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Wednesday 19 May Assignment 1
For the next class session please go to the Web site and read the three files in the
Africa Folder. Please then answer the following. The author makes several key
points, what are they and why do you think they are important? Please hand in your
paper at the start of the next class.

Sustainability Assignment
Friday 21 May
Read the material in the “SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION
you consider the important concepts of sustainable entrepreneurship
demonstrated by Walden

26 May Why Sustainability is Now the Key Driver of Innovation
Read the article “Why Sustainability is Now the Key Driver of
                                                    nt about sustainability
and innovation and what advantages or disadvantages you see for
business people in adopting sustainability.

page) in the “Social Entrepreneur File
The author gives a good description of a Social Entrepreneur and provides many
characteristics of a Social Entrepreneur. How are Social Entrepreneurs different
from regular Entrepreneurs and what characteristics do both Social Entrepreneurs
and regular Entrepreneurs have in common?

an idea you have for a personal business you would like to start. Tell me what key
factors you would have to consider before you would actually start to develop that
business. This assignment is worth 20 Points.


9 June READ the article located at
ml Please tell me in a paper why you think the information in this paper is
important? How do you think change effects new businesses? How do you think the
entrepreneur should communicate their goals and plans to their employees? Do you
think this article devalues the idea of writing and utilizing a Business Plan? This
assignment is worth 20 Points.
9 June Second Assignment Read The Article Apple Passes Microsoft as the Number
1 in Tech. You do not need to write anything, we will discuss the article in class. The
article can be found in my Internet files or at

11 June READ the article found here Then in a
paper tell me how much influence you feel a persons family impacts there choice of
future occupation. Do you think a person could be or is genetically disposed
(inclined or destined) to follow a certain path in life? If you do what makes you feel
that way, if you don't what makes you feel that way? This assignment is worth 15

11 June study for test it will be four essay questions on material covered up through
9 June including all materials presented in class, and from homework assignments.

16 June please read “Costs and Benefits of Becoming an Entrepreneur”. In a paper
please tell me what you believe to be the major costs and benefits of becoming an
entrepreneur. Also, do you think you are well suited to become an entrepreneur and
why you think you are or are not likely to become an entrepreneur? Be sure to take
the quiz that is in the reading and see how you match up to being an entrepreneur.
Remember the quiz is to gauge your entrepreneurial tendencies; it is not designed
to necessarily have you try to earn the highest score. Then check your score against
the rating system in the reading and see where you correspond to the
entrepreneurial skills. Points 20

18 June please read “Fixed and Variable Costs”. In a paper tell me the difference
between fixed and variable costs and the advantages and disadvantages of each for
the entrepreneur? Points 20

23 June please read “Accounting Procedures”. This reading discusses the Income
Statement, the Balance Sheet, and the Cash Flow statement. Please tell me what each
is used for and what they would tell the entrepreneur about his business? Points 20

Additional Reading Article: Managing Your Numbers Is Essential for Growth

25 June Study for Final Exam it will cover all materials from all classes and all
homework assignments.

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