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                 Do you know the

                 VALUE M E M B E R S H I P ?                           OF NATIONAL ASTD

                 Benefits included with membership:
                The Buzz – weekly                                              T+D Webcasts – at least 8/year
                Weekly email summary of training news                          Connect directly with industry experts as they
                from over 7,000 periodicals.                                   expand on hot topics covered in T&D magazine.

                ASTD Links – semimonthly                                       ASTD Online Library
                Monthly e-newsletter featuring research, public policy,        The world’s leading collection of full-text management,
                member news, and best practices.                               human resource, and training-specific journals includes
                                                                               close to 3,000 titles.
                T+D magazine – monthly
                ASTD’s award-winning, monthly magazine covers industry         Research Reports
                trends, best practices, and news. Features interviews with     Access to industry data and research including ASTD’s
                influential industry leaders and corporate executives.         annual State of the Industry Report detailing training
                                                                               expenditures and commitments across an array of industries.
                                                                               Members receive three additional research reports per year.

                ASTD members get discounts                                     ASTD chapter membership
                on these subscriptions:                                        expands your network
                 •	 ASTD Links + Premium Content: Enhanced content             Join ASTD and your local chapter and have the Power of 2!
                    on measurement, evaluation, and ROI, organization          ASTD chapters help you share and apply your ASTD
                    development/leadership, e-learning, and consulting –       resources to your organization, community, and career.
                    delivers with your ASTD Links.                             Visit to get in touch with
                 •	 ASTD Books Plus: Six pre-selected ASTD Press titles        your local training community.
                    per year – a book club for training professionals.
                 •	 Infoline: A 16-page, how-to publication dedicated
                    to a single training or business topic each month. Print
                    and electronic subscriptions available.
                 •	 Sales Training Drivers: World-class learning tools
                    to develop and grow yours sales team.
                                                                               Members of ASTD chapters may join national ASTD for
                MORE DISCOUNTS!                                                the special rate of $169 for 1 year. Mention Promo Code
                 •	 ASTD Press publications:                “NEWMBR” when you call. Online, enter the code in the
                 •	 ASTD International Conference & Exposition:                shopping cart to receive your discount.
                 •	 ASTD TechKnowledge® Conference:
                                                                               ASTD Customer Care
                                             1.800.628.2783 (1.703.683.8100)
                 •	 CPLP™ Certification and Resources:
                 •	 Educational Programs:
080818. 35110

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