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John P Potterton


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									                              John P Potterton CMP
                            Potterton & Associates LLC
                          1825 Sunrise Court, Naperville, IL 60565
                          630.420.7650 (home), 312.446.7301 (cell)

Personal Profile

John Potterton is President of Potterton & Associates LLC, a firm specializing in providing
conference centers and hotels with creative solutions to their most pressing needs. Potterton has
spent the past 22 years operating, marketing and selling conference centers in New York and
Chicago. During that period of time he has demonstrated expertise in executive leadership,
management, sales, marketing and employee development. He has received numerous industry
honors and recognitions including Supplier of the Year by Meeting Professionals International
Chicago, the Mel Hosansky Award from IACC and Rising Star recognition from Meeting News.
John has a passion for education, a strong commitment to excellence and has a keen sense of
creating the proper conditions for adults to learn and grow professionally and personally.

In addition to his role of managing and directing conference centers in New York and Chicago,
John also serves as an adjunct professor in Roosevelt University’s School of Hospitality and
Hotel Management. He has a Masters degree in Counseling from Fairfield University and
spends a week a year working with teens on service mission trips to Kentucky and Mississippi.

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