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					                                                                                          Spring 2010 CRN: 28204
                                                                                          Tue. 11:00-2:00pm
                                                                                          Room: WLOP C125

                                DIGITAL GAMING AND SIMULATION
                                                                               HCC SOUTHWEST COLLEGE

                                                                             GAME 2379
                                                                  Portfolio Development
Course Description
Design and manage a portfolio meeting industry standards. Includes self-promotion, resumes, portfolio
distribution, and interview techniques.
Prerequisites: Departmental Approval

Instructor Information
Name: Reni Abraham                                             Christopher Q. Khuong
Telephone Number: (713) 718 - 5728                   
Office Hours: by appointment
Office: West Loop Center, C122


Student Learning Outcomes
 Design and present a professional portfolio including resume, business cards, web page, CD, and
   hardcopy; apply the basic techniques for the interview process through a mock interview
 Arrange and refine projects for various delivery systems
 Identify current industry requirements for employment
 Create a presentation portfolio.

The following SCANS competencies will be incorporated in the course through the semester:
  C1      Allocates Time                                 C2     Allocates money
  C3      Allocates material and Facility Resources      C14    Works with Cultural Diversity
  C-18     Select Technology                             F1      Reading
  F2       Writing                                       F5      Listening
  F6       Speaking                                      F7      Creative thinking
  F8       Decision Making                               F9      Problem Solving
  F13      Responsibilities                              F14    Self-esteem
  F15     Social                                         F16   Self Management
  F17    Integrity/Honesty

Textbook Information

                      Digital Gaming and Simulation Department
                      Houston Community College System
                      Department Website:                                       Page 1
            1. Portable hard drive
            2. SIX (at least) folders for leave behinds. Make sure they have a business card and CD holders.
            3. Folder labels
            4. SIX (at least) CDs for demo reels.
            5. CD labels
            6. Business Card printing paper or budget for professional printing the business cards.
            7.   Résumé printing paper.
            8. Glossy printing paper for art pieces.
            9. Professional Portfolio – size dependent on your art pieces
            10. Business Card holder

Lab Requirements
Some hours of class time will be used for lab time. In addition, students will be expected to spend at least four
hours for the course at their own time.

Students with Disabilities
Any student with a documented disability (e.g. physical, learning, psychiatric, vision, hearing, etc.) who needs to
arrange reasonable accommodations must contact the Disability Services Office at the respective college at the
beginning of each semester. Faculty is authorized to provide only the accommodations requested by the
Disability Support Services Office.

For questions, contact Donna Price at 713.718.5165 or the Disability Counselor at your college. To visit the ADA
Web site, log on to and click Future students, scroll down the page and click on
Disability Information.

District ADA Coordinator      Donna Price - 713.718.5165
Central ADA Counselors        John Reno - 713.718.6164       Martha Scribner – 713-718-6164
Northeast ADA Counselor       Kim Ingram – 713.718.8420
Northwest ADA Counselor       Mahnaz Kolaini – 713.718.5422
Southeast ADA Counselor       Jette Lott - 713.718.7218
Southwest ADA Counselor       Dr. Becky Hauri – 713.718.7910
Coleman ADA Counselor         Dr. Raj Gupta – 713.718

Academic Honesty
Academic honesty is expected. Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, cheating on tests,
plagiarism and collusion. Students are expected to complete all materials (exams & exercises) on their own.
This does not prevent the student from seeking assistance from the instructor or other students. Dishonesty will
result in dismissal from this course and the student may be expelled from HCCS.

Attendance and Withdrawal Policies
Students are expected to regularly attend and be on time for all classes. They are responsible for all materials
covered during an absence. Attendance is required and monitored; a student may be dropped after missing
12.5% of a class (this includes lecture and lab time). Each individual instructor will provide their policy for
tardiness. If a student desires to be withdrawn from a course, it is their responsibility to drop the course before
the published deadline (usually about ¾ of the way through a course).

                        Digital Gaming and Simulation Department
                        Houston Community College System
                        Department Website:                                      Page 2
If you stop attending you will be “Withdrawn” from the course by the instructor. Students for various reasons
(Veteran's benefits, foreign students on a visa, students claiming student status to be covered on parents' health
plans, etc.) claim that they cannot receive a “W” and need an “F” for the course. All students beware; if you stop
attending or stop participation the only appropriate grade is a “W”. It is the college’s policy that attendance is
mandatory. If your situation can be adversely affected by receiving a “W”, you must make sure that you attend
and participate in a course so that the instructor can appropriately assign you a grade (even if the grade is an

Course Requirements and Grading policy
The Houston Community College grading system will be used to evaluate students’ performance in this course.

                                        Grade               Score
                                        A-Excellent         90-100 %
                                        B-Good              80-89 %
                                        C-Fair              70-79 %
                                        D-Minimal           60-69 %
                                        F-Failure           0-59 %

        The grade for the semester will be determined as follows:

                        Percent                                  Item
                           10%             Résumé
                           10%             Business Cards ( at least 50)
                           20%             Leave Behinds ( at least 6)
                            5%             Mock Interview
                            5%             Workshops/Guest Speaker
                           10%             Web Portfolio
                            5%             Digital Portfolio
                           10%             Hardcopy Portfolio
                           10%             TWO - Posters (12" width x 36" height)
                           10%             Gaming Showcase Requirements
                            5%             Peer Presentation
                          100%              Total

                   NOTE: If a student chooses not to attend the DGS
                   Gaming Show then the student will earn an ‘F’ grade for
                   the course.

                        Digital Gaming and Simulation Department
                        Houston Community College System
                        Department Website:                                    Page 3
Other Instructions:
   Students will be assigned weekly assignments by the instructor.
   Students are expected to be on time for class.
   If a student is absent for any reason, it is the student’s responsibility to find out what was covered in class
    and if there were any assignments from their peers.
   Students will be expected to complete a web, digital and a hardcopy of their portfolio.
   Students will be expected to be self motivated and enthusiastic to complete the work.
   Students are not expected to buy their own software. The open lab has all the softwares needed for the
    students to complete the work. It is the responsibility of the students to use class time wisely and if work is
    not completed they are expected to go to open lab and complete the work.

Course Content

                                Analyze Current assets and work.
                                Creating new assets
                                Polish old assets
                                Create leave behinds
                                Create analog portfolio
                                Create digital portfolio
                                Create a promotional website
                                Resume Building
                                Mock Interviews

                        Digital Gaming and Simulation Department
                        Houston Community College System
                        Department Website:                                        Page 4
Course Calendar (Tentative)
      WEEK      DATE                   TOPIC                                 DUE
                                                                             First draft of résumé
        1       Jan. 19                Introduction                          uploaded to Blackboard
                                                                             before Tues., Jan. 26th
                                                                             Bring all available art
        2       Jan. 26                Evaluation of Art Pieces
                                                                             portfolio pieces
                                                                             First draft of business cards
        3       Feb. 2                 Design of Business Cards              uploaded to Blackboard
                                                                             before Tues., Feb. 9th
                                                                             Second draft of résumé
        4      Feb. 9                  Evaluation of Resume                  uploaded to Blackboard
                                                                             before Tues., Feb. 16th
        5      Feb. 16                 Interview                             Résumé completed
                                                                             Business Cards (printed or
        6       Feb. 23                Interview                             order placed-need copy of
                                                                             Programmers: bring
                                                                             samples of code – C++,
        7       Mar. 2                 Evaluation of sample code
                                                                             DirectX, Python, Java,
                                                                             ActionScript, Director, etc.
                                       Discussion of Web Portfolio
        8       Mar. 9
                                       March 15 – 21 Spring Break
                                       Discussion of Web Portfolio
        9       Mar. 23
                                                                             Artist: at least five 3D and
       10       Mar. 30                Discussion of Demo Reel
                                                                             2D pieces each.
       11       Apr. 6                 Complete Demo Reel                    Demo Reel complete.
       12       Apr. 13                Prepare Web Portfolio
       13       Apr. 20                Prepare Web Portfolio                 Web Portfolio complete.
                                                                             Leave Behind folders (SIX)
       14       Apr. 17                Prepare for the Showcase
                May 4                  Prepare for the Showcase
       15              Friday, May 7th – Gaming Showcase (8:00am.-1:00pm.)
                                                   (attendance mandatory)

                                       FINAL … Peer Presentation
       16       May 11                 (prepare PowerPoint presentation and a one page
                                        synopsis for distribution)

Other Students Information
Department website:

                         Digital Gaming and Simulation Department
                         Houston Community College System
                         Department Website:                                   Page 5

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