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                                apparel and
                                 accessories            Burge   since 1809
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                        hot styles and salon services

  + our complete wedding checklist!                     JANUARY 2010
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                                              Directions From I-20, exit 84 at salem rd., go north & turn right
                                               on Dogwood Connector then left on Dogwood Drive, K&D shoe
                                                  warehouse is located next door to Fabrics & Furnishings.

               2240 DogwooD Dr. Conyers
                Hours: Tues. - Thurs. 10-6 • Fri. 10-7 • sat. 10-6
2 • 2010 Bridal Guide
Dress for success..........................................4
Budget checklist...........................................6
Engagement announcement.........................7

                                                                    Orpheus and Aphrodite
Bridal hair....................................................8
The countdown............................................9
Bouquets and boutinnieres.........................11
Flower checklist.........................................13
Hiring a photographer................................15
                                                                                                                 since 1809
Photography checklist................................16                                                   Burge offers a breathtaking
                                                                                                          venue with our historic
Burge Plantation.........................................17
                                                                                                          plantation house and
The rehearsal dinner...................................18
                                                                                                          spacious elegant
Guest list....................................................19                                          conservatory, all
Seating arrangements.................................22                                                   surrounded by beautiful
                                                                               Steve Reagan Photography
Modern confections....................................23                                                  lawn and gardens.
Cake worksheet..........................................24                                                Burge will captivate
                                                                                                          you and your guests.
Reception checklist....................................25
Catering checklist......................................26
The registry................................................27
Tips for toasting.........................................29
Budget........................................................30    Steve Reagan Photography

Wedding party responsibility.....................31
                                                                                                                              Steve Reagan Photography
Wedding announcement.............................32
Thank yous.................................................33

About the cover: A wedding at the
beautiful 200-year-old Burge Plantation in                          Steve Reagan Photography
historic Newton County is captured by local
photographer Brian Dean. See a description                            Burge, Inc. • 44 Jeff Cook Road • Mansfield, GA
of Burge Plantation on page 17. See                                       770.787.5152 •
wedding photography tips from Brian Dean                             Orpheus and Aphrodite - Terrilyn Bayne, 770.982.5072,
on page 15.                                                         Steve Reagan Photography - Steve Reagan, 770.786.1135,

                                                                                                                    2010 Bridal Guide • 3
Dress for success Stay true to your personal style
Metro Creative Connection          personal style. If you know
                                   that you're not comfortable in

      or most brides-to-be,        strapless or sleeveless dresses,
      the choice of a dress        for example, you can immedi-
      is among the first and       ately eliminate these options.
most important decisions in        The trick is to rule out a few
planning a wedding. With           style options before hitting
thousands of choices in every      the magazines or stores and
price range, finding the per-      then be open to all other op-
fect wedding dress can be a        tions.
difficult and time-consuming
process. But by making some        Firm yet flexible
decisions before setting foot         There will be no shortage
in a store, the search will be     of opinions — from mothers,
both easier and a whole lot        sisters, friends, and store per-
more enjoyable.                    sonnel — about your choice of
                                   a wedding dress, but the deci-
First things first                 sion, ultimately, is the bride's
    Start by knowing your lim-     alone. A great strategy is to
its. To avoid disappointment       be open to suggestions about
down the line, determine the       dresses to try on, but reserve
maximum amount that you            the right to choose the look
can spend on a dress — and         that feels right to you. With so
don't forget to include all the    many potential options, you
little extras, such as undergar-   might want to consider bring-
ments, shoes, jewelry, veil,       ing along a camera and tak-
and/or hair ornaments. Next,
take an inventory of your                    Cont. on next page          Steve Reagan Photography

  Arrive in Old-Fashioned Style
            Looking for a old-fashioned way to get your
            Bridal Party to the Ceremony and Reception?
                                   Affordable Rates • Superior Service

      Milligan Family Farm / 678-410-8619 or 770-267-5035
4 • 2010 Bridal Guide
                                                                       Brian Dean


                                                                           1138 Monticello Event Hall
                                                                             Downtown Covington
                                           Metro Creative Connection   Available for Receptions,
Continued                           the ankle) or go even shorter.        Showers, Parties,
ing photos of yourself in the
dresses that could be "con-
                                    Comfort is key
                                       Style and fit may be the
                                                                           Luncheons, etc.
tenders."                           two most important factors
Go for a flattering fit
                                    in choosing a wedding dress,
                                    but comfort should be a close
   Remember: Your goal is to        third. Ask yourself if you will
find a dress that flatters your     be comfortable in a particu-
body and expresses your per-        lar dress given the setting in
sonal style — not to fit into       which your wedding will take
a particular size. If you look      place. For instance, if you've
ghostly in white, feel free to      always dreamed of an outdoor
choose a creamier shade or a        wedding, you may want fore-
dress that has decorative ac-       go a dress with a long, trail-
cents of a different color near     ing train that could trip you
your neck, shoulders and face.      up on your walk to or down
Similarly, there's no rule that a   the aisle. Even if you're plan-
wedding dress has to be floor-      ning an indoor event, having
length. If you're planning a        a dress and shoes that are as
daytime or more casual wed-         comfortable as they are beau-
ding, you might want to con-        tiful will greatly increase your
sider a tea-length dress (one       odds of enjoying your special
that falls a few inches above       day to the fullest. n
                                                                                                   2010 Bridal Guide • 5
            The Budget Checklist
                       —The Bride—
❑	Wedding ring for the groom, if appropriate
❑ A wedding gift for the groom
❑ Presents for the bridal attendants
❑ Personal stationery
❑ Accommodations for her out-of-town attendants
❑ Physical examination and blood test

                        —The Groom—
❑   The bride’s rings
❑   Wedding gift for the bride
❑   The marriage license
❑   Gifts for the best man and ushers
❑   Flowers — bride’s bouquet and going-away corsage;
    corsages for mothers; boutonnieres for men in wedding
❑   Accommodations for out-of-town ushers or best man
❑   His blood test
❑   Accessories for men in wedding party
❑   Fee for clergy or officiant
❑   The honeymoon
❑   Bachelor dinner (optional)

                   —The Bride’s Family—
❑ The entire cost of the reception including rental of hall;                                              Steve Reagan Photography
  caterer; food, including wedding cake, beverages, gratu-
  ities for bartenders, waiters; decorations; music
❑ A wedding gift for the newlyweds
❑ The bride’s wedding attire and trousseau
❑ The wedding invitations, announcements, thank-yous,
  napkins, etc., and mailing costs
❑	The fee for engagement and wedding photographs
❑ Bridesmaids’ bouquets
❑ Gratuities for policemen directing traffic and/or parking
❑ Transportation for bridal party from bride’s house to the
  wedding ceremony and from ceremony to the reception.

                   —The Groom’s Family—
❑   Clothes for the wedding
❑   Any traveling expenses and hotel bill they incur            Own the memories. Rent everything else.
❑   Wedding gift for the newlyweds                             You want nothing less than the perfect event or party.
❑   Rehearsal dinner                                           You only get one chance to get it right so you need the
❑   Any other expenses they elect to assume                    perfect partner - Covington Rental Center. You’ll find the ideal
                                                               tables, chairs, china, tents, inflatables, games, concession items,
                                                               and much more. So rent, relax, and own the great memories.
                   —The Attendants—
❑ Their wedding clothes                                            • Tables • Chairs • Tents • Table Linens • Skirting
❑ Any traveling expenses they incur                                • Wedding Arches • China • Glassware • Flatware
❑ Wedding gift for the newlyweds                                • Staging • Dance Floor • Fountains • Bubble Machines
                                                                    • Chafing Dishes • Serving Trays • Candelabras
                                                                                  and so much more!
                     —The Guests—
❑ Any traveling expenses and hotel bills they incur                                       Call: 770-786-9938            So smart, so easy.
❑ Wedding gift for the newlyweds                                             
                                                                                       Hours: Monday-Saturday 8am-5pm
6 • 2010 Bridal Guide
2010 Bridal Guide • 7
Professional tips for wedding tresses
                                     Metro Creative Connection comfortable that way. Lighten                ume and taking the hair away
                                                                         it up and spice it up with some    from the face. All of those make

                                            very bride wants to look color.                                 the silhouette, and the flow of
                                            her best on her wedding         2. What styles are good for a   the bridal hairstyle look more
                                            day. That's why she'll bride with long hair? Long hair          graphic, stylish and right now.
                                    spend endless hours searching is fascinating because you have           Don't overdo it with hair prod-
                                    for the perfect gown, acces- lots of choices. Wear it sleek,            ucts, and don't have it conflict
                                    sories and veil. What the pre- tight and in a bun. Or go for            with makeup.
                                    pared bride knows, however, is volume and movement. Wear it                 5. What styles would you
                                    that her finished look can come half-up, half-down. Go retro. Go        suggest for a strapless dress? Up
                                    off as incomplete if she doesn't modern. If you have long hair,         and away because you want to
                                    have a beautiful wedding-day show it off; don't hide behind             show off that beautiful long neck
                                    hairstyle.                           your veil too much. A loose and    and skin. Pin hair at the nape or
                                       To ensure the right style, you soft movement indicates sexy          build hair up in the crown; just
                                    just might have to put your hair and fresh.                             keep hair away from the nape.
                                    into the hands of a professional        3. What would be a great        Braid it, curl it, wave it, straight-
                                    stylist who has the expertise to classical look? A ponytail with a      en it, and then pull it back. It's an
                                    design a look to complement bun and a small twist with a pin            instant face lifter and makes the
                                    your gown and wedding theme. or accessory looks very classic.           body look more streamlined.
                                                                         Sleek and smooth are great with        6. Is there any hair advice
                                       1. What styles are good for a stronger wedding gown. Don't           that you can suggest to the
                                    a bride with short hair? Keep it make the hair too complicated          bride? Rehearse the hairstyle
                                    sexy and feminine. Add a little if the dress is the focus or the        before the big day. As long as it
                                    bit of lift and volume if it coordi- show-stopper.                      doesn't overpower the makeup
                                    nates with what you're wearing.         4. What would be a great        and clothes, then it should look
                                    Keep it loose and free (not too modern look? Simplicity in the          great. Do what you want to do.
         Steve Reagan Photography   fixed) because you'll feel more movement, the flatness, the vol-        It's your day. n

   • Weddings • Proms
    • Special Occasions
       1141 Hendrick Street
8 • 2010 Bridal Guide
                          The Countdown
      he following listing provides a suggested time     arrangements for out-of-town guests and
          frame in which wedding planning may be         attendants
         accomplished. Tailoring this guide to your    ❑ Consult clergy or chosen officiant
        wedding plans will help keep order to          ❑ Begin selection of wedding vows
                                                       ❑ Decide on decorations for site of ceremony
              your prenuptial activities.
                                                       ❑ Hire or ask someone to be your wedding and
                                                         reception coordinator
       —Twelve to six months before wedding—           ❑ Recruit volunteers to assist coordinator
❑	 Select engagement ring                              ❑ Determine all items that need to be rented and
❑	 Choose type of wedding                                make arrangements
❑	 Chose and reserve sites of ceremony and             ❑ Reserve special transportation for bridal party,
   reception                                             if desired
❑	Interview and select caterer                         ❑ Make your doctor’s appointment for your
❑	Choose professionals for wedding day;                  license
   interview and select:
	 	     ❑	Photographer                                        —Three to two months before wedding—
	 	     ❑	Videographer                                 ❑ Address invitations and announcements
	 	     ❑ Florist                                      ❑ Mail invitations four to six weeks before
	 	     ❑ Musicians, disc jockey, band                   wedding
❑ Set wedding budget; decide who pays for what         ❑ Plan bridesmaids’ luncheon and bachelor’s
❑ Announce engagement                                    party
❑ Select bridal party                                  ❑ Give copies of selections and music for
❑ Choose colors and theme                                wedding and reception to musicians
❑ Select wedding attire:                               ❑ Finalize reception arrangement for rehearsal
❑ Choose and order bridal gown                         ❑ Buy gifts for attendants and each other
❑ Order bridal headpiece and shoes                     ❑ Buy gifts for parents
❑ Choose and order bridesmaid’s gowns                  ❑ Choose and arrange wedding favors
❑ Determine groom’s and ushers attire                  ❑ Have fittings for bridesmaids and groomsmen
❑ Discuss attire with parents                            attire
❑ Create guest list                                    ❑ Make arrangements for floral pieces for
❑ Research bids for invitations                          wedding and reception
❑ Start planning for honeymoon                         ❑ Schedule beauty appointments; try wedding
❑ Start thank-you log                                    hair-do
                                                       ❑ Have bridal portrait taken for wedding
        —Six to four months before wedding—              announcement
❑ Complete purchase of bridal attire                   ❑ Finalize wedding announcement
❑ Coordinate mothers’ attire                           ❑ Make wedding day transportation arrangements
❑ Finalize guest list; determine number of               for bridal party
  invitations necessary                                ❑ Purchase cake knife and server, have engraved,
❑ Give caterer approximate head count                    if desired
❑ Order wedding cake                                   ❑ Finalize honeymoon plans
❑ Order invitations and other paper products:          ❑ Reserve room for wedding night
  stationary, napkins                                  ❑ Confirm time, date and delivery from:
❑ Create maps and other inserts for invitations        	 	     ❑ Bridal shop
❑ Plan rehearsal dinner — usually given by             	 	     ❑ Florist
  groom’s parents                                      	 	     ❑ Caterer
❑ Shop for wedding rings                               	 	     ❑ Photographer, videographer
❑ Complete guest registries                            	 	     ❑ Musicians
❑ Start making lodging and transportation              	 	     ❑ Church
                                                                                          2010 Bridal Guide • 9
                                                        ❑ Give Maid of Honor groom’s wedding band
       The Countdown cont.                              ❑ Take marriage license with you to ceremony
                                                        ❑ Pay professionals
       —One month before wedding day—                   ❑ Give wedding announcement to volunteer to mail
❑	Monitor RSVPs                                           with your portrait or immediately after a photo of
❑	Buy guest book; delegate guest book duties              the bridal couple is secured, unless newspaper has
❑ Finalize all housing arrangement for out-of-town        other policy
  guests                                                ❑ Do hair and make-up
❑ Pick up wedding rings, check size.                    ❑ Wedding party should be dressed two hours
❑ Have final fitting for wedding dress and headpiece      before ceremony
❑ Confirm men’s wedding attire order or readiness       ❑ Bride starts getting dressed two hours before
❑ Host bridesmaid luncheon                                ceremony
❑ Have bachelor’s party                                 ❑ One hour before ceremony, bridal party should
❑ Review attendant duties with bridal party               be given flowers and photographer can take
❑ Get blood test                                          photographs of attendants, family, bride and
❑ Get wedding license                                     groom as outlined on photographer’s checklist
❑ Select all wedding day accessories; ring pillow,      ❑ Have ushers ready to seat guests 45 minutes before
  goblets                                                 ceremony
❑ Create timetables for ceremony and reception          ❑ Music begins 30 minutes before ceremony
❑ Create seating charts for ceremony and reception      ❑ Groom’s parents seated five minutes before
  with table cards, if appropriate                        ceremony
❑ Shop and pack for honeymoon                           ❑ Mother of bride seated immediately before the
       —Last two weeks before the big day—              ❑ Floor runner is put into place; groom and
❑ Finalize wedding count with caterer                     groomsmen take their places
❑ Assemble favors                                       ❑ Processional and entrance of bride and her
❑ Pick up wedding attire, check fitting                   father or escort
❑ Make wedding day schedule
❑ Pick up decorations, rentals                                         —After your wedding—
❑ Create responsibility lists; delegate duties to       ❑ Return all rentals
  volunteers                                            ❑ Change legal name and arrange for change of all
❑ Print program                                           business records

❑ Practice vows                                         ❑ Write all remaining thank-you notes
❑ Deliver hospitality packages for out-of-town guests
❑ Make arrangements for guest book
❑ Delegate card and gift table duty to volunteer
❑ Coordinate receiving line; make chart
❑ Write thank-you notes as gifts arrive
❑ Confirm all purchased services
❑ Arrange for photography at rehearsal dinner

                —Your wedding day—
❑ Start the day off with a good breakfast
❑ Confirm flowers are delivered to site of ceremony
  and receptions
❑ Have volunteers finalize any decorations necessary
❑ Assemble all bridal attire items in one place
❑ Transfer your engagement ring to your right hand
❑ Make sure groom has given best man your
  wedding band

10 • 2010 Bridal Guide
  Bouquets and boutonnieres
Gabe Khouli
   If you think choosing wed-
ding flowers is a simple prop-
osition, consider that there
may be more than 400,000
species of flowering plants on
the planet.
   While the number widely
available in the U.S. is signifi-
cantly smaller, you can still
imagine all of the possible
combinations. They truly do
come in all the colors of the
rainbow, and there’s quite a
bit more than one flower for
every season.
   Flowers have long been
associated with the varying
emotions of life from sorrow
to joy, death to birth, and scorn
to love. Perhaps because love
is the most sought, the flow-
ers of love are among the most
popular, and they span the al-
phabet from Ambrosia to the
Forget-Me-Not to the timeless
and ever-popular, red Rose.
   Brides choose flowers for a
number of reasons — person-
al favorite, color, associated
emotions, traditions and to be
fun and different.
   Kristen Sullivan, the man-
ager of local flower shop Sher-
wood’s Flowers and Gifts,
has seen all of them. When
planning a wedding, brides
usually focus on two factors
— traditional or modern and
color pattern.
   The most personal decision
for the bride is her bouquet.
There are several different
types of bouquets, including
the most formal and tradition-
al, the cascading or shower
bouquet. This bouquet is de-
signed to spill gracefully over
the bride's hands and flow
   The arm sheaf bouquet is
more modern, with longer-
stemmed flowers cradled in
the bride's arm.
   Sullivan that Sherwood’s
does more hand-tied bouquets
than anything else. This is
also known as a posy bouquet
where the bride holds shorter        Steve Reagan Photography

     Continued on next page         2010 Bridal Guide • 11
Continued from page 11             said.                               carnations, daises, hydrangeas,       The maid of honor normal-
                                       Another modern trend is to      iris, orchids and roses are gen-   ly receives her own bouquet,
stems with the flowers sitting     put different kinds of plants       erally available year round. Tu-   but optional flowers items are
atop her hands.                    in bouquets and other floral        lips are generally more avail-     bouquets and/or corsages for
   Most flowers can be used in     arrangements. Sullivan said         able during the winter, while      bridesmaids, boutonnieres for
most types of bouquets. Your       things like berries and wheat       gardenias and lily of the valley   the groom and groomsmen
more traditional flowers are       are popular in the fall, while      are early summer flowers.          and bouquets or corsages for
roses, lilies, orchids, hydran-    some brides will even turn to          Traditionally, spring is when   the mothers, and sometimes
geas and nosegay, as a compli-     certain chili peppers to spice      you see more pastel colors,        grandmothers, involved in the
ment. Sullivan said traditional    up an arrangement.                  summer the bolder brighter         wedding.
colors are lighter pastels or          “There’s certainly more of      colors, autumn the earthy tones       Sullivan said brides should
shades of white, including         that now. We’ve seen berries,       and winter, either Christmas       peruse the Internet to look
colors like lavender, pink and     wheat, twigs, feathers, we even     themed or shades of white.         at different styles and color
ivory, the more traditionally      had peacock feathers in one            Sullivan said a few brides      combinations, including Sher-
feminine colors.                   wedding. We’ve had pheasant         prefer silk or other permanent     wood’s site at sherwoodsflow-
   A recent modern trend is to     feathers. With anything like        flowers, which can be kept She said for a medium
go with bolder, brighter flow-     that, if the bride wants it and     afterward. Sherwood’s does a       sized wedding, brides should
ers and colors. Sunflowers and     she or we know where to get         handful of these each year.        plan to spend between $1,000
Gerbera daises are two popular     it, we can always work it into         Brides also need to think       to $2,000 for all of the flow-
choices, as well as Calla lilies   a bouquet,” Sullivan said. “We      about flowers for the church       ers. Smaller budgets can get
and tropical flowers. Bright       can add some little costume         and reception as well as cen-      by with a few hundred dollars,
primary colors like your or-       jewels and other sparkly col-       terpieces. These are normally      while larger wedding will of-
anges and yellows are in style.    ored items work into flowers.       dictated by the overarching        ten spend several thousand.
The out of the ordinary hot        It’s a very personal choice.”       color scheme, but brides often      
pink, bright green color com-          The choice of flowers can       have a wider variety of options.     Kristen  Sullivan  may  be 
bination has been popular for      also depend on the time of sea-     Some reception places will in-     reached at Sherwood's Flowers 
the last few years, Sullivan       son. Sullivan said calla lillies,   clude flowers in their package.    & Gifts, (770) 786-7272. n

12 • 2010 Bridal Guide                                                                                          Steve Reagan Photography
       The Wedding Planner 2009                                               Page 11

                    The Floral
         Beautiful Blooms: Checklist
                               The Floral Checklist
          Florist:                                  Phone:
il        Address:
er        Contact:
                                    Wedding Party Flowers
ore      Bride’s Bouquet
         Style:                                 Color:
-        Kinds of Flowers:                      Ribbon Color:
be       Bridesmaids Bouquets
phs      Style:                                 Quantity:
on       Kinds of Flowers:                      Color:
         Cost:                                  Ribbon Color:
         Maid of Honor’s Bouquet
         Style:                                 Quantity:
         Kinds of Flowers:                      Color:
         Cost:                                  Ribbon Color:
         Mothers and Grandmothers
ro-      Style:                                 Quantity:
         Kinds of Flowers:                      Color:
s-       Cost:                                  Ribbon Color:
         Grooms Boutonniere
r or
         Style:                                 Quantity:
         Kinds of Flowers:                      Color:
         Cost:                                  Ribbon Color:
         Groomsmen Boutonniere
l        Style:                                 Quantity:
         Kinds of Flowers:                      Color:
         Ceremony Flowers:                      Cost:
         Altar Arrangement
         Style:                                 Quantity:
         Kinds of Flowers:                      Color:
         Pew Markers
         Style:                                 Quantity:
         Kinds of Flowers:                      Color:
         Other Rental Items
         Aisle Runner:                          Cost:
         Knee Cushions:                         Color:

                                                                2010 Bridal Guide • 13
Page 12                                            The Wedding Planner 2009
  The Wedding Planner 2004                                       Page 37
                Beautiful Blooms: continued
                       The Floral Checklist
  Pickup or Delivery Information
  Pickup which flowers:
  Date:                            Time:
  Pickup or Delivery Information
  Deliver which flowers:
  Date:                            Time:
  Head Table Arrangements:         Quantity:
  Style:                           Color:
  Kind of Flowers:                 Cost:
  Guest Table Arrangements         Quantity:
  Style:                           Color:
  Kind of Flowers:                 Cost:

  Buffet Table Arrangements        Quantity:
  Style:                           Color:
  Kind of Flowers:                 Cost:

  Wedding Cake Table               Quantity:
  Style:                           Color:
  Kind of Flowers:                 Cost:

  Other Arrangements               Quantity:
  Style:                           Color:
  Kind of Flowers:                 Cost:

  Pickup or Delivery Information
  Pickup which flowers:
  Date:                            Time:
  Pickup or Delivery Information
  Deliver which flowers:
  Date:                            Time:

  Total Cost of all flowers        $________________

 14 • 2010 Bridal Guide
Make hiring a wedding photographer a snap
Lee Sandow                          photographer for the job.
                                       Brian Dean, a wedding pho-

        he day of your wedding      tographer from Social Circle,
        will likely be one of the   has shot wedding photos all
        most memorable days         over North Georgia. He said
of your life. You’ll crisply re-    that there are several impor-
member the way your spouse          tant things a couple needs to
looked, the taste of the cake       do when selecting the person
and the scent of flowers in the     to take the pictures at their
air. Still, you can’t put a mem-    wedding.
ory in a frame on your desk at         Dean advises that couples
work, or hang it up on your         should meet with their pho-
wall.                               tographer — in person, if pos-
   Enter the wedding photog-        sible — before the wedding
rapher.                             to ensure that they have good
   You see them at every wed-       dynamic and that the photog-
ding. The wedding photog-           rapher meshes well with the
rapher flits around, snapping                                                                                      Brian Dean Photography
                                    couples and their ideas.
photos of the bride and groom          He also advises that you        sonable and flexible — some-      photographer’s day.”
from every conceivable angle,       should inspect the photogra-       one who will work with what          Dean stated that many
seeming to vanish and reap-         pher’s portfolio of work, in       you want. The wedding, Dean       couples have been slowly but
pear, always at the right mo-       order to ensure the quality of     stressed, is the bride’s day.     surely deviating from the stan-
ments, to get that perfect pic-     their work, and to see if they        “It falls back on finding      dard wedding photos, in favor
ture of the happy couple.           have the same “creative eye”       somebody personable, who          of more unique, more personal
   If the couple chooses the        in which the customer would        will allow it to be her day,”     shots.
right photographer, this is the     be interested.                     Dean said. “(The photogra-           “People don’t want the
result. But there’s plenty that        He states it’s also good to     pher) should be flexible, and
goes in to choosing the right       find a photographer that is per-   work around them. It’s not the          Continued on page 16

  Walk down the
           aisle in style,
                                                                                                         at the
                                                                                                  Georgia International

                                                  Toast with family                                   Horse Park

                                                                                                        Ask about our other
                                                    and friends,                                        amenities including:

                                                                                                 Courtyard & water feature ~
                                                                                                  Ample parking ~ Gazebo ~
                                                                                                  The Legacy Room ~ Event

   And ride off                                                                                    planning ~ Catering by
                                                                                                    Proof of the Pudding

       into the sunset!                                                                            For more information,
                                                                                                  call 770-860-4190 or visit

                                                                                                              2010 Bridal Guide • 15
                                                                continued from page 15
     The                              down aisle
                                    ❑ Bride and groom           old, symmetrical posed shots that all weddings have,” Dean
 Photographer                         recessional               said. “They’re looking for more than the traditional staple
                                                                   Recent trends tend to include pictures taken before the wed-
   Checklist                             —Portrait photo—       ding, such as while the bride has her make-up put on, or while
                                    ❑ Bride and groom           the groom waits with the groomsmen before the ceremony be-
Share	a	copy	of	this	list	with	       together                  gins. Other shots, such as the bride trashing her dress after the
your	photographer.	Check	           ❑ Groom with parents        ceremony, and “first-sight” photos, where the bride and groom
those	candids	you	want	in	                                      finally see each other just before the ceremony are currently the
                                    ❑ Bride with parents        rage in wedding photography.
addition	to	the	formal	portraits	
of	the	bride	and	groom.             ❑ Bride and groom with         Depending on what services the couple wants should influence
                                      all parents               when the couple hires their photographer. Some photographers
 —Before the ceremony—              ❑ Bride and groom with      offer combo packages that come with the engagement pictures
                                      honor attendants          several months before the wedding, so that photographer would
❑ Bride in dress                                                need to be hired several months in advance. Dean said that wed-
❑ Bride with mother                 ❑ Bride and groom with      dings, if the ceremony was all that was needed, could be arranged
❑ Bride with father                   all attendants            mere weeks ahead of time.
❑ Bride with both parents           ❑ Bride and groom with         Dean said that, while the day is the couple’s day, there are
❑ Bride with honor                    their extended families   things the couples can do to assist the photographers. He stated
                                                                that if the couple knew where the ceremony would be, they could
  attendant                                                     pre-select a location they liked. He also recommended that the
❑ Bride with maids                     —At the reception—       bride and groom be careful to pick dresses/tuxedos for them-
❑ Bride with grandparents           ❑ Bride and groom           selves and the bridesmaids and groomsmen that they liked, and
❑ Bride at gift table                 arriving                  to make sure in advance the color schemes work well together.
❑ Bride and father                  ❑ Bride and groom              He also said that, while many photographers can be very flex-
                                                                ible with what they can do, the couple needs to clearly commu-
  getting in car                      getting out of car
                                                                nicate what they want from the photographer, to make sure there
❑ Groom alone                       ❑ The receiving line        are no unpleasant surprises from either side.
❑ Groom with best man               ❑ Buffet table                 It is also advisable for couples to make sure, when selecting
                                    ❑ Friends serving punch     the packages or services they want, to make sure that they are
   —At the ceremony—                ❑ Bride and groom at        getting everything they want, and to try to work out a deal with
❑ Guest outside the church            bride’s table             the photographer that best serves their needs.
                                                                   Dean said the most important thing, however, was to hire some-
❑ Bride and father getting          ❑ Parents tables            one you liked and could trust, so that you could enjoy the wed-
  out of car                        ❑ Cake table                ding without worrying about how the photos would turn out.
❑ Bride and father going            ❑ Bride and groom              “It’s her day,” Dean said simply. “What she wants, she gets."
  into church                         dancing
❑ Ushers escorting guests           ❑ Bride dancing with          Brian Dean’s online portfolio can be found at www.briande-
                                                      , or he can be reached at (770) 500-4178 or 
❑ Groom’s parents being               father
                                                                by e-mail at n
  seated                            ❑ Groom dancing with
❑ Soloist and organist                mother
❑ Groom with ushers at              ❑ Bride and groom
  altar                               talking with guests
❑ Mothers lighting family           ❑ Bride and groom at
  candles                             each table
❑ Bride’s honor attendant           ❑ Bride and groom
❑ Bridesmaids                         cutting cake
❑ Flower girl and ring              ❑ Bride and groom
  bearer                              feeding cake
❑ Bride and father —                ❑ Bride and groom
  wedding march                       toasting
❑ Groom meeting bride               ❑ Throwing/catching
❑ Giving-away ceremony                bouquet
❑ Bride/groom exchanging            ❑ Groom taking off garter
  vows                              ❑ Throwing/catching
❑ Ring ceremony                       garter
❑ The kiss                          ❑ Bride and groom
❑ Bridesmaids coming                  leaving                                                          Brittany Thomas Photography

16 • 2010 Bridal Guide
A local setting for a fairytale wedding
Amber Pittman                       reception, but also with bridal
                                    luncheons, rehearsal dinners

        ne of the most important    and the renting of arbors and a
        parts of planning a wed-    horse and buggy for their spe-
        ding is the location. The   cial day.
location of the ceremony and/or        Different packages are avail-
reception will also be captured     able as well and include vari-
in wedding pictures and in the      ous things including tables and
memories of your guests for         chairs, linens and more. Food
years to come, and for a beauti-    is prepared by Chef Andrew
ful location, there's no place in   Featherstone who has more
Newton County that quite mea-       then two decades worth of ex-
sures up to Burge Plantation.       perience in weddings and fine
   Located just 45 minutes east     dining. Brides can choose from
of Atlanta, the sprawling plan-     a generous selection of cold and
tation home has been family         hot appetizers, carving and chef
owned since 1809. Ceremonies        stations and displays and mir-
can be held on the front steps of   rors. From cocktail shrimp and                          Brittany Thomas Photography
the main house, under magnifi-      chicken salad to goat cheese
cent oak trees in the front yard    tarts and mini beef welling-
or in the beautiful formal gar-     ton, every wedding can be tai-      Cinematic Style
dens in the backyard.               lored to each bride’s individual    Wedding Video
   The reception is held in the     tastes.
Burge Conservatory which               The folks at Burge are also                     Current Events Productions
boasts a covered terrace which      happy to recommend various                         specializes in creating a
can be heated or cooled de-         vendors that can take care of the
pending on the temperatures         couple's photography, flowers,                     very special keepsake video
outside. Surrounded the elegant     music, cakes, video, rentals,                      you will treasure which
plantation home are manicured       hair and makeup, ice sculptures,                   preserve the vows, laughter,
lawns and gardens, as well as       limos, invitations and formal
two pavilions for the guests en-    wear, just to name a few.                          tears, tender moments, and
joyment. Cottages are available        For more information on                         stories of your wedding
for use of the bride and groom      packages available and booking                     day, presented in cinematic
and their attendants.               your special day at Burge Plan-
   The staff at Burge Plantation    tation, contact them at (770)                      style with an artistic and
can assist brides with not only     787-5152 or visit them online at                   elegant approach.
with the actual ceremony and n
                                                                                       Call today for your no
                                                                                       obligation demo where we
                                                                                       can custom tailor a video
                                                                                       package for you.

                                                                        1128 Floyd Street • Covington
                                                                                            2010 Bridal Guide • 17
The wedding rehearsal: hurry so we can eat!
Metro Creative Connection       parents host the dinner,
                                which gives the mother of

    t has become common-        the groom a role in the wed-
    place for couples to        ding festivities. However,
    practice what will be ex-   many of today's modern
pected of them and the wed-     couples factor the rehearsal
ding party during the wed-      dinner cost into their over-
ding ceremony. A church or      all wedding budget.
synagogue may require an           The rehearsal dinner
abbreviated run through of      doesn't have to be an ex-
the ceremony, and the offi-     travagant affair. It can take
ciant will instruct the wed-    place at a restaurant or even
ding party on how to enter      in someone's backyard.
and leave the building, as      Some of the best are infor-
well as when to engage in       mal and really allow every-
scripture readings, etc. This   one to mingle. This occa-
rehearsal typically takes       sion is also the ideal time to
place the evening before        give groomsmen and brides-
the wedding or a few days       maids a gift for their par-
prior.                          ticipation in the wedding,
  After the rehearsal, it's     especially if a bridesmaid
customary for the imme-         luncheon is not being held.
diate family and wedding        The bride and groom should
party to go out to dinner to-   also thank everyone for be-
gether and get to know each     ing a part of their special
other before the wedding.       day and helped out with all
Traditionally, the groom's      of the wedding planning. n
                                                                                                                                        Steve Reagan Photography

                                                             Banquet room available
                                                             for Rehearsal Dinners.
                                                                  Call today for
                                                               more information!

                                                                             Mama Maria’s is an authentic Italian Grill Restaurant
                                                                           located in Covington, Georgia. You’ll find a friendly cozy
                                                                         atmosphere. The waiters and bartenders, whom you’ll know
                                                                         by name, are always ready to please. Dine as a couple for a
                                                                          romantic dinner, a small private party or as a large group.
                                                                                         Dine In-Take Out
                                                                                 For Reservations call 678-342-2200
                                         Photos courtesy of Reed Allen

 678-342-2200 • 10205 Access Rd. Covington                                   
18 • 2010 Bridal Guide
009 The Wedding Planner 2009                                          Page 21

                                     The Guest List
                                   The GuestList
       Yes No
                     Bride       Groom   Friend   Family
sent   Attending   Shower Gift                                  Thank-you sent
sent               Wedding Gift                                 Thank-you sent
       Yes No
                     Bride       Groom   Friend   Family
sent   Attending   Shower Gift                                  Thank-you sent
sent               Wedding Gift                                 Thank-you sent
       Yes No
                     Bride       Groom   Friend   Family
sent   Attending   Shower Gift                                  Thank-you sent
sent               Wedding Gift                                 Thank-you sent
       Yes No
                     Bride       Groom   Friend   Family
sent   Attending   Shower Gift                                  Thank-you sent
sent               Wedding Gift                                 Thank-you sent
       Yes No
                     Bride       Groom   Friend   Family
sent   Attending   Shower Gift                                  Thank-you sent
sent               Wedding Gift                                 Thank-you sent
       Yes No
                     Bride       Groom   Friend   Family
sent               Shower Gift                                  Thank-you sent
sent               Wedding Gift                                 Thank-you sent

                                                           2010 Bridal Guide • 19
009 The Wedding Planner 2009                                           Page 21

                                            The Guest List
                                          The GuestList
          Yes No
                                Bride   Groom   Friend   Family
sent     Attending        Shower Gift                             Thank-you sent
sent                      Wedding Gift                            Thank-you sent
          Yes No
                                Bride   Groom   Friend   Family
sent     Attending        Shower Gift                             Thank-you sent
sent                      Wedding Gift                            Thank-you sent
          Yes No
                                Bride   Groom   Friend   Family
sent     Attending        Shower Gift                             Thank-you sent
sent                      Wedding Gift                            Thank-you sent
          Yes No
                                Bride   Groom   Friend   Family
sent     Attending        Shower Gift                             Thank-you sent
sent                      Wedding Gift                            Thank-you sent
          Yes No
                                Bride   Groom   Friend   Family
sent     Attending        Shower Gift                             Thank-you sent
sent                      Wedding Gift                            Thank-you sent
          Yes No
                                Bride   Groom   Friend   Family
sent                      Shower Gift                             Thank-you sent
sent                      Wedding Gift                            Thank-you sent

       20 • 2010 Bridal Guide
009 The Wedding Planner 2009                                          Page 21

                                     The Guest List
                                   The GuestList
       Yes No
                     Bride       Groom   Friend   Family
sent   Attending   Shower Gift                                  Thank-you sent
sent               Wedding Gift                                 Thank-you sent
       Yes No
                     Bride       Groom   Friend   Family
sent   Attending   Shower Gift                                  Thank-you sent
sent               Wedding Gift                                 Thank-you sent
       Yes No
                     Bride       Groom   Friend   Family
sent   Attending   Shower Gift                                  Thank-you sent
sent               Wedding Gift                                 Thank-you sent
       Yes No
                     Bride       Groom   Friend   Family
sent   Attending   Shower Gift                                  Thank-you sent
sent               Wedding Gift                                 Thank-you sent
       Yes No
                     Bride       Groom   Friend   Family
sent   Attending   Shower Gift                                  Thank-you sent
sent               Wedding Gift                                 Thank-you sent
       Yes No
                     Bride       Groom   Friend   Family
sent               Shower Gift                                  Thank-you sent
sent               Wedding Gift                                 Thank-you sent
                                                           2010 Bridal Guide • 21
Page 22                             The Wedding Planner 2009The W

    Seating arrangements
            The Seating
  Table 1                Table 9

  Table 2                Table 10

  Table 3                Table 11

  Table 4                Table 12

  Table 5                Table 13

  Table 6                Table 14

  Table 7                Table 15

  Table 8                Table 15

22 • 2010 Bridal Guide
Modern confections enhance weddings
Metro Creative Connections          cut and shaped into a variety
                                    of embellishments. Talk with

        radition states that wed-   the cake designer about his or
        ding cakes are to be        her specialties in cake design,
        tiered masterpieces fea-    and ask to see a look-book of
turing white cake and white         past cakes created. Be sure the
frosting. However, today's          person whose work you are re-
modern couples are going in         viewing will be the actual per-
decidedly different directions      son doing your cake.
with their wedding cakes. Of-          • Consider matching the
ten the dessert is as varied and    flowers in bouquets and table
unique as the couple them-          settings on the cake. Skilled
selves.                             decorators can create sugar
   Wedding cakes can be creat-      or piped flowers that rival the
ed to match couples' individual     look of the real thing.
styles and tastes, as well as the      • Base the cake on the style
color scheme of the wedding.        of the bride's wedding gown.
Shapes and sizes can be mixed       A cake artist may be able to
and matched depending upon          mimic the look of lace, bead-
what the bride and groom en-        ing, appliques and more. A
vision. Working closely with a      photo of the gown may be all
skilled cake artist can yield a     the inspiration the professional
truly exceptional confection.       needs.
   Here are some ideas for em-         • Who says you need to have
bellishing wedding cakes and        vanilla? Today's cakes come
making them mirror the per-         in so many flavors, including
sonality of the wedding.            chocolate fudge, banana, car-
   • Consider a different shape     rot, caramel, pumpkin, and                                                                    Brittany Thomas Photography
other than standard round or        so many more. Ask about the
square tiers. How about some-       cake flavors and filling offer-
thing that ties into your theme,    ings. Can't decide? Find out if
such as a seashell or a sandcas-    you can have multiple flavors,
tle for a beachside wedding?        where each tier is a different
   • There are many decorat-        option.
ing styles available and you           • Save your appetite. Con-
may not have to go with the
traditional buttercream ic-
ing. Rolled fondant can be
                                    sider skipping the extensive
                                    dessert bar so guests can truly
                                    savor your cake. n
                                                                       Because you
                                                                       and your guests
                                                                       deserve the best…                                                          Steve Reagan Photography

                                                                       •	 Beautiful historic setting
                                                                       •	 Antebellum Home
                                                                       •	 Panoramic Views
                                                                       •	 Flowering Gardens
                                                                       •	 Outdoor Pavillion
                                                                          with Fireplace

                                                                       270 Davis Ford Road
                                                                       Covington, Georgia
                                                                                                       Steve Reagan Photography

                                           Steve Reagan Photography                                                               2010 Bridal Guide • 23
                               Cake Worksheet
 Bakery	__________________________________________________________________________
 Contact		_________________________________________________________________________
 Telephone	 _______________________________________________________________________
 Fax	or	E-mail		 ____________________________________________________________________

 THE	WEDDING	CAKE                           Sketch your dream cake
 Number	to	serve	____________________
 Save	top?	 _________________________
 Size	______________________________
 Design	____________________________
 No.	of	tiers	_________________________
 Decorations	________________________
 Flavors:	Tier	#1	_____________________
 Tier	#2	____________________________
 Tier	#3	____________________________
 Fillings:	Tier	#1	 _____________________
 Tier	#2	____________________________
 Tier	#3	____________________________
 Icing	______________________________
 The	Cake	__________________________

 Flavor	 ____________________________
 Icing	______________________________
 Decoration	_________________________
 Total	Cost	 _________________________

 No.	of	servings	 _____________________
 Size	______________________________
 Shape	 ____________________________
 Flavor	 ____________________________
 Icing		_____________________________
 Decorations		 _______________________
 Pickup/Delivery		 ____________________
 Cost	______________________________

 Date	confirmed	 _____________________
 Delivery	person/phone	 _______________
 Delivery	date	_______________________
 Delivery	location		____________________
 Set-up	location	 _____________________

24 • 2010 Bridal Guide
009 The Wedding Planner 2009                                                                          Page 15

                                    The Reception Checklist
                                   The Reception Checklist
        The wedding ceremony went off without a                Reception hall manager:
     hitch, well almost. Nothing is ever perfect, you
        Now is the time to get into some serious celebra-      Cake Supplier:
     tion. Destination: the reception.
                                                                   INTRODUCTION LIST FOR RECEPTION
        Whether you have chosen a live band or a disc
     jockey, this reception planner will help the flow of      Bridesmaid #6
     your celebration with a seemingly flawless sense of
     coordination. Having details like these planned           Groomsman #6
     ahead of time will help your master and mistress of
     ceremony work easily with the staff you’ve hired          Bridesmaid #5
     for the entertainment for your guests. Remember to
                                                               Groomsman #5
     be flexible, within reason, to avoid frustration.
        Introduction of bridal party and parents, grand-       Bridesmaid #4
     parents from prepared list. Fill out list at below.
                                                               Groomsman #4

     What time is the food to be served?                       Bridesmaid #3
     Name and title of person giving blessing:                 Groomsman #3
     Toasts: Best Man
                                                               Bridesmaid #2
     Others, if any:
                                                               Groomsman #2
     Music to be played during meal:
                                                               Bridesmaid #1
     Cake cutting:
                                                               Groomsman #1
     Bride and Groom first dance music:

     Father and Bride dance music:                             Maid or Matron of Honor

     Groom and Mother dance music:                             Best Man

     Will you toss a bouquet? Time:                            Flower Girl
     Will you toss a garter?                                   Ring Bearer
     Will the garter be placed on the person who catches the
                                                               Bride and Groom
                                                               Family Members
     Will there be a dollar dance or other opportunity for
                                                               Bride’s Parents
     guests to dance with the honored couple?
                                                               Groom’s Parents
     Professional contacts, names and telephone numbers:

     Photographer:                                             Bride’s Grandparents

     Vidoegrapher:                                             Groom’s Grandparents

                                                                                         2010 Bridal Guide • 25
Page 16                                                             The Wedding Planner 2009

                          The Catering Checklist
                                The Caterer
Caterer/Restaurant:                                     Contact Person:
Phone:                                        E-mail:
Reception Time:                               Date:
Last Date/Head Count:                        Total Headcount:             Cost/Person:
Reception Location:                          Room Reserved:               Set-up Time:
Space For Entertainment:                     Dance Floor:                 No. of Staff:
Total Cost:              Deposit Due Date:     Check No.:           Balance Due/Date:

          ITEM                 AMOUNT        SELECTION        COST ESTIMATE        ACTUAL COST

Hors d’oeuvres
Cake Cut Fees
Nonalcoholic Beverages
Alcoholic Beverages
Overtime Charges
Total Food
26 • 2010 Bridal Guide
2009 The Wedding Planner 2009                                                                                                                        Page 25

                                                              The Registry
                                                               The Registry
     PATTERNS                  QTY.            REC’D.          FLATWARE             QTY.          REC’D.
     Fine China - Informal   FINE   INFORMAL   FINE   INFORMAL Pattern:           SILVER STAINLESS SILVER STAINLESS ACCESSORIES               QTY.     REC’D.
     Dinner Plate                                            Knives
     Salads                                                  Forks                                                Compote
     Bread/Butter                                            Teaspoons                                            Coffee Service
     Mug                                                     Salad Forks                                          Tea Service
     Tea Cup/Saucer                                          Place Spoons                                         Serving Trays
     Soup Bowls                                              Butter Spreader                                      Candlesticks
     Cereal Bowls                                            Cream Soups                                          Candelabra
     Cream Soup                                              Iced Tea Spoons                                      Carafe
     Demitasse                                               tablespoons                                          Serving Cart
     Sugar Bowl                                              Cold Meat Fork                                       Trivets
     Creamer                                                 Pierced Tablespoon                                   Vase
     Vegetable Dish                                          Butter Knife                                         Baskets
     Covered Casserole                                       Gravy Ladle                                          Serving Platter
     Platter 12”                                             Pickle Fork                                          Buffet Dishes
     Platter 14”                                             Sugar Spoon                                          Chafing Dish
     Platter 16”                                             Cocktail Fork                                        Salad Bowl Set
     Salad Bowl                                              Cheese Knife                                         Warming Tray
     Soup Tureen                                             Pie Server                                           Pepper Mill
     Coffeepot                                               Silver Chest                                         Coasters
     Teapot                                                  Steak Knives
     Gravy Boat                                              Carving Set                                          EQUIPMENT                   QTY.     REC’D.
     INFORMAL DINNERWARE             INFOR-            INFOR- Fine Crystal               INFOR-          INFOR-   Saucepan___ qt.
                             FINE              FINE                               FINE            FINE
     Pattern:                         MAL               MAL Casual Glass                  MAL             MAL     Saucepan___ qt.
     Dinner Plate                                                                                                 Saucepan___ qt.
     Salads                                                  Goblets                                              Skillet 8”
     Bread/Butter                                            Champagne                                            Skillet 10”
     Mug                                                     Wines                                                Skillet 12”
     Tea Cup/Saucer                                          On-The-Rocks                                         Covered Casserole
     Soup Bowls                                              Highball                                                       ______ qt.
     Cereal Bowls                                            Juices                                               Covered Casserole
     Cream Soup                                              Cordials                                                       ______ qt.
     Demitasse                                               Iced Tea                                             Covered Casserole
     Sugar Bowl                                              Brandy Snifter                                                 ______ qt.
     Creamer                                                 Liqueurs                                             Baking Dish _____
     Vegetable Dish                                          Pilsners                                             Baking Dish _____
     Covered Casserole                                       Beers                                                Double Boiler
     Platter 12”                                             Decanters                                            Dutch Oven
     Platter 14”                                             Pitchers                                             Tea Kettle
     Platter 16”                                             Punch Bowl                                           Coffee Pot
     Salad Bowl                                              Dessert Bowls                                        Mixing Bowl Set
     Soup Tureen                                             Candy Dish                                           Roaster/Rack
     Coffeepot                                                                                                    Pressure Cooker
     Teapot                                                                                                       Egg poacher
     Gravy Boat

                                                                                                                                         2010 Bridal Guide • 27
Page 26                                                                                 The Wedding Planner 2009
                                            The Registry
                                             The Registry
COOKING EQUIP.                                                  MFR.
                         QTY.   Rec’d.                                 Rec’d.                             MFR.   Rec’d.
PATTERN/MODEL                                                   QTY.
Utensil Set                               Bedroom:                              Overnighter
Cutting Board                                Flat Sheets                        Weekender
Molds                                        Fitted Sheets                      Pullman
Wok                                          Pillow Cases                       Garment Bag
                                             Pillows                                                      MFR.   Rec’d.
KITCHENWARE              QTY.   Rec’d.                                          HOUSEWARES
Cutlery Set                                  Blanket/Heavy                      Vacuum Cleaner
Canister Set                                 Electric Blanket                   Dustpan/Brush
nonstick Cookware                            Bedspread                          Broom
Fondue Pans                                  Comforter                          Mop
Muffin Tins                                  Mattress                           Ironing Board
Cookie Sheet                             ELECTRICAL                             Iron
                                         APPLIANCES             MFR.   Rec’d.
Pie Pans                                                                        Garbage Pail
Measuring Spoons                          Toaster/Oven                          Wastebaskets
Measuring Cups                            Mixer                                 Step Stool
Bread Knife                               Blender                               Tool Kit
Egg Beater                                Bread Baker                           FURNITURE
                                                                                Basic Decorating Scheme   MFR.   Rec’d.
Thermometer                               Food Processor
Food Scale                                Juicer                                Living Room:
Whisks                                    Frying Pan                               Sofa/Sofabed
Timer                                     Rotisserie                               Chairs
Grater                                    Waffle Grill                             End Tables
Strainers                                 Can Opener                               Coffee Tables
Vegetable Peeler                          Electric Knife                           Lamps
Corkscrew                                 Slow Cooker                              Shelves
Ice Bucket                                Microwave                                Curtains/Drapes
Baster                                                                          Dining Room:
                                         HOME ENTERTAINMENT     MFR.   Rec’d.
Colander                                                                           Table
Food Chopper                              Rugs                                     Chairs
Spice Rack                                Clocks                                   Buffet/Storage
Ice Cream Scoop                           Mirrors                                  Curtains/Drapes
Kitchen Clock                             Card Table/Chairs                        Chandelier
Cookbooks                                 Tray Tables                           Bedroom:
                         MFR.             TV-Video, etc.                           Bed
LINENS                          Rec’d.
                         QTY.             Clock Radio                              Mattress
Table:                                    Sound System                             Night Tables
   TableCloths                            Photo Equipment                          Chest/Armoire
   Napkins                                Sewing Machine                           Lamps
   Placemats                              Desk                                     Curtains/Drapes
Kitchen                                   Computer                              CLOSET ACCESSORIES        MFR.   Rec’d.
   Dish Towels                            Magazine Rack                            Garment Bags
   Dish Cloths                            Wall Hangings                            Shoe Back/Rack
   Pot Holders                            Planters                                 Hangers
   Apron                                  Fireplace Equipment                      Linen Storage
   Appliance Covers                       Bicycles                              BAR ACCESSORIES           MFR.   Rec’d.
Bath                                      B.B.Q. Equipment                         Bar Table
   Bath Towels                            Patio Equipment                          Decanters
   Hand Towels                            Camping Gear                             Ice Crusher
   Washcloths                             Picnic Basket                            Jiggers
   Guest Towels                           Smoke Alarm                              Cocktail Shaker
   Bath Mat                                                                        Champagne Bucket
                                         LUGGAGE                MFR.   Rec’d.
   Rug/Lid Set                           STYLE NAME                             Wine Rack
   Shower Curtain                                                               OTHER
   Scale                                 Tote

28 • 2010 Bridal Guide
Tips for toasting                                                                         The most elegant floral designs
                                                                                               for your special day!
Metro Creative Connections             older/younger sibling, college
                                       roommate, etc.).

         eing asked to be some-           •Keep things light. While
         one's best man or maid        jokes should remain appropri-
         of honor is an honor to be    ate (every wedding has kids in
cherished. Often the best friend       attendance), keeping the toast
of the groom or bride, the best        jovial is a good way to keep
man and maid of honor often            the festive mood of the day go-
want to reciprocate the honor of       ing. While it's important to get
their role with a toast that illus-    across how much you cherish
trates just how much they care         being the best man or maid of
for the bride or groom.                honor, a jovial approach to do-
   Though a certain amount of          ing so will be enjoyed by all,
pressure comes with the respon-        and your message will still                                                                                       Photo taken by Barnett Photography.
sibility of giving a toast, keep-      come across to the bride and
ing a few ideas in mind when
writing a toast will make the
                                       groom as well.
                                          • Add an anecdote. The best                  Every event. Every arrangement.
process go more smoothly.              man or maid of honor no doubt                              We’ll make your wedding magical with beautiful
   • Thank the guests. Thanking        have many funny anecdotes to                                     displays of exotic, fresh-cut flowers.
the guests for attending is a good     tell about the bride or groom.
way to break the ice. Be sure to       Add a light-hearted anecdote                                              Stop in today for a FREE consultation.
thank the hosts as well.Tradi-         that illustrates your relation-
tionally, the hosts are the bride's    ship to the bride or groom and                            Contemporary & Traditional Designs • Bridal Bouquets • Hair Accessories
parents. However, thanks to the        how much they mean to you.                                Bridesmaid Bouquets • Corsages • Custom Arrangements • Boutonnieres
escalating costs of weddings,          An older brother, for instnace,
many are now financed by both
the bride and groom's parents,
                                       might tell a tale of the inno-
                                       cent joking around brothers do,
                                                                                     Sherwood's                                                             1105 Floyd Street NE, Covington
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and oftentimes by the bride and        while a younger sister might                   FLOWERS & GIFTS
groom themselves. Therefore,           spin a funny yarn about how
you can avoid any missteps and         she once used all of her older
simply thank the parents of the
bride and groom after thanking
                                       sister's makeup. Just make sure
                                       the anecdote is appropriate for                 Don’t Just Wish For It...
the guests for joining in the fes-
   • Introduce yourself. While
                                       everyone in the audience.
                                          • Raise a glass, but do so after
                                       the toast, and not before. While
                                                                                                                                  Own It!
the bride and groom certainly          everyone knows to raise a glass
know who you are, chances are
many of the guests do not. Many
                                       at the end of the toast, some best
                                       men or maids of honor raise one                          For Those Newlyweds...
weddings boast guest lists with        too many glasses before it's time
more than 100 people, so intro-        to give their toast. Don't drink to            Finding the right Home Mortgage Loan can be most difficult. Let our
duce yourself at the beginning         excess before it's time for you to                    professional lending staff lead the way home for you.
of your toast. When doing so,          give your toast, or you'll risk be-
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Page 28                                      The Wedding Planner 2009

                          The Budget
                            The Budget
                              Estimate   Actual          Paid By
 Paid By
 Wedding Rings
 Pre-Wedding Activities
 Wedding Attires:
 The Ceremony
 The Reception
 Other Accessories

 Other Items

 Total Budget

30 • 2010 Bridal Guide
Responsibilities of the wedding party
Metro Creative Connections                ception, he holds a place of honor,
                                          escorting the maid of honor in the

         s weddings have become           receiving line and in all other wed-
         less regimented and more         ding party activities. He's also the
         expensive, the traditional       toastmaster, offering the first toast
bridal party is often pared down          to the couple.
to a best man and a bridesmaid               • Bridesmaids and Ushers
or two. Their roles, however, have        — Typically friends or relatives
remained constant through the             of the bride, bridesmaids may be
years.                                    asked to coordinate special details
   Whether the wedding you've             during the ceremony preparations
got in mind is large or small,            or at the reception, and assist the
formal or casual, conventional            bride and the maid of honor. Ush-
or original, it's helpful to have a       ers (sometimes also known as
sense of the roles that bridal party      groomsmen) should be prepared
members have played through the           for an early arrival at the ceremo-
years.                                    ny to escort female guests to their
   • Maid of Honor — Usually              seats. During the ceremony, they
the closest friend of the bride and       will escort the bridesmaids down
sometimes a relative. A mar-              the aisle. They may also be asked
ried, divorced, widowed, or older         to coordinate the guests' trip from
woman might be called the ma-             the ceremony to the reception as
tron of honor. She assists with the       well as assist the groom and the
details of the wedding plans, like        best man.
shopping for the bridal gown, ad-            • Flower Girl and Ring Bearer
dressing invitations and choosing         — The flower girl carries a basket
flowers. She arranges the bridal          of flower petals to sprinkle down
shower in conjunction with the            the aisle, or flowers to be passed                                                        Steve Reagan Photography
bride's family, is in charge of coor-     out to the women seated near the
dinating the bridesmaids and orga-        aisle. The ring bearer may either

                                                                                                            A Reception
nizing fittings, and typically signs      escort the flower girl down the
the couple's certificate of marriage      aisle, or follow her, with the rings
or wedding license as a legal wit-        on a pillow.
ness. At the reception, she should
stand immediately after the groom
in the receiving line.
   • Best Man — Commonly the
                                             • Father of the Bride — His
                                          most conspicuous duty is giving
                                          away the bride at the ceremony.
                                          He might also fulfill numerous
                                                                                                              to Remember…
groom's best friend, relative or          rolls, such as coordinating trans-
not, the best man is in charge of         portation, dancing and toasting.
instructing the ushers and coordi-        Traditionally, he and the mother of
nating the groom's transportation         the bride have paid for the wedding
to the ceremony. He usually holds         and reception but today it is com-
the rings until the ceremony and          mon for expenses to be shared by
will also sign the marriage certifi-      both families along with the bride
cate as a legal witness. At the re-       and groom themselves. n

        Plain Nuts Cater i ng                                                      Your wedding reception can become
                                                                                       a truly remarkable affair!
                                                                                    Beautiful Surroundings • Fireplace • Outside Patio
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32 • 2010 Bridal Guide
                      How to say
'thank you'
Metro Creative Connections           Younger bridal party members
                                     can get a similar gift, but one

     t is customary for the bride-   in scale with their ages.
     and groom-to-be to show
     their gratitude to all of the   Groomsmen
people who will make their               When selecting gifts for
wedding day special. Weddings        groomsmen, think about a gift
today feature people who have        they would like but probably
roles that go beyond the tradi-      wouldn't buy themselves. This
tional, like interior decorators     can be cuff links, a fine watch,
and musical soloists. It's im-       money clip, or a high-quality
portant to remember to thank         wallet. Feel free to splurge a
everyone who contributes to          little more on the best man.
the celebration.
    Thank-you gifts should be        Clergy
something thoughtful and en-            Many couples choose to
during. Avoid fad or gag gifts.      make a financial donation to
These gifts should be present-       their house of worship. Addi-
ed at a pre-wedding occasion.        tional tipping or monetary gifts
It's customarily done at the re-     for musicians, alter boys/girls,
hearsal dinner.                      etc. can also be a thoughtful
    Crafting personalized re-        gesture. A donation toward an
marks is a nice way to call          officiant's vestments may also
attention to the unique tasks        be appreciated.
of each wedding participant.
Don't simply pass the gifts out      Parents
in one fell swoop. This way the         The couple may choose to
gift will have more meaning          bestow a gift on their parents,
through a personal message.          which can be especially mean-
    Don't let thank-you gifts        ingful if the parents are taking
be forgotten. Start thinking of      care of the financial responsi-
gift ideas early on and plan for     bility of the wedding. Jewelry
any extra time for engraving or
other personalization.
                                     or fine gifts in similar scope
                                     to that of the bridal party are
                                                                        “I do” …
                                     good ideas. Consider engraved
Bridesmaids                          picture frames that can house
   Traditional gifts for brides-     a wedding portrait down the
maids are different types of         road.
jewelry. Monogrammed sta-
tionery, a spa treatment, or         Others
another pampering session.              Readers, soloists, ushers,
As you have with the best            etc. can be given a small to-
man, feel free to bestow a little    ken of your appreciation, like
more thanks on the maid of           a gift card or a personalized
honor with a more lavish gift.       memento.

                                                                          1110 College Avenue Southeast
                                                                              Covington, Ga. 30014

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34 • 2010 Bridal Guide
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