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                          Training Course
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Asbestos Building Inspector Refresher                                                                                      1/5/2010

                                         Asbestos                                               Section 1
                                         Inspector                                            Pre-Inspection
                                         Refresher                                              Activities
                                       Training Course

                                  TSI                                                      TSI
                  Call 1-866-666-8438 Fax 1-866-813 -9804                  Call 1-866-666-8438 Fax 1-866-813 -9804

         Reasons to Conduct an Inspection                                 Liability Reduction &
                                                                        Safe Building Environment
          • Liability Reduction & Safe Building                   • Conducting a comprehensive survey
            Environment                                             – State of art practices
          • Property Transfer                                       – Inspector‟s duty
          • Regulatory Compliance                                       • thoroughly identify and assess
                                                                        • accurately report the findings
                                                                        • recommend methods to control asbestos

          TSI                                               P.1   TSI                                                P.1

                  Liability Reduction &                                     Property Transfer
                Safe Building Environment
                                                                  Recognized Environmental Conditions
         • Implementing effective management                      Protocols
           controls                                                 – rarely comprehensive
           – Implement controls                                     – usually identify only limited suspect
                                                                      materials (i.e. friable)
           – Continuously manage
                                                                    – limited assessments (i.e. damaged
                                                                    – few samples in a facility

          TSI                                               P.1   TSI                                                P.1

Training Services International                                                                                                  1
Asbestos Building Inspector Refresher                                                                                                                                                           1/5/2010

          Regulatory Inspection Requirements                                                           Regulatory Comparison
                                                                                                            AHERA                   OSHA               OSHA                     NESHAP
                   • AHERA 40 CFR Part 763 Subpart E                                      Scope
                                                                                                             40 CFR       29 CFR 1910.1001       29 CFR 1926.1101                40 CFR
                                                                                                             Part 763         General Industry      Construction                 Part 61
                   • OSHA General Industry Standard                                       Facilities   Schools (K-12)     All buildings w/       All areas              All structures
                       29 CFR 1910.1001                                                                Public & private   employees
                                                                                                                                                 employees are or
                                                                                                                                                 will perform
                                                                                                                                                                        excluding residential
                                                                                                                                                                        buildings w/ 4 or
                                                                                                                          construction & off-    construction           fewer dwelling units
                   • OSHA Construction Standard                                                                           shore                  activities

                       29 CFR 1926.1101                                                   Identify     • Building-wide    • Employees’           • Employees’           • Affected areas of
                                                                                                       • Interior           Areas                  Areas                  facility
                                                                                                                          • Accessible           • Accessible &         • Accessible &
                   • NESHAP 40 CFR Part 61 Subpart M                                                   • Accessible
                                                                                                                                                   Inaccessible           Inaccessible

                   • States                                                               Detect       AHERA protocol
                                                                                                       or assume
                                                                                                                          AHERA protocol
                                                                                                                          or assume
                                                                                                                                                 AHERA protocol
                                                                                                                                                 or assume
                                                                                                                                                                        AHERA protocol or

                                                                                          Assess       • Location         •       Location       • Location             • Location
                                                                                                       • Condition        •       Quantity       • Condition            • Condition
                                                                                                       • Potential for                           • Potential for        • Potential for
                                                                                                         Disturbance                               Disturbance            Disturbance
                                                                                                       • Quantity                                • Quantity             • Quantity

          TSI                                                                      P. 2   TSI                                                                                          P.3

                            ASTM Asbestos Survey                                                     New Buildings & Materials
                                                                                          Need to inspect?
         Baseline Survey                             Project Design Survey

          Entire facility                             Limited to abatement areas          Yes
           o Indoor & outdoor material                Supports abatement
           o Includes miscellaneous items & stored    All suspect ACM sampled
                                                                                           • Ban issues
                                                      Destructive testing often needed
          Long term ACM management
                                                      No assessment unless abatement
                                                                                           • PACM
          Sampling & assuming permitted
                                                      decisions have not been made
          No destructive        testing/   surface
                                                      Supports NESHAP requirements         • AHERA Exemptions
                                                      to thoroughly inspect prior to
          Generates enough information to
          support posting signs & labeling for
                                                      renovation/ demolition               • MSDS‟s
          OSHA compliance
                                                                                           • State requirements

          TSI                                                                      P. 2   TSI                                                                                          P.4

                Active U.S. Ban Legislation                                                 Current Asbestos Bans and Restrictions

                                                                                           •   Argentina                      •     Portugal                       •   Ireland
           Senate passed Ban Asbestos in America Act                                       •   Austria                        •     Seychelles                     •   Japan
                                                                                           •   Chile                          •     Slovenia                       •   Latvia
              – Bans nearly all asbestos uses                                              •   Czech Republic                 •     Sweden
                                                                                                                                                                   •   Luxembourg
                                                                                           •   Estonia*                       •     United Kingdom
              – Exempts naturally occurring fill material                                  •   France                         •     Australia
                                                                                                                                                                   •   Netherlands

                                                                                           •   Germany                                                             •   Poland
              – Other exemptions include DOD, NASA, &                                      •   Honduras
                                                                                                                              •     Belgium
                                                                                                                                                                   •   Saudi Arabia
                                                                                                                              •     Cyprus
                chlorine process                                                           •   Iceland                                                             •   Slovakia
                                                                                                                              •     Denmark
                                                                                           •   Italy                                                               •   Spain
                                                                                           •   Kuwait                         •     Finland
           Similar bill in House                                                           •   Lithuania                      •     Gabon
                                                                                                                                                                   •   Switzerland

           committee                                                                                                                                               •   Uruguay
                                                                                           •   Malta                          •     Greece
                                                                                           •   Norway                         •     Portugal
                                                                                                                              •     Hungary
          TSI                                                                      P.5    TSI                                                                                          P. 5

Training Services International                                                                                                                                                                       2
Asbestos Building Inspector Refresher                                                                                                                            1/5/2010

                 Selecting an Inspection Firm
                                                                                                                  2. Site Visits
                                1. Scope of Work
                                                                                                 • Complexity determines need
                 Owner Responsibilities                   Inspector Responsibilities
                                                                                                 • Individual or group visits
         Convey why they are conducting the Thoroughly review bid documents
          survey including:                                                                      • Information available
          Intended use for survey report          Ask questions about:
          Who will use survey report               Reasons for survey
                                                                                                      Plans & specifications
          Regulatory requirements to be fulfilled  Availability of building records                 Overview of building processes
          Activities following survey              Escorts and/ or access
                                                      Previous surveys
                                                                                                      Finalize scope & purpose of
         Provide information including:                                                                inspection
          Drawings & specifications
          Previous inspections
                                                                                                      Schedule inspection, escorts, &
          Knowledgeable escorts                                                                       access
          TSI                                                                           P. 6   TSI                                                        P. 6

                            3. Bidding Format                                                    Certifications & Qualifications

                     Lump Sum                                  Unit Cost
                                                                                               MAP Course     Inspector             Management Planner
          Document review                         PLM analysis                               Requirements  3-day initial course  Completed inspector
          Pre-inspection meetings                 Point count analysis                                     At least 70% on exam course
          Walkthrough &                           TEM analysis                                             ½ -day refresher      2-day initial course
           identification                          Non-typical materials                                                           At least 70% on exam
          Field sampling                                                                                                            ½ -day additional
          Report writing
          Report review                                                                       Suggested      High school diploma   Registered architect,
                                                                                               Pre-requisites                       engineer, CIH or related
                                                                                                                                    scientific field

          TSI                                                                           P. 6   TSI                                                        P. 7

           Certifications & Qualifications                                                       Certifications & Qualifications

                  AHERA 40 CFR Part 763 Subpart E                                                      ASHARA
          • Inspector                                                                           • Inspector
              – 24 hr MAP Course                                                                   – 24 hr MAP Course
          • Management Planner                                                                  • Management Planner
              – 16 hr MAP Course                                                                   – 16 hr MAP Course

          TSI                                                                           P. 7   TSI                                                        P. 7

Training Services International                                                                                                                                        3
Asbestos Building Inspector Refresher                                                                                     1/5/2010

           Certifications & Qualifications                          Certifications & Qualifications

                  OSHA Construction & General Industry
                                                                        NESHAP 40 CFR Part 61 Subpart M
            • AHERA inspector or CIH for pre-1980 TSI or
              surfacing (PACM)                                    • No requirements identified, however, AHERA
                                                                    inspector is recommended to fulfill „thoroughly
            • Industrial hygienist for pre-1980 flooring            inspect‟ requirement
            • AHERA inspector or CIH is recommended to
              fulfill „due diligence‟ requirement

          TSI                                              P. 7   TSI                                              P. 7

           Certifications & Qualifications                                      Notifications

                      State Licenses                              Functions
                • Inspector                                       • Limits confrontations during inspection
                   – 24 hr MAP Course                             • Building occupants are informed of potential
                • Management Planner
                                                                  • Informed occupants less likely to disturb ACM
                   – 16 hr MAP Course
                                                                  • Early and full disclosure may reduce legal
                • Application & Fee                                 liabilities

          TSI                                              P. 7   TSI                                              P. 8

                        Notifications                                           Notifications

          Approaches                                                    Methods
          • Communicate with all affected parties                       • Notices

          • Bring it up early.                                          • Signs

          • Tell the truth.                                             • Meetings

          TSI                                              P. 8   TSI                                              P. 8

Training Services International                                                                                                 4
Asbestos Building Inspector Refresher                                                                                                     1/5/2010

                           Notifications                                                      Notifications

                                                                                       OSHA 29 CFR 1926.1101
                    AHERA 40 CFR Part 763 Subpart E
                                                                                 • Building & facility owners
          • Annual
                                                                                     – Employees, tenants & occupants in
            – Occupants & legal guardians                                              adjacent areas
                                                                                 • Contractor (Inspector)
                                                                                     – Other employers (contractors)

          TSI                                                          P. 8    TSI                                           P. 8

                           Notifications                                                 Building Records

                    None to conduct inspections
                                                                                Assists inspector to
                      – OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1001                                   locate ACM within the
                      – NESHAP                                                  building and identify the
                                                                                building systems                                    TSI

                                                                                Improves the quality of the asbestos
                    State requirements vary                                     inspection report
                                                                                Various types of drawings

          TSI                                                          P. 8    TSI                                           P. 9

                        Building Records                                             Review of Building Records

           SYMBOL        DRAWING                  COMPONENTS
                                                                               Site Plan
                A       Architectural   Floor plans
                                                                                                                       Floor Plans
                                        Miscellaneous finishes
                M        Mechanical     Mechanical      thermal     system
                P        Plumbing       Plumbing thermal system insulation
                S        Structural     Building grid plans
                                        Structural component      insulation
                                        (usually fireproofing)                 Abatement                          Plans & Other
                E        Electrical     Wiring, transformers, panel boxes      Records                             Construction
          TSI                                                          P. 9    TSI                                           P. 9

Training Services International                                                                                                                 5
Asbestos Building Inspector Refresher                                                                                          1/5/2010

                   Previous Inspections                                             Liability Concerns

         1. Provides a starting point
         2. Identified ACM should be verified
                                                                           Inspection Report

         3. Inadequate parts should be
                                                                               – Foundation for all asbestos activities
            repeated.                                                          – Future actions rely on asbestos
         4. Helps to know who did it                                             inspection

         5. Should know why it was done

          TSI                                                    P. 9    TSI                                           P. 10

                        Liability Concerns                                             Civil Liability

           Regulatory Liability                                          • Contractual –agreement violation
                – Certification & performance issues
                – Laws & statutes
                – Enforcement trends                                     • Tort – legal wrong
                – Letters of interpretation
           Criminal Liability
                – Knowingly & willful
                – Damages human health & environment

          TSI                                                    P. 10   TSI                                           P. 10

                        Inspector’s Liability                                       Inspector’s Liability

          Regulations  Identify all regulations applicable to the
                        inspection activity
                                                                         Inspection  Explain what was done in detail
                         Review the sections of each regulation
                                                                         Report      Identify limitations to the survey
                          that apply                                                  scope
                         Comply with most stringent requirements                    Provide definitions for key terms
          Contract       Read & become familiar with if not                         List findings clearly
                          developed by inspector
                                                                                     Make sure lab results, reported
                         Develop proposals/ contracts that are
                                                                                      findings & drawings agree
                          specific for each project
                         Explain in detail what is to be done
                                                                                     Have the report carefully reviewed
                                                                                      by a qualified individual
                         Identify limitations to the survey scope

          TSI                                                    P. 10   TSI                                           P. 10

Training Services International                                                                                                      6
Asbestos Building Inspector Refresher                                                                                                        1/5/2010

                Health Effects of Asbestos                                                          Asbestos Diseases
         • Primary route of exposure is inhalation
         • Secondary route is ingestion                                                Asbestosis – White Lung
         • Latency Period of 10-40 years                                                 Scarring of the lung
         • 10,000 deaths/ year
         • Most affected trades
           • Mining           • Insulating
                                                     Worker handling amosite
                                                     asbestos at a pipe insulation
           • Milling          • Ship building        manufacturing plant in Tyler,
                                                     TX in the early 1970's. CDC
           • Manufacturing    • Construction
          TSI                                                             P.11       TSI                                              P.11

                       Asbestos Diseases                                                            Asbestos Diseases

         • Asbestosis –
           White Lung                                                                 • Lung Cancer
           –1,500 deaths/ year                                    Chance of
           –20,000 hospital
            visits                Amount
           –Shortness of         Exposure
            breath common
           –Dose-response                    Time of Exposure

                                                                                           Lung Cancer                 Healthy Lung
          TSI                                                             P.11       TSI                                              P.12

                       Asbestos Diseases                                                            Asbestos Diseases

          Lung Cancer                                                                • Mesothelioma
                                                                                           – Cancer of the lining of
           – Increased risk from                Asbestos                                     the chest cavity or
             smoking 10x                        & Smoking                                    abdomen.

           – Increased risk from                 Increases                                 – 2,500 deaths/ year
                                                Lung Cancer
             industrial asbestos
                                                risk by over                               – Rare Cancer
             exposure 5x                            50x                                    – No dose-response
           – Combined increased                                                              relationship
             risk over 50x                                                                 – Always fatal
          TSI                                                             P.11       TSI                                              P.12

Training Services International                                                                                                                    7
Asbestos Building Inspector Refresher                                                                                     1/5/2010

                     Asbestos Diseases                                             Other Diseases

          • Risks Associated with Low
            Level Asbestos Exposure
                                                                      • Pleural plaques          • Esophagus
                                                                      • Pleural thickening       • Stomach
                                                                      • Pleural effusion         • Colon
                            • Manufactured Mineral Fibers                                        • Pancreas

          TSI                                                 P.12   TSI                                       P.12

                     Insurance & Bonding                                      Insurance & Bonding

                General Liability
                                                                     • Bid Bonds
                                         Pollution Prevention
                                            – Occurrence
                                                                     • Performance Bonds
                                            – Claims Made

         Workers‟ Compensation
                                                                     • Payment or Labor & Material

          TSI                                                 P.13   TSI                                       P.13

                                                                           Conducting the Inspection

                                                                     Identifying Suspect
                                       Section 2                       Material
                                    Conducting the                     – Assume or test to
                                                                         determine asbestos
                                      Inspection                         content
                                                                       – USEPA & state lists
                                                                       – Commercial &
                                                                         residential buildings
                    Call 1-866-666-8438 Fax 1-866-813 -9804          TSI                                       P. 14-15

Training Services International                                                                                                 8
Asbestos Building Inspector Refresher                                                                                             1/5/2010

                   Non-Suspect Materials                                      Identifying Suspect ACM

          • No testing needed for wood, metal or glass                             Homogeneous Areas
                                                                                         Is uniform in:
          • “Usually not, however…” materials
            – Cinder block, mortar, brick, house paint
                                                                                color         date of application
          • AHERA exemptions
            – Fiberglass, foam glass, rubber                                  texture           use or system

          • Ultimately inspector‟s decision                                and appears identical in every other respect

          TSI                                               P. 16    TSI                                                  P.16

           Homogeneous Area                                            Homogeneous Area
         Texture       Examine & describe all visible layers
                       Surfacing Materials
                        loosely bound fireproofing                    Color                  Flooring-Different patterns
                        tighter bound acoustical plaster                                     & tile color
                        corrugated (aircell) paper                                           Does not include painted
                        wrapped (compressed) paper                                           color of material
                        block insulation
                        cementitious (mudded) fittings
                        batt insulation
                       Ceiling Tile – surface patterns & texture
          TSI                                               P.16     TSI                                                  P.16

                Homogeneous Area                                               Homogeneous Area
                                                                    Use or System Surfacing/ plasters
                                                                                  • fireproofing, ceilings, walls
         Date of          Any indication of differing                             TSI
         Application       installation dates including
                                                                                   hot water supply and/or return
                           material at:
                                                                                   cold water supply
                          different wings of a building                           chilled water supply
                          different floors                                        steam supply & return (watch for different
                                                                                    pressure/temperature steam lines)
                          special areas such as cafeterias,
                                                                                   roof or system drain
                           machine shops, band rooms
                                                                                   chemical or waste transport
                                                                                   roofing, and siding

          TSI                                               P.16     TSI                                                  P. 16

Training Services International                                                                                                         9
Asbestos Building Inspector Refresher                                                                                                 1/5/2010

                Identifying Suspect ACM                                        Friable vs. Non-Friable

                      Area (Extent)
                                                                          Can the material
                     Friable/ Non-Friable                                  be crumbled,
                                                                           pulverized, or
                     Material Type                                          reduced to
                     Surfacing    TSI    Miscellaneous                    powder by hand
                     Location     Condition      Quantity
                     Potential for Disturbance
          TSI                                                P. 17   TSI                                                     P.17

                  Categories of ACM                                                 Assessing ACM

           • Surfacing ACM                                           • Includes category, condition, quantity,
                                                                       location, potential for disturbance
                                                                     • Timing considerations
           • Thermal System Insulation
                                                                          Assessing during    Reduces number of trips to site
             ACM (TSI)                                                    identifying &       Increases number of
                                                                          sampling             assessments conducted
                                                                          Assessing after     Reduces number of
           • Miscellaneous ACM                                            receiving sample     assessments conducted
                                                                          analysis            Increases number of trips to site

          TSI                                               P.17     TSI                                                      P. 18

                  Functional Space                                         Seven AHERA Categories
                                                                     1.   Damaged or significantly damaged thermal system
           Defined by the
                                                                     2.   Damaged friable surfacing ACM
                                                                     3.   Significantly damaged friable surfacing ACM
           Up to entire                                             4.   Damaged     or  significantly        damaged      friable
            building (no                                                  miscellaneous ACM.
            additions)                                               5.   ACBM with potential for damage.

           Down to room-by                                          6.   ACBM with potential for significant damage.

            room                                                     7.   Any remaining friable ACBM or friable suspected

          TSI                                                P. 18   TSI                                                      P. 18

Training Services International                                                                                                            10
Asbestos Building Inspector Refresher                                                                                       1/5/2010

                            Condition                                               Condition Factors
         General Damage   AHERA Damage               Criteria
            Category        Category
                                                                         • Type of damage
             Good           No Damage      No Damage
                                           (ASTM allows small amounts)
                                                                         • Severity of damage

                Fair         Damage        Up to 10% overall damage      • Causes of damage
                                           Up    to  25% localized
                                           damage                        • Measures to prevent damage
                Poor        Significant    Over 10% overall damage
                             Damage        Over 25% localized

          TSI                                                    P. 18   TSI                                        P. 19

                             Quantity                                                      Location

         • Each HA in each functional space
         • Surfacing material, miscellaneous material, and               • Identify each functional space
           boiler, tank, & duct insulation in square feet (SF)             HA is present
         • Pipe insulation in linear feet (LF)
                                                                         • Ideally locate all materials on
         • Pipe fittings (elbows, tees, valves) counted (each)             drawings
         • Bulk waste & stored materials in cubic feet (CF)
                                                                         • Use location descriptions
                                                                           familiar to owner/ survey users

          TSI                                                    P. 19   TSI                                        P. 19

                Potential for Disturbance                                      Potential for Disturbance

                EPA Curriculum Model                                                    ASTM E 2356 - 04

                Contact                                                   Physical             Environmental
                                                                          Disturbances         Disturbances
                                                                          •Accessibility       • Vibration
                Air Erosion                                               •Activities          • Water damage
                Overall                                                                        • Air currents
                                                                                               • Airborne dust
                                                                                               • Corrosive atmosphere
          TSI                                                    P. 19   TSI                                        P. 19

Training Services International                                                                                                  11
Asbestos Building Inspector Refresher                                                                                                                                   1/5/2010

                Potential for Disturbance                                                       Potential for Disturbance
                              Service workers work in the vicinity of the
                              material more than once per week, or                                              Loud motors or engines present (e.g., some fan
                High                                                                      V                     rooms), or

                              The material is in a public area (e.g., hallway,                  High
                              corridor, auditorium) and accessible to building            i                     Intrusive noises or easily sensed vibrations (e.g.,

          o                                                                               b
                              occupants.                                                                        major airports, a major highway).
                              Service workers work in the vicinity of the

          n     Moderate      material once per month to once per week, or
                                                                                          r     Moderate
                                                                                                                Motors or engines present but not obtrusive
                                                                                                                (e.g., ducts vibrating but no fan in the area), or

          t                   The materials in a room or office and accessible            a                     Occasional loud sounds (e.g., a music room).
                              to the occupants.

          a                                                                               t
                              Service workers work in the vicinity of the
          c     Low           material less than once per month, or
                                                                                                Low             None of the above
          t                   The material is visible but not within reach of
                              building occupants.                                         n
          TSI                                                                     P. 20   TSI                                                                   P. 20

                Potential for Disturbance                                                       Potential for Disturbance
          i                   High velocity air (e.g., elevator shaft, and fan
          r                   room).                                                            High             Any high rating

          r     Moderate      Noticeable movement       of   air   (e.g.,   airshaft,
                                                                                                Moderate         No high ratings
                              ventilator air stream).
          s                                                                                                      At least one moderate

          i                   None of the above
                Low                                                                             Low              No high or moderate ratings

          TSI                                                                     P. 20   TSI                                                                   P. 20

              Bulk Sampling Equipment                                                           Bulk Sampling Guidelines
                •   Ladder and flashlight                                                 1.    Sample after working hours or when the building
                                                                                                area is not in use.
                •   Barrier tape and signs                                                2.    Random locations consider to safety, occupant &
                                                                                                damage issues
                •   Airtight sampling containers
                                                                                          3.    Intact core samples assure all layers will be
                •   A plastic spray miser bottle                                                included
                •   Plastic drop cloths                                                   4.    Chemically exposed and water damaged areas –
                                                                                                Optical issues
                •   Tools for extracting samples                                          5.    Additional sampling considerations with materials near 1%
                •   Patching materials, tape, adhesives                                   6.    Rigid sample containers, not plastic bags, sample # on container
                •   Cloths or towelettes for cleaning up debris and tools                 7.    Steam lines & hot water lines may need to be cooled and de-
                •   HEPA vac                                                              8.    Record sample location and number, use photographs
                •   Indelible ink pen for labeling sample containers;                     9.    Use wet methods (water & surfactant) for most materials.
                •   Camera for photographic documentation; and                            10.   Clean and decontaminate sampling tools between each sample.
                                                                                          11.   Patch sample hole
                • Tape measure.
          TSI                                                                  P.20-21    TSI                                                                   P.21

Training Services International                                                                                                                                              12
Asbestos Building Inspector Refresher                                                                                                    1/5/2010

         OSHA Sampling Requirements                                                    Sampling Protocols
          • Notification                                                      Surfacing Material
          • Regulated area                                                         – AHERA requires a minimum
                                                                                     number of samples based
          • Work practices                                                           on square footage
          • PPE                                                                    – Square footage based on
                                                                                     material in HA throughout
          • Disposal                                                                 building
          • Hygiene facilities/ decons                                             – EPA recommends British
                                                                                     „Pink Book‟ used to
          • Medical exams                                                            determine sample locations

          TSI                                                       P.22     TSI                                                P.23

                     Sampling Protocols                                                Sampling Protocols

           Surfacing Material                                               Thermal System Insulation
                                                                            At least three (3) random samples except:
           Size of the Homogeneous      AHERA Minimum    Recommended
                 Sampling Area            Number of        Number of        • Exception 1 - Patch - 1 sample
                                         Samples to be   Samples to be
                                           Collected       Collected        • Exception 2 –Mudded fittings
          Less than 1,000 ft²                   3             9                – determined by the inspector.
          Between 1,000 & 5,000 ft²                                            – rule of thumb is 3 samples.
                                                5             9
          Greater than 5,000 ft
                                                                            • Exception 3 - Non-ACM materials
                                                7             9

          TSI                                                       P.23     TSI                                                P.23

                     Sampling Protocols                                               Sampling Protocols
        Miscellaneous & Non-Friable                                         Miscellaneous & Non-Friable
          –AHERA states in a manner                                          Factory        Drywall joint         Minimum 3 HA, be
           sufficient                                                        mixed &         compound              aware of additional
          –Site mixed vs. manufactured                                       applied on-    Mudded fittings       materials added
                                                                             site           Roofing products      on-site
          –„bulk samples‟ means at least 2                                                  Window caulking &
          Mixed &          Hard ceiling plaster* AHERA 3-5-7                                glazing
          applied          Hard wall plaster*    rule, Consider 9           Mixed and      Ceiling tile          3 per HA
          on-site                                 per HA
                          ACM usually in finish coat
                                                                             completely     Drywall
                                                                             made at the    Floor tile & mastic
          –*NYDOL requirements
                                                                             factory        Roofing materials
                                                                                            Transite
          TSI                                                     P.23-24    TSI                                                P.24

Training Services International                                                                                                               13
Asbestos Building Inspector Refresher                                                                                                                                                    1/5/2010

                      Sampling Protocols                                               Vermiculite Sampling & Analysis
        Miscellaneous & Non-Friable
                                                                                            – Bound in matrix of other
          Small                   • Vibration joint cloth       Minimum 2 per
          manufactured            • Gaskets
                                                                HA                          – Loose fill                                       Loose-Fill Vermiculite Attic Insulation
                                                                                                                                                           USEPA Photo
          items                   • Friction products
                                                                                                    Examples of Vermiculite Uses and Characteristics

                                                                                        Vermiculite bound in matrix of another       Vermiculite exists as loose fill
                                                                                     Gypsum plaster      Paints                  Attic insulation        Potting soil
                                                                                     Fireproofing        Sealants                Masonry fill            Soil conditioners
                                                                                     Insulation          Lightweight concrete    Fertilizer carrier      Absorbent packing
                                                                                     Acoustic finishes

          TSI                                                                P.24      TSI                                                                                      P.24

          Vermiculite Sampling & Analysis                                              Vermiculite Sampling & Analysis
           Sampling and Analysis Alternatives                                           Sampling and Analysis Alternatives
         Traditional  Obtain all layers of    Bound vermiculite materials have     Cincinnati Good portion of                      Analysis involves both
         PLM &         material                 same considerations as               Method      sampled material                      PLM and TEM
         TEM Bulk  Best suited for             traditional asbestos materials
         Sampling                               including fiber size and binder
                                                                                                 should be taken from                  analysis
                       vermiculite bound into
         & Analysis    a material               type when considering PLM vs.                    bottom of application                Reliability of results
                      Not designed for         TEM, gravimetric, and point                     1-gallon size samples                 may be limited to
                       applications where       counting.                                       3 samples                             asbestos presence,
                       asbestos coexists and  Amount of material may not be                     recommended                           not % in sample
                       is not bound to other    sufficient for reliable negative                Too much water effects               Reliable negative
                       material                 determination with loose fill
                                                                                                 sample drying during                  determination for
                                               Ranges of fiber size in loose fill
                                                                                                 analysis                              amphibole asbestos,
                                                vermiculite makes it difficult to               Use of surfactant                     not chrysotile
                                                choose only PLM or TEM                           effects analysis of
                                                                                                 smaller amphiboles
          TSI                                                                P.25      TSI                                                                                      P.25

          Vermiculite Sampling & Analysis                                              Vermiculite Sampling & Analysis

                           Research Method for Sampling                                The Cincinnati Method - Tools
                           and Analysis of Fibrous                                     • Scoop, metal (approx. 12 x 5 cm) with a
                           Amphibole in Vermiculite Attic                                flat edge
                                                                                       • One gallon reusable plastic bags
                           EPA/600/R-04/004                                            • Sample labels & makers
                           “The Cincinnati Method”
                                                                                       • Chain-of-custody forms

          TSI                                                                P.25      TSI                                                                                      P.25

Training Services International                                                                                                                                                               14
Asbestos Building Inspector Refresher                                                                                            1/5/2010

          Vermiculite Sampling & Analysis                           Vermiculite Sampling & Analysis
          The Cincinnati Method - Sampling
          • Do not use amended water
          • Thrust metal scoop into vermiculite until scoop         The Cincinnati Method – Sample Prep
            reaches bottom (substrate)
          • Move along bottom
                                                                    • Dry sample for 2 hours @ 100º C
          • Raise through material                                  • Weigh before and after drying
          • Place into 1-gallon bag
          • Repeat at location until full
          • Take minimum of 3 samples

          TSI                                                P.25   TSI

          Vermiculite Sampling & Analysis                           Vermiculite Sampling & Analysis
                                                                    Sampling and Analysis Alternatives
          The Cincinnati Method - Analysis                          Other   Size and number      Is PLM or TEM involved
          • Prepare sub-sample 5-50 grams                           Loose-   of samples            or both?
                                                                    Fill     required             Is sample prepared with
          • Introduce into aqueous solution                         Methods Make sure areas       loose fill characteristics
                                                                             of material most      considered?
             – Vermiculite floats                                            likely to contain    Is a reliable negative
             – Large amphiboles sinks (PLM)                                  asbestos are          determination possible?
                                                                             included in sample   Which type of asbestos
             – Small amphiboles suspended (TEM/SEM)                         Make sure             is analyzed (amphiboles
                                                                             sampling              and/ or chrysotile)?
          • % weight results 0.01%-100%                                      techniques support
                                                                             analytical methods
          TSI                                                       TSI                                                   P.25

        Non-friable Organically Bound Materials                           Asbestos Dust Sampling
         • NOB‟s
           – tar, roofing materials, mastic, glue, and floor tile   ASTM Method D 5756-02
         • ASTM Recommendations                                       – Microvac collection

           – PLM w/ <1% or NAD not reliable                           – 25 or 37 mm air sampling
                                                                        cassette w/ plastic tube
           – Confirm w/ TEM gravimetric
                                                                      – Quantitative TEM analysis
         • State requirements
           – Some may require TEM gravimetric reduction

          TSI                                                P.26   TSI                                                   P.26

Training Services International                                                                                                       15
Asbestos Building Inspector Refresher                                                                                            1/5/2010

                          Soil Sampling                                          Analyzing to 1st Positive
          • Protocols not well established                                 Also called „Positive Stop‟
             – Consider sampling techniques, locations, analytical
               methods, interpretation of results
             – Sampling should represent surface area & depth for          Pros                 Cons
               soil in question
                                                                           Saves time and       • Laboratory knows
             – Use of grid often used
                                                                           money                  samples from same HA
          • Example of method used at USEPA Ft. Chaffee
                                                                                                • No sample results to
                                                                                                  confirm material is same

          TSI                                                    P.26-27   TSI                                            P.27

                Analyzing Bulk Samples                                           Analyzing Bulk Samples

                 Polarized Light Microscopy
                                                                           Transmission Electron Microscopy

                                                                                                   Basic Method
                           Visual Estimation Technique
                                                                                                   Gravimetric
                           Gravimetric Reduction
                           Point Count Technique

          TSI                                                    P.27-28   TSI                                            P.28

                 Sample Analysis Results                                     Asbestos Analysis Results

          • Total amount of      • Field (inspector‟s) sample
            asbestos in each       number & description
            layer                                                                                            Actinolite
                                 • Laboratory sample number &                      Chrysotile
          • Each type and          description or appearance
            percent of
                                 • Each layer‟s description/ name
            identified in each   • Non-asbestos materials and                                                Tremolite
            layer                  percentages
                                 • Name and signature of analyst
                                 • Analytical method used and                                                Anthophylite
                                   laboratory quality control                      Crocidolite

          TSI                                                    P.29      TSI                                            P.29

Training Services International                                                                                                       16
Asbestos Building Inspector Refresher                                                                                                                        1/5/2010

                     Quality Assurance                                                    Quality Assurance
                      Laboratory Accreditation
                                                                               Comparing Quality Assurance Split Sample Results

                                                                                 Variation in Analysis                      Level of Concern

                Use nationally                                               One sample analyzed as ACM, other        Major concern - must have additional
                recognized                                                   sample non-ACM                           analysis from same or different labs

                program                                                      Type of asbestos        indicated   in   This is a concern that should be
                                                                             samples are different                    investigated further and remedied.

                                                                             Percent (%) of     asbestos    varies    Some degree should be expected.
                                                                             between samples
                                                Expiration Date ?

          TSI                                                        P.30    TSI                                                                    P.30

                                                                                       Respiratory Hazards

                                              Section 3
                                                                                        Categories of Respiratory Hazards
                                                                                     Oxygen Deficiency
                                                                                    Toxic Contaminants Asbestos
                                              Equipment                                     Types of Toxic Contaminants
                                                                                               Particulates Asbestos


                    Call 1-866-666-8438 Fax 1-866-813 -9804                  TSI                                                                    P. 31

                   Respiratory Hazards                                                       Use of Respirators
                                                                              When do I have to wear a respirator?
                                                                                    1. ACM not removed intact
                     Controlling Respiratory Hazards                                2. Wet methods not used
                       Assess the hazard Bulk Sampling
                                                                                    3. Exposure above PEL/ no NEA exists
                                         Air Sampling
                                                                              When do I not have to wear a respirator?
                   Reduce or eliminate the Work practices &
                                   hazard engineering controls                      1. Wet methods used
                                                                                    2. NEA exists
                       Provide respiratory Proper respirators & filters
                     protective equipment                                           3. ACM removed intact

          TSI                                                        P. 31   TSI                                                                    P.31

Training Services International                                                                                                                                   17
Asbestos Building Inspector Refresher                                                                              1/5/2010

                Types of Masks & APF’s                               Types of Masks & APF’s

           • OSHA has Assigned Protection                        Half-Mask Air-Purifying
             Factors for each respirator face piece
                                                                 • PF=10
           • Filtering facepiece (Dust mask) not for
             asbestos use

          TSI                                          P. 31   TSI                                         P. 32

                Types of Masks & APF’s                               Types of Masks & APF’s

           Full Facepiece Air-Purifying
                                                               Powered Air-Purifying
           • PF=10 (qualitative), 50 (quantitative)
                                                               • PF=1000

                                                                                       JDH Systems, Inc.

          TSI                                          P. 32   TSI                                         P. 32

                                                                        Respirator Selection
                Types of Masks & APF’s
           Full facepiece supplied air w/ SCBA                          • OSHA varies based on material
            escape                                                         – Class I - Asbestos Standard

           • PF=1000+                                                      – Class II & III Respiratory Standard

                                                                        • Recommend following Class I
                                                                           – Always legal
                                                                           – Best protection – 0.01 f/cc in mask
          TSI                                          P. 32   TSI                                         P.32

Training Services International                                                                                         18
Asbestos Building Inspector Refresher                                                                                                                 1/5/2010

                                                                                               Maximum Use Concentration &
                          Respirator Selection
                                                                                               Respirators for non-Class I work
         •Class I requirements – most stringent
                                                                                             MUC =
            Required Respirator for Class I                                                  Respirator‟s APF
                                                                        Air Levels
                                                                                             x 0.1 f/cc
         Half-Mask Air Purifying                                    Any exposure up          (Asbestos 8-Hr TWA PEL)
         Full Facepiece Air-Purifying                                   to 0.1 f/cc

         Powered Air-Purifying (PAPR)                                                        Highest allowable use level for Class II & III
                                                                     0.1 f/cc -1.0 f/cc
         Full Facepiece Supplied Air

         Full Facepiece Supplied Air                                   Over 1.0 f/cc         Recommend at least 0.01 f/cc inside mask
          TSI                                                                        P.33    TSI                                              P. 33

                           Respirator Selection                                                            Types of Filters
             Class II & III, not Class I
                   Respirator                       MUC            Recommended Use                          • HEPA = 99.97% @ 0.3 µm
              (Class II & III Activities)        (APF x PEL)         Concentration
                                                                     (APF x 0.01 f/cc)
         Half-Mask Air Purifying                   1.0 f/cc              0.1 f/cc
                                                (10 x 0.1 f/cc)       (10 x 0.01 f/cc)                      • Purple or magenta colors
         Full Facepiece Air-Purifying w/           1.0 f/cc               0.1 f/cc
         Qualitative Fit Test                   (10 x 0.1 f/cc)       (10 x 0.01 f/cc)

         Full Facepiece Air-Purifying w/
         Quantitative Fit Test
                                                   5.0 f/cc               0.5 f/cc
                                                                                                            • NIOSH approved
                                                (50 x 0.1 f/cc)       (50 x 0.01 f/cc)

         Powered Air-Purifying (PAPR)             100.0 f/cc             10.0 f/cc
         Full Facepiece                        (1000 x 0.1 f/cc)     (1000 x 0.01 f/cc)
                                                                                                            • Proper rating
          TSI                                                                        P. 33   TSI                                              P.34

                                   Types of Filters                                                        Types of Filters

                     NIOSH Oil Mists/ Solvents Resistance                                                NIOSH Efficiency Rating

                      N                         Not resistant                                      95              95% of particles

                      R                     Resistant up to 1 shift
                                                                                                   99              99% of particles
                      P                Oil proof, resistant over 1 shift
                                                                                                   100      99.97% of particles @ 0.3 µm

          TSI                                                                        P.34    TSI                                              P.34

Training Services International                                                                                                                            19
Asbestos Building Inspector Refresher                                                                                                 1/5/2010

                           Types of Filters                                                User Seal Checks

                                                                             • Every time
                      Filters Approved for Asbestos                          • Negative pressure check
                                                                                  – Close off inlets
            N 100                                                                 – Inhale collapsing facepiece slightly
                           (evaluate airborne oil mists/ solvents)
                                                                                  – Seal should hold for 10 seconds
            R 100                                                            • Positive pressure check
                           (evaluate airborne oil mists/ solvents)
                                                                                  – Close off exhalation valve
                                     Recommended                                  – Exhale gently 10 seconds w/o leakage
            P 100
                                 (no evaluation needed)
          TSI                                                       P.34    TSI                                            P.34-35

                                 Fit Tests                                                   Respirator Care
                                                                                           • Cleaning
                                • Annually
                                                                                               – Warm soapy water wash
                                • Exercises                                                    – Clean water rinse
                                • Qualitative                                                  – Air Dry
                                    – 4 solutions                                          • Maintenance
                                    – Advantages/ disadvantages                                – Routine inspections
                                • Quantitative                                                 – Repair w/ qualified
                                                                                                 personnel & parts
                                    – 3 methods
                                                                                           • Storage
                                    – Fit factor values
                                                                                               – Protect from damage
                                • Acceptable methods                                           – Plastic bag
          TSI                                                    P. 35-36   TSI                                            P. 36-37

          Protective Clothing                                                            Protective Clothing
         • Keeps asbestos off body                                           Removal procedure:
         • Usually disposable                                                • Proceed to
                                                                               decontamination area
         • Required above PEL or no NEA
                                                                             • HEPA vac suit using
         • Wearing requirements                                                buddy system
           – Don prior to entering regulated area                            • Take suit off inside-out,
                                                                               rolling suit down body
           – Remove in decon
                • Dirty/ Equipment Room w/ 3 or 5 stage decon                • Dispose of suit as
                                                                               asbestos waste
                • Dropcloth outside work area on small/ intact projects
          TSI                                                       P.37    TSI                                               P.37

Training Services International                                                                                                            20
Asbestos Building Inspector Refresher                                                                                                    1/5/2010

                                    Other PPE

                                • Head protection
                                • Eye & face protection                                use?
                                • Foot Protection
                                • Hand protection

          TSI                                                         P.37         TSI

                                                                                    Medical Surveillance Triggers
                                                                                            • Respirator Approval
                                                                                               • Doctor’s or physician’s
                                               Section 4                                         authorization required
                                                Medical                                        • Prior to wearing respirator
                                                                                            • Medical surveillance program
                                                                                                 • 30 Days of Class III work or
                                                                                                   exceeding PEL
                                            TSI                                                  • W/in 10 days of 30th day
                      Call 1-866-666-8438 Fax 1-866-813 -9804                      TSI                                            P.38

           Exam Content                                                                      Exam Results
         • Respirator approval
             – Physician‟s signature                                                       • Reports signed by physician
         • Medical surveillance program                                                    • Surveillance exams conducted in
                 Exam Component                     Initial        Annual
                                                                                             accordance w/ 29 CFR 1926.1101
         Medical questionnaire/history         Comprehensive     Abbreviated               • Kept for 30 years past last date of
         Comprehensive medical evaluation            Yes              Yes                    employment
         determined by licensed physician
         Pulmonary function tests                    Yes              Yes                  • Available upon request
         Chest X-rays interpreted by a B     Usually, up to    Usually every 2-5           • Example form p. 39
         reader                              physician         yrs, up to Dr.

          TSI                                                          P.38        TSI                                            P.38

Training Services International                                                                                                               21
Asbestos Building Inspector Refresher                                                                                                                   1/5/2010

                                                                                           Evaluating Survey Results

                                                                                         1. Identified homogeneous areas
                                                  Section 5
                                                                                         2. Material & sampling locations
                                                 Utilizing the
                                                    Survey                               3. Quantities
                                                 Information                             4. Laboratory results
                                                                                         5. Assessment
                                                                                         6. Inspector’s name &
                                         TSI                                                accreditation
                  Call 1-866-666-8438 Fax 1-866-813 -9804                                TSI                                                    P.40

                Regulatory Application                                                     Federal Asbestos Regulations

                                                                                         OSHA (29 CFR 1926.1101)
                                                       Amount of Asbestos in
                                                                                         • All asbestos jobs covered
                       Regulated Levels
                                                        Homogeneous Area
                         of Asbestos                                                     • Class I – Removal of TSI & surfacing
                                                     None        Trace up    Greater
                                                 Detected (0%)    to 1.0%    than 1%     • Class II – Removal of all materials except TSI &
                     40 CFR Part 763 subpart E
                                                      No            No         Yes         surfacing
                                                      No            No         Yes       • Class III – any repairs up to 1 glovebag or disposal bag
                     40 CFR Part 61 subpart M
                                                      No            Yes        Yes       • Class IV – cleanup where ACM is contacted but not
                     29 CFR 1926.1101
                     Ohio, Indiana, Illinois,         No            No         Yes
                     New York, and most other
                                                    Quantities and type of ACM vary
                                                                                         • Unclassified operations
                                                      between state regulations
                                                                                         • PACM - Presumed Asbestos-Containing Material.
          TSI                                                                    P. 40   TSI                                                    P. 41

            Federal Asbestos Regulations                                                   Federal Asbestos Regulations

          NESHAP (40 CFR Part 61 Subpart M)                                              AHERA (40 CFR Part 763 Subpart E)
            – Category I NF (pliable)                                                       – All LEA‟s - public or private, not-for –profit
                                                                                              school system consisting of grades K-12.
            – Category II NF (brittle, rigid)
                                                                                            – Manage/ abate all asbestos containing
            – RACM – basically any currently or will
                                                                                              building material (ACBM)
              become friable material
                                                                                            – Response actions include all friable
            – Notification requirements
                                                                                              asbestos abatement projects conducted in a
            – Emission control procedures                                                     school building or on exterior mechanical
            – Disposal requirements                                                           components

          TSI                                                                    P. 41   TSI                                                    P. 41

Training Services International                                                                                                                              22
Asbestos Building Inspector Refresher                            1/5/2010

                State Asbestos Regulations

          • Various trigger levels and

                                                       THE END
          TSI                            P. 41   TSI

Training Services International                                       23