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									    Young Fives News 8/13/11

  Upcoming Events               Aa Cycle
*September 30 - begin      This cycle, we learned
 letter Bb activities        all about the letter
 *October 3- Emily’s           Aa. We wrote A in
       birthday               applesauce, made an
                          Allie Alligator picture
                            and stick puppet, and
                            practiced an alphabet
 *October 27 - 2 hour        dot to dot of Allie.
delay, we have class in         We also did apple
     the afternoon             stamping with red,
                                yellow, and green
                              paint. In math, we
    Ask Me About              worked on comparing
    *Allie Alligator      lengths of paper. Have
   *Days of the Week      your child show you the
       *play time            sound and symbol for
      *dot to dots        Allie. Please practice
       *calendar             making uppercase and
(This section is ideas    lowercase Aa’s at home.
  for you to ask your
student about. It’s a
good starting point for
talking about school.)

Things We Could Use
*tubes- paper towel or     Things to Work On
      toilet paper        Please continue to work
 *lids- clean plastic         on name writing at
     *craft sticks        home. Remember to make
   *BIG craft sticks       sure your student only
(tongue depressor size)        uses an uppercase
                            letter for the first
                          letter of his/her name.
                            The rest of the name
                           needs to be lowercase.
                           We will be doing a dot
                           to dot for each of our
                             Zoophonics animals.
   Young Fives News 8/13/11
  The kids need to
 recognize lowercase
 letters to complete
this. Please work on
  lowercase letter

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