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Greek Orthodox Church of the Dormition of the Theotokos Orthodox

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									Greek Orthodox Church of the
 Dormition of the Theotokos
       Orthodox Oracle
       December 2009

      800 Westridge Road
     Greensboro, NC 27410

       Fr. Thomas Newlin
        Phone: 292-8013
         Fax: 851-2800
                          Greek Orthodox Church of the
                            Dormition of the Theotokos
                              Father Thomas Newlin
                               800 Westridge Road
                          336-292-8013 fax# 336-851-2800
                                   Church Services:
                 Sunday Orthros (Matins) 9:00am Divine Liturgy 10:00am
                         Sunday School after Holy Communion
                               COUNCIL OFFICERS:
                         Kiki Tarasidis, President: 288-2921
                      Eddie Merrell, Vice-President: 883-0842
                        Maher Hanna, Treasurer: 547-0058
                   Zack Touloupas, Assistant Treasurer: 584-1213
                        Stephen Anton, Secretary: 854-5065
                                 Board Members:
                     Ted Andrews, Dr. Mary Ann Contogiannis,
                      Hamp Culler, Brier Gay, Doris Zaharias

Committees: Committee heads are denoted by an asterisk (*)
Stewardship – Eddie Merrell*, Doris Zaharias
Maintenance – Brier Gay*, Stephen Anton, George Palamaris & Jimmy Sipsis
Religious Education and Youth – Kiki Tarasidis, Dr. Mary Ann Contogiannis, Craig Corey,
Maria Pradetto, Minerva Ross, Sheila Touloupas, Barbara Vaughan & Vicki Vaughan
Fellowship & Community Events – Kiki Tarasidis*, Eddie Merrell
Welcoming, Transportation & Newcomers – Doris Zaharias
Volunteer Coordinator – Maher Hanna*, Dr. Mary Ann Contogiannis
Philanthropy, Charity & Community – Kiki Tarasidis*, Doris Zaharias &
Eddie Merrell
Hall Rental – Ted Andrews
Festival – Brier Gay*, Eddie Merrell*, Zack Touloupas*
Chanters: John Kalogiros, Lampros Megremis, Dimitri Perrou, Jim Cropper, Michael Pasick,
Jimmy Sipsis
Ahepa President – Mark Sonntag;
Daughters President – Helen Peterson
GOYA – Advisors - Craig & Amanda Corey
Philoptochos President – Sheila Touloupas
                        Christ is Born Glorify Him!
Anticipation is building as we draw closer to Christmas Day. Many reflect upon
joyous events of their youth as they gather with their families to celebrate; while
others have hopes for the presents and blessings that will be exchanged. Christmas
is the one time of the year that many give gifts of charity to those who are
financially or physically challenged. And there are still others who surrender
themselves to the truth of the season awaiting the great joy that comes with the
knowledge that "a Child is born" to the world, a Child Who brings light, comfort
and peace to all creation.

Before rushing out from store to store searching for that perfect gift for our love
ones, reach deep into the heart and find Christ who is the perfect gift to share with
all. Share the reason why this is the season when the Church hymns out tidings of
great joy announcing that Christ is born!

"Christ is born, give ye glory.
Christ is come from Heaven, receive ye Him.
Christ is on earth, be ye exalted.
Sing unto the Lord all the earth and sing praises in gladness,
O Ye peoples; for He hath been glorified.”

This hymn chanted in the Matins service of the Nativity of Christ, expresses the
season. It joyfully gives glory to the gift of The Word manifested in the flesh
through the Christ child. The hymn calls us to act in a very conscious and decisive
manner. As believers we live our Faith and witness to the world through our
gladness and joy. Like the Magi lead through the darkness by the light of the bright
eastern star, we too have our darkened ways of life enlightened by Christ, who is
The Light, leading us on our journey home.

During this season we should take time to reflect on the blessings of life and seek
out the virtue of humility. In many ways today's society has refused to accept
humility as an empowering characteristic and a worthwhile quest. The shepherds
bowed in reverence and humility to the newborn King. The three wise kings
traveled vast distances to pay homage to a baby in a cave used to shelter farm
animals. The Theotokos responded in humility when she consented to bear the
Christ-child. God not only allowed his son to be born in a humble cave, but He
condescended to engage man on his level.

Oh, what marvelous and moving images these understandings create! We, like the
foreign kings and pure hearted Theotokos, must respond to our Christian Faith in
simple humility at all times, especially now during the Advent Season. It is Christ's
birthplace that should also remind us that He looks to each of us to welcome Him in
our homes, and to make Him the central part of our lives and families.

Rejoice over the message of humility, life, love, and the hope that Christ's life
offers. Be watchful oh my heart, do not be cold and hardened, let not my soul be
bloated with the lifeless material things gathered and foods eaten. Celebrate the joy
of the Nativity and extend love to others praying that the newborn Child blesses
each of us.

May the peace, love and joy of our Lord's birth shine brightly in our hearts unto the
ages of ages.


With paternal Love,

Fr. Thomas
                               President’s Message
Happy month of December to you all! December is a beautiful month for all
Christians. It celebrates the greatest gift of all, the birth of Christ as our Savior! I
pray that we will all embrace this season.

 As the year draws to a close, so does my service as the President of the Parish
Council. For the past three years I have had the humble honor of serving our great
parish as one of its leaders. Being President was never about the title for me. It was
about being called to a greater service for our church and ultimately for God. It
allowed me the opportunity to offer my talents, time and treasures in so many
meaningful and rewarding ways. It made me a better steward and as a reward gave
me the opportunity to develop beautiful, life-long friendships, within the Parish
Council and our parish.

 Those of you who have served before me know that being in this position is not
easy. It is a full time job. I appreciate all of you who have given me advice, support,
love and prayers. I thank you for your comments, suggestions, criticisms and
complaints. All of these have been helpful in directing our Parish Council and me. I
am thankful for the love and support of my husband, Kirk, and our sons, Georgios
and Nikos. And, I thank God for His constant guidance and strength.

 My love for this parish will only grow stronger. While my time as the President has
come to an end, my service to our church continues. None of us need a title or a
position to be great leaders and stewards. All that is required is faith and love, and
we all have that. I encourage all of you to continue to support our Parish Council,
our new elected officers, Father Thomas, and most importantly support each other.

 In the spirit of this beautiful holiday, I ask for your forgiveness if I have offended
any one of you in word or deed as it was never intentional. Give thanks to God for
all that He has bestowed upon us this year. In closing, I share my favorite part of the
Divine Liturgy that summarizes the mystery and beauty of Holy Communion, “…
preserve the fullness of your church, sanctify those who love the beauty of your
house, glorify them in return by your divine power… for every perfect Gift is from
above, coming down from You, the Father of lights (James 1:17)”.

Merry Christmas and a great New Year!

Kiki S. Tarasidis
                               Parish Council Notes
                                November 16, 2009

A New defibrillator has been purchased and will be mounted in the Hall. Training
classes will be set up in the future.

The Dormition of the Theotokos will be donating $5000 to Clara House from our
proceeds from this year’s festival. Clara House was this year’s chosen charity.

Father Thomas is working along with Ron Freeman in developing a class that will
be offered after the first of the year. The class will focus on developing
relationships. More details to come.

The Philoptochos encourages all of us to support our "Food Bank". Drop off your
donations in the Narthex on Sundays. With economic times being difficult, the local
food banks are in desperate need of our contributions.

It was announced that the GOYA will resume basketball practice in our hall. They
will be practicing to get ready to attend the upcoming conference in Richmond, Va.
Our next "Drive Thru Greek Fest" is in the works for the first of the year. More
Details to follow.

                          THE TREASURER’S NOTE
October 2009:
Income: $ 9,479.01
Expenses: $16,628.97
Deficit: $ 7,149.96
******* Please have all donations in by December 15th to insure that your
contributions will coun towards 2009 stewardship *******

       Fellow Parishioners, if writing a check to the church, please make sure that
the memo line is filled out as to how you would like the money to be applied: i.e.,
Pledge, candles, tray, memorial, etc. I cannot stress the importance of this enough.
It not only ensures that the money from you is applied correctly, but also helps in
determining expected income for the next year’s budget. Thank you for your help.
Any requests for reimbursement will be reviewed and may not be honored in full or
at all. Any disputes will be considered if the request is clarified or additional
information is submitted. Thank you.
2009 Stewards:
Marina Alexiou;               Maria Hudak;
James Amprazis;               Daniel & Nikki Johnson;
Mary Amprazis;                Mary Katsikas;
Ted Andrews;                  Nihad & Sana Kattan;
Cecelia Antahades;            Niveen Kattan;
Bill & Mary Anton;            George Kayiales;
Stephen & Polly Anton;        Anne Kazazes;
Sarah Bailey;                 Barbara Kazazes;
Walter Bilous;                Vonnie Klenos;
Essa & Najwah Bishara;        Angelo N. Kontoulas;
Nick & Athina Boukas;         Mrs. Cleo Kontoulas;
Jonny & Peggy Bouras;         Jimmy & Karen Kontoulas;
Evan Bundros;                 Mary Kontoulas;
Tony & Thalia Bundros;        Rose Kontoulas;
Chip & Wendy Carriker;        Bill & Ava Koronis;
Carl & Maria Colozzi;         Evangelia Kotsikorou;
Eleni Contogiannis;           Harry & Elly Kotsionis;
Elizabeth Contogiannis;       Kevin & Barbara Lawrence;
Mary Ann Contogiannis         Qumiller Lea;
& Ralph Huey;                 Martin & Diane Liinangi;
Craig & Amanda Corey;         David & Vasso Lundberg;
James Coromilas;              Joanne Macropoulos;
Alex & Pam Crist;             Chris & Maria Mandaleris;
James & Maria Cropper;        Lampros & Theodora Megremis;
Hamp & Lula Culler;           Marc & Lula T. Melisko;
Dorothea Cvijanovich;         Eddie & Maria Merrell;
Demetri & Voula Dascalakis;   Don & Brenda Miller;
Minas & Soteria Dascalakis;   Kidst Minalu;
Alex & Titsa Dermatas;        Christian & Camelia Moraru;
Alexis Dermatas;              James & Panayota Mott;
Ed & Georgette Galloway;      Fr. Thomas & Presbytera
Michael & Afaf Gamin;         Jenny Newlin;
Brier & Elaine Gay;           Bill & Jennie Oncea;
Nina Gilliam;                 George & Irene Palamaris;
Emily Graham;                 Edna Pappas;
Erin Graham;                  Matthew & Stacy Pappas;
Scott & Christa Graham;       Michael & Nina Pasick;
Aziz & Violet Hanna;          Charles Patterson;
Maher Hanna;                  John Patterson;
Eleni Harrison;               Vasiliki Patterson;
Ike & Cindy Hatzisavvas;      Peter & Phyllis Poulos;
Helen Hudak;                  Tom & Maria Pradetto;
John & Sophie Rodete;                Zack & Sheila Touloupas;
Larry & Minerva Ross;                Ted Triantis;
Joanne Sagos & Larry Carroll;        Gus & Debbie Triantis; Matthew & Sotiria
Chris & Ardele Sakellaris;           Tripp; Nafsika Tsintzos;
Evalin & Tracy Seawell; Bernadette   Mark Tzouvelekas;
Shepherd;                            Nick & Debra Tzouvelekas;
Mrs. Evangelos Silos;                Ioannis & Effie Varitimidis;
Roger & Celia Sims;                  Betty Varsamis;
George & Bessie Sipsis;              Kimmon & Gwen Varsamis;
James & Linda Sipsis;                Ned & Vicki Vaughan;
Frances Sonntag;                     David Valavanis;
Mark Sonntag;                        Philip & Teresa Vavalides;
Mikhail & Ginah Soufia;              Chuck & Ashley Wile;
James & Catherine Stuman;            Mark & Heather Williams;
Kirk & Kiki Tarasidis;               Alina Wilson;
Bobby & Carol Thanos;                Terry Woods;
Danny & Maria Thanos;                Eleftherios Xixis;
Jim & Hedy Theavos;                  Othonas & Debbie Xixis;
Arthur, June & Susan Toompas;        Doris Zaharias.
John & Kaki Touloupas;
December 2009

              Sun                     Mon                     Tue
                                                     50+Club 1pm
                                                     On New Garden rd.

6 St. Nicholas               7 Fr. away at meeting   8 Fr. away at
Orthros 9a Liturgy 10:00am                           meeting
St. Paul team                Philoptochos Dinner
Sunday School                meeting 6pm
Parish Council voting
13Orthros 9am                14                      15
Liturgy 10:00am                                      AHEPA/Daughters
St. Peter team               Parish Council          Christmas Party 6:30pm
Sunday School                meeting 6:30pm          @ Bistro Sophia

20 Orthros 9:00am            21                      22
Liturgy 10:00am
St. Paul Altar team
Christmas Lenten Reception
hosted by Philoptochos
27 St. Stephen Orthros 9am   28                      29
Liturgy 10:00am
St. Peter team
NO Sunday School
Memorial Service for Sam
         Wed                     Thu                   Fri                     Sat
2                       3                     4                      5 Philoptochos Craft
                                                                     Show/Bake Sale
                                                                     Vespers for St.
                                                                     Nicholas in Wilmington
9 Fr. away at meeting   10                    11                     12
                                                                     St. Spyridon
                                                                     Orthros & Liturgy 8am

16 Fr. Grigorios        17 Fr. Grigorios      18                     19
Tatsis from the         Tatsis from the                              Fr. will be in Troy for
Metropolis will be      Metropolis will be                           an 8am Liturgy
visiting to hear        visiting to hear
Confession.             Confession

23                      24 Christmas Eve      25 Christmas Orthros   26
                        Royal Hours 8am       & Liturgy 8am

                        Vesperal Liturgy of
                        St. Basil 7:00p

30                      31                    January 1
                                              Circumcision of
                                              Christ/St. Basil
                                              Orthros & Liturgy 8a
December 12/6       Dimitri Perrou                December Name days:
Epistle  12/13      John Kalogiros                Χρονια Πολλα Many Years!
Readers  12/20      Dimitri Perrou                December 4-    St. Barbara
         12/27      Lampros Megremis              December 5 -   St. Diogenes
December 12/6  open                               December 6 –   St. Nicholas
Coffee   12/13 open                               December 9 –   Anna, mother of
Hour     12/20 Philoptochos                              Theotokos
         12/27 Triantis                           December 10 – Menas
                                                  December 12 – St. Spyridon
                                                  December 25 -  Nativity of Christ
                                                  December 27-   Apostle Stephen

 PARISH NEWS                           Please Remember the Shut-ins in Your Prayers,
       & NOTES                         including: Rose Kontoulas

Fr. Grigorios Tatsis from the Metropolis will be visiting on December
16 & 17 to hear Confession.
THANK YOU for Candle Donations to the Church:
Aphrodite Faza for tapers in memory of loved ones.

Sponsoring the newsletter: If you are interested in sponsoring the monthly newsletter, The
Orthodox Oracle, please call Donna at the office. The cost of printing and postage is $100.

Community Christmas card and Christmas flowers: Sign-up sheets will be in the Narthex or
you may call Donna at the office. Please sign up by Sunday, December 6th.

AHEPA / Daughters of Penelope Christmas Party
Tuesday, December 15 @ 6:30pm @ Bistro Sophia Restaurant, 616 Dolley Madison Road.
Ahepans & Daughters call Edna Pappas @ 292-9643 by Wednesday night, December 9 for
reservations. Leave a message if necessary.

50+Club is going to Carrabba's at 653 New Garden Road on Tuesday, December 1st at 1pm.

Greek School
Greek School is one of the ministries that we should endeavor to provide. In keeping with this
guideline, we are asking anyone who is interested in either youth or adult Greek School to
contact the church office. We hope to have enough interest to get our Greek School active in
January. For more information, please contact Kiki Tarasidis, 288-2921. Thank you.
Once again the GOYA will be singing the traditional Greek Kalanda on New Year's Day. We
will be going house to house and will try to cover as many homes as possible. Please call the
church office if you would like to have the GOYA sing Kalanda at your home. If you have any
questions, please contact Kiki Tarasidis.
As a service project, GOYA will also be collecting canned food items during the Kalanda
singing to help replenish our Philoptochos Food Bank. As always, we appreciate you generous
support of the GOYA! Thank you!

Our JOY (Junior Orthodox Youth) group, grades K-6, is planning to start the holiday season
with a great, fun-filled activity. Each child who attends will make his or her own gingerbread
house! Thank you to Yianna Kappas, alum of many of the youth programs our church, who has
offered to lead our JOY group, and help with GOYA.

Wednesday Night Events
Building healthy relationships are critical to a life in Christ and healthy relationships begin with
healthy personal perspectives. Join us on Wednesday evenings (time TBA) January 13th to
begin a journey exploring Christ’s and Scripture’s teachings about our relationships with one
another and The Father. Contact Father Thomas for more information.

A very special thank you to Evangelia Kalogiros who volunteered and prepared for
Philoptochos the loaves of bread for the November 1st Artoklasia Service.
During our November Membership Drive we are excited to welcome the following new
members, Sondra Freeman, Erin Graham, Yianna Kappas, Brooke Kattan, Niveen Kattan, Sana
Kattan, Lula Melisko, Presbytera Jenny Newlin, Katie Touloupas, & Mary Alyson Touloupas.
On November 9, a delicious Pot luck Dinner Meeting was held for new and prospective
members followed by Greek dancing. Everyone enjoyed a wonderful evening of good food and
fellowship. Thank you to our Chairpersons, Titsa Dermatas and Edna Pappas, for the beautiful
fall decorations and setting up this event. If you have not joined & are interested in being a part
of this philanthropic and charitable sisterhood, please see or contact Sheila Touloupas, Chapter
President, or Catherine Stuman.

We are collecting Greek and ethnic recipes that may be included in a Cookbook to be published
and ready for sale at the 2010 Greek Festival. Recipe Forms are available in the Fellowship Hall
and must be submitted for consideration by January 15th. For additional information contact
Christa Graham, ph # 643-7099 / email or Celia Sims, ph # 584-6213 /

On Saturday, November 21st over 20 Philoptochos members, friends, and family volunteered for
the Salvation Army as Holiday Bell Ringers at Friendly Shopping Center. Thank you for your
time and service in support of this important community outreach project.
Once again, this year we ask your assistance with our Christmas Project for Children and
Families in Need. Posted in the Fellowship Hall are the first names, ages, sizes, and gift
suggestions of three families who need our help in providing a special Christmas. We hope you
will select a name and a gift article from our Philoptochos Board and contribute to this very
important holiday project for those less fortunate. If you are unable to shop for specific items
you may also make a monetary donation and we will shop on your behalf. All gifts should be
purchased by Sunday, December 13th. Gifts will be delivered Saturday, December 19th. If you
have any questions or would like to help with shopping or gift delivery please contact Georgette
Galloway, ph# 545-8601 / email or Catherine Stuman, ph # 643-1051 /

Food Bank donations collected through December will benefit the families we are sponsoring
in our Christmas Project for Children and Families in Need, and any other individuals, or
families who may need our assistance this month. Please remember to bring donations of non
perishable and canned food items to add to our Food Bank. For your convenience, donations
may be placed in a basket located in the Narthex or the cabinet in the Fellowship
Hall.***Through December 13th, we will also accept donations of turkey or ham to be
distributed to our families being sponsored this holiday. Please contact or see Catherine Stuman
if you would like to make a donation.

Philoptochos will hold their Annual Craft Show and Bake Sale on Saturday, December 5th
from 9 am to 3 pm. There will be a variety of North Carolina crafters on site. This will be a
perfect opportunity to shop for unique Christmas gifts for family and friends and stock up on
delicious Greek Pastries for the holidays.

Our Christmas Dinner Meeting will be held at Anton’s on Monday, December 7th at 6:30
pm. If you have not signed up and wish to attend please contact Thalia Bundros, phone # 294-
1592 or Diana Liinangi, ph # 643-8158 as soon as possible.

If you wish to bake a Vasilopita to be cut in church or auctioned at our January 10th
Luncheon OR if you are interested in ordering special Vasilopita coins please see or
contact Sheila Touloupas, ph 584-1213 / email no later than
December 7th.

Please mark on your calendars the following dates and plan to join us for the these upcoming
Philoptochos events; Christmas Coffee Hour on Sunday, December 20th, our Annual Vasilopita
Luncheon and Auction on January 10th, and on Monday, January 11th a 6 pm Board Members
only Meeting followed by a 6:45 pm General Business Meeting.

Wishing our members and church family a safe and happy holiday. Christ is Born,
Glorify Him!
Archangel Michael Honorees 2009 - Kiki Tarasidis and Paul Mott
Top Row: Happy Birthday Pete
Graham, Maria Merrell, Hamp
Culler and Jimmy Sipsis

Middle Row: Happy Anniversary
Tony & Thalia Bundros;

Ian Gordon Johnson’s Baptism,
Kevin & Barbara Lawrence -

Bottom Row: Philoptochos
Membership Drive
                            Notice of Parish Council Elections
Parish Council Elections for the 2009-2010 year term will be held on December 6, 2009, in the
Fellowship Hall immediately following the Divine Liturgy. The candidates for the 5 slots in the
Parish Council are:

      Thalia Bundros, Mary Ann Contogiannis, Mike Dolianitis,
      Scott Graham, Maher Hanna, Eleni Harrison, Jimmy Sipsis,
      Gwen Varsamis, Philip Vavalides, Doris Zaharias
If you are unable to participate in the December 6th elections, starting on November 23rd, you
may cast your vote by visiting the Church office and completing an absentee ballot on Church
premises prior to the election date. If you know of someone who is confined to a home or
facility and they would like to cast a vote, please contact the Church’s office at 336-292-8013
for instructions. Absentee ballots must be returned to the Church no later than noon, December
6, 2009, in order to be counted.

According to the Uniform Parish Regulations, any member who wants to cast a vote must be
current in his stewardship obligation. For questions please contact Mr. Eddie Merrell,
Stewardship Chairman, at 883-0842.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Thomas Newlin
Parish Priest

Voting for Parish Council Members: Who is Eligible to Vote
Member in Good Standing
From the Parish By-Laws:
                              ARTICLE II

Any person, eighteen years of age or over, who was baptized according to the rites of the
Church, or was received into the Church through Chrismation, who lives according to the Faith
and canons of the Church, abides by the Uniform Parish Regulations and these appended by
laws, signs a stewardship card, fulfills his or her financial obligation to the Parish, and
cooperates in every way towards the well being of the Parish, is a Member in Good Standing of
the Parish.

The definition of “fulfilling one’s financial obligation to the Parish” is by necessity a flexible
one based upon each Parishioners personal circumstances and commitment. Generally, for
purposes of voting in Parish Assemblies and elections, one is considered to have fulfilled his or
her stewardship to the Parish if he or she has, at least three months prior, made a pledge for the
current year by signing a stewardship card in Time, Talent or Treasure. As an exception, if the
Parishioner has been a Member in Good Standing in the year immediately preceding but is not
in good standing for the current year as a Parish Assembly or election approaches, he or she
may be brought back in good standing (assuming all other qualifications of a Member in Good
Standing are met) by submitting a signed pledge card at least seven (7) days prior to the Parish
Assembly or election. (Stewardship is recommended to be ten percent (10%) of one’s annual
income as stated in Holy Scripture to help meet the financial obligations of the Parish, the
Metropolis and the Archdiocese.)

The Stewardship pledge is determined by the member. It is up to every individual’s conscience
to contribute accordingly. The Parish Council may at its discretion, recommend the need for a
minimum contribution for approval to the General Assembly. The financial obligation should
be fulfilled by December 25th. It shall be the duty of the Parish Council through its Vice-
President, to distribute Stewardship pledge forms for the upcoming year to all registered
members of the Parish by October 31.

For all purposes except serving on the Parish Council, new Parishioners can be considered
Members in Good Standing if they meet the requirements above for at least a period of three (3)

A Non-Voting Steward is one who has been kind enough to fill out, sign and return a
Stewardship Pledge Card, but because he or she is not a baptized or chrismated member of the
Orthodox Church or because he or she has a canonical impediment, cannot receive the
sacraments of the Church or vote at Parish functions.

Terms Of Office: Number of Parish Council Members up for Election
From the Parish By-Laws:
                                   ARTICLE IV
                                   Parish Council

B. Terms Of Office. Five (5) Parish Council members shall be elected at annual elections as
provided herein and shall each serve a two (2) year term or until their successors are elected and
qualified. At the election held in odd numbered years, five (5) members will be replaced and at
the election held in even numbered years, five (5) members will be replaced. Each Parish
Council members’ term shall commence upon his or her taking the oath of office. The new
Parish Council members shall be given a brief orientation as to their duties and responsibilities
by the Priest and senior members of the Parish Council.

C. Who May Serve. Subject to Article V, Section H, any Member in Good Standing who has
been such for a period no less than one (1) year may serve on the Parish Council. No employee
of this Parish may serve on the Parish Council, the Board of Auditors, or the Board of Elections.
No husband and wife will serve on the Parish Council at the same time.

D. Nominations and Elections. Nominations of candidates for election to the Parish Council
shall be made by Members in Good Standing at the last Parish Assembly preceding the election.
The Chairperson of the Election Committee will contact those nominated at the General
Assembly to so advise them. Final acceptance that the nominee wants his or her name placed on
the ballot, after consenting to the nomination, must be given by the close of business on the
seventh (7th) day following the Parish Assembly. Additional candidates for the Parish Council
may be nominated in the seven (7) day period after the General Assembly by written
nomination signed by three (3) Members in Good Standing, one of which may be the Nominee.
A letter followed by a phone call from the Election Committee Chairperson shall go to each
additional Nominee by the first business day after the nomination is submitted. Any additional
nominations shall then have seven (7) days to accept their nomination.

Absentee Ballot From the Parish By-Laws:

                                         ARTICLE VII
                                  BOARD OF ELECTIONS
     (a) An official absentee printed ballot, together with full instructions for marking the
         ballot and returning the ballot by the required return date, shall be available in the
         Church office for a period of ten (10) days prior to the election for Members in
         Good Standing. Members in Good Standing voting by absentee ballot must vote at
         the Church office unless they are homebound in which case the Priest may send a
         ballot to their address of record. The ballots should be given to the absentee
         Member in Good Standing with two (2) envelopes. After placing his or her vote,
         the member shall put his or her ballot in the first envelope and seal it without any
         identifying marks on it. This envelope shall then be placed into the second
         envelope, which will be labeled ABSENTEE BALLOT, and have a sequential
         identifying number on it. The ballot must then be returned to the Priest in a timely
         manner. The identifying number will also be on a sign in sheet, which the
         individual will sign upon receiving the ballot. When this is completed, the two
         envelopes and ballot are to be placed in the ballot box. When the vote count is
         started, the envelopes are separated from the in-person ballots, and counted as
         follows: first, the numbers on the outer envelopes are compared to the sign-in sheet
         to assure the correct number. Second, the outer envelopes are opened, and the inner
         envelopes are removed and stacked separately. The outer envelopes will then be
         removed from the counting table. Third, the unmarked envelopes are opened, the
         ballots removed and added to those ballots cast in person.

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