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MEDICATION by liuhongmei




There will be a limited amount of medications held in reserve in each athletic training room.
These medications will be both prescription and non-prescription medications purchased from
local firms and authorized by the Team Physician. These medications will be maintained behind
locked doors at all times and only dispensed as recommended by the Team Physician. No
prescription medications or non-prescription over-the-counter medications will be released to the
athlete until proper forms are filed. All medication forms will be filed daily by the trainer in
charge of that sport of the physician. (APPENDIX A)

     A. Prescription Medication
           a. Prescription medications may only be prescribed by the Team Physician and
               dispensed under the Team Physician’s direction.
           b. All prescription medications must be under two internal lock and key areas
               (no pad lock) and in a nondescript permanent type cabinet. The keys to this
               cabinet must number only one (1) and accessibility to the cabinet will be
               assigned to only the Team Physician.
           c. All prescription medication distributed to the athletes must have a prescription
               signed by the Team Physician. A running inventory will be maintained by the
               physician at all times. (APPENDIX A)
           d. All prescriptions filled from the Athletic Department inventory must be filed
               by the Team Physician.
           e. Any Board of Pharmacy questions will be referred to the physician only.
     B. Non-Prescription Medication
           a. Non-prescription medications may be dispensed by the Head Athletic Trainer,
               Assistant Athletic Trainer, ATC/LAT, and Team Physician. (See protocol for
               securing and administering medications at Stephen F. Austin State University
               Athletic Department – APPENDIX A)
           b. All medications of non-prescription category will be held in reserve in the
               training room in a nondescript permanent-type cabinet with internal locks (no
               pad lock). Each certified athletic trainer may have a key.
           c. All non-prescription medications may be dispensed to the athletes whenever
               authorized by the Head Athletic Trainer, ATC/LAT, and/or the Team
           d. All non-prescription medications classified (over-the-counter) will not have to
               have a prescription filed. However, a running non-prescription medication log
               will be maintained for each athlete. (APPENDIX A)
           e. An inventory of all non-prescription medications will be maintained at all
                    i. The stadium inventory should reflect the total number of items in all
                       training rooms.
              ii. Satellite training rooms will reflect only the inventory assigned to that
                  operation. This inventory will reflect any medications maintained in
                  the trainer’s personal kits. (APPENDIX A)
C. Athletic Trainer’s Personal Kits
      a. Only those non-prescription medications which have been authorized by the
          Team Physician will be carried in the trainer’s personal travel kit.
      b. Inventories must be maintained in writing for all medications that are carried
          in personal travel kits (running log).
      c. Documentation of all medications dispersed by the trainer must be up-to-date
          and filed according to B3 above.
               i. Team Physician authorization should be obtained whenever possible
                  when a team is on the road.
              ii. If authorization can’t be obtained while traveling, it must be obtained
                  as soon as possible upon return to campus and filed appropriately.

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