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					Scott Corlew, MD, Editor                                                                                    August 2003

                                   Message From the President

W      ell, Palm Beach was every
       thing that we hoped and
expected. “Mister Southeastern”
                                           didate members
                                           once they are in
                                           practice in the
                                                                                                       of committee ap-
                                                                                                       pointments can
                                                                                                       be viewed on the
Ron Johnson presided over another          Southeast. Pres-                                            SESPRS website.
great annual meeting. Mike Beasley         ently we have ap-                                           If anyone else
did an outstanding job on the sci-         proximately 400                                             would like to be
entific sessions. Everyone seemed          active and 100                                              involved with the
to enjoy the format of “mini-sym-          life members. As                                            workings of the
posia” which gave experts like John        my generation of                                            society, please let
Tebbets and Ted Lockwood plenty            surgeons nears                                              me know and I
of time to explain themselves fully        retirement age,                                             will get you start-
and answer questions. For those            I can see that                                              ed. These com-
who were unable to attend, our             the ranks of life                                           mittee members
keynote speaker was Senator Bill           members will in-                                            will be happy to
Frist, Senate majority leader and          crease. We must                                             answer questions
cousin of our own member John              continue to add young members            related to their area.
Frist. It was both enlightening and        to the active list or the society will       Mark your calendars for the
encouraging to see someone of Sen.         gradually suffer. I would encour-        20th annual SESPRS Breast Sym-
Frist’s intellect and ability in a posi-   age all of you to contact any plastic    posium in Atlanta, January 16-18,
tion of influence in our country. We       surgeons in your locale who are not      2004. This meeting always brings
are indebted to all who helped make        presently members of SESPRS and          us topics which are timely and
his appearance possible.                   invite them to apply for member-         valuable to our practice. Thanks to
     As I mentioned at the banquet         ship. An invitation to the Annual        Frank Elliott, Mark Codner and Jim
on Tuesday night in Palm Beach, I          Meeting is a good way for them to        Namnoun for the excellent leader-
would like to see us focus this year       see what we are all about. If you        ship.
on increasing the number of young          will provide me with the name or             The 2004 SESPRS annual
plastic surgeons in SESPRS. We             names of potential candidates, I         meeting will be held June 5-9 at
have a very active resident paper          will personally contact them – help      The Homestead in Hot Springs,
competition and residents seem to          ensure the future of your organiza-      Virginia. This will be the first time
enjoy attending the annual meet-           tion.                                    in over 10 years that our meeting
ing. However, it seems that many                Committees for 2003-2004            has been in the mountains and I
times these young surgeons are lost        have been appointed, and a list                                  cont. on page 2

to followup and don’t become can-
On the athletic front, Southeasterners again proved their wide range of talents at the meeting in Palm Beach. Golf
and the Fun Run were the strong points, as tennis interest waned. Next year in the cooler weather of Hot Springs
the tennis players need to revive their status as the number one sport of the Society. The links and the running
course in Palm Beach were beautiful, and the logistics arranged by the Breakers were impeccable. Awards in
golf and the Run were:

                           Golf                                                         Fun Run
1st Place (score 60): Richard Radocha, Garrett Smith,           Women’s first place and overall winner: Joy (Iron woman)
  Bill Seward, Marianne Haynes                                    Johnson (18:00)
2nd Place (score 65): Harold Friedman, Robert Smith,            Women’s second place (and last overall-come on, women,
  Bill Mullis, Jimmy Asip                                         let’s get a few more participants next year): Kathy Cor-
3rd Place (score 70): Gary Talbert, James Bruno, Jim              lew (28:31)
  Wells, Bruce Shack                                            Men’s first place: Barry (“wait, what about the buccal
                                                                  smear?”) Bishop (18:25)
Closest to the Pin #5: Garrett Smith                            Men’s second place: Ed (“is that all? Let’s run it again”)
Closest to the Pin #13: Elizabeth Kinsley                         Luce (19:42)
Closest to the Pin #16: Ed Breazeale                            Thanks to Judi and Kirk Carbo, Necia Wade, and Emily
Longest Drive #7: Garrett Smith                                   Johnson for participating as walkers.
Straightest Drive #14: Steven Smith

    2003 Breast
Surgery Symposium                                               Dr. Norman Cole
  DVD Available                                             Presents Upchurch Lecture

C    opies of the DVD of the 2003
     Atlanta Breast Symposium are
on sale now through the SESPRS
                                            O    ne of the Southeastern’s
                                                 more honored life members,
                                            Dr. Norman Cole, presented the Up-
                                                                                    on the changes that have occurred
                                                                                    in plastic surgery over the time of
                                                                                    his career and discussed what the
office. This DVD includes all of            church lecture this year. Dr. Cole is   future might bring.
the lectures give at the symposium          a past president of the Southeastern,
and is designed in a user-friendly          the ASPS, and ASAPS, and was the
manner such that instant access to          winner of the Pickrell Award at the
a desired lecture can be obtained.          1994 SESPRS meeting. He spoke
It also includes the live operative
procedures featured at the sym-
posium including vertical breast
                                                 President's Message
reduction, no vertical scar breast                    cont. from page 1
reduction, parachute mastopexy,
and augmentation/mastopexy for              am certainly looking forward to            Hope that you have a good
tubular breast deformity. This is           the pleasant weather (following two     summer and I hope to see many of
an excellent opportunity to avail           days of 96 degrees here in Jackson).    you in Atlanta in January.
oneself of the proceedings of that          Your vice-president Tony Pizzo is                 William H. Wallace, M.D.
clinical conference if you were un-         already at work preparing another                        SESPRS President
able to attend. The cost is $200 and        outstanding scientific program. So,
the DVD can be obtained through             please make plans to attend.
the SESPRS office at www.sesprs.

 Senator Bill Frist Gives Keynote Address                                          moral viewpoint.
                                                                                        The Medicare payment formula

T    he Southeastern was
     honored to have Dr. Bill Frist,
Senate Majority Leader, give the
                                              He also discussed the problem
                                         the Senate has presented with fill-
                                         ing Federal judicial positions. Dr.
                                                                                   also was an issue that will be taken
                                                                                   up by the Senate. The Senator
                                                                                   discussed how the formula was de-
keynote address in Palm Beach.           Frist pointed out that over the two       rived in a flawed fashion and now
Senator Frist is the first cousin of     hundred fourteen years the Consti-        required correction. Even correc-
Southeastern member Dr. John             tution has been in effect that the role   tions of obvious errors require po-
Frist. Senator Frist gave a first hand   of the Senate has been to “advise         litical skills and compromise in the
look at the current issues before the    and consent” by majority vote on          arena in which the Senate Majority
Senate and what the Senate agenda        the nominees of the president for         Leader works.
for the summer was going to be.          judicial positions. Using the same             The Keynote address is always
Beneath the surface of his talk was a    filibuster rules made famous by           one of the highlights of the SESPRS
look for Southeasterners at what life    the antics of Strom Thurmond and          meeting, and we were honored
was like for the Majority Leader with    others fighting Civil Rights legisla-     that Dr. Frist and his wife Karyn
a one vote majority. This involves       tion, the current Senate has thus         were able to arrange their weekend
the delicate art of compromise and       far made judicial appointments a          schedule in order to be with us in
what a massive role, sometimes           political issue and forced a super        Palm Beach. We also thank Mike
for the better and sometimes out         majority of 60% of the votes for ap-      Beasley for arranging Dr. Frist’s
of unfortunate necessity, it has to      proval of a federal judge. This has       address, and especially cousin John
play in such a tight political situ-     been a frustrating issue for Sena-        Frist of Nashville, who hosted the
ation. While as physicians we see        tor Frist from a practical as well as     Senator.
virtually an entire spectrum of
personalities, backgrounds, and mo-
tives in patients, the Senate Majority
Leader has to deal largely with the                Seminar Concept Welcomed at
challenging people that make up the
nation’s attorneys who then become
                                                       Palm Beach Meeting
     Senator Frist discussed sev-
eral specific issues. The upcoming
                                         T   his year’s meeting was
                                             marked by four two-hour semi-
                                         nars on topics pertinent to today’s
                                                                                   discussed “pearls” used to facilitate
                                                                                   fast recovery. Dr. Ted Lockwood
                                                                                   led a seminar on the massive weight
changes in the Medicare system           practice environment. Drs. James          loss patient and on current concepts
were noted to be of utmost impor-        Carraway, Dean Kane, and Ed-              in body contouring. On the last
tance. He demonstrated a keen            ward Lichten discussed anti-aging         day of the meeting, Drs. Dennis
awareness of the burden that drug        medicine on the first day of the          Hammond and Grant Carlson led
costs place on America’s senior          meeting. Although non-surgical in         discussions on breast reduction
citizens, as well as the financial       nature, they discussed the concepts       techniques and breast reconstruc-
realities we all face. Over the weeks    and products behind today’s push          tion. Although part of the meeting
following the Southeastern meeting       to diminish the effects of aging on       agenda, these were similar to the
he was going to have to deal with        the human body, including dietary         courses offered at the ASPS meet-
competing personal agendas from          manipulations, drugs, and other           ings. Coordinated by program
members of the House of Represen-        entities. Dr. John Tebbets presented      chairman Mike Beasley to give the
tatives, the Senate, and announced       a seminar on breast augmenta-             meeting a mix of original papers
candidates for president while trying    tion, discussing the importance of        and purely practical educational
to get a reasonable solution to the      frank, candid preoperative discus-        discussions, they were well-received
problem through the Senate. Based        sions and signed forms indicating         and provided excellent updates on
on recent news, it appears he may        understanding of the physical and         these topics.
well be successful.                      financial risks involved. He also

   New Officers Elected
                                             Dr. Julie MacRae Wins 2nd Glancy Award
  In addition to the advancement
  of Dr. Bill Wallace to president,
  the following officers were
  elected at the 2003 meeting.
                                         D    r. Julie MacRae of the
                                              University of Virginia accom-
                                         plished something that had been
                                                                                 the Wound VAC system on bacterial
                                                                                 burden in wounds.
                                                                                      Congratulations to Drs. Mac-
                                         done only once before in the his-       Rae and Weed and to the University
          President-Elect                tory of the Southeastern when she       of Virginia.
         Dr. Mike Beasley                won the coveted Glancy Award for
          Vice-President                 the second year in a row. In 2002
        Dr. Anthony Pizzo                she won for the paper “Human
             Historian                   Adipocyte Viability Testing” and            Dr. Wendell Merritt
        Dr. James Grotting
                                         this year presented a well-designed           Awarded Grant
                                         and executed study on preserva-
         Dr. James Moore                 tion of fat grafts. The study first     Dr. Wendell Merritt was the winner
              Trustees                   involved the development of an ap-      of the SESPRS research grant for his
   Dr. Petra Schneider-Redden            propriate assay of cell viability and   proposal regarding the assessment
        Dr. Duke Hagerty                                                         of post-operative results of carpal
                                         then assessed the effects of storing
                                         fat grafts up to eight days under       tunnel release. His proposal will
  In addition, Dr. Suman Das                                                     involve detailed objective testing in
                                         various conditions. The abstract
  continues as Assistant Sec-
                                         in the Meeting Program sent to all      an effort to gain reproducible data.
  retary, Dr. James Wade as
                                         Southeasterners summarizes the          This should help in the ferreting out
  Treasurer, and Drs. Ann Ford
                                         data well.                              of true residual symptoms, malin-
  Reilly, Henry Vasconez, Gary
                                              Second place also went to the      gering, and better determination of
  Talbert, and Scott Corlew con-
                                         University of Virginia, with Dr.        permanent impairment.
  tinue as Trustees.
                                         Tonja Weed’s paper on the effect of

Southeaster Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons
4900B South 31st Street
Arlington, VA 22206-1656

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