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									Fall 2010

                          SHAFTY Scribbler
                                                                         Editor: Emily Shain

              Bake Sale                         plan laid out in August can still be
         By Sydney Denmark                      completed.
                                                         A grave of Private Harry Potter from
        Just a few short weeks ago on a         1939 is drawing tourists to the town of
Sunday morning on October 17th, SHAFTY          Ramle in Israel. Tourists began asking about
held a very successful bake sale! We had        it five years ago, and it is now listed as one
many volunteers, baked goods, and many          of the town’s main tourist attractions.
people come to just help out with selling       Visitors come to the small town just to take
baked goods! As our first fundraiser, I         pictures of the grave, but people also come
believe it started us on a great note! We       to the town because of its convenient
raised more than one hundred and fifty          location and archeological ruins. There is no
dollars, and had tons of assorted goodies.      connection to Harry Potter the wizard.
Our next fundraiser will be in February so,
please be sure to keep your eyes out for
flyers! We could always use help so feel free             A Taste of SHAFTY
to contact me!                                            By Louis Markowitz
                                                        A Taste of SHAFTY was co-chaired
                                                by Membership Vice President Louis
                                                Markowitz and Social Action Vice President
                                                Becca Benoff on Saturday night October 9th.
                                                The theme of the night was not only “getting
                                                to know you,” but also overconsumption and
                                                recycling. To illustrate this Louis and Becca
                                                lead the participants through an awesome set
              Israel News                       of food games, including such highlights as
          By Jaclyn Bernstein                   an Apple Jack Toss and a Grilled Cheese
                                                Relay. After some more eating, there was a
        Negotiations over building on Gaza's    recycling activity which used the recyclables
West Bank seem to have halted, but the U.S.     obtained from the recycling drive to make
is working to move them again. Details on       cool objects. A band was even formed using
the issues have not been released, but          recyclables as instruments! Overall it was a
sources say the pauses in talks are due to      great night during which many new
Palestinian objections. Israeli Prime           members got their first taste of SHAFTY!
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu believes there
was progress in the talks. U.S. Secretary of
State Hillary Clinton believes the 12 month
Fall 2010

   SHAFTY Goes to Ocean City!                                Mitzvah Mania
       By Carly Harris                                      By Rebecca Benoff
         Back on September 26th, when the                The month of November’s Mitzvah
weather wasn't freezing, SHAFTY went to          Mania was a Thanksgiving food drive which
Ocean City, NJ for some beach and                will benefit the Shir Ami Food Pantry. There
boardwalk fun. We started the day off with       are large wire bins around the synagogue
some mixers on the beach, including              which are there year round and any
numerous rounds of everyone's favorite           nonperishable food item or personal need
game, Ninja. Then, we split up for lunch and     item would be greatly appreciated. The Shir
boardwalk time. Some of us hit the stores,       Ami Food Pantry is very new and brings aid
while others hit the beach. Check out the        to those less fortunate in our own
youth lounge bulletin board for some great       community. As the holiday season
pictures! Overall, it was still a great way to   approaches there will be a gift drive so keep
start off the 2010-2011 SHAFTY year!             up to date on more information so you can
                                                 be a part of the Mitzvah Mania!
             By Emily Shain                               SHAFTY Takes NYC
                                                           By Josh Dienstman
        WINSTY is a fun-filled social action
weekend when other Temple youth groups           On November 21, Sr. SHAFTY hopped a
come together for a lot of fun! This year,       train bound for the Big Apple. On arrival at
WINSTY will be taking place January 14th-        Penn Station SHAFTYites began to navigate
16th,Martin Luther King weekend. Each            the busy city streets and tried their hardest
year a different synagogue in the NFTY           not to look like tourists. The first stop of the
PAR region hosts this event. This year,          day was Ben’s Kosher Deli for lunch. After
Temple Sinai in Pittsburgh is host               crunching on some pickles and devouring
synagogue. During this weekend everyone is       hot pastrami on rye, everyone made their
housed by host families in the area.             way to the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not
Throughout this entire weekend, social           Museum. Immediately upon our entry, we
action projects are done to help our             were hassled by one of the museum workers
community. The event also includes               for proudly wearing Eagles green.
Shabbat dinner and services as well as social    SHAFTY made quick work of this enemy
events. Registration is currently open so, be    though by standing tall and unleashing a
sure to register and join in all the fun!        very loud Eagles chant. The museum itself
                                                 was very interesting to say the least. Some
                                                 of the exhibits included medieval torture
                                                 devices, shrunken human heads, and a two-
                                                 headed goat (yes, a two-headed goat –
                                                 believe it or not). Once we finished
                                                 admiring all of the oddities, everyone
                                                 headed over to Times Square for some
                                                 shopping in Toys “R” Us, and then to
                                                 Rockefeller Center. Everybody had a great
Fall 2010

      NFTY Dallas Convention                    mixed with all this program was tons of free
         By Emily Shain                         time and hanging with our friends as well as
                                                a costume party since it was Halloween
        NFTY will be hosting a National         weekend. All in all Fall Kallah 2010 was a
Convention taking place in Dallas, Texas        great event in all aspects that an event can
from February 18th-22nd. The National           be great.
Convention is an event when all of the
regions from throughout the country come                    Upcoming Events
together and meet. There is going to be an
estimated 500 teenagers attending this                          December:
amazing event. Dan Nichols, a well-known
Jewish singer, will be at this convention as             12/1-12/8- Chanukah!
well. It will be a lot of fun so, make sure             12/3- Blue Jeans Service
you register for this long weekend of fun!             12/12- Jr. SHAFTY Roller
                                                       skating and Chickie and Pete’s
                  Fall Kallah                                      Dinner
                By Jason Shavel                      12/18- Sr. SHAFTY Comedy and
Fall Kallah is the fall event for NFTY PAR.
As it is every year, this year it was at Camp
Harlam. The weekend began with some ice
breakers and get-to-know-each-other                 1/8- Jr. SHAFTY Ultrazone Lock-
activities. Soon the theme for the weekend,                         in
Communication, was revealed to us and then             1/9- Chalutzim Bounce U
the program became more centered around                   1/14-1/16 WINSTY
the theme. The programs led us to question          1/22- Sr. SHAFTY Rock climbing
how efficient our communication methods                1/23- Bonim Ice Skating
were nowadays. We were asked to think
about the difference between Facebook
chatting and real face-to-face conversations.
Also we were asked to think about more
intimate forms of communication as well.                    2/6- Pretzel Sale
We were in programs that allowed us to                 2/13- Sr. and Jr. SHAFTY Ski
communicate more freely with the people                              Trip
around us. This theme was very appropriate             2/18-2/22- NFTY Convention
for a NFTY PAR event because everyone at
these events is usually so open and friendly
anyway, through these programs we were
able to open up to each other even further.
Some of the time was spent discussing these
ideas in a light hearted manner and
sometimes we were forced to think at a
much deeper level, but all in all the program
was amazing. It really got me thinking about
how I communicate with others. Of course
Fall 2010

      Words from the President
         By Chad Nobel

         For 10 years, I’ve been a
member of SHAFTY, and I’ve loved
every second. Each month, I look
forward to spending time with friends
that I’ve known for a large majority of
my life, as well as meeting new
SHAFTYites for the first time. For
long-time members and me, SHAFTY
holds hours upon hours of wonderful        Sr. SHAFTY attempts to make a human
memories         and       unforgettable   pyramid on the beach in Ocean City.
experiences, but SHAFTY offers a
vast array of different opportunities
for different people. In addition to the
SHAFTY regulars, many non-
members attend our events, and
whether they came with a SHAFTY
friend or just to steal a glimpse of our
friendly community, they always
return home with countless stories and
new friendships. So, whether you are
a weathered SHAFTY diehard or a
curious newcomer, we urge you to
join us in a future event, where, I can
assure you, you’ll be welcomed with
open arms and smiles.
Fall 2010

          Fall Fun Frenzy!                          Ultrazone was the setting for
        Bonim & Chaluztim                   Chalutzim’s November event. Steven
                                            Kravitz and Miles Brorowsky showed off
        3rd through 6th grade
                                            their laser tag skills with might. A big two
          By Mindy Smoot                    thumbs up Roxy Ilescu for representing
                                            the girls and showing that the gals have
Point Pleasant, Pumpkin Picking at          got the goods, too! Noah Mandel and
Active Acres Farm, Ultrazone,               Matthew Hirsh definitely represented for
Brunswick Zone, Hibachi and                 their teams! On one fine Saturday night
“Megamind”, Oh, how much Bonim and          in November, Bonim headed out for a
Chalutzim have done in just three           delicious Hibachi dinner – what a show!
months! This fall has been filled with so   Who knew Noah Gordon and Joey Axler
many exciting events. Check out what        were so talented that they could catch
we’ve been up to!                           shrimp with their mouths! And the fun
       Lauren Silverstein, Ian and Greg     continued in the 3D teachers at Oxford
Salisbury, Mason Gross, and Reece           Valley where Bonim saw “Megamind
Coren joined the rest of the crew on the    3D.” What a fun Saturday night!
caravan to Point Pleasant, NJ. We                   This fall has been fantastic. All of
enjoyed beautiful weather on the beach      our SHAFTYites bring bright smiles and
for some group games to get to know         energetic enthusiasm to everything.
the whole SHAFTY crew! Jen Ross and         Look forward to many more fun times
Kaitlyn Lane braved some wild rides on      with friends. December 1st is our annual
the boardwalk, while Henry Bear and         Hanukkah Hop, and you know what that
Colby Schnell strolled the boardwalk        means….. FUN! See you soon!
and surfed the shops.
       In October, our 3rd and 4th
graders of Chalutzim meet some friendly
animals at the entrance to Active Acres
Farm before heading on the hayride to
the Pumpkin Patch. Evan and Harrison
Black found two really neat green
pumpkins! Tori Dorfman and Rachel
Nemez did a fantastic job decorating
their pumpkins, as did Daniel Rosenthal
and Julia Silver. Thanks to Active Acres
Farm (where Sleepy Hollow hayride is
held) for welcoming SHAFTY and
providing a friendly and accommodating
event. Our 5th and 6th graders went to
Horrorfest at Shadybrook Farm in
October, and what a scary time it was!
Estelle Nemtsov and Jacob Diefes
made it out alive from the very haunted
hayride. And Isaac Kravatz, Jacob
                                                Pumpkins + karaoke = tons of fun!
Shain, and Alec Rubin showed their
talents at “Scary-okee.”
Fall 2010

                Jr. Shafty                      November was our dinner and a movie
                                                event. Although turnout was low, we still
          By Leslie Leibowitz                   had a great time! Aaron Schnitzer, Jake
                                                Sandman, Ian Siderits, and Steven Miller
                                                chowed down in the food court. Jake, I
Our Jr. Shafty year has started up with a       didn’t know monster drinks came in
bang!! Our ice cream social was a hit with      enormous size! Then it was off to wait in
kids and parents. It gave us a chance to        line for Harry Potter and the Deathly
mingle and reconnect with our Shafty            Hallows Part 1 in IMAX. Being the true
friends after the summer break. Since I         Potter freak and bit of a nerd, I brought my
never want summer to end, we delayed its        stuffed Hedwig to the movies with us. The
passing by having our first event of the year   movie didn’t let me down and I can’t wait
going to Ocean City N.J. The day was great      till the summer for part 2.
and we even managed to plan our event
when the corvette show was there.               Jr. Shafty…don’t miss out on the last event
Hundreds of cars were on the boardwalk and      of the year! We will be going to Palace
Aaron Schnitzer and Ian Siderits really         Roller Rink for skating and then off to
enjoyed the sharp cars. Just a few more         Chickie & Pete’s for dinner. I can already
years till you can drive one guys! Hannah       smell the crab fries. Then is the first event of
Kravitz, Ashley Levy and Rachel Freeman         the New Year…the one you are all waiting
loved trying on the cool hats at Cloud 9 and    for…The Ultrazone lock in on January 8th
we took a great group shot of all wearing hip   into the 9th. So grab your Jewish friends and
head wear. Grant Denmark, Cassey Levitt         join the fun with Jr. Shafty!!
and Brian Goldstein were working hard on
the scavenger hunt that was planned on the
boardwalk. They figured out which cookie
you can get fried and how many pirates are
on the wall of castaway cove. Finally we all
ran around on the beach and were chased by
seagulls. I will never bring French fries on
the beach again!!

Our October event was cancelled due to low
turnout. Hey, Jr. Shafty…where were
you??? We did have a great first FLASH
meeting with our 8th graders. Thanks to
Steven Miller, Josh Hinton, Ashley
Necowitz, Jake Sandman, Hannah Kravatz,
Aaron Schnitzer, Josh King, Devon Bialow,
and Emma Sapperstein for attending. We
assigned FLASH team job positions, talked
about running canteen, and had everyone
give their ideas for new events. We are
lucky to have such an awesome group of 8th

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