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									Brand Guidelines
     While the Emory-Children’s Center’s impact in the
     community is significant the E-CC brand has limited, or
     mixed recognition. With the launch of the new identity, it is
     essential that we monitor and enforce specific standards
     and guidelines around the use of this new identity.

     This standardization will help to build consistency with
     usage, ensure proper reproduction and, most importantly,
     build the brand image.

    E-CC Brand Guidelines
    • The Emory Healthcare and Children’s joint venture (JV) has
      contracted with Children’s Marketing Department to
      perform E-CC marketing functions.
    • The JV Marketing team recommends the use of a newly
      created treatment to brand the Emory-Children’s Center.
    • All communication vehicles should use the E-CC treatment,
      which includes the Emory Woodruff Health Sciences Center
      and Children’s logos side-by-side with a line separating the
      two logos. Neither the two logos, the font/colors nor
      positioning of E-CC should be altered in any way.
    • A b/w or 5-color version of the E-CC treatment is available.
      An all white version on a dark surface is also available for
      limited use as outlined by JV Marketing.

    Marketing has provided the following templates for E-CC’s use:
       – Fax
       – Flyer [B/W and color]
       – Memo
       – PowerPoint
       – Electronic Masthead

    • The configuration set forth in these approved templates
      should not be altered in any way.
    • Highlighting of a Division’s name is acceptable for use on
      internal templates, such as in a fax or memo. Highlighting
      of a Division’s name on external documents is limited to
      items in the stationery packet (i.e. Division of Pediatric
    • The font type used in these templates must not be altered
      and must be Arial or Helvetica in the lightest style-never
    • Use of text treatment, without the combined logos, requires
      prior approval.

          *Exceptions to any of the above require approval from JV Marketing

    Stationery Package
    Marketing has also provided a stationery packet which
    includes the following:
        – Letterhead w/ #10 envelope
        – 9 x 12 envelope
        – Appointment card
        – Note card w/ envelope
        – Business card
        – Pocket folder

    • Style Guidelines
       – General statement
           » If used in print or on the Website, the general
             statement in first reference should read the Emory-
             Children’s Center, always including the hyphen
             between Emory and Children’s.
           » Second reference can be E-CC, and must include the
           » Other communication vehicles could include
             advertising, print, electronic media, promotional
             products and the E-CC identity package.

    • Style Guidelines for physician listings
       – Conference listings, publications, presentations
           » Name, M.D./or other AHP credentials
           » Title (Children’s, Emory or E-CC)
           » Emory-Children’s Center
           » Emory Title (if second title, i.e. Professor)
           » Emory University School of Medicine
           » Atlanta, GA
       – Web bios should follow the format for the individual Web
         sites to include (, www.emory-, and

    • Style Guidelines for print and Web materials
       – EUSM affiliation statement
           » Our doctors are faculty members at Emory University
             School of Medicine

    • Style Guidelines for poster presentations
       – Poster presentations should utilize the EUSM and
         Children’s logos in each upper corner per the template
         provided by Children’s. If this template is utilized, the
         cost of producing the poster will be paid by Children’s.
           » To request a poster presentation, contact Kim Reed at
             404-785-7588 or

     External Vendors
     • It is recommended that any printing or production for E-CC
       materials be secured through the preferred vendors via JV
       Marketing. These vendors have been selected based on
       quality, price, timeliness and previous experience in
       producing similar materials.
     • Any printing or production not secured through JV
       Marketing must receive final approval by JV Marketing to
       ensure quality and consistency in brand image.

     Approved External Vendors
     • Digiprint (quick print material)
        – Bryce Allen                770-368-2060
     • Imagers
        – Joe Edwards                404-605-8320
     • Corporate Promotions (premium items)
        – Dale Miller                404-250-9404, ext. 222
     • Color Reflections (displays, large format prints)
        – Doug Swanson               404-352-0352
     • Megabytes (poster presentations, banners, large format prints)
        – Ginger Singleton 678-513-9500

     * Please contact JV Marketing at Children’s for other vendor recommendations

     Your Marketing Team
     • Kim Reed, Marketing Manager at Children’s
        • 404-785-7588 or
     • Katie Young, Marketing Specialist at Children’s
        • 404-785-7704 or

     The success of branding efforts for E-CC is greatly dependent
     upon protecting the integrity of the newly created logo. Your
     cooperation in ensuring its integrity is greatly appreciated. If
     you have any questions regarding these logo standards,
     please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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