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					DRA’s Electricity Pricing and Customer Programs Branch Bios

Regulatory Analyst
Chris received a B.S. in Accounting from California State University East Bay in 1979, with a
minor in Computer Science. He started his career at the CPUC in 1980 as an auditor. Since
then his career has covered the full breadth of regulation at the CPUC, including projects in the
energy, telecommunications, water, and transportation industries. Chris has completed financial,
economic and policy analyses and was recently the Project Coordinator on PG&E’s Automated
Metering Infrastructure proceeding. Currently, Chris is working on the upgrade to that system.

Regulatory Analyst
Taaru joined the CPUC in 2007. During the past 6 months, she has worked extensively on
Southern California Edison’s advanced metering infrastructure filing with particular emphasis on
information technology and avoided cost issues. Previously, she worked at California Capital
FDC, a microfinance organization, serving multiple roles from program design and
development, to market assessment and impact assessment. She has interned at the
California Energy Commission as a graduate student, and has past work experience at Towers
Perrin as well as internships at Merrill Lynch and Schlumberger.
Taaru holds a Masters in Economics from UC Davis, and a Bachelor of Business, Finance and a
Bachelor of Economics from the University of Texas at Austin. Outside of work, she enjoys
creating works of mosaic art and reading.

Regulatory Analyst
Cheryl is DRA's project coordinator for the Commission's complex, multi-phased energy efficiency
proceeding. As a policy analyst for DRA, she promotes ratepayers’ interests by overseeing the
development, implementation, and accountability of energy efficiency programs across
California. Cheryl further represents DRA in the Commission's stakeholder process to develop a
20-year strategic plan in order to seamlessly integrate energy programs for greater accessibility
and cost-effectiveness for customers. Her advocacy in this role is to promote the
development of a roadmap to change the culture of how Californian's more efficiently and
conservatively consume energy.

Cheryl has worked at the Commission for over six years as an analyst and a Commissioner
advisor. Prior to joining the Commission, Cheryl held management positions in the high-tech and
media industries. She has a degree in Political Science from the University of Southern

Program and Project Supervisor
Chris supervises staff working on electric rate design, advanced metering infrastructure, AB 1X
issues, and community choice aggregation.

Chris joined the CPUC over 30 years ago and has worked on a wide range of issues including
general rate cases, energy conservation, marginal costs, stranded costs, electric restructuring,
direct access, and rate design. He is co-authoring the second CPUC Standard Practice Energy
Conservation Analysis. He has hands-on experience with production cost simulation modeling
and was involved with validating computer models used in ratemaking pursuant to Assembly Bill
Before Chris came to the CPUC, he worked for two consulting firms writing environmental impact
reports. Chris has a B.A. in Mathematical and Computer Models in the Social Sciences (1972)
and a B.S. in Information and Computer Science (1977), both from the University of California,
Irvine, a M.A. in Geography (1975), with specialty in urban and environmental planning, from the
University of Toronto, and a M.A. in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary.

Office Technician
Josie joined the DRA as an office technician in February 2008. Before joining DRA, Josie worked
for the California Attorney General's office for almost 23 years where she started as an Office
Assistant and moved on to be an office technician and office service supervisor. She has
received a Sustained Superior Accomplishment Award by the Department of Justice. Josie
has two children and four grandchildren that live in Las Vegas. During her free time she likes to
go ballroom dancing.

Regulatory Analyst
Brewster’s current assignments include reviewing the utilities' Section 851 applications to
determine whether ratepayers are entitled to share in any gain on sale or revenue and whether
there are any reduction in service and its effect on ratepayers. Brewster is also assigned to the
direct access proceeding, R.07-05-025 and the emergency back-up power, R.07-04-015. In 2007,
Brewster was recognized by DRA management for persuading the Commission to adopt the
appropriate formula for calculating the ratepayer share of gain on sale. Further, he was also
recognized for the Commission adopting DRA’s recommendation to extend the Section 851
Advice Letter Pilot Program.

Senior Utilities Engineer
Ted provides technical, business case, and public policy analysis on information and demand
response technologies, including advance metering infrastructure (AMI). Ted has investigated
and quantified regional communications and information technology systems, analyzing the many
impacts of AMI on the state’s electrical grid. In addition, Ted has advocated strongly that
consumers should have free, real-time access to their own energy consumption data.

Ted is a Registered Professional Engineer and has a Master’s Degree in Engineering from The
University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana and a master’s degree in business administration from
The University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business.

Senior Utilities Engineer
Sudheer joined DRA in 2006 and is currently working as DRA’s Project Manager on demand
response (DR) programs. Previously Sudheer worked at PG&E in Generation Planning, Power
Contracts, Customer Energy Efficiency, Gas Supply, Revenue Requirements, and Capital
Accounting departments. In addition to PG&E, he has worked on hydroelectric design and the
construction at the North Terminal at San Francisco airport. In his more daring days, he worked
for almost two months on an offshore oil drilling platform off Dubai in the Arabian/Persian Gulf

Sudheer has bachelors degrees in electrical and mechanical engineering from India and a
master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of California at Berkeley. Sudheer
has California professional engineering (P.E.) licenses in both mechanical and electrical

Program and Project Supervisor
Risa supervises staff working on a variety of issues, including energy efficiency, demand
response, solar and distributed generation, direct access, community choice aggregation, and
programs assisting low income energy customers.

Prior to supervisory work for DRA, Risa worked as a staff analyst on a variety of regulatory issues
at the CPUC in both advisory and advocacy capacities. Some key projects that she has handled
include improving the Life-Line telephone program of low income consumers, implementing the
Consumer Protection Initiative, evaluating the status of telecommunications competition in
California, handling telephone number allocation and conservation matters, as well as conducting
price cap reviews and general rate case analyses.

Risa has also held positions with the California Office of the Auditor General, Urban Media
Communications, the Office of U.S. Congressman Charles Rangel, and the Children’s Defense
Fund. She earned a master of public administration degree from the University of Washington
and a bachelor of arts degree from Oberlin College.

Regulatory Analyst
Since joining DRA in 1999, Louis has worked on a great variety of electricity policy issues
ranging from distributed generation to congestion pricing. More recently he has worked
on community choice aggregation, marginal costing for general rate cases and issues
pertaining to the advanced metering infrastructure. Prior to joining the Commission,
Louis worked as a consultant on a wide range of mining and energy issues.
Louis has a master of arts in economics from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a
master of public administration from the JFK School of Government in Cambridge. In his
free time, Louis enjoys comedy writing, darkroom photography and the culinary arts.

Regulatory Analyst
Rebecca provides quantitative and policy analysis on demand-side management topics
of retail pricing, demand response, and advanced metering infrastructure. She has
investigated dynamic pricing implementation issues as well as load impact methodologies
to evaluate price-responsive demand response programs. Rebecca holds a bachelor of
arts in economics from University of California, Irvine.

Regulatory Analyst
Scarlett is a senior analyst. She has been the lead policy witness on demand response programs
and benefits in SCE’s, SDG&E’s, and PG&E’s advanced metering proceedings. She strongly
believes in empowering customers to take control of their use and costs of energy. She
advocates that all DR programs must provide customers information feedback and enabling
technology. She is also the proponent of SDG&E’s adopted and SCE’s pending two-tiered peak
time rebate program for residential customers, which is designed to encourage enabling
Scarlett joined the CPUC in 1989 and has been an analyst and a project coordinator working on
various technical and policy issues in many energy and water utilities’ restructuring, ratemaking,
and procurement proceedings. She has a MS and a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from
UC, Davis and South China University of Technology.

Regulatory Analyst
Edgar has more than 30 years of diverse building and energy experience. He joined the CPUC in
1983 and has contributed to plant efficiency standards, advance metering infrastructure,
distributed generation, energy resource planning and computer modeling. Prior to his CPUC
experience, Edgar was employed with the California Energy Commission (CEC) in
Sacramento where he was part of the initial Title 24 Energy Standards process, providing
technical analysis and input into the residential and non residential California energy code. He
was also a renewable energy development contract manager to several co-sponsored CEC

Edgar has a BS degree in architecture/environmental design from University of California,
Berkeley. His other interests include domestic and international travel, photography and all forms
of water transport especially sailing and kayaking.

Regulatory Analyst
Tom Roberts works on demand side management programs such as energy efficiency (EE) and
the California Solar Initiative. He serves as the lead analyst on the EE shareholder incentive
mechanism in R.06-04-010 and the avoided cost proceeding (R.04-04-025) and has contributed
to the long term procurement Proceeding. Prior to joining the CPUC he worked as an air quality
consultation engineer, senior engineer and project manager at Boeing, and as a consultant to a
solar PV company. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Cal Poly and
an MBA from the Claremont Graduate School.

Senior Analyst
Don’s primary focus for DRA is in the area of distributed generation, including the California Solar
Initiative (CSI) and the Self-generation Incentive Program (SGIP). Don has worked for State
Government since 1980—with 6 years at the California Energy Commission and then, since
1986, at the CPUC with DRA and its predecessors. Until recently years, Don’s work at DRA has
been in the area of energy efficiency programs and other demand-side activities of the investor
owned utilities.

Don has a Ph.D. from the Political Science Department at UC Santa Barbara (1976), with
specialties in international relations, comparative government, and American government. Don
also has a master’s degree from the University of Miami (Ohio) in political science, and a
bachelor’s degree from Manchester College (Indiana) in history.

Program Manager
Linda has been a program manager of DRA’s newly created Electricity Pricing and Customer
Service Branch since January 2008. She is responsible for planning and coordinating all Branch
activities, and guiding staff’s analytic and advocacy work on major regulatory policies and
programs affecting energy consumers.
Linda joined the CPUC in 1989 as a financial auditor and shortly thereafter, became a regulatory
analyst. She coordinated numerous project teams focusing on significant telecommunications,
natural gas, electricity, and consumer protection policy issues. She served as chief of staff to
former Commissioner Carl Wood from 1999 to 2002 until she was appointed as the first director
of the CPUC’s Consumer Service and Information Division. Linda joined DRA to further expand
her consumer advocacy experience on issues most important to her. She holds a bachelor’s
degree in accounting from San Francisco State University.

Regulatory Analyst
Matthew has served the DRA as an analyst since February 2008. He encourages smart energy
solutions through energy efficiency and the California Solar Initiative. His background
includes experience with public policy, environmental advocacy, and marketing. Matthew has a
bachelor’s degree in philosophy and a master’s in public administration, both from The George
Washington University. In his free time Matthew enjoys sailing, hiking, politics, and music.

Regulatory Analyst
Karen Watts-Zagha is DRA’s project coordinator for low-income energy assistance programs.
Karen joined the California Public Utilities Commission in June 2000 to analyze competition in the
telecommunications and broadband industries. She joined DRA in 2003, preparing testimony on
the ATT & Verizon mergers, universal service reform, and water rates. Prior to working at the
CPUC, Karen did research for the Los Angeles Regional Technology Alliance and Niagara

Karen holds a master’s of public administration from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public
Affairs at Syracuse University and a BA from the University of California, San Diego.
Karen has been a member of the board of Women in Telecommunications and is currently a PTA
vice-president at her daughter’s elementary school in Berkeley.