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By prasannasutrave

Many from us,knows that we can earn online money by displaying Ads on our website or blog as a google
AdSense publisher.Point is that,How we can increase the AdSense Revenue?

I think,this question is most suitable for new publisher who has getting very less traffic.Every one talks
about quality content, increase traffic,proper Ads placement,SEO and all that.I don't deny this tips,these
are work well but takes too long time.

Every beginners in AdSense are interested to see some bucks in their account.If not accumulated in few
weeks or months,this result,depressed the publisher and they left,feeling every thing in online business is
scam.This is not true.You will definitely make money from google AdSense.It takes some time.So,to
shorten this period,we can use AdSense Revenue Sharing Sites.

There are more than 100 sites which shares revenue with their register users.Sharing ranges from from
50% to 100%.There is no scam because the income from valid click is directly deposited in your AdSense
account.AdSense revenue sharing sites don't keep anything from your earnings.

In search of income through Internet,I come to know about many sites but from my personal
experience,following are the most effective revenue sharing sites for article writer.


Here your articles are known as hub and this site share 60% revenue with their users.Means for ten page
views,your ads will display for six times and their for four times.This site has more than 8 million page
impression per month.You can participate in forum and can make request for the answer,which you don't
know.This site also share earnings from amazon and kontera ads.


Here you have to wait for two or three days for account approval.Ones your account approved ,you can
publish,your article directly.You will get one point for each article you publish.This site shares 70%
revenue.The most fascinating thing I found is,they will mix ads with your content,hence there are better
chances of clicks.


As name indicates,this is educational information sharing site.A lot of information you can gather about
Indian education.This site mostly approve the material,which is based on education.They will share 90%
AdSense revenue with you along with other gifts and cash outs.Now a days they started sharing kontera
ads revenue also.You can participate in forum or can start your community website from here.


This site is owned by google itself.Started to share video and pictures afterwords allowed to publish
articles also.You will get 100% ads revenue from this site,and many more friends,if interested.Your ads
will not display when you log in and opened your own page.This way you are safe from clicking on own
ads and getting banned.


Here your articles are called as Intel and not directly included in their database.Your article is screened
and graded by 12 viewers.I like this because you will get some idea about quality of your writing.This site
shares 100% revenue.One drawback is that,you have to be referred by already registered user to join this


This site is mainly designed for Indian blogger.You can use many word press plug ins in your blog and
make it more attractive.This site shares 60% revenue with their users.They have some bonus program
also to earn extra income
.Growing at very fast pace,they have more than 1,20,000 register users within six to eight months.


This site share 50% ads revenue with their users,along with amazon ads and other contests.You can be a
affiliate of this site and make more money.They have also two tire referral program,means you will earn
15% revenue from your direct referral and 10% from referral's referral.


Here your articles are known as xombyte and xomblurb.This site share 50% AdSense revenue.One
drawback I found is,they use pop-up advertisements method for other income source,which is quite
disturbing to serious blogger.This site also run some contests.Here you have chances to make more
online friends.


These days this site is using new template which is not so attractive.Normally every time there are 50 to
60 visitors using site through out the day.This site share 50% revenue.The ads placement is quite good
and overall my experience about the site is quite good.


This is also quite good site but only few regular users are using it.This site share 50% revenue.Don't get
panic,if any regular user put any adverse comment on your article.You will get 5 points for every article
you publish.Title of your post is published on front page.

All these sites are strict follower of google AdSense Terms and Conditions.So,you have to be very careful
while using these sites.I have no doubt,you will get banned,if you don't follow the T & C.

If interested,use one or all and please give me your valuable feedback.

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About 248 days ago - December 7, 2009
20+ Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites

By S.Pradeep Kumar in Blogging, Make Money · 100 Comments - Print This Post - Save As PDF

Do you like this story?

Earlier I wrote an article about the list of cool blogs available to write Guest Articles and in this article I
mentioned about 20+ sites/blogs which are Google Adsense Revenue Sharing. I mentioned their
PageRanks too. The list also includes social networking sites, blogs, forums, and many more. Hope you
will find this list useful. Bookmark and Tweet it! ;)

Sharing is Good

1. Simpy : Simpy is a social bookmarking service. With Simpy, you can save, tag and search your own
bookmarks and notes or browse and search other users’ links and tags. [PageRank - 7]

2. Squidoo : The popular (free) site for creating single webpages on your interests and recommendations.
Even earn money for charity or yourself. [PageRank - 7]

3. HubPages : HubPages is your online space to share your advice, reviews, useful tips, opinions and
insights with hundreds of other authors. HubPages is completely free. [PageRank - 6]

4. Google Earth Hacks : Google Earth Hacks provides links to interesting content found or created by
users like you and gives you quick access to check things out in Google Earth. [PageRank - 6]

5. Trend Hunter : The largest community for Trends, Trend Spotting, Cool Hunting, and Innovation.
Fashion Trends, Style, Gadgets, Technology, Pop Culture, Art, etc. [PageRank - 6]

6. Kernel Trap : is a web community devoted to sharing the latest in kernel development
news. 80% of the revenue generated from these ads will be credited to your account. [PageRank - 6]

7. Beep The Geek : BeepTheGeek is a tech blog that was started on March,2008 aimed to write tutorials
on Windows, blogging, Google Adsense and Photoshop. [PageRank - 5]

8. Flixya : Flixya is a social network that puts 100% ad revenue in your pocket. We’ve built the tools for
you to share your videos, photos, and blogs. [PageRank - 5]

9. Xomba : It Combines key elements from social networking sites, weblogs and contextual targeted
advertising, they have created a community that is a nurturing environment for anyone willing to post and
share their own ideas. [PageRank - 5]

10. Free Range Stock : Photographers submitting photos to Freerange Stock can now participate in our
revenue sharing system. This is implemented through Google AdSense, and will allow you to keep 80%.
[PageRank - 5]

11. Shout Me Loud : Shoutmeloud primarily focuses on Blogging, Make Money online, WordPress, Web
2.0, Internet tools. Their motto is knowledge sharing and they believe in connecting with readers and they
respect every individual point of view. [PageRank - 5]

12. Devils Workshop (DW) : Devils Workshop started as a technology blog in June 2006 by Rahul Bansal,
focusing on posts covering latest trends, news and analysis from the fields of internet, technology, social
networking, computers and mobile. [PageRank - 4]
13. Tricks Daddy : TricksDaddy is a tech blog that was started on August 2008. It focuses on posts
covering blogging, windows customizing, internet tips and tricks, latest trends, mobiles, social networking.
[PageRank - 4]

14. BlogEngage : Blog Engage is like an interactive social network and it allows you to submit your Blog
Article(s) that will be reviewed by all and will be promoted by me or our visitors to the main page.
[PageRank - 4]

15. India Study Channel : India Study Channel is an educational portal providing reliable and
comprehensive information on educational institutions, examinations, education system, exam results,
entrance examinations, previous years university question papers etc. [PageRank - 4]

16. Soul Cast : In Soul Cast, you can blog anonymously without constraints, write about anything, from
personal blogs to sex blogs, because we protect your privacy. [PageRank - 4]

17. Info Barrel : is a Shared Revenue Social Media Community. They are creating a venue
for writers, media producers and other content developers to publish their material and create an extra
revenue source. [PageRank - 4]

18. YouSayToo : : YouSayToo is an ad revenue sharing community for bloggers. At YouSayToo users
can start their own blogs, upload flash games, images and make revenue using Google AdSense.
[PageRank - 4]

19. She Told Me : She Told Me is a Digg-like with a 100% AdSense Revenue Sharing program. This is
how to promote a blog or website while earning money at the same time. [PageRank - 3]

20. Bloggeries Forum : Bloggeries Blog Forum is a place for bloggers to discuss blogging. Also includes
blogs for sale, free wordpress themes and blogging jobs. [PageRank - 3]

21. That’s Pretty Dumb : That’s Pretty Dumb is a kind of site that which Highlights the stupidest things
businesses do to us. [PageRank - 3]

22. Blogger Party : Blogger Party is a blog hosting website centered around its community, where all your
blogs are displayed on the front page of the site. [PageRank - 3]

23. Gurusonline : Gurusonline provides various Tutorials, Tips/Tricks which will be helpful you to make
money online. Go through the articles frequently to know various steps you could even try to make some
money in your free time.[PageRank - 2]

24. Chaaps : is a Techno Blog. In Addition to Technology, Social Media Updates, Updates on Television Commercials and Reviews on TV ads. Appreciates
Creative Advertisements on Television. [PageRank -2]

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