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With a history of bringing automotive servicing to you for over
25 years, Lube Mobile has grown into the most trusted mobile
repairer in Australia. In automotive terms, we do it all - from
the simplest service to the most complex repair. And we back
our parts and workmanship with a 12-month / 20,000km
nationwide warranty.
We offer fixed-price servicing and for all our other work
we keep you in control with a written estimate before
we start the job.

Our technicians are employees, not contractors. That means we
can maintain a consistently high standard, as well as offer a wide
range of in-house expertise.
Performing the work at your home or office means you don’t
have to worry about waiting around, or deal with the hassle
of dropping the car off to a workshop.
Our fully qualified technicians come to you 6 days a week to
service and repair all makes and models including 4WD’s. We
are equipped to service new cars as well as diagnose and repair
the latest Fuel injection and Engine Management Systems.
We minimise your down time by maximising our response time
to you. You’re welcome to watch the work being performed,
and you get the peace of mind that comes with talking to the
technician actually repairing your car.
Lube Mobile services new cars too. Our skilled technicians are
completely conversant with, and equipped for, the servicing
demands of modern vehicles. We can service your new vehicle
according to the manufacturer’s servicing schedule, and stamp
your log book as an official record of the service taking place.
A growing number of new-vehicle owners are discovering that
Lube Mobile is a cost-effective and ultra-convenient log book
servicing alternative - even if the vehicle is under warranty.

New-car owners
If you’re sick of dropping your new car at the dealership for
a scheduled service, at a time that doesn’t really suit you,
experience the Lube Mobile difference.
We perform the scheduled services as specified by the
manufacturer and stamp your log book so your service history
remains complete.
Our 12-month / 20,000km warranty covers all the work we do,
as well as any unlikely defects arising from that work. Your
statutory new-car warranty will be unaffected – and your car will
be serviced without the waiting, the dropping-off and picking-up
hassles, quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.
Lube Mobile is the smart alternative for new-car servicing.
Why not call for a free quote?
With Lube Mobile you get a fixed price service at a time and
place that suits you. No queues, no waiting, no dropping off.
Our fully equipped vans and highly trained technicians are able
to service all makes and models, including 4WD’s.
Our list of services include:
•Safety Service (recommended every 6 month/10,000km)
•Major Service (recommended every 12 month/20,000km)
•Premium Service (recommended every 24 month/40,000km)
•Ultimate Service (recommended every 48 month/80,000km)
•3-in-I Fuel injector flush and de-carbonisation service
•Electronic Tune up
•Automatic Transmission service
For further details on the above services, visit:
When you’re on the road
and you need assistance, call
Lube Mobile, Our mobility
and high coverage means we
are ideally placed to help you
not just if you break down,
but if a nagging problem
develops while you’re on the
road. Most customers’
problems can be fixed quickly
by our skilled staff.
Lube Mobile technicians carry
comprehensive, modern
repair equipment, and
are happy to help you out
wherever you are. There’s
no limitation on the type of car or 4WD we can repair. We do
the lot. And remember, we’re not a motoring club, so there are
no membership fees when you need Lube Mobile. As a
specialist in mobile mechanical problem-solving, you pay for our
help only when you need it.

Take the worry out of warranty
All Lube Mobile work, servicing, repairs, mechanical assistance,
installations and corporate fleet servicing - is covered by our
leading 12-month/20,000km Australia-wide warranty. We stand
behind every job we do, and we ensure your motoring is both
safe and secure. We can only afford to do this because we
employ only the most talented and trustworthy technicians, and
use only the highest quality parts and materials.
Our mobile repairers come from a variety of backgrounds.
Some are from new-car dealerships; some from a general repair
background, and some are specialists in particular automotive
areas. That huge in-house skills base gives us the capacity to
tackle just about any repair, no matter how simple or complex,
and no matter what the type of vehicle.
Our skilled technicians come to you fully equipped with the
most modern servicing equipment available, and provide you
with a 12 month /20,000km warranty on both the parts and the
workmanship for the ultimate in reassurance.
You just can’t beat the quality and durability of a Lube Mobile repair.

Equipment and capabilities
Lube Mobile vans are mobile
workshops, meaning they carry the
latest tools and equipment needed
to repair or service all makes and
models, including 4WD’s.
The days of needing to go back to
your manufacturer to work on your
vehicle are over. We have the
equipment and the capability, and
we bring it to you.

      Call for a quote today.
                 13 30 32

Mobility means convenience!
Mobility makes Lube Mobile the most convenient vehicle repairer.
Why wait around when you don’t have to? Why stand in a queue,
or kill time waiting at a dealership or mechanic’s workshop?
Why catch a taxi to work when we can do the job there?
Lube Mobile comes to you, and our skilled technicians call
on you, at a location of your choosing, and at a time that
really suits you.

                                     If you’re on the road and
                                     find yourself in need of
                                     mechanical assistance,
                                     we’ll meet you there too.
                                     We’ve got you covered.
                                     And remember, there are
                                     no membership fees with
                                     Lube Mobile.

Step by step
How it works:
1. Call for a quote/booking.
2. Schedule the service and or
3. Lube Mobile technician arrives.
4. Written Estimate is shown to
   you before any work is carried
5. Repairs and/or service carried
   out efficiently, on site.
6. You’re on the road again.

Why should I use Lube Mobile?
For the convenience of having service and repairs done
wherever it suits you, by qualified skilled technicians,
quickly and efficiently, at a price you can afford.
What is the quality of the work like?
We use only the best technicians and the best parts.
If our work was below standard we couldn’t afford to offer
a 12-month / 20,000km warranty.
What vehicles do you service?
We service everything from the most modern vehicles to older
ones - including 4WD’s and also light commercials.
We even do installations and corporate fleet work.
Because you come to me does it mean you’re
more expensive?
No. You’ll find our fixed price general services, fixed price log
book services and our quoted repairs are competitively priced.
Give us a call for a quote.
How quickly can you help me out?
We get a lot of calls for mechanical assistance, and our response
times are great. We can usually service your requirements
either the same day, or the next business day.

 I couldn’t be happier with the work on my 2 cars. The job was 1st
 rate and your customer service was outstanding. Explained
 everything to me in detail and in a manner that could be fully
 understood. Kerry, Mitsubishi Magna
 Very impressed with the quality of work completed. Communicated
 all the way through the process keeping me well informed as to
 what was going on. Great eye for detail and couldn’t be happier with
 the service. John, Toyota Prado

             To book a service or to get a
            Quote phone 13 30 32 or visit

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