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					 Fall 2009                             Working with partners to help Nebraska students access college.

Setting goals to help
 education in Nebraska
Members of the Nebraska P-16 Executive Committee include University
of Nebraska President J.B. Milliken, Governor Dave Heineman,
EducationQuest President Liz Koop, Commissioner Roger Breed, and
Senator Greg Adams. See page 3 for story.

Exciting times in
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P-16 working on
education goals
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Schools encouraged to
apply for grant funds
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Lincoln hosts national
KnowHow2GO meetings
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Materials, tools help
families plan for college
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Meet the EducationQuest
Advisory Council
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New video helps students
“find the right fit” for
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                              Lincoln High School Principal Dr. Mike Wortman works with students in the classroom.
M             ESSAGE
                FROM OUR PRESIDENT

                                                                                                           Published biannually by
 Exciting times in the education world…
                                                                                                           EducationQuest Foundation
                                                                                                           for education leaders in Nebraska.
       he Governor’s recent announcement of eight
                                                                                                            Liz S. Koop
      new education goals developed by the                                                                  President and CEO
Nebraska P-16 Initiative (see page 3) brings with it
                                                                                                            Christine Denicola, J.D.
several exciting aspects worth noting:
                                                                                                            Executive Vice President
                                                                                                            Grants, Outreach Services,
    Governor Heineman is now chairing the P-16
    Initiative. His leadership brings a renewed sense
    of vitality, action and accountability to the P-16                                                      Daphne Hall
                                                                                                            Vice President
    effort. He is so committed to improving education
                                                                                                            College Access and
    in our state that he is personally overseeing the                                                       Planning Programs
    efforts of the goal committees and is coordinating
    regular sessions of the executive committee.                                                            Cletia Price
                                                                                                            Secretary, Treasurer
    Over the past several years, many entities in Nebraska have been doing great                            and Controller
    things to improve access to higher education – but this recent effort, led by the                       Editor
    Governor, marks the first time we have all been on the same page, working                               Tricia Dunn
    toward the same goals.                                                                                  402.479.6666

    While all the goals are vitally important, one will have an especially huge impact                     EducationQuest Foundation
    – the development of an effective longitudinal data system. Once in place,                              Lincoln (headquarters)
    this system will provide information on the Nebraska educational system from                            1300 O Street
    preschool through post-graduate degree attainment and entry into the workforce.                         800.303.3745
    As we continue our important work over the years, this information will ensure                          Omaha
    that we’re all working with the same data – and that we’re aligning the right                           Rockbrook Village
    resources with our strategic goals.                                                                     108th & W. Center Road
My colleague, J.B. Milliken, President of the University of Nebraska, summed it up when                     Kearney
he said, “The most important things our state can do to offer economic opportunity                          2706 Second Avenue
to individual Nebraskans are to prepare them successfully for college, provide the                          800.666.3721
opportunity for them to attend college, and help them graduate on time. The goals of             
the P-16 Initiative are designed to achieve these goals.”                                        

We look forward to working with all of you on these efforts.

    Liz S. Koop                                                                                          84.9
    President and CEO
                                                                                                                        76.6             77

  Education Improves                                                          Numbers represent   50.4
  Community Life                                                                percentages

                                                                                  LESS THAN                                        35
  The data shows that people with college degrees                                 HIGH SCHOOL
  participate in their communities more by voting in local                                                       22.1
  and national elections, helping others by volunteering                           DEGREE
                                                                                   OR MORE
  their time, and spending money at local businesses.
                                                                                                  REGISTERED       DOING           WENT TO
  Source: Postsecondary Education Opportunity, Private Correlates to Educational Attainment,       TO VOTE       VOLUNTEER       MOVIE IN PAST                                                                                    WORK           12 MONTHS

    Nebraska P-16 leaders,
    committees work on new
       education goals
E    ducationQuest President and CEO Liz Koop
      joined Governor Dave Heineman as education
leaders met August 24 to announce eight goals
designed by the Nebraska P-16 Initiative to
strengthen the educational opportunities Nebraska
students receive.                                             Governor Dave Heineman and members of the Nebraska P-16
                                                              Executive Committee (Commissioner Roger Breed, Senator
The governor is now serving as P-16 chairman. Koop            Greg Adams, University of Nebraska President J.B. Milliken,
is a co-chair along with Sen. Greg Adams, Chairman            and EducationQuest President Liz Koop) announced eight
                                                              new education goals in August.
of the Legislature’s Education Committee; Dr. Roger
Breed, Commissioner of Education; and J.B. Milliken,
President of the University of Nebraska. They are
working with other P-16 members to address the                “These goals are about preparing our students
goals as outlined below:
                                                              for the 21st Century. Today’s students are
     Adopt a college and career preparation core
1    curriculum that requires four years of English
                                                              more likely to be innovators, critical thinkers

     and three years each of math, science and social         and entrepreneurs… A core curriculum is
     studies in Nebraska school districts by the 2014-
     15 school year. Goal leaders: Governor Heineman          essential to helping Nebraska students
     and Senator Adams.
                                                              compete in a knowledge-based, technology-
     Eliminate the academic achievement gap
2    between Nebraska’s K-12 Caucasian students
                                                              driven, global economy.”
     and its African American, Hispanic and Native                                             –Gov. Dave Heineman
     American students. Goal leader: Dr. Roger Breed.

3    Develop an effective longitudinal data system
     which provides information on the Nebraska
                                                                     Improve time to degree completion and increase
     educational system from preschool through post-            7    graduation rates of Nebraska’s postsecondary
     graduate degree attainment and entry into the
                                                                     institutions. Goal leader: J.B. Milliken.
     workforce to help align resources with strategic
     goals. Goal leader: Dr. Roger Breed.
                                                                     Increase by five percent the number of teacher
                                                                8    education graduates in the areas of science,
4    Improve Nebraska’s high school graduation rate
                                                                     technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)
     to 90 percent. Goal leaders: Senator Greg Adams
                                                                     within Nebraska postsecondary institutions. Goal
     and Governor Heineman.
                                                                     leader: Senator Greg Adams.

5    Improve Nebraska’s college-going rank to the
     Top 10 tier nationally. Goal leaders: Liz Koop and         Koop said that since the goals were announced in
     J.B. Milliken.                                             August, the committees have started to organize.
                                                                They are assembling committee members and
6    Provide affordable access for Nebraska students            scheduling meetings - all with the goal to provide a
     to attend Nebraska’s postsecondary institutions.           proposed list of action steps to the Governor by first
     Goal leaders: Liz Koop and J.B. Milliken.                  quarter next year.

  High schools encouraged to apply for
College Access Grants
                                                                                     College Access Grant
      rom Alliance to Omaha and Falls City to Santee, 26 Nebraska high
    schools are using EducationQuest’s College Access Grant funds to develop             RECIPIENTS
and enhance efforts to help more students make their way to college.
In 2010, EducationQuest will select up to 15 additional schools to receive          Schools selected in 2006
grant funds. If you know of high schools that may be interested in applying,        (will receive funding through the
please encourage them to do so. Following is information about the program          2009-2010 academic year)
and the application process.
                                                                                     •	Alliance	High	School
About College Access Grants                                                          •	Aurora	High	School
EducationQuest developed its College Access Grants program in 2006 to help           •	Broken	Bow	High	School
Nebraska high schools improve their college-going rates. Thirteen schools            •	Falls	City	High	School
were selected as grant recipients in 2006 and another 13 schools were
                                                                                     •	Gordon-Rushville	High	School
selected in 2008. Today the program is reaching nearly 19% of all Nebraska
high school students.                                                                •	Grand	Island	Senior	High	School
                                                                                     •	Hastings	Senior	High	School
Selected schools receive funding for four years and the amount they receive
is based on their enrollment. Those with over 1,500 students receive $25,000         •	Lincoln	North	Star	High	School
a year, those between 300 and 1,500 students receive $15,000 a year, and             •	Madison	High	School
those with less than 300 students receive $5,000 a year.                             •	McCook	High	School
The schools use grant funds to develop or enhance college access programs            •	Meridian	High	School	(Daykin)
and activities such as college visits, financial aid sessions, scholarship           •	Millard	South	High	School
searches, career exploration, ACT and SAT testing, and completion of college         •	Umonhon Nation High School (Macy)
applications. The grant program also promotes involvement from families
and the business community to help ensure success.
                                                                                    Schools selected in 2008
Application Process                                                                 (will receive funding through the
The College Access Grants application for 2010 will be ready later this fall.       2011-2012 academic year)
EducationQuest will send information about the application process to all high       •	Bancroft-Rosalie	Community	School
school counselors and principals in December. Applications are due June 18, 2010.    •	Cedar	Bluffs	High	School
                             Applicants must attend College Access                   •	Central	City	High	School
                             Symposium                                               •	Columbus	High	School
                             Schools interested in applying must send a              •	Crete	High	School
                             representative to EducationQuest’s College              •	Garden County High School (Oshkosh)
                             Access Symposium March 18, 2010 in                      •	Lincoln	High	School
                             Lincoln. During this day-long event, school
                                                                                     •	Lincoln	Northeast	High	School
                             representatives will learn best practices they can
                                                                                     •	Omaha	Benson	High	School
                             implement at their schools to help more students
                             access college. Attendees will also learn details       •	Omaha	North	Magnet	High	School
                             about the College Access Grants program and             •	Omaha	South	High	School
                             how to apply.                                           •	Santee	Community	School
                             For more information about College Access               •	West	Point-Beemer	Jr.-Sr.	High	School
                             Grants, visit the “Resources for High Schools”
                             section at While you’re            In all, EducationQuest has committed
                             there, download College Access Nebraska – a            $1.36 million in funding to help these
                             publication that highlights successful activities      schools increase their college-going
                             coordinated by funded high schools. You                rates. In 2010, EducationQuest will select
                             may also request a copy by contacting Eric             up to 15 additional schools to receive
                             Drumheller, Director of Grants and Scholarships,       College Access Grants.
                             at 402.479.6622 or

        Lincoln hosts national                                      Resources to help students

  KnowHow2GO meetings                                                KnowHow2GO to college
        ver 80 representatives from education
                                                          EducationQuest developed the following resources to help
      entities and community-based organizations
                                                          reinforce the four steps of the KnowHow2GO campaign to
across the country met in Lincoln July 22-23 for
                                                          Nebraska’s 8th, 9th and 10th graders. The online tools are
KnowHow2GO Learning Community meetings held
                                                          available in the “Partner” section of
at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Student Union.
                                                          and the “High Schools” and “Community Agencies” sections of
KnowHow2GO is a national college access campaign To order publications, click on “Order College
that promotes four steps 8th-10th graders should          Planning Materials.”
follow to make college a reality. The campaign is
                                                                                     KnowHow2GONebraska Partner
sponsored nationally by Lumina Foundation for
                                                                                     Playbook (available online) – provides
Education, the American Council on Education, and
                                                                                     information, tools, resources, and ideas
the Ad Council. EducationQuest Foundation has
                                                                                     to help 8th - 10th graders make college
sponsored the campaign in Nebraska since 2007.
                                                                                     a reality.
Fourteen states are now running KnowHow2GO
                                                                                     Exploring College publication –
campaigns. The national sponsors bring campaign
                                                                                     this publication guides 8th -10th graders
coordinators together twice a year for “learning
                                                                                     through the four KnowHow2GO steps.
community” meetings during which they share
campaign updates, best practices, and training on                                    Exploring College PowerPoint
ways to increase the number of students who go to                                    Presentation (available online) –
college – especially those who are low-income and                                    this interactive presentation is a
first-generation.                                                                    companion piece to the Exploring
                                                                                     College publication.
The sponsors wanted to hold the July meetings on a
college campus to reinforce what the KnowHow2GO           Exploring Careers publication –
effort is all about – and UNL agreed to host the          this publication guides 8th - 10th
event which drew rave reviews from attendees.             graders through the 16 Career Clusters
                                                          and advises students on courses to
Attendees from Nebraska included Liz Koop,
                                                          take and activities to pursue for
Daphne Hall, Kristin Lautenbach and Tricia Dunn
                                                          various careers.
from EducationQuest; Marty Mahler and Joe Rowson
from the Nebraska P-16 Initiative; and Bart Bartle,       KnowHow2GO Activities
Cathie Petsch and Marj Willike from the Foundation        (available online) – provides
for Lincoln Public Schools.                               easy-to-coordinate activities that
                                                          cover the four KnowHow2GO steps.

Check out the features at
                                         •   KnowHow2GO Guided Tour – walks students through the four steps.
                                         •   KnowHow2GO University – a virtual university that takes students on
                                             a campus tour.
                                         • The College Quiz – tests students’ knowledge of college planning.
                                         • Find Help Near You – guides students to organizations where they can
                                             find adult guidance.
                                         •   Sign-up for Countdown2College Emails – Students and parents can
                                             sign up for timely emails that will keep them on track for college.

Materials, tools designed to
    college planning process
E   ducationQuest provides free resources that simplify the college planning process
    for students, parents, schools, community agencies, and others who work with students.
Each fall, we distribute thousands of our publications to schools and agencies across
the state, and we make our materials available for ordering via the “High Schools” and
“Community Agencies” sections at
Following is an overview of what we have to offer:
  College Prep Handbook for High School Students – Available in English and Spanish,
  this publication provides information about college selection, college funding, Nebraska
  colleges, and career exploration.
  College Prep Handbook for Adult Learners - Provides information unique to adult learners
  about college selection, college funding, Nebraska colleges, and career exploration. This
  publication is used extensively at Nebraska community agencies.
  College Planning for Students with Disabilities - Supplements the College Prep Handbook
  with considerations for students with disabilities. We provide this publication in
  partnership with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Department of Special Education.
  Web Tools at – the tools on our Web site help families plan for
  college, select a college, understand financial aid, and complete the FAFSA (Free
  Application for Federal Student Aid). We also have sections designed for high school
  counselors, college representatives, and community agency personnel.

                        Some of our most popular
                          Web tools include:
                                                 • College Profiles™ – a college search tool with information about
                                                   schools in Nebraska and across the nation.
                                                 • ScholarshipQuest™ – a database of over 2,000 local and state
                                                   scholarships that matches Nebraska students with awards that meet
                                                   their criteria.
                                                 • Activities Resume™ – a tool that tracks a student’s extracurricular
                                                   activities, awards and part-time jobs throughout middle and high school.
                                                 • College Funding Estimator™ – a calculator that estimates a family’s
                                                   FAFSA results.
                                                 • Completing the FAFSA section – has helpful tools that guide families
                                                   through the FAFSA process. It includes a tutorial that explains each
                                                   FAFSA question.
                                                 • Videos and podcasts – these are great tools for students who prefer to
                                                   “watch” or “hear” college planning information. Videos include “Guide
                                                   to College Funding,” “The FAFSA Made Easy,” and “Find the Right Fit –
                                                   Your Guide to College Selection.” Several podcasts are also available.

 Kaye Bartels-Eiland     Joyce Baumert          Nancy Bond                      Jim Bovee         Dr. Gustavo Carlo      David Cicotello

    Terri Graham         Marty Mahler          Dusty Newton                   Dora Olivares           Bill Reno         Vaughn Robertson, Jr.

    Larry Scherer       Jere’ Sue Schroer   Dolores Simpson-Kirkland         Rebecca Valdez        Doug Watson

                                                  Introducing the…
         EducationQuest Advisory Council
This group of statewide education and community representatives advise EducationQuest on programs and services that support
its mission of improving access to higher education in Nebraska. They help identify obstacles to higher education; brainstorm
and prioritize college-access programs, services and needs; and periodically serve on a scholarship or grant review committee.
     Kaye Bartels-Eiland, Admissions Representative                        Dora Olivares, Principal
     Southeast Community College, Lincoln                                  Gering Junior High School, Gering
     Joyce Baumert, Principal                                              Bill Reno, Retired Guidance Counselor
     Schuyler Central High School, Schuyler                                Alliance High School, Alliance
     Nancy Bond, Supervisor of School Counseling                           Vaughn Robertson, Jr., Assistant Director
     Omaha Public Schools, Omaha                                           Educational Talent Search, University of
     Jim Bovee, Principal
     Clay Center High School, Clay Center                                  Larry Scherer, Assistant Executive Director of
                                                                           Research and Collective Bargaining,
     Dr. Gustavo Carlo, Professor of Psychology
                                                                           Nebraska State Education Association, Lincoln
     University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln
                                                                           Jere’ Sue Schroer, Middle School Counselor
     David Cicotello, Director
                                                                           Sunrise Middle School, Kearney
     New Student Enrollment Services, University of
     Nebraska at Omaha                                                     Dolores Simpson-Kirkland, Ph.D., Counselor
                                                                           Lincoln Southwest High School, Lincoln
     Terri Graham, Director of Student Financial Aid
     Hastings College, Hastings                                            Rebecca Valdez, Executive Director
                                                                           Latino Center of the Midlands, Omaha
     Marty Mahler, Ph.D, Executive Director
     Nebraska P-16 Initiative, Lincoln                                     Doug Watson, Higher Education Consultant, Fremont
     Dusty Newton, Director of Admissions
     University of Nebraska at Kearney
                                                                                                                          Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                                                           U.S. Postage
                             EducationQuest Foundation                                                                     PAID
                             1300 O Street                                                                                 Lincoln, NE
                                                                                                                           Permit #711
                             Lincoln, NE 68508

Address Service Requested

                                                  New video helps students
                                                    “Find the Right Fit”
                                                                  for college

                  T     hrough its partnership with
                      Nebraska Educational Television,
  EducationQuest has developed a new video
  “Find the Right Fit – Your Guide to College Selection.”

  The 10-minute video features high school seniors
  Maya and Mike who are at the mall looking for shoes.
  While shopping, they discuss their fears about finding
  the right college – and show how finding a good pair
  of shoes is similar to finding the right college. The video
  demonstrates the importance of career exploration,
  campus visits, and meeting admission deadlines.

  EducationQuest developed the video with cooperation
  from Southeast Community College, SouthPointe
  Pavilions in Lincoln, and Journeys shoe store.
                                                                Maya and Mike enjoy shoe shopping
  “Find the Right Fit” is available at,      while discussing college in EducationQuest’s new video
  on YouTube and on EducationQuest’s Facebook page.             “Find the Right Fit – Your Guide to College Selection.”

  EducationQuest is on Facebook!
  In addition to publications and Web tools, EducationQuest is
  now spreading the word about college planning on Facebook.
  The EducationQuest page is updated weekly to promote
  college fairs, financial aid programs, videos and other tools and
  resources. Check it out at

                                          Find EducationQuest on Facebook.