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Cheerleading_Packet by ashrafp





Friday, April 30, 2010-Sunday, May 2, 2010
Dear Candidate,

We are very excited that you are interested in becoming a part of the Armstrong Atlantic State University 2010-
2011 Co-Ed Cheerleading Squad. Currently, the squad participates in a variety of activities such as community
service, fundraisers, cheering at the basketball games as well as taking part in competitions. As a cheerleader for
AASU, one must be dedicated and determined and be prepared to work to their full potential at ALL times.

Please complete and submit the cheerleading try-out packet before Friday, April 16, 2010. Packets can be
mailed to the address listed below. If there is any additional documentation that is needed, you will be notified.
We look forward to working with you during try-outs and hopefully for the upcoming season. If you have any
questions, please feel free to contact Coach Michalle Quarles at or Coach Charita Hardy
at See you in April!


Charita N. Hardy                                             Michalle Quarles
AASU Cheerleading Coach                                      AASU Cheerleading Coach

Please mail packets to:
Charita N. Hardy, AASU Cheerleading Coach
Office of Admissions
Armstrong Atlantic State University
11935 Abercorn Street
Savannah, Georgia 31419
                           Armstrong Atlantic State University
                                    Try-Out Packet

*Cheerleading Application _____
*Cheerleading Waiver of Medical Liability_____
*Medical History and Examination Report______
*Copy of Acceptance to AASU (Freshman and Transfers ONLY)
*2 Letters of Recommendation (Freshman and Transfers ONLY)
    1 Letter from previous coach
    1 Letter from individual of choice (excludes family relatives)

                             Other Important Information:
                           Armstrong Atlantic State University
                              Cheerleading Try-Out Dates

Spring 2010 Cheerleading Try-Outs:
Friday April 30, 2010:
     Introduction/ Overview 6:00 PM-9:00 PM
Saturday May 1, 2010:
     Practice/Workshop 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM
Sunday May 2, 2010: Try-Out Day
     For Try-Outs candidates will be REQUIRED to perform a cheer, chant, dance, stunts, jumps, and

                    **Please come dressed in the proper attire and be ready to work.

If selected for the 2010-2011 AASU Cheerleading Squad, the following are upcoming payments.

Upcoming Payments:
Friday June 4, 2010: $275.00 Camp Payment
Friday July 2, 201: $100.00 Camp Attire

        **Cost for other semester payments will be given after Cheerleading Camp in August.**
                               Armstrong Atlantic State University
                                   Cheerleading Application
                                                  Please Print

    Full Name: _____________________________________              Student ID #: _____________________
    Home Address: _____________________________________________________________________________
    City: ____________________________________             State: _____________        Zip: ______________
    Home Phone #: ___________________        Cell #: ____________________      E-mail:___________________
    Email Address: _____________________________________________________________________________
    Parents’ Name: (Mother) ________________________________ Occupation __________________________
                    (Father) ________________________________ Occupation __________________________

    Year in college: ____________ Projected Graduation Date: _____________________ GPA: _____________
    Major: __________________________________________
    Activities you are involved with in college: ______________________________________________________
    Any honors/awards received in college: _________________________________________________________

    Birth date: ___________________________ Age: _____________ Ht: ____________ Wt: _____________
    Sizes: Cheer Shoe: _______________       T-Shirt: ____________        Soffe Cheer Shorts: ____________

    Out-of-pocket cheerleading expenses may be ~$550.00 Are you prepared to pay for those costs? YES NO

                                      Emergency Contact Information:

Primary (Parent/Guardian)                          Secondary (optional)

Name(s)                                          Name(s)
Address                                          Address

Home Phone #                                     Home Phone #
Work Phone #                                     Work Phone #
Relationship                                     Relationship
                            Armstrong Atlantic State University
                                Cheerleading Application
                                     Skills Checklist
         Check next to the skills you have mastered (meaning you can do it 10 out of 10 times)
     _____Standing back hand-spring
     _____Standing back tuck
     _____Standing back hand-spring back tuck
     _____Toe touch back tuck
     _____Round-off back hand-spring
     _____Round-off back hand-spring back tuck
     _____Round-off back hand-spring layout
     _____Round-off back hand-spring full twist

Any tumbling skills you have that are not listed above: _____________________________________________

What is your primary stunting position?    Base: ________        Flyer: _________      Spot: _________
            Check next to the skills you have mastered (meaning you can do it 10 out of 10 times)
       _____Straight up extension
       _____Heel Stretch
       _____Bow & Arrow
       _____Toe touch basket toss
       _____Back tuck basket toss
       _____Kick full or kick double basket toss
       _____Full cradles
       _____Double full cradles

Any stunting skills you have that are not listed above: ______________________________________________

Cheerleading Background/Experience/Achievements: ___________________________________________

Cheerleading or Sports Related Injuries: ______________________________________________________

Feel free to contact me with any questions: (404) 488-1663 or
                          Armstrong Atlantic State University
                        Cheerleading Waiver of Medical Liability
Date of birth________________

   1.   I, __________________________________will be participating in a walk on tryout with the
        cheerleading team. I presently have no injuries or illnesses that might prevent me from participating in
        the tryout.

Participant Signature_________________________________________Date________________

Parent/Guardian Signature
(If under18)____________________________________________Date__________________

   2.   In the event of an injury occurring during the tryout, I will not hold AASU responsible in any way.

Participant Signature_________________________________________Date________________

Parent/Guardian Signature
(If under 18)___________________________________________Date________________

   3.   I have current medical insurance that will cover any costs incurred due to injury sustained during the

Participant Signature_________________________________________Date________________

Parent/Guardian Signature
(If under 18)__________________________________________Date________________

Insurance Company: ____________________________________ Ins. Co. Phone #: _____________________
Policy #: ___________________________________               Group #: __________________________________
                         *Please provide a front and back copy of insurance card*

                                            Please Read Carefully
By filling out and signing this application, you are saying that all the above information is true and
correct. If chosen to be on the squad, as an AASU Cheerleader, you will be expected to give 100%
participation at all times. It will be MANDATORY for ALL cheerleaders to attend camp and cheer at the
men and women basketball games depending on what is ask of you by the coach. Also, if selected as a
member of the AASU Cheerleading Squad, you will abide by this agreement in addition to the rules and
regulations while at practice, try-outs, camps, games, as well as Peach Belt and National Competitions
which are stated in the AASU Cheerleading Manual.

Signature of Applicant: ______________________________ Date:______________________
                                                   Armstrong Atlantic State University
                                            MEDICAL HISTORY AND EXAMINATION REPORT

Primary Sport:_______________________                                                 Date of Physical:______________

Name: ______________________________                                       SSN: _______-________-________

Date of Birth: _______/________/________             Age: ________         College Year:     1    2   3 4      5

Student’s local address: __________________________                        Name of Parent/Guardian: ______________________
_______________________________________________                            Address: _____________________________________
_______________________________________________                            ______________________________________________
Phone #: _______________________________________                           Phone #: ______________________________________

Family Physician: (name)_________________________(city)__________________(phone#)_________________________

Emergency Contact: (name)_______________________(relationship)_________________(phone#)__________________

                                                                    Physical Examination
Height: ________                Weight: _________                          RHR (60sec): _________                     BP:_________

                      Normal    Abnormal Findings/Comments                          Initials
Shoulders/Upper Arms
Lower legs/Ankles
General Flexibility
Other Comments
Lymph Nodes
Cleared: _____        NOT Cleared: ______ Cleared after completing eval./rehab for: ____________


Name of Physician:___________________ Signature of Physician: _____________________ Date:_________

I understand that this physical is for no other purpose than to clear me for athletic participation at AASU. I understand that it is not a physical for illness that may
develop in the future. I further agree that such illnesses will be taken to my personal doctor, or the athletic trainer for referral or care. I give authorization to the
athletic trainer or team physician to evaluate and treat injuries that occur during my athletic participation at AASU which includes first-aid treatment, X-Rays,
physical exam, follow-up care, and rehabilitation. I understand the team physician has the authority to eliminate me from further participation because of an injury
and/or because of undue risk to AASU. No records will be released to anyone other than the team physician unless given my written approval. Athlete will not be able
to participate in AASU athletics until this form is completed and signed by athlete and team physician.

Signature: __________________________                           Date: _____________________
                                                                Personal History
Circle “yes” or “no” for each of the following which may have occurred in the past 3 years. If you answer “yes” to any question, please
clarify in the space provided.

Have you had a medical illness since your last     YES     NO
check-up or sports physical?
Have you been hospitalized?                        YES     NO
Have you had surgery?                              YES     NO
Are you currently taking any medications?          YES     NO
Do you have allergies? If yes, list medications.   YES     NO

Do you have asthma? If yes, list medications.      YES     NO

Have you had any severe asthma attacks?          YES         NO
Have you ever had racing of your heart or        YES         NO
skipped heart beats?
Have you had high blood pressure or high         YES         NO
Has a family member or relative died of heart YES            NO
problems or sudden death before the age 50?
Has a physician ever denied or restricted your YES           NO
participation in sports due to heart problems?
Have you ever felt dizzy or passed out during YES            NO
or after exercise
Do you have a history of head injuey or          YES         NO
Have you ever had a seizure?                     YES         NO
Do you have frequent/severe headaches?           YES         NO
Have you had problems exercising in heat?        YES         NO
Do you have any problems with vision/eye?        YES         NO
Have you or family members ever been             YES         NO
diagnosed with sickle cell anemia?
Are you currently taking medication for          YES         NO
Please list any medication you are currently taking not listed above: __________________________________________

Have you ever broken or dislocated any joints? Pain in muscles or joints? Check all that apply:

Head: ____    Hip/Thigh: ____     Elbow: ____      Neck: ____    Knee: ____   Wrist/Hand/Finger: ____

Back: ____    Lower Leg: ____     Shoulder: ____     Chest: ____   Ankle/Foot: ____


When was you first menstrual period? __________________________________________________________________
When was your most recent menstrual period? ___________________________________________________________
What is the normal length of time between your periods? ___________________________________________________

I hereby state, to the best of my knowledge, my answers to the above questions are correct.

                      Athlete’s Signature: ______________________________                     Date: _________

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