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Laurie Halse Anderson
      and her sister, Ruth,
were owned by Miss Mary
Finch. At Miss Finch’s
funeral, Isabel goes to her
mother’s grave to seek
guidance about their
freedom and future.
Isabel – main character
Ruth – Isabel’s sister
Miss Mary Finch – owned
 Isabel, Ruth, and momma
Rhode Island – where story
 Isabelattempts to convince
 Mr. Robert Finch that she are
 Ruth are to be freed as written
 in Miss Finch’s will. Mr.
 Robert refuses to free them
 and decides to take the girls to
 be sold in Newport.
 Isabelgrabs seeds as Mr.
 Robert comes to take her and
 her sister to Newport to be
 sold. Ruth and Isabel are sold
 to the Locktons. Jenny, a
 friend of their mother, tried to
 buy the girls but she couldn’t
 outbid the Locktons.
 The  Locktons – a rich Loyalist
 Sullivan’s Tavern- the place
  where Isabel and Ruth were
       and Ruth were on a boat
 Isabel
 headed for New York. They
 were sad that their momma
 would never see them again
 because ghosts can’t go over
 water. Isabel hoped that the
 ship would sink before
 reaching New York.
 Isabel,Ruth, and the Locktons
 arrive in New York. Mrs.
 Lockton denies Bellingham, a
 Patriot General, permission to
 search through her bags for
 proof that they’re Loyalists.
 Then, Curzon takes Isabel to
 the water pump.
 Loyalist – Isabel belongs to a Loyalist
  family and they believe England
  should have control.
 Bellingham – He was part of Patriots
  and is against the Locktons. His slave
  Curzon is trying to get Isabel to help.
 “Freedom and liberty has many
  meanings” – the Loyalists and Patriots
  think of it differently and Isabel is
  looking for freedom.
 WhileCurzon takes Isabel to the
 water pump, he tells her that
 Loyalists, such as the Locktons
 are wrong, and are trying to take
 freedom away. He asks her to
 deliver messages to him for the
 Patriots. Isabel needs to make a
 Curzon   – He is a Patriot’s slave. He
  tries to get Isabel to help the Patriots
  by listening to what Mr. Lockton says.
 Slave – Curzon tells Isabel that the
  Patriots will help her get her freedom
  if she helps them.
 Rebel – another name for Patriots;
  rebels are fighting for freedom from
 Isabelwas being taught by Becky,
 the Lockton’s servant, what to do
 in the household. Becky told her
 to stay away from Curzon because
 he might be trouble. Isabel learns
 that the Locktons are Loyalists but
 pretended to be Patriots on the
 docks to protect themselves.
 Tories – another name for a
 Patriots – people who want
  independence from Britain.
 Loyalists – people who want to be
  united with Britain.
 Tea Water Pump – place where
  Isabel gets water
 Isabelexplains how her first day
 working at the Lockton’s house
 goes. Madam Lockton uses Ruth
 as her personal maid. Becky tells
 Isabel that Madam treats her
 slaves harshly so she should listen
 to her at all times. Isabel is
 troubled by Curzon’s offer to spy
 on the Locktons.
 Isabelwas dreaming about
 freedom while sharpening knives
 when she was called to meet Lady
 Seymour. There she saw that
 Ruth was scared and sad. She
 was then asked to serve Mr.
 Lockton and overheard his plans
 to bribe the rebel army.
 “Every man willing to switch sides is to be
  paid 5 guineas and 200 acres of land…”
 “His majesty’s ships are very close, closer
  that you know. This rebellion will be
  smashes like glass under a heavy boot…”
 “What did I tell you about silence?” She
  [Madam] said roughly. Ruth raised one
  shaking finger to her mouth and said,
 AfterRuth is asleep, Isabel sneaks out
 to visit Curzon at his residence. She
 gives him information about Mr.
 Lockton’s hidden money and plot to
 bribe Patriots. Curzon tells Isabel that
 he will inform Colonel Bellingham and
 not to seem suspicious because the
 colonel will know who she is.
 When  Isabel awakens she expects to
 be free. Patriot soldiers come to the
 Lockton’s home to search for the
 money Lockton was hiding. When the
 Patriot soldiers don’t find any money,
 Bellingham arrests Mr. Lockton for
 putting many peoples lives in danger
 by aiding the enemy. Isabel and Ruth
 aren’t freed.
 MasterLockton has been arrested.
 Becky sent Isabel to tell Lady
 Seymour what happened. Then
 Lady Seymour sent Isabel to the
 lawyers office and with a letter for
 Mrs. Lockton saying that Elihu
 [Mr. Lockton] would be home
 Master Lockton returns from prison;
 however, he does not suspect Isabel.
 Isabel’s new duty is to go to the water
 pump every morning. One morning
 she sees Curzon again and he
 explains that they need a letter or
 some other kind of proof against
 Lockton because his aunt is well
 connected. Isabel doesn’t want to her
 Curzon talk about liberty anymore.
 Isabel over hears Mr. Lockton,
 Goldbutton, and the mayor’s
 conversation about the war.
 They are discussing their plan
 to kill General George
 Washington. They have a list
 of people who know about the
 “The time for bribery and persuasion is past.
  This is the hour when we must unsheath our
 “The paper will serve as my insurance should
  I fall into rebel hands again. It will motivate
  you and our friends to do everything possible
  to secure my release.”
 Ruth has a seizure. Madam
 Lockton is angry and upset. She
 calls Ruth the devil and demands
 that Ruth be sold. Master Lockton
 reminds Mrs. Lockton that Ruth
 and Isabel are sister and refuses
 to have Ruth sold.
        Chapter XVI
Isabel steals Mr. Locktons list
of names. She presents it to
Colonel Regan. She asks for
freedom in trade for the
information. Isabel believes
she is closer than ever to her
main goal. Freedom with Ruth.
        Chapter XVII
Key words/people/place/battles
Committee to Conserve Kings
Peace – Treaty of assassination to
kill General Washington
Colonel Regan – Patriot colonel
Isabel informed of the
Battery – fort for rebel soldiers
           Chapter XVII
Isabel awaits news from Colonel Regan.
Madam fears the “demon” inside Ruth.
Mr. Goldbuttons arrives to inform Mr.
Lockton that their plot to kill Washington
was uncovered. So, Mr. Lockton plans to
leave town to escape his consequences of
planning the murder, leaving Madam
Lockton. Nine conspirators were charged
with treason.
         Chapter XVII
Key words/people/battles/ places
Ad Astra – the code/password to the
rebel’s headquarters.
Treason – Mr. Lockton was accused of
treason for planning to kill George
        Chapter XVIII
Isabel goes to see the hanging of
Thomas Hickey, who was arrested
for attempting to kill George
Washington. Her and Ruth are
accompanied by Curzon. Isabel
asks Curzon when her help will
arrive. Together, they watch
Thomas being hung and head
back to the Locktons.
          Chapter XVIX
Isabel, Ruth, and the Locktons are at
church. Mass is interrupted by a boy
running in shouting that the British
sailed into the harbor. The church
was then hit with many cannonballs
as soldiers scattered around.
Although, the noise causes Ruth to
have a fit, she is carried home safely
ale to return to work.
             Chapter XX

News arrived in New York that Congress
had declared independence. Isabel
watched as a statue of Kin George III was
being destroyed. When Isabel returns
home she learns that Ruth is with Madam.
Becky told her that Madam had baked and
left milk for her. After eating and drinking,
Isabel falls asleep. She regrets falling
asleep and leaving Ruth with Madam.

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