4 Signs of a Woman-Run Business

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					              4 Signs of a Woman-Run Business
Just as the differences between man and woman can be compared to night and day, so are their
managing styles. Men and woman have different values, different beliefs and different foundations
hard-wired into their systems. These differentiate the styles of the business woman from the
businessman. But just how different?

   1) Women are more fiscally- conservative than men. Chances are, women will be more concerned
      about long term results than quick and easy money making schemes. They will tend to check on
      the product or service and nitpick at the details until everything is satisfactory to her standards.
      Women believe that a corporation founded on solid building blocks is more advantageous in the
      long run. This is usually credited to a woman and natural tendency for being akin to details and

   2) Women’s reasons for starting a business are usually less selfish than men. In a poll sponsored by
      NFWBO and Catalyst, a woman’s business organization, it has been found that women usually
      get into business because of combined social and economic purposes. They want to make a
      difference while earning a living. Men who were surveyed cited wealth on a personal level as
      their motivational factor.

   3) Women’s businesses tend to exhibit a slower growth than men’s. Numerous studies have shown
      that woman-owned corporations are usually smaller and have slower growth rates than men’s.
      According to a research conducted by the SBA Office of Advocacy, the self-employed woman is
      more likely to earn half than what a self-employed man does. The reason for this may be
      attributed to numbers one and two mentioned above.

   4) Women take fewer risks and therefore have less debt. Women are less likely to build a project
      or a corporation out of borrowed money. They are not fond of taking financial gambles and
      would like to keep things manageable and safe. Even if there is an increase of women with a
      bank credit, only 34% of these women have a figure that is over $50,000.

       There might be several other reasons how a business woman steers her ship but this article does
       not claim anything. A man-run business can just be as good as a woman-run one. There are
       several other factors that contribute to the methods that cannot be all attributed to gender.
       There is economic landscape, location and circumstances. In the end, it’s still your decision
       making skills, ethics and character that makes a business successful. And it shouldn’t make a
       difference whether you are a business man or business woman.

                   “Milly owns a trading business and it’s really doing well in the industry.
           She is also an avid follower of National Association for Professional Women or NAPW .
                           She believes in their advocacy of empowering women. “

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Description: How different is woman-run Corporation from a man-run one? Is there even a difference? And if there is, does it even matter? Here is a look at some of these pressing questions.