April 2011 Minutes by ashrafp


									                        General Membership Meeting
                               21 April 2011

On 21 April 2011, the Wicomico Hunt Club held a general membership
meeting at the home of Melissa Wade. Members present were: Wendy & Ed
Bishop, Brenda and Danny Bove, Gale Cayce, Holly Covey, Wendy Gast,
Sally Gay, Kris Gowl, Jim Griffin, Lorraine Hutson, Brendan and Lori
Keegan, Barbara Lane, Patti Nash, Teri Quigley, Jane Rhoades, Cathy
Rupert, Stephanie Scott, Carolyn & Jerry Wayne Senter, Melissa Wade,
Paula Wilhelm, and Cindy Wood. The meeting was brought to order at 8:30

Treasure’s Report
Brenda Bove reported on fiscal year April 2010 - March 2011. Items
mentioned as noteworthy were the lack of income from Paper Chases (due to
weather last year), the disproportionate amount of income from the Hunt
Ball (due to two hunt balls in this fiscal year), and a note that the majority of
the year’s income was attributed to membership dues. With regard to
expenses, Brenda highlighted that the overwhelming portion of the budget
goes to supporting the hounds and huntsman.

Brenda also congratulated the membership on the increased amount of
funding raising achieved this spring. Noteworthy were the results from the
first paper chase of the season organized by Leslie Passano and Kris Gowl
which raised approximately $2,400, Cindy Wood’s Fox Hunting Survival
Seat Clinic which netted ~ $700.00, and the Hunt Ball at around $6,100.

Secretary’s Report
It was voted to upgrade Mildred Judd’s membership to a riding member.
Welcome to Millie Judd.

Master’s Report
Jane Rhoades reported that Wednesday trail rides have resumed. The next
ride will be 27 April 2011 at Idlewild State Park near Federalsburg at 10:00
AM. The following Wednesday, 4 May 2011, will meet at Fairhill at 10:00

AM. Those attending this ride will meet at the parking lot behind the

Jim Griffin informed the membership that the Board of Directors met on 6
April 2010 and voted for an increase in membership dues. Adult
membership was increased by $25.00 and is now $475.00 a year. Family
membership was increased by $50.00 and is now $750.00 a year.

In addition, Jim encouraged members to contact the masters if you know of
properties that might be cultivated as new fixtures.

Finally, Jim read into the minutes a thank you card from Dr. Leo Courtney
which expressed his gratitude for having been awarded the privilege of
wearing the colors of Wicomico Hunt

Huntsman’s Report
Jane Rhoades reported for Greg Thompson. She noted that Greg had a
successful visit at Poole’s Foxhound Training Preserve the weekend of
7 – 10 April 2011. He had the opportunity to distinguish himself as the first
to view the black bear that was run by the hounds. Wicomico was among 17
hunts represented at this event. During the weekend Greg had the
opportunity to make many new contacts in the hunting community and forge
what will undoubtedly be lasting relationships.

On 13 May 2011, Greg will be taking hounds to the Penn-Marydel Hound
Show at Fairhill. On 4 June 2011 he will be attending the Bryn Mawr Hound
show and may take hounds; he will decide as the date approaches. The
Kimberton Hound Show has been moved from its traditional fall date to late
in July. This was done with an eye toward encouraging greater participation
since it was suggested that the fall date may have conflicted with cubbing
season. Members are welcome to attend hound shows. Puppy walking will
resume in the future, check the hunt line for times and dates.

In May Greg will begin professional development in the Master of
Foxhounds Association’s program for huntsman.

There is one gyp expected to whelp at the end of this month and more
puppies planned as opportunities present.

Finally, Wicomico hunt went out 43 times this season with an average of 12
riders per hunt.

Source Book Committee Report
Gale Cayce noted that the source book committee includes Leslie Passano,
Christina Kuessner, and Stephanie Scott. 29 April 2011 Correction: Tina
Fitzgerald is also serving on this committee.

Gale reported that the committee had reviewed past Source Books and other
local equestrian publications. After looking at these publications the
committee established as its goals: the desire to increase revenue from the
sale of advertisements; to organize the sourcebook in such a fashion as to
make the information contained within more easily accessible; to edit the
information in such a way that information in the source book would
encourage reciprocity within the equestrian community; and to include
articles that would dispel negative myths surrounding the image of fox
“hunting.” To these ends the committee proposes the following:

    payment will be required with submission of the ad
    new advertisement contracts will include category listings and an
     index of ads
    space in the Source Book will be traded space with other local
     equestrian publications to generate broader base of exposure
    articles will be included that will dispel myths surrounding fox
    photos will highlight the diversity of our activities

In addition, Gale suggested that other information could be removed from
the Source Book and be disseminated to the membership through other
avenues such as the website, or small binders that members would receive
upon acceptance into the club. These items may include:

      attire and appointments
      etiquette
      glossary
      hunt territories
      the roster and addresses of members

Paper Chase/Hunter Trials Committee Report
Kris Gowl congratulated Leslie Passano on a wonderful job organizing and
facilitating the first paper chase of the season. Kris reiterated, as noted in the
treasurer’s report, that it was a resounding financial success. The next chase
will be at Wye Island on May 1st from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. The final
chase of the spring season is scheduled for May 14th at the farm of Nancy
and Paul Bounds. Detailed information regarding both chases is available on
the website.

Inquiry was made regarding a spring beach ride perhaps at Assateague
Island. It was noted that beach rides require additional logistical and
permitting requirements than are difficult to arrange this late in the spring.
However, given the interest in this activity, another such ride can be
investigated for next spring.

Fox Hunting Survival Seat Clinic
Cindy Wood shared that those who attended the clinic had and enjoyable
day and that she hoped everyone was able to take away useful information.
Sufficient interest was expressed in having a follow-up clinic that Cindy will
offer Fox Hunting Survival Seat Clinic II in June.

Finally, on a bittersweet note Cathy Rupert, who has been a loyal member to
Wicomico Hunt, is moving to her new home in Colorado. Although we are
happy for her to rejoin her family, her support and good hearted company
will be sorely missed.

There will be no meeting in May. Wendy and Ed Bishop offered their home
for the June meeting. There being no further business, the meeting was
adjourned at 9:19 P.M. Thank you to Melissa Wade for her generous
hospitality and for welcoming us into her home.

Respectfully submitted,

Teri Quigley

Honorary Secretary


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