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					Loyal Order of Moose #2357
           Women of the Moose #1941
               Family Center
10124 Coloma Road, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670
       December 2008 - January 2009
Social Quarters Phone:                           (916) 362-6667
Office Phone:                                     (916) 362-2985

Fax:                                             (916) 362-1940

Email:                                    rcmoose2357@sbcglobal.net

Website:                                    www.mooselodge2357.org

                   FEditor: gkonsmo@sbcglobal.net
         Newsletter published as a benefit from your annual dues
               Reno Nevada Bus Trip
                 October 18, 2008                          Women of the Moose
                  "Silver Legacy"                            Chapter 1941
             Sons of Norway Campground
             Alta, Ca -- August 7-10, 2008
                                             Senior Regent           Sandie Marlow
                                             Junior Regent           Shirley Pruitt
                                             Junior Grad Regent      Lynda McDonald
                                             Chaplain                Ginny Davis
                                             Recorder                Leila Nugent
                                             Secretary/Treasurer     Ann Hardigree
                                             Guide                   Robin Dunlap
                                             Assistant Guide         Marlissa Henderson
                                             Sentinel                Heide Butler
                                             Argus                   Sandy Klimecki
Halloween Party - October 25, 2008
                                             Academy of Friendship   Shirley Smith
                                             Star Recorder           Karen Brace
                                             College of Regents      Maria Ramirez
                                             PEP                     Alma Martin
                                             Family Involvement      Carol Ward
                                             Membership              Joan Boyd
                                             Publicity               Pat Brown
                                             Youth Involvement       Karen O'Brien
                                             Mooseheart              Donna Rowe
                                             Health Awareness        Hazel Douet
                                             Moosehaven              Mary Sydloski
                                             Community Service       Gertrude Blanford
                                             Education Advancment    Ginny Maco
                                             Meeting Coordinator     Cheryl Parker

           Loyal Order of Moose
Governor                       Art Pruitt
Jr. Governor                   Ted Thames
Past Governor                  Jess Ramirez
Prelate                        Andrew Boardley
Treasurer                      Bob Givens
Administrator                  Dean Woods
1 yr Trustee                   George Konsmo Jr.
2 yr Trustee                   Tony Brown
3 yr Trustee                   Paul Wolf
Audit                          George Hannum
Community Service              George Konsmo Jr.
Endowment Fund                 Everett Snyder
Govt. Relations Rep.           Jim Stinson
Moose Legion                   Jim Marlow
Application Review Committee   Jack Carlson
                               Bob Calloway
                               Carl Bardwell
Fellowship Committee           Jack Carlson
Moose Family Activities        Andrew Boardley
Mooseheart/Moosehaven Admit    Jess Ramirez
Ritual Staff                   George Hannum
Sports                         Tim Peart
Public Relations               Jim Stinson
Newsletter/Website             George Konsmo Jr.
Bingo Chairman                 Paul Wolf
Membership                     Jack Carlson
Sgt Arms                       Phil Derry
Inner Guard                    Cal Bardwell
Outer Guard                    George Konsmo Jr.
     L.O.O.M.   DECEMBER BIRTHDAYS                    W.O.T.M.

ROBERT      MEYER          3       Mari Berman             12/1
ROBERT      PARNELL        3
                                   Rene Mitchell           12/1
MIKE        PUTHUFF        3
                                   Donna Thomas            12/3                                 Governor's Corner
BALWINDER   DULKU          6       Dorothy Mason           12/3   Welcome to all the new members that have joined our lodge, and thanks to
DENNIS      NEELEY         8       Sharon Mayhew           12/3   your sponsor for inviting you to join.
PERRY       SONKE          8       Wilma Flick            12/10   There's a lot happening around our lodge this Holiday Season: A
CORNELIUS   LILLY          9                                      children's Christmas party on Saturday December 13th (sign ups at the
                                   Denise Desrochers      12/13   door) and an adult Christmas party on Saturday December 20th (tickets
ROBERT      MESSERER      10
                                   Linda Tilton           12/13   now on sale at the bar). Sign-up and buy your tickets early as these events
RALPH       HOLTON        10
                                   Darian Gonzales        12/14   should be a lot of fun. In addition we have "Prom Night" New Years Eve
ROBERT      HALL          11                                      December 31st. Check for more information in this bulletin, and at the
TONY        BROWN         13       Joanne LeCompte        12/14
                                                                  lodge. Also, remember that the lodge will be closed on Thanksgiving and
HARLOD      SAMS          14       Twila Deeren           12/14   Christmas day.
GLENN       FLUKE         15       Cynthia Cole           12/15   The Legion celebration was held on Sunday November 16th at the Oro
DEAN        BRENNER       16                                      Madre lodge in Fiddletown. Welcome to all the new Legionnaire's and
                                   Elizabeth Hatch        12/15
FRANK       CERRITO       16                                      thanks to all who attended and help Rancho bring home the Mighty 190
                                   Cheryl Parker          12/16   banner. Congratulations to Bob Givens and Jack Carlson on receiving
                                   Thelma Gray            12/16   their Legion life membership plaques.
BERT        CULBERTSON    18
                                   Pauline Bedford        12/17   The Kitchen and Landscaping projects are moving forward, with $736.50
LYLE        SCHEFER       18
                                                                  in the Kitchen and $662.74 in the Landscaping funds. I will try to give you
RAYMOND     CROXEN        19       Jeanie Cerrito         12/18   an update on each project at the monthly General Meeting and here in the
BILLY       MARSH         19       Peggy Story            12/18   Bulletin. As we enter the holiday season let us all remember Mooseheart
JON         DO            20                                      and Moosehaven. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy and
                                   Mary Redding           12/21
DONALD      LAMB          20                                      Prosperous New Year.
                                   Lora Clark             12/22
HOWARD      TILTON        21                                      Art Pruitt, Governor
DENNIS      CECIL         22       Lorenza Larkin         12/22
EUGENE      MCCABE, JR    23       Carol Ward             12/23
TRAVIS      CARLSON       25
                                                                  Sign-up at the Lodge and support the Safe Surfin' project
                                   Deborah Parr           12/23
WILLIAM     MUIR          26       Tina Blandford         12/23
ALVIN       DUMONT        28
                                   Cynthia Maxwell        12/24
KENNETH     WELCH         28
                                   Marjorie Stobert       12/24
DON         DHALIWAL      29
CARR        HOLLEMAN      29       Michelle Trotter       12/24
                                   Nancy Schrutz          12/24
                                   Shirley Mahoney        12/28
                                   Elsa Herman            12/30
                                   Georgie Bruett         12/31

                               4                                                                       17                               17
                    Senior Regent’s Corner

Wow, can you believe it, Christmas is almost here, where did the time
go! Our Lodge has a lot going on for you. The Children’s Christmas
Party is on the 13th at 2:00 pm. This is open to all members, friends and
family. Be sure to get your children signed up before December 1st and
have them write their letter to Santa. We will have games, gifts and
photos. The Adult Party is on the 20th. We will have a band, dinner, yes
I said dinner, and a whole lot of fun. Don’t miss this one. And let’s not
forget about New Years Eve. Sign up sheets are up in the Social
Quarters for all events.

We have barrels and/or boxes up in the Social Quarters for Channel 10
Coats for Kids, the Sheriff’s Toy Drive and the Food Locker Diapers
and Formula. I know times are tough for all of us, but helping out those
who are in need is the real spirit of Christmas and gives you a really
warm feeling.

Our Chapter meetings are on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month at
7:00pm. Come on by and see the changes, meetings are shorter and we
are having fun afterwards, We will teach you play Farkle!

Season's Greetings,
Sandie Marlow, Sr. Regent

                    Greetings from your Chaplain
The W.O.T.M. Officers would like to extend a heartfelt 'Thank you' to
all of the members that attended Ruth Evan's service and brought food
for the fellowship afterwards. We are very proud our members and
really appreciate all they do in our Lodge and Community. Ultimately,
it's up to each of us to choose how we will live our lives, and continually
evaluate what's inside the image we see in the mirror.
Ginny Davis
Chaplain WOTM 1941                  16                                        5
                                                                                               Administrator's Comments
    LOOM #2357 and WOTM #1941 -- October 12, 2008

                                                                                               I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy &
                                                                                               Prosperous New Year. 2008 has been packed with disruption
                                                                                               and commotion. Together we will work through these
                                                                                               problems as this Lodge has done in the past. Thank you all
                                                                                               for continuing to support your lodge and just remember, "a
                                                                                               burden heavy to one is borne lightly by many".
                                                                                               Fraternally yours.
                                                                                               Dean Woods, Administrator

                                                                                    Tick le
                                                                                    On S !

               Welcome In The New Year With All Your
                  Our Own Moose Head Band.
                   The Party Starts at 8 P.M. with the Music Starting At 9 P.M.
             Dress attire is Formal/Semi Formal - as you would dress to go to your
            Dinner will NOT be served, but hors ‘dourvers will be at each table.
                        Tickets will be on sale NOW for $18.00 each.
                          Seats will be assigned, so get them early!
                                   And Yes, A King and Queen of The Prom will be cho-
                                  sen. They will receive special gifts and privileges in the
                                 com-                        ing year !
                                              am                                   Prizes
                                        pagne -                                      &
                                        At Mid ast
                                                                                   ? We’ve
                                                                      Need A Ride
                                     See Your Ba
                                                rte nder               Got Yo  u Covered.
                                        For Tickets                                sheet in
        Featuring Hits From                                           See sig n-up
         The Big Band Era                                                     Lodge.
            To Present

6            Proceeds To Benefit The Kitchen Building Fund ~ Please Support Your Lodge
                                                                  Events Around Your Lodge...

-- Day & Night Golf Tournament -- September 20, 2008 --

    We would like to thank Gordon Dunlap and Bob & Patti
Templeton for doing the BBQ after the first nine holes of golf,
We also want to thank Kathy Peart for making the wonderful
baked beans. With help like this, it makes putting on a
function much easier.
   Thanks to everyone who participated, we hope you had a
great time. A profit of $245.00, after expenses, was donated to
the Lodge kitchen fund. We hope to see you again next year....
                 Kenneth Stier and Tim Peart

                                                                              7             7
                              January Birthdays
                  LOOM                             WOTM
        RICHARD        DURA          1     Eva Casey           1/1
        TERRY          CORNOG        2     Anna Stirlen        1/1
        DEAN           WOODS         3
                                           Delores Arnold      1/3
        EUGENE         KITCHENS      4
        HOBART         WALTERS       5
                                           Nancy Gillaspie     1/5
        WAYNE          WITCHER       5     Aurelia Ramirez     1/6
        RAFAEL         DUFFICY       8     Connie Scherer      1/6
        LEROY          BEDFORD       9     Delores Shoffner    1/6
        JOHN           JOYCE         9
                                           Vickie Barton       1/9
        WILLIAM        EVERS        10
                                           Cindy Morales      1/10
        TOM            MADSEN       10
        WILLIAM        WINTER       11     Rosemarie Lane     1/12
        J.R.           APPLEGATE    12     Judy Reeder        1/12
        JOHN           CULLEN       13     Wanda Gundert      1/15
        LEROY          MYAS         13     Sandie Marlow      1/15
        ORVIL          BEDFORD      14
                                           Joan Gustin        1/16
        ROGER          DUNLAP       15
                                           Natalie Gould      1/17
        MICHAEL        PAULSEN      15
        KENN           KRUEGER      16     Terese Lamanet     1/17
        JOHN           MENEFEE      16     Ahnle Robertson    1/17
        LLOYD          VAUGHN, JR   17     Agnes Ewing        1/19
        RON            MOLINAR      18
                                           Sharon Watson      1/19
        RAY            ADAMS        19
                                           Maria Kelly        1/21
        LEWIS          ALLEN        19
        RICHARD        MCINTYRE     19
                                           Beverly Twedt      1/23
        ROYCE          TAMAIKO      20     Diane Panvelle     1/25
        ROBERT         CAIN         21
                                           Cheri Keenan       1/26
        JOHN           CATES        22
        CHARLES        DEEREN       23
                                           Linda Pace         1/28
        JERRY          MCKEEMAN     27     Barbara Scherer    1/28
        STANLEY        HENNEMAN     27     Juanita Ringo      1/29
        JOHN           INGRIM       27
        CHRISTOPHER   BROWN         27
        FRANCIS       MCHUGH        29

        RAY           MONTGOMERY    29
        JAMES         STINSON       30
        JOHN          MAYHEW        31
        ED            PRINDLE       31
8                                             Birthdays
    8                                13
Lodge Holiday Activities

   •   Toy Drive (RCPD/Sacto. Co. Sheriff) Collection Point
   •   Coats for Kids (ABC Channel 10) Collection Point                                    WOTM Chapter #1941
   •   Donation Jar for Kids Christmas Party support                          Newly Enrolled Members * October – November 2008
   •   Letters To Santa Program --- Have Kids send a "Letter
                                                                            Welcome! We hope to see you at our meetings held on the
                            To Santa" at the following address:                      1st & 3rd Wednesdays each month.
                            Santa Clause
                            c/o Rancho Cordova Moose Lodge                New Enrollee                             Sponsors
                            10124 Coloma Road
                            Rancho Cordova, CA 95670                      Tracey Boyd                             Joan Boyd
                  --------------------------                              Mary Pratt                              Joan Boyd
                                                                          Susan McKinney                    Gertrude (Trudy) Blandford
   •   December 13th --- Kids Christmas Party                             Raquel C. Castillo                      Honeylet Givens
                            2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
   •   December 20th --- Adults Christmas Party
                            7:00 pm till ????
   •   December 25th --- Christmas Day
                           (Lodge Closed)
   •   December 31st --- New Years Eve Party
                           8:00 pm till 1:30pm                                                   LOOM #2357
                           (See flyer in this Bulletin)               NEW ENROLLEE                                    SPONSOR
   •   January 1st ------- New Years Day
                           (Lodge Closed)                             CHISTOPHER BROWN                               DEAN WOODS
                                                                      ERNEST HOOK                                    DEAN WOODS
                                                                      JEFF   BARRETT                                 CHRIS ENGELLENNER
                                                                      PERRY SONKE                                    BOB GIVENS
                                                                      ROBERT TODD                                    BOB GIVENS
                                                                      ED PRINDLE                                     TOM WATSON
                                                                      ROBERT HALL (FORMER)                           GEORGE KONSMO
                                                                      STEVE SIDEY                                    BOB TEMPLETON

                           THANK YOU !!!                                    NEW TRANSFERS FROM SOUTH SACRAMENTO LODGE
This is long over due, but it's time a big THANK YOU went out to      WAYNE BRYSON                                ROBERT CAIN
the Moosehead Band for all they have done for the Lodge. Hank,        JOHN CISOWSKI                               TED (BUSTER) DREXLER
Joey, George, Jesse, Cal, Shari, Andrew, Frank, and all who have      CLAYTON DUGGER, JR.                         JAMES DUGGER
donated their efforts to make it work. What would we have done        TED MACHICEK                                BILL MACHICEK
                                                                      ELLIOTT WATSON
without you? It is people like you who so unselfishly give of your
time and talents to make the events we have put on so very special.        Welcome! We hope to see you at our meetings held on the
AND WE APPRECIATE YOU!                                                          2nd Thursday & 4tth Wednesday each month.
...A Grateful Lodge
                                 12                                                                     9
                                                                             Wow!! What a deal...
                                                                Buy a card for only $20.00 (...a $249.95 value) and
                                                                         $20.00 goes to the Lodge !!!!!!!

            QualIty Work Since 1980

         Commercial & Residential Painting Contractor

     Joe Schnorr                           Cell: 916-425-1805
     CA Lic. # 537958                Office/Fax: 916-362-4585
10                                                                                                                11
                                                                                  Calendar Correct as of:

                                                 January 2009
      Sun                  Mon                   Tue                    Wed                  Thu                    Fri                Sat
                                                                                       1                     2                 3
NOTICE: Dates or times of scheduled activities are subject
to change. Check our website at mooselodge2357.org or the
Lodge for updates & changes. All meetings start at 7:00 pm                             * New Years Day
unless noted.                                                                          (LODGE CLOSED)

4                    5    WOTM            6                       7     WOTM           8                   9                   10 * Park lot Clean-up
                     * Ritual Practice    * Joint Officers 6:30   * Orientation 6:30   * Draft Beer & Wine * Bingo 7:00 pm          8 am
                                          * Calendar 7:00 pm      * Enrollment 7:00      $2.00 - 5 to 9 pm                     * Mighty 190 / 25-year
                                                                                                                                 Legion Celebration
                                                                                                                                 Rancho Cordova
                                                                                                                                 Dinner 7:00 pm

11                   12 WOTM              13                      14 LOOM              15                  16                  17 LOOM
                     * Officers Meeting                           * Officers 7:00 pm   * Legion Bingo 6pm * Bingo 7:00 pm      * Orientate 2:30 pm
                                                                  * House Committee    * Draft Beer & Wine                     * Enrollment 3 pm
                                                                    (to follow)          $2.00 - 5 to 9 pm

18                   19                   20                      21 WOTM              22                    23                24
* Legion Celebration                                              * Business Meeting   * Karaoke 7:00 pm     * Bingo 7:00 pm
   (Placerville)                          * Legion Meeting          7:00 pm            * Pizza $2.00 Slice
                                            7:00 pm                                    * Draft Beer &

25                   26                   27                      28    LOOM           29                  30                  31
* District 4 Meet    * Member             * VFW Meeting           * General Meeting    * Legion Bingo 6pm * Bingo 7:00 pm
 (West Sacramento)     Appreciation                                 7:00 pm            * Draft Beer & Wine
                                                                                         $2.00 - 5 to 9 pm
                                                                         Calendar Correct as of:
                                                                                                                 Rancho Cordova

                                   December 2008                                                                 Lodge # 2357
                                                                                                                 Rancho Cordova, CA

      Sun                 Mon                   Tue                    Wed                    Thu                  Fri               Sat
                    1    WOTM            2                       3     WOTM             4                   5                 6
                    * Ritual Practice    * Joint Officers 6:30   * Orientation 6:30     * Legion Bingo 6pm * Bingo 7:00 pm
                    * NFL Monday         * Calendar 7:00 pm      * Enrollment 7:00      * Draft Beer & Wine
                      by Tim & Tracy                                                      $2.00 - 5 to 9 pm

7                   8    WOTM            9                       10      LOOM           11 LOOM             12                13
                    * Officers Meeting                           * Officers 7:00 pm     * Orientate 6:30 pm * Bingo 7:00 pm   * Park lot Clean-up
                    * NFL Monday                                 * House Committee      * Enrollment 7 pm                       8 am
                      by Tim & Tracy                               (to follow)          * Draft Beer & Wine                   * Kids Christmas
                       (TB-CAR)                                                           $2.00 - 5 to 9 pm                     Party— 2:00 pm

14                  15                   16                      17 WOTM                18                  19                20
                    * NFL Monday                                 * Business Meeting     * Legion Bingo 6pm * Bingo 7:00 pm    * Adult Christmas
                      by Tim & Tracy     * Legion Meeting          7:00 pm              * Draft Beer & Wine                     Party— 7:00 pm
                      (CLE-PHI)               7:00 pm                                     $2.00 - 5 to 9 pm

21                  22                   23                      24    LOOM             25                  26                27
* District 4 Meet   * NFL Monday         * VFW Meeting           * General Meeting
(Rancho Cordova)      by Tim & Tracy                               7:00 pm              * Christmas Day
* Lunch to follow     (GB-CHI)                                                          (LODGE CLOSED)

28                  29                   30                      31 * New Years Eve
                                                                      Party— 8:00 pm          NOTICE: Dates or times of scheduled activi-
                                                                      Hors d’ oeuvres         ties are subject to change. Check our website at
                                                                      & Desert            mooselodge2357.org or the Lodge for updates &
                                                                    * Liquor Basket       changes. All meetings start at 7:00 pm unless noted.

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