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Scope of Nutrients

Nutrients (ISSN 2072-6643) is an international,
peer-reviewed open access journal which
provides an advanced forum for reporting and         Open Access                                              Call for papers
reviewing human and experimental studies
related to Food Science and Nutrition. It                freely available to everyone on the
publishes reviews, regular research papers and
short communications.
                                                         permission to reuse the published
Manuscripts describing research proposals and            content
hypotheses are welcomed. Nutrients will also             high visibility and citation impact
consider publication of government surveys,
reports and policy statements relating to Food
Science and Nutrition to facilitate widespread            More information available at:
Our aim is to encourage scientists to publish full
details of their experimental findings. Electronic
files and software conveying full details of
experimental procedures or data, if too extensive
to be published in the text, can be deposited as     Nutrients (ISSN 2072-6643), an open
supplementary material.                              access journal of food science and
                                                     nutrition, is published by MDPI online


Call for Papers                                       Nutrients Topical Sections                      Editorial Board

Dear Colleagues,                                      Nutrients publishes special issues that cover   Editor-in-Chief
                                                      a wide range of different topics relating to
You are invited to contribute a research article or   nutrients including:                            Prof. Dr. Peter Howe
a comprehensive review for consideration and                                                          Nutritional Physiology Research Centre, School of
                                                                                                      Health Sciences, University of South Australia
publication in Nutrients (ISSN 2072-6643).                 Omega-3 Update
                                                           Carbohydrates                              Associate Editor
Nutrients is an online open access journal pro-            Nutritional Epidemiology
viding an advanced forum for the science of food           Folate Metabolism and Nutrition            Assoc. Prof. Jon Buckley
and nutrients. Manuscripts prepared in Microsoft           Sports Nutrition                           University of South Australia
Word or LaTeX can be submitted by e-mail to                Dietary Salt and Human Health Detailed Instructions for                                                         Editorial Board Members
Authors are available on the Nutrients website:       A list of special issues currently open for     Sean H. Adams (University of California)
                                                      submission is available from the Nutrients      David B. Allison (University of Alabama)          website:                                        John J.B. Anderson (University of North Carolina)
                                                                                                      Enrico Bignetti (University of Parma)
                                                                                                      Jeffrey B. Blumberg (Tufts University, USA)
Nutrients is published in open access format -        Günther Boehm (Milupa GmbH)
research articles, reviews and other content is                                                       Werner Bonrath (DSM)
released on the Internet immediately. The                                                             Francesco Capozzi (University of Bologna)
scientific community and the general public have                                                      Winston Craig (Andrews University)
                                                                                                      Eric A. Decker (University of Massachusetts)
unrestricted free access to the content as soon
as it is published.
                                                      Related Journals                                Frank R. Dunshea (The University of Melbourne)
                                                                                                      Ahmed El-Sohemy (University of Toronto)
                                                      Published by MDPI                               Bernard Faye (CIRAD-ES)
For manuscripts submitted in 2010, the open                                                           Fawaz George Haj (University of California)
                                                           International Journal of Molecular         Mark D. Haub (Kansas State University Manhattan)
access publishing and its related article                                                             Michael Horowitz (Royal Adelaide Hospital)
processing charges are of 300 CHF and are                  Sciences                                   Robert T. Jackson (University of Maryland)
supported by the authors' institutes or research                   Bengt Jeppsson (Malmö Surgery Research)
funding bodies.                                                                                       Mark S. Kuhlenschmidt (University of Illinois)
                                                           International Journal of Environmental     Heather J. Leidy (University of Kansas)
                                                                                                      Marc Lemay (Senior Scientist)
We are looking forward to hearing from you.                Research and Public Health                 Roger McDonald (University of California)
                                                                 Kelly Meckling (University of Guelph)
Nutrients Editorial Office                                                                            Barbara Meyer (University of Wollongong)
                                                                                                      Caryl Nowson (Deakin University)
                                                                                                      Patricia I. Oteiza (University of California)
MDPI AG                                                                                               Kristina Pentieva (University of Ulster)
Postfach                                                                                              Peter Pribis (Andrews University)
CH – 4005 Basel                                                                                       Valentina M. Remig (Kansas State University)
Switzerland                                                                                           Samir Samman (University of Sydney)
                                                                                                      Won O. Song (Michigan State University)
E-mail:                                                                            Sean Strain (University of Ulster)
Tel. +41 61 683 7734                                                                                  James H. Swain (Case Western Reserve University)
                                                                                                      Tsunenobu Tamura (University of Alabama)
Fax +41 61 302 8918
                                                                                                      Margarita Teran-Garcia (University of Illinois)
                                                                                                      Zeynep Ustunol (Michigan State University)
                                                                                                      Silke Vogel (Columbia University)
                                                                                                      Wendy E. Ward (University of Toronto)
                                                                                                      Susan J. Whiting (University of Saskatchewan)
                                                                                                      Lynda Margaret Williams (University of Aberdeen)
                                                                                                      Maija Zile (Michigan State University)

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