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									                              A Publication for the Members and
                               Families of the ADF in Malaysia

                            FURPHY October 2007
Butterworth Support Group

     Happy Halloween

                                BSG Presidents’ Report
                             Hi all,                                          A bingo night has been organized for the 9th
                                                                              nov 2007 come along great prizes for adults
                             Let me start by congratulating the previous      and kids. Our Christmas treat will be held
                             BSG committee on a great job that they did       on the 8th December 2007 at 4pm,those of
     The BSG Committee:
                             for the members. Also to the people who          you who were here last year from what I can
          President          helped out especially the school holiday pro-    gather is that it was a great day so this year
         Grant Morgan        gram, I am sure it will be another success for   will be ran on the same lines as the last. Email
                             the new committee. Congratulations on the        to follow outlining details.
                             new committee for being elected by their piers
          Sue Brown          which are:                                     Also we have decided that the older kids need
          Treasurer                                                         a room for themselves. The items we intend to
         Kylie Dobbie        El presidentai- Grant                          put into the room will be a table tennis table
                             Secretary- Sue {once again}                    {which we already have}, pool/air hockey
     Committee Members
                             Treasurer- Kylie {once again}                  table, soccer table, tv, dvd and maybe a com-
         Trina Bomm                                                         puter. The room itself will be the garage area
                             Furphy- Tammy
      Natalie Noordhuis      Library Monitor- Trina,                        that was cleaned out on the last working bee.
                                                                            One weekend the older kids will be invited to
      “Macca” McDonald       General Committee Members- Macca,
                                                                            come down and paint the area to there liking.
         Tammy Laing
                             Tammy, Natalie and Trina.
                                                                            {once it has been approved}. This will take
    We can be contacted on                                                  time but it will happen.
  BSGCommittee@hotmail.com   Congratulations to all.
                                                                              One last item is that everyone who is a de-
                                We have a few events coming up which          pendant is entitled to have a say in matters
                             include Melbourne Cup. This is a good one        arising with the BSG so if you have any ideas
                             for the members with children that are at        out there feel free to let us know. Email the
                             school. We will be having a champagne and        BSG or have a chat with someone on the com-
                             chicken breakfast followed by a bus that has     mittee, all ideas are welcome and most of the
                             been put on by Frank Grigson to take us to the   time we should be able to accommodate, also
                             boatie to celebrate and watch the cup with the   let us know what you want your kids to do in
                             working halves. An email would have already      the school holidays if you organize or want
                             been sent out so have fun.                       help to organize then let us know.

                             We have our farewells for the members going Thanks,
                             back to Australia and other parts of the world,
                             this will be on the 8th Nov 2007 so come
                             along and farewell them.

                                                                       BSG Presidents Report                  2
                                                                       Across the CO’s Desk                   3
                                                                       Padre’s Little Bit                     4
           FURPHY EDITION                                              ARC Committee 2007                     5

                DEADLINE:                                              Selamat Hari Raya                      7
                                                                       IWA Upcoming Events                    8
                                                                       Charity Head Shave                     9
     Thursday 1st November 2007
                                                                       Teach those orphans a lesson           10
                  Contact:                                             Halloween Fun Facts                    11
                Tammy Laing
                                                                       Netball News & Notes                   13
                                                                       Cars for Sale                          23

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                        Across the CO’s Desk
September saw the start of ‘Rugby World                 High Commissioners for Malaysia and Singapore
Cup2007’ in France (and Wales and Scotland)             – were also supported during the month. Finally,
and as I start this article two of the semi-finalists   and importantly, the REDLO from DCO South
are known; England to play France in an all             Australia, Les Needham, visited Butterworth and
Northern Hemisphere game to decide who goes             Penang during September and her visit was a re-
through to the big one in Paris in two weeks            sounding success.
time. The Wallabies were beaten by a world class
pack and the All Blacks were undone by French
passion and more passion. Well done to the Poms         On a personal note, I would like to thank all
and the Frogs and I guess (for Nui and Dice), its       those who passed on their best wishes to Irene
only ‘four more years’ to 2011 and RWC New              who spent a bit of time at Gleneagles recently.
Zealand. Interesting comments in some of the            She is recovering well and should be back on the
blogs on Rugby Heaven from the more                     wine and food circuit soon – to build up her iron
‘passionate and knowledgeable’ supporters of            levels she says. Unfortunately, we had to post-
three of the four sides. The French supporters          pone our trip to Europe that we had planned for
were to busy celebrating a great victory to waste       September but will pick that up sometime next
time ‘analysing’ the games. You could be for-           year.
given in reading some of the comments, for
thinking the end of the world was upon us rather
than opportunities lost. Sadly, RWC 07 brought          In closing I would like to congratulate Michelle
to an end the international careers of two of           Timbs on her achievements during the month.
greats of Australian rugby. Thanks for the memo-        Not satisfied with getting married, Michelle was
ries George and Bernie. I for one remember that         also commissioned as a Flight Lieutenant in the
tackle at Ballymore on Stu Wilson in 94(?) and          Environmental Health Specialisation. Well done
that drop goal at Twickenham against the Boks           Michelle and best of luck on both fronts.
in 99, not forgetting all those great moments with      Until next time,
the mighty Brumbies.

                                                        Frank Grigson
         From a work perspective, September saw
the conclusion of SUMAN PROTECTOR 07,
another successful exercise from a 324CSS per-
spective. The Movers worked hard to get them
here and see them off, and the rest of the Squad-
ron did exceptionally well in providing support
during the three weeks or so of the Exercise. The
participants of the three supported nations – UK,
NZ and AS - were fullsome in their praise of the
excellent support provided during the exercise.
No sooner had SP07 finished than the team were
off to Indonesia and Thailand to support AUSS-
again, 324CSS performed admirably in support-
ing 77SQN, no mean effort given that this was
the first time that the SQN had provided Combat
Support in Indonesia. A number of VIP visitors –
including the Chief of Army, and the Australian
                                                                                                   Page 3
                           Padre’s Little Bit

                                       A WWII Story
A short time ago I was fortunate enough to
accompany seven WWII veterans and two
widows who had come across for the
dedication of a new memorial at Parit Sulong
(on the sth west coast of Malaysia). They
were the most extraordinary bunch of people.
Amongst the many stories passed around over
that week none was more so than one told by
Charles Edwards. I will try to relate it as it
was told to me – in a very undramatic matter
of fact sort of way.

                                                   But that was not the end of the story. An
After the fall of Singapore Charles was taken      ending that I find just astounding. At this stage
prisoner of war and sent to Changi. From           in the war the Japanese war effort had sucked
there he was sent to the infamous Thai/Burma       the Japanese economy dry. Many Japanese
Railway. Eventually he was taken as part of        were in face on the point of starvation.
the Prisoner of War workforce back to Japan.
In Japan they were in reality, slaves at a mine.
                                                   In the days that followed the dropping of the
                                                   Atomic Bomb, allied aircraft flew over
As Charles had been a baker in civilian life he    Charles’ camp and dropped canisters of food.
was set to work in the kitchen. One morning        Charles said, ‘we had so much food. We didn’t
he was working in the kitchen. His mate was        want it to go off. We cooked it all up and we
standing in the doorway. As Charles looked         took it down to the fence and passed it through
up he saw a white halo light up his mates head     to the Japanese’. This they continued to do so
and then all behind him. Charles said that ‘I      – eventually having to ask the guards to
thought we were dead, and I thought there’s no     accompany them to keep order.
pain and no blood, so being dead isn’t so bad’.
Then they were hit by a strong hot wind.
                                                                What a story is that!

Charles had just seen the Atomic Bomb go off!
Soon they saw a big mushroom cloud. They
learnt later that they were 80Klm from the
blast. And that, said Charles, was the end of
the war for us.

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                                                                      ARC Committee 2006-2007
        Key Date for the HOSTIE                                  President
                                                                 FSGT Michelle Foley
Every Thursday Evening                                           Secretary

Pool Competition                                                 CPL Justin LeGuen
19.30 hrs
                                                                 CPL Andrew Noordhius
  **Watch your email for updates and events
                                                                 FSGT Megan Timbs
         taking place at the Hostie**
                                                                 Property Member
                                                                 CPL Gary Youl
            Visit Malaysia Year                                  Bar Member
                                                                 SGT Craig Dobbie

October                                                          A/Bar Member
Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week                                        WOFF Jason Bomm
27-31 October, Kuala Lumpur                                      Honorary & Affiliates Member
                                                                 FLTLT Scott Dagg
Penang International Lantern Festival                            Entertainments Member
14 September - December 31, Penang                               SGT Mel Cotton
HSBC COBRA Rugby 10’s
                                                                 CAPT John Edmonds
27-28 October, Kuala Lumpur
                                                                 CPL Krissy Filippi
                                                                 SGT Shane Fox

  Dates & Venue

  5- 10 November at the E&O, Penang

  20 November till 20 December at The Attic in Kuala Lumpur


  This will be a joint exhibition between Fem, a Dutch sculptor and Fiona, a Malaysian photographer, evolving
  around the theme of womanly shape and form. Fem’s art includes bronze figures and clay torsos ornamented with
  henna, glaze and glass artwork while Fiona’s photographs are a mixture of vibrant macro stills, black and white body
  parts and light painting techniques, printed on canvas.

                                                                                                                    Page 5
                           The BSG Committee Present.

                 A bingo night!
                              @ ‘THE HOSTIE’
                       FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9TH

                                   ‘EYES DOWN’

                      10RM FOR A BOOK OF 5

                     OR 50RM FOR 6 BOOKS

         !!!!!!!PRIZES FOR THE WINNERS!!!!!!!
A book is one section of numbers, therefore six books is an entire page.

                     T h e B S G   C o m m itte e in v ite y o u to

                            T h e F a re w e ll L u n c h e o n

                                B e in g h e ld a t “ 3 2 ”

                              O n 1 N o vem b er 2 0 0 7

                                     A t 1 2 :0 0 p m

                  R S V P to b s g c o m m itte e e @ h o tm a il.c o m

Page 6
                               Selamat Hari
        Muslims celebrate the festival of Aidilfitri – popularly known as Hari Raya Puasa, or simply
Hari Raya (Day of Celebration) in Malaysia – to mark the culmination of Ramadhan, the holy month
of fasting. It is a joyous occasion for Muslims, as it signifies a personal triumph, a victory of self-
restraint and abstinence, symbolising purification and renewal. Because Islam uses the lunar cycle to
determine important days, Ramadhan and Syawal occur in different months in the Gregorian calendar
each year

        Hari Raya Aidilfitri officially begins at the sighting of the moon on the last day of Ramadhan,
and is the most joyous celebration of the Muslim community. The sighting of the first moon of the
following month, Syawal, by religious elders signals the eve of Hari Raya. The festival begins the
following day.

         Weeks before the big day, excitement mounts as the house is thoroughly cleaned and readied
for the celebration with new furnishing and decorations, and festive fare is feverishly prepared.
Flight, train and long distance coach tickets are quickly sold out as it is customary for Muslim fami-
lies to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri together, while others take advantage of the two-day public holi-
day to go somewhere or return to their hometowns.

        Although the first three days are celebrated on a grander scale, many Muslims open the doors
of their homes to welcome all, bringing together people irrespective of creed, culture and position to
participate in the rejoicing. An open house brings people together regardless of their religion, position
or background. Local favourites like ketupat (rice wrapped in coconut leaves), peanut sauce and ren-
dang (a dry spicy beef dish) are served. Large scale open houses, like those organized by political fig-
ures are announced via the mass media. Due to the extraordinarily volume of attendees, large scale
open houses are usually held at venues big enough to hold colossal events. A steady stream of visitors
can be seen

        The usual greeting (that is uttered with the salam) during Aidilfitri is “Selamat Hari Raya”,
which means “Wishing you a joyous Hari Raya”. By far the most frequently used symbol is that of
the ketupat (rice cakes wrapped in coconut leaves); it is invariably used on Hari Raya greeting cards,
hanging decorative items, and as a promotional image for the season.

       In Penang, a rare privilege for visitors to witness how Muslims go about the celebrations is
available for free at the Kampung Seronok open house. Those of us who are given the chance to ob-
serve or participate are very lucky.

                                                                                                    Page 7
    The IWA Penang (International Womens Association of Penang) has approx 300 members from
 around the world. We hold general meetings (normally in the mornings), arrange tours & classes &
 have many activity groups such as yoga, bridge, golf, food, book club, walking groups etc.. We also
 have a network of volunteers helping out at selected local charities around Penang & we hold vari-
 ous fundraising events to further support these charities. Membership has a range of privileges in-
 cluding discounts at many local shops, restaurants & salons.

 Our next meeting will be on 24th October at E&O Ballroom where we will be launching a book
 by three of our Food loving members! The book is called "FoodFriends Gourmet secrets" & is a
 source book of food related items in Penang - want to know where to buy good salmon, or lamb, or
 specialist flour or many other ingredients - the answer is not Cold Storage! The book contains some
 lovely photos & recipes plus details of a lot of the suppliers used by restaurants & hotels in Penang.
 The book will normally be RM40 but at the launch it will be RM35 with proceeds to charity, plus
 there will be demos by some of Penang's best chefs, napkin folding, & plenty of fun. Cost is RM30
 for members & non-members. Please feel free to come along - we would love to see you there.

 ♦   IWA/Jazz Festival Ball - to coincide with the 4th Annual Jazz Festival, there will be a Jazz din-
     ner at Bayview Beach Hotel, with part of the proceeds to IWA charities. Tickets are RM100 each
     including buffet dinner & Jazz entertainment. Call 04 8982540 to book.

 ♦   IWA Christmas Charity Bazaar - 2nd December 10.00am til 3.00pm at Bayview Beach Hotel.
     Solve your Christmas present problems at this popular annual event where vendors from as far
     afield as KL, Vietnam & the Philippines will converge for the day. With hourly raffles, entertain-
     ment & kiddies corner there will be something for everyone.

                Around the world in 80 days

  24th November at the E&O Hotel. This will be a
 night to remember with fabulous entertainment,
  sumptuous food & 4 hours free-flow wine/beer.
  Tickets are RM190 for members & RM210 for
    non-members - selling fast so contact 04
Page 8
                         CHARITY HEAD SHAVE - UPDATE
                                              St Nicolas’ School for the Blind

If you want to see three, four, five of the most stunning examples of the modern military man get it
 all off…..their hair that is, then come to the Hostie on Friday 18 Oct 07 and your satisfaction will be
         guaranteed. The top donors will have the honour of shaving the head of there choice.
                        All donations will be going to St Nicolas’ School for the Blind.
To make a donation, simply either:
E-mail me:       joseph.dowling@defence.gov.au
Call me:         0124 738 943,
I will also be collecting from the hostie from time to time

As we are currently sitting on around RM$ 3300.00 in donations, Gus’ morning routine will soon
been shortened by about 45 minutes (Maybe he’ll also stop stealing all Krissy’s product too!!!)

Due to the fact we have eased our way passed the 3k mark thanks to everyone’s very generous
donations, next in our sights is a lofty RM $6K. If this mark is reached, and a comprehensive risk
analysis is undertaken, and MSDS sheets are on hand, and shaving continuation training has been
completed, and a medical team is on standby, and it is run IAW SAFETYMAN, and…….then FLTLT
Scott Dagg will be the next victim under the blade.
 Using the latest in digital imaging technology, along with the help of a crack team of computer nerds (led by our very own Krusty)
                                    below is an artists impression of the victims after being shaved

                                              Artists Impression

             Smokin’ Joe Dowling                Craig “I love FORDS” Dobbie             Al “Where’s my phone” Merryfull

       Gus “What’s my name, Where am I?” Augostis                       Scott “All I need now is a pocket protector” Dagg
                                                                                                                             Page 9
                      Teach those Orphans
                           a lesson!

St Joseph’s Orphanage currently has 51 children. Last year the ADF was very generous with gifts at Christmas Time. As
much as you can with 51 children, St.Joseph’s tries to create a home environment where children feel cared for and where
they are given the best ‘start’ in life. Part of that is education. Many of you would have had the ‘joy’ of sitting down with
your children doing homework in the evenings!

At St.Jospeh’s there are 33 children in Primary and 17 in Secondary School. Each evening they sit down and do an hour or
so study from 7.30pm. Although some of the Secondary children who go to the afternoon session of school also have their
mornings free for study. It is also possible that there are some primary children available from 5-6pm. (I hope that hasn’t
sufficiently confused you).

Volunteers are needed to help the children in the areas of English, Math and Science. Note that the medium of teaching at
school for all of these subjects is English. Don’t be phased by all this – there is no expectation that you are Bruce Einstein.
At the moment most of these children have nothing – this is a dartboard where every shot is a bulls-eye! (Actually, as you
go down Burma and pass Codrington just on the left is an Educational supply shop that has everything you could possibly
need – I am happy to help).

Of course, one of the real areas of need, apart from English, Math and Science, is that the children need to feel friendship.
It is really very relaxed. You are being asked to spend a little time with some children. If, along the way, they learn some-
thing that is well and good. We get so much out of this community – go on, give it a bash. P’raps you would like to do it
as a family, and your older children can teach some of the younger children.

If you would like to help or simply look at the possibility (p’raps go and check out the place) please contact the Padre. Try
to have an idea of when you would like to go, what age group and subject area.

The only thing I would ask is that if you would like to help out, that you do it as a commitment.

Thank you
Ross Naylor
                                                                                 PS. St.Joseph’s is about 20mtr from Sohos!

Page 10
                   Halloween Fun Facts
~ Halloween is the 2nd largest holiday after Christmas in terms of dollars spent, accounting for over $5 bil-
lion in sales.

~ Halloween also is recognized as the 3rd biggest party day after New Year's and Super Bowl Sunday.

~ One quarter of the candy sold for the entire year is purchased around Halloween (between September and
November 10)

~ It was believed that ghosts came back to the earthly world and people thought that they would encounter
ghosts if they left their homes. To avoid being recognized by these ghosts, people would wear masks when
they left their homes after dark so that the ghosts would mistake them for fellow spirits.

~ Trick-or-treating is thought to have its origins in a European custom called souling where people would
beg for "soul cakes."

~ According to the folk tale, after a trickster named Jack died, he was denied entrance to Heaven because of
his evil ways, but he was also denied access to Hell because he had tricked the devil. Instead, the devil gave
him a single ember to light his way through the frigid darkness. The ember was placed inside a hollowed-
out turnip to keep it glowing longer becoming Jack's Lantern.

~ Over 10% of all pet owners dress their pets in a Halloween costume and the number increases each year.

~ October 2002, at a pumpkin festival in Massachusetts, the heaviest pumpkin in the world tipped the scales
at a mighty 1337.6 pounds.

~ 82 percent of children take part in Halloween festivities, along with a surprising 67 percent of adults, who
also join in the fun.

~ A pumpkin is a fruit

~ Samhainophobia: Fear of Halloween

                                                                                                        Page 11
                                     324CSS Logistic Services Flight
                                                Can Challenge

          Goal is to collect 1 Ton of aluminum cans to recycle and donate the money
                                     to St Nicolas home for the blind

                                                 You can help !
                                          Please give your cans to
                                     Michael’s bar staff at the Hostie
                                or bring to work and give to anyone in
                                          Logistics Services flight
                                                 for processing
 Did you know?
    Tossing away an aluminum can wastes as much energy as pouring out half of that can's volume of gasoline.

   Which Brown Fox just went over the hill?

                                                           Sue Brown-
                                                            Fox did.
                                                       Happy 30th
                                                      Birthday Sue!
Page 12
                                   Tuesday Night Mixed Netball

                              16-Oct-07                                                           Start Time

                  MID TERM BREAK - NO GAME

                              23-Oct-07                                                           Start Time
Crownies                 v                     Coronas                                     6.00
Uplanders                v                     Coopers                                     6.45

                              30-Oct-07                                                           Start Time
Uplanders                v                     Coronas                                     6.00
Crownies                 v                     Coopers                                     6.45

                             FINALS 6 NOV                                                         Start Time

1st place                v                     4th place                                   6.00
2nd place                v                     3rd place                                   6.45
Winner 1 v 4             v                     Winner 2 v 3

                 Uplanders             Crownies              Coronas                 Coopers

             1 Graham              1 Krusty                 1 Grant Morgan       1 Barney
             2 Adam                2 Dave Mills             2 Luke Walker        2 Mick Fuller
             3 Tracey              3 Dice                   3 Joe Dowling        3 Bryan
             4 Kate                4 Krissy                 4 Nerissa            4 Bronwyn (SCIPS)
             5 Siobhan             5 Mel Cotton             5 Michelle Peake     5 Kylie H

             6 Shelly              6 Oona (SCIPS)           6 Tiffany (SCIPS)    6 Kylie D
             7 Emily               7 Jackie (SCIPS)         7 Amy (SCIPS)        7 Tanya
             8 Louise              8 Jess Cotton            8 Bibi               8 Linda Green
             9 Lizanne             9 Kylie A                9 Anne Edmunds       9 Toni Walker
            10 Merrill            10 Kerry Fuller          10 Steph Edmunds     10 Kate
            11                    11                       11 Sue Fox           11

                                                                                                               Page 13

          Reading4Life is a newly created, Malaysian volunteer organization. The charity is aiming to improve literacy in English in chil-
          dren’s homes, by providing books and reading support programs.
          Proficiency in English is recognized as being valuable to all children / people. For children from a disadvantaged background,
          good English skills can mean the difference between subsistence work options and jobs with some sort of career or earning

          The story so far:
          Volunteers have been going to the Sunshine Home in Kulim on the mainland. Books have been donated to establish a library
          and support is being provided.
          Our newest program is based at the Child Protection Society on Scotland Road, here on the island. We have 3 volunteers setting
          up a weekly reading support program and books have been donated to start their own library. The kids are enthusiastic and they
          love the attention they are getting. Eventually, the aim is to have 4 or 5 different children’s homes or orphanages being sup-
          ported by volunteers.
          You may well have some questions you are asking yourself.

          Why get involved? Why even bother?
          You can make a real difference to the quality of life of children, in the short and long term, by helping them improve their Eng-
          lish skills. Get to know some children intimately and show them that you care. How
          important is that!

          But what can I do?
          No. 1      – the most invaluable thing you can do, is to volunteer your time and passion for reading, and supporting kids in
                     need. If you could volunteer once a week for an hour or two - whatever you can do – it would be appreciated and
                     valued. If it can’t be a regular weekly commitment, I’m sure we can fit you in somewhere, somehow. We have a
                     registration form for volunteers, so please contact me (see below for details).

          No. 2 – go through your bookshelves to see if there are much loved books that your family have outgrown. We’re also collect-
                     ing any taped / CD stories to help support their reading when volunteers aren’t around. We are looking at a wide age
                     range, from 4 years old to teenagers. I’m happy to pick up books if necessary and books can be left at the Hostie
                     (look out for a box with the Reading4Life Logo on it).

          No. 3 – give me your email address if you’re interested in being kept up-to-date about what is needed or happening with the

          Who do I contact?
          If you have any questions, any books to donate, or would like to volunteer, please do not hesitate to contact me. My details are:
          Name:                 Kate Mills
          Hand Phone:           016 499 2970
          Home Phone:           (04)229 5064
          Email:                millsmob@gmail.com
          Web Address:          http://www.reading4life.com/

Page 14
   Rugby 7’s 2007 Special
   Package (29 Nov – 02 Dec
~ Rugby Match Ticket
~ Economy Return Air Ticket
~ Return transfer by seat-in-coach
~ 3 night’s accommodation
~ Daily breakfast
                         Hotel                          03 Night Package           Extra Night/s
                                                          1A          2A           1A          2A
      Highland Hotel 3*                                  5044        5520         559          594
      Rolla Residence 3*                                 5044        5520         559          594
      Sea Shell In 3*                                    4946        5520         527          594
      Marco Polo Hotel 4*                                5334        5940         657          734
      Chelsea Hotel 4*                                   5467        6038         702          765
      Emirates Marina Hotel & Residence 5*               7697        8470         1444        1577
      Royal Ascot 5*                                     5943        6416         860          891

Cut off date: 31st Oct 2007

Minimum Stay: Packages have to be booked for a minimum of 3 nights and all stays must begin on 29th No-
vember or later. Passengers can book stays up to 05th December if required.
Terms & Conditions:
Above fare inclusive of fuel surcharges excluding all taxes.
Booking class is K class and allowed to book on higher class with fare difference base on normal procedures.
Ticketing can be done only upon confirmation of hotel & match tickets and receipt of full payment (ground
    cost only).
Full payment required within 7 days to enable confirmation of booking.
Not valid for group movements.

Kindly contact MSL TRAVEL SDN BHD for further enquiries:

TEL NO: 604 22 72 655                   FAX NO: 604 22 72 102

                                                                                                     Page 15
10400, PENANG
TEL: 604 22 72 655        FAX: 604 22 72 102
Website: www.msltravel.com      Email: mslpen@po.jaring.my

                                                                            Adult Rates      Child Rates                 Low/Peak
               Accommodation                         Location          Sgl Supp Twin Share Wz Bed No Bed                   Period
       3 Stars Sandy Beach Resort                 Bophut Beach         452.00      400.00     350.00     300.00    01 Aug - 31 Oct 07
                                                   Beach front
         3 Stars Samui First House               Chaweng Beach         530.00       430.00    370.00     320.00    01 Aug - 31 Oct 07
http://www.samuifirsthouse.com/                    Beach front
         3 Stars Evergreen Resort                Chaweng Beach         550.00       450.00    400.00     350.00    01 Aug - 31 Oct 07
http://www.evergreensamui.com/                     Beach front
         3 Stars Montien House Resort            Chaweng Beach         600.00       470.00    350.00     300.00    01 Aug - 31 Oct 07
http://www.montienhouse.com/                       Beach front
         3 Stars Chaweng Villa Beach Resort      Chaweng Beach         630.00       480.00    430.00     320.00    01 Aug - 31 Aug 07
http://www.chawengvilla.com/                       Beach front         550.00       430.00    430.00     320.00    01 Sep - 31 Oct 07
         4 Stars Impiana Samui                    Chaweng Noi          750.00       550.00    450.00     300.00    16 Sep - 31 Oct 07
http://samuihotels.impiana.com/                    Beach front         950.00       650.00    450.00     300.00    01 Aug - 15 Sep 07
         4 Stars Chaweng Buri Resort             Chaweng Beach        ######        670.00    350.00     300.00    01 Aug - 31 Aug 07
http://www.chawengburi.com/                        Beach front         870.00       570.00    350.00     300.00    01 Sep - 31 Oct 07
5 Stars          Muang Samui SPA Resort          Chaweng Beach        ######        850.00    450.00     350.00    15 Sep - 31 Oct 07
http://www.muangsamui.com/                         Beach front        ######        950.00    450.00     350.00    01 Aug - 14 Sep 07
    5 Stars      Central Samui Beach Resort      Chaweng Beach        ######        850.00    550.00     350.00     01 Sep-31 Oct 07
                                                    Beach front       ######       1,050.00   550.00     350.00    01 Aug - 31 Aug 07

               Firefly Flight Schedule :       Penang - Koh Samui                 FY 3602     Departs: 1600 / Arrives: 1620
                                               Koh Samui - Penang                 FY 3603     Departs: 1640 / Arrives: 1905
                                               * subject to change without prior notice.

          D 1 : Upon arrival, meet and transfer to respective Hotel for Check-in
          D 2 : After Breakfast, free at leisure ( Optional Tours available )                 (B)
          D 3 : Free till departure, Hotel transfer to Airport.                               (B)

            ► Package Inclusive :
             ▪ Return flight ticket by Firefly and estimated airport taxes.
             ▪ Return Pick Up Koh Samui Airport to Hotel. (Seat-in-coach / tourist van)
             ▪ 2 Night Accommodation at Koh Samui for your choice with daily breakfast.
             ▪ Samui local Guide Service
             ▪ Local Travel Thai Insurance Covered.
             ▪ Transportation by Local Tour Van Service

            ► Package Excluded
              Driver & Guide Compulsory Tipping - RM 5.00 P/Pax, Optional Tour, Show, Personal Expenses.

               Terms and Conditions:
               1. Package include as above stated.
               2. Reservation of room is subject to room available.
               3. Rate are subject to changes with or without prior notice. Rates are quoted in Malaysia Ringgit (RM).
               4. Other Terms & Condition apply. Package valid till 31st Oct 2007
Page 16
                                                                                              Tour code : GMT-N3D2NUSM
VALIDITY: 04 NOV 2007 TO 26 MARCH 2008

                                              5 DAYS 3 NIGHTS                      6 DAYS 4 NIGHTS                     8 DAYS 6 NIGHTS

                      NOV 07                      03, 10, 17, 24                            N/A                    03, 07, 10, 14, 17, 21, 24, 28
                                                                                                                   03, 05, 07, 10, 12, 14, 17, 19,
                      DEC 07                01, 03, 07, 10, 14, 17, 24           05, 07, 12, 14, 19, 26, 28
                                                                                                                             24, 26, 28
                                                                                                                   02, 04, 07, 09, 11, 14, 16, 18,
                      JAN 08              04, 07, 11, 14, 18, 21, 25, 28      02, 04, 09, 11, 16, 18, 23, 25, 30
                                                                                                                         21, 23, 25, 28, 30
                                                                                                                   01, 04, 06, 08, 11, 15, 18, 20,
                      FEB 08             01, 04, 08, 11, 15, 18, 22, 25, 29     06, 08, 13, 15, 20, 22, 27, 29
                                                                                                                             22, 25, 29
                      MAR 08                03, 07, 10, 14, 17, 21, 24           05, 07, 12, 14, 19, 21, 26          03, 07, 10, 14, 17, 21, 24

                                          TWN          SGL          CHD         TWN          SGL         CHD       TWN          SGL         CHD

    HOTEL             VALIDITY                                                     RM (PER PERSON)

LE COCO BEACH      04 NOV – 31 DEC
                                         3,298        3,998        1,998       3,768        4,698       2,178      4,738       6,138       2,578

                   05 JAN – 20 MAR
                                         3,468        4,258        2,078       3,998        5,048       2,288      5,088       6,668       2,748

  Return economy airfare on Air Mauritius – KL Mauritius/KL
  Return airport transfers in Mauritius
  Accommodation at choice of hotel based on twin share basis (standard room)
  Daily breakfast, lunch & dinner inclusive beverages (exclude liquor).
  Free land & water sports at the hotel except scuba diving & deep sea fishing

• Airport tax, insurance tax & fuel surcharge
• All other personal expenses, insurance, tips & gratuities or any other tax

  Surcharge applies for late check out

Terms and Conditions Apply

                                                                                                                                        Page 17
     Page 18
   INDIAN RESORT                                      01 NOV – 19 DEC 07
                                                      07 JAN – 31 MAR 08
                                                                                  2,728        3,008            1,418           3,048          3,428            1,418            3,598            4,168            1,438

   LA PLANTATION                                      01 NOV – 19 DEC 07
                                                      07 JAN – 31 MAR 08
                                                                                  2,748        3,048            1,418           3,038          3,428            1,418            3,648            4,238            1,438

   AMBRE                                              01 NOV – 19 DEC 07
                                                      07 JAN – 31 MAR 08
                                                                                  2,748        2,978            1,418           3,038          3,338            1,418            3,648            4,108            1,458

   LE PRESKIL                                         01 NOV – 22 DEC 07
                                                      06 JAN – 31 MAR 08
                                                                                  2,818        3,088            1,748           3,118          3,488            1,858            3,778            4,318            2,098

   TAMASA (NEW HOTEL)                                 08 JAN – 31 MAR 08          3,358        3,878            2,078           3,848          4,538            2,288            4,868            5,898            2,748

                                                      01 NOV – 21 DEC 07
   LE MERIDIEN                                        07 JAN – 31 MAR 08          3,428        4,298            1,688           3,938          5,108            1,778            4,998            6,748            1,988
                                                (EXCEPT 05 FEB – 15 FEB 08)

                  5     HOTEL
   MOVENPICK                                          01 NOV – 21 DEC 07          3,268        3,648            1,858           3,718          4,228            1,998            4,668             5,438           2,308

                                                      08 JAN – 31 MAR 08          3,428        3,808            1,998           3,938          4,448            2,188            4,998             5,768           2,598

   HILTON                                             01 NOV – 23 DEC 07          3,278        3,858            1,878           3,738          4,508            2,028            4,708             5,858           2,358
                                                      06 JAN – 21 MAR 08          3,368        3,978            1,968           3,868          4,668            2,148            4,888             6,098           2,528
                                                      01 NOV – 30 NOV 07
   BEAU RIVAGE                                        08 JAN – 31 MAR 08
                                                                                  3,868        4,558            2,308           4,518          5,438            2,598            5,878             7,258           3,208

                                                      01 DEC – 20 DEC 07          3,718        4,368            2,238           4,338          5,198            2,508            5,588             6,888           3,078
    Maximum 1 child sharing parents room – Le Tropical, Tamarin, Veranda Grand Baie, Merville Beach, Indian Resort, La Plantation, Ambre, Le Preskil, Tamasa, Movenpick, Hilton & Beau Rivage. Maximum 2 children sharing
parents room – Le Coco Beach & Le Meridien,

     Return economy airfare on Air Mauritius – KL/Mauritius/KL
   Return airport transfers in Mauritius
      Hotel accommodation based on twin share basis (standard room)
     Daily breakfast & dinner
   Free land & water sports at the hotel except scuba diving & deep sea fishing

   Airport tax, insurance tax & fuel surcharge
   All other personal expenses, insurance, tips & gratuities or any other tax
               Surcharge applies for late check out
                                                                            TERMS & CONDITIONS
                  BOOKING DEPOSIT                                                                                                      PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO
•     RM400.00 (non refundable) deposit is required upon
                                                                                 TOUR FARE EXCLUDES                                 CHANGE WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE
      booking.                                                       •   Airport taxes and excess baggage charge.
•     Balance in full to be made not later than 14 days before
                                                                                      RESPONSIBILITY                                   TOUR PRICE ARE NON
                                                                     •   Air Mauritius and/or their agents act as agent only to
                    CANCELLATIONS                                        the transportation services and hotels shall not assume          NEGOTIABLE
•     If cancellation is less than 30 days prior to departure,           any responsibility for loss, damage, injury, accident,
      charges will be applied as follows:                                delay due to bad weather, changes in schedule, hotel
      15 to 29 days – 75% of total package cost                          overbooking or other inconveniences to passengers,
      less than 14 days – 100% of total package cost                     whether by reason of defect in any vehicle or through
                                                                         acts of defaults of our company or person engaged in
                     RESERVATIONS                                        conveying or housing the passenger or in carrying our
•      Reservations should be made MSL Travel Sdn Bhd                    arrangement of the tour.
•      Late bookings will be accepted but are subjected to           •   Air Mauritius and/or their agents shall not assume
       availability of accommodations and flights.                       responsibility through acts of war/national disturbances
                                                                         or causes of nature.
                                                                     •   The transportation companies and hotels shall be
                 TRAVEL DOCUMENT                                         exempted from all liability in respect of any detention,
•      It is passenger’s responsibility to ensure that they have         delay, loss, damage, sickness or injury, however and
       a valid international passport, current health certificates       by whomsoever caused, and of what kind occurring on
       and relevant visas.                                               or to the passengers at any time when the passenger is
                                                                         not on board a carrier or conveyance used or operated
                TOUR FARE INCLUDES                                       by the transportation companies or hotels.
•      Return economy class airfare KL/Mauritius/KL on
       Air Mauritius.
•      Hotel accommodations in Mauritius.
•      Meals as specified.
•      Airport/hotel/airport transfers in Mauritius.
•      Baggage allowance of 23 kgs per passenger.

                                                                               RED ROCK HOTEL LOBBY,
                                                                            MACALISTER ROAD, 10400 PENANG
                                                                            TEL: 604 22 72 655 FAX: 604 22 72 102
                                                                              EMAIL: mslpen@po.jaring.my

    Page 19
VALIDITY: 01 NOV 2007 – 26 MARCH 2008
                                                   5 DAYS / 3 NITES                 6 DAYS/4 NITES                    8 DAYS/6 NITES
                                      NOV 07           03, 10, 17, 24                       N/A                  03, 07, 10, 14, 17, 21, 24, 28

                                                                                                                 03, 05, 07, 10, 12, 14, 17, 19,
                                      DEC 07     01, 03, 07, 10, 14, 17, 24      05, 07, 12, 14, 19, 26, 28
                                                                                                                           24, 26, 28
                                                 04, 07, 11, 14, 18, 21, 25,   02, 04, 09, 11, 16, 18, 23, 25,   02, 04, 07, 09, 11, 14, 16, 18,
                                      JAN 08
                                                             28                              30                        21, 23, 25, 28, 30
                                                 01, 04, 08, 11, 15, 18, 22,                                     01, 04, 06, 08, 11, 15, 18, 20,
                                      FEB 08                                   06, 08, 13, 15, 20, 22, 27, 29
                                                           25, 29                                                          22, 25, 29
                                      MAR 08     03, 07, 10, 14, 17, 21, 24      05, 07, 12, 14, 19, 21, 26        03, 07, 10, 14, 17, 21, 24
     HOTEL                         VALIDITY                                       RM (PER PERSON)
                          01 NOV – 30 NOV 07
LEGENDS                   08 JAN – 31 MAR 08
                                                           3,578                           3,578                             4,468

                           01 DEC – 20 DEC 07              3,458                           3,468                             4,288
                          01 NOV – 21 DEC 07
LE MERIDIEN               07 JAN – 04 FEB 08               3,428                           3,938                             4,618
                          16 FEB – 14 MAR 08

                         05 FEB – 15 FEB 08
                         15 MAR – 31 MAR 08
                                                           3,538                           4,088                             4,818

SUGAR BEACH               01 NOV – 19 DEC 07               3,208                           3,648                             4,558
                          19 JAN – 20 MAR 08               3,428                           3,938                             4,998

                          01 NOV – 30 NOV 07
PARADISE COVE             08 JAN – 31 MAR 08
                                                           3,238                           3,688                             4,618

                           01 DEC – 21 DEC 07              2,898                           3,238                             3,938

HILTON                    01 NOV – 23 DEC 07               3,278                           3,278                             4,018
                          06 JAN – 31 MAR 08               3,368                           3,378                             4,158
                          01 NOV – 19 DEC 07               3,418                           3,928                             4,988

                          06 JAN – 31 MAR 08               3,568                           4,128                             5,288

                          01 NOV – 30 NOV 07
BEAU RIVAGE                                                3,868                           3,868                             4,898
                          08 JAN – 31 MAR 08

                           01 DEC – 20 DEC 07              3,718                           3,728                             4,688

   PACKAGE INCLUDES:                                                                                       Book your Mauritius Holidays here

       Return economy airfare on Air Mauritius – KL/Mauritius/KL
                                                                                                           MSL TRAVEL SDN BHD
       Return airport transfers in Mauritius                                                               Red Rock Hotel Lobby,
       Accommodation at choice of hotel based on twin sharing (standard room)                              Macalister Road,10400
       Daily breakfast & dinner                                                                            Penang
       Free land & water sports at the hotel except scuba diving & deep sea fishing                        Tel: 04 22 72 655
       Honeymoon Perks (subject to change & availability / Minimum stays required)                         Fax: 04 22 72 102
                                                                                                           Email: mslpen@po.jaring.my
   EXCLUSIONS:                                                                                             Website: www.msltravel.com
      Airport tax, insurance tax & fuel surcharge
      All other personal expenses, insurance, tips & gratuities or any other tax

       Surcharge applies for late check out
Page 20                                                                                                          Terms & Conditions Apply


FULL DAY TOUR WITH LUNCH                                                                                         RM
                                                                                                             (per person)
The Mystic South (Curepipe / Grand Bassin / Chamarel) - Mon & Fri                                               220.00
- Feast your eyes on the panoramic view from the top of Trou Aux Cerfs, an extinct volcano about
   700,000 years old. Brief stop in the town centre of Curepipe to visit a ship model factory and for
   some shopping. Later proceed to Grand Bassin, a scared lake for pilgrims of the Hindu
   community. Only a stone throw away are the Black River Gorges, Chamarel and its unique seven
   coloured earth.

Naval Museum of Mahebourg & Ile des Deux Cocos – Mon                                                           420.00
- In Mahebourg, visit the Naval museum where are preserved a collection of Relics salvaged from
  the wrecks, reminiscent of the fierce naval battles that took place in the region which saw the very
  first naval victory of the French over the British during the Napoleon period. Departure from the
  museum and preoceed to Blue Bay for Ile des Deux Cocos. Visit of the villa ‘Follies’ followed by
  a boat excursions to the marine park for scuba diving. Under the supervision of the skippers you
  will have the opportunity to discover the under water sea fauna and flora. Back on Ile des Deux.
  Enjoy a barbecue lunch accompanied by special sauces, mixed salad followed by a Tropical

Port Louis / Pamplemousses Garden - Tue & Thu                                                                  205.00
- Head towards Port Louis, the capital city and thriving commercial centre, an ideal starting point
  for discovery of the island. Its busy port, spice market, historical buildings and different places of
  worship offer a foretaste to its rich diversity. Later visit the oldest botanical garden of the Southern
  Hemisphere, the Pamplemousses Gardens, which have a magnificent collection of indigenous and
  exotic plants.

Bois Cheri / Crocodile Park / St Aubin – Wed                                                                   260.00
- At Bois Cheri, you will be charmed by the beauty of its lush greenery & the inner refreshing
  atmosphere of this region. In the course of a visit through the tea plantation, you will have the
  opportunity to see its factory & museum. Then have a tea break up the hills where the view over
  the South is breathtaking. Next stop will be at the Crocodile Park & nature reserve to discover its
  numerous crocodiles, monkeys, bats, giant tortoises & other animals from the region. Lunch will
  be served at Le Saint Aubin, a plantation house built in 1819. Later visit an anthurium greenhouse
  & a vanilla plantation.

Pamplemousses Garden, Sugar World & Grand Bay (Minimum of 4                                                    225.00
persons) – Tue
- Departure for a guided visit of one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world, Pamplemousses
  Garden. Later arrival at Sugar World followed by a full visit of this Ancient sugar cane factory,
  transformed into an extraordinarily modern museum where one will understand the history of
  sugar cane production in Mauritius. Free rum and special sugar tasting at the end of your visit.
  Lunch will be served. Afterwards, proceed to Grand Bay, the leading place of interest for tourism
  in Mauritius. The numerous shopping opportunities and Mauritian evenings such as restaurant,
  bars and discotheques are appealing to the visitor. The tour ends by a visit of a ship model factory
  in Goodlands.

Trou aux Cerfs, Domaine Les Aubineaux in Curepipe, Grand Bassin&
Chamarel Sat
- Enjoy puff of fresh air. Feast your eyes on the panoramic view from the top of ‘Trou aux
  Cerfs, an extinct volcano about 700,000 years old. Stop at the Domaine des Aubineaux                         235.00
  for a visit of this colonial house followed by a tea tasting. Proceed to Grand Bassin, a
  sacred lake for pilgrims of the Hindu community. Only a stone throw from this mystical
  site are the Black River gorges. After lunch visit of Chamarel’s coloured earths and its                           Page 21

  Ile Aux Cerfs - Wed & Sun                                         (from East Coast)                      85.00
                                                                    (from other Coast)                    115.00
  - Discover rural Mauritius while heading to the East coast of the island. A short trip by boat will
    bring you to Ile Aux Cerfs, an islet situated off the East coast. This perfect tropical playground
    with dazzling stretches of white sand & warm turquoise water is unique in Mauritius. This is also
    the home of all watersports.


  Shopping in Floreal, Phoenix Glass Gallery, Quatres-Bornes Market &
  Casela – Thu
  - Proceed to Floreal, one of the main residential Towns on the island for its shopping
    arcades. Then visit to Phoenix Glass Gallery, you may admire professional glass blowers
    at work where glass is recycled at 100% as well as stained-glass window displays. This
    excursion will also bring you to Quatre Bornes market, one of the many open air markets
    available in Mauritius where colourful fabrics, fresh vegetables & typical Mauritian craft
    can be found. The tour will then proceed to Casela Nature Park where lives more than
    2,500 birds of 140 species. One can also discover different mammals: fish, tortoise,
    mokeys, lemurs, pheasants, leopards and tigresses from Bengal, all coming from
    different parts of the world.

  Shopping in Port Louis – Fri                                                                            120.00
  - A guided tour of Port Louis central     market’s alleys while falling under the spell of the exotic
    fragrance of its spices & oriental perfumes. The tour will also bring you to the Caudan Waterfront
    which houses a wide display of boutiques & craftsmanship stalls.

  Pamplemousses Garden & Comptoir des Mascareignes- Sat                                                   100.00
  - Visit of the St Francois d’Assises church in Pamplemousses where the prayers of its
    worshippers have been heard. This embellished edifice of year 1756 is known as the
    most Ancient Sanctuary on the island. Visit of one of the oldest botanical gardens in the
    world: The Pamplemousses Garden where a rich and unique tropical floral prevails.
    Departure for Le Comptoir des Mascareignes, renowned for its modern boutiques arcade,
    will appeal to the visitor. There is a wide selection of shopping opportunities such as:
    local handicrafts, souvenirs, clothes, ship models, paintings and jewels.

  SPECIAL TOURS (Days at clients' choice) - MIN 2 PAX

  ½ Day City Tour (0900 – 1300 hrs) (With lunch)                                                          185.00

  Transfers to & from Grand Bay (0900 - 1300 hrs) (Half Day with lunch)                                   200.00
  - Head for Grand Bay to enjoy a pleasurable morning of shopping at Sunset Boulevard or the Grand
    Bay Market. With its numerous hotels, shops, restaurants & bathing spots, Grand Bay is a place
    which must be visited at a slow pace. Shopping of every kind, from cotton clothing to ship model
    can be made there.

     Children aged 2-12 years are entitled to 35% discount on above rate
     Sightseeing tours in air-conditioned deluxe minibus or coach & tours are conducted in English
     Rates are subject to changes without prior notice

Page 22
                       For Sale Fish Tanks and Stands
This fish tank
                                                                        This fish tank is
is122 cm in
                                                                        80 cm in length
length and 45
                                                                        and 45 cm in
cm in height, it
                                                                        height, there is a
comes with light
                                                                        filter included.
built into lid, fil-
ter system, all                                                         TOTAL PRICE
the rocks,                                                              $150 MRY
stones, plants.
TOTAL PRICE                   Contact either Ann Edmond on 0195936448 or
$250 MRY                               John Edmond 0164198320

                            FOR SALE - MERCEDES 300 SE

 WEF 2000 - 1987 Navy Blue MERCEDES 300 SE. Excellent condition for age. Owned by last
 two Aussie exchange officers in Lumut. Nearly new tyres and serviced every 3 months for the
 past two years, full service history since 2004. Rego until Mar 08. A reliable, respected
 luxury highway cruiser and economical at 9Km per litre. Owner departs Dec/Jan 2008. First offer
 over $7000 AUS/ 3,000 GBP / 21,000 MYR secures.


 LCDR Chris Watson:
 Tel: 05 681 7855
 Hand Phone: 0123886905
 Email: ccandahwatson@gmail.com

                                                                                             Page 23
Page 24
                                      Car For Sale
         1980’s HONDA VIGOR (Singapore Accord)
                                      $1000 (AUD) ono
                                    Lee - 012 475 0372
                                 Mandy – 012 544 6421

                                   CAR FOR SALE

                          1997 Hyundai Lantra 1.8 GLS Saloon (NZ New)
                          Four door, Automatic, Air con, Electric windows
                               Current odometer reading 10500kms
                                       Tow bar , 4 New tyres
                                    Full service record available
                     Prior to leaving we will touch up the odd parking scrape!
                           Price $4500 AUD, Available 23rd November.
We have owned this car for three years and it has been very reliable but it just won't fit in the con-
                                       tainer to go home!
                       Contact : Vern 016 4198324 or Mary 012 4689580
                                                                                                         Page 25
                              Car For Sale
                                                              AUD $23,500
                                                        2002 BMW E46 320C
                                                               64000 KMS
                                                          2.2 Litre, 6 Cylinder
                                                      Steptronic, 3 mode transmis-
                                                           This Car is As New

          Black leather interior, 17” M5                        Contact Malcolm Bennett

          Wheels with Pirelli Dragon tyres,                     Work adc@hqiads.mil.my
                                                       Home bennettbuilt@penangfon.com
          sun roof, full power options with all
                                                                   PH W+6043237626
          of the fruit.
                                                                    Mob +60164198348

                                  PERODUA KEMBARA
                1.3 EZ ( auto ), 4 years old (19.6.2003 ), very good condition.
                                 $30.000.-MR or best offer.
                             Contact: edmondaj@streamyx.com
Page 26
                                            CAR FOR SALE
                                            Honda Accord
                                                       Four doors
                                                    Air conditioning
                                                     Central locking
                                                    Electric windows
                                                   Regularly serviced
                                               Car seat bolt already fitted
                      Reliable car, has been on lots of trips to KL, Perhentians and Pangkor

                                            Price $3000 AUD (ono)
                          Contact: Barney 012 408 9691 or barney.hayward@defence.gov.au
                                    Kylie 012 508 4844 or kylielou@hotmail.com

               S.N. Beauty                                      Aqua Aerobics at
                 Helen Maria                                      Sri Pangkor
(face & body therapist)
               H/P: 016 488 5009                                           2007 season
                                                                        Morning sessions...
House Call Services
                                                                              All welcome!
*Aromatherapy/Traditional/Post Natal Massage
                                                                  Come along and join fitness
*Body Exfoliation/Scrub                                   instructor Azlina for an easy and fun way to
* Body Wraps                                                        start the day and get fit.

                                                                         Call me for details
       FOR SALE ARISTON                                                Azlina 0124 217 273

                150 MR only
          call Petra tel. 3700050
             hph. 0164937015
                                                                                                         Page 27
                AMAH Registry                                                                       TUTORING
     Please email thefurphy@gmail.com if you would like to                    •    Does your child require additional help
                     advertise your Amah                                           with school work?
Name: Banu
Contact: 016 423 6212
                                                                              •    Do you know that you can be eligible for
Banu is hard working and reliable. Her cleaning duties are of a very
high standard. She is great with the children and enjoys babysitting.              a rebate on tuition fees for your chil-
Banu is looking for two days a week – Tuesday and Thursday. Banu is
able to speak, write and read a good level of English, and is efficient at         dren?
taking phone messages. Without Banu, my household would not be
as organized as it is. I am happy to provide a reference for Banu.                Tutoring is now available by a qualified
Natalie -017 432 2720                                                             Australian Primary School Teacher with
                                                                                     International School experience.
Name: Devi
Nationality: Malaysian/Indian                                                 Assistance with school referrals and rebate
Ph: 281 5012
She will cook if required, babysits as well as usual Amah duties,
                                                                                             forms given.
ironing, cleaning etc. Devi has her own car and has never been late for
work. Very friendly and reliable. Speaks good English.                            Call Virginia Upton for further details on
Name: Betty
Contact: 012-5716652
Betty is kind, friendly and a reliable worker. If I need help in anyway
( cook, cleans the house properly and irons the clothes nicely.
She is fluent in English and used to working for expatriates. She
treated my kids (four and six years old) with patience and love and
was available to babysit in the evenings and at weekends.
If you would like more information-please contact
Sandra Kroh           016-4324309

Name: Santhra
                                                                             Nails                  (Beauty &Training Centre)
Handphone:016 456 1227
                                                                             First Floor, Shop No. 28 & 29 (same floor as McDonalds)
Santhra has been our amah/nanny for the past 4 years and we
happily recommend her services.                                              Prangin Mall
We are can provide a written reference or answer any questions.              Tel: 04-2633 463
                                                                             Specializing in:
Nicole Glisson & Ash Huxtable                                                     French Manicure
(ex-Uplands teachers and parents of 2 small children)                             Pedicure
                                                                                  Acrylic Nail
Name: Rajes
                                                                                  Acrylicgel Nail
Contact Direct: 0165576453
                                                                                  Sculptured Nail
Nationality: Indian
                                                                                  Nail Art Design / 3D Design
                                                                                  Folk Art
Rajes is seeking an extra 2 days per week employment. She is friendly,
reliable, trustworthy and very compatible with our young family. She
                                                                                  Hand & Foot Treatments
has very good English skills and understanding and has been working
with expat families for 30 years.
If you would like more information please contact Sharon -

Please note RAAF and BSG take no responsibility for the
information sent into us regarding Amahs.
Page 28
                                                                   Vogue Silks
                                                            49-51 Bishop Street, Penang
                                                                   Tel/fax 2610126
           Rainforest Bakery
                                                Vogue Silks sells cottons, silks, polyesters, and linens.
                                                Shop hours are 9am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday. The
                                                store closes at 1pm on Public Holidays.
         Freshly baked bread baked
                                                This shop will also open outside normal trading hours by
              NO preservatives                  appointment. Contact person is Pishu Murli Hassaram
                                                on 016 452 6132.
            Delivered to your door              Saturday afternoon is a good time to visit. It is not busy
                                                and parking is free.
            Wholemeal RM2.30
            Mix Grain RM3.70                                Smida Paperie
             Six Cereal RM4.00
                                                     A Scrapbooking Supplies Store
               Malt RM3.50                                         Burmah Road
             Just to name a few!                                   04 261 3322
     Rolls, scrolls, Pita Bread, Muffins                           012 421 1201
        Contact Linda 016 408 2883
                                                    Aromatherapy Massage & Beauty
      Email: Lindahctan@yahoo.com
                                                     For appointments in your home contact…
                                                               Ching - 013 468 5858

           WANT FRIENDLY                         Business Hours: Sunday-Friday 11.00am-7.00pm

                                                              Stitchery & Such
DOMESTIC MAID                                                  No 1 Gat Lebuh Gereja
Free yourself from liability if your domestic                         India House
maid is injured or falls sick. Premiums                                 Penang
reimbursed by Commonwealth.                                        Tel: 04 2620 599

CAR INSURANCE                                   Stitchery & Such has a good range of framed cross
                                                stitch, hardanger and paper tole items for sale.
Arrange to have your car insurance and road
                                                They also stock supplies and kits. Stitchery & Such
tax delivered to your doorstep. Comes with      will also frame your own cross stitch and
free gift (while stocks last)                   embroidery projects.

                                                 Kitchen and Household Supplies
When sending your car back to Australia,
                                                               City Gold (M) Sdn. Bhd.
insure your cargo against transport hazards.
                                                                  92 Jalan Rangoon
For insurance coverage (even those not listed
                                                City Gold sells a large range of plastic, melamine,
     above), please call Andrew Choong          stainless steel, porcelain ware, and all sorts of
                                                household wares and kitchen utensils. There is an
               017 473 3878                     upstairs showroom, as well as the street level
                                                showroom.                                                    Page 29
                      TUTORS                                         AmazingMagicEntertainment
             Name: SEE Theam Thye or his
             English name is Ken.                                        Pipi de Clown—012 470 0990
             Ph: 016 492 1348                                     Magic Show                           Clown Show
             Ken speaks good English. Ken helps with              Juggler                               Fire Eating
             organising study timetables and techniques prior     Balloon Making                       Stilt Walking
             to exam time. Ken tutors most year levels in                          Acrobatic
             Maths and Physics.                                             Charges 450Rm per hour

             Name: Mr Kok
             Ph: 019 431 4629
             Mr Kok speaks very good English and is strong
             in Maths and Science.C

                                                                  The UK's leading physical play programme for children
                         Precious Ones                                          from 6 months to 7 years

                   56 Lorong Selamat, Georgetown
          This shop sells lovely wooden and educational puzzles                   For registration call:
          and toys at prices much cheaper then you can get                      98-2-45, Prima Tanjung
          in Australia. Also heaps of Crafty things for kids up
                                                                                  Jalan Fettes, 10470
          to the age of 10 to make.
            ** Children who go to St Christopher’s School
                                                                                    Tel: 04 890 2388
                      receive a 10% discount **

                                               documentary portraiture              contact:

          photography                          maternity & newborn                  margo mcneill
                                               babies                               017.489.8096
          by                                   kids                                 mooremargo@gmail.com
                                               siblings                             penang, malaysia
          margo                                families

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    Calling for Contributions…
•   Do you have a birthday, anniversary, special event
    that you would like to publicize?                     Shazma Yoga Studio
•   Have you been on a wonderful holiday that you
    need to tell everyone about?
                                                               21 Seahome
                                                             Yanjung Bungah
•   Do you have a favourite something that you would          Penang 11200
    like to share (recipe/joke/??)?
    If you have answered YES to any of the above,               Elaine Ng
                                                              012 447 0072
                WE NEED YOU!                             shazmayoga@hotmail.com
       Please email your thoughts and ideas to

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                                                               October 2007
                    Sun                 Mon              Tue              Wed             Thu             Fri        Sat
                                               1                      2          3                    4          5          6
                                                                                     Pool Comp @

                                    7          8                      9         10                   11         12         13
                                                                                     Pool Comp @

                                   14         15                  16            17                   18         19         20
                                                                                     BSG Breakfast
                                                                                     9am @ Hostie

                                                                                     Pool Comp @

                                   21         22                  23            24                   25         26         27
                                                   Netball @ Hostie                  Pool Comp @

                                   28         29                  30            31
                                                   Netball @ Hostie                  Pool Comp @

          CalendarsThatW ork.com

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