.                                                The Garden Group will meet at the home of Barbara
                                                           Smith at 11 a.m. on the 3rd Tuesday, October 20 to
See you there! BOO!                                        accommodate the speaker from the Wild Bird Center.
                                                           Please RSVP to Barbara or Martha so we will know how
FUN LUNCH: (4th Thursday at Noon)                          many to expect. (Please note date)
Wanda Wishard (410-224-1126)
Edith Sutton (410-573-5022)                                                        GOLF
Join us for memorable, no-stress luncheons. We take
turns hosting and share in the preparation of food. We
                                                           GOLF-HAPPY HACKERS: (Thursday mornings)
have a very large number of members participating in
                                                           Judy Schwartz (410-266-5439)
Fun Lunch which makes the responsibilities less
                                                           Sue Pommers (410-956-5837)
burdensome. The hostess reserves the right to limit the
number of people she can accommodate. So get on our        Happy Hackers is a group of beginning and intermediate
email list (by contacting Wanda and Edie) and respond      golfers who enjoy getting together on Thursday
promptly after receiving the monthly Fun Lunch email       mornings for 9 holes of golf at Severna Park Golf
outlining the particulars for the month. You will          Course. No reservations necessary; just join us at the
respond directly to the hostess of the month and           course. Occasionally we may play at a different course.
coordinate with her concerning what you are to             We notify members weekly by email regarding tee-off
bring. Reservations are required and commitments to        time and location of play. The Happy Hackers will play
bring something are expected to be honored. Many           through October weather permitting, and then resume
people look forward to this really fun time each month--   play again in April of next year. Contact Judy or Sue to
so join us. You'll be glad you did.                        be added to our mailing list.

GADABOUTS:                                                 18 HOLE GOLF: (Thursday mornings)
Bette Henick (410-267-1507)                                Sandy Oseroff (410-280-5530)
Carol Stern (410-267-6355)
                                                           Bonnie Wyman (412-303-3234) We plan to play 18
Our visit to the Paca House in Annapolis is scheduled      holes of golf on Thursday mornings at Bay Hills Golf
for Wednesday, October 21, at 10 a.m. Following a          Course. Details will be sent via email as the date
guided tour of the house and a stroll through the          approaches. Anyone interested in a fun 18 hole golf
gardens, we plan to have “tea” at nearby Reynold’s         group should contact either Sandy Oseroff or Bonnie
Tavern. On December 16 we will visit Hillwood House        Wyman by email or phone. See contact information
and Gardens in Washington, D.C.                            above.

Checks must be received by October 14 if you’re
planning to join us for our visit to the Paca                      GROUP REFORMING
House. We’re also requesting a check for $10 for the       HOME DECORATING:
Hillwood House which must be received by October           Ronda Martinez (410-280-2112)
16. If you wish to attend both trips please enclose two
$10 checks and mail in time to be received by October      Interior Design Seminar: Thursday, October 8, 10
14. Please specify which trip/s you are interested in      a.m. – noon. Presenter: Julie Carroll Interiors by
when you send your check/s. Checks must be made            Decorating Den. Seminar includes design and color
payable to New Annapolitans and mailed to Carol            trends; a slide show of before and after makeovers
Stern.                                                     showing dramatic decorating results; and tips on how to
                                                           work with a decorator. Location: Acton's Landing, 66
                                                           Franklin St. off Church Circle in the Historic District.
                                                           RSVP to Ronda Martinez. Space is limited.

Home Decorating continued                                    October 13, 9:30 a.m. Meet at Hillsmere Library.
Do you have a flair or talent in decorating your home?       Walk Hillsmere and have coffee or lunch at Grump’s.
Or, are you interested in learning new ideas to improve      Contact Gail Fowler at 410-271-1300 or
your decorating needs? If so, please join the Home           October 20, 9 a.m. Meet at Marshal’s and car pool to
Decorating group. You are welcome to come to any or          Roland Park. Walk and then have lunch at La Pete
all meetings depending on your interest. Monthly             Louis. Contact Cindy Hopper at 410-280-8531.
meetings are held either at members’ homes or outside
locations. The meeting date, time, topic, and location
is set by the hostess. Contact Ronda if you are interested   October 27, 9 a.m. Meet at Marshall’s and carpool to
in joining the group. Also, let her know if you will host    the Patuxent Wildlife Refuge, North Track. Bring a bag
a meeting using your idea or an idea from Ronda’s list.      lunch and wear sturdy shoes. Contact Joan Clinch at
Note: We welcome New Annapolitans members who are
professionals and are willing to present a meeting using     If you wish more information or desire to be added to
their expertise, be it downsizing, staging, decorating,      the NANA email list, please contact Pat Duvall.
color, antiques, or any area related to home decorating.
                                                             PEDAL PUSHERS: (1st & 3rd Mondays, 12:30
MAH JONGG (Wright Patterson Rules):            (Every        p.m.)
Monday from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.)                            Georgie Dunn (410-267-7265)On October 5 we will
Betty Green (410-268-2234)                                   meet at Gary’s Grill, 553 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd.,
We meet at members’ homes. We each bring lunch and           have lunch and bike the B&A trail north.
the hostess will provide drinks and snacks.
                                                             For October 19 we will lunch at Rustico’s, an Italian
Experienced players are welcome. Lessons will be
                                                             restaurant in Stevensville on the Eastern shore, and then
given sometime during the winter months for those who
                                                             bike a nearby trail. Details will be worked out at our
want to learn to play.
                                                             October 5 meeting.

NEEDLEWORK GROUP: (1st & 3rd Thursday                        If you wish information on the group, please contact
9:30 a.m. -Noon)                                             Georgie.
Vivian Gauss (410-867-0281)
Bring your knitting, crocheting, needlework, smocking,       RECOLLECTIONS:             (2nd Monday 2-4 p.m.)
hemming, or other handwork project and join us on            Betty Fahey (410-571-6696)          Recollections group
October 1 at the home of Barbara Jaffe, 410-263-946.         assists members in establishing or maintaining traditions
                                                             of oral and written memories. Before meetings members
On October 15, Barbara Gumas will host our meeting,
                                                             write short essays on selected topics which are shared
410-571-8360. Please RSVP to the hostess by Monday if
                                                             with the group and saved for families and friends.
you are attending. New faces, ideas, and stories are
                                                             Meetings are held monthly in members’ homes with
always welcome!
                                                             topics selected collaboratively. The next meeting is
                                                             October 12 at Betty Fahey’s house with the topic of
Work still continues on the Annapolis 300th Birthday         Jokes, Puns and Riddles. Please contact Betty Fahey for
Tapestry Project on Monday and Thursday a.m. at the          information on the group and details regarding the
home of Mary Ann Brown. Please contact Mary Ann for          hosting member.
directions if you wish to participate at 410-798-1386
                                                             WALK & TALK:              Judy Hatton (410-280-1770)
                                                             Walkers and talkers meet almost every weekday, most
                                                             of the time at Westfields Annapolis Mall. Call Judy for
(NANAs): A Walking Club (Every Tuesday morning)              information.
Pat Duvall (410-295-6589)

October 6.     To be announced in the Sunday night

WINE TASTING:                                                 MEMBERS COLUMN
Martha Schoenfeld (410-266-5949)
Rona Greenberg (410-897-0531)How much does great              Members may submit items they have for sale or for free
wine cost? Does $20 a bottle sound good? The wine             pick up.
industry, like the auto industry, is awash in too much
product -- and yet the grapes keep growing. This is hard
on the industry -- delicious news for the consumer.

Come to the next New Annapolitans Private Wine
Tasting and find out for yourself just how many
delicious wines -- red and white-- are available from
around the world.

Of course, you just have to go around the corner:
Sunday, October 18, 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. at Bay Ridge
Wines & Liquors at $15 per person. Directions will
follow. For now, send your check to: Rona Greenberg,
1698 Brickhouse Bar Ct., Annapolis, MD 21401

Ginger DeLuca (410-626-0098) Patri Welch (315-
Karen Kelley and Lorraine Fassett will continue to sail,
weather permitting. Karen will be going out on Fridays.
If you are interested in joining her, please contact her at
410-268-7288 by the Monday before the sail. Karen
generally tries to leave the dock at 9:00 a.m. and is back
around noon. Lorraine Fassett will be sailing on
Thursdays from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., and is berthed
at the Holiday Point Marina on the South River in
Edgewater.For both boats, bring a sandwich and drink
for lunch on the boat. Unfortunately, we are restricted to
no more than six people on each boat, so we must
operate on a “first come, first served” basis.

Since the weather can be unpredictable in October, each
captain will be deciding on a weekly basis whether or
not to take her boat out and will let you know via email.

                                                       Salus, Roslyn
Please welcome the following new members and           443-949-9864     Cell: 301-339-4932
add this information to your membership                Park Place
directory.                                             Potomac MD
                                                       Merchant (ret)
Note: All membership information is to be used only
for the business of the New Annapolitans and not for   Slobodien, Bonnie (David)
personal gain or commercial purposes.
                                                       443-949-0294 Cell: 732-841-6909
                                                       Chesapeake Harbour
                                                       New Jersey
Buck, Barbara                                          Social Worker (ret)
Cell: 561-317-4811
Heritage Harbour
Temple TX
ED Assisted Living (ret)
                                                       DIRECTORY CORRECTIONS
Burdon, Janice (Con)                                   (Please refer to the 2009-2010 Directory for updated
410-263-0967 Cell: 410-236-7315                        information)
BelAir, MD
Medical Assistant

Forhane, Susan
(no phone)
Four Seasons at St. Margaret's

Hench, Johnnel (Steve)
Cell: 817-271-9084
Dallas TX
Piano Teacher/ Project Mgr

Oudens, Monica (Gerald)
410-849-8164 Cell: 301-980-8766
Sherwood Forest
Bethesda, MD
Teacher & Realtor (ret)

Roncati, Marsha (Conrad)
410-266-6346 Cell: 910-547-5360
Heritage Harbour
Wilmington, NC
Administrator (ret)

     Sunday            Monday            Tuesday            Wednesday          Thursday           Friday       Saturday

                                                                           1 Walk & Talk     2 Walk and Talk    3
                                                                             Golf Groups       After Hours
                                                                             Needlework        WOW
4                 5 Walk & Talk      6 Walk & Talk      7                  8 Walk & Talk     9 Walk & Talk     10 Newsletter
                    Canasta            NANAs                General           Golf Groups      WOW                  Deadline
                    Mahjong            Inter. Bridge         Meeting          WOW
                    Career Forum       After Hours                            Bibliophiles
                    Pedal Pushers                                             The Bookies
                                                                              Home Decor
                                                                              After Hours
11                12 Walk & Talk     13 Walk & Talk     14 Walk & Talk     15 Walk & Talk    16 Walk & Talk    17
                     Canasta            NANAs              Wed. Morning       Golf Groups       WOW
                     Mahjong            After Hours         Book Club         Newcomers
                     Career Forum                                             Needlework
                     Recollections                                            WOW
18 Wine Tasting   19 Canasta         20 Walk & Talk     21 Walk & Talk     22 Walk & Talk    23 Walk & Talk    24 After Hours
   After Hours       Mahjong            NANAs              Gadabouts          Golf Groups       Ev. Couples
                     Walk & Talk        C. Outreach                            WOW                 Bridge
                     Career Forum       Garden Group                           Fun Lunch        WOW
                     Pedal Pushers                                             After Hours
25                26 Walk and Talk    27 NANAs          28 Walk & Talk     29 Walk & Talk    30 Walk & Talk    31
                     Canasta            Walk and Talk      Afternoon Tea      WOW               WOW
                     Career Forum
                                        After Hours          Book Club
                                                           Ev. Couples
                     Art Apprec.                             Dining
Post Office Box 5251
Annapolis, MD 21403

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