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									    21ST ANNUAL LOWCOUNTRY BLUES BASH LINEUP                                                                                                     2 1S T                       A N N U A L
MAC ARNOLD & PLATE FULL O’ BLUES (South Carolina)                       PLANET D NONET (Detroit)
 Legendary bassist for Muddy, The Hook, Tyrone Davis, more               Horn-packed “little big band” hits hard with jazz, blues, avant swing

JEFF BEASLEY (Savannah)                                                       ERT
                                                                        ROBERT PLANT & BAND OF JOY (UK)
 One-man band – guitar/drums/vocals/harp                                 The iconic, unforgettable voice of Led Zeppelin
BURNSIDE EXPLORATION (Mississippi)                                      BEN PRESTAGE (Florida) Feisty one-man band kicks up a storm
 Hill Country Blues from the Burnside dynasty                           DRINK SMALL (South Carolina)
CANDY’S RIVERHOUSE (Tennesee)                                            78-year-old blues legend, the last of his generation

 Youthful blues/rock with a nod to Cream, Hendrix, Led Zep              SMOKESTACK & FOOTHILL FURY (Mississippi)
ANDY COATS (North Carolina)                                              Hill Country Blues done up for the 21st century
 Backroads blues & roots expert from the Tarheel State                  R.J. SPANGLER TRIO, featuring DAN DEVINS (Detroit)                                                  Frankie’s
ERIC CULBERSON (Savannah)                                                Shufflemaster Spangler and his band of jazz/blues/jump experts
 One of the Southeast’s most respected electric fretmen                                                                                                                       Blues
                                                                        TEN FOOT POLECATS (Boston)                                                                           Mission
CHRISTOPHER DEAN BAND (New Jersey/Pennsylvania)                          Stomp, kick, boogie Hill Country style

                                                                                                                                                  Feb 3-19, 2011• Charleston, SC
 Energetic soul/blues band with guest Mike Mettalia (harp)              ROBIN TROWER (UK)
DOUG DEMING & THE JEWEL TONES (Florida)                                  Ready to take you out onto the “Bridge of Sighs” & beyond
 Letter-perfect jumpin’ blues quartet swingin’ like nobody’s biz        FREDDIE VANDERFORD & BRANDON TURNER (South Carolina)
DIEDRA (Alabama)                                                         Delightful harmonica/guitar duo from the Upstate
 Songstress hitting on both the blues & beach charts

                                                                                                                                                    17 Days
                                                                        REV. MARV WARD (South Carolina)
FRANKIE’S BLUES MISSION (Atlanta)                                        Journeyman guitarist/singer has done shows with Baez, Hammond
 Torrid West Side Chicago-style electric blues trio                     LEFTY WILLIAMS (Atlanta)
GALACTIC (New Orleans) Modern Crescent City funk and jam unit            Burnin’ Southern rock & blues roots with a Peachtree twist

                                                                                                                                                    50 Acts
PAUL GEREMIA (Rhode Island)                                             CHICK WILLIS (Georgia)
 Acoustic blues veteran has been a national presence since the ’60s      “The Stoop Down Man” is a Southeast blues legend
 Harmonica master – his last project was “A Tribute to Little Walter”             HOMEGROWN BLUES
                                                                                  – Chucktown’s Finest –

                                                                                                                                                  93 Shows
 Irrepressible young blues & rockabilly showman & his hot band          DAVIS COEN
SCOTT HOLT (Tennessee)                                                   Guitarist/singer enjoying serious airplay on satellite radio
 Second guitarist for Buddy Guy for over 10 years                       COTTON BLUE

                                                                                                                                                 25 Venues
WANDA JOHNSON (South Carolina)                                           Edisto Island’s Gator Rob & Detroit Debbie deliver swampy tunes
 Everyone’s favorite Palmetto State blues chanteuse                     THE GROOVETONES
THE KING BEES (North Carolina)                                           Rockin’ trio causing a party sensation
 Enduring buzzing blues trio from the mountains                         JUKE JOINT JOHNNY & DREW BALDWIN
 Hot, flashy guitar & galloping blues rhythms
                                                                         Harmonica ace with harp-guitar wizard cover standards, blues, etc.
                                                                        JOHNNY MAC & THE BOOTY RANCH
                                                                                                                                                 Presented by ERWIN MUSIC & the
ROBERT LIGHTHOUSE (Sweden)                                               Johnny Mac (guitar/vocals) and his band are regional legends            LOWCOUNTRY BLUES SOCIETY
 One-man band channels Robert Johnson, Dr. Ross, Muddy, more            LOWCOUNTRY BLUES CLUB JAM
      DY                                                                 A good time every Wednesday at Home Team BBQ (West Ashley)
 Super singing drummer/harmonicist & band – blues, rock, more           PORKCHOP MEYER                                                                  Visit us online at
                                                                         Bodacious barroom piano & vocals
 Funky bassman and his rockin’ group pack the dance floor
                                                                                                                                                   WW W.BLUESBASH.COM
                                                                        MOMMA & THE REDEMPTION BAND
MIKE MILLIGAN & STEAM SHOVEL (Chicago)                                   Family band used to inhabit Momma’s Blues Palace                         email:
 Electric blues combo knows its Windy City roots                        CHUCK “THE CAT” MORRIS                                                   POB 13525 Charleston, SC 29422     Mac Arnold
BIG BILL MORGANFIELD (Atlanta)                                           Classic postwar blues harmonica stylings
 The son of Muddy Waters reflects his Dad’s blues glory                 SKYE PAIGE
MY BUDDY TODD (South Carolina)                                           Rockabilly/blues vixen with local notoriety
 From the Grand Strand to you – acoustic bluesman & pals                HECTOR QIRKO
                                                                         Recent arrival to Chucktown & fine guitarist/singer
                                                                                                                                                                                  Please support
   NEED LODGING?                                                        SHRIMP CITY SLIM                                                                                            our venues
 Stay where the artists stay: Charleston
                ar                                                       Lowcountry blues & original songs ... local fixture since the 1980s                                      and sponsors!
Harbor Resort & Marina, Patriot’s Point,                                TOMMY THUNDERFOOT
Mt. Pleasant. Mention the Bash and get                                   Soaring electric guitar and vocals
                                                                        THE TIPS                                           Fun-loving local band rockin’ a varied songbook
     21ST ANNUAL LOWCOUNTRY BLUES BASH SCHEDULE                                                                                              21ST ANNUAL LOWCOUNTRY BLUES BASH HIGHLIGHTS
Charleston Cty. Library, Noon-1: Robert Lighthouse
                                                                      Penachio’s, 7: Cotton Blue
                                                                      Blind Tiger, 9-12: Candy’s Riverhouse                                                                      Jew
                                                                                                                                                               Doug Deming & The Jewel Tones with Dennis Gruenling
Charleston Cty. Library, 2-3: Christopher Dean Band                   Southend Brewery, 9-12: My Buddy Todd                                                    (Florida/New Jersey) /
Lowcountry Senior Center, 6-8: Planet D Nonet                         Fiery Ron’s H.T. BBQ (W. Ashley), 9:30: Lowcountry Blues Club Jam                                                 Do
                                                                                                                                                               Originally from Detroit, Doug Deming is a neo-trad blues guitarist with
Southend Brewery, 6-9: Robert Lighthouse                              Fiery Ron’s BBQ (Sullivan’s), 9:30: Momma & Redemption Band
The Reel Bar, 7-10: Cotton Blue Expanded Band
                                                                                                                                                               a telepathic understanding of harmonica jump blues. He and his band
                                                                      THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 10                                                                    swing mercilessly and are sought out by blues harp heavyweights
Blind Tiger, 9-12: Porkchop Meyer                                     Charleston Cty. Library, Noon-1: Drink Small, “The Blues Doctor”
Fiery Ron’s H.T. BBQ (W. Ashley), 9:30: Davis Coen                                                                                                             nationwide. Enter Dennis Gruenling, whose last major project was
                                                                      Charleston Cty. Library, 2-3: Matt Hill & his On-the-Floor Band
Fiery Ron’s H.T. BBQ (Sullivan’s), 9:30: Johnny Mac & Booty Ranch     Lucy’s Red Sky Grill, 6-9: Juke Joint Johnny & Drew Baldwin                              the album/tour “A Tribute to Little Walter”... and what you get is pure
FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 4                                                    Southend Brewery, 6-9: Andy Coats                                                        postwar blues bliss. Don’t miss this backbone-slippin’, sister-dippin’
Charleston Cty. Library, Noon-1: R.J. Spangler Trio w/ Dan Devins     The Reel Bar, 7-10: Ben Prestage                                                         band of joy!
Charleston Cty. Library, 2-3: Frankie’s Blues Mission                 Mad River Bar & Grille, 7-9: “Carolina: The Blues Today” featuring
Edward Dare Gallery, 6-8: Freddie Vanderford & Brandon Turner
Ellis-Nicholson & Hamlet Galleries, 6-8: Davis Coen (both sites)
                                                                       “Blues Doctor” Drink Small, Matt Hill & his On-the-Floor Band
                                                                      Aromas, 7:30-10:30: Cotton Blue
                                                                                                                                            Drink Small (South Carolina)
Coco Vivo Gallery, 6-8: Robert Lighthouse                             Blind Tiger, 9-12: Porkchop Meyer                                     78-years-young and still full of piss-and-vinegar, “The Blues Doctor” combines inimitable
M Gallery, 6-8: Christopher Dean & Mike Mettalia Trio                 The Griffon Pub, 9: Davis Coen                                        basso profundo vocals and razorwire guitar to take you to blues heaven. This is essential
Morgan Creek Grill, 6:30-10:30: Jeff Liberty & Electric Mud           Fiery Ron’s H.T. BBQ (W. Ashley), 9:30: Rev. Marv Ward                and classic deep Southern blues.
The Reel Bar, 7-10: Frankie’s Blues Mission                           Fiery Ron’s H.T. BBQ (Sullivan’s), 9:30: Eric Culberson
Music Farm, doors open at 7: Robin Trower*
The Island House, 7:30-10: Planet D Nonet
                                                                      FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11                                                                 Randy McAllister (Texas)
                                                                      Charleston Cty. Library, Noon-1: Juke Joint Johnny & Drew Baldwin
                                                                           eston Cty                                                                                res
                                                                                                                                                          We can’t resist bringing back one of our favorites ... singing drummer and top-notch harp player
Aromas, 7:30-10:30: Cotton Blue                                       Charleston Cty. Library, 2-3: Randy McAllister
N. Chas. Performing Arts Center, 8: Robert Plant & Band of Joy*                                                                                           (at the same time!), Randy McAllister and his band straddle genres: mixing blues, rock, country,
                                                                      Morgan Creek Grill, 6:30-10:30: Matt Hill & his On-the-Floor Band
Blind Tiger, 9-12: Robert Lighthouse                                  The Reel Bar, 7-10: The King Bees                                                   American, even Cajun and Tex-Mex in a crazy roots blend that is simply magnetic. Great
Southend Brewery, 9-12: Freddie Vanderford & Brandon Turner           Aromas, 7:30-10:30: Cotton Blue                                                     songwriter, too!
The Mill, 9: Skye Paige                                               Blind Tiger, 9-12: Randy McAllister
Fiery Ron’s H.T. BBQ (W. Ashley), 10: Drink Small
Fiery Ron’s H.T. BBQ (Sullivan’s), 10: Christopher Dean Band
                                                                      Southend Brewery, 9-12: Rev. Marv Ward                                                                           Legends
                                                                                                                                                                    British Blues-Rock Legends: Robert Plant, Robin Trower
                                                                      Music Farm, doors open at 8: Galactic*                                               /
SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 5                                                  Fiery Ron’s H.T. BBQ (W. Ashley), 10: Lefty Williams
Fiery Ron’s H.T. BBQ (W. Ashley), noon-7: All-Star Blues Jam          Fiery Ron’s H.T. BBQ (Sullivan’s), 10: Burnside Exploration                                                            blue
                                                                                                                                                                    Two rock stars with big blues roots happen to be playing in
 & Oyster Roast – Tommy Thunderfoot; The Tips; Lowcountry             SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 12                                                                         Charleston during the Lowcountry Blues Bash, and we include
 Blues Club Jam; followed by Big Bill Morganfield at 8                Morgan Creek Grill, 6:30-10:30: The King Bees
                                                                            an Cr                                                                                   their shows here. Robert Plant of course was the frontman for
IOP Rec Center, 5-8:30 (in order): Frankie’s Blues Mission,           The Reel Bar, 7-10: Randy McAllister                                                          Led Zeppelin, whose forays into blues-rock have inspired
 Wanda Johnson & Shrimp City Slim, Planet D Nonet                     Aromas, 7:30-10:30: Cotton Blue                                                               several generations. Robin Trower began his storied career
Morgan Creek Grill, 6:30-10:30: Freddie Vanderford/Brandon Turner
The Reel Bar, 7-10: Doug Deming & Jewel Tones w/ D. Gruenling
                                                                      Blind Tiger, 9-12: Mac Arnold & Plate Full o’ Blues                                           with Procol Harum, one of the greatest UK bands ever, and has legions of fans
                                                                      Southend Brewery, 9-12: Jeff Liberty                                                          worldwide for his fluid style and heavy tone. NOTE: Tickets for these two shows (both
Blind Tiger, 9-12: DieDra                                             Aromas, 7:30-10:30: Cotton Blue
The Griffon Pub, 9: Robert Lighthouse                                 The Mill, 9: Davis Coen
                                                                                                                                                                    February 4) are available ONLY through the venues and their regular ticket outlets.
Southend Brewery, 9-12: Jeff Liberty                                  Fiery Ron’s H.T. BBQ (W. Ashley), 10: Scott Holt
Aromas, 7:30-10:30: Cotton Blue
Fiery Ron’s H.T. BBQ (Sullivan’s), 10: Ten Foot Polecats
                                                                      Fiery Ron’s H.T. BBQ (Sullivan’s), 10: Mike Milligan & Steam Shovel
                                                                                                                                            VENUES                            SCHEDULE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. COVERS FREE TO $15 EXCEPT *
                                                                      SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 13
SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 6                                                                                                                          DOWNTOWN                                                      EAST COOPER
                                                                     The Reel Bar, 2-6: Oyster Roast
IOP Rec Center, 2-5:30 (in order): DieDra, Biscuit Miller & The Mix, w/ Shrimp City Slim, Mac Arnold & Plate Full o’ Blues                  Charleston County Library - 68 Calhoun St., 805-6930          The Reel Bar at Charleston Harbor Resort -
 Doug Deming & the Jewel Tones with Dennis Gruenling                 Circular Church, 6-7: Juke Joint Johnny & Drew Baldwin                 Mad River Bar & Grille - 32 N. Market St., 723-0032             Patriots Point, Mt. Pleasant, 856-0028
MONDAY, FEBRUARY 7                                                   Lucy’s Red Sky Grill, 6-9: The King Bees                               Aromas - 50 N. Market St., 723-9588                           Fiery Ron’s Home Team BBQ -
Charleston Cty. Library, Noon-1: Biscuit Miller & The Mix            Blind Tiger, 8:30-11:30: “Blues Hangover”                              Circular Church - 150 Meeting St., 577-6400                    2209 Middle St., Sullivan’s Is., 883-3131
Blind Tiger, 9-12:                                                     with Shrimp City Slim & friends                                      The Blind Tiger - 38 Broad St., 577-0088                      Isle of Palms Rec. Center - 24 28th Ave., IOP, 886-8294
 Doug Deming & the Jewel Tones w/ Dennis Gruenling                   Fiery Ron’s H.T. BBQ (Sullivan’s), 8: Davis Coen & Coldwater           The Griffon Pub - 18 Vendue Range, 723-1700                   Morgan Creek Grill - 80 41st Ave., IOP, 886-8980
Southend Brewery, 9-12: Christopher Dean & Mike Mettalia Trio         Sandwich; Lil Dave Thompson (RIP) dedication ceremony                 The Music Farm - 32 Ann St., 577-6989                         JAMES ISLAND
                                                                     Southend Brewery, 9-12: Jeff Beasley                                   Southend Brewery - 161 E. Bay St., 853-4677                   Lowcountry Senior Center - 865 Riverland Dr., 762-9555
TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 8                                                                                                                         Edward Dare Gallery - 31 Broad St., 853-5002
Charleston Cty. Library, Noon-1:                                      TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 15                                                                                                                NORTH CHARLESTON
                                                                      The Mill, 8: “Blues Piano Madness” with Shrimp City Slim (solo)
                                                                                                                                            Ellis-Nicholson Gallery - 11/2 Broad St., 722-5353
 Doug Deming & the Jewel Tones w/ Dennis Gruenling                                                                                          The Hamlet Gallery - 7 Broad St., 722-1944                    N. Charleston Performing Arts Center -
Charleston Cty. Library, 2-3: Paul Geremia                            WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 16                                                Coco Vivo (gallery) - 25 Broad St., 720-4027                   5001 Coliseum Dr., 529-5000
Blind Tiger, 9-12: Paul Geremia                                       Fiery Ron’s H.T. BBQ (W. Ashley), 9: Lowcountry Blues Club Jam                                                                      The Mill - 1026 E. Montague, 225-2650
The Mill, 9: Davis Coen
                                                                                                                                            M Gallery of Fine Art - 11 Broad St., 727-4500
Southend Brewery, 9-12: Shrimp City Slim & Chuck “Cat” Morris         FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 18                                                   Charleston Harbor Tours (Carolina Belle) -                    JOHNS ISLAND / SEABRO0K ISLAND
Fiery Ron’s H.T. BBQ (W. Ashley), 9:30: The Groovetones               Mad River Bar & Grille, 2-5: “SE Wildlife Expo” w/ Shrimp City Slim     Maritime Center, 722-1112                                   Lucy’s Red Sky Grill -
Fiery Ron’s H.T. BBQ (Sullivan’s), 9:30: Smokestack & Foothill Fury   Aromas, 7:30-10:30: Cotton Blue                                       WEST ASHLEY                                                    1001 Landfall Way (entrance to Seabrook), 768-8118
                                                                                                                                            Fiery Ron’s Hometeam BBQ -                                    The Island House -
WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 9                                                 SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 19                                                                                                                3771 Seabrook Is. Rd., Seabrook Is., 768-7849
Charleston Cty. Library, Noon-1: Ben Prestage                         Mad River Bar & Grille, 2-5: “SE Wildlife Expo” w/ Wanda Johnson
                                                                                                                                              1205 Ashley River Rd., 225-7427
Charleston Cty. Library, 2-3: Hector Qirko                            Harbor Cruise on Carolina Belle, board 5:30:                          Penachio’s - 2447 Ashley River Rd., 402-9640
Mad River Bar & Grille, 7-9: “Downhome Blues Night”                    “SE Wildlife Expo” with Chick Willis & The King Bees*                   Other blues       • 2nd annual Blues Stage at Arts Int’l Fest, April 9, Florence, SC •
 featuring Ben Prestage, Paul Geremia                                 Aromas, 7:30-10:30: Cotton Blue                                        you will enjoy!     • 7th Annual Blues By the Sea, April 10, Kiawah Island, SC •

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