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									RESOURCES FOR ENCAUSTIC ARTISTS                    Holly    Evans-      www.evansencaustics.com.
                                                   Encaustic paints, ground.
Materials- including wax, damar, pigments,
                                                   Wagner                          Encaustics-
                                                   www.wagnerencaustics.com. Encaustic paints.
Crockett’s Honey-     www.crocketthoney.com.
                                                   The               Bee’s            Knees-
Beeswax, molds.
Miles             Conrad           Encaustics-     Encaustic Paints.
                                                   Earth Pigments-      www.earthpigments.com.
439 N. 6th Ave, #171 (SW corner of 6th Ave and
6th St-entrance is 3 doors west from corner).
Beeswax, soy wax, medium, damar, encaustic         Eric Hubbard- ehub3@yahoo.com. 795-6743.
paints, absorbent ground, soy solvent, cradled     Local panel maker.
panels, brushes, tools.
                                                   Bernie Klimek- bajabernie357@yahoo.com.
Muse          Art        and            Design-    432-9980. Local panel maker.
www.EncausticSupplies.com-     full      range
encaustic    painting   supplies,       various    Rodney                         Thompson-
manufacturers.                                     www.rodneythompson.com/panels.    Cradled
Dadant- www.dadant.com. Beeswax.
                                                   Kim Keast’s husband- kimkeastart@yahoo.com.
Swan’s- www.swanscandles.com. Beeswax.             Cradled panels.

R and F Paints- www.rfpaints.com. Encaustic        Magnesiacore- www.magnesiacore.com/art -
paints, ground, damar, pigment sticks.             Mineral-based clayboard panels.

Daniel Smith- www.danielsmith.com . Encaustic      Grafik Dimensions- www.pictureframes.com.
paints, pigments, metal tins, Japanese silk        Floater frames.
                                                   Artist     and       Craftsman       Supply-
Dick Blick- www.DickBlick.com. Art supplies.       www.artistcraftsman.com. Inexpensive floater
Sinopia- www.sinopia.com. Beeswax, damar,
pigments.                                          Chris    Paschke-    www.designsinkart.com.
                                                   Expensive high quality floater frames, sink
Sarnoff-    www.sarnoffart.com.       795-1229.
                                                   mount frames.
Encaustic paints, oil paints to use as pigment,
Ampersand panels.                                  Loose Ends- www.looseends.com. Papers and
Utrecht- www.utrecht.com.        Art    supplies
including damar.                                   Paper Paper Paper- 326-3830. Papers.

Enkaustikos- www.fineartstore.com. Medium,
encaustic paints.
Hiromi Paper- www.hiromipaper.com. Japanese       www.pinclips.com- plastic and metal pinclips
silk tissue, other handmade and manufactured      for hanging paper, photographs, or fabric to
papers.                                           walls.

Dharma Trading- www.dharmatrading.com-            www.theengineerguy.com- Po Yo Putty for
textile supplies including tjanting tools, silk   casting.
habotai, foils for transfer.
                                                  Tap Plastics- www.tapplastics.com- resin casting
Assorted   Supplies,        Hardware,      and    supplies and materials.
                                                  U-Line-     www.uline.com-        boxes       and
Harbor Freight- sw corner Craycroft and 22 ; or   packing/shipping materials.
Ina just west of Thornydale. Inexpensive heat
                                                  G & L Imports—22nd Street just east of Swan.
guns, brushes, synthetic chamois, metal letter
                                                  Butane canisters and good selection joss
and number stamps, tweezers, picks, dust
masks, nitrile gloves, razor blades, etc.
                                                  Kandi Corporation— www.KandiCorp.com. Hot
Target or J.C. Penney- Frequently on sale
                                                  Wax Art Stylus. Out of stock (April 26, 2010).
electric griddles, miscellaneous kitchen tools.
                                                  Keep checking.
Michael’s or JoAnn- Embossing heat guns,
                                                  Books, DVD’s, Essays, Film Clips-
tacking guns, misc. supplies.
                                                  “The Art of Encaustic Painting” by Joanne
Thrifts or E-Bay- Salton warming trays,
                                                  Mattera, book.
miscellaneous supplies and small appliances.
                                                  “Embracing Encaustic” by Linda and William
Paula Roland- www.paularoland.com. Encaustic
                                                  Womack, book.
hot box for monotypes.
                                                  “Encaustic Workshop” by Patricia Baldwin
Home Depot- plywood, masonite, or MDF,
                                                  Seggebruch, book.
miscellaneous tools and hardware.
                                                  “Creative Paint Workshop for Mixed-Media
Marjon- 426 W. Alturas, 624-2872. Clay tools.
                                                  Artists” by Ann Baldwin, book.
Your dentist- Used dental pics.
                                                  “Encaustic Collage Workshop” by Patricia
Arizona Art Supply- 4343 N. Oracle. 388-5555.     Baldwin Seggebruch, DVD.
Miscellaneous art supplies.
                                                  “Encaustic with a Textile Sensibility” by Daniella
Chinese Clay Art- www.chineseclayart.com.         Woolf, DVD.
Large collection of Chinese brushes and clay
                                                  “Encaustic with a Textile Sensibility” by Daniella
                                                  Woolf, book.
United       Manufacturers        Supply-
www.unitedmfrs.com. Framing hardware and
“Encaustic Art: The Complete Guide to Creating    www.artshow.com- competition and exhibition
Fine Art with Wax” by Lissa Rankin, book.         info.
                                                  www.designboom.com- sign up for daily e-
“The Artists Guide: Making a Living Doing What    newsletter.
You Love” by Jackie Battenfield, book.
                                                  www.dailyartmuse.com- sign up for daily e-
““Starving” to Successful” by Jason Horejs,       newsletter.
                                                  http://waxor.blogspot.com-     Cari   Hernandez’
“I’d Rather Be in the Studio” by Alyson B.        blog
Stanfield, book.
                                                  http://joannemattera.blogspot.com-        Joanne
“Fayum” by Berenice Geoffroy-Schneiter, book.     Mattera’s blog

“Plan/bee” by Susan Brackney, book.               http://encausticopolis.blogspot.com-     Daniella
                                                  Woolf’s blog
“Fruitless Fall” by Rowan Jacobsen, book.
                                                  http://encausticconference.blogspot.com         –
“The Hive” by Bee Wilson, book.                   Joanne Mattera’s current conference site.
“Waxing Poetic: Encaustic Art in America During   www.rfpaints.com. For R and F forum, blog,
the               20th                Century”-
                                                  workshops, exhibitions, etc.
www.tfaoi.com/aa/2aa/2aa626.htm,         essay.
Catalogue out of print but may be available       http://bestfootforward2010.blogspot.com- Best
through R and F.                                  Foot Forward exhibit at Montserrat Conference.

http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-remove-       Some good Facebook groups to join- Encaustic
wax-from-clothes-or-material.                     Artists, Encaustic Art, Artists Studios, The Bee’s
                                                  Knees Encaustics, Encaustic Image Transfers,
“Encaustic Monotypes- Painterly Prints with       Painters Color Charts, Fayum Portraits, and Fan
Heat and Wax” by Paula Roland, DVD.               Group “Bees in Art” through “friend” Andrew
“Wax Twist: Advanced Encaustic Techniques” by     Tyzack.
Cari Hernandez, DVD.                              www.myartspace.com- online selling.
Art Blogs, Websites, Facebook Groups-             Encaustic Organizations, Workshops-
Catherine           Nash’s            blog-       Catherine Nash’s Desert Paper Book and Wax-
http://www.papermakingresources.blogspot.co       http://www.papermakingresources.com/classes
Art Deadlines List- www.artdeadlines.com-         International       Encaustic            Artists-
exhibit and show deadlines and info. Both free    www.international-encaustic-artists.org.
and yearly subscription formats available.        Umbrella group includes chapters, portfolio,
workshops and exhibitions, yahoo group,              Wilson   Graham      Art    Photographer-
community posting group, yearly retreat, etc.        wpgphoto@yahoo.com, 296-6921.

The Bee Team- www.beeswaxteam.com.                   Kris Nicola- webmaster and graphic artist,
Florida Hot Wax- www.floridahotwax.com
                                                     Karon Leigh- webmaster and other computer
Fused                                    Chicago-    services, karonleigh@gmail.com.
                                                     Cathy     Hampton-          graphic       design.
New      England       Wax               (N.E.W)-
                                                     Lori Lieber- graphic design. lori@lorilieber.com.
Texas Wax- www.texaswax.com
                                                     www.gotprint.net/g/welcome.do --inexpensive
Encaustic               Art             Institute-   quality printing services (business cards,
http://encausticartinstitute.blogspot.com.           postcards, etc.)
Exhibitions, classes.

Wax               World                   United-

The            Drawing               Studio-
www.thedrawingstudio.org. Workshops, exhibit

www.paperworks.info. Tucson area arts
organization- workshops, exhibit opportunities,
small theme-based sub-groups.

Conrad             Wilde              Gallery-
tml . Classes and private consultation, guest

Outside Professionals          (photographers,
webmasters, etc.)-

Robin          Stancliff       Photography-
www.stancliffphotography.com, 722-9306.

Centric Photo- www.centricphoto.com, 325-
0065. 4001 East Pima Street. Photo
reproduction and giclee prints.

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