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 Brentwood, Tennessee

                        Intern: Kendall Rogers Office: The Arena
 This is where many of our conference
  producers are located in the office. Office: The Pit
 This is where our national media group is
  located in the office. Office: Radio Room
 This is where our Sirius Radio Show is
  located in the office (Rivals Radio). Office: Arena II
 Here’s another shot of the Arena area of our
  Brentwood based office. Office: The Entrance
 This is the entrance to the
  Brentwood office. Office: The Entrance
 Here’s another shot of the entrance to our
         Internship Objectives
 Aspired to be a great leader that led as an example
  for other employees.
 Be the one that is always counted on.
 Help carry new and existing products to another
 Make sure everything we do is done in a timely
  and efficient manner.
 Help develop a system to create live scoring on
  our baseball channel.
            Daily Activities
 Run the Baseball Channel
 Write and publish college baseball content
 Help our football and basketball front page
  teams update their channels.
 Help our Saturday football front page team
  update stories and photo galleries.
 Worked as an editor for each of our major
  national college sports channels.
      Project: Live Scoreboard
 Goal: Create a scoreboard system for the college
  baseball channel, which would allow for live
 Process: Creating the basic administration system
  for the input of live scores.
 Current Standing: The scoreboard is ready to go,
  but could still undergo some changes because of
  our new relationship with Yahoo! Sports.

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