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June                                                      Friday & Saturday, June 10 & 11
                                                          Artisan Bread 101
Saturday, June 4
Burger Nirvana!
                                                          Chef Barbara Alexander
                                                          Even with all the great bread available in the Napa
Chef Laura Lee
                                                          Valley, there is little more satisfying than the smell
Are you a person who roams culinary cities looking                                                                  Monday, July 11
                                                          bread from your own oven and the meditative feeling
for the Ultimate Burger? Do you seek the truth while                                                                Farmer‘s Market with Chef Mariano
                                                          of shaping the dough with your hands. A brief
devouring a big, juicy, perfectly balanced hamburger,                                                               Chef Mariano Orlando
                                                          discussion of flour, yeasts and the science involved
cooked to perfection and served on a handmade                                                                       We can’t get any more seasonal than this! In this all
                                                          in "the rise" and we will be on our way to making
roll—and know it is one of the best culinary joys?                                                                  new class, Chef Mariano will focus on our local
                                                          some great tasting organic loaves. On the Friday
Come and spend the evening with our resident                                                                        farmer’s markets. Using products exclusively from the
                                                          evening we will be hands on in the dough, making
Burger Fanatic who will give you all the tips needed                                                                market (and perhaps a few other local treats) Mariano
                                                          doughs for an overnight ―retard‖ to increase the
for achieving Burger Nirvana. If you are interested in                                                              will use his Italian flare to create a delicious meal with
                                                          flavor and dough development. Saturday morning,
fine-tuning your cooking skills, getting some excellent                                                             what is available now. Easy to duplicate with a trip to
                                                          we will learn the art of shaping, scoring and baking.
recipes and sharing some time with like minded                                                                      the farmer’s market, this class will focus on light
                                                          By the end of the class you will be baking
burger addicts, then this is the class for you!                                                                     summer fare, with vegetables as the center of the
                                                          Caramelized Onion and Jack Cheese Sourdough
Tonight’s repertoire will include: The Ultimate Beef                                                                plate. Chef Mariano will show you how to incorporate
                                                          Boule, Rustic Ciabatta, Olive Oil Focaccia, Chef B’s
Burger on a Hand-crafted Sesame Bun with Special                                                                    this healthy way of cooking into your diet without ever
                                                          Famous Buttermilk Potato Rolls and a simple No
Burger Sauce; Turkey Shiitake Burger with                                                                           missing a tasty bite….
                                                          Knead Bread --all with confidence. A light supper
Caramelized Onions and Gruyere; Moroccan Lamb                                                                       #62043                  6-9:30 pm            $75
                                                          will be served Friday night--Please bring a large
Burger with Oven Roasted Tomatoes, Feta, and
                                                          paper or cloth bag to transport your loaves and note
Olive Tapenade; Smoked Salmon Burger with
                                                          the early start time on Saturday morning!
Arugula, Pickled Onions and Preserved Lemon Aioli                                                                   Wednesday, July 20
                                                          #62034 Fri 6-8pm, Sat 8-11 am               $95
and a Bacon Studded Buffalo Burger with Blue                                                                        Main Course Summer Salads
Cheese and Horseradish Sauce                                                                                        Chef Barbara Alexander
#61640 10:30am – 2:00pm                     $75           Saturday, June 25                                         Finally the long cold winter is over and the long
                                                          American Regional BBQ                                     awaited beautiful Napa Valley summer is upon us with
Thursday, June 9                                          Chef Laura Lee                                            long hot days, marvelous produce and lots of outdoor
Rib Mania—Back by popular demand!!!                       In this comprehensive, day long, outdoor cooking          eating. This class is tailored to simple cooking with
Chef Adam Busby                                           class, Chef Laura Lee will teach you the skills and       the very best of local products, seasonal ingredients
Summer is definitely upon us when we start thinking       techniques required to perfect the art of real            and earthy flavors of Californian Cuisine. These
of Ribs! It's time to break away from your old rib        American BBQ. A short lecture period will include         salads make perfect appetizers or main courses and
recipe that you have been dusting off every               the differences in BBQ styles by region, the selection    are great for entertaining or just a simple home
summer...enroll in this class is just in time to shake    of woods and chips for smoking, building an efficient     cooked meal. A dazzling array of salads: A Chef’s
up summer grilling!! Chef Adam will guide you             fire; including fuel choices, and methods for             Warm Potato Salad with Prosciutto; Artichoke
through a variety of Dry Rubs, Spice Shakes, Mop          controlling your fire. Exploring the unique flavors of    Caponata with Grilled Prawns and Lemon Fritters;
Sauces, and Finishing Glazes on a variety of Ribs         Texas, Carolina, Kansas City, and Memphis you will        Moroccan Poached Chicken Salad with Chickpeas
that span from Latin America and Asia to right here in    create Slow Smoked Brisket, Pulled Pork Shoulder,         and Roasted Peppers; Avocado and Grapefruit Salad
our own backyards! Along with some great salads,          Baby Back Rbs, and Santa Maria Tri-Tip. By the            with Dungeness Crab Cake; Niçoise Salad with Tuna
sides, relishes and condiments you will leave with        end of the day, you’ll have the skills and confidence     Confit; and Garden Lettuces with Torn Croutons,
lots of great new recipes to give your barbeque a         to create this repertoire of recipes including            Sweet 100 Tomatoes, Poached Eggs, Bacon Lardons
good summer workout!                                      traditional side dishes, rubs, mops, sauces and           and Green Goddess Dressing will change the way
#62037 6-9:30pm                             $75           desserts to go along with your newly gained               you look at the salad as a main course.
                                                          confidence for creating great BBQ at home! The day        #62035               6-9:30pm,             $75
                                                          will end with a celebratory feast! Perfect for Father’s
                                                          #62041 9am-3pm                             $150
                                                          August                                                     Saturday, August 13
Thursday, July 21                                                                                                    You say ―Bastilla‖ I say ―B‘Steeya‖…
                                                         Saturday, August 6                                          Chef Ken Woytisek
                                                         Grills Gone Wild                                            Bastilla, perhaps the best known of Moroccan dishes,
Be your own butcher and stock your freezer with
                                                         Chef Laura Lee                                              has at least six different variations in its spelling
all Natural Beef Pork and Lamb—no hormones,
                                                         Spice up your backyard grill repertoire with recipes        alone! (Bastilla Bestilla B'steeya Bisteeya, Bistayla,
antibiotics or feedlot animals!
                                                         that are loaded with ―wow factor‖. This time our            Pastilla) Mid-eastern food often includes unusual
Chef Adam Busby
                                                         Mistress Of The Grill, Chef Laura, has gone totally         combinations of sweet and savory flavors with a
Have you read the Omnivore’s Dilemma, watched
                                                         global to bring you taste sensations that are awe           complex blending of herbs and spices. Classic
Food Inc. or are just plain sick of the way we are
                                                         inspiring This class focuses on quick grilling              Bastilla is made with ras al hanout, eggs and squab,
raising livestock in this country? Do you shudder at
                                                         techniques for after work dinners, simple outdoor           wrapped in phyllo dough and dusted with cinnamon
grocery store prices, and wonder where you can buy
                                                         entertaining and low maintenance cooking. Master            sugar. However, as well as the classic, today’s class
quality, natural, pasture raised meat that actually is
                                                         basic marinating and grilling skills, or for those of you   will venture into some of the lesser know dishes:
raised by a farmer rather with your health and well
                                                         who already are ―grill masters‖, add some new and           Seafood Bisteeya of Essouria and the classic
being in mind? Well, this class is for you. Perfect
                                                         exciting techniques to your repertoire that are sure to     Bisteeya of Marrakeh and sweet Fig and Apple
for your summer grilling, you will spend the evening
                                                         make you the life of your next outdoor party.               Bisteeya. The countless variations may be made large
with Chef Adam and not only learn the basic
                                                         Tonight’s Menu will include: Moroccan Spiced                for family-style dining and they may be made into
butchery skills to break down primal cuts of pork,
                                                         Salmon; Grilled Vegetable Panzanella; Jerk Chicken          smaller ―triangles,‖ just the right size to serve as an
lamb and beef, but go home with a cooler full of high
                                                         with Summer Fruit Salsa; Lamb Shawarma with Pita            appetizer. In this hands-on class each student will be
quality, naturally raised, hormone and antibiotic free
                                                         and Tzatziki; Chile Relleno with Fire Roasted               making a variation, also the the opportunity to learn
meat. At the Napa Valley Cooking School we source
                                                         Tomato Salsa and Skirt Steak Salad with Blue                more about working with phyllo and the traditional
only the finest quality meat from our supplier
                                                         Cheese and Cherries                                         Moroccan pastry called ―warka.‖
Preferred Meats who supply Michelin Star
restaurants in the Bay Area. Tonight you will butcher    #62042 10am-1:30pm                          $75             #62044 10:30am-2pm                           $75
a whole rack of Beeler Farms Natural Pork into
delicious bone in and boneless chops, French 2           Tuesday, August 9
Racks of Martin Emigh Dixon pasture raised Lamb,         Shrimp Mania
grind 4 pounds of lamb shoulder for awesome lamb         Chef Barbara Alexander
burgers, cut tasty steaks from Storm Hill and Niman      In response to the seafood fanatics, who have taken
Ranch ½ Rib Eye (6+pounds), and ½ New York Strip         the ever-popular Crab-Mania!, here’s a fun new
(5+ pounds)as well as grind 5# house-aged natural        class that will provide you with lots of new, easy and
chuck for burgers. Here’s the get to       exotically flavored recipes for the much loved
take it all home with you! All fresh, premium farm       shrimp. We will be working with only the best fresh
raised meats, cut and packaged for your freezer.         including Hopper Shrimp, White Gulf Prawns, and
                                                         local Rock and Bay Shrimp, to create a delicious
                                                                                                                     Refund Policy
You’ll go home with over $450.00 of custom cut                                                                       Requests for a refund on a fee-based class not
meats---the class is essentially FREE. This class is     meal. Salt and Pepper Wok Fried Shrimp; Grilled
                                                                                                                     cancelled by the college must be made at least five (5)
sure to become a regular at the Napa Valley              Shrimp on Sugar Cane with Spicy Dipping Sauce;
                                                                                                                     consecutive working days prior to the beginning of the
Cooking School and we are proud to offer it at this      Coconut Shrimp with Spicy Tomato Chutney; Grilled
                                                                                                                     class. No refunds can be made on request made after
sensational price as an introductory offer!              Shrimp Cocktail with Mango and Chipotle Salsa;
                                                                                                                     that date. A $5 per person processing fee will be
We’ll finish the evening with a light supper. Make       Corn Chowder with Spicy Shrimp Salad; and
                                                                                                                     retained on all refunds unless the class is cancelled or
sure to bring something to carry all your meat           Rigatoni with Rock Shrimp Pesto and Cherry
                                                                                                                     meeting times are changed by the college.
home—a cooler is a great idea!                           Tomatoes. Always popular in the summer months ,
#62038 6-9:30pm                           $450           nothing beats shrimp for entertaining.
                                                         #62036 6-9:30pm                            $95
Thursday, August 18
Cooking in the RAW
Chef Adam Busby
Ahhh the heat of summer, entertaining outside and
thinking of cool, low-cal, lighter courses packed with
flavor that are simple to prepare for your next dinner
                                                         AT A GLANCE…
party that are sure to be a hit with your guests.
Tonight everything is ―RAW‖! From a delicious
Seared Organic Beef Carpaccio with Salsa Verde; to
a Trio of Tunas-(Tartare, Poke, and “New Style”
Sashimi); Exotic Tahitian Poisson Cru (Coconut and       Saturday, June 4
Lime Lace Fish and Shellfish), Playa Blanca Ceviche;     Burger Nirvana—Chef Laura Lee
Paper Thin Vegetable “Carpaccios” Low in calories,
high in flavor---you will have a whole new repertoire    Thursday, June 9
from Master Chef Adam Busby, of new items for your       Rib Mania! –Chef Adam Busby
next summer menu.
#62039 6-9:30pm                             $75          Friday and Saturday, June 10 &11
                                                         Artisan Bread 101--Chef Barbara Alexander
Wednesday, August 31
                                                         Saturday, June 25
Chef Adam Busby
                                                         American Regional BBQ—Chef Laura Lee
Preparing great food begins with a sharp knife and
solid hand skills. None of us are born with great
knife skills, but a good teacher can get you on the
road to professional results! Knives are the tools of
the trade and it's important to know how to use them
correctly. We begin the class with a brief discussion     Monday, July 11
of knife types, what to look for when purchasing,         Chef Mariano does the Farmer‘s Market-Chef Mariano Orlando
sharpening stones, how to sharpen, and honing with
the steel. Next we all work in the kitchen under the      Wednesday, July 20
watchful eye of Chef Adam to ensure proper hand           Main Course Summer Salads—Chef Barbara Alexander
movements while learning various important
vegetable cuts that every serious food enthusiast         Thursday, July 21
should know. Spend a few hours with Chef Adam             JUST SAY NO TO FEEDLOT MEAT—Chef Adam Busby
and let a professional show you the tricks of the
trade. This is a great class to take in conjunction
with "Making of the Home Chef, coming this Fall.
                                                         Saturday, August 6
#62040 6:00pm - 9:30pm                     $75
                                                         Grills Gone Wild—Chef Laura Lee

           Private Classes                               Tuesday, August 9
                                                         Shrimp Mania– Chef Barbara Alexander
 Would you like to have a private class with             Saturday, August 13
one of our amazing instructors? Perhaps a                You Say Bastilla, I Say B‘Stilla —Chef Ken Woytisek
private dinner party or a Team building? We
 are happy to arrange a memorable day or                 Thursday, August 18
evening for you and up to 24 of your friends             Cooking in the RAW—Chef Adam Busby
  or work mates. Please call Chef Barbara
                                                         Wednesday, August 31
    Alexander at 707 967 2930 for details                Blade Master—Chef Adam Busby
CHEF BARBARA ALEXANDER                                           CHEF LAURA LEE                                                        CHEF KEN WOYTISEK
                                                                                                                                       Chef Ken has been a professional cook and chef for the last
Chef Barbara Alexander comes from a long background of           Chef Laura brings a wealth of knowledge and experience ranging        twenty years. He has worked in many well-known Bay Area
restaurants in Canada, England and Australia and Cooking         from winery chef, restaurateur, caterer, private chef and             restaurants during his career, such as Zuni Cafe, Square One,
Schools in both Canada and the U.S. Chef Barbara                 Instructor/ Manager of Curriculum Development for Home Chef           China Moon Cafe, and Campton Place Hotel. Currently, he is a
instructed culinary programs on both a professional level and    Cooking School. Following her true passion for teaching, Chef         Chef Instructor at the Culinary Institute of America at
food enthusiast level at the acclaimed Culinary Institute of     Laura’s infectious enthusiasm for everything ―food,‖ as well as her   Greystone where he teaches both Mediterranean and Asian
America and Canada’s preeminent Dubrulle Culinary                ―stage‖ presence, has fortuitously brought her to the Napa Valley     Cuisines having traveled extensively in those regions of the
Institute. In her 10 years of operating the culinary programs    Cooking School as a full a full time instructor in the Professional   world.
at the Napa Valley Cooking School she has expanded the           Culinary Program.
culinary offerings considerably and is most proud of the
wonderful variety of culinary experts that make up the faculty
of the Food Enthusiast Program.

                                                                  CHEF MARIO ORLANDO
Chef Adam Busby launched his culinary career in the
demanding kitchens of Michelin Star Restaurant Des                Chef Mario was born in Balestrate, Sicily and honed his skills in
Gourmets in Burgundy and Jacques Cagna in Paris. After            South America and Europe. Before coming to Tra Vigne in St.
working with some of France's top chefs he returned to            Helena, Mariano was the co-owner of Caffe Giuseppe in
Canada and opened his own award winning and nationally            Southern California and cooked at the Hotel Del Conte in
acclaimed restaurant; Star Anise. Currently Chef Busby            Milan. In addition to teaching cooking classes, he also
directs the Department of Education at The Culinary Institute     manages to find the time to be a member of the Napa Valley
of America in St. Helena CA, and is distinguished as one of       Cooking School’s Board of Advisors, and is currently working
62 Certified Master Chefs in America (CMC).                       as a private chef in the Napa Valley.

                                                       Pursue Your Passion Full Time
                                             Located in the heart of the California‘s Wine Country, the
                                             Napa Valley Cooking School ‗s Professional Program
                                             offers high quality, intensive training for aspiring
                                             chefs. The goal of the program is to provide each student
                                             with hands-on, quality, culinary and pastry skills required
                                             for a career in a fine-dining establishment. The disciplined
                                             and professional learning environment, availability of
                                             global externships, low student teacher ratio and focus on
                                             sustainability make the Napa Valley Cooking School
                                             Call us today to get information on how to begin your culinary
                                             career, right here in wine country!
                                             (707) 967-2930

                  ENROLLMENT APPLICATION                                                LAST_________________________________FIRST__________________________________MI:_____

                  1088 College Avenue                                                   OTHER NAME USED:
                  St. Helena, California 94574                                          __________________________________________________________________
                  (707) 967-2900 / (707) 967-2909 Fax
                                                                                        MAILING ADDRESS:
                                                                                        NUMBER                  STREET                                    CITY
                                                                                        PHONE     )         -                    WORK
                                                                                                                                    (       )         -             (   )CELL      -
To assist the college in complying with federal and state                               _____________________________________________________________________________
requirements and to provide needed services, you are urged to                           DATE OF BIRTH _______/_______/_________
supply the following voluntary information. This information is                         EMAIL:________________________________________________
confidential and will not affect your admission status.
                                                                                        MALE ______ FEMALE ______ TERM: ___SPRING ___SUMMER ___FALL 20___
Ethnicity and Race:
Are you of Hispanic or Latino ethnicity?
                                                                                        Have you lived continuously in California for ONE YEAR prior to the first day of classes?
 No                                   Mexican, Mexican / American, Chicano
                                                                                        □ Yes □ No Date Moved to California_________________
 Yes (If yes, check one or) more      South American
                                       Central American
                                       Hispanic: other                                 If no, will you be living in California during the period of attendance in the class(es)
                                                                                        you are enrolling in today? □ Yes □ No
What is your race?
   White                 Asian (check               Chinese      Pacific Islander
   Black or             one):                        Japanese       (check one):          ENROLLMENT FORM
    African American      Indian                     Filipino     Guamanian
   American Indian /     Cambodian                  Laotian      Hawaiian                 REGISTRATION #      CLASS NAME                                START DATE/TIME            FEES
    Alaska Native         Vietnamese                               Samoan
   Other                 Korean

Education Goals:
Highest Level of Education:

 Personal Interest                           Currently enrolled in adult school
 Move from non-credit to credit              Advance a current job / career
    coursework                                Maintain a certificate or license
 Not a high school graduate and not          High school diploma / GED
  currently enrolled high school              Complete high school / GED credits
 Earn a vocational certificate               Undecided on
 Improve basic skills                        Certificate of high school proficiency
 Currently enrolled grade K-12               Associate Degree (AA/AS)
 Discover/formulate career interest,         Bachelor’s Degree (BA/BS) or higher
  plans, goals
 Prepare for a new career                                                                   PAYMENT INFORMATION
                                                                                                                                                                 TOTAL FEES:
                                                                                             □ CASH □ CHECK – PAYABLE TO NAPA VALLEY COLLEGE □ MASTERCARD □ VISA

                                                                                             CREDIT CARD NUMBER: _______________________________________ EXPIRATION DATE:
Citizenship:                                     Refugee / Asylee                           _________________
 U.S. Citizen                                   Student Visa (F1 or M1)
 Permanent Resident                             Other Visa
 Unknown                                        Other unknown                              AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE:
 Temporary Resident / Amnesty                   What is your primary language?             _________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                             CARD HOLDER:
                 SUMMER 2011

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