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   Msgr. Robert J. McCabe                                 Council 581 Knightline
Grand Knight                                                             2008-2009 Fraternal Year – October 2008
   Gerard Moriarity

Deputy Grand Knight
   William Drexler
                                                                    Grand Knight’s Message
                                       October! “Are you ready for some Football?” I guess you have to be considering
   David Garrison                      there will be no Baseball this fall in Yankee-town. Oh well. Let’s see if the Giants
                                       can repeat?
    Hector Soto

Financial Secretary
                                       October also holds some important dates and events for our members. October 5th is
    William J. Cahill                  the Annual Life Chain in Nanuet. The fight to end Abortion on Demand in this
                                       country goes on and is making strides like never before in history. The Knights of
    Oswald Boncoeur                    Columbus are strong defenders of the unborn. Join me and hundreds of other Pro-
                                       Lifers on route 59 and Middletown Rd. A strong turn out of Knights is imperative.
    Paul J. Weireter                   October 24th is the night of our “Blast from the Past” 50’s Night. Tickets are
                                       available at the council. This promises to be a great night of nostalgic fun you won’t
   Jack Nicholson, Sr.                 want to miss. Tickets are going fast! Get yours ASAP.
Warden                                 October 25th is the Annual Rockland County Chapter K of C Charity Ball. A terrific
   John Evanko                         event. Tickets are available.
Inside Guard
     Al Guelcher                       Something we all need to remember, mutual respect. We are all brothers. As Knights
Outside Guard                          we are judged in our public and private lives. We must judge ourselves when it
    Juan Nieves                        comes to our actions as well as the words we use.
    PGK Eugene Barnum (1 yr)           National election season is upon us. There are some very important issues that
    PGK PFN Gerald Pileggi (2yr)
    George Wargo, Sr (3 yr)            candidates must face. This is an important election year no doubt. I urge you as
                                       Knights and Catholic Gentlemen to support those candidates that are Pro-Life (Anti-
Bulletin Editor
    PGK FDD John Watson                Abortion).
Insurance Agent
    Ed Aquilino                        Do you know a Catholic man who might like to join our order? A solid Catholic man
    (917) 647-3181                     who would be an asset to our Council? Why not approach him and suggest
                                       membership in the Knights of Columbus? Sponsor a new member today.
District Deputy-District 49
    Charles Gardella
                                       May God Bless Us All!
Joyce Kilmer Assembly 698
    FN Chester Nawoichyk
                                       Vivat Jesus!
Rockland County Chapter
    Chairman John Watson

Hudson Valley Conference
   Chairman Dan Keenan

New York State Deputy
                                       Gerry Moriarity - Grand Knight
   Edward Castellazzi
                                                          Haverstraw Council 581 – Knights of Columbus
                        56 West Broad Street – Haverstraw, New York 10927 – (845) 429-5850 – –
Forty Days for Life – Sept 24 to Nov 2
This fall’s Forty Days for Life vigil began on
September 24th. This program is a call for prayer for                  BLAST FROM THE PAST
the end of abortion. Participants choose an hour and
stand in silent prayer outside Planned Parenthood on                        50’S NIGHT
Perlman Drive in Spring Valley (across from the                                    Comes to the
Spring Valley Marketplace). If you can find an hour                           Knights of Columbus 581
during the day please call Richard Bruno 359-5823 or                         Friday – October 24th – 7pm
Eileen Peterson 429-2077 to volunteer. This way they
know which hours are already covered. You can still                  LIVE BAND FEATURING
come down any time. The first hour is 8-9 am and the           YO VINNY & THE BRONX WANDERERS
last is 7-8 pm. From 8pm to 8am you are welcome to                       ONLY $40.00 PER PERSON
spend an hour in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament                               Includes:
in Saint Gregory Barbarigo’s chapel. Prayer is what              Dancing – Food – Beer – Wine – Soda – Dessert
closed the abortion clinic on Eckerson Road last year                        FOR TICKETS CALL
and prayer will be the reason that abortion will finally
                                                                       Angie Amengual – (845) 826-5402
end. Be part of it. Spend an hour a week in silent
prayer with your brother knights, fellow Catholics,                  GK Gerry Moriarity – (845) 641-9030
brothers and sisters in Christ, as well as other                      PGK Gene Barnum – (845) 591-7061
believers who all are joining together to end abortion.                Tickets must be purchased in advance
                                                                                 (50’s Dress Optional)
Life Chain – October 5th – 2 to 3:30
On October 5th, from 2:00                                     Charity Ball
until 3:30 p.m. people                                        Anyone interested in attending this year’s 18th Annual
from throughtout the                                          Charity Ball for Life sponsored by the Rockland
county will come together                                     County Chapter Knights of Columbus should contact
in the annual life chain to                                   Grand Knight Gerry Moriarity. He is getting together
end abortion. This year’s                                     tables from the Council. This year’s event will be held
theme is very simple:                                         on Saturday, October 25th. The honorees are Brother
“Pray to end abortion.”                                       Knights Richard Bruno, Ed Stankard, and “Toby”
We will be forming a                                          O’Mahoney. Richard and Toby are both from
cross on the intersection                                     Piermont Council and Ed is from Triune.
of    Route      59    and                                    If you are able to take or sell a journal ad for this
Middletown Road. Knights are asked to gather at the           event, call Brother John Watson at 429-3530. Ads run
corner by the Tuxedo Rental store. Councils are asked         from $30 for an eighth of a page to $100 for a full
to display their banners. The organizers are hoping for       page. Gold page ads are $150. If you would like to be
a minimum of five men from each Council. Your                 listed as a patron the cost would be $15.00.
family is most welcome. Let’s make sure that our              All proceeds from this event go to pro-life
Council has the best representation of all. Come stand        organizations in Rockland County. Proceeds are
by the 581 banner with your brother knights. We will          distributed at our annual Christmas Party.
be leaving from the Council at 1:15.
                                                              Fourth Degree
Corrections                                                   Think about joining the Fourth Degree, the patriotic
We apologize for the following omissions from the             degree. The day of the exemplification for the Fourth
Family Picnic report in the September bulletin. We            Degree is very special – not only for the member but
wish to thank Cindy Barnum and Kitty Kresbeck.                also for the wife. Following the degree, there is
Cindy spent most of the day opening clams so that             always a formal ball. Our Council encourages all third
everyone would have enough. Kitty helped organize,            degree members to take the Fourth. It even goes so far
purchase supplies, and run the games that we had for          as to underwrite most of the expenses. If you are
children and adults. Thanks a lot!                            interested see Grand Knight Gerry Moriarity.
                             Council 581 Knightline – 2008-2009 Fraternal Year – October 2008
Bits & Pieces                                                    Elections
                                                                 We are all aware that elections are coming next month. It is
Remember in Prayer                                               critical that we go into the voting booth with a firm
Pray also for all our sick and homebound, especially             decision as to the people most fit to lead this great nation of
Brothers Pat Sutera PGK, Dominick Pileggi and Enrique            ours.
Resto.                                                           As Catholics and as Knights we hold ourselves to a higher
                                                                 standard. We must be aware of the Church’s position on
Bingo                                                            the issues facing our times and we must know how the
                                                                 individual candidates’ positions fare when compared to the
Come down to bingo. Help your club meet
                                                                 position of the Church.
its charitable obligations for the 2008-
                                                                 In order to do this, we must inform ourselves. There is a lot
2009 fraternal year. Join a team:
        October 4        Gold Team                               of good information out there. The websites for the United
        October 11       Red Team                                States Catholic Conference and the Knights of Columbus
        October 18       Blue Team                               are filled with information regarding the position of the
        October 25       White Team                              Church.
        November 7       Gold Team
        November 14      Red Team
                                                                 Inform yourselves – especially as to how the candidates
        November 21      Blue Team                               fare on life positions – abortion, health care, education, old
        November 28      White Team                              age, euthanasia, capital punishment, immigration, social
                                                                 justice – all those items pertaining to life and the quality of
                 Bowlers Wanted                                  life.
                The Council Bowling League has already           Lines from the Lecturer
                begun. The League runs on Wednesday              As we get close to the end of the year, the days get shorter
                nights. Brother George Wargo, Sr. tells me       and it gets dark sooner. We, as adults, must be aware that
                that they want to expand the number of           many of our students are standing on corners waiting for a
teams. To do this they need a few more bowlers Even if           school bus in the dark because there are no street lights
you can’t make it every week, you can sign on as a sub.          near the bust stop. My corner is one of them.
Call Brother Wargo if you are interested at 429-4609 or e-       Don’t forget – Friday, October 31st, is Halloween. That is
mail him at                                the night all our little ghosts and goblins will be going out
                                                                 “trick or treating”. With the costumes and masks they will
Club 581 – party                                                 be wearing, they will have difficulty seeing and walking.
                                                                 Again, we must be very careful.
Chairman Pat Healy is prod to report another successful
                                                                 According to researchers at UCLA, broccoli may contain
581 Club for this year. On Sunday, September 21st, after 30
                                                                 age related decliners in our immune functions. The
weeks of drawing weekly winners, the club members and
                                                                 message is: “Eat your broccoli.”
their guests finally gathered for their dinner dance.
                                                                 According to a study at the University of Buffalo, if you
The big winner was Brother Nabor Pineiro who managed
                                                                 are taking low dose aspirin regularly, avoid ibuprofen.
to win both the $500.00 first prize as well as the $250.00
                                                                 Combined, it can cancel out the aspirin’s anti-platelet
second prize. There were also two fifty/fifty raffles run.
                                                                 effect and could cause a stroke.
The first ($135.00) was won by Ann Spissinger and the
                                                                 Planning to rent a car? Do not rent at an airport – rent
second ($100.00) by Brother Al Guelcher.
                                                                 locally. It’s much less expensive. Don’t call an “800”
The winners from March through August were in the last
                                                                 number – call the local number. They can usually offer you
bulletin. The last three weekly drawings were 9/1 won by
                                                                 a lower rate and have a better selection of vehicles.
Eva Young, 9/8 won by Tom Brown, and 9/15 won by Joe
                                                                 It seems as though everyone raises tomatoes (except me).
                                                                 No matter how you get them, the correct way to choose and
Thanks to all who helped make the Club 581 Party such a
                                                                 store them is as follows. They should be heavy for their
great success this year. First we wish to thank all those who
                                                                 size and the skin should be firm and red with no blemishes.
supported us and all those who worked on the party,
                                                                 They should be stored in a cool dry place – out of direct
especially: Chairman Pat Healy, Co-Chairman Al
                                                                 sunlight. Never put them in the refrigerator.
Guelcher, Angelo Quattrocchi, Steve Quattrocchi, Richie
                                                                 Some dates to remember:
Martinez, PGK Gerry Pileggi, GK Gerry Moriarity, Papo
                                                                      Sunday October 12th         Columbus Day
Nieves, Mike Barnum, George Wargo, Sr., Claire Wargo,
                                                                      Monday October 13th         Columbus shopping Day
Bill Archambault, Victor Cosme, John Squillante, Joe                                        th
                                                                      Monday October 13           US Navy established 1775
Meola, and PGK John Watson. Only through the efforts of
                                                                 To everyone celebrating a birthday in October:
many can we succeed. Buy next year’s tickets NOW!
                                                                                         Happy Birthday!
                                Council 581 Knightline – 2008-2009 Fraternal Year – October 2008
Council 581 Calendar                   Meetings 2nd & 4th Thursdays – 8:00 p.m.
                                       Bingo every Saturday KNight
                                       Degree Team – 1st Tuesdays 7:30
                                       Council Cleanup – 2nd and 4th Tuesdays – 6:30
October 2nd, Thursday    7:00 p.m.     Council Officers’ Meeting
October 5th, Sunday      11:00 a.m.    Columbus Day Parade – West Haverstraw
                         2:00 p.m.     Life Chain – Pray to Stop Abortion – Middletown Rd & Rt 59 – Nanuet
                                       Columbus Day Parade – Garnerville – West Haverstraw
October 7th, Tuesday     7:30 p.m.     Degree Team
October 9th, Thursday    8:00 p.m.     Council Business Meeting
October 12th, Sunday                   Columbus Day
October 14th, Tuesday    6:30 p.m.     Council Cleanup
October 20th, Monday     8:00 p.m.     Second Degree – Joyce Kilmer Council 1177, Suffern
October 23rd, Thursday   8:00 p.m.     Council Social Meeting
October 24th, Friday                   Blast from the Past – at the Council
October 25th, Saturday                 Rockland County Chapter Charity Ball – St. Dominic’s Council – Blauvelt
October 28th, Tuesday    6:30 p.m.     Council Cleanup
November 4th, Tuesday                  Election Day – Make sure you vote
                        7:30 p.m.      Degree Team
November 6 , Thursday 7:00 p.m.        Council Officers’ Meeting
November 11th, Tuesday                 Veteran’s Day
                        6:30 p.m.      Council Cleanup
November 13th, Thursday 8:00 p.m.      Council Business Meeting
November 16th, Sunday 1:45 p.m.        Exemplification of the Third Degree
November 18th, Tuesday 8:00 p.m.       Rockland County Chapter Meeting – Joyce Kilmer Council – Suffern
November 25th, Tuesday 6:30 p.m.       Council Cleanup
November 27th, Thursday                Thanksgiving (no meeting)

Haverstraw Council 581                                                                             Presort STD
Knights of Columbus                                                                                US Postage
56 West Broad Street                                                                                  PAID
Haverstraw NY 10927                                                                               Monsey, NY
                                                                                                 Permit No. 2707
Address Correction Requested

Life Chain
       October 5th

                              Council 581 Knightline – 2008-2009 Fraternal Year – October 2008

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