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classroom-layout-and-rationale2 by ashrafp


									Classroom Layout and Rationale
Angelica Settell
TEA 451R/851R
Spring 2009
Dr. Ali Moeller
Leyla Masmaliyeva

          The classroom layout for a Latin language class should be conducive to

communication. Therefore, the students’ desks, the learning aids, and the teacher should

be posited in such a way as to allow for proper communication. But also there should be

plenty of different types of learning tools in this comfortable environment.

          The student’s desks, or tables, should be in semi-circle. In this way, the students

will be able to see each other in a circle, as well as during pair work. The tables are

movable with movable chairs in order to let the activities dictate some of the classroom


          The teacher should be in front of the room during input phases of the lessons, but

the teacher should be able to move around what ever formation the tables may be in. The

teacher should try to make sure that his or her mouth is visible to most of the students,

most of the time. Many of the students can benefit from looking and the shape his or her

mouth makes when pronouncing the language properly. Also, the teacher needs to be

close enough or loud enough to all students in order to be heard.

          The learning aids should also be all around the room in such a way that ensures

visibility for all students. The teacher should be able to point or indicate areas of interest

or attention easily. There should be a table at the front for whoever may be speaking.

There should be a large screen for video and large group Internet work in front of a dry

erase board and smart board. There should be a main computer up front to control the

media center and projectors. There would also be a cabinet behind the media center with
laptops for checkout and various activities. The cabinet would also contain clickers for

smart board activities. There should be speakers on either side of the room for listening


        At the back of the room there could be some easy chairs and sofas for group

activities, conferences, reading activities, etc. The sitting would lower the affective filter

and make the environment seem less institutional and more comfortable. There should be

bookshelves with many different types of Latin literature and end tables with Latin and

Classics magazines/journals.

        The bookshelves will also include some books of legal Latin terms. One of the

bookshelves should have different types of plants. Students interested in horticulture and

science will be able to study the different names of the plants in the classroom and/or

outside of the many windows. The plants and windows will not only serve as learning

tools, but they will also lower the affective filter. There will be many anatomy posters on

the walls displaying different Latin words referring to the body. The walls would also

have posters of various aspects of roman culture: buildings, paintings, sculptures, and

depictions of historical and mythological characters. In this way, other disciplines will be

a constant source of enrichment for the students.

        Classroom layout can affect the learning of language students. Students need to be

able to hear and see the teacher properly. Students need to be able to see each other

properly as well, which will foster good communication amongst students. Learning aids

should be copious and displayed conspicuously for students and teachers alike. Finally,

students need to feel comfortable in their learning environment.

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